Uruguay Restaurants

  • Buffet 21
    Buffet 21 is a buffet (tenedor libre in Spanish) and wood-fire barbecue (parrillada), both of which are unique to Uruguay (and Argentina). Best items are the steak, chicken breast or chorizo sausage from the barbecue, mussels from the grill, and the Chinese buffet. The salad bar is quite good as wel
  • Ruffino
    The cosy red décor and wooden beams give this great little restaurant its genuine Italian feel. The menu features an array of artisan pasta dishes, including an unusual chicken and ham lasagne. There is also a good choice of pizzas, including plenty of vegetarian options, and seafood. The tasty de
  • Pacharán (euskal Erria)
    On the first floor of the Euskal Erria building, Pacharán is a uniquely Basque restaurant. Authentic dishes from this region of Spain include excellent paellas and a delightful selection of picadas (like tapas, where you choose a range of small dishes). T
  • Parrilla Don Asado
    A thatched entrance-way, gaucho artifacts and exposed brickwork set the ambience for this superb restaurant. Admire the enormous parrilla BBQ as it cooks your high-quality meat to the level of your choice. The menú d
  • Locos De Asar/tannat Wine Bar
    Selling itself with the unusual combination of a “parrilla and sushi” restaurant, perhaps the name “Crazy to Cook” is therefore apt for this fantastic find. Softly lit and decorated with artwork, the two outstanding specialities are also joined on the menu by risotto, pasta and
  • Fred Restaurante Gourmet
    This restaurant's Norwegian chef carefully selects plates on a daily basis based on the freshest available ingredients. Fred Restaurante has a great wine selection and a charming environment. It's a wonderful experience!
  • Lo de Tere
    Lo de Tere is somewhat of an institution in Punta del Este, catering to over 180 guests nightly in its terrace, garden room and classic dining room. Due to Lo de Tere's popularity, these are almost always full and the waiting list is often long. Latin American cuisine is served in a casual atmospher
  • Chivitería Marcos
    For budget, no frills fast-food without skimping on the view, head to Chivitería Marcos on the Rambla del Puerto. You can fill up on steak sandwiches here before heading out for a night of heavy drinking. With locations throughout Montevideo and one in Punta del Este, Chivitería Marcos is undoubte
  • Corea
    Tucked above Plaza Independencia, Corea is one of several Asian restaurants on this road. They all look simple, and they should do more with the décor, but the food is good quality. An authentic sashimi (a Korean delicacy of thinly sliced raw fish, served
  • Facal
    The oldest restaurant in town, Facal is at the heart of Avenida 18 de Julio, and is a great place for anything from a light salad to a waistline-stretching waffle, or a huge pizza. Try one of its speciality chivitos, a traditional Uruguayan sandwich, usual
  • El Beso
    Spruce, sleek and peaceful, El Beso is another delightful find off-the-beaten Sarandí path. Here you'll pick from fresh selections such as pumpkin ravioli, chicken teriyaki, or the blue cheese salad with green leaves, sprouts, pears and nuts. Top it off with one of its delectable deserts like the
  • El Rincón Empanadas
    Embrace the South American propensity to eat empanadas, delicious filled bread pastries, at this local bakery. El Rincón Empanadas makes 15 types of veggie and meat treats in-house daily, from classic carne (meat), jamón (ham) and chicken, to capresse (cheese, tomato and basil), spi
  • El Louvre Confitería
    Stay fed and on the move at El Louvre Confitería, a small bakery on the Pérez Castellano peatonal that has quick lunch options. Grab a milanesa, sandwich or medialuna (croissant) with ham and cheese. For those needing to indulge a nagging sweet tooth, El Louvre has tasty cakes, cookies, to
  • La Cigale
    For the best ice cream in the block, head to a branch of this artisanal ice cream parlor. La Cigale offers 49 different flavors (you'd think they'd do one more), including six varieties of chocolate, fruits like peach (durazno), lemon mousse and even sugar
  • Bosque Bambú
    This is an absolute do-not-miss for vegetarians, or anyone else with special dietary requirements. The staff at Bosque Bambú seem to bring out an endless selection of exquisite food, ranging from avocado and cherry tomato salad to delicious Chinese-based dishes, and possibly the only vegetarian ho
  • La Vegetariana
    To make sure you don't need to eat anything else that week, head to La Vegetariana, where an enormous variety of vegetarian buffet food awaits you. With something to please even the hardiest of meat-eaters, everything from salads, quiches and stuffed eggplant to stir-fried vegetables and pastas can
  • Ricos Y Sabrosos
    Beautiful handmade tartlets are the speciality in this lovely little find, with the wide variety of choices including chicken, ham and corn, eggplant, spinach and ricotta, and the delicious black olive one. Healthy types will love the great salads and natural juices, and an excellent range of empan
  • El Diablo Tranquilo Bar
    Located in the beachfront Playa Suites branch of this pair of infamous hostels, El Diablo Tranquilo bar offers nothing less than a nonstop party atmosphere that can vary from the casual and fun to the downright crazy. Serving beers and liquors from all parts of the world at hostel prices, you can s
  • Heladería Artesanal
    Of several heladerías (ice cream shops) in the center, Heladería Artesanal is the original and best. Here, you will find 35 flavors, ranging from the ordinary to the more unusual: mascarpone and lemon, anyone? Part of the fun is adding your own fruity or sweet toppings from the self-serve kiosk i
  • Poncho Diablo
    Poncho Diablo makes a greater effort with its appearance than most of the restaurants on Avenida de los Pescadores, featuring a patio with subtle lanterns hanging from its beautifully thatched roof. The quality of the food is also above average, with its menu including a range of pasta and wok dish
  • Cero Stress
    This place became fashionable and popular very soon after opening, though this is probably due to its location and cheap cocktails (Happy Hour is 5-8 p.m. in December and January) rather than the food; try the ‘Cero Stress' cocktail of Malibu rum, kiwi, banana and pineapple. The food isn't bad
  • La Golosa
    As hippy as it gets around here, La Golosa asks you to remove your shoes and sit yourself on one of its cushions or tiny stools, around its beautifully presented tables which include decorated flip-flops holding your napkins. The restaurant serves excellent meals with a variety of international i
  • Hosteria La Perla
    La Perla del Cabo hotel's restaurant is a reliable find for freshly caught produce; try the seafood picada to start, then the grilled fresh fish or seafood paella as a main. Non-guests can join in on the good buffet breakfast for a set price. It also serves numerous pasta dishes, as well as chivi
  • El Boliche De Chiche
    Turn right off the plaza (as if heading towards the lighthouse), go past the geese, and just behind the other restaurants you'll arrive at El Boliche de Chiche. This simple restaurant with plastic patio seating and horse attire décor offers a decent selection of meals. The emphasis is of course
  • Buen Rollito
    A large sign saying ‘crepes', close to the Templao store, will lead you to the small unmarked building that is Buen Rollito. Here, you will find the town's widest selection of sweet and savory crepes and pancakes, with everything from meat or chicken fillings, cheese and vegetables, to choco
  • Hotel Mariemar
    The excellent selection of juices and licuados (fresh fruit smoothies) is what sets this hotel restaurant apart from others; try the apricot licuado for a tasty and healthy treat. For lunch and dinner, MarieMar se

  • La Viuda Del Diablo
    Worth the slight trek south of town to the dunes, La Viuda del Diablo may call itself a ‘beachbar' but it is in fact a lovely restaurant. The simplicity of the décor is highly appealing, as is the relaxing music, and you can choose to sit either inside or on the terrace. There are many fish d
  • Dulcinea Café
    The ground floor of a beautiful house has been made into this delightful little café. Choosing either indoor or outdoor seating, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or merienda (snacks before dinner) here, all of which are fantastically presented. Tarts such as ricotta and broccoli, pancetta and onion,
  • Alba's Empanadas
    For the best empanadas in town, head to the far end of Feria de los Artesanos to Alba's kiosk. For a local variety, try the ‘empanada de mejillones' (mussels) or one of the many fish types, or else opt for something more standard such as ham and cheese; prices from $2. Alba's is also a great p
  • El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites
    With a surprisingly decent restaurant for a hostel, benefiting also from being right on the beach, El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites serves a range of meals, including paella, entrecote steak, fish, ravioli pasta and wok dishes, in rustic candlelit indoor or outdoor atmospheres. It offers tasty des
  • La Casa Rosada
    Not far from the beach, this bright little house offers a quick and friendly service for its lovely light meals. Sit at a cute wooden table on the covered terrace, and choose from tacos, enchiladas, tortillas, seafood, pasta or one of several salads. Here is also a great place for your first (or la
  • Franca
    Set slightly on a hill, allowing for stunning ocean views from its vast open balcony, Franca is an excellent choice for a meal or even just a drink. Fish is of exceptional quality here, so a good bet will always be the fish of the day, or else try the salmon or the seafood risotto. Other options in
  • Mamacita
    If it is tacos that you are craving, Mamacita has them in spades. Try the locally sourced ‘camaron' (shrimp) taco, or choose one of the many other meat, fish or vegetarian options. Other meals include gazpacho soup or traditional ceviche, as well as fish dishes to share and quesadillas. Be sur
  • Nativos
    Set in a gorgeous natural setting of thick trees, just in front of the dunes of Playa de la Viuda, Nativos is a classy restaurant with a lovely ambience. One of the best places to eat in town, it deliberately plays no music so you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Try one of the high quality meat opt
  • Wasa [Ethnik Food]
    If you are looking for a bagel in Montevideo (as many of you are), then there's one place to go: Wasa Ethnik Food. Locals have grown to appreciate being introduced to new types of food served by the friendly French couple who opened the place in 2009. Bagel sandwiches are the delicious delicacy in
  • Nueva York Resto Bar
    Don't let the name fool you; this restaurant offers prime examples of Uruguayan traditions in a pleasant atmosphere. You can enjoy a yummy menù del dia, milanesa de merluza (breaded hake) or chivitos. Be sure to come on Saturday for lunch to enjoy the sunny outdoor seating and entertainme
  • Glam
    The fledgling Glam opened in 2006 and instantly became a Pocitos hit--the place to see and be seen. By now another hip design restaurant may have eclipsed it as the center of attention. Nonetheless, Glam is what its name promises: chic, sophisticated, and quite obviously minimalist in déco
  • La Vegetariana

    That's right, vegetarian food, right in the heart of the land of meat. Not all Uruguayans are fans of the Sunday parrillada. You'll even find carnivores in here—the food is just that good. The tenedor libre, or all you can eat buffet, includes s

  • Roma Tijuana
    Ever wondered what would happen if you put an Italian restaurant in Tijuana? Try a Mexican-Italian fusion in Uruguay. Roma Tijuana is an unusual mix of Uru-Mex and Italo-Uruguayan food. The food is nothing spectacular, but the menu items are varied and will fill any burrito or pasta craving that mi
  • Uva House
    Set in an elegant Colonial house on a quiet street, this bistro is chic and formal, yet relaxed; Uva House is quite possibly the best restaurant find in Pocitos. The mahogany and eggplant exterior is imposing, but don't let it frighten you, as inside the staff and atmosphere are warm and inviting.
  • El Parillón
    The owner/chef at El Parillón lived in Monterrey, Mexico for 12 years and serves up tasty Mexican food as well as asado and token pizzas. Tacos are the specialty, and they can bring you back to Mexico or Southern California with their flavor. Oddly located inside the same building as the Oscar Ma
  • La Taberna del Diablo
    Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Parque Rodó between a university and the community's park, La Taberna del Diablo offers a full menu in a rustic comfortable setting. People come here for their specialty, and they are special: the empanadas. Other venues can boast to have mastered their me
  • Café Bacacay
    Comprising the bottom floor of a building constructed in 1844, Café Bacacay looks the part, with black and white checkered linoleum flooring, simple wood tables, and a bar stretching across the entirety of the back wall. Side windows also overlook the distinguished Teatro Solis. Café Bacacay captu
  • La Pasiva
    The aptly named La Pasiva is a place where people come to be passive, idling away the hours drinking cheap beers and snacking on pizzetas. The mainstays here are hot dogs, chivitos and other minutas. It's one of the spots for watching local and international fútbol games too. Popular for p
  • El Viejo y El Mar
    El Viejo y El mar takes the cake when it comes to the overall dining experience. Located right on the water in Pocitos, the atmosphere and décor are unparalleled. Named after Hemingway's 1952 novel, The Old Man and The Sea, and set in a building made to look like a boat, this seafood restaurant is
  • Centro Cultural del Mercado de los Artesanos
    With windows overlooking Plaza Cagancha, quiet second-floor CCMA is an enticing spot for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat while in central Montevideo. Part cafe, part gift store, part gallery, dance floor cum artist space, CCMA wears many hats. Ask the staff about the week's events and you just mig
  • Medialunas Calentitas
    At first glance, you might take Medialunas Calentitas for just another pastry shop. Enter inside and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a cozy little café in the back, great for reading the paper or relaxing and watching the bakers at work in the open kitchen. As with many popular spots in Mont
  • Café Central
    Café Central has carved its niche among the many cafés of Montevideo—its three locations on 18 de Julio are a testament to its popularity and success. Travelers will be pleased to find that the menu smacks of home—European pastries, cakes and coffees are served up alongside traditional p
  • La Kaffetería de El Galpón

    One of the best-kept secrets of central Montevideo, Kaffetería El Galpón is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of 18 de Julio. At lunch, you'll be one of very few customers, which makes this café a great place for sitting and reading, or even studying. Th

  • El Tigre

    This Pocitos legend serves one of the best parrilladas in Montevideo. The family-style El Tigre is intimate and also tightly packed, a testament to the quality of the food. When the weather is nice there are also tables outside. Don't come before 10:30 or 11,

  • La Lupita

    La Lupita is the closest you'll get to authentic Mexican food in Montevideo. Here, tortillas are made from scratch with corn instead of wheat. What the food lacks in genuine spiciness, the restaurant makes up for in charm and drink offerings, including several kinds o

  • The Alianza Francesa Café

    Tucked in the back behind the language school, this small French café is the perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon or even a cold and listless one. Pore over a cappucino and French pastry while contemplating the fountain in the adjoining courtyard. Open only in th

  • la pasiva
    la pasiva is as local as it gets. speaking as a spanish speaking american, this is a cultural experience from aocals stand poin t of view. this is not a whos who of beautiful people in montevideo. the owner, rubinchiefton is more than graciousto travelers abroad. tell him michelle & bernie from miam
  • Restaurant Dackel
    One of the few German restaurants to be found in Montevideo, Dackel's popularity stems from its outstanding food and its consistent, classic menu, unchanged in its 43 years. A simple but cozy place-with a terrace for long, sunny lunches-it is well worth the trek to the trendy beachside neighborhood
  • Don Peperone
    Just one of a few locations in Montevideo, Don Peperone sits on Sarandi just past the old archway of Ciudad Vieja. The menu has something for everyone, listing staples like pizza and pasta alongside grilled meats and salads. The dark, cool interior and comfy booths let you relax and escape the commo
  • La Maestranza
    Located roughly in the center of Mercado del Puerto, La Maestranza offers the typical market experience with a slightly more upscale feel (think white linens and attentive service) and hearty portions. Although it features a number of salads and pastas, La Maestra's strengths lie in the grill, so f
  • La Corte
    Indulge yourself for lunch at La Corte in Plaza Matriz. This classy setting offers traditional fare featuring pasta, meats and a lunch special that changes daily. Sit outside or enjoy the exposed brick, dramatic lighting and hundreds of wine bottles that adorn the walls inside. With atmospheric ele
  • Estrecho
    For a quality dining experience with an “in-crowd” feel, make Estrecho a priority. Here, expat owners craft a delicious and unique fusion cuisine, which can be described as “Nouveau Uruguayan.” Estrecho is too “narrow” (as the name suggests) to accommodate tables, so p
  • Cervecería Matriz
    Quick and affordable, Cervecería Matriz is located right in Constitution Plaza along Sarandí. You'll find Uruguay's hallmark chivito sandwich, a classic combination of beef, ham, fried egg, lettuce and tomato. Other solid options include pizza, pasta and salads. Take advantage of the outsi
  • El Copacabana
    El Copacabana is a convenient stop to recharge from your day of shopping along Sarandí. The menu (both in English and Spanish) has milanesas (breaded meats), pizzas and pastas. Vegetarians will be delighted by the variety of options, including over 30 different types of salads. Park yoursel
  • Librería Más Puro Verso and PV Restaurante
    Spacious and beautiful, Librería Más Puro Verso is a historic building converted into a stocked bookstore and restaurant. Grab a book and head upstairs past the stunning stained glass windows to pick from its well-crafted menu, with winners like the warm goat cheese salad with honey and nuts and
  • Mate Arte
    Transfixed by the ritual of mate, but lacking a native friend to show you the ropes? Enter Mate Arte: a place to sample, learn, and discover the world of yerba mate, Uruguay's cultural obsession. This small half-café, half-gallery makes a cozy oasis with quirky artwork, informative pamphlets i
  • El Hacha
    El Hacha was established in 1794, making it the oldest store in Montevideo. Originally opened as a pulpería (a type of grocery store with a bar) during Montevideo's founding, it was known for a long time under the name of “La Pulpería de Juan Vázquez”. On April 15,1794, a famous
  • Sabor Urbano
    For a healthy but appetizing meal, the walk up to Sabor Urbano is worth the effort. Entirely vegetarian, it specializes in delicious blinis (buckwheat pancakes), with fillings that include vegetarian protein. The café also offers meat-free burgers, burrit
  • Cake's
    Featured in the New York Times and looking more like the entrance to an upmarket hotel, this exceptional café offers great-value teas and coffees, sandwiches, quiches and, of course, cakes. Try a slice of its exclusive Diciembre 83, a rich chocolate cake
  • Empanadas La Chacha
    For the widest and tastiest range of empanadas, La Chacha can't be beaten. Choose standard meat or vegetarian ones, using good-quality ingredients, or select one of the more unusual varieties, such as spicy Mexican with jalapeno peppers, or four cheeses. It also serves sweet fillings; try a dulce d
  • Feligreta
    Run by a friendly American-Uruguayan couple, this â??bilingual art spaceâ? displays a collection of colorful pieces, all available for purchase. It serves American-style coffee (with free refill), simple sandwiches and crepes, and good desserts; try the chocolate brownie with ice cream. Feligre
  • Fellini
    With its warm pizza smell inviting you in, you know that Fellini is the best place in Pocitos for a classic Italian pizza or an excellent pasta dish. If you're in town on the 29th of the month, it makes a big deal out of Uruguay's Day of the Gnocchi, so be sure to opt for this delicious potato past
  • Tandory
    Highly recommended by locals and expats alike, this Indian and Chinese-based restaurant is certainly worth a visit. Situated on a quiet street in the north of Pocitos, its thoughtfully prepared menu includes spicy samosa and spring roll appetizers, with mains such as chicken or vegetable curry, lam
  • Nakarato Parrilla
    The nicest of several parrillas in the area, Nakarato is a great place to sample some of Uruguay's top quality meat, but first enjoy watching it being cooked on the open BBQ. A wide range of meats are available, including chicken and pork, so take your lar
  • La Palapa
    If all that meat has become too much for you, perhaps La Palapa could be the antidote. Its unassuming exterior means it could almost be missed, and it is so by most visitors. The specialty is its exquisite fresh fish and seafood, some with a Mexican or Spanish twist, and it also has salad and pasta
  • Lo De Dani's
    One of the better budget eats around the plaza, and open year-round, Lo de Dani's has friendly young staff and a pleasant atmosphere on its outdoor wooden seating area, with many hanging plants and nice lighting. A good place to try the local speciality of ‘buñuelos de algas' (seaweed fritt
  • El Alero
    Popular with travelers for its fantastic and huge pasta dishes, such as ravioli and fettuccine, El Alero is a really great pick. Its large number of pizza toppings include several with fish, or you could try the fish of the day with potatoes and salad. A small
  • The Shannon Irish Pub
    A hotspot for Ciudad Vieja nightlife, The Shannon evokes an Irish pub feel with deep green walls and a big beer and spirits selection. Fight drunk munchies with the likes of classic chivitos, chicken fajitas, salads and Irish bread, an eclectic menu to match a truly mixed crowd. Loud, lively and en
  • Lou Bizzarro
    Trying to be the trendiest bar on the block, the red padded walls may make you feel like you're in a retro-decorated lunatic asylum, but perhaps that is not far wrong. Very lively and with a whisky list as long as your arm, Lou's is popular with young locals. Soccer jerseys hang over the bar, and i
  • El Surtidor
    Popular with locals of all ages, El Surtidor has a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. The music ranges from modern reggaeton to international pop, and also includes tango (which is a nice change around here). Try one of its speciality daiquiris or caipirinhas, or a good value beer or wine. Nicely lit
  • Sonic

    Housed in a unitary, high-ceilinged floor space, Sonic feels a bit like a warehouse gone posh. The space is sub-divided by transparent curtains, which separate the VIP rooms from the general floor. Plush couches, a superior attitude and quality electronica music come

  • Living
    Living might even be too cool for you. You might get stares if you're not hipster enough for the clientele. With a decal on the window of a big gun shooting at the word capitalismo, it becomes obvious this bar's got moxie. (In line with the atmosphere here, they don't take plastic, so be su
  • Don Trigo Parque
    If you're bored in Montevideo, chances are you ended up at Parque Rodó's theme park attractions, open year-round. This author suggests making an afternoon of it: Take a ride on the Ferris wheel, play on the beach, drink a few beers and have a pizza while watching the fútbol at Don Trigo, then atte
  • Pocitos Nightlife Summary
    Pocitos has a lively bar scene, with many fashionable places playing the latest music. But it's a place to sit and enjoy a cocktail with friends, perhaps with a late-night meal, rather than to dance. For jazz and comedy nights check out Mess Resto Pub, wh
  • Mess Resto Pub
    For a nice night sipping on a mojito while sitting on a leather sofa or stool try Mess Resto Pub. It has an excellent selection of drinks, and also serves light meals such as empanadas and picadas. Practice your Spanish joke comprehension at its popular Thursday comedy night, or opt for some jazz o
  • Bar El Diez
    Similar to Bar 62 but a touch classier (with prices to match), Bar El Diez specializes in high-quality parrilla meat, and also serves towering pasta portions, laden with cheese. The music is softer than in other bars in the area, and the whisky collection
  • 62 Bar
    When it's past midnight and you have a craving for parrilla, or even great sushi, there's no better place than 62 Bar. Set in a small colonial-style building, 62 was the number of Montevideo's first trolley-bus in 1951, and this street was part of its maid
  • El Gallo Rojo
    This two-story hangout has a downstairs bar amid a reliquary of cool memorabilia where you can mingle with a sparse but eccentric city crowd. Upstairs you'll find rooms to explore filled with board games, chess, a free pool table and an additional bar area. El Gallo Rojo is great for groups of
  • Casino De Estado Victoria Plaza
    For a touch of Vegas in Montevideo, head to this bright and busy casino behind the Radisson Hotel, the largest of its kind in the city. Featuring classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, as well as 500 slot machines, you may be lucky enough to leave better off than you arrived. Th
  • Le Bar De Joselo
    As far as institutions can go in Cabo Polonio, Joselo's is the one. This bar's blind owner lives and sleeps here (during the day, of course), and is famous for having had a stray pet penguin called Pancho, who used to waddle around drinkers' feet. Sadly, the penguin has now passed, but this bar rem

  • Estación Central
    A popular hang-out for locals as well as tourists, Estación Central welcomes you in with comfortable sofas, a long bar with stools, and pool tables. It has lively music and a long list of tragos (spirits), as well as many beers and wine. There is an enclosed patio that is covered in plants, and fr
  • Colonia Rock
    While wandering the normally quiet streets of the Historic Quarter, you might hear an off-key note or two blasting out into the night. These are bound to be coming from Colonia Rock, the busiest and most popular pub in town. Offering pub grub to patrons by
  • Casino
    This good-sized casino in the middle of 18 de Julio holds over 80 slot machines, but doesn't have table games. Unlike the huge complexes in Montevideo, Tacuarembó's casino has a pleasingly laidback atmosphere, playing pop hits in the background. Locals of all ages come to try and win at popular ma
  • La Rinconada
    The only place in town with a pool table (in fact, it has two), this bar is downright shabby, but that's part of its charm. Whiskey is the speciality here, but it also serves other spirits and beer, and there are a few slot machines. Snack food is available in the form of empanadas, burgers and piz
  • Bar El Gamo
    Run by the son of former South American champion and Olympic 100-meter sprinter Juan Jacinto López Testa, who lived his whole life in Tacuarembó and had the nickname â??El Gamoâ? (The Buck) due to his record time of 10:02, this friendly little bar is worth a visit. Adorned with photos of athl
  • La Barquita Del Diablo
    In a great, central part of town, La Barquita del Diablo and its mariner theme stand out nicely from the crowd. Open from late morning onwards in summer, it is as good a place to take time out from the beach as it is a place to unwind in the evening. Serving signature cocktails, including its delic
  • Resto-bar
    One of the older bars in town, hence its lack of need for a name, this great little bar has a DJ playing an eclectic mix of rock, indie and Britpop, and sometimes has live bands. A nice relaxed ambience is helped by the comfortable modern stools and walls covered in surfing photographs, while TVs s
  • Tras Bambalinas
    With an enclosed patio garden to the side, Tras Bambalinas may be just the spot you're looking for to unwind, while drinking one of their many fine whiskeys, of course. The inside features décor from some of the city's previous Carnavals, including giant hanging paper maché heads, as well as cost
  • La Bodeguita Del Sur
    The music from Montevideo's premier salsa club calls you from halfway down the street, so follow the rhythms and you'll be in for a great night. During the week, you can learn the moves in classes from beginner to advanced, then come Friday and Saturday, you can strut your stuff with the locals unt
  • Café La Diaria
    Tall pillars, photographic artwork and a small library of international classics characterize this great little bar. Café La Diaria regularly hosts live music and other events such as tango, theater and book presentations on its small stage and in its lecture space. Most are free entry, but check
  • Buddha Bar
    Buddha Bar La Barra is one of the most surprising things to hit the jet set in years. This beach fish shack—opened by the owners of the original Paris Buddha Bar—now tops the list of Punta del Este's notorious nightlife spots. A covered outdoor patio, pitched right in the sand, invites let
  • Bitacora
    The oldest and most established place to party in Punta del Diablo, Bitacora feels quite the hike out from the center of town after a few too many drinks, yet this doesn't seem to stop anybody from coming. Playing all the hardest South American tunes it can get its DJ hands on, as well as dance cla
  • La Terraza De Los Buhos
    Next to La Casa de las Boyas hostel and offering a discount for guests staying there, this trendy little outdoor bar is definitely more of the chilled out variety. Only 50 meters (164 ft) from Playa del Rivero, ‘the terrace of the owls' has most of its seating on the sand, or you can opt for o
  • Tavarua
    Opposite Primata, but much more likely to be playing rock anthems than hip-hop, is another sea-fronted bar, Tavarua. If it is not too busy, you can enjoy a drink while lying in one of its three swaying hammocks, or perhaps you would prefer to grab a cushion. The full bar may have a long line, thoug
  • Primata
    Very different in atmosphere from the loud, party hard nature of the Montevideo original, Primata in Punta del Diablo is nevertheless a decent choice for a few drinks, and has the bonus of a sea view. Down the end of a residential street, the bar can vary enormously from deathly empty to insanely b
  • La Ronda Café

    La Ronda is a little piece of hipster heaven, decorated from floor to ceiling with laminated record covers. A wrap-around bar forms the centerpiece of this small hangout. The last café bar on Ciudadela before hitting the rambla, La Ronda is a little bit quieter and m

  • Rocinante

    Rocinante, cleverly named after Don Quijote's horse, dishes out excellent pitchers of sangria, tunes, and pizzetas. Cheap panchos or hot dogs are also on the menu if you're short on cash, as most of the students and locals frequenting

  • Patrimonio
    In the Historic Quarter and right at the river's edge, Patrimonio delivers a superb nighttime experience. The restaurant offers interesting choices like the multicolored chicken with soy sauce ($8.40, including coffee), but also classics like empanadas. Pa
  • El Portón
    For its chivito and parilla at very affordable prices, El Portón is chosen by the locals as their go-to place. The Chivito El Portón is a colossal plate comprised of the usual slice of prime beef topped with bacon
  • El Drugstore
    In a slight contrast to the serene basilica opposite, El Drugstoreâ??s brightly painted walls decorated with artwork and posters from floor to ceiling, colorful tables and very colorful menu, are eye-catching. Thereâ??s even a romantic table for two in an antique car outside. The open kitchen whi
  • Irene's
    If you‘re looking for a vegetarian restaurant, this is as close as it gets in Colonia. With its no-frills simple and clean decor, healthy (but not entirely vegetarian) menu and affordable prices, Irene‘s is frequented both by locals and visitors. Situated on the main street, with seating
  • La Bodeguita
    For amazing sunset views over the Río de la Plata, head over to La Bodeguita. This place is always packed with people enjoying the views, the music and the vibrant crowd. La Bodeguita offers what some say is the best pizza in town, as well as pastas, beef dishes and sandwiches. Its desserts come hi
  • La Amistad
    Head over to 18 de Julio and Alberto Mendez and scout out the green building on the corner. There youâ??ll find La Amistad, a great place to cut down on your food expenses for the day yet still have a decent meal. Enjoy having some parrilla, carrito Los Cholos offers hamburgers, hot dogs, milanesas and chivitos at rock bottom prices. Like most other carritos in Colonia,
  • Comidas
    The owner of this great little house on the plaza bakes the most delectable hand-made sweet and savory tarts, including some vegetarian ones, all of which are recommended. She also cooks empanadas, tortillas and other tasty delights for take-out or eating in, which can be enjoyed with a lovely
  • Duendes
    Although it might not look like much from the outside, Duendes is a great find in summer. Relaxing music plays as you sit at its cosy wooden tables, and you can look around at the unusual art display. For a quick and tasty bite, it serves slices of meat or vegetarian tarts, or if you're looking f
  • El Leon Del Cabo
    Behind Hostel Lo de Marcelo in the plaza, the building of El Leon del Cabo is only marked by a lion symbol and striped flag. This pleasant little restaurant serves a variety of good fresh fish and seafood dishes; try the fish of the day in béchamel sauce. Tarts, empanadas, burgers and sandwiches
  • Viejo Barrio Restaurant and Bar
    A traditional Uruguayan restaurant through and through, Viejo Barrio is a great introduction to cooking and culture on this side of El Río de la Plata. Many of the menu items will be familiar to those skipping over from Argentina—milanesas, lomos, and pastas. A Uruguayan chivito<
  • Candombe Resto Bar
    Adjacent to Galería Paseo del Sol, and within the very heart of the Historic Quarter, Candombe mainly stands out for its great prices. The restaurant serves good-quality pizza for two with a variety of toppings to choose from. It's also a great place to tr
  • Restaurante Blanco & Negro
    The elegant and sophisticated Restaurante Blanco y Negro is one of Colonia's more popular spots for eating and drinking. The restaurant jazz bar cum art gallery also hosts the annual Colonia Jazz Weekend, which, despite the name, actually takes place over four different weekends. The menu here is tr
  • Pulpería de los Faroles
    In this colonial building, originally a bakery, the Pulpería de los Faroles was the first restaurant to cater to tourists in the Historic Quarter in the 80s. The menu ranges from the typical parilla and meat options, to tasty pastas and abundant seafood choices, including salmon and codfish
  • Cine Bar
    Cine Bar won't impress upon first sight, but what you'll find inside certainly makes up for the lack of exterior décor. It has the best chivitos, sandwiches and hamburgers in town, complemented by mouth-watering parrilla, as well as pizza and pasta classics. The good-sized portions provide
  • La Terraza
    Shortly after passing Nueva Helvecia's main entrance, you'll see a restaurant on your right packed with patrons, not a small feat for such a small town. Few places are this full-an indication of what La Terraza has to offer. Reportedly the best place for fondue, La Terraza is chosen by locals, as w
  • La Rueda
    Popular with travelers due to its great location and its good stab at displaying authentic gaucho memorabilia, the food here is the real reason to come. Sitting among the animal skins, horn drinking vessels and cart wheels, you can feast on a huge asado, entrecote, chicken or chorizo. There is also
  • Don Juan
    Situated in the Tacuarembó Hotel, the best thing about Don Juan restaurant is its superb wine list, featuring a large number of Tannat, Torrontes and other Uruguayan wines, as well as international ones. It also serves many whiskeys, beer and other drinks. The food, too, is excellent, with the men
  • Parrilla El Gordo Y El Flaco (del Parque)
    In a lovely spot in Parque Rodó at the north end of town, making it very handy if you're camping at the Laguna de las Lavenderas or you've just been watching a concert at Teatro Verano, this restaurant is popular with locals for its large and relaxing outdoor eating space. As well as having a grea
  • V8
    The place to go for meat and car enthusiasts, V8 (which is situated opposite the Ford dealership) has a huge open BBQ behind its long bar, as well as walls covered in vehicle memorabilia, such as number plates, street signs and tools. The menu features a wealth of different meats, including chorizo
  • Bar Tranquilo

    Bar Tranquilo is anything but quiet. In fact, the music was playing so loud one time that the speaker came loose from the wall, hitting my friend in the head and knocking a beer straight into my lap. That didn't stop us from coming her

  • Café y Pool Rodó
    If you're a student at the la Universidad de la República, chances are you've been here a few times. Exactly what you'd think from the name, Cafe y Pool Rodó is dark and quiet, but not seedy, and is a great place to have a few beers and shoot some pool when your lit class (or day at the office) g
  • W Lounge

    A veritable electronica institution in Montevideo and the city's most popular club, W Lounge hosts everything from live concerts to fashion shows. Youths of all neighborhoods and ages flock to W. Lounge to dance, drink and share their passion for techno with other su

  • Vieja Estación
    Bright and friendly, and just off Plaza Colón, Vieja Estación is the handier of the pizzerias and also benefits from outside seating and a better bar. The pizzas here are square and piled high with cheese, and its selection of toppings includes pork, choclo

  • Mi Pueblo
    Located on the ground floor of the hotel of the same name and directly across from the river, Mi Pueblo offers tasty, affordable fare and an unbeatable view. Patrons may choose to eat indoors or go upstairs to the terrace for drinks - it's the ideal place to catch the river breeze on a hot summer n
  • Clemente Resto Bar
    Clemente Resto Bar offers a menu that, thankfully, strays from the commonplace parrilla and chivitos. It serves up some interesting choices in vegetables like the milhojas de berenjena (comprised of eggplant slices) and the Clemente salad, a selection of stir fried veggies. The
  • Restaurante L'arbalète
    True to Nueva Helvecia's Swiss heritage, the sumptuous L'Arbalète offers such classic Alpine delights as rösti (Swiss potato pancakes), Tyrolese chicken schnitzel and cheese fondue. Italian and French dishes also feature prominently in the menu, the former with the usual c
  • Pizzeria El Pino
    Where can you get a chivito with everything on it for less than $5? That would be Pizzeria El Pino. The friendly pizza place opens its doors just in time for patrons to enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the river, and with outdoor seating available, the best view is guaranteed. There's grea
  • Bora Bora
    The best place in town for an ice cream, Bora Bora makes all of its products fresh in-house. Hosting a wide variety of flavors, you can select up to three in a cone or cup. It can be difficult to choose, so if in doubt opt for its exclusive Crema Bora Bora, made with chocolate, nuts and chivitos and frankfurters. I
  • Rotiseria Doña Petrona
    An excellent spot for a small but filling meal, Doña Petrona serves a wide range of freshly handmade quiches, empanadas and sandwiches, as well as Chinese-based meat or vegetable chop suey, chicken and rice dishes, and omelettes. Very vegetarian-friendly with plenty of options, try the rice balls