Los Roques

Parque Nacional Los Roques is the perfect island retreat for anyone who enjoys snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, diving or just lounging on peaceful, remote islands in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Los Roques can be a day-trip from Isla Margarita or Caracas, or an overnight stay either on the main island, Gran Roque, or offshore on yacht or sailboat. Camping is free. This isolated archipelago has 340 islands and is surrounded by about 2 km (1.2 mi) of a collection of some 250 coral reefs. There are many bird nesting sites where pelicans, boobies and frigates can be spotted.

Arrive by plane from Caracas or by boat from Isla Margarita. Once on the island, you can charter a trip to any of the islands with the local fishermen; if you do this, you must bring your own food, water and tent if spending the night. There is a national park fee of $12 when you enter. Bring strong sunscreen as there is virtually no shade.

Gran Roque is the main island and home to the tiny airport, a handful of restaurants and grocery stores as well as a decent craft market and public phones. There is nowhere to change travelers’ checks.