Top Restaurants in South America

  • La Rinconada de Rolando Vera
    Tucked away at the far end of the Pululahua crater, just beneath the dark folds of the north-eastern wall, is the lovely hacienda Rinconada de Rolando Vera. Retired marathon champion Rolando Vera bought the house after falling in love with the valley - when he saw it in a painting. He then turned
  • Lo Nuestro
    Lo Nuestro ("What is ours") is probably the closest you'll get to classy dining while indulging in some of Ecuador's most renowned, traditional fare. It's also an interesting, quasi-historical experience to partake in as the entire restaurant is designed within the interior of a renovated and typica
  • Rincón Amazónico
    Barely visible from the dusty, drab road, Rincón Amazónico is a gorgeous restaurant tucked away in the valley. Upon entering, you are transported to the warm tranquility of the Amazon, with chairs and tables made from tree trunks, surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants strung throughout the i
  • Villa Rosa
    Villa Rosa is one of Cuenca's most elegant restaurants, and one of the best that is not affiliated with a hotel. Located in a converted colonial home not too far from the center of town, the restaurant is attractive and the service is excellent. Villa Rosa specializes in a mix of Ecuadorian and int
  • Batidos del Negrito
    In the middle of a hot day at the beach cool off with some blended, fruit goodness courtesy of Batidos del Negrito. Order a mix of your favorite fruits at the juice and batidos (blended juice and milk) stand on the road in to town. It is amazing to watch the juice man as he bounces to the high-volu
  • El Crater Restaurant
    A visit to this restaurant can easily be a vacation highlight. It offers one of the most spectacular views of any restaurant in Ecuador. Perched literally on the edge of a spectacular Pululahua crater, the view will blow you away. The food comes in a very close second. The theme is contemporary
  • Rodríguez
    Rodríguez specializes in tacos and techno. Just steps from Plaza Foch, this small, popular taquería is a great place to grab a meal—go for the taco combo—or prepare for a night out—beer, check; fruity margaritas, ditto. The menu is loaded with tasty burritos, quesadillas a
  • Kallari
    Kallari is a community-owned coffee shop and crafts shop owned by an association of Quechua communities in the Napo province, mostly from the Amazon Rainforest. Organic coffee and organic chocolate in brownies and hot chocolate accompany tasty snacks.
  • Patacón Pisa'o
    For a refreshing change from seafood, head to the friendly little Patacón Pisa'o, a half a block from the Malecón. Run by a family of Colombians from Cali who have lived in Puerto López for years, it serves up large platefuls of the Colombian version of patacones, or crispy plantain panca
  • Don Marcos
    Don Marcos is the typical Colonia Pellegrini restaurant. Its menu is simple: only milanesas, gilled steaks and pastas. Plates come to the table mounded with food. The French fries are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender inside. Along with the usual fare, Don Marcos also has a parri
  • Soychú
    Those who say Argentines don't have an appreciation for vegetarian food have never stopped into Soychú. On any day, the carry-out line stretches from the front, through the dining hall, to the buffet in back where everybody is loading up on today's tasty entrées. This all began in the early 1980s
  • Restaurant Habibi
    The Lebanese family of Restaurant Habibi allows their culture to permeate the entire space. Each of the five salons has a different theme: calligraphy, women's eyes, a traditional seating area. Arab music lures souls to sway into a delicious repast. The dishes have subtle undertones of mint and oth
  • Soluna Café
    This lovely little café on the eastern edge of town specializes in organic food and uses produce from its own organic farm in Dos Mangas. Here you can fill up on healthy, wholesome meals while listening to world music and sipping on ginger lemonade; it has plenty of vegetarian options. On Sundays,
  • Amalur Spanish Restaurant
    Amalur is a must-stop for visitors and locals alike looking to get their fill of traditional Spanish cuisine. Set back from the beach, Amalur is a great location for a quiet date or intimate dinner party. Start with the organic salad and French bread with a tasty tomato & garlic spread, indulge in
  • Los Carros
    In an adobe ranchito house is the comfortable restaurant Los Carros. In this warm, candle-lit space, chamamé music plays low as diners take their tables. Some are couples settling in for a romantic repast. Dolly is putting the finishing touches on the first course of the night's meal
  • Parrilla-restaurant Lo De Lenguaza
    E-yu-puráí-té, Willkommen, Bienvenue - Lo de Lenguaza welcomes its guests in eight languages. Lo de Lengueza may not have everything on the menu-it's painted on the windows -the day you come, but the friendly wait staff will tell you what's available, from regional dishes like fried manioc and f
  • Kelo
    Kelo doesn't offer a thing under the scorching Misionero sun for the vegetarian. This is a true carnivore's Eden. To begin, choose a side dish to accompany the espadines (rapier-like spits) and boards of meat the waiters will bring to your table. This is your chance to try the traditional cuts of th
  • La Bahía Che Retá
    La Bahía is just one of the slew of sidewalk cafés lining the broad pedestrian streets in downtown Posadas. This bistro near the plaza offers a few out-of-the ordinary dishes. Instead of having your sandwich on run-of-the-mill bread, what about it being wrapped in a pita? There's all sorts of tabl
  • Gusto del Litoral
    Do not be put off by the incredibly low prices, an absolute genius lurks in the kitchen of this sidewalk café. One of the best meals to be had in Argentina-what a pleasure to taste food with such spice and flavor. Try the succulent pork with chutney or the vegetarian feast of Sopa Paraguay with gr
  • Terra Wok Bar-restaurant
    Terra Wok prepares nine varieties of chow fan (fried rice) and eight of yaki soba (noodles) with meat or seafood. Also appearing are sweet and sour chicken (pollo acaramelado) and omurice (omelets). A meal here, though, is not a clean escape from Argentine fare. Terra Wo
  • Cabaña Las Lilas 2
    This is one of the heavyweights in the steak championships and these guys really pull out the punches. Meat comes from the restaurant's private ranch outside the city, and a huge selection of free appetizers is laid out to whet the appetite. Go for the bife de lomo or ojo de bife, which are expensiv
  • Comedor El Faro
    Imagine your typical truck stop-cum-diner and you have Comedor El Faro. This café along the seafront costanera is tremendously popular with truckers, port workers, and everyday locals. Expect to share a table in this small restaurant. Several entrées are prepared daily, and you choose how many co
  • Restaurante Planeta Escuela
    A stone's throw from the boardwalk, Restaurante Planeta Escuela is a pleasant bistro that prepares pizza a la piedra (pizza baked on a stone slab) and homemade pastas. It also prepares rabas (deep-fried squid rings) and other seafood. Vegetarians have several choices on the menu. What
  • Tiestos
    Tiestos is pure culinary genius. Besides exquisite family-style food prepared in huge ceramic hot plates, you will find that the chef is extremely personable, making rounds to each table as guests eat. To really spoil yourself, order the degustación (tasting) menu for two people, whi
  • Mercado Armonía
    Not only can shoestring travelers pick up on fresh produce, cheese and other fixings at Mercado Armonía, but also sit down for delicious and cheap homemade meals. Over a dozen bar de paso and kiosko stands steam up tamales, fry up potatoes and milanesas, and bake tartas
  • Il Buon Mangiare
    For years Don Tito ran a first-class restaurant in Buenos Aires. But the pace of the city tired him, so he decided to come to Caleta Olivia, looking for a slower, simpler life. He opened Il Buon Mangiare, where he continues to serve his superb homemade pastas. The delicious, affordable portions are
  • El Buen Sabor
    In one of Perito Moreno's classic buildings along the main street is El Buen Sabor. Sunlight floods through the tall windows, making the small space bright. Glass cases display the day's offerings of homemade pastas, typical Argentine appetizers (daring diners may try the marinated cow tendons) and
  • Shitake Comida Vegetariana
    Fernanado Ferro proves Argentines can cook vegetarian at his stylish restaurant, Shitake. After receiving his classical cuisine training, this chef went on to study vegetarian cooking with yogis. Shitake is a vegetarian's tenedor libre with dozens of dishes to choose from—all creatively
  • Pizzeria Ananké
    A small converted bungalow that feels more like a hipster's home than a restaurant, Ananké has a stunning view of Guápulo from its upstairs outdoor patio. This artsy dive specializes in inexpensive, delicious homemade wood-oven pizzas and calzones. The menu also includes an array of appetizers an
  • Fried Bananas
    Fried Bananas Restaurant & Cafe is small, off the beaten track, and what some might call “cute” thanks to its ambiance. What really steals the show however, is the combination of simplicity and imagination in their plates as they serve up some incredibly delightful Ecuadorian cuisine. Fro
  • Romolo E Remo
    If it's high quality Italian-cuisine that you're in search of, then be sure to get your fix at this joint. From salads to pizzas, Romulo e Remo excels in providing its hungry clientele with exquisite Italian dishes for a price that falls in line with quality. Sink into your chair and revel in the c
  • El Rey Del Mariscos
    If you're in the mood for seafood, you'll be served royally at El Rey de Mariscos. Fish, such as flounder, and red and white salmon, are prepared, as well as five styles of octopus, clams, giant mussels, scallops and prawns—try them whisky-braised. El Rey de los Mariscos is Las Grutas' exclusi
  • Achiote
    Achiote specializes in preparing exquisite Ecuadorian plates that you simply cannot miss out on if you're staying in Quito. Located on the fringe of the Mariscal's bustling nightlife (but still within it's borders) the restaurant presents a haven of sorts for those interested enjoying a night out,
  • El Nomada
    Several restaurants along Mindo's main strip have neon pizza signs, but venture a little further up the road (on way to the waterfalls) and you'll find El Nomada, a cozy Italian joint whose back room is dominated by a brick pizza oven. Like many other area establishments, El Nomada is set inside a
  • Uncle Ho's
    Uncle Ho's brings Vietnamese food to Quito in a fun, casual atmosphere. The owner is part-Vietnamese and unlike most of the Asian food in Quito, the food is very authentic. The restaurant combines delicately flavored, mouth-watering food with friendly, though slow, service. For a real taste of Viet
  • Casa Hood
    Tucked away behind the market, the eccentric Casa Hood is part café/restaurant, part bookshop and part cinema. Its decorations, made up of family snapshots, leftover New Years masks and bizarre artwork, combine with the friendly and helpful staff to create a great atmosphere. The international foo
  • Bice
    You'd think that a city with so many people of Italian descent would be brimming with pasta options. And Buenos Aires is. But with the focus squarely on pizza (you can satisfy your craving for a tasty slice on practically every block of any major avenida), you're more likely to stumble across a Japa
  • Bandido Brewing
    With flavors of beer that are sure to make your taste buds tingle madly with joy and pleasant surprise, Bandido Brewing offers an incredible escape from the monotonous taste of Ecuadorian beer. This microbrewery specializes in a revolving assortment (typically 4-5 on tap per night + a cider) of be

  • Aguijón
    A local favorite among hipsters and trendsetters, Aguijón also manages to maintain a down-to-earth, chilled out vibe, unlike some of its dressier neighbors. A wide variety of music keeps an eclectic crowd dancing to ever-changing beats of salsa, hip-hop, jazz, alternative rock and top 20. The plac
  • The Great India Restaurant
    Situated in the buzzing café thoroughfare of Calle Calama, The Great India Restaurant holds its own in the Mariscal restaurant scene as a longtime favorite haunt whose cheap and authentic Indian food lure a stream of budget diners, both local and foreign. Simple and low-key in its setting, the res
  • Cosa Nostra
    What some proclaim to be one the best italian pizzerias in all of Quito, Cosa Nostra is a a restuarant that accurately hits the the bullseye when it comes to delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. Attracting foreigners and locals alike, this pizzeria offers dozens of thin-crust, brick-oven pizzas
  • Café Libro
    Founded in 1992, this bohemian hotspot is one of the few remaining hip coffee shops in the Mariscal area that has yet to be discovered by the gringo masses. There are regular live music performances, rotating art exhibits and a book exchange. The menu is mostly drinks (coffee and cocktails); howeve
  • Café Mosaico
    Ecuador goes international at this lively restaurant and café, perched high above the city, having one of the best restaurant views in Quito! Originally from New York, the owners clearly packed their stylish city instincts and gastronomical intuition. Café Mosaico offers an extensive menu, includ
  • Octava de Corpus
    Octava de Corpus is an antique, traditional townhouse that has been converted into a beautiful restaurant. The food is a fusion of international cuisine and the menu is packed with plenty of seafood options. Hosted (and prepared) by the owners Jaime and his wife, the restaurant holds a charm unlike
  • Café Eucalyptus
    A staple for many foreigners living in Cuenca, as well as a local crowd, this restaurant offers comfort food you can't easily find elsewhere, including Pad Thai and Jamaican jerk chicken in addition to typical Ecuadorian food. It also has a long drink list. Located in a renovated colonial house an
  • Mea Culpa
    This lovely and spacious restaurant on the second floor of the Edificio Arzobispal on the northern side of the Plaza de la Independencia (Plaza Grande) has a wide selection of Mediterranean food, featuring seafood and an extensive tapas menu.
  • Wunderbar Café
    This funky German-owned café is a crowd-pleaser, both for its international food and for its fun drinking atmosphere. Wunderbar has a menu packed with plates like spaghetti alfredo and pasta in bolognese sauce, hamburgers, and baguettes stuffed with chicken, steak or eggplant. There is also a set
  • Crepes and Waffles
    This Colombian chain is found in several locations around Quito and has reliably tasty food that comes in good-sized portions. The waffles are not meant to be breakfast, but rather dessert; they are piled high with ice cream, whipped cream, nutella, fruit and more. Crepes are served with sweet or
  • Carmine
    Head to Carmine in the northern sector of the city for a unique take on Italian cuisine. Hip and modern, dishes here include a variety of tasty pastas, seafood and meat mains cooked in a Mediterranean style. Owner and chef, Bill Carmine, translates the menu board and describes dishes in English for
  • Buena Vista
    Buena Vista certainly lives up to its name (Good View), with its prime spot (and balcony) overlooking the Plaza de Ponchos. It has a homey feel, with paintings and hammocks decorating the walls, and candles add to the atmosphere at night. Buena Visa also has a small book exchange (take one, leave t
  • Zazú
    Offering a modern interpretation of Peruvian cuisine, this stylish restaurant is filled nightly with diplomats, oil expats and Quiteño high society. Stand out appetizers include thinly sliced octopus served with a creamy olive dip, and crispy mushroom and artichoke "empanadas" encased in wonton-st
  • Rusty's Hamburgers
    As far as hamburger joints in Quito, this is probably the best around. Owned by a Californian transplant, Rusty, it has been a fixture in Quito since the 1970s. It serves up all the fare you would expect for a diner: hamburgers, French fries, onion rings, milk shakes, even root beer! Sometimes you
  • El Pobre Diablo
    El Pobre Diablo is a well-decorated jazz bar, popular with artsy intellectuals and local bohemian types. Live music lights the place up most Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, with jazz and soft Cuban beats on other nights. Its food is pricier than local norms, but dishes are decent and the a
  • Mongos
    Right in the heart of the Mariscal, Mongos Mongolian BBQ has quickly become a firm favorite with travelers and Ecuadorians alike. Go for the all-you-can-eat option for $10.99 (vegetarian, $6.99), where you can choose any combination of meats, veggies, sauces and other add-ins. For this price, you a
  • Naranjilla Mecánica
    With multidimensional floors, swinging metal tables and red velvet chairs and one room carpeted from floor to ceiling in shag, this place is the essence of cool. Edgy contemporary art changes periodically and the bar/restaurant occasionally hosts local artists and live bands. Quito's hippest gather
  • Dirty Sanchez
    Run by a couple of friendly foreigners, Dirty Sanchez is an excellent addition to Quito's café and nightlife scene. Just one block from Plaza Foch, this café/bar/gallery serves good coffee (a rarity in the city), wine, beer and cocktails, including the "Dirty Sanchez," a mix of tequila, Baileys a
  • Pavarotti
    Just across the street from the Swissotel, Pavarotti offers noteworthy Italian fare for prices a little steeper than other Italian restaurants in Quito. The menu includes meat and chicken options besides the various pasta dishes, which include plates such as pasta with Gorgonzola sauce - quite the
  • El Cafeto
    This small and open-air café serves deliciously rich coffee, made from 100 percent organic Ecuadorian beans. In addition to buying coffee, take-home bags of coffee beans can be bought for a reasonable $8. Food is basic, with a small selection of breakfast, sandwiches and cake. Still, you're here
  • Café ChiQuito
    Although its menu is small, this artsy café has big personality. With paintings depicting quiteño life, a wide variety of board games and cards, and a few cozy tables, Café ChiQuito is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon with friends, sipping chai and eating slices of walnut caramel pie
  • Finn McCool's
    Finn McCool's is one of the the few places in Quito where many travelers are likely to feel at home. European and North American sporting events are regularly shown, and there's a free pool table, great drinks, and excellent pub food, including Irish stew, bangers and mash, and fish and chip
  • Il Risotto
    For an authentic Italian banquet and elegant atmosphere with stunning city views, Il Risotto is your spot. The friendly, Italian owners create a pleasant service atmosphere and the buffet will make anyone start to drool. There is outdoor seating on a small balcony in the back. It has a second loc
  • Blue
    The place to go on a Thursday night, Blue is a Medellín institution, and very popular with backpackers. Paisas and foreigners alike dance along to the electronica music flowing out of its massive speakers. Capacity is often reached here, such is its reputation among the traveling crowd, so
  • Hacienda Real
    If your curiosity is piqued by talk of the famed dish from Antioquiaâ??the bandeja paisaâ??this is one place you should check out in the historical district of the Centro. The Hacienda Real is located above the noise and hurried existence of the street vendors on the Carrera Junín. The di
  • Rincón Vegetariano
    Serving what is arguably the best vegetarian food in all of Colombia, Rincón Vegetariano is a fantastic find in the heart of Armenia. The menu is set every day, but includes juice and milk, fruit, soup, four small vegetarian dishes and a dessert. Service is quick and the second-floor balcony seat
  • La Parolaccia Trattoria
    Warmth, cordiality, personalized attention, along with a well taken care of kitchen of noble ingredients make La Parolaccia a unique place in which everything down to the smallest details are considered so that the flavor of the real "Cucina regionale tradizionale Italiana" and the "Nuova cucina med
  • Chifa Chang Man Lou Sushi
    Chifa Chang Man Lou Sushi's underwhelming location, on the ground floor of a worn Mariscal apartment building, makes it easy to dismiss the restaurant as just another of Quito's poor Asian joints. Step inside, however, ignore the bland interior, and you'll find that it serves generous portions of ex
  • Mythology
    Gringos living here could just as well name Mythology â??cool central.â? It has a movie salon, a restaurant and an all-night dance floor. The cool location in the northwest corner of the Plaza de Armas is also where they offer regular salsa lessons. There are movies that play every day at 2:00 p
  • Formosa
    Sitting quietly two blocks off the main avenue of 12 de Octubre, and just behind the Swiss Hotel, is this quaint little hole in the wall which at midday is bustling inside. Serving meals consisting solely of vegetarian food, Formosa boasts a daily buffet fit for the ravenous, and serves you a selec
  • La Canoa Manabita
    By far one of the most overlooked holes in wall in the Mariscal area, La Canoa Manabita is easy to miss, but unjustifiably so. Offering incredibly delicious plates from the coast, ranging anywhere from fried and breaded fish to yummy ceviches, La Canoa Manabita is an oasis for seafood lovers in the
  • Balbeek
    For a taste of authentic Lebanese cuisine, Balbeek is where it's at. If you're not familiar with Lebanese food, rest assured that the delightful owner will take care of any questions you have, as he himself takes your order. Beware however, for he might take over ordering for you if you allow him t
  • La Liebre Video Cafe
    What at first sight might come across as a DVD rental store (housing an overabundance of non-pirated movies), La Liebre video cafe is actually a sweet little restaurant and mini-venue for some terrific, live jazz music on Tuesday and Thursday nights. If you're up for some down-tempo vibes, come han
  • La Boca del Lobo
    Featuring a brightly lit, colorfully painted glass-encased patio with funky chandeliers, hanging bird cages, and faux renaissance portraits, La Boca del Lobo sticks out as the most flamboyant joint in the Mariscal's somewhat low-key gringo scene. It's no surprise, then, that La Boca del Lobo is al
  • Kilaba
    This unique eatery, with an Arabian take on Colombian cuisine, serves up bandeja paisa and other traditional dishes with some Middle Eastern flair. In addition to Colombian specialties, you can also order some unique dishes and desserts, such as stuffed grape leaves or baklava. This is one o
  • Blues (siete)
    A home away from home for privileged Ecuadorians, Blues (more recently known as Siete) is one of the few clubs in Quito that is of international caliber and can stay open lateâ??usually until 6 a.m. The club, open Thursday-Saturday, has resident DJ nights and weekly special events, such as classic
  • Cafe Plaza Grande
    Forming a part of the Hotel Plaza Grand right by the Independence Square, this restaurant retains a lot of the 1940's charm - which was once iconic to Quito's historical area - through its decor, the music and even the attire of its waiters. It serves typical Ecuadorian dishes that are quite exquisi
  • La Cuchara De San Marcos
    This restaurant is situated in a colonial house that has been renovated. Rather minimalist in its decorations, it's a restaurant that makes up for it by having a nice atmosphere and Ecuadorian food with a vegetarian twist. The atmosphere does however transport you out of El Centro in the sense that
  • Restaurant La Tushpa
    La Tushpa is a family-style restaurant that provides a pleasant alfresco dining experience, with tables laid out on a back patio. The owners are welcoming and eager to chat about about your trip or the region's archaeological riches. Open Monday-Saturday from 1-11 p.m.
  • Asia De Cuba
    ENTREES: $15 - $30 Scruffy twenty-something backpackers will probably want to avoid Asia de Cuba, one of the most exclusive clubs in Puerto Madero. However, if you are older and have a bit more cash on hand, this lively, fashionable place makes a great spot for dinner or drinks. Asia de Cuba's c
  • Kansas
    For travelers yearning for good ol' BBQ pork ribs, Kansas is the place. One of the city's few restaurants specializing in North American fare, some say its BA's sole option for a decent Caesar salad. Huge and efficient, Kansas can seem a bit impersonal at times, but it does a good job of serving up
  • Aladdin
    Aladdin is popular for its spacious outdoor seating, cozy indoor couches, late hours, tasty hookahs, and of course, its cheap and delicious Middle Eastern food. The Iranian owner has lived in Ecuador for over 20 years and has established this Mariscal institution well. Try the falafel or schwarma s
  • El Desnivel
    Locals and tourists alike know this is one of the best parrillas in San Telmo. Greeted at the entrance by slabs of raw meat and smoke, you'll certainly eat well in this no-frills establishment. After 10 p.m., the crowded tables overflow with different cuts of pork, beef, and chorizo. Side orders of
  • Querubino
    Colorfully decorated with modern art and featuring regular live bands, Querubino is a cheerful place to enjoy excellent and typical dishes from the varied (though mostly meat-orientated) menu.
  • Fuera de Babylonia
    Fuera de Babylonia is a hidden treasure of a restaurant. The eatery, which occupies the lower floor of a chalet, has slightly off-kilter post and beam walls decorated with driftwood art. The tables consist of large slabs of polished wood with tiny stools for seats. While the service is slow, and th
  • Cafe Arte Guápulo
    With hot chocolate, hot wine, hot canelazo, and giant drip candles on the tables, Cafe Arte Guápulo is a good place to warm up on chilly Quito nights. This funky spot is home to a friendly kitty, and the red walls are covered in old music posters and sketches as well as drawings by local artists a
  • Café Cultura
    Cafe Cultura is a beautiful restaurant and hotel, located in what was once the French Cultural Center. Much of the original style of this colonial home has been preserved and the interior is beautiful. Artwork, a fireplace and elegant decorations add to the ambiance. This spot is worth a visit,
  • Café Pachamama
    Café Pachamama, located within the hotel La Posada del Quinde, serves healthy and excellent fare, which can be enjoyed by the open fire in the attractive, art-filled dining room, or, on a sunny day, outside on the beautiful garden patio. Dishes make use of local ingredients-try the delicious quion
  • Chepa Chaves
    Chepa Chaves, the legend goes, was a charming young women who arrived one day in turn-of-the-20th-century Villa de Leyva. Many fell in love with herâ??and her cooking. The tradition of fine Colombian cuisine continues at this restaurant named for her, with a small selection of distinctive dishes. T
  • Asadero La Villa
    At the entrance of Asadero La Villa is and enclosed fire pit. In the flames, meats roast on an upright spit. Inside the restaurant is a large, open space with many long, heavy wood tables, able to accommodate many diners at once, or a whole group of schoolchildren on a fieldtrip. This eatery provid
  • El Fogón de la Gallina
    El Fogón de la Gallina is much the same as its neighbor, Restaurante La Parrilla, just a few doors up. El Fogón serves good Colombian classics for its comida corriente, though the portions aren't as generous, and the price is a wee bit more. Another difference is that the interior of El Fogón de
  • Té y Café Saloom
    A quick breakfast or snack, or a close-out-the-evening tea and treat can be partaken at Té y Café Saloom. (Despite it being called a saloom, er saloon, no alcohol is served.) All the offerings at this small café are home made, from the cookies to dip in your coffee ($1-2) to the rich cakes and b
  • Restaurante La Parrilla
    Restaurante La Parrilla is a popular choice amongst locals and Colombian families having to watch their pennies a bit. The five tables are often full of diners sitting down to the set-plate meals (breakfast $2.10; lunch or dinner $2.10 complete, $1.85 main course and drink only). The midday and even
  • Restaurante Casa Blanca
    Many hostels in Villa de Leyva recommend Restaurante Casa Blanca to their guests as an inexpensive dining choice. The diner has earned its reputation from many years of serving classic Colombian dishes and (it is said) the best cazuela boyacense around ($3.50). As well as serving set meals for brea
  • Ristorante-Caffe La Buona Vita
    A Tuscany-country feel pervades every one of the many rooms and patio of the well-appointed Ristorante-Caffe La Buona Vita. Is that what draws so many of Tunja's wealthier citizens and visitors, or is it the distinguished service--or maybe it's the home-made pastas created by the chef who learned h
  • Granada Faró
    Customers frequent Granada Faró for its sophisticated ambiance. The restaurant features three distinct dining rooms: a main salon with windows facing the street, a private salon specially designed for private engagements and an airy salon for socializing with friends. The food here is primarily of
  • Trigos
    Grab a basket and the tongs--it's time to hit the bakery. Trigos has an incredible selection of fresh-baked breads--raisin, cheeses, whole-wheat, white, three-seed and a mouth-satisfying six-grain with nuts. Then there are those desserts to tempt you--ay, and those smooth ice creams. Ah, let me tell
  • Heladería-Cafetería La Fontana
    Finding a cup of real coffee can be difficult in Arica. Everyone seems to have only instant and charge a premium price. Heladería-Cafetería La Fontana, though, serves espresso and other machine-made java. The strong, hot â??expresâ? comes with a wafer cookie and sparkling water. A demitasse w
  • Pastelería Francesa
    For an escape from Colombia—albeit for a moment—walk into Pastelería Francesa. This small café of old-style wooden showcases, photos of early-to-mid-20th century France and French magazines make you feel as if you have stepped into that country. Here fine French pastries created by maste
  • Nutricentro
    This gourmet café is perfectly situated down the street from Teatro Municipal in El Centro. Here you can grab a healthy and hearty vegetarian buffet for $3.50. If you arrive early enough, before they run out, you can also order its â??specialâ? plate for just $5. Meals come with juice or soy mi
  • Restaurant Xirrus
    Restaurant Xirrus specializes in vegetarian, vegan and organic cuisine with novo-Colombian flair. Ã? la carte dishes include wraps with a torta de plátano and house salad ($7.40-10.50), salads ($3.20-8.50) and pastas ($6.35-9.50). Soups make it, also, including miso. Chicken and seafood have their
  • Boccato
    Boccato is yet another of El Chaltén's fast-food take-out joints. The selection here includes tortas (calzones), milanesas, sandwiches and empanadas. You can get pizza by the pie or slice. Boccato also has something n
  • Restaurante Zarina
    Restaurante Zarina is an intimate bistro of only four tables, a perfect place for a romantic candlelight dinner. Its Colombian-Lebanese proprietors create the best in Arab, Mediterranean and vegetarian cooking. Some of the menu's highlights are the antipastos, like the a la Charly with Serrano ham,
  • La Marqueza
    La Marqueza offers traditional Ecuadorian dishes (including cuy!) as well as more international fare (steaks, chicken and seafood). Though the large dining room, with its worn furniture, fake flowers and out of place cabana-style bar is a bit shabby, the quick and cheery service more than m
  • Asadero Rokoko
    If you get tired of the cabro lunches and can't quite afford a meal of range-raised hen, then bop across the street to Asadero Rokoko. Here, a quarter of roasted chicken costs $1.85. Dip the accompanying yucca and potatoes in the delicious, fresh, homemade chili sauce. The cooler has just about ever
  • El Canelazo
    Just a block or so from the Parque del Perro and its pricey restaurants, this is a cheap, family-run establishment that specializes in home-cooked set meals. The menu changes daily here, but you can expect grilled chicken breast or pork chop proceeded by plantain soup for $2.25.
  • Restaurante La Piragua
    Restaurante La Piragua offers excellent, home-cooked meals that go on cloven hoof, wing andâ??occasionallyâ??fin. The Santandereano classic dish, cabro (goat) is served up with the traditional accoutrements: pipitoria (rice with got innards and blood), yucca and potatoes ($2.65-3.70). Gallina crio
  • Restaurante Color de Hormiga
    Color de Hormiga proclaims itself as Comida Atípica —that is precisely what you'll find here. Much of its menu is prepared with a regional delicacy: hormigas culonas (fat-bottomed ants). Try the beef tenderloin in ant sauce or, if you're not such the adventurous sort, in a bleu cheese s
  • Restaurante Patiamarillo
    Restaurante Patiamarillo is a clean, well-lit space, with clothed tables and wooden chairs awaiting its dining clientele. The white-washed walls are hung with a motley collection of cuadros, including even a very young Clint Eastwood. A simple eating establishment, Patiamarillo serves up down-home
  • Restaurante Chef
    Another comedor that gets crowded at lunch time, Restaurante Chef serves Capitanejo's typical comida corrientes, or blue-plate specials: cabro (large order $3.70, small order $2.65) and gallina criolla ($3.70 small serving, $6.65 large). Yes, the menu is limited, but this is your chance to try goat
  • Restaurante Guananí
    Restaurante Guananí provides a break from the standard Colombian and haute cuisine eateries in town. This bistro specializes on German cooking, with authentic sausages. Cold platters of ham, cheese or sausage and bread ($5.30-6.85) are on the menu. Among the main dishes are German hamburger, veal o
  • Romani
    Romani is another bargain restaurant alongside the Parque del Perro. This Colombian-Italian fusion place offers home-cooked set meals at lunchtime, and is popular with office workers and students. For your hard-earned $3.75, you get a choice of soup or spaghetti as a starter, one of two types of me
  • The Shelter
    The Shelter doesn't have much on the menu, just pizza and empanadas. The empanadas are good, but people rave about the pizzas; locals say these are the best cheese pies in town. All are baked in a brick oven. A cornucopia of toppings are offered, guaranteeing meat eaters and vegetarians alike a fine
  • Restaurante Don Quijote
    Take table in the patio or the 400-year-old kitchen of this colonial house and take a gander at the eclectic menu Restaurante Don Quijote has to offer. Beef, chicken, trout, squid or shrimp accompanied by pasta al pesto and salad ($8-9) might be to your liking this evening, or perhaps the Thai past
  • Pizzaría Olivas y Especias
    On the corner of the main plaza is one of the most recommended pizzerias in Villa de Leyva. This rather large bistro with green and white tables also serves Italians dishes and crêpes. The pizzas come with a smorgasbord of toppings, in three sizes ($8-15). Pasta and lasagna dishes come only with
  • La Tienda de Teresa
    Tienda de Teresa is a good place to fuel up on a hearty Boyacense breakfast ($3.50) or cazuela boyacense ($3.30) before heading out for a day's hike. But Teresa's is good place to drop by anytime of day, to try one of the stuffed arepas with anything and every thing, including vegetarian versions (
  • Heladería Los Indios
    Heladería Los Indios is said to have the best ice cream in Villa de Leyvaâ??and it is mighty good. Even the wooden Indians out front are licking cones of one of the dozen flavors available of this creamy dessert. One scoop is a cool $0.85. Or if you prefer something a bit more, shall we say, screa
  • Govindas
    At Govindas, the Hare Krishnas are leading La Revolución de la Cuchara—The Spoon Revolution. Introducing Arica to the vegetarian lifestyle, this simple, two-room diner serves up a delicious, Indian-style three-course lunch, including salad, soup and main course with a drink. The décor
  • Al Lado del Camino
    Cheap and cheerful, Al Lado del Camino (On the Side of the Road) is frequented by droves of medical students from the nearby hospital. The restaurant has a menu that changes daily, but always has three choices for starters and three choices for a main course. Vegetable soups and grilled chicken bre
  • Pangaea
    Pangaea has a very refined setting. Pastas are the main headliner on this bistro's menu, starring stuffed varieties like sorrentino de cordero. Unlike other diners in El Chaltén, sauces are included in the price here. Beef, chicken parrilla or to celebrate a birthday (or other special occasion), then Panadería y Confitería Don Luis is the place to go. Located thr
  • Primos
    Although it is not the most inviting establishment in the Zona Rosa, lacking the quality and setting of some of the other places in the neighborhood, Primos is another decent option on Calle 1. Offering the usual fare for the coast, including fried fish, cuts of meat and generous helpings, you coul
  • Terra Amata
    The blue and white Mediterranean-looking building spiraling like a seashell beneath El Morro is Terra Amata, one of Arica's finest restaurants. Its large windows flood the restaurant with sun during the day and provide a view of the harbor at night. The menu features novo-Chilean dishes made from n
  • Restaurante La Corvina
    At the bend of the beach road, not too far from the Arco del Morro, is a double row of kiosk restaurants, all serving cheap fish specials. The menu at La Corvina, however, sticks out from the rest. Not only does its proprietor, Doña Nata, prepare à la carte seafood dishes such as crayfish, oyst
  • Restaurant Maracuyá
    In an old beach house between Arica and Playa El Laucho is one of the city's most prestigious bistros, Restaurant Maracuyá. There are wide views of the Pacific Ocean from the dining halls and even better ones from the verandas. Maracuyá's menu specializes in international and national preparation
  • Restaurante Manaure Beach
    Restaurante Manaure Beach is, as you can expect, right on the shore. The main restaurant is a large, open-sided kiosk with a deck extending out over the sand. The menu is almost exclusively seafood. A meal with fish comes with coconut rice, fried plantains and salad. Also on the menu is cazuela
  • Restaurante La Negra
    Restaurante La Negra is one of the very few real restaurants in Manaure. At lunchtime, the tables inside and out on the sidewalk are crowded with people chowing down on the comida corriente, which includes soup, choice of meat, beans or lentils, salad and yuca. An unusual feature in these pa
  • Rosamel
    On the corner of the plaza is Rosamel, a simple eatery popular with local folk. The interior is warm and homey. The portions are absolutely bountiful. A four-course affair, which includes appetizer and dessert, is served for lunch. Although you'll leave stuffed from the hearty cooking, it won't leav
  • La Casa
    Enviably situated with an ocean view and benefitting from a cooling breeze, the restaurant La Casa is a welcoming place in which to spend some money in Buenaventura. Set menus at lunch appeal to the budget-minded traveler but those in line for something more substantial will find the menu eye-catchi
  • Lenos y Mariscos
    Located in the heart of Buenaventura's zona rosa on Calle 1, Lenos y Mariscos is an upscale eatery offering just about any dish that you could desire, just so long as it is fish, chicken or beef. The helpings are sizeable and are accompanied at lunchtime by a salad and small dessert.
  • Oh! Solano Mio
    Run by Enrique of the Posada Touristica Rocas de Cabo Marzo Hotel, this pizzeria offers far more than simple pizza. Nancy is an excellent cook and can conjure up delights from the Pacific region, in particular incredible fish dishes. The atmosphere is familiar and relaxed and Enrique is certain to w
  • La Cervecería Brew Pub and Resto
    At La Cervecería Brew Pub and Resto you can try bräumeister Blanca's pilsner and bock beers made in-house. La Cervecería also serves homemade pastas. The raviolis have unusual fillings, like mediterraneo (eggplant, mozzarella, black olives and tomatoes),
  • Pizzaiola
    From behind the lime trees that line the small front patio, colleagues meet, lovers tryst and others people watch the happenings on the pedestrian street. Whether for the daily lunch special or a menu item, Pizzaiola is a good place to have a relaxed meal. There are 21 varieties of pizza. The small
  • Hotel Bahia restaurant
    Offering standard set meals at lunch and dinner, the Hotel Bahia's restaurant is a good budget option in Bahia Solano. Of course fish is the most prevalent dish on the menu but cuts of pork, beef and chicken are available - all freshly prepared and accompanied with rice, salad and patacones.
  • Puerto Ventura
    Puerto Ventura is on of the two fast food restaurants in Bahía Solano. This place does a brisk trade in hamburgers, hot dogs and other ubiquitous fast-food items. It also squeeze an excellent, fresh fruit juice. The juice may seem pricey, but rest assured: it is large and refreshing.
  • Panadería Lo de Haydée
    The smell of fresh-baked bread wafts out the door of Panadería Lo de Haydée onto El Chaltén's main street. Beyond the white and whole-grain, Haydée also makes six different flavors of empanadas, served hot out of the oven. For the sweet tooth, there are facturas
  • Tierra Bendita
    In Spanish, tenedor libre means “free fork.” So let your fork run wild as you hit the offerings of the all-you-can-eat buffet at Tierra Bendita. But this isn't your ordinary t
  • Balboa Plaza Restaurant
    One peek inside the hotel tells you all you need to know, the restaurant could be anywhere in the world. The food is the usual fare but since numbers of visitors are low here the establishment does not see fit to replinish dwindling provisions. When we passed through the only thing on the menu for t
  • Las Palmas
    The expression â??cheap and cheerfulâ? could not apply to a nicer, more pleasant place in Bahía Solano. This restaurant is family run and owned. Las Palmas has set menus for lunch and dinner that cost roughly $4. A dish of fried fish, rice and plantains is preceded by soup. It also stocks cuts
  • Cantaverdi
    The rough-painted walls hung with Guayasamín prints, the cloth-draped ceiling, the fireplace and the heavy wooden furniture give Cantaverdi a cozy feeling. The menu is an eclectic mix of highland foods, like alpaca and salmon, and non-traditional meats, such as seafood and beef. Pizzas hot out of t
  • La Terraza
    Situated on the first floor of a nondescript corner building, La Terraza is an oasis of calm and a definite place to gorge yourself. Offering massive servings of obvious dishes such as fried fish with patacones and rice or the wildly popular and artery-clogging Bandeja Paisa, La Terraza is welcomin
  • Pizzaría La Ricotta
    Located up the hill, near several schools and the university, Pizzaría La Ricotta serves up oven-hot pizza at student prices. Whether ordering by the slice ($1.30-1.70) or an extra-large pie ($12-14), you can take care of that evening hunger here. A local specialty is the Sangileña, topped with ch
  • La Casona Criolla
    LA CASONA CRIOLLA IS OUT OF BUSINESS. For heaping helpings of good ol' Colombian food, drop by the very popular La Casona Criolla. Pull up a table on what was once the interior patio of a colonial home, now covered with red tiles. In the center is a fountain and there are potted plants scatter
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Saludable Delicia
    Saludable Delicia lives up to its name, providing delicious, healthful meals to travelling vegetarians. Mornings, the shop sells baked goods, teas, supplements, tahini and peanut butter. The set-meal lunch, almuerzo, is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and costs $5. Thereafter until close, only à la carte
  • Bar-Restaurante Carnes y Carnes
    Nothing more than a mere a banner pronounces Carnes y Carnes. Unbeknownst to the casual passer-by, beyond the gate is one of San Gil's classier eateries. Within the large roofed garden is the restaurant that has a large brick grill in the center. At the grill, the chef prepares your entrée: chicken
  • Restaurante Rogelia
    Restaurante Rogelia presents typical dishes of the Santander region, including cabro con pipatoria ($7) and carne orneada (beef that has been marinated, then dried and grilled, $8). The bistec de res a caballo is not horse meat, but rather a beef steak topped with an egg ($11). To sample a bit of e
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Roma
    Upon walking in, Restaurante Vegetariano Roma appears small, with only a few tables. But head up the staircase to the second floor where two rooms await your dining experience. Formally set tables, with linen cloths and napkins, and attentive service adds to the relaxing vedic meal you are about to
  • Restaurante China
    The delivery men are hustling, picking up orders and running out to their awaiting motorbikes. The food here at Restaurante China seems popular at this early lunch hour. Already a third of the tables in this medium-sized, dimly lit restaurant decorated with typical Chinese ornaments are full, despi
  • The Mercado
    Although not an official restaurant, the market is a great place for fresh fish. Here, locals fry up the morning's catch and accompany it with the ubiquitous plantain and rice. Cheap and cheerful, if you are looking for a true Quibdó experience, this is it.
  • Natural Deli
    At Natural Deli, health food lovers will finally find refuge from the greasy pizzas and endless empanadas that define the streets of Buenos Aires. In a well-lit interior furnished with mahogany wood panels, organic alternatives abound: homemade granola and banana bread make it the perfect place for
  • Hospedaje y Restaurante Donde Mamicha
    This is one of the more popular eateries among tour groups and vacationing families, and can be found just three doors down from Restaurant Rosita. The blue and white restaurant has a large open-sided patio and an even larger enclosed room where service is rendered. It has a wonderful, unobstructed
  • Marino's Junior
    How many ways can you fix a hotdog? Marino's Junior has over 50 of them. “No,” the owner working the grill says, “these are not just ordinary dogs.” They are only pure-bred sausages—no mongrel wiener here. The best of the charcoal-grilled sausages is the Suizo, 10 inches of
  • Asados Don Pepe
    At about 4 p.m., Don Pepe begins firing up the grill under a tarp along Avenida la Marina. By 6 p.m., the line of people throng in. This asadero, though basic, serves up some of the best BBQ you'll find along this coast—and at a very good price. Choose between chorizo sausage ($1.30), c
  • Rotissería Isadoro Quemeiquipan
    Rotissería Isadoro Quemeiquipan is one of the cheapest places to eat in El Chaltén. This is a small hang-out with only two tables and several benches. But it doesn't stop budget travelers from stopping by to watch a movie from Juan's video library while he's in the kitchen preparing orders. Drop b
  • Kuchu Marka
    Kuchu Marka in Aymara means “Corner of the village.” This restaurant is a charming nook on Putre's main street. On chill nights, a fire crackles in the chimney. Kuchu Marka's menu features traditional Aymara cooking with natural ingredients from the altiplano, including alpaca and trout. T
  • Restaurante Algarabia
    With recipes learned from Yaya, Francón's grandmother, Restaurante Algarabia imparts traditional Spanish cooking to the Barichara tourist. From tortilla española ($4) to paella ($15), and every Iberian classic in between appears on the menu, including jamón serrano, queso machego, pavo de castil
  • Restaurant Aónikenk Chaltén
    Meals at Restaurant Aónikenk Chaltén are a gastronomic event that won't hit your wallet hard. Homemade pastas are prepared with interesting fillings like ricotta, nut and sweet pepper, and eggplant. Sauces are extra. Various types of milanesas are on the me
  • Restaurant Isa
    A cane-slat picket fence zig-zags around a sand-floored restaurant, located two doors to the left of the church. There are only two tables within this small space. Like the old saying, “great things come in small packages,” so it is at Restaurant Isa. Here the señora lends personalized s
  • El Molino Viejo
    The interior of El Molino Viejo recreates the feeling of an old mill turned restaurant, but with a touch of class. Highly polished knotty pine panels the walls and a long counter and a large table of this wood dominates the front space. The sunny back room has more intimate arrangements. This bistr
  • Restaurante Juyasirian
    In the cool shade on the back patio of Hotel Juyasirian is Restaurante Juyasirian. Parrots and macaws roam freely and lounge on the rafters overhead. In a cage, a mico monkey sways in a hammock, taking interest in female diners. Although it is a bit expensive, Doña Eugenia and her staff provide
  • Pastelería y Biscochería La Araña de Oro
    Mission Impossible: Finding a brewed coffee in downtown Cúcuta. Awakening, that is just what I needed. No, not the sugared, watery java of the street vendors pushing a luggage rack full of thermoses. But a cup of real joe. Every place, though, had only (groan) glorified instant coffee machines. Fi
  • Govindas
    Govindas is an Indian vegetarian delight, brought courtesy of the Hare Krishnas. For a healthy, flavorful lunch pull up a table in one of the three rooms and relax to ragas softly playing. Soon your three-course almuerzo will be served: soup and multi-grain bread, the main course with drink, then a
  • Café Turri
    Internationally known Café Turri has frequently been met with mixed reviews. Some say the upper-crust dishes (Terrine de Foie gras, steak tartare and duck confit, to name a few) are the best in the city but that the service is poor; others say the waitstaff is quite friendly, but the food is nothin
  • El Perseguidor
    Those looking for live jazz and a good meal in the Bellavista area should head to El Perseguidor. El Perseguidor (named for Julio Cortázar's story on the life of jazz musician Charlie Parker) features upscale artisan appetizers and traditional Chilean dishes with a bit of flare. Reservations are ne
  • Restaurant Sibaritas
    For a classy night on the town, begin your evening at Sibaritas Restaurant. This gourmet establishment features international cuisine in an elegant, but not stuffy, atmosphere. Sibaritas has a beautifully plated chef's menu, an extensive selection of wine and a fixed degustación menu (for sampling
  • Hostería Séptimo Paraíso Restaurant
    Even if you are not staying here, it's worth at least stopping by for lunch or dinner. Located off the main access road to Mindo in the middle of acres of protected cloud forest, the open-air cafe is lovely. Spend some time walking off your meal on any of the paths around the lodge, playing on the
  • Off the Record
    If you're looking for a hangout spot that satisfies your cultural needs, Off the Record is a good option. Chilean artists, filmmakers and writers take the stage every Monday for performances, screenings and debates, and live bands play every Friday and Saturday. The décor is kitschy with a literary
  • Mundo de Papel
    For the literary-minded traveler, check out this café whose slogan reads, â??Books and coffee of the world.â? The open, light-filled café serves salads, sandwiches, soups and crépes. Fresh-squeezed seasonal fruit juice is available, as well as a decent selection of teas and coffee. The attent
  • Backstage
    Backstage is the Chilean equivalent of the Hard Rock Café, except it offers a much bigger menu. The food ranges from North American specialties to standard Chilean meals, including some Asian dishes. The drink list is just as extensive. Prices can be slightly higher than neighboring restaurants. Th
  • Thai Bangkok Restaurant
    Thai Bangkok is one of the best spots in Chile to have Thai food. The chef, Cshi, has a talent for mixing unique spices and flavors to create wonderful dishes. The chicken coconut soup is especially good. Thai Bangkok's ambiance is modern, simple and exquisitely clean. The owner speaks English and i
  • El Toro
    For standard Chilean fare, the locals head to El Toro. This swanky restaurant and bar is decorated with red pleather, disco lights and walls covered in guests' handwritten comments. The covered outdoor area, complete with paper tablecloths and crayons, is great for kids. Smoking is permitted both in
  • Sushita of Bellavista
    This Santiago restaurant chain is the Japanese sister of the Italian eatery, Sorrentinos. The sushi isn't of the highest quality, though, and tastes as if it was made off-premises. The interior décor is clean, but not overly inviting. Beer and wine are available.
  • Mindo Gardens Restaurant
    Even if you do not stay at Mindo Gardens, its restaurant gives you a good excuse to check out this beautiful private reserve full of paths, gardens, bird-watching opportunities and a good portion of the Río Mindo. That said, the food at the restaurant is not amazing. A very limited menu offers a c
  • El Quetzal
    El Quetzal prepares plates made with fresh products harvested from its own organic gardens out back. Delicious Ecuadorian dishes are served alongside international food, and vegetarian options are always available. Its American-style breakfasts are a great way to start the day, with options like p
  • Café Tortoni
    BA's legendary café culture is best exemplified by the Tortoni. In business since 1858 and laden with history, everyone from well-known literati to the most recognizable names in tango have graced the café's elegant interior. Although packs of tourists can sometimes detract from the magic, Tortoni
  • Bar del Gallego
    In a neighborhood where posh cafes and restaurants always seem to be either coming or going, Bar del Gallego is a true Palermo institution. This family-owned breakfast and lunch spot offers up a daily dose of no-nonsense comfort food at very reasonable prices - perfect for the hungry, budget-minded
  • Buffet 21
    Buffet 21 is a buffet (tenedor libre in Spanish) and wood-fire barbecue (parrillada), both of which are unique to Uruguay (and Argentina). Best items are the steak, chicken breast or chorizo sausage from the barbecue, mussels from the grill, and the Chinese buffet. The salad bar is quite good as wel
  • La Abadia Restaurante
    This groovy restaurant has been a Mérida institution for years. La Abadia serves up some of the best steak, salads and pasta in town, and you get a half hour internet use thrown in. With three floors of funky Colonial decoration, the theme is very Catholic. The bar serves up mean cocktails, and is
  • Nuestra Parrilla
    Located about a block and a half from San Telmo's Plaza Dorrego, this tiny storefront grill serves up cheap, fast and tasty parrilla favorites ranging from choripan (chorizo on bread - $1)-perhaps the best in the city-and morcipan (blood sausage on bread - $1) to grilled chicken ($7). Vegetarians' o
  • Gacebo Equus Erro
    Gacebo Equus Erro specializes in exquisitely prepared, gourmet seafood. The vast wine list presents endless possibilities for pairing flavors. The kitchen says its desserts are "like paradise"; you be the judge. While it may be fine dining, Restaurant Gacebo caters to all tastes. A special kids' me
  • La Candela
    At first sight La Candela looks old and homey, but upon entering you'll find it's a trip back in time. All fixtures and fittings are original from the early to mid 1900s. The entrance hall is a little confusing, but once you've found the right door, you enter a dark bar and walk through a chaotic ar
  • El Maiz Restaurante
    One of the most tranquil restaurants in town, El Maiz is located in an old colonial building with a beautiful courtyard, and is a true place to soak up the peaceful atmosphere of Cuenca. With sunny rooms and outdoor seating, this restaurant specializes in typical Ecuadorian dishes and fresh juices,
  • UVVA
    Just across the lobby at Hostería del Mar you'll find the island-renowned Uvva Restaurant. With its tropical ambiance and its breathtaking views of the Atlantic, this International Creative Cuisine Restaurant serves everything from healthy sandwich wraps to succulent filet mignon. Open from 8 a.m.
  • Picantería El Paso
    This bright and breezy beach shack-style restaurant owned by a local family might not look much, but the seafood here is as fresh as it gets, the portions are generous and the food is mighty tasty. Moreover, with not many eating options available in Ayampe, El Paso makes a great change from eating
  • La Casa en el Aire Arte Bar
    La Casa en el Aire, named after a song by Colombian singer Rafael Escalona, is a small restaurant within the Patio Bellavista shopping area. Its Colombian and Chilean dishes are tasty and the prices are very reasonable. Their house cocktail of grenadine, sugar cane liquor, fresh orange juice and sec
  • Empanatodo
    The perfect place to sober up after a long night of partying, Empanatodo offers 32 styles of tasty fried empanadas at very decent prices, including concoctions with seafood. Sushi is also on the menu. There are only 12 places to sit inside, so plan on cruising with your empanada if the place is busy
  • Natural Yogurt Vilcabamba
    Natural Yogurt Vilcabamba is one of the best cafés around. Located right off the central park, the pleasant outdoor seating area is always filled, due to the restaurant's delicious yogurt-and-fruit breakfasts, tasty main meals and exquisite dessert crepes. There are lots of vegetarian options, suc
  • Carmeneita Cocineria 4
    NOTE: Because of damage to the Mercado Central, Carmencita Cocinería is now located in the back row of temporary market stalls behind the market's ruins, along 1 Norte. Located in the middle of Mercado Central, this cozy restaurant is a nice plac
  • San Pablo's
    San Pablo's advertises the best empanadas in town, though the food is adequate at best. However, the price is right for an empanada de pino at $CH500 (slightly less than $1). There are also donuts, pies and other pastries served.
  • Chilote
    NOTE: Closed until further notice, due to earthquake damage. Conveniently located on the corner of the Plaza de Armas, Chilote specializes in pescados and mariscos, and gives it to guests at a fairly reasonable price. The salmon with the sa
  • Jardín Escondido
    Jardín Escondido is a tranquil restaurant and part of the hotel of the same name. The locale, truly a "hidden garden," has tables spread throughout a lush courtyard. The Mexican food here is highly recommended, as the burritos, fajitas, tacos and enchiladas are well-seasoned, flavorful and even a
  • La Terraza
    La Terraza is a lovely small restaurant with outdoor seating facing the central plaza and with striking views of the mountains in the distance. The service is friendly and the menu covers most of the staple meals in Ecuador as well as international fare, including Asian, Mexican, Italian and Medite
  • Epif Restaurant Vegetariano
    Epif Café fills the vegetarian niche missing in many Chilean towns. Salads,100 percent natural juices, soy burgers and guac dishes will satisfy the omnivore's palate as well as the vegetarian's. There are English speakers on staff, and free WiFi in the café. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly,
  • Gato Tuerto
    The Gato Tuerto (one-eyed cat) is located inside Fundación Valparaíso's newly constructed home on Cerro Bellavista. Serving an interesting mix of Southeast Asian cuisine (from Indian to Indonesian to Thai), the restaurant does a good job of combining classy dishes with a casual atmosphere. The foo
  • Empanadas Famosas de Adali
    Even before Valparaíso found its way onto the map as a popular location to visit in Chile, Empanadas Famosas was famous for its cheesy empanadas (fried or oven-baked pasty). You can order your desire at the take-out counter in the small front room, or you can sit at a table in the back with a beer
  • La Casa de las Empanadas
    This is where Pichilemu locals beeline toward when a cheap, savory meal is needed. The restaurant is so popular in town that several other surrounding empanada shops generally sit relatively empty while diners pack La Casa de las Empanadas. Customers receive numbered tickets and happily wait for an
  • Bambú
    Situated upstairs in what used to be someone's private dining room is Bambú, an excellent vegetarian option for those travelers whose stomachs can't take another "lomo a lo pobre" (beef with a fried egg on top). There are typically two set menus to choose from, as well as a long list of other veggi
  • Vivace
    NOTE: Closed until further notice, due to earthquake damage. More and more visitors to Talca are discovering Vivace. Some consider it the best restaurant in town and after one taste of the ravioli ($CH4,950) it is not difficult to see what
  • Club Donde Mismo
    Pop into Club Donde Mismo for cheap Chilean/Peruvian food and a full bar. The place is unpretentious and clean, the food is decent, and the service is efficient. The lunch menu provides several filling options and, in the evening, the venue hosts karaoke.
  • Cafe Molinos
    Café Molinos, a quiet spot to have lunch, is just off the main Bellavista drag on Calle Arzobispo. The café offers an ample menu del día (a set lunch menu that changes daily), which includes soup or salad, a generously portioned entrée, and dessert or coffee. The atmosphere is welcoming and the
  • Restaurant Overview
    It is tough to eat on a tight budget in Santiago — unless you want to eat empanadas for every meal. That said, barrio Bellavista has many moderately priced restaurants that are worth the money. Within the barrio are a variety of traditional Chilean restaurants to choose from, and the area is al
  • El Costeñito
    El Costeñito is an airy, friendly, family-run restaurant located right in the middle of the malecon, the main drag in Pedernales. Like most restaurants in town, it specializes in fresh seafood, available in a variety of sauces. A la diabla is a shrimp sauce, a la diabla is a mildly spicy red sauce
  • Color Café
    With a tagline like "a place of encounters," the atmosphere alone makes Color Café an enchanting place to spend the afternoon. The walls are covered with words of wisdom, maps, artwork and dozens of other curiosities. For lunch and dinner, there is a fixed menu, which always includes a vegetarian o
  • Surf Shak
    If a big, juicy, American-style burger and steak fries is what you're craving, look no further than Surf Shak. Co-owned by three friendly Americans and a Dutchman, the restaurant offers some classics very few others have been able to successfully accomplish on this side of the equator. On a street
  • El Economico
    This is a typical almuerzo (lunch) restaurant that specializes in breakfast. For two bucks, take the big plunge and get the breakfast (supposedly smaller, but note the dripping sarcasm) portion of fried or shrimp al ajillo (garlic) that comes with rice, menestras (typical coast
  • Café Del Poeta
    There's something for everybody at Café Del Poeta, which is why you'll see people around the tables of this little café at all hours of the day. Serving everything from breakfast to traditional Chilean options to Asian dishes in a classy but relaxed atmosphere, this seems like it could be the kind
  • El Punto De Encuentro
    Check out this surf shack at the southern end of the street that runs parallel to the beach. Morongo, a local who grew up in Mompiche, runs his surf school and quasi restaurant out of his thatched-roof hut. If you are looking for quick, filling grub before or after a long day at the beach, then thi
  • Doña Camila
    You can't visit Chile without trying the fish. Locals buy and eat their favorite seafood at the Mercado Central, where it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the many dining options. Doña Camila is one choice that will not disappoint. The eatery is clean, friendly, bright and inviting. Waiters are knowle
  • Restaurante Sabor a Leña
    With so many restaurants like this one to choose from, it would be easy to skip Restaurante Sabor a Leña, but its very decent prices, tasty local food and convenient location make it an easy choice for travelers needing a good, quick meal. The daily menu can be found outside the main entrance and
  • Luna
    In the heart of the Zona Rosa, Luna, along with many of its neighbors in the area, is an upmarket quality Italian restaurant specializing in risotto and pastas. The decor sets it apart from the rest and the food will have you purring appreciatively.
  • Comidas Rápidas Selecta
    Comidas Rápidas Selecta fills with Güicán residents looking for a quick bite to eat in the evening, especially after mass. This snack stand offers the finest selection of hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, empanadas and fruit salads ($0.50-2.65). You can keep your inner kid happy with a cup of g
  • Pizza y Lasagna
    This restaurant announces on its banner that it also has Mexican food like burritos and tacos. But most days your only choice will be pizza (Hawaiian or chicken and mushroom, $1.50 per slice) or lasagna ($3.70). The only vegetarian option is special-ordered pizza, but you'll have to pay for the whol
  • Restaurante y Cafetería Las Delicias
    Down an alley alongside the market is Restaurante y Cafetería Las Delicias. At the noon hours, this place is packed with workers and families sitting down to a typical, home cooked comida corriente of soup, main dish with meat, beans, rice and accoutrements and drink ($1.85). Don't be shy about sha
  • La Esperanza—Restaurante Típica
    La Esperanza brings a hungry traveler's stomach the best in typical Santandereano food, most fresh from local farms: trout, other fishes and seafoods ($10-13), chicken ($6-9) and meats, including cabro with pipitoria ($5.80-9.25). There are even sampler platters, if you don't quite know what to ord
  • Cafetería y Comidas Rápidas Donde Lilia
    Cafetería y Comidas Rápidas Donde Lilia is the place to go for a late breakfast or a quick mid-morning snack. This small, no-frills snack stand serves a basic menu of empanadas and rellenos, a black sausage filled with potato and rice ($0.50-1). To wash it down, there are coffee and soft drinks. O
  • Asadero Nortibrasas
    Asadero Nortibrasas is a good choice for a break from the hotel-restaurant scene and their typical Colombian fare. In the front room, a large rotisserie rotates chickens over coals. Ask for your plate of roasted chicken and potatoes: a quarter chicken costs $1.60, half is $3.20 and the whole bird is
  • Cozinha Fazenda
    Cozinha da Fazenda is a truly international restaurant here at the triple border. It has a Portuguese name in Spanish-speaking Leticia and a menu that offers French toast and pancakes for breakfast ($1.60 for one, $3.20 for a stack of three). For other meals, it has pizzas with your choice of toppi
  • Restaurante Tropical
    The décor of Restaurante Tropical is just as delightful as the food it serves. Jungle kitsch abounds amongst the plants and aquariums. The jaguar with the safari helmet is a kick. The tables out on the front porch are a delightfully cool place to enjoy breakfast ($2.65-3.20) or a menu ejecutivo (bl
  • Restaurante El Sabor
    Restaurante El Sabor is one of the old standbys for visitors to Leticia, and for locals, too. It offers foods straight off the BBQ grill. Pull up a table on the palm-thatch patio in front or in the large dining room inside and order up a serving of pork, beef or chicken, or fish. All meals come wit
  • Restaurante Sancho Panza
    Restaurante Sancho Panza, a favorite eatery for villagers of more modest means, is located on Leticia's main drag. The front veranda has a few tables and inside this faded red wood building is a long counter. Only simple comidas corrientes are on the menu here, with the usual soup, meat-bean
  • Restaurante Vegetariano y Tienda Naturalista Jiarit
    Does Cúcuta ever have a surprise for you, vegetariansâ??over a half-dozen restaurants to feed your needs. Jiarit is one of the choices, serving breakfast and lunch ($2.10). The fruit salad is massive, with a generous sprinkling of granola ($1.85). Also on the menu are soy and oat yogurt, and natur
  • El Castillo de Job
    In the front courtyard of an old castle, beneath the shade of a large tree, Doña Claudia grills up fish, chicken and steak for the à la carte entrées ($2-3.65). In the small kitchen, the comida corrientesâ??rice, beans, salad, yucca or potatoes and meatâ??are dished up ($1.50). All are serve
  • Restaurante Toy San
    Along pedestrian Calle 35 you'll see the street vendors munching down on some OK-looking Chinese food. Ask where they get it at, and one might have handy a card from Restaurante Toy San. There you'll find all the tables full of folks enjoying the lunch special ($7.50). Well, fight your way to the c
  • Repostería Berna
    Swiss-owned Repostería Berna is a time-honored place to have a morning treat or afternoon tea. Select a table on one of the three stories (or on the second-floor balcony facing the pedestrian street), and try to decide which of the tasty sweets you'll try this day. Will it be petits-fours, cakes
  • La Cocina de la Abuela
    If you're craving some of grandma's cooking hot off the stove, even if it's the middle of the night, then head over to her kitchen. La Cocina de la abuela prepares Colombian culinary classics, like carne oreada (dried beef cooked in beer) and cabro con pipitoria (goat with a side of rice prepared w
  • Patio Colonial and Beethoven Restaurant
    Off of Balmeceda street, in a pleasant little nook, is the Patio Colonial. Off of this meandering walkway, you'll find several restaurants, coffee, teahouses and other small shops reminiscent of a small patio you might find in Europe or the States. Restaurant Beethoven features a chef's menu special
  • Pizzaría Asturias
    On this Friday evening a cooling breeze sways the palms lining this verandah in time to the music drifting from the inner sanctuary of Pizzaría Asturias. My finger lazily rounds the curvatures of a wine glass, thinking about a pizza baked in a wood-fired oven that soon will be arriving at this tab
  • Fritanga
    Beneath a centuries-old almond tree, you'll find a market-like place. In today's zephyr, the signs wave, whispering Donde Lola, Donde Maragrita, La Favorita, La Tía Gloria. I'll warn you now, if you follow a vegetarian, kosher, halal or low-cholesterol diet, ignore the calls. What these women serve
  • Il Pirón di Oro
    This restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, and is arguably the best place to eat in Caldera. The crab is always a tasty and safe choice but the shellfish is worth a try too. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $7-12 at this location for a filling lunch or dinner.
  • Puente Holandes
    Dutchman Marcel Janssen, who also owns the well-kept Surf Hostal directly across the street, built this intimate restaurant. The patio overlooks the ocean, allowing patrons to eat only a few steps from Playa Infiernillo. The view is tough to beat and service is friendly. The food, however, is unrema
  • Restaurante El Solar
    This classy, yet rustic dining hall of worn brick and wood is a pleasing atmosphere in which to sit down and enjoy an excellent meal. With a menu aimed at the carnivorous crowd, Restaurante El Solar brings sizzling steaks to your table, including what it promises to be an authentic T-bone Americano
  • Restaurante Govinda
    In the courtyard of the Hare Krishna-run Hostal Santa Clara in the fourth chakra of Pamplona is Restaurante Govinda, providing this town with well-prepared, nutritious vegetarian foodâ??as is the Hare Krishna tradition. Good soups, good main dish and fresh fruit juiceâ??all a colorful ensemble fo
  • Nuevo Miramar
    Nuevo Miramar's strength is its romantic location on the beach. The views of the sea are spectacular, while the seafood is acceptable and served in large portions. The atmosphere is family-oriented.
  • Macondo
    Macondo caters to the bohemian crowd that frequents the barrio of San Antonio. At this café, patrons arrive fresh from theater workshops and art studios to enjoy booze-fortified coffees, sandwiches and cocktails. A veggie sandwich will set you back around $3 and is full of mushrooms, cheese and ot
  • Pastelería Organización Gers
    This bakery shop may not have the most usual name, but Pastelería Organización Gers sure creates some mighty delicious temptations. Just walking along Carrera 4, your wandering eye will latch onto the desserts gleaming in the glass case. There are the usual goodies, like milhojas and alfajores, b
  • Donde Tatiana
    Donde Tatiana is where many Bogotanos go to have the lunch or dinner special. Choose from a variety of meats that include beef, sobrebarriga and fish. The plates come heaping with salad, patacones, French fries, rice and beans. The mealtime spread starts with the customary soup and a drink goes alo
  • El Bolón Verde
    Creative haute cuisine dished up with sweet jazz awaits you at El Bolón Verde. The eats cannot get more inspired than at this bistro. Choose from seafood like shrimp, squid and octopus, or beef tenderloin and pork served in curry or a ground coffee and whiskey sauce. Other dishes that flourish the
  • Restaurante Café Israelí L'Haim
    Hummus, matbuja, falafel, shawarma (lamb, veal or chicken), lafa, zoarim, shakshuka: any Middle Eastern comfort food that your stomach has been aching for lately. Made from millennia-old recipes, L'Haim prepares traditional Israeli food for the discriminating public. If you can't quite make up your
  • América Dulce América
    Previously known as La Moderna, América Dulce América is a wonderful restaurant across from the National Museum in one of Bogota's beautiful brick buildings. Adorning a pleasant view of Monserrate, América Dulce América is perfect for lunch, dinner or simply to enjoy a few authentic salsa tunes
  • Halley Restaurant
    Not spectacular, but Halley Restaurant has a wide selection of above-average Chilean meats, sides and desserts for a moderate price. The dining area is spacious and sunlit during the day. The big-screen TV behind the bar takes away from the atmosphere. Pick up a empanada quickly from the to-go count
  • 80 Sillas
    80 Sillas lists itself as an "informal restaurant," but at first glance appears to be anything but that. This seafood restaurant and cevicheria is fast becoming a hot favorite for yuppies working in the area of Usaquen. The ceviche is very good and the staff are insistent that the ingredients arriv
  • Zhang China Gourmet
    Good Chinese restaurants in Bogotá are pretty hard to come by and so the discovery of this eatery in Usaquen was quite well received. The setting is ideal, right on the corner of the plaza and the interior is modern and stylish. Dishes come in at roughly $10 and will quench the visitor's desire for
  • Restaurante Casa Vieja
    Restaurante Casa Vieja (formerly known as Alfredo's Bistro), placed right in the heart of the village-like district of Usaquen, is a perfect place to settle down to a long lunch post shopping excursion in the Hacienda Santa Barbara. When the weather holds, the place to be is on the patio, otherwise
  • Restaurant Costanera
    Restaurant Costanera, a tasteful mid-range restaurant, has a mostly seafood menu with a long wine list and stately, friendly service. The upstairs dining area has a wall entirely of windows that overlook the beach and ocean—which is particularly nice at sunset. The daily menu typically features
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Loto Azul
    For more than two decades Restaurante Vegetariano Loto Azul has been serving Bogotanos and foreigners delicious vegetarian food. Besides whipping up breakfasts and lunches accompanied by the salad bar ($2.45 main course only, $3.20 complete with soup), Loto Azul also prepares lasagnas, sandwiches a
  • Quinua y Amaranto
    One of two excellent vegetarian restaurants in the Candelaria. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. This charming and atmospherically decorated place gets pretty packed due to its popularity. You can watch the staff creating meals at the front. Great tortilla española and balanced set menus. Open
  • El Jardín Restaurant
    As one of Cuenca's best and most elegant restaurants, El Jardín is a good place to splurge on a fine meal if you're not on too tight a budget. The service is exceptional.
  • El Saman del Parque
    For any meal of the day, drop by El Saman del Parque, just a few doors down from Villavicencio's cathedral. This small café is often full with locals stopping by for a coffee prepared with panela. A popular quick snack is the arepa de choclo con queso (ground sweet corn and cheese), which is prepa
  • Tierras Amazónicas
    The menu at Tragadero y Beberdero Tierras Amazónicas is a plank of wood, befitting for this old jungle space. Its full bar offers such regional drinks as caipirinha cocktails ($2.65) and chuchuwasa (an aphrodisiac drink made from a bark). Turn over the plank and you'll realize that this establishm
  • Mimo's
    Mimo's is the place to go for any kind of ice cream treat, from simple soft-serve cones ($1.50-3.25) to gourmet sundaes ($2.25-4.25). There are even special creations for the kids, like the snowman and the Medusa with gummy-worm hair. No sweat for those on a diet, Mimo's has a full line of dietetic
  • Asadero Hato Grande
    Meat-and-potatoes lovers can get their fill of their favorite dish, Colombian style. Asadero Hato Grande serves authentic carne asada a la llanera, cooked on an upright spit over a wood fire. The plate teems with meat, potatoes and yucca ($5.80). For those travelers on a budget, order the comida cor
  • Restaurante Govindas
    In a worn dining room, the young man pulls himself away from the video about natural healing to take your order. Like Govindas restaurants all over Colombia, this dining hall offers only vegetarian fare. This one, though, is bare of any plants or other decorations. Only a few posters of Krishna bles
  • La Vida en Rosa
    La Vida en Rosa has an extraordinarily large menu and appears to have an enormous turnover, filling all 5 of its rooms at lunchtime. The set menu looks of particular quality and the lasagnes are enormous. Harassed staff run between tables taking orders. A popular joint doing a brisk lunchtime servi
  • Pimienta y Café
    For a couple of dollars one can feast on a set lunch menu that would fill even the most vacuous stomach. The establishment is clean, friendly and large and is often frequented by politicians climbing up the hill from Congress. The service is fast and the food is substantial and flavorful. Open Mon
  • An Andante Ma Non Troppo
    Situated on the corner of 11th and 3rd it would be easy to stride past this place without really realizing it existed. One entrance lies at the back of a gift shop and the other is fairly nondescript. However, once you do enter, the restaurant/ café sprawls through four rooms. On offer is good cof
  • Restaurante Margaritas
    This diner is haughtily proud of the fact that many tour groups stop here on trips to Lago Tarapoto. The quality of its service and its prices reflect it. Breakfasts cost $2.65. Lunch is a standard comida corriente with fish, beans, rice, yucca and patacones, accompanied by soup and drink ($3.70).
  • Capachos Asadero
    If your itinerary doesn't include a hop down to Villavicencio and the Colombian plains, you can still try mamona at Capachos, the typical BBQ from the llanos. A young calf, not yet weaned, is split and placed on varas (stakes) and slow cooked to succulent perfection ($7.25-8.25). Capachos also gril
  • Restaurante Brahama
    As you're heading out one early morning to the Parque Arqueológico, stop by Restaurante Brahama for pancakes, with chocolate or your choice of fruit. On the backswing, its home-cooked vegetarian comida corriente lunch hits the spot. If your dining companions are avowed carnivores, they w
  • Café Mulato
    A few blocks from the Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia is Café Mulato, a place that clearly takes pride in the quality of its bean and the ambiance created for its frequent patrons. Light music wafts from speakers accompanying your strong organic roast, making this place a chilled retreat. Wraps,
  • Don Pipo Pizzeria
    Don Pipo is a favorite for the Esquel locals as well as visitors. This cheerful restaurant serves up a thin crusted pizza that rivals other pizza joints in Argentina (though doesn't quite compare to New York or Italy). The interior of the establishment is clean and inviting and the employees are eag
  • Don Chiquino Pasta de Magico
    The family-owned Pasta de Magico pasta house creates their own crazy concoctions of sauces and pastas, to the delight of both adults and children. The ambiance is fun and a the walls are decorated with interesting items from the past There is often a magician putting on live skits. The tables have
  • Café y Museo del Juguete
    At Café y Museo del Juguete you can sip on a cup of coffee while you stroll through the Peruvian past. Perhaps the classiest café in Trujillo, this place has an old-world-Paris feel, accented by walls covered with photographs of Mario Vargas Llosa and numerous Peruvian intellectuals who have freq
  • Eiscafe
    Eiscafe is a log cabin building that hosts a delicious ice creamery and tea house. The Patagonian ice cream, a specialty of the area, is a cross between Italian Gelato and United States-style ice cream. The price, atmosphere and flavorful food make Eiscafe a decent choice from the many local ice cre
  • Maria Castaña Confiteria
    Maria Castaña Confiteria is a popular meeting place for the who's who of Esquel. The tea house has a fairly large menu including desserts, coffees, sandwiches and other light items, though it is not a place to visit if looking for large portion sizes. It is also more appropriate for adults enjoying
  • Casa Grande
    Casa Grande is a cozy dining experience specializing in all regional delicacies. The variety of Patagonian dishes includes smoked fish, meats and cheeses as well as stuffed pastas. The menu also has a decent selection of desserts and wines. The food is freshly prepared and comes in decently-sized po
  • Opiparo
    Opiparo is another Patagonia-centric restaurant that highlights the tastiness of the south; trout, smoked goods and goat being their specialties. The portions are ample and will not leave you hungry. The restaurant is warm, welcoming and children friendly. Staff is helpful and quick to acknowledge c
  • La Luna
    La Luna is one of the favorite restaurants in town, both for its menu items and ambiance. The rustic interior is decorated with fun wall coverings and antiques. The staff seem like family to each other and work at a proficiency not common for Argentina. The restaurant, despite being an obvious favo
  • Morena Resto Bar
    Morena Resto Bar is a classy bar/restaurant that offers Patagonian dishes and tasty drinks. Its happy exterior and modern interior are both inviting. The menu is basic but includes all the Argentine favorites such as pastas, pizza and Patagonian specialties like trout ravioli. The house offers inte
  • La Española
    La Española is a local favorite for parrilla (bbq) and standard Argentine fare. The local ma and pop feel is welcoming. They have a special meat dish that changes with each night of the week. The prices, in comparison to other restaurants in town, make a good value when combined with the portion si
  • La Oveja Negra
    La Oveja Negra is a regional cuisine restaurant tucked away in a backyard plaza. The dishes mainly consist of pastas, salads, and BBQ choices. The open-air seating is sometimes home to a large art and crafts fair. The food is well portioned and a good value in comparison to neighboring establishment
  • Barbass La Buena Vida Café and Restaurant
    Barbass has a large menu covering all of the standard Argentina fares: parrilla, pastas, homemade sauces, trout, and basic salads. The restaurant is smack dab in the center of town on the main avenue, so it is a great meeting spot and people-watching hangout. The interior is welcoming. In the summer
  • Hueli
    This small, cozy restaurant set back behind the private gates of the Peñon del Lago hotel is a great Bariloche gourmet dining experience. Hueli offers the standard Patagonian fare, but mixes the menu choices up a bit by also offering some original fusion-style dishes. The owners continually change
  • El Fundo
    Fundo Colonia Suiza is Colonia Suiza's largest restaurant. Their specialty is their Patagonian Tabla, the fondue lunch special and desserts are recommended as well. The architecture is amazing. Large logs too big to wrap your arms around are carved, fitted and made into one of Bariloche's favorite s
  • Los Timo
    For an original, divine eating experience try Los Timo. Inés and Julio Timo have taken gourmet dining to another level. They have created a cozy, warm restaurant within their modern, classy home that is open on the weekends. Based on the European concept of an Open Door Restaurant, Inés uses her c
  • Yuco
    An international and Patagonian fused upscale restaurant, Yuco is a local favorite for gourmet dining. It recently moved to a showcase location with a spectacular view. The roundhouse architecture looks out towards Chile and the Andes erupting from the Lake Nahuel Huapi. The dishes are tasty and wel
  • Ruca Cuyen
    A quante, log cabin- style restaurant, Ruca Cuyen has a small menu packed with Patagonian flavored dishes made with care. Owned by a middle-aged couple from Buenos Aires, they take pride in creating exquisite dishes that cater to the guest's specific tastes. The owners welcome interaction and feedba
  • Butterfly
    Owned by a German, Argentine and an Irish chef, Butterfly is one of the elite dining experiences in Bariloche. For first-time visitors the menu is a sampling table, itconsists of a rainbow of small entrees each paired with a wine, leading up to a seven to nine course meal. They also offer individua
  • Carne y Brava
    Grilled platters, such as beef and chicken, are a given in most Peruvian restaurants, but this eatery in Plaza de Armas offers a more haute-cuisine version of the same, along with an upscale, stained-wood appearance. Curiously, there are no fish items, so come only if you are a meat lover. Couples
  • Karambola Restaurant
    Karambola is part of the large, air-conditioned, fun and stylish Karambola Disco Pub near the Plaza de Armas. It offers a varied selection of international cuisine, such as sweet and sour pork, or a very tasty chicken marinated in white cream and mushrooms and cooked in aluminum foil. Desserts incl
  • Wasai Lodge Restaurant
    The Wasai Lodge Restaurant is smallâ??with only five tablesâ??but it is worth coming to both for the well-prepared continental and Andean cuisine, as well as the great setting: a patio overlooking the Madre de Dios River. Dishes include filet mignon and pickled beef, not to mention chicken or fis
  • Los Troncos
    Los Troncos is a true Patagonian dining experience. The menu is an array of smoked meats, cheeses and fish, fresh trout, homemade pastas, and, of course, the Argentina BBQ. They also offer European desserts. Fresh bread and pate are served on-the-house. The desserts are all homemade and are a good r
  • La Vaca Loca
    Its name means “mad cow,” but don't be put off: the food is not only safe, but exceptionally tasty. Steak marinated in Peruvian pisco, garlic-honey chicken wings and tacacho (green plantain, rolled, fried and served with Creole sauce) are among the many delicious items served up in
  • Zucchini
    Zucchini is a little corner spot offering organic Patagonian and international dishes. The space is bright and happy, with cute carved wood accents. Although the dishes are on the bland side, they are definitely freshly made. Despite the name most of the dishes have nothing to do with zucchini. The
  • Jauja
    Jauja is Patagonia's best choice for ice cream. All of the flavors are freshly made from local ingredients, and you can taste it. The establishment is a multiple0choice affair, with the ice cream parlor outside, an indoor chocolate store to the right and the main restaurant to the left. The
  • Paddy Flaherty's
    Paddy Flaherty's calls itself “the highest Irish pub in the world.” And at Cusco's altitude, who wouldn't want to treat themselves to a Guinness or English draft beer? Fill up on hearty, authentic food such as a full Irish breakfast, shepherd's pie, bread and butter pudding and other Cel
  • Restaurant Aldea Yanapay
    As you walk up the flight of stairs to the Restaurant Aldea Yanapay, you are greeted by the colorful crayon impressions of children's artwork. The Restaurant Aldea Yanapay itself could be mistaken for a kindergarten, with cushions tossed on the floor as an indicator of its relaxed atmosphere. This
  • Sweet Temptations
    For those seeking a cozier and quieter corner of Cusco to relax and reflect, Sweet Temptations is a peaceful place in which to enjoy a light bite, like a salad or sandwich. The specialty, as the name suggests, are pastries, such as alfor de ponca, layers of thin cake with a caramel-like filling in
  • Sky Restaurant
    This new restaurant offers a great deal: purchase any menu item over eight soles ($2.50) and you get a free Pisco Sour. Purchase any menu item over 15 soles ($5) and you get a free glass of locally made wine. And if that is not enough, if you come in as a group of six, you can invite a seventh for f
  • Jack's Café Bar
    Manager Jane Berthelsen said she wanted “the sort of food from back home that you miss” when she came up with the idea of Jack's. Her vision includes huge all-day breakfasts, pancakes and French toast, hearty pea and ham soup and big juicy cheeseburgers. There's also toasted sandwiches, T
  • Govinda's
    Govinda's has what is most likely the healthiest food in all of Cusco. Managed by local affiliates of Hare Krishna, and with a slant towards Indian-style cooking, the all-vegetarian, heavy on soy menu has items such as "apana de cusqueño"-soy steak with fried bananas, cheese and rice-or "palta rel
  • Map Cafe
    A short walk from the main square, MAP Cafe and the Pre-Columbian Art Museum provides one with an evening of combined fine dining and culture. Housed in a striking colonial mansion (Casa Cabrera), this stylish museum exhibits a select number of artifacts, jewelry, ceramics, and handicrafts in gold
  • Le Nomade
    Le Nomade offers a relaxed Bohemian ambience of couches and hookah pipes, the latter with a variety of tobaccos. The menu has more of an emphasis on French cuisine, with plates such as bistec con roquefort and boeuf bourguignon, but there are a number of sandwiches and salads as well. Its quiet dur
  • Kintaro Japanese Restaurant
    One of the very few Japanese restaurants in Cusco, Kintaro is run by Moriya Daisuke, a native of Japan, who offers his customers as authentic an experience as possible, complete with a second floor where you sit barefoot in order to enjoy such specialties as sushi, anjonjoli and tofu, vegetable noo
  • Restaurant Narguila
    Head to Narguila if you want to try shakshuka, a spiced egg and tomato specialty served with jahnun, the pride of Yemen's bakeries. Or perhaps with a malawach puffed pastry. The eatery also serves meorav, a mixed grill serving of chicken giblets with onions. After eating you can relax by smoking cu
  • Truco Restaurant
    You will definitely not soon forget dining at the Truco Restaurant on the south end of the charming Plaza Regocijo, the latter a smaller and more tranquil compliment to the Plaza de Armas. El Truco is in a capacious and elegant building whose origin goes back to the 18th century, when it served as
  • Café Trotamundos
    The name translates into â??world trekkerâ? and this eatery has its own trekker icon, a stick figure with a backpack. As much a tavern as a café, Trotamundos has a great view of the Catedral on the Plaza de Armas, along with a large fireplace to keep the place warm. It has a large selection of
  • Cappuccino Café
    Cappuccino Café is a tourist haven, but pleasant nonetheless. There's an impressive 22 varieties of coffee and a simple menu specializing in hamburgers, sandwiches and omelets. Located on the upper floor of the Portal Comercio, this eatery benefits from a spectacular view of the Plaza de Armas and
  • La Sirena
    Would you care for goat sautéed in black beer or raw tuna marinated in teriyaki sauce? Or, how does potato pasta sound? Your expert chef at the La Sirena restaurant, Juan Seminario, has incorporated exotic combinations of native Peruvian dishes with Japanese and European cuisine to offer something
  • Cafeteria de Angela/Angela's Place
    Originally from Austria, Angela Schmitzberger considers it was her destiny to relocate to Peru and manage the only vegetarian restaurant in the northern coast region of Peru. Going both by the name of Angela's Place and Cafetería de Angela, this small but hip and bohemian bistro makes its own whol
  • Arcimboldo
    Arcimboldo is another regular Argentine food restaurant, serving great renditions of Patagonian smoked cheeses and trout. However it does offer a basic salad bar, something not so common in these parts. Like its neighbor Sheffield, it is in a great location, directly across the street from the artis
  • Turismo Restaurant Espada
    Turismo Restaurant Espada is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Peru and has received a slew of awards to prove it. The specialty is anything that has been pulled out of the sea. There are other options on the menu, but you'd be missing out to skip the seafood. Try the Enrollado de mer
  • Café Mengu
    This bright, friendly restaurant in the heart of the Avenida Piura strip along the beach has very affordable prices, and offers hamburgers and seafood platters at reasonable prices. Juan Vega Ramirez and his brother are the owners and they take pride in offering a clean, convivial atmosphere, with
  • Martin Sheffield
    Martin Sheffield is a regular Argentine fare restaurant serving pastas, pizza, steak and basic salads. It is a good choice for those who get hungry during off-eating hours (anything but one to four in the afternoon) as they are open straight through, from noon to 11 pm, except Sundays. It is also ac
  • Victor Victoria
    Victor Victoria has made itself into a Cusco institution, winning the hearts and stomachs of young travelers with its cheap, tasty and filling breakfasts, including pancakes, French toast and special-order omelets. The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner; the menu features local Peruvian c
  • Bohème
    Just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas, the Bohème Bar, Restaurant and Pizzeria is both an informal pizzeria and a slightly more formal but still convivial dining area. There is also a bar you can sit at and order drinks. The pizzeria includes pizza with alpaca, white corn or frijoles toppings
  • Pepe Zeta Bistro Lounge
    Take a bit of pub atmosphere, mix it with a touch of lounge and you might get an idea of Pepe Zeta's flavor. Its menu is varied and unpretentious, offering many appetizers and a wide selection of cocktails. Cozy sofa areas, a beautiful fireplace to keep you warm, a huge screen by the bar area to wa
  • La Cabaña
    Etched-glass doors mark the entrance to La Cabaña, one of Huancabamba's many inexpensive restaurants. Original paintings and shelves of Chulucanas and Catacaos ceramics deck the walls. Many locals and visitors choose this eatery above the others, whether for breakfast (6:30-10 a.m.), lunch (noon-3
  • El Tiburón
    El Tiburón has all bases covered. It's a restaurant that specializes in typical Peruvian food, like all manners of fish, seafood and the omnipresent broaster chicken. Plus, there is the disco. Its space is large—almost cavernous—and filled with the energy of families. This is definitely
  • Los Cesares
    Due to its prized location, the level of service and the sheer over-the-top experience, Las Césares is considered one of the highest quality dining options in town. The international menu is diverse. The Cesar Salad and dessert crepes are made fresh at the table and an entertaining show. The ambian
  • Café Restaurant Patagonia
    If you still want to check out the Llao Llao hotel and have a bite to eat, but don't need the white-gloved service, check out Café Restaurant Patagonia. The Patagonian edition is a lunch, tea and dinner house that serves different local specialties, salads and other light dishes. Although the price
  • Arco Iris
    In the crowded all-you-can-eat market along San Martín, Arco Iris stands apart. Not only does East meet West here, with a balance of Argentine parrilla and Chinese-style entrees, but it is also the least expensive. The buffet includes salads, appetizers and hot dishes. Of the over 40 offerings, onl
  • Chichilo
    Amidst the smattering of seafood restaurants crammed together in a shared parking lot near the commercial area of the port, the one with a collection of stuffed deers and boars mounted on its dining room walls stands out. Don't let the antlers fool you; seafood is the specialty. On the ground floor
  • Restaurant La Sirena
    On the large front porch of La Sirena, a group of travelers share stories as they await the quick arrival of the waiter with scrumptious pasta and pizza, savory garlic bread and good drinks. Inside, others are having drinks or Skyping home. This is the place to be, for good food and good times. La
  • Restaurant Vegetariano El Paraíso
    Slip into the sunny-colored retreat of the Restaurant Vegetariano El Paraíso. This two-room eatery provides a respite from the bustling city. Quickly, Doña Marta and her staff will be at your table to take your order. Traditional Peruvian favorites like bistec a lo pobre (steak with egg),
  • La Rueda Parrilla
    Like parrilla restaurants all along San Martín, upright racks of lamb roast over a fire pit in the front window of La Rueda. This isn't your typical barbecue joint, though. La Rueda is an all-you-can-eat buffet that includes grilled lamb, beef and sausages,
  • Tante Sara Resto-Bar
    Tante Sara is a hopping bistro on Ushuaia's main street. It has an extensive wine and cocktail list, and a variety of coffees, straight up or with liqueurs. Get your fill with the desserts, appetizers and meals served here. In the words of owner Aunt Sara: "Di
  • Laguna Dorada
    While visiting the Parque de la Exposición, the Food Rotunda is a fast, pleasant and convenient stop for your group. This food court is located beneath the stands of the outdoor Teatro de Exposición, and its climate, no matter how hot and humid the park may be on a given day, is always cool and d
  • El Estadio Fútbol Club
    "Our motto is good food, good times and soccer," claims El Estadio Fútbol Club. And, with a large stained-glass soccer ball in the window and life-size models of some of Latin America's most famous soccer players sitting at the tables, what else could you expect? This sports-pub-to-end-all-sports-
  • Cosentino Gourmet
    Inside the Palacio de la Unión and facing the Palacio del Gobierno, Cosentino Gourmet has a look that could be described as â??classyâ? and a specialized, limited item menu, but you still pay no more than at any other restaurant in the area. The menu changes every day, but a typical offering i
  • El Almacén - Ramos General
    Since 1906 the Salomón family, originally from Syria-Lebanon, has had a general store in this locale. It still sells a few things, but El Almacén is now a museum preserving the memory of those long-gone times and products. (Check out the bathroom â??signs.â?) It is also a comfy place to kick b
  • La Rosa Náutica
    La Rosa Náutica is not only a top-of-the-line, first-class restaurant with elegant décor, but its gourmet cuisine is some of the freshest, most creative in all of Lima. Perched out over the water, the restaurant affords a marvelous sea view. Rosa Náutica has an extensive menu, including unique s
  • La Esquina de Merti
    Sitting on the central Plaza Arrellano, the Esquina de Merti feels like the kind of frontier general store/bar that would be the center of a 19th century Pampas town, where the occasional gaucho swaggers in for a drink. Aged brick walls, beat up metal posters, and barrels encircle rough wooden tabl
  • Almacen de Ramos Generales
    The Almacen also feels like a general store, but is more casual and less western than the Esquina de Merti. Its homey comfort gives the impression of a prairie kitchen. An old sewing machine and stove sit on a checked floor; a fiddle and shelves of milk bottles hang on the wall. Also featuring a
  • La Posada Restaurante
    Great food, good service and a lovely atmosphere is what you'll get at La Posada. There's an extensive range of seafood on the menu, including mariscos de thailandia (Thai style seafood) and suburí (local river fish), as well as plates such as pollo cordon bleu and cerdo al carmelo (pork with glaz
  • Café Tertulias
    This inviting little café, right on Plaza 25 de Mayo, has chunky furniture and artwork on the walls. There's a good breakfast menu, with selections between $2 and $3, and a lunch menu with three choices of a main course (including a veggie option), salad, soup and dessert. Other than that, the men
  • Churrasquería "El Chaqueño"
    Churrasquería El Chaqueño is the longest-running restaurant in Sucre for a Bolivian style BBQ. You can choose from among the typical variety of cuts such as churrasco, strip steak, chorizo, and fillet. The d
  • El Huerto
    If you ask a local where to go for good quality Bolivian food in Sucre, El Huerto restaurant is likely to be the answer. They open for lunch seven days a week, you can try typical Sucre dishes such as mondongo and picante de pollo without playing Russian roulette with your health. There's also a go
  • Café Monte Bianco
    The scent of fresh pasta hits you as you walk in the swinging doors of Café Monte Bianco. An intimate little restaurant with picture covered walls, the authentic pasta sauces will send you straight to Italy - creamy and tomato varieties made with home-grown herbs and ingredients like vodka, nuts an
  • El Patio
    Just a block from the main plaza, El Patio is the place to come for an early morning pastry. They have salteñas in meat and chicken and empanadas de Santa Clara (chicken, onions and olives). You can wash it down with a juice or soda. The bonus here, as the name suggests, is the lovely patio area w
  • La Antonia de Areco
    Elegant, gleaming and sparse compared to its atmospheric competition, La Antonia provides a classy, romantic dinner site. Its relatively small menu holds pork, beef, chicken, pastas and wine from $3-7. The dining room is clean and sparkling with candles, elegant curtains, arcing lines of wineglass
  • Areco Express
    If you need to check e-mail and want a tasty bite to eat or a caffeine kick, head to the Areco Express, wherein can be found lines of fast computers and the best coffee in town. The café serves sandwiches and snacks along with specialty coffee drinks. Tables fill a sunny front room. Internet is
  • Bar Don Segundo
    Located at the bus stop, this is the place to grab a bite on your way in or out of town. The more the merrier at Don Segundo's; its copious tables, deck and large brick bar surround a pool table, big projection screen and disco ball. On weekends there is music and dancing at midnight, with a cover
  • Café Gourmet Mirador
    Hummingbirds, butterflies and stunning views of the city can all be found at Café Gourmet Mirador. Just next to the Mirador de Recoleta, this tranquil café has a terrace with deckchairs, rustic sunshades and tons of greenery - the perfect place to kick-back and soak up some rays or relax with a b
  • Puesto la Lucheza en El Palomar
    When it's a Saturday night and you want to go out dancing, head to the Puesto la Lucheza, behind the Visitor's Office. The place has a cozy, fun, ranch atmosphere inside, and a patio surrounded by the riverside park. Music starts at 10:30 and runs into the night. Other regional activities are als
  • Los Vitrales de Gemma
    A former colonial mansion converted into a slick, modern restaurant with a classy edge, the Vitrales de Gemma is a great place for groups: It can seat up to 210. This restaurant is definitely more upscale with prices to match. The menu offers variations of traditional Peruvian favorites, such as ce
  • La Muralla
    The riverside Parque la Muralla, on the banks of the Río Rímac, includes a slick, modern-style restaurant, La Muralla, complete with glass walls. This bistro features seafood, sandwiches and salads, as well as a variety of pies, custards and other deserts. The prices are about average for Lima,
  • El Cerrojo
    EL Cerrejo (also called In the Balcony) is one of the restaurants fortunate enough to be located across from Arequipa's Plaza de Armas. Its second-floor terrace dining hall offers a scenic view of the square. The menu starts with low-priced items like sandwiches to costly platter like shrimp of s
  • El Quincho
    El Quincho is another one of those Argentine restaurants that is a BBQ dream. A full asado, everything and anything that the Argentine's like to put on a BBQ is available on the menu. The bife de lomo is exceptionally tender and the chorizo is recommended if sausage is to your liking. The atmosphere
  • Tío Paco
    Tío Paco is a San Martín restaurant with a menu encompassing true Argentine flavors: regional smoked meats and cheeses, beef, milanesas (breaded steak), pizza, pasta and brochettes. The choices go on beyond food and include a giant list of cocktails, beers and wine. It is located smack dab in the
  • Doña Quela
    Doña Quela may have the largest variety of selections on their menu. Included in the rainbow of flavors are dishes like grilled trout and vegetables served wok-style, shrimp brochettes with a citric reduction and goulash with spatzle (a tasty German dish). They also have yummy salads including Gree
  • La Boveda Social Club
    La Bóveda is more than just another one of the restaurant-taverns located in the Portal San Agustín on the Plaza de Armas. Owner José Manuel Delgado has cultivated his establishment as a favorite of Arequipa's literary, musical and artistic community. An indoor theater is used both for staging
  • Ras el Hanout y los 40 Sabores
    With its Moroccan theme, the café and tavern Ras el Hanout (subtitle: â??and the 40 flavorsâ?) is a perfect complement to the Spanish colonial architecture of Arequipa. Owner Egmond Gamero offers an elegant Moorish ambiance, from the old-world incense in the air, to the classic North African d
  • Bread
    A tea house and lunch restaurant, Bread is a cute log cabin built out over a steep slope, giving it lofty views of Lake Nahuel Huapi and the mountain range over Villa La Angostura. It was previously called Cheddar. They offer a nice outdoor area for warm days. The interior is a little small and can
  • Il Gabbiano
    Il Gabiano is a true replica of Italian elegance. The food is flavored with spices like garlic, thyme and rosemary, sauces are thick and rich. All ingredients are chosen fresh for the evenings meals. With the exterior of a charming cabin with flourishing gardens, Il Gabbiano could be your long lost
  • La Italiana
    The aptly named La Italiana features more than just the usual cheese pizza and spaghetti. Its “special pizzas” push new limits of creativity, with tasty combinations like prosciutto with palm hearts (palmito). The design itself evokes the proud
  • Mandala Vegetarian Restaurant
    Mandala calls itself â??your vegetarian homeâ? and that is precisely what it is: a comfy place where vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a home-cooked meal. It offers a wide variety of soy meat dishes, including pizza and curries, as well as tofu options galore. Some platters feature gluten, suc
  • El Viñedo
    Located in an old sillar-stone building, El Viñedo has many pleasant rooms and a patio where diners may enjoy a selection from the extensive menu. It serves typical Arequipeña dishes like rocoto relleno and
  • Pizzeria La Nonna
    Located a bit off San Martín's central zone, this pizzeria creates tasty renditions of the world's most favored Italian cuisine. La Nonna serves a flavorful, square-shaped pizza with thin crust and fresh, hand-picked ingredients. The calzones and empanadas come recommended as well. The design of th
  • Bar Restaurant Trujillo
    A favorite among locals in Juliaca, this moderately large restaurant, capable of seating 70, features 200 menu items. As owner Ricardo Onores proudly likes to point out, the Trujillo specializes in Northern Peruvian cuisine, such as cabrito con frijoles (goat with beans), pato con
  • La Bianca
    La Bianca is a corner café with fine traditional Argentine cuisine. Chicken and beef dishes, prepared 15 different ways, grace the menu. The fish page is full of recipes using local surubí (catfish), tuna steak and merluza (hake). Pastas, tartas and pizzas make a showing to satisfy v
  • Palacio del Sancochado
    The Palacio del Sancochado is not just a restaurant. A uniquely limeña local legend for over 30 years, it relies on word of mouth and little else. Owner Juan Ruggiero's creative coup offers up more than lunch on its menu - it has to, since only lunch is served and only one plate offered. He has co
  • Arco de Belén Restaurant
    If you are inviting your friends for lunch, yet need to stay within your budget, you will have a hard time doing better than the Belén restaurant. Once a former military officers' club, it still retains an imperial ambiance, complete with high ceilings, ornate trim, columns, marble floors and, mos
  • T'anta
    T'anta, another fashionable and pricey restaurant near the Plaza de Armas, promises dishes that range from "light to forceful." Its menu features exotic dishes like chicharroncito, sliced pork with creamed sweet potato, orange sauce and Peruvian criolla, and Cheeses of the World, whic
  • Antigua Taberna Queirolo
    This large, attractive and stylish restaurant, with its swinging wood doors, is modeled on what a 16th-century European tavern would have looked like. There are also displays of nostalgic photos of old Peru on its walls. The taberna's 14-item menu includes such choice offerings as choroli
  • Café del Museo
    Located by the Museo Larco´s beautiful gardens, Café del Museo offers the best Peruvian "fusion" menu. Chef Gastón Acurio (of Restaurant Astrid y Gastón fame) is responsible for these original proposal in Pueblo Libre district. As Larco Museum is a must see in Lima, take your time and relax a
  • Royal Inn Restaurant
    Part of the three-star Royal Inn, the restaurant matches the rest of the hotel; its clean, upscale interior constitutes a mini-vacation of sorts from Juliaca's unpleasant downtown. The menu items are a standard mix of Peruvian and continental favorites. A luncheon special is offered daily. A sectio
  • Confiteria Meli Melo
    If in Juliaca you feel your diet is challenged by a massive carbohydrate craving, you can resist it or you can visit Meli Melo, which for the cost of a few soles you can avail yourself to a large helping of freshly prepared chocolate mousse or cheesecake, not to mention a panoply of pies, puddings
  • Mónica Due
    Móníca Due is a romantic, Italian eatery nestled into its own little world. All meals are made with loving care and special attention to details. Although its location is only a few blocks off the main San Martín square, when you step into this quaint stone house you feel as if you may very well
  • Guru Kebab & Curry Indian Restaurant
    At Guru Kebab & Curry, you can find delicious, traditional recipes from India and Pakistan. The restaurant has a homey and warm atmosphere. The head chef and owner, Waheed Ashraf, was born in the Punjab, son of a Indian mother and Pakistani father. He ensures that vegetarians will be very satisfied
  • Café Bar de la Casa del Corregidor
    After checking out the other fair trade businesses in this 17th century mansion, take a break sampling the drinks at Café Bar de la Casa del Corregidor. The house specialty is Tunkimayo organic coffee, grown by local farmers who receive fair price for their produce. Of course, the café also has
  • Macondo
    This bar and restaurant provides a chic, art-gallery ambience, with contemporary artwork displayed on its walls and candles on each table providing a mellow glow. The menu items include chicken with mango and orange sauce, trout salmon with curry sauce, or a local specialty-papas locas, which consi
  • Khipus Restaurant
    One of the main reasons people may want to visit Khipus is that it is the restaurant of choice of Edilberto Mérida, one of Peru's most famous painters and sculptors. Merida first created the now-common image of the poor Latin American with outstretched and massive hands. A new and very large Mé
  • Restaurante Mi Casita
    An ipialeño tradition, Restaurante Mi Casita dishes up home-cooked, Colombian favorites. If hunger gnaws you early on, you can breakfast here. Later in the day, choose a plate of meat, chicken or fish prepared with a variety of recipes and accompanied with rice, potatoes and salad. Or try the tradi
  • Donde Martin
    Donde Martín is in the Hotel Cabañas Agua Dulce, at the north end of Freshwater Bay. The menu is extensive and more adventurous than at other restaurants on the island, and spices are used liberally. Particularly recommended are the seafood specials and the chicken and crab entree. Donde Mart
  • Roland's
    Roland Bryan Eden and his son Jason have the best spot on the best beach in Providencia, with its shaded and sheltered homemade tables and chairs clustered in a palm grove. With views of incredible Machineel Beach, Roland's is a place to come for lunch and stay until dinner. Service may be slow,
  • El Divino Nino
    Open only for lunch, El Divino Niño is the quintessential Caribbean beachfront eatery. Wooden tables are placed haphazardly on the sand and the menu is painted primitively on the back wall. Don't let the informality of the place put you off—the prices are reasonable for Providencia and th
  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan is just one of the many bakeries that whip up much more than just breads and cakes. It also makes blue-plate specials with hearty soups, followed by a main dish of meat, rice, beans, salad and patacones, washed down with a fresh fruit drink (slightly more expensive on Sundays
  • Restaurante-Bar Rancho Grande
    Styled to look like a humble bohío hut, Restaurante-Bar Rancho Grande sports green-painted bamboo outside and in. But the prices are anything but ignoble in this restaurant. Sit down at one of the green-clothed tables and have an aperitif from the full bar while you study the menu.
  • El Portón del Patio
    After spending a few hours in the Museo de Historia Natural, stop by El Portón del Patio for a quick bite to eat. The menu includes not only the usual daily meal for meat-eaters or vegetarians, but also crepes, Mexican tacos and arepas with a variety of fillings. Try the marranita, a green
  • No-Name Restaurant
    On Calle 8 you can find several cheap restaurants. But this no-name, family-run eatery stands out from its neighbors in the quality of food it prepares (even boiling the water from which drinks are made). Even at the crowded lunch hour, service is quick and friendly here. The standard comida cor
  • Tienda del Café del Parque
    Tienda del Café del Parque is a salute to Nariñense coffee and culture. The only coffee it serves is organically grown from Nariño Department, in a two-story shop that itself is a work of art, from the canvases on the walls, right down to the chairs painted with landscapes, abstracts and portrai
  • Integrales Pan y Salud
    Integrales Pan y Salud is the only option for vegetarians in downtown Pasto — and unfortunately, only at lunchtime. The midday meal comes with soup, the main plate (with gluten or beans, salad and rice) and drink or soy milk. In other hours, Salud Pan's bakery presents whole-grain breads, swee
  • Jerusalem Express
    At Jerusalem Express, Lebanese-born Ibraham and his Colombian wife have introduced Valduparenses to healthy Middle Eastern cuisine. They prepare everything from quibbes, fatayer (meat or chicken turnovers), malfuf (stuffed cabbage leaves) and parra (stuffed grape leaves) to stuffed eggplant, cucumb
  • Restaurante Nandoburguer
    Despite the name, Restaurante Nandoburguer is much more well-known on the local circuit for the hearty home-cooked meals it whips upâ??whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With two rooms of indoor seating and a few tables on the front patio, the waiters are kept hopping attending to the crowd.
  • Restaurante La Castellana
    Look for the restaurant tucked way back from the street and down a long hall to find Restaurante La Castellana. Not only do the guests of the neighboring Hotel Los Angeles eat here, but so do locals and other visitors to Barranquilla. For a good reason, too. The food is delicious and the service at
  • Govinda
    Climb the steps to the second floor and push open the door on your right. As you step into the leaf-green room, Krishna greets you from a stained glass window. New Age music plays low and air conditioning cools the heat of the Barranquilla afternoon. This Govinda, like others in Colombia, serves ex
  • Restaurante Palmar
    When the local youth turn up the music and chill out in the shade, Restaurante Palmar becomes a pretty lively place for lunching. The food here is just average, so come more for the atmosphere than the cuisine. There is a second-floor balcony with hammocks and seating that you are free to use e
  • El Arrabal
    El Arrabal is one of the best deals for those in search of dinner and a tango show in Córdoba. The parrillita here is a three-course meal for an affordable price of $8. The meal starts with an empanada criolla, before it moves on to a tender chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage) and riñon (kidney), th
  • Restaurante Country
    Yes, even in ritzy Barrio El Prado you can get a comida corriente (daily special) at a very comfortable price. At lunch time, blue-collared and white-collared workers crowd these picnic tables on the large front patio beneath a yellow awning. Don't be shy to ask to share a table. The food he
  • Restaurante Sarab
    The menu of Restaurante Sarab is typical Middle Eastern. Order labne, fatuch, tahini, taboule, falafel, kabobs, shwarma, and other delicacies in full or half portion and mixed plates, including vegetarian. Kabob, falafel and other sandwiches are also on the menu. Top it off with a Middle Eastern de
  • Restaurante Las Velas
    Restaurante Las Velas is one of Taganga's finest restaurants, if not the finest. It offers a full menu, from entradas of soup, fruit or salads ($1.60-3.20) to light entrées like seafood and fish cocktails and ceviche ($6.50-13). Full meals with delights fresh from the sea come with arroz con coco,
  • Restaurante Bitácora
    Word is spreading fast about Restaurante Bitácora. With well-prepared foods and a seaview porch shaded by potted plants and match-stick bamboo blinds, there is much to recommend this small dining place. Main dishes feature chicken breast, beef or fish, accompanied with salad and French fries. Even
  • Las Baguettes de María
    Where do people go to get a nice hot sandwich, its sauce just beginning to seep into the soft interior of a crispy crust baguette? Las Baguettes de María. Its 10 different choices, all named for regional attractions, have made this shop one of the most chic eats in Taganga. All are prepared with a
  • Restaurante El Huerto
    Since 1986 Restaurante El Huerto has been preparing meals and baked goods for vegetarians and dieters. Its luncheon special is varied, so check the monthly calendar of menus to set a date with your stomach (noon to 3 p.m.). Wednesdays feature international cuisine from Mexico, China, Cuba and th
  • Pepe Anca Steakhouse & Bar
    Pepe Anca has to be Barranquilla's finest steakhouse. Everything has been done up right, from the menu to the interior design. The inside of this restaurant has light burnt orange and ochre walls and the tables are clothed in dark blue and peach. The menu features certified Argentine Angus beef and
  • Restaurant China
    As you can guess by its name, Restaurant China dishes up Chinese food prepared with chicken, pork, beef or seafood and served with steamed white rice. Vegetarian options are limited to chop suey or chow mein. Multi-course family menus are offered, which are more economical if you have a dining part
  • Cafetería Santo Domingo La 4ª
    Cafetería Santo Domingo is a small, simply furnished café. Its lunch special sells out quickly--and for good reason. Not only is the meal tasty and inexpensive ($1.60), but the presentation has a special touch: all is served in black-fired pottery and wicker baskets. If you want just a quick snack
  • Abuela Goye
    Abuela Goye immigrated from Switzerland to Bariloche in the early 20th century and soon began whipping up all sorts of treats. As you walk into her corner shop in Río Gallegos, your nose is greeted with the smell of so many kinds of chocolate sweets and decadent home-baked desserts and ice creams.
  • Don Juaco
    If you're looking for a hearty meal at a reasonable price, Don Juaco will deliver. This is a great little find with warm, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. Traditional dishes are served in generous portions, complete with a salad, French fries and half of a canned peach. Main plates (like the
  • Naos Restaurant

    It's hard to say what's more tasteful at Naos Restaurant. Perhaps it's this bistro's preparations of seafoods, including a delightful róbalo (sea bass) in roquefort sauce, and exotic meats like ñandú. Or perhaps it is the beautiful view of the bay and not-too-dis

  • Donde Paco
    For people staying at the Casa Kiwi or the Hostal Portón de Provenza, Donde Paco will be very familiar. Since it is a reasonably cheap and very cheerful restaurant located close to these hostels, it is always popular. Servings are a good size, the food is tasty, and for those suffering from the ef
  • Restaurante Chino
    Starving after the long bus ride into Río Gallegos but don't quite know what you want to eat? Then head over to Restaurant Chino. Here you can sample the appetizers before grazing the salad bar, then hit the main buffet with Argentine and Italian dishes on one side, and Chinese-styled offerings on
  • El Toque Pizzeria
    This clean, blue-themed pizzeria next to Plaza Bolívar prepares hearty pizzas 16 different ways for a good price. There is free delivery service as well as an online menu if you wish to order from home. Small (1 slice), medium (personal pizza) and large (8 slices) orders are all quite generous and
  • Arte y Cocina
    Behind the Centro Cultural de Cali, Arte y Cocina is an ideal place to escape the heat of downtown after picking up tourist information. Situated at the back of the courtyard, this restaurant provides much needed tranquility and respite from the heat and traffic of the Centro. You can get a gourm
  • Cali Viejo
    The city's premier location for dining out on vallecaucano food is found in a sprawling finca built in 1870 along the river Cali and close to the city's zoo. With a musical trio wandering between tables playing traditional Colombian Andean music and waitstaff dressed as if from the 19th century, yo
  • Las Mariposas
    This artisan store has a lovely restaurant in its back garden, which serves traditional Colombian cuisine, including regular and half portions of trout with patacón. Trout plates can be prepared various ways, all including a fresh salad with tangy dressing. The restaurant has a perfect view
  • Home
    A nice establishment with an enormous flat-screen TV in the front room, a buzzing kitchen and a pleasant back patio, Home does, in fact, offer the comforts of home. The name of the game here is meat—lots and lots of churrasco, chorizo and pork. There's also trout, but in this kind of hearty se
  • Puesto Molino
    You know you're in Puesto Molino when you enter. On one golden-colored wall is an old windmill. This entire large restaurant is entirely decorated with farm instruments and other rustic touches. In one corner is a playroom for children. Puesto Molino is a popular with Riogallenses not only for its d
  • Agua Clara
    This is another good eatery located above the Carrera Junín in the Centro. You can get a decently priced set menu lunch here, and that's never bad. The servings are generous and flavorsome, and the locale is clean and welcoming. You know what you're getting here: beef or chicken accompanied by ric
  • El Rincon Antioqueño
    In the same food court as Latin Coffee and Las Cazuelas, El Rincón Antioqueño is another option set back from the bustle of the Carrera Junín, above the mayhem on the second floor. Sink your teeth into standard fare from the region.
  • Comedor Vegetariano Bio-Integrales Kanda
    Ah, vegetarians, does Popayán have a surprise for you! A real, honest-to-goodness vegetarian restaurant with flavorful, nutritionally well-balanced meals. You can be guaranteed your complete proteins at Comedor Vegetariano Bio-Integrales Kanda, as the main dish is brown rice with beans and/or soy
  • Mey Chow
    Upon entering Mey Chow through the plain wooden doors, you are not immediately exposed to the grace of this establishment. Step out of the vestibule, past the sandstone reception, and its elegant simplicity is now apparent. The central room is a skylighted courtyard with booths (for up to a doz
  • Carbonera Parrilla
    Sorry vegetarians: Carbonera Parrilla is for meat eaters only. A generous portion of chicken, pork, fish or succulent beef is served hot off the grill on a wooden plank to your picnic table. If you can't make up your mind, you can order a combination platter. Alongside comes potatoes with a bec
  • Restaurante Pizzaría Italiano
    Step into this Italian café with its wood-trimmed, mustard colored walls hung with Montreaux Jazz Festival posters. Pull up a wood-and-leather seat at one of the tables. A pizza or pasta, you will ponder, or perhaps an à la carte meat dish. The pastas come with a small salad and delectable gar
  • Madeira Cafe
    You can join locals for a quick cup of coffee or tea in this small corner café. Perhaps you'd like to have that accompanied by a brownie or other sweet, or a sandwich. On a hot payanés day, a juice or malt (in chocolate, coffee, amaretto or fruit flavor) can be the thing to cool you down. On chill
  • Hotel Colonial Asadero y Restaurante
    The candle's light gleams off the glass covering the red-clothed table. The bowl of hearty soup has already arrived, and soon the main plate will be here. The Asadero y Restaurante of the Hotel Colonial fixes up one of the best comida corrientes—whether breakfast, lunch or dinner—i
  • Micho
    Open afternoons into the evenings, Micho is the place to hang out for chicken wings, empanadas or other Colombian snack while playing parcheesi, dominoes or chess. In one back room is a ping pong table. At any hour you can view a movie from the 100-plus DVD collection on hand. The "theater" is a ba
  • Restaurante-Bar La Casona de San Agustín
    One of San Agustín's finest restaurants has class from the furnishing to the menu. Cuisine covers the gamut of poultry to red meats to local fishes, all prepared fresh and served with the house salad and French fries or rice $5.30-8.50). Take a seat on the front patio, a more intimate room or in th
  • Restaurante La Terraza
    Upstairs, above the Banco Agrario, a large orange and white space greets you, made even brighter by the great windows around two sides. Many folks, both local and foreign, are chowing down on Restaurante La Terraza's specials which comes with a choice of meats at any time of day. A few have opted f
  • Pizza Mania
    Just a half-block from the main square, under the soft, hot-pink light, is one of San Agustín's few forays into international cuisine: Pizza Mania, a small, three-table affair. Grab a slice of pizza, whether Hawaiian, meat, chicken with mushrooms, margarita or vegetarian. If a day of hiking ha
  • Árbol de Montalvo
    Árbol de Montalvo is located in the Hotel Doña Esther and has a cozy bistro-like atmosphere, which is at least partly due to the big wood-burning oven in the middle of the restaurant. Árbol de Montalvo serves Mediterranean food, specializing in delicious wood-fired pizzas (which some claim ar
  • Ristorante-Viñería El Sabor de Italia
    Only legitimate Italian ingredients are used at El Sabor de Italia, thus guaranteeing authentic Italian flavors. Antipastos start your meal off with a traditional touch. Then choose pasta largo (spaghetti) or corto (fusseli) to bed one of the 14 fresh-made sauces. Lucas may be a paisa
  • Restaurante El Pibe
    El Pibe has arrived from Argentina and unpacked his recipes in El Rodadero. At this sidewalk restaurant you can get Argentinean empanadas and other dishes from the Southern Cone. These specialties include churrasco, ravioli, carne a la plancha and lomito a la parrilla. You can
  • Café Creperie
    This place features no less than 18 varieties of crepes. For your main course, try an Italian crepe with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, mozzarella and pesto sauce, or curry chicken with glazed apples and other unusual treats. Apples also feature in the desert crepes, as do sweet crepes sautéed in win
  • La Esquina
    La Esquina is cluttered with night owls in search of food after some late drinking at one of the fashionable clubs or pubs in Salta's bar district. The restaurant quickly serves up grilled sandwiches or empanadas until the crowds die down. The tasty, albeit unhealthy, loma de pollo with lettuce, to
  • Cusco Café & Bar
    Located in one corner of the city of Urubamba's Plaza de Armas, the Cusco Café & Bar shows off a flashy sense of design and décor, from its ornately-carved banister (you walk up a flight of stairs to access the place) to gallery displays of modern art on its walls. It features continental and Peru
  • Café Plaza
    This charming little restaurant on the Plaza de Armas in Urubamba offers a variety of filling Peruvian and continental favorites. It also has a large selection of coffees, including a variety of liquor-spiced cafés, not to mention liquor-spiced hot chocolates. Chocolate pancakes are also on
  • Piccolo Restaurant
    A self-described Italian restaurant, Piccolo Restaurant serves standard international favorites as well as Italian. Among the more original items on its menu are conejo a la mostaza, or rabbit à la mustard. Wine-sautéed alpaca, and a combined curried chicken-shrimp platter are also offere
  • California Café
    California Café has long become a Huaraz institution for foreign travelers and adventurers. Come in, put down your knapsack, grab a paperback, and relax in one of the wicker chairs or comfy sofas. Manager Tim Norris, a California native, has recreated the look and feel of a bohemian Berkeley hang-
  • Café la Terraza
    This pleasant eatery's most notable feature is its internal terrace, complete with hanging plants, that adds a touch of kitsch to your dining experience. There are inexpensive sandwiches and hamburgers, as well as a standard offering of beef, chicken, trout, pasta and pizza. It also has a better-th
  • La Punta Grande
    La Punta Grande makes an immediate impression due to its sheer size, seemingly incongruous in a town with such a small population: its seating capacity is close to 250, and offers as many tables outdoors as it does indoors. By contrast its menu offerings are small in number, offering standard variat
  • Chicken Progresso
    Chicken Progreso is the cleanest and most modern restaurant in Yungay. It offers both a menú ejecutivo, featuring standard Peruvian and continental cuisine, and a chifa menu, that is, Chinese. The low-priced, tasty dishes mean that many people passing through Yungay may not want to e
  • Helados Huscaran
    For some reason, perhaps because of its warm climate during the day, or perhaps because the locals retain a stubborn affection for childhood, Carhuaz has an exceptionally high number of ice cream shops for such a small town. This is one of the better ones. The owner and longtime Carhuaz resident wil
  • Cafe Abuelo
    Previously El Abuelo Restaurant, Cafe Abuelo, located in one corner of the Plaza de Armas, is the best place in town to grab a bite to eat. Alongside the selection of sandwiches, desserts and coffees is a a mini folk-art shop selling crafts, traditional clothing and books.
  • Café Bar Artesanias
    Just across the road from the Pucará, this tiny café (sans address or menu) is as bohemian as it gets. Sit outside with a view of the ruins and colorful mountains beyond, or near the rustic rustic fireplace. Either way you'll enjoy the colorful artistic décor and can do a little jewelry shopping
  • Altitud
    It may not look like much from the street, but inside this restaurant/peña delivers on all fronts. The backyard patio has a handful of tables with umbrellas, all in the sightline of the large outdoor grill. Inside the mood is a bit more sophisticated, with dressed-up tables and a small area where b
  • Toto's House
    Toto's House Restaurant is mainly defined by its size: a 400 person capacity to be exact. The huge all-you-can eat buffet is its other distinguishing feature (it's possible to order dishes from the menu too). The restaurant sits alongside railroad tracks on the banks of the loud, churning Urubamba
  • El Charro
    This restaurant has (questionable) style to spare, from the stained and varnished logs holding up its roof to the combination of black leather tablecloths and sheepskin-covered benches. El Charro offers Peruvian, Mexican and Italian dishes, with fixed menus for around $5. Á la carte items
  • Aiko Restaurant
    One of several restaurants alongside the railroad tracks on Imperios de los Incas, the advantages of this eatery are its attractive location and low prices, particularly in Aguas Calientes. The selection offered is fairly standard: varieties of spaghetti, roasted chicken, steak and trout, but the r
  • Granja Heidi Restaurant
    Owner Karl Heinz-Horner grew up in Germany, but proudly considers himself Peruvian after settling here and starting his own dairy farm, where he sells his own milk, yogurt and cheese. He is also the proprietor of Granja Heidi, located midway between the Plaza de Armas and Cuesta San Blas. Karl's le
  • Indio Feliz Restaurant Bistro
    As a restaurant, Indio Feliz has acquired a reputation-not just in Aguas Calientes, but in all of Peru-that is nothing less than legendary. They have won many prizes, including, in two consecutive years, top honors in a national contest as Peruvian Business of the Year. It is the restaurant of choi
  • Yakumama II Restaurant
    This standard but very decent restaurant on Manco Capac Plaza offers traditional Peruvian food along with, of course, the universal favorite: pizza. There is an amusing touch in terms of the table decor, with folk-art dolls representing classical stereotypes of rural Peruvians. Open from 8 a.m unti
  • Pizzeria Don Chalu
    Bring your appetite and plan on staying a while. Right across from the plaza, this pizzeria/sandwich shop is a favorite afternoon hangout of visitors and locals alike, who cram into its open patio for food and beers. The grill, which opens onto the street, is always sizzling with mouthwatering milan
  • Ollantay Bar and Restaurant
    Ollantay Bar and Restaurant calls itself a "pizzeria, café, and restaurant," and what it claims is pretty much what you get. The menu includes pasta, soup, salad, steak, chicken, wines, trout, sandwiches, fruit juices, coffees and wines. It deserves kudos for the Old Spanish West atmosphere, espec
  • Inka Traveler
    The Inka Traveler bar has a narrow winding staircase, decked out in stained wood bark, which you carefully walk up in order to access the restaurant itself, an efficient provider of well-made and inexpensive items from spaghetti and pancakes, to fried chicken and alpaca cutlets. Owner John Walter Se
  • Miski Mijuna Wasi
    Facing Pisac's famous pisonay tree in the central plaza and, three days a week, the colorful market fair that takes over the town, Miski Mijuna Wasi restaurant offers traditional Peruvian and more standard cooking in a pleasant Andean setting, complete with native folk music complimenting the
  • Mullu
    This little corner of bohemia in Pisac is a hang-out lounge with an art gallery/craft shop downstairs and a café/restaurant upstairs. The lounge part has rows of black bean bag cushions along the wall facing a large-screen television. On the second floor, you can sample Mullu's excellent fusion of
  • Chifa Restaurant
    One thing you can't get away from, virtually anywhere in Peru, is Chinese food, and Caraz is no different. Young entrepreneur Juan Fidel Tolentino showcases his own flair for this decidedly non-indigenous cuisine with such dishes as Chicken Kontausi, Chicken Konmensi and Won Ton soup. The prices in
  • De Cesar Restaurant
    This style of this small restaurant points up to an affection for Amerian pop culture, decorated as it is with posters of Elvis and Marilyn (as well as Chaplin, Laurel, and Hardy), race cars, and other iconic evocations of the United States of America. Here is where you will also find 18 selections
  • Restaurante Lucky Hong Kong
    For a different kind of typical set lunch, drop by Restaurante Lucky Hong Kong for Chinese food. Of course, Lucky Hong Kong also has à la carte selections—in fact 135 dishes— and 26 choices of Ray Coling (a bandeja mixta of fried rice and stir fry). Vegetarians, you have much to
  • Ostras El Juancho
    One evening I told the folks at the hotel, “Gee, I have such a craving for seafood.” They looked at each other and immediately said, “Donde Juancho.” (It's really called Ostras El Juancho.) For more than 35 years this has been the most trusted place to get a seafood cocktail
  • Crêpes Expresso Café Bar
    Each named after writers and other figures of French culture, the crêpes at Crêpes Expresso Café Bar are haute cuisine. Eric (oui, French) and his crew mount some delicious, freshly prepared additions to Santa Marta's international menu. The Pierre de Ronsard (beef, Roquefort cheese s
  • Govinda
    Like its sister location in Barranquilla, the Hare Krishna's Govinda restaurant location here in Santa Marta is a small, upstairs affair with inside and balcony seating. Music plays low while a set lunch is served, which includes soup, a main course (beans, brown rice, soy or gluten, a vegetable si
  • Ben & Josep
    Ben & Josep serves other dishes, but let's talk about what has made this place famous: the steaks. Not just any steak, but the filet mignon. These are tender, even when cooked medio crudo (half-raw or very rare). Why is Ben and Josep's steaks so special? Because they directly purchase the animal fr
  • Donde Chucho
    Tucked in a quiet corner across from the Parque de los Novios is Donde Chucho, one of Santa Marta's premier gourmet restaurants. It takes pride in delicacies of old Italy. Pasta does plays a major role on this menu. There are six types of noodles and eight sauces, as well as cannelloni, ravioli and
  • Il Noninno
    In a country that is seemingly oblivious about how to cook a proper pizza, Il Noninno offers somewhat of a reprieve. While a slice at this restaurant will never compete with the food in Rome, the staff does cook up a decent pizza. The dough is toasted and the cheese is gooey, but it does help to ord
  • Mariachi
    Mexican food is not abundant in Córdoba, but Mariachi does it right â??for a price. The shrimp, chicken, steak and pork fajitas are spicy and hot. The tacos and quesadillas are stuffed with peppers. The grilled chicken and side salad attract health-minded guests. For a cheaper meal, order a half
  • Mañe Cayón Restaurante
    Some say that the best cazuela de mariscos in Colombia is right here at Mañe Cayón Restaurante. This sand-floored, lattice-wood-sided eatery has seafood and more seafood to satisfy your taste buds, with some items you don't see on other menus: prawn, lobster, shrimp, octopus and squid. Everything
  • Deli Krem
    Sometimes the only thing that will really take away the sting of a blistery day is ice cream. Most locals come to Deli Krem right on the Parque de Bolívar to grab a hand-dipped cone in one of 15 flavors. Deli Krem also whips up malts. Grab a container of the creamy delight to take home or down to
  • Baguettina Café, Panadería y Delicattesen
    Yearning for pastrami, prosciutto, salami, tocineta or imported cheeses? Here's a deli for you: Baguettina. All sorts of thick sandwiches on fresh-baked baguettes ($4.50-11), round French bread ($7-9) or as wraps ($7-9) await you here, whether a meat-eater or vegetarian. Begin your meal with a sala
  • Goodbar
    Goodbar is an excellent place to score some pub grub. The empanadas are stuffed with cheese and chicken, or for a few more bucks get a plate of the tacos. There is an extensive drink list to continue the fun late into the night. Bartenders here make a strong bourbon and coke, and are quick with refi
  • K.G.B.
    This restaurant is a popular choice after a night of dancing. Locals flock to this bar around 7 or 8 a.m. after the clubs begin to shut down. K.G.B. serves strong coffee, large omelets and fluffy croissants to energy-starved night owls. The chocolate milkshakes in tall glasses are a welcome morning
  • Palo Santo
    Cooking up some of the most delicious Arabic and international cuisine in El Centro, Palo Santo is a great dinner spot right off of Calle Santo Domingo. The kibbehâ??two different meatballs served with pita and hummusâ??is a tasty appetizer. Try the dinner special, which includes a soup or sala
  • Enoteca
    Near the Museo Naval and Plaza Santa Teresa is Enoteca, a high-class Italian restaurant. The large interior courtyard creates a comfortable ambiance for the fine dining you will experience here. All dishes are made with imported Italian ingredients. Most pastas are made in-house, and come with
  • Da Pietro Restaurant
    The homemade pasta and pizza at Da Prieto Restaurant is surprisingly good and probably the best you will find in Bocagrande, if not Cartagena as a whole. The Italian food is right on par with Da Danni's in San Diego and cheaper too. The homely decorations make for a romantic evening setting. If you
  • Antigua Taberna Quierolo
    This style of this small restaurant points up to an affection for Amerian pop culture, decorated as it is with posters of Elvis and Marilyn (as well as Chaplin, Laurel, and Hardy), race cars and other iconic evocations of the United States of America. Here is where you will find 18 selections of c
  • Arepas del Santísimo
    Arepas del Santísimo, a small but affordable café, might be difficult to spot from the street. Once you do find it, you can enjoy arepas with several different fillings like cheese, ham, chicken, beef and chorizo (sausage). They are made to order on one small grill. The café is minimall
  • Da Danni's Restaurant
    Da Danni's, a Cartagena restaurant serving quality Italian pasta, is a really good option for travelers needing a break from typical Caribbean/Colombian cuisine. Stepping into the restaurant feels as if you've walked into a restaurant in Bologna. The food here is superb and the helpings are larg
  • Salsita
    The outdoor tables at Salsita offer an excellent opportunity to relax with a coffee or soda and people-watch locals as they rush about during their day. The plate of hot cheese and ham empanadas serve as a quick afternoon snack, while in typical Córdoba fashion, the pizzas are loaded with toppings
  • El Lago
    Take a break from a stroll through Parque Sarmiento at this outdoor café found on the banks of the park's lake. Watch ducks splish-splash about while cooling off with an ice-cold soda. The empanadas and hot dogs topped with mayonnaise are served to order. The tables are equipped with sun umbrellas
  • Lomitos Crisol
    Lomitos Crisol is the best place for sandwich lovers to eat in Parque Sarmiento. The sandwiches are topped off with an egg, and served with a side of fries and a cola. Choose to eat at its outdoor patio area and let the kids play on the nearby swing set while relaxing with a beverage.
  • Gato Negro
    The very unsuspecting sign of a black cat outside a cerulean blue building on Calle San Andrés (just two doors down from Hostal Casa Viena) is the only thing that marks this small café's location. This inexpensive café is popular with foreigners; few locals wander in. It specializes in vegetari
  • Donde Socorro
    Popular with the locals and offering eccentric cultural foods such as turtle, rabbit, deer, and hen, Donde Socorro (formerly called La Casa de Socorro) is a pure Caribbean delight. Its extensive menu, specializing Cartagenan-Caribbean cuisine, is orientated around hearty dishes with fish, meat and
  • La Jugueteria
    The attention to detail is staggering. When can you visit what is essentially a steakhouse and be surrounded by toys? Slightly creepy are the dozens of dolls suspended from the beams and rafters but your mind will quickly return to the job in handâ?¦feasting. Oh yes, bring along some old toys and
  • La Puerta
    Founded by the same French couple taht established Santa Marta's Alliance Française, La Puerta has become the spot to go —even for Taganga backpackers. This café has long been a meeting place for artists and writers, international and local crowds, to drink and share ideas or dance. La Pue
  • Berlin 1930
    Berlin 1930 appears to have been around as long as Medellín itself. No one knows when it opened, but one thing remains a constant: its popularity. A great place for an early evening beer or cocktail and a game of pool, it is located close to the clubs and other nightspots of the Parque Lleras.
  • Mediterraneo
    Mediterraneo is a restaurant specializing in food with a Mediterranean and Chilean flare. The menu includes pasta, fish, salads and soups. The food is fresh and tasty, though the prices are a little high in comparison to other dining experiences of the same caliber. There is also a large wine menu b
  • Club de Yates

    Club de Yates is a romantic, upscale restaurant that serves a gigantic selection of fish and seafood dishes as well as some Chilean-style chicken, beef, pasta and vegetarian choices. The wine list is extensive, although most choices are a bit expensive. The food, on the other han

  • Restaurante-Café-Bar El Rancho
    If you want the restaurant or café, then head down the stairs. To savor a Colombian beer or a trago, climb the staircase where a large open space greets you. Pull up one of the leather-covered chairs at a wooden table (the ones on the balcony with a view of Calle 3 are fine for watching the evening
  • Focus Restaurant and Pub
    Focus is a pasta and barbecue restaurant that looks more like a log cabin than a dining room. They also offer regular Chilean dishes. Some of the locals consider Focus to be the best place for barbecued meat. Despite its rustic appearance, it has a welcoming ambiance inside. The food is priced extr
  • Restauro-Bar The Travellers
    Restauro-Bar The Travellers is a must on the international journeyers' itinerary. This diner's menu is just as international as its clientele, with Italian, Mexican, Thai and Indian cuisine. Chinese menus for two are also on the bill. Vegetarians have quite a few entrées they can enjoy. The ambianc
  • Imperial 605
    Imperial 605 was originally called Merlin, a restaurant hailed as one of the best in town. Imperial, which specializes in Chilean fare, recently changed ownership, menu and name, but did not lose its warm atmosphere or tasty dishes. Although the menu is small, the food is fresh and flavorful. The se
  • Pim's
    Pim's is a large, rustic restaurant offering a variety of food options. They specialize in Chilean, United States and Mexican fare. The bar is huge and offers tons of choices for your drinking fancy. The interior is decorated with North American memorabilia, making this Puerto Varas restaurant feel
  • Restaurante Dalí
    Dalí is an up-scale bistro tucked in a corner of Patio Freire's courtyard. The rounded and angular walls of this oddly-shaped restaurant are hung with reproductions of works by namesake artist Salvador Dali. (The great master might object to the curtains, though). The young chefs add their artisti
  • Restaurant Don Omar
    Café Restaurant Don Omar is a much-frequented, small eatery only a few doors down from Osorno's Plaza de Armas. Its main draw is its daily special at a popular price. Every day several plates are offered (including a vegetarian option), as just a colación (main dish) or menu complete (soup or appe
  • El Hueco
    To experience the near “extinct” grilled guinea pig (cuy) you have to venture out on an hour bus drive from Quito to the small town of Sangolqui. The place sees only occasional tourists, so you can experience it in a very traditional way. You can watch them preparing the guinea pigs on a l
  • Notansanto
    A small and modest little restaurant that specializes in set-lunches, Notansanto is a place you'll definitely want to hit up if you're looking to dine on a dime without sacrificing quality. It serves typical plates consisting of Llapingachos (mashed potato paddies) and Fritada (fried meats) along w
  • Restaurant Yang Cheng
    A calm, elegant atmosphere is what Restaurant Yang Cheng presents to its customers. Its menu has a large range of pork, beef, chicken, duck, sea food and fish dishes. Yang Cheng also has a large selection of vegetarian fare. Not only Cantonese-style Chinese preparations grace the palate, but also Mo
  • Rumiloma Lodge
    A luxurious restaurant/hostería just 10 minutes (by taxi) from Quito, Rumiloma is a great place to try Ecuadorian and international fare while enjoying impressive views of the metropolitan valley below. Main courses include lobster, lamb, filet mignon and chicken. Below the restaurant is Pichincha
  • Restaurante Cafe Bar Real y Medio
    Enjoy our new Ecuadorian and International restaurant. We have the most impressive view of Downtown Quito and its historical churches and monuments. Open Monday to Saturday, 3 p.m.-midnight.
    This private wine bar has some of the best cocktails around. Plus, take time when choosing from the more than 2,000 wines stored in the specialty wine cellar.
  • Restaurant Rukayiael Kokaví
    Restaurant Rukayiael Kokaví serves up the age-old recipes of the original people of the Araucanía region, the Mapuche. The desayuno campesino (peasant breakfast) is traditional katuto bread or mültxun (bread with cheese) with toasted-grain coffee, muzay (a quinoa drink) or kinwakao (quinoa with
  • Libro y Bar Borges y Álvarez
    Libro-Bar Borges y Álvarez' narrow, glass-walled balcony overlooks El Calafate's main avenue. This is a perfect hideaway during the day, to browse a book or have a coffee or drink. On a sunny day, you can relax on the patio below. At night, this is a great
  • Don Diego de la Noche
    One of the best places to spend an evening out on the town, some El Calafate visitors claim, is Don Diego de la Noche. This café bar features live music and a dance floor. But you'll be able to check it out only during the tourist season, as it closes after S
  • Mirador del Lago
    On a point of land jutting into Lago Villarrica is a wooden building of modern architectural lines. At whichever table diners sit at in this bistro, fantastic views of the lake and Villarrica and Llaima volcanoes are afforded. The ground floor deck and second floor balcony are also good places to ob
  • Grapa
    Grapa â?? meaning "Gracias Padre," Thank you, Father â?? is a dream come true for an Argentine-Chilean couple. This new restaurant is intimate and bright. An outdoor patio in back provides an au fresco space. Monday to Saturday a lunch menu (salad, main dish) is served noon-3 p.m. At other times s
  • Dublin South Pub
    A great, central location in San Martín, Dublin is a hot spot for early-evening drinks and late-morning coffee. There is a large menu that offers the basic pizza, burger and pasta choices. The drink menu is extensive and includes all the usual Irish favorites. In the summer they offer great outdoor
  • Richard's Place
    Richard's Place is ideal for a sunset on South West Beach. It's a rustic Rasta joint, with hammocks and hand-painted tables. Enjoy a potent piña colada or coco loco (liquor-spiked coconut), or nurse an ice-cold beer while relaxing in the tranquil setting. .
  • Mestizo Peña-Bar
    OK, folks—it's time to join an Andean hoedown! If you've gotten bored with the same ol' salsa-cumbia-reggeton down at the other clubs, a seemingly endless repetition of the same throbbing lights, the same too-loud music, the same ol'-same-ol', then you have an alternative right here in Pasto.
  • Bartolomé
    You don't have to come to Valledupar in April to catch live Vallenato music. Any weekend night, Bartolomé is just about the only place in town in the off-season where you can catch conjuntos playing those delightfully down-to-earth melodies. Join the crowd in downing some traguitos (shots) and sin
  • Café de las Madres
    Where do Valduparenses go when the setting sun paints the sky? To Café de las Madres, tucked behind Parque de las Madres. The wrought-iron garden tables fill quickly with colleagues and couples meeting to have an Atardecer Vallenato (cappuccino and whiskey) or one of the creative coffee shakes wit
  • Laùtrec Café-Bar
    Laùtrec Café Bar is a bar for everyone, it is said, from straight to gay. Bodies sweating in this tropical heat boogie to cross-over music—vallenato, salsa, raggaeton—on the two large dance floors. At times Laùtrec has live bands and fashion shows. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Bar Restaurante La Cueva
    La Cueva of today is definitely not the laid-back, eating and watering hole it was back when the writer and his literary friends, the Grupo de Barranquilla, would stay into the wee hours. Today it offers a select menu of exotic dishes with a Caribbean, Italian or Oriental flair at not-so-working-
  • Matasuegra
    At first glance, this word seems to mean “Kill Mother-In-Law”—but this bar actually takes its name from a type of firework. This is the townspeople's bar, with guys sitting out front drinking beer or whatnot. But the foreigners are welcomed in, with full-volume English-language music
  • Invisible Pub
    Invisible Pub is quickly gaining popularity for its Tuesday night tango lessons (7 p.m.) and Wednesday night live jazz jam sessions, which begin at 11 p.m. but really get grooving at 1 a.m. Thursday is the night to put your tango moves into practice. All of this is just a warm-up for the weekends, w
  • Pekin Chifa Restaurant
    While Alausi is not packed full of quality restaurants, the Pekin Chifa is a good choice and is one of the only places open on a Sunday night. The restaurant is on the main street in the same pink building that houses Hotel Europa. Pekin Chifa serves standard Chinese food in giant portions. Everythi
  • Restaurant Coronado
    One of the cheapest places to eat in Pucón is Restaurant Coronado. This diner serves up Chilean home cooking: beef, chicken, even salmon. A main dish comes with sopaipillas (fry bread) and pebre (a fresh tomato-onion relish). Vegetarians aren't left out in the cold here. Lasagna, an a
  • Dos Ruedas Pub
    Dos Ruedas is one of those types of bars that look a bit alarming from the outside (as if a motorcycle gang may fly out of the entrance fighting) but in reality is a great place to get to know the locals. The entrance is hidden behind and upstairs from the Amancay Gallery entrance. The location is g
  • Vieja Habana Salsateca
    Salsa had its roots in Cuban son rhythms almost a century ago. With time, the music got spicier, taking on the flavorings of other countries where it took root. Thus the name: salsa. Salsa from Old Havana has arrived in the north of Chile, here in Arica. Well, not solely sonâ??cumbia, reggaetón an
  • Madre Tierra
    Madre Tierra promises cocina de montaña (mountain cooking) and cultura (culture) to its dining clientele. It succeeds in accomplishing just that. Working with a palette of local fruits of Mother Earth, the chef creates fantastic novo-Chilean food based on native Mapuche and immigrant Spanish, Germa
  • Suiza
    Sometimes you just have to give in to a bit of sin - the Suiza is willing to help. This restaurant is mainly known for it's two dozen flavors of artisan ice cream, including chestnut, amaretto and tiramisu. Suiza also bakes all sorts of delightful confections; cookies and cakes in true Swiss fashion
  • Otto Tipp Brewery
    The Otto Tipp Brewery is a favorite with the locals. The various beers offered include the basic pilsner, bock, red and dark beers. Otto Tipp also makes some fun fruity concoctions using berries harvested locally. The food served includes pizzas, Patagonian dishes and homemade pastas. They also prov
  • Sanguruchos
    If you are craving to delve into the fascinating world of Chilean sandwiches, Sanguruchos is the place to go. This fast-food eatery will show you hove this nation has taken the humble sandwich to the extreme. The featured meat (beef, hamburger or hot dog) comes with all the fixings you can ever drea
  • El Bar de Moe
    El Bar de Moe is a fun, lively bar that could be in San Fransicio, New York or Amsterdam. It is a popular pub for getting the late nights started or enjoying a few cocktails after dinner. The brick atmosphere is warm and welcoming. But what really draws the customers is a little different than your
  • El Bolsón Brewery and Campground
    Possibly the most popular of breweries coming out of El Bolsón, El Bolsón microbrews are sold throughout the region. The real reason to visit the brewery is the campground connected to it. The sites, which fill up quickly during high season, are a mere stumble away from the restaurant. They also
  • Arabian Café Restaurant
    On a side street, a half-block from busy O'Higgins are the aromas and flavors of the Orient. Outside on the street-side patio of Arabian Café Restaurant, people sip cups of espresso or Arabian coffee, their conversations wreathed by the smoke of their cigarettes. Grandfather came from Palestine and
  • Finisterra
    You can get great delights at low prices in the warm and informal atmosphere of this classic Argentinean retro-bar.
  • Kiosko El Caído del Sol
    At a table beneath palm trees at Kiosko El Caído del Sol, friends nurse beers over a quiet conversation. The cool blue light of the dance floor gleams on couples swaying to the sensual rhythm of Cuban Son. There's no hassle here at the Kiosko El Caído del Sol: no door charge (well, this beach bar
  • Café Las Gringas
    Low playing jazz music wafts through this quarter-circle café called Las Gringas. Sunlight streams through the large windows and across the eclectic mix of wooden tables. This is a perfect place to people watch while enjoying breakfast, the lunch special, a sandwich or dessert. Las Gringas prepares
  • Trastienda Bar Concert
    The Trastienda Bar has live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The shows are acoustic.
  • Red Sushi
    Red Sushi, in the Red Mangrove Adventure Inn, is a bar/restaurant specializing in Japanese delights. The sashimi and maki rolls are perfectly delectable, and popping them in your mouth in the colorful, waterfront establishment makes the dining experience truly enjoyable. There is also a selection of
  • Salón de Té Entrelagos
    Salón de Té Entrelagos is a place to go for an intimate escape from sightseeing. Its small tables are perfect for gathering with friends to have a delectable dessert and coffee. Entrelagos has savory foods, also, like tablas of Mexican food, barbecued ribs, seafood and other delights. Additionally
  • Bogotá Beer Company
    The Bogota Beer Company molds itself on various U.S.-style micro-breweries, delivering on that level. Artisanal beers in a pub setting are what draw the crowds here, not to mention large screen TVs permanently tuned to sporting events. There are versions in Usaquen, Parque la 93 and the Zona T.
  • Club de Billares y Cafetería Barbacoas
    From even before the pericos begin their morning song to way after they come home to roost, folks are as Club de Billares y Cafetería Barbacoas, talking over coffee or a drink out on the sidewalk café or inside shooting a game of pool. If you're looking for the wake-up brew, or a night cap, this i
  • EkoKafe Bar and Restaurante
    EkoKafe Bar and Restaurante is a delicious restaurant that serves up vegetarian and meat dishes in addition to typical Ecuadorian fare. Feel free to browse the local native jewelry for sale, pick a movie to watch or a book to read, or simply be entertained by the playful monkeys out front that wil
  • Mosshe's Bar
    This corner bar is where people meet to have a drink at the end of a long, hot day. Outside is a sidewalk café and inside a red sofa wraps around the sinuous walls. Throughout are chic black and chrome fixings, drenched by a mix of R & B, tropical and contemporary Brazilian music. Most liquors come
  • Tintorera
    Tintorera is a popular restaurant with a fresh, eco-friendly spin. Produce is organic and locally-grown; cheeses are made locally; jams are produced by the Orgnization of Artisan Women in Isabela; and re-usable glass soda bottles-not plastic throw-aways-are used. Ice cream, cakes, and bread products
  • Bar/Restaurant Iguana Café
    An enormous bamboo bar, tree-trunk tables, and bright sarong wall treatments give the Bar/Restaurant Iguana Cafe an eclectic, bohemian, and ultimately welcoming feeling to tourists and locals alike. The constant 80's-jams playing in the background and ecological layout (complete with breezy, open-ai
  • La Playa
    One of the best restaurants in Galápagos, La Playa is located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristóbal. A casual, laid-back place with an ocean view, nothing about the restaurant's plain exterior will cause you to suspect how good the food is. Specializing in seafood, La Playa is a local favori
  • The Irish Pub
    Bizarrely popular with young Colombians, the Irish Pub really does not resemble an Irish establishment at all. However, on weekends the forecourt that spills onto the pedestrianised section of the Zona T is crowded with revellers. For a full pint and some traditional pub food you could do a lot wor
  • Coffee Bar Jota & Jota
    Previously known as Rincón de Suiza, Coffee Bar Jota & Jota has since changed hands and names, but still has excellent coffee, homemade cakes, German specialties, and fruit juices and smoothies. Try the creative "Kaffee Tungurahua," which is coffee with milk foam and strawberry sauce, made to rese
  • Club Croata
    Club Croata is the meeting place for Porvenir's Croatian community, though anyone is welcomed to partake of the delicious food served here. Constructed by Simón Cvitanic in 1926, this center has a comfortable, homey feeling. Lace drapes frame the windows looking out onto the bay. No daily special i
  • Angermeyer Point
    One of Puerto Ayora's finest restaurants was founded by the Angermeyers, one of the earliest colonist families of the town. Set in the original cabin of Karl Angermeyer, it is decorated with photos and memorabilia of those early days of island life. On the deck facing the bay, you can enjoy an eve
  • Casa del Lago Café Cultural
    The Casa del Lago Cafe Cultural was opened in 2004 by former guide and Imbabura resident Elena Albarado to provide a space for local artists, performers, movie screenings and festivals, special events, and other cultural activities. The cafe serves organic coffee grown on the islands and fantastic c
  • Restaurante El Descanso del Guia
    The eclectic Restaurante El Descanso del Guia is a local staple. It is popular for breakfasts: try the bolon de verde, a giant ball of cooked plantain: it's about as 'typical' as it gets. Also good are the fruit salads and secos de carne and pollo (chicken and beef soups) available for
  • Restaurante Rincon del Alma
    The Rincon del Alma has all of the typical Galápagos food choices-seafood, meats, and some Italian choices-in a central location across from the park. The Rincon del Alma has a local, familial feel and is popular among breakfast crowds. Food is tasty and served in man-sized portions, so you may wan
  • Café del Mar
    The aroma of grilled meats and the sizzle of the fire greet you as you walk into this brightly lit cavernous space with bamboo walls and large, wood slab tables. On one wall, a tv screen usually shows Galapagos videos. Cafe del Mar is a parillada, or grill, restaurant. Vegetarians may want to go e
  • Varadero
    This small Cuban bar/club is very similar to its neighbor, La Bodeguita de Cuba. The long, skinny bar stretches the length of the room, giving the impression that the bar is always packed full. The tiny dance floor is almost always at least half-occupied by a live band playing Cuban dance tunes.
  • Café-Bar Escocés
    Café-Bar Escocés is a newly opened intimate meeting place on the corner of the plaza in El Cocuy. Low rainbow lights play across the paintings of hometown legend Roberto Arango. The drink menu has Cocuyano favorites such as canelazo (warm aguardiente with lemon and spices), aguardiente and beer, p
  • Chichería El Pote
    The scent of eucalyptus crushed beneath footfall wells within the small space of Chichería El Pote. Pull up a rough-hewn wooden table and settle down to your favorite trago. National and international are on hand ($1.60-3.70) as well as a variety of hard liquors by shot, half-bottle or bottle, wine
  • Cine Bar El Patriarca
    It's show time in Villa de Leyva! Instead of just hanging out at a bar, sucking down a beer, sink down into one of the comfy, overstuffed chairs with your cerveza or shot (or soda or juice). Munchies include hot dogs, gringas and, of course, pop corn. El Patriarca shows mostly international and Colo
  • La Última Frontera
    La Última Frontera proclaims itself to be the last frontier of cafés and rock and roll. The maze of rooms in this ancient mansion guarantees a place to get away for a meal or a drink. The space is done up with original paintings and mobiles. This is a popular place with Valdivia's university stu
  • Macondo
    Los Cien Años de Macondo—or just Macondo, as many locals call it—is a viejoteca, featuring pre-1980 bohemia. Is it just for ol' folk, as the name implies? Para nada--plenty of young born after 1980 come here, too, to shake down to the salsa and música tropical--or to get close when the b
  • Pussini Café-Bar
    Pussini Café-Bar is a great place to prender la rumba--get the party fired up. The lights are soft, the music low. Down here and up on the balcony people are sitting at the small tables, sipping on cocktails (typical, classic or special, $3.20-8.50) or having a cold brew (national $0.90-1.50, impor
  • Marianos Bar
    At the corner of Avenida la Marina and the pedestrian street Carrera 8, there are several yellow tables full of drinkers. An intense strobe light show plays across the ceiling of the second floor, where other imbibers lean against the balcony, watching the night scene below. There is no real dance f
  • Casa Vieja Galería Bar
    Inside, a small dance floor invites you to groove to the music playing—at just the right volume for this place. Nooks and crannies conceal couples chatting over a beer or cocktail. Original paintings by local artists decorate the walls. A few tables and a bar out on the pedestrian street is wh
  • El Tizón
    If you're looking for some good, old-fashioned live music, dancing and fun, El Tizón has got just that. This place gets packed in the evenings and stays open until the folk decide to ride their horses (or motorcycles) home, which is often when the sun rises the next morning. The vallenatos and ran
  • Galería y Cafetería La Polita
    Considered by some to have the best coffee in San Gil, La Polita is much more than just a good stiff cup of joe. At any time of the day you can come in to have a bit of the hair of the dog that nipped you, a stiff shot of any kind of liquor. It seems everyone comes to La Polita, so at times it can b
  • La Alcazaba
    La Alcazaba is the center of the Bohemian scene in Villa de Leyva, the café-bar where its intellectuals, writers and artists meet. The space antique-filled has spiral staircases leading to seating areas with fireplaces and balconies. Classic Spanish tapas ($2.65-8), fondues ($5.30-8) and empanadita
  • La Tasca
    Where do locals and visitors alike go to shake down to some fine dance music? To La Tasca. Massive green wooden gates lead to the front courtyard of this large hall with stained glass windows. It's quite a long ways out of town (about 300 meters beyond the cemetery) but that doesn't seem to hurt its
  • Bar Karaoke Fuego Verde
    Attention, attention: Tonight's off-key singing to music videos is being pre-empted by the Nacional-La Equidad soccer game on the big-screen TV. Indeed, some times some things are much more important that karaoke and Fuego Verde recognizes that. And at some special times of the year, like Mothers Da
  • Jirafa´s Bar
    When I asked where a woman could go alone and have a drink, several people recommended Jirafas Bar. No, you won't be bothered there, they assured me, it's laid-back. Music? Oh, you know, salsa, vallenato and the like—and it has a dance floor. Unfortunately, this is like most clubs in Málaga, o
  • Disco T-K
    Join the locals in closing out a Friday market day at Disck T-K Fogata, the town's only discoteca. It's time to celebrate that done deal, to cut loose after long hours stooped over the stall and calling out your wares. Everyone keeps warm during the chilly nights dancing to the salsa, meringue, regg
  • Siux Coffee Bar
    A comfortable, dimly lit establishment that serves mostly liquor and little coffee. Despite the canned music that at times can be a bit too loud, it's still one of the most favorite places to hang out, chew the fat, expound on a professor's lecture and have a few drinks. Ah, if you're a more solita
  • Calle de los Mariachis
    When I heard Bucaramanga has a Calle de los Mariachis, visions of Mexico City's Plaza Garibaldi began crooning in my mind. Well, this ciudad's equivalent isn't, well, quite equivalent. Calle 33 is one of the busiest avenues and there's no street-side cafés to sit and nurse a cerveza while listenin
  • Café Haussmann
    This small café, with only four booths and a counter, is Café Haussmann, locally famed for two reasons. One is its crudos, or steak tartar sandwiches. The other is that it is the only place in town where you can have their house beer on tap. Haussmann is a dark amber cerveza with a slight malty fl
  • Restaurante Safari
    Restaurante Safari is located about 10 minutes south of the footbridge on Tena's main street. This little restaurant has a limited menu, featuring items like seco de pollo (typical dish of chicken in sauce) and chaulafan (fried rice), in addition to cheap fixed-price lunches and dinne
  • La Rumba
    Outside the front door, doña Agustina sits on a stool welcoming tonight's imbibers and dancers. She charges no entry nor requires a minimum consumption in her corner discothèque of several dimly lit rooms. Her staff will put on anything the customers request, whether it be salsa, meringue, ranc
  • Pubs Blue Bar
    Soft light bathes the dark-blue walls of Pubs Blue Bar. No, this drinking hole doesn't specialize in Blues music. You're more likely to hear vallenato, salsa, meringue and the like at a volume too loud for this small space. At this early hour, there are only a few couples in dark corners holding han
  • Casa de Tarzan
    Au-au-au-au-aaauuu. Yes, greet your host in the traditional manner as you walk into the Casa de Tarzan. With rough-paneled walls and tree trunks towering inside this bar, you might even be tempted to go swinging from one of the rope-vines hanging from the branches after downing a fair quota of quaff
  • Tambo Bar and Dance Club
    This popular bar and dance club is made to accommodate up to 250 people—which means it is pretty dang big. Opening from 8 p.m. until the last customer leaves, Tambo is for people who seriously intend to party. The usual mix of popular North American, European and Latin American music is what y
  • Babar
    Babar is one of Cartagena's most successful nightclubs in El Centro. Across the street from the Naval Museum, you will find this very hip and colorful spot on the second floor, with three balconies overlooking the night's activities in Plaza Santa Teresa. The cocktail menu is extensive (many have
  • La Piazza
    A definitive antidote to the deluge of sea creatures of all shapes and sizes that you've probably been consuming since arriving in Chiloé, La Piazza has a full-service Italian menu, including a range of pastas and some 31 kinds of pizza - one of which has mussels as a topping if you're really in th
  • Istanbul
    Istanbul offers a wide variety of cocktails which include international drinks, from the most perfect pisco sour to the innovative and exotic black Istanbul, created by Melihat Veysal and Jean-Marie Bournazaud, owners of Istanbul. A wide variety of drinks, fresh fruit juices, just baked- bread and
  • Restaurant La Nave
    La Nave is simple and unpretentious—you don't come here for the faded, burnt-red cement floors—but the restaurant has friendly service and reasonably priced seafood and shellfish dishes. Try tasty platters like the bed of clams topped with melted parmesan cheese ($4). The portions could st
  • Retro
    Retro opens at 6:00 p.m., an index of its nocturnal orientation and spirit, with its funky American rock posters and ear-shattering sound system. But if you can handle the deafening music, there's pizza, barbecued chicken salad and all the beer and drinks you can imagine. Retro is but one part of t
  • La Corita
    Tucked away behind Ancud's market, La Corita is one of several cocinerías that serves up mountains of local seafood at modest prices. There are a few indoor tables, but the bulk of the seating is outside, in a sunny common space shared by the different restaurants. The curanto (enough seafood for t
  • Ottoschop Café
    For the Castro dive bar experience, complete with beer bongs, iffy bathrooms, a menu consisting almost entirely of fried foods, and an almost shocking range of too-loud music (everything from Shakira to Megadeth), Ottoschop is your place. Where else in town can you order yourself a two-liter mug of
  • La Esquina Sandiegana
    One of the only authentic salsa bars in Cartagena, La Esquina Sandiegana is a real gem with friendly local people, salsa, and more salsa. The music and dancing gets going once the sun goes down and usually keeps going until the sun comes up. Tourists here are few, as this has loyal local clientel
  • Café La Brújula del Cuerpo
    Perhaps one of the only restaurants on the island which doesn't have seafood, La Brújula del Cuerpo also distinguishes itself for its reasonably priced burgers and pizzas, a dessert bar, and even two computers with free Internet access. Vegetarians will find some sandwich options on the menu; in ge
  • Salón de Té y Cafetería Vizzio
    Salón de Te´y Caftería Vizzio is a popular Iquiqueño getaway. It's a great place to slip away from the bustle of the city and enjoy a spell with friends, colleagues and lovers. Vizzio is also a great people-watching spot, as the cafe has broad windows for your gazing pleasure. The interior of
  • Patatu's Bar
    Patatu's bar is a great bar located in the Mariscal area. Beers are $1.50 and Rum/coke $2,but 2 for 1 during happy hour and at selected intervals throughout the night. $1 pizza. $3 entry Friday and Saturday, including a free drink (two if you go before 10pm)There is a free pool table and fusbol. Pre
  • Restaurante El Trauco
    Across the street from the market, and accordingly somewhat cheaper (there's no waterfront view), El Trauco serves up a decent seafood-laden menu (curanto goes for $7) in casual, family-friendly surroundings. Try the steaming hot paella marina ($4), a hearty fish and seafood stew that will warm your
  • La Casa de la Cerveza
    Perfectly perched atop the old wall of the city at the crook of Getsemaní, La Casa de la Cerveza is a hip outdoor restaurant and bar that provides lovely views of the inland lagoons and Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. The trendy patio, decorated with comfortable couches and pillowed sofas, pla
  • Boccados
    On a narrow side street, just up from Paseo Baquedano, a family opens its home to provide one of Iquique's most affordable restaurants, Boccados. The couch and chairs have been pushed to the walls. Tables are set in the former parlor and two other rooms. Every day people crowd in to enjoy the two-pl
  • Bar Mochileros
    Near the main square park of Barranco, Bar Mochileros is next to the Japanese cultural center. Mochileros has a series of bars and a cultural center where you can enjoy live circus-like performances, dance, music and emerging local DJ concerts. A young hip crowd gathers around the porch and the dif
  • La Posada del Ángel
    If you like angels you'll find them here, hanging from the roof, peeking at you around corners, staring from the walls. This dark, cozy, rustic setting is blessed. Another enchanting, old "Barranco-style" house with many small rooms leading on and on through a maze of antiques, collected found obj
  • Café Confluencia
    Café Confluencia is an arty bistro for discerning palates. At midday the place fills up for the casero and gourmet lunch dishes. At dinner time, everything is à la carte. Café Confluencia's specialty is tablas (antipastos) composed of Latin American and Spanish classics like
    Part-regular seafood restaurant, part-fogón (a traditional bonfire for grilling meats), and part-meeting space (complete with a data projector and seating capacity for 150 people), the mammoth, two-story Donde Eladio is a lot of things, with a formal atmosphere geared toward a middle-aged crowd. Wi
  • Aya Huma Restaurant
    In Peguche there aren't a whole lot of options for food, but the adjoining restaurant to the Aya Huma hostel is decent. The menu is a respectable size, with lots of the typical Ecuadorian fare (including cuy, or guinea pig) , as well as some international and vegetarian alternatives. Portion
  • Club de Yates Restaurant

    The murmur of waves washing against the pier leggings of Restaurant Club de Yates fills the salon. The moon's light upon Reloncaví Sound is visible from any table diners choose in this modern, all-glass bistro. The world-class chefs here create an international menu (available i

  • Años Luz
    Años Luz is Castro's version of a trendy, upscale café, featuring a hip, big-city vibe. It is a top spot for enjoying hearty, upmarket cuisine, as well as mixed drinks from their bar, which is a converted boat. Cozy, relaxed, and right on the plaza, Años Luz also regularly has local, live acts. B
  • Hicamar Restaurante
    If you want to drop some cash and indulge your red meat fetish, head to Hicamar for a fine selection of grilled cuts and seafood appetizers - and virtually nothing else. Choose from the warm, mood-lit first floor, or the more pedestrian second level, which does, to its credit, have views over the pl
  • Hacienda San Francisco
    Located in the Imbabura province in the Salinas Valley, just 40 minutes from Ibarra, Hacienda San Francisco has been in the same family since 1640. The establishment is close to a variety of places of interest; nearby is the Chachimbiro thermal springs and the hacienda also has its own, natural hot
  • Flor de Lino

    NOTE: This business has closed. Set in one of San Telmo's most picturesque cobblestone alleyways, Flor de Lino is a multipurpose space centered around a veg

  • Cha Cha Club

    NOTE: This business has closed. Just around the corner from Fin del Mundo is this increasingly popular club owned and operated by legendary comedian Alfredo

  • Club Sirio Libanés
    San Juan's Club Sirio Libanés is in a beautiful Mozarabe building. In one corner of the portico courtyard is the lodge's restaurant, a favorite dining choice for business people. During the week, Club Sirio Libanés prepares a menu ejecutivo which includes the appetizer buffet, choice of en
  • Remolache
    Remolache is high on the family and tourist fine dining list. Spanning the entire length of Sarmiento, between de la Roza and Rivadavia, this beloved Sanjuanino restaurant has it all: dining room, parrilla grill, carry-out niche and gorgeous backyard patio with fountain. You know you're in t
  • Road Coffee
    This inviting little cafetería specializes in its own brew of organic Ecuadorian coffee and varieties of green tea imported from Korea. The cafe was founded in October 2007 by an international group of business partners who wanted to create a space for cultural exchange and high-quality coffee and
  • Dias de Zapata
    Mexican food in Bariloche? If you can forgo the chips and salsa and bear with abysmal service, anything is possible. The food here is actually quite tasty, though plates are on the pricey side - tacos go for $10 while some pretty tasty fajitas start at $12. If that's a concern, consider sharing, as
  • La Casa De Doña Tisbe
    Doña Tisbe opened her kitchen to the public in February, 2010. This homestyle restaurant will remind visitors of time spent dining with their own grandmothers, as Doña Tisbe often joins in the conversation. She serves breads fresh from the oven, pastries, and fresh squeezed orange juice for break
  • Casa De Campo
    Located along the famous wine route, Casa de Campo is a rustic-style restaurant that serves up local dishes to perfection. Appetizers include a variety of homemade breads, olives, and cheeses, while the bulk of the entrées come off the grill or out of clay ovens. The daily special, called Grandma'
  • Café Nuevo Strauss
    Café Nuevo Strauss bakes several excellent chocolate-soaked pastries that perfectly accompany a cup of coffee. The simple restaurant has friendly service and serves as a nice place to whittle away a few hours reading a good book.
  • Pronto Lomos And Pizza
    Backpackers needing to watch the pennies or any traveler too tired to fix a night's meal can count on Pronto Lomos and Pizza to fill their hungry bellies. This rotisería (deli) makes it easy for many one to get a good, home-cooked meal, whether dining in, carrying out or having it deliv
  • Café-restaurant Xl
    Café Restaurant XL is a great place to drop in for a coffee or a quick snack. But this large, corner diner done in chic black, carnation red and silvery grey, is best known for its pizzas baked on a stone slab. These steaming-hot pies come in dozens of varieties, all generously topped. Most are fo
  • Azuca
    Azuca, located right on Plaza Foch, is blatantly noticeable from the second you walk down Calle Mariscal Foch. Decked out in a neon color scheme, the self-dubbed Latin Bistro serves up an eclectic mix of seafood and meat dishes. The â??aphrodisiac riceâ? is something you should definitely give
  • Lo De Pato
    The large Lo de Pato building houses a restaurant, café, and bakery that welcome most Mendoza-based tours for a short break. Unfortunately, its prices are often as impressive as its variety, as it undoubtedly takes advantage of the grouped tourists who are herded here by their respective tour guide
  • El Juan Resto-Bar
    Although it's near the end of the commercial side of Las Heras street, Al Juan's Resto-bar is worth finding. The make-your-own-taco plate, which comes with spicy, yes spicy, chicken, beef and beans, is a welcome find in a country dedicated to bland food. The rest of the menu includes the typical ite
  • La Construcción Restaurant
    La Construcción Restaurant has to take the prize for the most unusual décor for an eatery: a construction site. Patches of its walls are stylishly stripped to bare brick. Decorations include wheelbarrows, hods and trowels. The food is what lures people to this bistro. The usual national cuisine,
  • El Mariachi
    If the mariachi band isn't playing, the jukebox probably will be when El Mariachi is hopping. A large mexican menu is complimented by practical but amusing build-it-yourself options; after all, "cheese" all too rarely gets a menu choice all to itself. English menus, spanish-speaking Ecuadorian serve
  • La City Parrilla Resto-bar
    La City Parrilla Resto-Bar is the typical Argentine restaurant. Its menu spans the entire gamut of homemade pastas, sandwiches and parrilla (by piece or a sample of various cuts). Besides á la carte dishes, La City also presents breakfast specials and large-portioned al
  • Bucanero Pizzeria Restaurante
    Whatever pirates have to do with the landlocked Bariloche is unclear, but in a town where bars and restaurants do little to set themselves apart, Bucanero's pirate-themed dining room is a welcome change. Here you can peruse portraits of famous pirates or some of the treasure maps they surely would h
  • Tio Billy's
    Tio Billy's looks tiny from the entrance but it opens up to a moderately sized dining hall. The whole place has an American burger joint vibe to it. Michael Jackson and Elvis posters hang on the wall while Dire Straits' “Money for Nothing” blasts through the stereo. This is where the Amer
  • Parilla Los Gauchos
    If you are looking for good Italian food in Villa Carlos Paz, try Parrilla Los Gauchos. The restaurant also serves excellent fish and meat dishes, and has views of the lake.
  • Guacamole
    Guacamole serves traditional Mexican food, from enchiladas to fajitas and tacos. On weekends, and sometimes during the week, there is live mariachi music. Expect to wait for a table during the high season, when Guacamole fills up just like the town's hotels and clubs.
  • De Cachi
    De Cachi cooks up thick steaks prepared as ordered. The chicken is succulent as well, and can be combined with a salad to make a particularly large meal. This restaurant also has fresh spaghetti. Follow it up with chocolate pastries for dessert.
  • El Rey de Sanduche
    As the name suggests, “King of Sandwiches” offers various tasty sandwiches for very little money, including chicken, beef, vegetarian and tuna, as well as fruit salads, french fries, and fresh juices... combos too! The owners are a friendly couple, and are always smiling, even when they d
  • Friends
    Popular for its cheap (relatively speaking) prices and broad menu offerings, Friends is a decent choice when everyone in your party is craving something different. Menu options include everything from burgers and pizzas to pancakes, sandwiches and quesadillas (and everything in between). Meals range
  • Coffee Tree Orellana
    The big boulder out front is about the only thing off, design-wise, with Coffee Tree Orellana. The café, Coffee Tree's third Mariscal branch, shares slick real estate on the southeast corner of Reina Victoria and La Niña (dubbed Plaza Yuyu) with Zocalo and the Mindalae Museo Etnohistórico de Art
  • Restaurant Mistral
    Mistral is an elegant restaurant that functions as part of Hotel Sebastian, a four-star hotel. For hotel guests, there is a breakfast buffet whereas for other visitors the main focus is on the dinner menu, offering both international and typically Ecuadorian dishes. No vegetarian options are listed.
  • Pizza Siete
    Grab a few slices of piping-hot pizza dripping with gooey cheese at Pizza Siete. Sometimes the staff is less than generous with the pizza sauce, so be sure to ask for a little extra. The cheese pizza topped with cuts of green olives is a safe choice, and the wait staff is friendly.
  • Big Sur
    Since its recent remodeling, this clean and modern restaurant has propelled itself to popularity, offering a trendy yet laid-back atmosphere to enjoy a variety of Californian/international fusion fare. Guests can dine in the beautiful, newly relandscaped garden patio, or simply relax in the cozy in
  • Cavas De Cano
    ($25) Despite having made the mandatory reservation, few visitors can hide their surprise when walking into their private dinning room at Cavas de Cano. The night begins with an elaborate picada that covers the entire table, featuring local specialties like jamon crudo, arroz al malbec, and frutos
  • Albeniz
    A stone throw away from Morena is Albeniz - another restaurant that specializes in regional cuisine. The fish is a popular choice here, but the pasta is a safe bet too. The beers are especially cold here and go down smooth.
  • Almacen del Sur Delicatessen and Restaurant
    For anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, the fine-foods gift shop and restaurant in Maipú is a must visit. A large house built in 1888 amongst sweeping views of the Mendoza region and the Andes Mountains, the casona itself is notable. Using only food grown on the company's surrounding l
  • El Rancho
    Beef and chivo grill on El Rancho's parrilla every night, while homemade pastas offer both a vegetarian and artery-pleasing alternative. While the restaurant isn't fancy, it is one of the nicer restaurants in Uspallata and the service is as good as it gets. The wine list is frustratingly short, but
  • El Boliche “de Alberto” Pastas
    Don't let the white walls, simple decor or cheap prices fool you, this Italian eatery serves up good food. Spaghettis go for $5 while a lasagna will set you back $7. Bottles of wine are equally cheap, starting at just $10 per bottle. The pastas are all homemade, and come with a choice of sauce (bolo
  • Rotiseria Chiqui
    When the menu demands cheap and easy, Rotiseria Chiqui delivers. The take-out option serves up pizzas, hamburgers, empanadas, and lomito sandwiches for about half the price of sit-down restaurants. They also double as a convenient store, so drinks come at standard prices, too. Unfor
  • El Bodegon
    (Entrees: $8-$15) El Bodegon should likely switch names to Los Bodegones, as it refers to two separate restaurants which sit opposite one another on Calle Ortega. On one side, the parrilla restaurant serves up chivito, lamb, trout, and impressive chivo lasagna, along with a handful of other pastas.
  • Morena
    Set in an interesting neocolonial house, this restaurant is one of the better options in town. It serves all the typical dishes one would expect at a relatively inexpensive price. Several dollars worth of pesos can net you a hearty portion of rabbit or trout with a side of cooked vegetables.
  • Familia Weiss Restaurant
    Popular among the tourist crowd, Familia Weiss is about as close to being a Bariloche institution as you can get. The Weiss family has been in Bariloche for decades, forging a reputation in the region for its smoked meats and cheeses. In fact, their specialty store (located just a block and a half a
  • El Quincho De Maria
    (Entrees $8-$20) El Quincho de Maria uses its rustic style, complete with cane roof and handmade lamps, to set the country-style ambiance for its parrilla specialties: trout and chivito. For those looking for more standard meats, the grilled bife de lomo and brochette are both tender and tasty with
  • La Parrilla de Raúl
    The service is fast and the steaks are tender and big enough to fill up even the hungriest tourist at La Parrilla. The salad with freshly cut tomatoes is a fine way to pique the appetite before you chow down on the main course of various slow-cooked meat such as pork ribs, parrilla in La Falda. The best time to visit is during the summer months when the outdoor grill is fired up to serve hungry patrons in the fresh air. But don't fret if you are on a winter visit: the ribs and blood sausage are stil
  • La Esquina
    Just another of many lodge-like eateries here, La Esquina offers a similarly styled menu as well, i.e. pizzas, sandwiches, etc. Perhaps that which sets this place apart is the service. In a town where tableside service can best be described as nearly nonexistent, the help here was attentive and frie
  • G-SPOT Burgers
    This Mariscal staple and well-known burger joint grills up a variety of fresh single or double (double meat, double cheese) hamburgers, which are perfect for a quick meal or a late-night, post-bar snack. Other options include Philly cheesesteaks and corn and chili dogs. Vegetarians can enjoy a huge
  • Raj Tandoori
    This Indian restaurant serves a menu of mouth-watering curries with sauces ranging from sweet to mild to a spicy that will make your nose run. Plates can be prepared vegetarian style, or with chicken (beef costs extra) and with either rice or naan. Try a curry served with a Brahma beer. They also of
  • Ruca Malen
    ($40) While winery restaurants are common throughout both Luján and Maipu, few have perfected the vineyard-side dinning experience like Ruca Malen. The two-story dinning room is lined with picture windows that offer panoramic views across the vineyard to the soaring Cordon del Plata Mountains. Att
  • Naim Maggie
    Trevelín's oldest and most popular tea house is Naim Maggie, where generous portions of grandma Margarita's recipes are available daily in a quaint setting with Celtic music playing in the background. Margarita's granddaughter opened the tea house to recreate her favorite cakes, scones, breads an
  • La Mutisia
    Located near the old mill downtown, La Mutisia is easily marked by the giant teapot and teacup that sit outside. The tea service here is much like that at the better-known Naim Maggie tea house, but La Mutisia is generally less crowded by tourists. Tea service includes a large variety of delicio
  • Chiq Chaq
    Chiq Chaq's motto “Rolling Wraps To Go” might help explain why there's never anyone here: customers grab a wrap combo (includes thick fries and a drink), then split. Service is quick, and the food is excellent value; wraps are filled with guacamole, and grilled peppers and onions. Choose f
  • Hue Melen
    The restaurant at Hue Melen is the fanciest fine dining experience available in town. While the restaurant maintains a classy and sleek appearance, its menu follows the typical menu of an Argentine cafe: Cold and hot sandwiches, pastas, milanesas, french fries, and steak are the staples here. Reg
  • Maracaibo
    Restaurants like Maracaibo are the reason Argentine beef is famous. The sirloins are made to order, and the filet mignon, served medium rare, melts in your mouth. The vegetarian options, such as the fresh pasta, are filling.
  • Latitud
    Located on the ever popular Plaza Foch, Latitud is also known as “Tapas, quesos y vinos,” and is popular with both gringos and Ecuador's elite set. The deal is this: all the tapas you can eat and all the house wine or beer (or both) that you can drink for a bargain price of $25. You can p
  • Coffee Tam Plaza Foch
    With four branches in the Mariscal, Coffee Tam has become a neighborhood institution. Coffee Tam Plaza Foch is THE spot for people-watching and pre-game drinks, or catching a fútbol match or late-night bite on the always-hopping plaza. A slew of outdoor tables are always full of a mixe
  • Xocoa
    A sweets lover's dream, nestled in the corner of the ever happening Foch Plaza, but secluded enough to enjoy a mug of rich creamy chocolate away from it all. Menu features a wide variety of drinkable chocolate treats, cakes and pies, milkshakes and delicious gelato-style ice cream. There's wine and
  • Los Cabritos
    Los Cabritos is a reliable steakhouse that grills tender cuts of pork and steak, as well as blood sausage. The tomatoes on the salad are ripe and delicious. There is an acceptable selection of wines and beers to accompany your meal.
  • Nadia O.f.
    (Entrees: $12-$20) Looking to expand her already popular restaurant at her husband's O'Fournier winery, Nadia O'Fournier opened a second location in the trendy Chacras de Coria district. The food is terrific, drawing on a variety of international cuisines, like Spanish, Peruvian, and Br
  • Peña Fortunato Ramos
    A restaurant/peña, Fortunato Ramos is a favorite with locals for quick lunches or evening revelry. Stop by in the afternoon for creamy humitas and spicy empanadas, and head back in the evening for a little drinking and possibly some dancing. The menu is basic, but the food is great, and the atmosph
  • La Cacharpaya
    In comparison to other restaurants in Humahuaca, this one is gargantuan. But its â??largeâ? size does nothing to diminish the quality fare it serves up. Local favorites from tamales to piping hot locro (a regional stew) come out fresh and fast at this local favorite. Daily 12:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m
    You get the gist from the name: this restaurant serves several varieties of cheese, meat, and chocolate fondues, and the stainless steel tables have built-in fondue burners. While the unctuous concoctions run on the pricey side, the "Fondue Fest" provides more value, allowing you to have a three-cou
  • Tarot Café-Restaurant
    Cirque du Soleil came to La Mariscal in the form of Tarot Café-Restaurant. This bizarre establishment contains some crazy artwork and designs, ranging from blown-up tarot card paintings and a mural of Venus on one wall to scary Asian masks on the next. Most of the artwork, including the risqué, Ca
  • El Portillo
    For cheap regional food, El Portillo is the place to be. It's just blocks from the plaza and serves local favorites like llama stew in a warm rustic ambiance. The heavy wood tables are decorated with colorful woven tablecloths and the friendly staff will make you feel right at home. In the evenings,
  • La Sombra del Sauce
    Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. This cozy Resto Bar has a little bit of everything: a long wine list, mouthwatering regional dishes, a well-stocked bar, and phenomenal desserts. Go with an appetite and plan to stay a while. Not only do the rose-colored
  • Este Café
    Lovers of coffee shouldn't pass up a quick glimpse at the gourmet drinks on offer at Este Café. Whether you settle into one of the colorful couches with a frozen Oreo cappuccino, soak up some funky break beats over a steaming cup of chai, or peruse the book exchange with a Baileys iced latte, it's
  • Comida
    This nondescript eatery is the type of place most people would walk on by, primarily because its tiny, faded sign seems to designate the residence next door. Though short on ambiance, the small dining room with paint-chipped walls and no décor overflows with locals who pack in to enjoy a delicious,
  • New Time Café
    Cheap prices and a large menu ensure that New Time is constantly busy. Waiters go nonstop to get your food to you fast. It's a great place that's not too uppity, but still with a great corner spot on the plaza. Open daily 7 a.m.-2 a.m.
  • Sabor a Tierra
    Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. Literally translated as â??Taste of Earthâ? this restaurant stays true to its name by keeping it simple with fresh regional cuisine. The inside is a pretty space of bright white walls decorated with w
  • El Rancho
    Locals flock to El Rancho for its flavorful regional cuisine. After filling up on tapas or empanadas, take a stroll around the nearby plaza to work off those calories. El Rancho is open daily noon-3:30 p.m., 8:30-11:30 p.m. (closed Monday in low season.
  • Los Paraisos
    Los Paraisos dishes out all the staples: rabbit, goat, pork and juicy steak. It is definitely worth trying something new here if you haven't yet dared. There is also a Mediterranean section on the menu, good vegetarian options, and a fine selection of regional wines. Open daily 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 8-
  • Fertilia
    Fertilia epitomizes the local cuisine and is renowned in the town for providing excellent local meats and red wine. The service is also very friendly.
  • Tío Billy
    Tío Billy is a hamburger restaurant in the Mariscal district. The generous portions and fun atmosphere make it a nice alternative to the set lunch dishes found on every corner. With more than twenty creatively named burgers, ranging from Ecuatoriano to Jorgito Bush, the place brings original chara
  • Chandani Tandoori
    Could this be the best Indian/ Hindu restaurant in the Mariscal? In Quito? In Ecuador? Very likely! The Chandani Tandoori serves a menu of extremely cheap mouth-watering curries—sauces range from mild to so spicy it will make your nose run. The large variety of curries are served either as a v
  • Setimio Vinoteca and Wine Bar
    Setimio Vinoteca and Wine Bar is the perfect place to treat yourself to a classy meal. The wine selection is among the best in town, and the lamb and steak are top shelf. It's not always a popular choice among backpackers, because of the pricier menu, but sometimes it is necessary to treat yourself
  • Los Hornos
    Los Hornos offers regional cuisine, including the stand-by (but always delicious) juicy slab of sirloin with veggies and a salad. Open Tuesday-Sunday 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m., 7:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m.
  • Doña Salta
    Plunge into history and grab a bite where independence hero, General Martín Güemes, once lived. The restaurant comes recommended, serving regional cuisine in a rustic atmosphere. An added bonus is that it's opposite Iglesia San Francisco. Open daily 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m., 8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m.
  • Casa Ñanta
    Casa Ñanta is a popular resto-bar in Cafayate that serves typical regional cuisine lead by the local favorite: steak. It is frequented by backpackers because of its relatively low prices. Casa Ñanta often has live music. Open daily 9 p.m.-4 a.m.
  • Luna Cautiva
    Luna Cautiva, opened in 2005 just meters from the Iglesia de San José, serves empanadas, humitas, cazuela de choclo and sandwiches created with regional ingredients. The atmosphere is as pleasant as the food, with square wooden tables and live folk music in the evenings.
  • Restaurante Sala de Payogasta
    Sala de Payogasta is inconveniently located 10 minutes outside of town along Ruta Nacional 40 at Km 4510 on a 20,000-acre ranch. The restaurant's madejita and cabraleta, however, are well worth the trip.
  • El Aujero
    El Aujero is a simple restaurant that serves regional dishes such as humita and empanadas. It is a popular choice among locals and backpackers for the good food and low prices.
  • Lo De Juana Manuela
    A sumptuous steak and a plaza viewâ??that pretty much sums up Argentinean dining. Lo De Juana Manuela competes with the rest of the plaza restaurants that offer the same. Open daily 8 a.m.-3 a.m.
  • Mulata de Tal - Cocina Latinamericana
    While the popular Mariscal district is teeming with options for traditional Ecuadorean or International cuisine, the Mulata de Tal is a standout in Quito's restaurant scene, specializing in the varied tastes that define Latin America. Located in a refurbished, two-story home near the heart of the Ma
  • Bombay Palace
    Bombay Palace is one of a handful of Indian restaurants in the Mariscal area, but it distinguishes itself by being a bit cleaner and more spacious than the others. The interior walls are painted in bright blue, turquoise and orange, heavily stuccoed so it's almost as if you've stepped inside a multi
  • Manos Jujeñas
    Manos Jujeñas is an excellent and inexpensive option for local cuisine. But be prepared to wait a few minutes, because this restaurant, decorated with local crafts, is usually packed with locals and foreigners alike crowding in for the empanadas and tamales. It also serves as a fill station for bar
  • Parrillada Chung King
    Don't jump to conclusions because of the name; Parrillada Chung King is a favorite among locals not for Chinese food, but for its stuffed empanadas, tamales and picante de pollo. Swing by on Saturday evenings to see local artists perform regional dances.
  • Ruta 9
    Ruta 9 is a favorite of locals and travelers alike, with oversized portions of chicken and beef, and snappy service.
  • La Royal Confitería
    The food is average at La Royal, but it stays open in the middle of the day when other restaurants shut down. Nothing too fancy here, but the olive pizza or chicken empanadas are decent and filling. There is hot coffee during breakfast hours, too.
  • Krysys
    This restaurant should be at the top of your grub list in San Salvador de Jujuy. One taste of the succulent steak and it is no wonder the country is known for it. The trout with a squeeze of lemon is a fantastic choice for seafood lovers, while there is also fresh pasta and grilled chicken on the me
  • El Solar Del Convento
    In what was once a Jesuit monastery near the main plaza is El Solar del Convento, one of Salta's most esteemed restaurants. Serving international and traditional dishes, as well as a prime parrilla (barbecue), this stylish bistro is the place to go for a fine dining experience or romantic ni
  • Bio's Diet
    Vegetarians have a hide-away in Salta at Bio's Diet. This small restaurant offers wholesome foods made for people on all sorts of special diets, including sodium-free (though the salt shaker is brought to the table). Homemade, whole-grain pastas and lasagnas are presented, as are soy meal preparati
  • Cuatro Siglos
    At lunch or dinnertime, open the trap doors of your hollow legs and get ready for Cuatro Siglos' tenedor libre (all-you-can-eat) buffet. The whole gang will find something here, including vegetarians and vegans. Cuatro Siglos has dozens of dishes to choose from. One spread is devoted to hot
  • Dubai Comidas Árabes
    Immigrant Italians definitely left an indelible mark on Argentine cuisine, with a plethora of pastas and pizzas that crowd this country's menus. But they weren't the only ones to have a noticeable influence. At Salta's Dubai Comidas Árabes, you can try traditional Arabian dishes, like tabbouleh,
  • El Patio De La Empanada
    One of the best places to try traditional Salteña cooking is El Patio de la Empanada. When hungry patrons come in, the women of the six stands around the central patio wave their aprons, beckoning diners to come to their place. All these women offer the same fare for the same price, though each us
  • Zorba
    Zorba's menu is filled with dishes from Greece and Argentina. The salads are loaded with feta cheese, and the layered baklava is sweet and delicious. The sandwiches are acceptable, though it doesn't hurt to request a little extra meat. This establishment is located on the corner of Belgrano and Neco
  • 1900
    The set lunches here are made with care and served in heaping portions: Each plate has nearly a whole chicken, a side of vegetables and fresh juice or glass of wine. The dinners are excellent too, usually a variation of the lunch menu.
  • La Oficina
    La Oficina is a comfortable corner café. It's a place to find a quiet table while the city is rushing on the principal avenue outside. Santigueños come here to relax after a long day at the office. Travelers access the WiFi to catch up weeks of correspondence to their friends and families back ho
  • Malabar
    Immaculate table settings, fresh flowers and a shimmering fish tank lend this cozy restaurant just enough swank to make it an anomaly on a block otherwise crowded with small neighborhood cafés. Fare is of the metropolitan parrilla variety, attracting chic carnivores with grilled beef, chicken and s
  • Mexicali
    Just a stone's throw from one of Quito's most popular gringo bars, Bungalow 6, Mexicali is a tiny but immaculate take-out joint serving up excellent Mexican staples like burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and other treats you might crave after a long night out. The place has outdoor seating, though most
  • Fonfone
    This small and inviting family-run cafe has been attracting happy customers for years, as evidenced by the wallpaper of smiley photos plastered throughout the interior. Appearing in nearly every snapshot is Catalina, the fun and friendly owner who frequently chats with customers, offering warm a
  • Restaurante Mía Mamma
    Restaurante Mía Mamma is a typical Italo-Argentine bistro. Pastas are the standard here, with eight types of sauce to bathe them in. Parrilla is also a hot ticket and includes the regional specialty chivito (kid goat). Of course, a restaurant of this class would be incomplete without
  • Mercado Central
    The market makes a great supplement to all of your restaurant dining. There are stands and stands of fresh fruit and vegetable and also informal dining on the second floor of empanadas, humitas and pizzas. The market is open Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m., 5-9:30 p.m.; Saturday 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.,
  • El Único
    El Ã?nico serves regional and traditional Argentine dishes. The steak, topped with a pepper sauce, is an excellent choice, especially when paired with a frosty beer. The empanadas are also a house specialty, but they go fast, so arrive a tad earlier than normal.
  • La Caserita
    La Caserita is a conventional Argentine rotisería (deli) that prepares delicious food to carry out or have delivered. Squash and other tartas (quiches), homemade pastas and gnocchi, milanesas (breaded cutlets) and other classic foods are on the menu. Also hot out of the oven a
  • Al Sahara
    Come tie your camelid up at Al Sahara, beneath the shade of potted trees in this pale-terra-cotta interior patio. Signs posted in the window loudly proclaim the parrillas (BBQs) prepared for one or more diners. These and the pizzas, milanesas, empanadas and pastas are for those arrivi
  • Heladería Rosmari
    Introduce yourself to Argentinan ice cream at Rosmari. The ice cream here is a close relative to gelato in its super creamy texture. With the unending flavors at Rosmari, you are sure to find something that meets your tastes whether it's a simple lemon sorbet or the indulgent Rosmari Blanco, which
  • Picasso Resto Bar
    Picasso Resto Bar is one of many restaurants along Plaza 25 de Mayo's north side. Something that sets this bistro apart on the crowded sidewalk is its specials offered all day long, for breakfast, lunch and merienda (evening snack). Another is Picasso's live music on Saturday nights. The me
  • Karukera
    With its brightly colored walls, funky furniture, and cool backlit bar, Karukera is a hip yet relaxing place to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat. The menu offers a wide selection of beverages—alcoholic and not—as well as a variety of crepes, sandwiches, and other simple treats. For th
  • McDonald's
    McDonald's, popular in Ecuador, is enjoyed by wealthier quiteños and guilty gringos alike. There are numerous branches of this popular American hamburger chain located in shopping malls and on major roads all across Quito. Although you know you shouldn't, sometimes you just want the taste of home,
  • Decimo
    Decimo serves up a short menu of gourmet food with sky-high views of the city from its perch on the 10th floor of Edificio Gomez. Predominantly a wine boutique, Decimo offers visitors a well-thought-out list of Mendoza's finest wines to accompany its cheese and olive plate, hare, or lomo al malb
  • La India
    Vegetarians need not apply, as lomito sandwiches highlight the menu at La India. A variety of options, including three homemade breads, four types of cheese, and endless toppings, give La India its best-sandwich-in-the-city reputation. The menus also offers chicken and pork options. Sandwich
  • La Massa
    Located on Aristides Villanueva Street, pizzeria La Massa is an ideal place to begin a night out. The brick-oven-cooked pizzas come heaped with toppings ranching from the typical ham and mozzarella to chicken and pesto. While prices are competitive, both its food quality and service set La Massa ap
  • Ocho Cepas
    Few restaurants can match the dining experience at Ocho Cepas. Small dining rooms provide an intimate atmosphere, while the chefs grill up surf and turf to perfection. The menu also offers several green salads, pastas, and smoked picadas to satisfy any craving. An extensive Mendoza-only wine list a
  • Sr. Cheff
    Friendly waiters serve up quality parrilla and pasta dishes at similar prices to the greasy spoon-style patios found along Peatonal. It's well worth walking the extra block east to take advantage of this local favorite. A large salad buffet offers a welcome addition to the beef-heavy Argentinean di
  • Bar Suizo
    Bar Suizo is the first stop for those who prefer fine foods. It has slow-cooked Argentine steaks, along with tender pork and chicken plates loaded with sides of vegetables. This restaurant also has a nice selection of beer and wine.
  • El Mosquito
    Found in the commercial center of town, El Mosquito offers excellent dishes at reasonable prices. The menu features homemade pasta, goat, pizza and grilled meats. The tenderloin with mushrooms is fantastic, while people seem to enjoy the chicken seasoned with garlic, too. The wine list is comprehens
  • Café Maverick
    Similar to the other cafés that line Paseo Bajo, Café Maverick is a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after a hike. What sets Café Maverick apart is that it offers Internet access.
  • Pizzeria
    The pizza here will not be confused with anything found in Italy, but it isn't terrible, either. Typical pies with sauce and cheese, as well as various toppings are served piping hot. An olive and cheese pizza is a safe option. There are several outdoor tables to enjoy the fresh air while eating.
  • Bistro M
    This is arguably the first choice in Mendoza to indulge in the world-famous Argentine filet. The piece of meat is succulent and filling, surrounded by fresh vegetables and a salad. The lightly grilled trout is another delicious meal, while the service is more than friendly and fast. There is also a
  • La Pulpería de los Ferreyra
    It is impossible to visit too many parrillas in Argentina, so drop into La Pulpería to taste another one of the nation's finest. The chef slow-cooks different cuts of meat, served with a bottle of red wine and a side serving of French fries.
  • Locoto
    Locoto is new, small, and hip enough that it wouldn't be out of place in a stylish Buenos Aires neighborhood. The cozy indoor dining room is nicely decorated with large paintings, setting the stage to try chef and owner Pablo Passarino's rotating menu of heavily spiced meat dishes and various pastas
  • El Paso 2200
    As the name indicates, El Paso 2200 specializes in Tex-Mex foods like fajitas, tacos and the like. The restaurant is set away from the mountain but still with a nice view and has a more relaxed atmosphere than many of the resort's other restaurants. Large meal deals start at $11.35, which would be e
  • La Fotonovela
    La Fotonovela is a simple but charming Mexican restaurant-cum-café based in the heart of La Mariscal. During the day locals gather at the venue's four tables to drink, relax or talk, while a selection of tacos and tortillas are served up by the cheery staff to the mixture of Ecuadorians and travele
  • Coffee Tree Amazonas
    Coffee Tree Amazonas, an outdoor set-up in front of the Espiral shopping center, makes a welcome stop-off point for tired travelers in need of caffeine after visiting Parque El Ejido, the Mercado Artesanal and the area's many tour agencies. Like <
  • Michelangelo
    From the Mona Lisa print that gazes down over the main hall, you might surmise that Michelangelo's is an establishment that aims at class. And the chandeliers and immaculately dressed waiters do indeed give the place an elegant feel. Unfortunately, the prices match the décor, and are among the ste
  • UFO Point
    UFO Point is the late-night party spot in Las Leñas. It is centrally located, in the same building as the Hotel Acuario, and plays host to functions including ski and snowboard video releases, product promotions, and parties for no apparent reasons. Mountain employees straggle up from the employee
  • Innsbruck
    Innsbruck is a Las Leñas classic. Constantly pumping out music right at the base of the mountain, the deck is a favorite for after-ski drinks and the dining room is a popular restaurant later in the evening. You can call from the hotels to have food delivered via 4-wheeler and the dinner menu range
  • El Restauro- Cocina de Autor
    El Restauro's attractive yellow and cream façade is on the corner of the pleasant Plaza San Martin diagonal from the cathedral. A large, slickly designed dining room sets the stage for San Rafael's best gastronomical experience. Regional ingredients like salted ham, goat cheese dominate the start
  • Don Angelo
    For quick survival food like pizza, empanadas and sandwiches, Don Angelo is a San Rafael mainstay. A huge awning over the spacious sidewalk on the busy avenue provides ample outdoor seating. There are also plenty of tables inside and the wait staff is friendly and efficient and if you feel like stay
  • Goblin Irish Pub
    Salta's version of the typical Irish pub is not half bad, as quoted by a customer of true Irish blood. You'll find lots of customers tipping back a pint mid-afternoon. Later, the pub comes to a bit more life as those same drinkers make it to pint No. 6, 7, 8, and so on. All of your favorite pub foo
  • Tienda del Sol Restaurant
    An affordable restaurant aimed toward families and tourists, Tienda del Sol tries for the finer dining-type experience, with tables topped with white and gold linens and a dining room decked out with all-around luxury appeal, though the management would do well to remedy tables with breadcrumbs on t
  • Pizza Marca
    Pizza Marca is right next to Don Angelo and provides similar fare. Here you can chow-down at a fleet of street-side tables under the cover of a big awning. The menu is mostly limited to pizza, but there are good lomo sandwiches and number of other options. Again, they will deliver to your h
  • Mercado Central
    This is the place to head for a cheap meal with local flavor in vintage Mendoza atmosphere. Argentines deal out delicious empanadas, slices of pizza and sandwiches to go along with a strong cup of coffee. The market is located at Las Heras and Patricias Mendocinas. Expect to spend between $1-5.
  • La Marchigiana
    The family-run La Marchigiana is another fantastic choice for Italian food in Mendoza. The salad and ravioli are excellent, and can be topped off with an authentic old-world dessert for less money than one might expect.
  • Lo de Jorge
    This local grill has excellent portions of ribs and blood sausage to accompany a fine selection of wines, as well as big salads for vegetarians. The service is friendly and quick--an empty beer glass doesn't last long here..
  • Restaurant Beijing
    Even in Tucumán, you'll find a Chinese tenedor libre where hungry locals come to chow down. Restaurant Beijing is your standard all-you-can-eat buffet, with 180 types of appetizer, main and dessert dishes to heap on a plate. The Asian-style entrees are seasoned to suit Argentine taste buds
  • Mi Viejo Arrabal
    Looking for a good steak? Then Mi Viejo Arrabal is worth a try. In this Argentinean Steakhouse you can watch your steak being prepared (at least the grilling process). Apart from meat they offer fish, pasta, soups and veggie food. Bear in mind, it may not the best place for your budget, as it is a l
  • Martino Resto Bar
    Martino Resto Bar is one of Tafí del Valle's cheaper places to eat. The small, family restaurant serves the usual food for a Northwestern Argentine eatery. Alongside the pizza, milanesas, matambre (stuffed beef roll) and pastas is the hearty locro st
  • Alvarito
    Alvarito specializes in international food. The fairly inexpensive Arabic cuisine is a welcome break from empanadas and tapas. Open Monday-Saturday 9 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • Pizza Pringles
    The hot, cheesy slices at Pizza Pringles are a safe bet if you're looking for a sure, solid meal. The restaurant offers all the usual toppings, and a few exotic choices, as well as empanadas and salads.
  • Hassan's Cafe
    This small Lebanese café is a popular, affordable option frequented by locals. Many are no doubt attracted by the owner Hassan himself, a sleepy-eyed, passionate cook who moved to Ecuador years ago after running two very successful restaurants in Southern California. But the specials are the real d
  • El Murallón
    The filet at Murallón is probably the best thing on the menu, but the ravioli is surprisingly good, too. There is a fine wine selection, so it's easy to find a bottle that goes best with your meal. The staff is very friendly.
  • La Posta
    La Posta steakhouse offers one of the better seasoned sirloins in Merlo. There is some regional food on the menu, along with fresh spaghetti, though the specialty here is juicy slabs of steak. The wine selection is good, and there is also cold beer.
  • Chez Philippe
    Only ten blocks from downtown, Chez Philippe is a small, quiet restaurant with only seven tables that offers delicious dishes like cheese fondue, loin steak with morrells, trout, lamb and more. It's a good place for fans of French and regional food.
  • Yu Su Café
    Sushi in Quito is not the typical fare, but for a change of pace, Yu Su Café offers a concise menu in a small, colorful setting. Choose from 13 items, which are essentially three kinds of sushi: sushi with vegetable or fish, California rolls, or salmon roll varieties--all ranging between $3-7. Th
  • El Almacén
    El Almacén, a used-to-be general store, focuses more on foods typical of Argentina's Andean Northwest. On the menu are humitas (savory corn dumplings) and six types of empanadas. (For a different taste experience, try the ones made of surí, or rhea.) Homemade pasta
  • Azafran
    If you've got the money to spend, it's hard not to enjoy Azafran, one of Mendoza's premier restaurants. With an impressive glass-walled cellar stocked with some of the regions best wines and a sommelier to help you pair a bottle with your food, this restaurant is a great place to sample Mendoza's cu
  • Athenas Resto-Bar
    Athenas is sandwiched between a pair of restaurants offering almost the same menu, but the beef here is excellent. Argentine steak is a highlight of any trip to this country, and Athenas cooks a juicy slab of sirloin until the middle turns a deep pink and serves it with a choice of French fries or s
  • Costa Norte
    Customers of this local favorite in Mina Clavero suggest that a diner can never go wrong with the chicken: a simple, classic dish cooked until its tender and served with rice. The cheese-stuffed empanadas are a good option for vegetarians.
  • La Albahaca
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. . . or rather, do as those from Mendoza do and find a taste of Italy at La Albahaca. This Italian-Argentine restaurant has killer ravioli, as well as other pastas and delicious regional fish dishes, with sweet desserts to finish off the experience.
  • À La Bonne Franquette
    The fireplace crackles, the music softly soothes, and the staff leap to attention at the sight of a customer. A meal at Ã? La Bonne Franquette is like a long-awaited homecoming. Prices are reasonable, food is delicious, and the staff are friendly far beyond the demands of their profession. Dishes a
  • Bistro 210
    A fairly new restaurant in Quito (opened December 2007), Bistro 210 is easy to find, situated at the corner Joaquin Pinto and Diego de Almagro in the Mariscal. Entering the restaurant you feel immediately moved into little Paris; you'll be easily conviced by its French atmosphere and typical “c
  • Parrilla Restaurante Don Pepito
    Parrilla Restaurant Don Pepito is one of the standard tourist restaurants in Tafí del Valle. Families and groups throng into its ample space to enjoy its menu of regional cuisineâ??humitas, locro and picadas (antipastos) with Tafinisto cheeses. The
  • Caro Pepe
    You've probably heard that Argentina is famous for its tender, juicy cuts of beef, but what you might not know, is that when it comes to food, Argentines love their buffets. And these buffets are not simply a few dishes thrown out for the taking. These are gourmet meals delicately pre
  • Tommaso Trattoria
    Mixed in among the rest of the upscale restaurants near the intersection of Sarmiento and Belgrano, this Italian eatery oozes quiet sophistication, and all at prices a tad bit lower than its neighboring counterparts. Outdoor seating is available, though the dining room, with linen-top tables that wr
  • Quinta Norte
    While Quinta Norte isn't going to wow anyone with its food, its daily menu specials offer cheap, hearty portions of regional favorites such as milanesa (sorry veggie lovers, all of the specials are meat-centric). At just 10 pesos ($3.25), the specials are perfect for backpackers and families alike.
  • Estancia La Florencia Parrilla
    A popular meat-eating spot along Sarmiento, La Florencia likely owes half of its success to its street-side kitchen, outside of which passersby can watch a cornucopia of carnes sizzling over a wood-fired grill. Prices are comparable with other restaurants in the area, with a perfectly seasoned broc
  • Rincon La Ronda
    La Ronda serves traditional Ecuadorian food in an elegant atmosphere. It is very popular with Ecuadorians, especially among older members of the middle class. The food is quite good, although the prices are steep for Quito. Every Sunday evening they offer a performance by a traditional Ecuadoria
  • Cerveceria Blest
    A Bavarian-style tavern loaded with charm, this is the oldest and perhaps best beer brewer in all of Bariloche. Beers made on-premise comprise a pilsen, a bock, a half & half (pilsen and bock), a stout and a scotch ale. Half-pints run between $7.50 pesos and $8 pesos ($2.25 - $2.50US), with chop
  • La Casona
    This popular restaurant on the main plaza serves up a good range of meaty local favorites including bife, brocheta and milanesa, as well as a good choice of fish and chicken dishes. There's also pasta and pizza, both of which have a number of veggie options. The barn-like high ceilings have strong f
  • Mil Sabores
    A popular spot to sit and watch the street that is Trinidad's calles, Mil Sabores also serves up good-value almuerzos with soup and choice of a main course. There are local-style snacks available throughout the day, including empanadas and cunape (cheese balls with yucca), a selection of ice-cold dr
  • Kivon
    This heladería on the corner of the main plaza is a bit rough around the edges, never the less it's a good place to eat some ice-cream and watch the bikes go by. They also have some mains including pique a la macho, surubí, pacamuto and pork chops, as well as sandwiches, hamburgers and empanadas.
  • Pollo's Joel
    The Trini fastfood chicken joint of choice, Pollo's Joel serves up fried chicken or pollo al spiedo (baked on a spit) in quarter or half portions, or go for a whole chicken. There's an airy room with plenty of roof fans if you want to sit inside, or pavement seating if you'd prefer a bit of
  • Crazy Food
    If you're looking for a quick, light meal at any time of day, then Crazy Food is your spot. They serve up a selection of good-value combo meals where you can choose from Caesar salad, steak sandwich, hamburger or a Greek sandwich, which comes with chicken, cheese and salad in a pitta. It's also the
  • Buhos
    Stylish restaurant Buhos serves up good quality food in an elegant but relaxed setting. On the menu you'll find dishes like filet mignon, chicken with asparagus, gnocchi, camarones and trout, and they even serve paella and escargot. All mains are served with vegetables, rice and fries. There's a ple
  • Pizzeria Pastapizza
    Despite the unimaginative title, this restaurant is a must for those travelers with a weakness for Italian food. The decor is cheery, the staff friendly and the portions generous. Not Rurre's cheapest eatery but prices are reasonable nonetheless, and the food is very tasty.
  • Casa de campo
    Casa de campo (mid-range) Ideal for malnourished travelers in search of some kind of healthy indulgence, this friendly cafe/restaurant has a large selection of tasty nutritional goodies. Delicious breakfasts (fried for those nursing a hangover, fruit-based for those on a health-kick), sandwiches,
  • Sol y Luna
    This hot and cold lunch buffet has a large selection of tasty dishes that vary on a daily basis. The food is priced by weight, usually about $3 -$4 including drink. Open: 12p.m.-3:30p.m.
  • Casa de turista
    There's nothing authentically Bolivian about this restaurant, as the name suggests, but it is a great spot to visit if Mexican food tickles your fancy. Tasty pizza, burgers and ice-cold beers are on offer here too. The staff is friendly, the service is efficient, the prices are very reasonable and t
  • Bamboo restaurant
    This cosy spot is ideal for travelers squabbling over budget matters, as it offers a variety of international food, which is slightly pricier, as well as a traditional set lunch, which is great value for money. So whether you fancy a fried breakfast, a burger or a more local dish, this place has wha
  • Pension Anita
    Pension Anita is a good spot for a local almuerzo. The starter is usually a noodle soup, the main some kind of meat with rice, and the dessert is fruit. It may not be the most delicious food you can find in Rurre (and is certainly not the most expensive) but it is filling, nutritious, great value an
  • Brosteria Charito
    This restaurant is the perfect spot for travelers on a budget to sample a little local cuisine. Bolivian almuerzos (lunches) are fantastic value for money as they offer three courses for around US$2. Although the décor of this particular establishment is not particularly inviting, the staff is atte
  • Club Social
    In the big open courtyard of the Club Social you'll find smart waiters serving up good-value local cuisine. The main draw here is the good-quality set menu lunches for a little over $2. A kind of outside eating area with a roof, it's likely there will be a few birds fluttering around as you eat your
  • Restaurante Brasilero
    Brazilian favourites such as feijao and farofa are on offer at this per kilo Brazilian buffet. There's also four tables full of cold buffet fodder, including pasta salad, palm heart salad, marinated aubergine and reams more fresh salad items to choose from. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and
  • Cafe Central
    If you arrive to Uyuni's train station in the morning and are looking for a place to have breakfast, Cafe Central has granola, yogurt and fruit, pancakes, and set breakfasts on offer. Located in the Parque Arce, under the central bandstand, near the train station.
  • Place of Colors
    A good spot for breakfast or a sandwich, this friendly cafe also offers tasty warm meals in the evening, as well as much-needed hot wine in this coldest of areas.
  • The Alamo
    Stepping through the double swinging doors of The Alamo Restaurant transports you into a slightly strange wild-west-esque atmosphere. The booth seating, walls covered in framed photos of cowboys and Hollywood stars,cows skulland a giant TV showing 80s and 90s classic music videos combine to create t
  • Los Helechos
    Although its decor is uninspiring, Los Helechos is a Tupiza favorite. The $1.50 (10 Bs.) breakfast buffet is unbeatable, and lunches and dinners remain well-priced as well. Sandwiches and hamburgers cost between $1 - $2 (5 Bs. - 14 Bs.), and the most expensive meat dish runs just under $7. There are
  • Confiteria "Il Bambino"
    A local and traveler favorite, Il Bambio sits on a triangular corner a block away from Plaza Independencia. They serve a well-portioned breakfast (8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.), lunch (12 p.m. - 2 p.m.) and dinner (6 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.), all at reasonable prices. Il Bambino also sells pizza by the slice ($1 /
  • California
    California is a relaxed little restaurant located directly across from the Plaza Independencia. It offers a standard menu of burgers, pizza and pasta (and a good selection of vegetarian options), but its atmosphere sets it apart from the multitude of other Tupiza pizzerias. Breakfast costs between $
  • Wiphala Pub
    A popular spot for board games, drinks, and Bolivian food, with live music on the weekends.
  • Arco Iris
    Ever-popular and always busy, Arco Iris serves up fresh pizzas; it's a great place to grab a beer and meet fellow travelers and form Salar tour groups.
  • La Estancia
    One of the most popular Churrasquerias in the Beni capital, La Estancia concentrates on one of the local specialties - steak. You can choose from lomito, bife de chorizo and chicken, fresh from the BBQ, or go the whole hog and get a full parrillada (a range of dif
  • Pescadería Don Pedrito
    The locals' favourite fish restaurant, Don Pedrito serves up hearty portions of local fish including pacú, piraña, sudau and suburí. It's open for lunch and dinner and you can dine among the palms in the open terraces, or in the barn-like main hall. Fish is the definite specialty, but there are a
  • Restaurante 16 de Julio
    Offers tasty and affordable pizzas, pastas, Bolivian and international food, served in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Restaurante Thunupa
  • Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza
    Step inside cozy gringo-owned Minuteman Pizza, and you momentarily forget you are in a freezing, isolated desert town in Bolivia. Offering tasty fresh-baked pizzas with interesting toppings, Minuteman is a great place to relax with a glass of wine or beer, meet fellow nomads, browse the book excha
  • La Loco Bar Restaurante
    An unlikely French-run bar and restaurant in this desolate desert town, La Loco is a barn-like space with wooden furniture, a log fire always burning, a dart board, and a warm atmosphere. With a short, gourmet, French-influenced menu, La Loco is where to go if you are sick of eating pizza and cra
  • Verde Siempre
    Buffet and salad bar, but more emphasis on the salads and cold foods. Food is priced by weight and inexpensive.
  • Sesamo
    This is a take-out only buffet and salad bar with food priced by weight, about $2-$3. Not all of the dishes are vegetarian. There is a small health food shop inside as well.
  • El Mundo De La Parilla
    (ENTREES: $6 - 10) The restaurant's English translation, “the world of the grill” aptly describes the focus of the menu—Argentinian-style grilled meat. By far the most popular steak joint in Bahía Blanca, you'll definitely need a reservation on weekends. This isn't the most vegetari
  • Pavarotti
    (ENTREES: $5 - 10) Serving up mostly European dishes, Pavarotti specializes in Italian cuisine (as the name might imply). There's also a strong Spanish influence, and they have a respectable assortment of tapas. The atmosphere is classy and comfortable, and the place is very popular amongst the loc
  • Aida Restaurante
    The restaurant named for Verdi's opera offers its fair share of Italian dishes, and the owner is very passionate about opera (the restaurant faces the Teatro Municipal, which was inaugurated by Aida). The restaurant serves all three meals, and does a pretty good job of it. There's a good win
  • Theatrum Restaurant
    Located on the second floor of the historic Teatro Nacional Sucre, the Theatrum Restaurant is a must-see while in the Centro Histórico. With its soaring ceilings and muted décor, it is a fancy atmosphere befitting an equally posh menu. With offerings such as baby Ecuadorian banana with warm choco
  • Restaurant Arrayanes
    If you're looking for gastronomic variety and sophisticated environs, check out Arrayanes, located a few minutes outside of downtown Bahía Blanca. The restaurant has dishes from around the world, as well as native Argentinian and Patagonian meals with a heavy emphasis on the grill. The dining hall
  • Taberna Baska
    (ENTREES: $4 - 9) This Basque tavern serves up a fine assortment of Spanish and Basque delicacies, from octopus to Mediterranean pasta. Taberna Baska has a very pleasant atmosphere and is actually part of Bahía Blanca's Basque social club. Try the Chocolate Bilbao for dessert, if there's any room
  • Confitería París
    This classic café serves some of the best breakfast in La Plata. Along with breakfast items, Confitería París also serves a good variety of salads and sandwiches for lunch, and has excellent coffee and pastries. The café is also a great place to watch daily life pass by on the street outside. D
  • Restaurante Recova
    Families haning out at Lujan's boardwalk don't have to look far for a great meal. La Recova is the best restaurant on the riverside and a popular weekend hangout. A vast cafeteria-style interior and covered outdoor seating means that there's always space for one more diner. Staff tend to racks of me
  • Restaurante Berlin
    The name gives the game away. Restaurante Berlin is the place for traditional German fare and cheese fondue in Luján, day or night. The central location, pleasant deck and patio seating make Berlin a good spot to spend a few hours people watching or munching on various crepe and waffle desserts. Fo
  • Viejo Lobo
    Viejo Lobo (Bunge y Avenida Del Mar, Tel. # 022254 483218) is located near to downtown Pinamar but right on the beach. It has nice views of the ocean, patio dinning if desired and an extensive menu that specializes in seafood. Prices are pretty normal for Pinamar but can definitely creep up towards
  • Green Mango
    Green Mango (Quintana 56, Tel. # 02254 40 7990) is a Sushi bar which sometimes also turns disoish and hosts live DJ's. The food is good and you can get combo platters for groups of two or four people. Expect to pay around $13 dollars a piece for the inclusive group feasts. Green Mango also deliver
  • Cafetería y Frutería Colonial
    Proof that there are Ecuadorian hippies outside of Montañita, Cafetería y Frutería Colonial is more psychodelic than colonial. The café is just north of the Plaza del Teatro. This café will be a breath of fresh air for vegetarians tired of oily lettuce and rice for every meal. Vegetarian di
  • Rotiseria Costa Azul
    Rotiseria Costa Azul (Del Odiseo 790, Tel # 02254 488841) located a bit out of downtown but close to many of the more affordable places to stay, this small establishment is a bargain of a deal. Serving all manner of pastry type dishes, pizza and rotisery chicken it also has an amazing salad bar ful
  • Caravana
    The fanciest fast-food restaurant for miles, Caravana is basically a glorified stand set in a lovely colonial courtyard with a small fountain. The elegant atmosphere makes you forget you're eating a $3 combo meal. This is quick, cheap food in a spot with great atmosphere. Barely more than a stand,
  • La Cueva del Oso
    This is a beautiful spot to spend an elegant evening with live music every night and a wide selection of local and international dishes. Dress is semi-formal.
  • Empire Thai
    Empire Thai is an upscale Thai food restaurant with an ample bar and some very spicy curry. It has a stylish modern interior with high wood beams, painted columns and latticed windows, intimately lit by candles and dangling lanterns. Empire is both gay and vegetarian friendly. Meals run about $10-
  • Granix
    Granix is an all you can eat buffet downtown, which is only open weekdays for lunch. The buffet has a big selection and includes mains, salads, drinks and dessets. The buffet is 20 pesos (about $&) and take-out food is priced by weight, usually coming between $5 and $9. Open: Monday
  • Bio
    Bio uses all organic ingredients, mainly local. The menu consists of international fare such as burritos, indian curry, tofu empanadas, pizza and couscous. The building, which looks somewhat like an english cottage, provides a pleasant atmosphere, and the service is generally good. Meals are about
  • Masamadre
    This restaurant features a lot of Mediterranean specialties like hummus and tabouli, and also includes a bakery with delicious breads and pastries. Meals are about $4-$10.
  • The Green Apple
    This all-you-can-eat buffet is a little pricier than the other veggie restaurants in town, but it is the only place you can go to have a sit-down dinner (the others only do take-out in the evenings), though take-out is also an option here. This is a good deal overall - there is a big selection, th
  • Los Sabios
    This is a primarily vegan international buffet with a focus on Chinese food. The buffet includes a salad bar, and there is even a dumpling stand in the back. Not the place to go for atmosphere, but you'll get a solid meal here. Meals about $3-5. Hours: 12p.m.-3p.m. and 8p.m.-12a.m.
  • Verde Llama
    Verde Llama is an all raw foods restaurant, but don't let that drive you away - the food is creative and flavorful, and the owners are more than willing to provide you with assistance and explanations. The restaurant also offers delicious juices and smoothies, as well as free WiFi access. The meals
  • Arándano
    One of the poshest places in town, Arándano is complete with white linen tablecloths and is renowned amongst locals for serving a different class of cuisine. Three delectable courses, including seafood and international dishes, make a welcome break from meat and fries. The price is far from extorti
  • Patio Andaluz Restaurant
    The Patio Andaluz Restaurant is set in the enclosed courtyard of a lovely 400 year-old colonial building that was renovated in December 2003. It is a breath of fresh air in the middle of the bustling Old Town. The Patio Andaluz Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and features Ecuadorian
  • El Buho Café Bar
    Set in the Centro Cultural Metropolitano with views of an enclosed courtyard, El Buho provides a fun, relaxing break from the rigors of sightseeing in the Centro Histórico. After your meal, don't miss a view of the Plaza de la Independencia and surrounding area from the roof of the museum. Just cl
  • La Recova
    This traditional Argentine restobar/confitería is pleasantly situated on the corner of the Plaza. This is a popular breakfast spot with locals, since La Recova's medialunas are especially good. Set lunches are also good value here.
  • Albattaka
    Albattaka is at a great vantage point on the centeral Plaza for great views and great people watching. The interior of exposed brickwork and funky artwork give it a hip feel and ensure that Albattaka is a popular place. And, the freshly prepared pizzas aren't bad, either.
  • Aromas y Sabores
    If you're not ready to eat a complete meal, but just want a snack then try Aromas y Sabores. They serve freshly made empanadas of a variety of fillings. Takeaway a selection box of 12 for $7 or buy them individually. Takeaway pizzas are also available, though empanadas are what they do best. Try the
  • Camelot
    Camelot's imposing, black castle façade seems like a portal to a real-life game of Dungeons and Dragons. A traditional Irish bar greets hungry travelers with quality cuisine. The fusion of English-Irish-Argentine makes an interesting dining conundrum.
  • Bella Napoli
    While its sign claiming "Bolivia's Best Pizza" might be a bit of an exageration, Bella Napoli is definitely in the running to win the title of “Tupiza's Best Pizza.” In a town so full of pizzerias, it's hard to stand out, but Bella Napoli has cute decor and good food. Pizzas cost between $
  • Bufalo
    Dinner is an all out feast at Bufalo. First, you get freshly baked potato chips with dips, then garlic bread, then the main meal you've ordered-you certainly won't mind if you have to wait for your steak and you won't be disappointed once it arrives! There's a good wine list here, all locally produc
  • La Casita del Pannekuk
    For a unique pancake experience in La Paz, head to La Casita del Pannekuk, a small café offering Dutch style pancakes. The Pannekoek come in sweet and savoury varieties, with combinations like bacon, cheese and basil; cheese and pineapple; apple and cinnamon; and chocolate and banana. Your chosen t
  • La Comedie
    Regularly touted as the best restaurant in La Paz, La Comedie serves authentic French cuisine using quality ingredients, alongside an extensive wine menu from France and across South America . It's a stylish restaurant that's been tastefully decorated, making it the perfect place for a romantic meal
  • Sergiu's
    Just down from Plaza Estudiante, you'll find the local's favorite pizza joint. Serving up thin base pizzas by the (huge) slice, Sergiu's has paceños driving from Zona Sur to get a piece of the action. Choose from classic toppings such as ham, pineapple, chorizo, tomato and bacon. They also serve ch
  • Chocolate Caliente
    If you like hot chocolate and trinkets then this is the place to come. They serve the luscious sweet liquid with mint, vanilla or cinnamon, or whatever else you might fancy. The café itself is an eclectic mix of rustic wooden furniture, bright painted walls, artisan paintings - some of which are fo
  • Arábica
    A popular after-work spot for drinks and coffee, Arábica serves up sandwiches, pitas, salads, soups, crepes and cakes alongside a good selection of cocktails and lots of different takes on your classic cup of java. For something different, try one of their nidos, bowls of bread packed with tasty fi
  • La Guinguette Bar-Brasserie
    The new offering at the Alianze Francesa, La Guinuette offers good quality French cuisine in a sophisticated French bistro style setting. Dishes include duck liver pate mousse, roast pork with mushroom and onion sauce, and sirloin steak with red wine. There's also good salads, onion soup and cheese
  • Café Blueberries
    Blueberries unique offering is, yes you've guessed it, blueberries. They serve hot blueberries, blueberry squash and yummy blueberry pancakes, as well as their speciality blueberry yoghurt with antioxidant fruits freshly picked from the Andean valleys. The café has a subtle colonial feel and there
  • La Jungla "Plaza de Comidas"
    If there's a few of you and you can't agree on what type of food to eat then this could be your place. La Jungla is an open-plan dining area with different stands selling everything from tex-mex to Chinese, fried chicken to traditional Bolivian food. There's a number of good value almuerzos on offe
  • Mr. Pizza
    Mr. Pizza provides exactly what it advertises - a range of pizzas, from a basic margarita up to the supreme, with toppings of mozzarella, chorizo, pork, ham, olives, peppers, onions and mushrooms. The pizzas come in four sizes, from personal to family, and there are three choices of a base - pan, r
  • Maphrao On
    This inviting restaurant in Sopocachi serves up Thai cuisine alongside a selection of Chinese, Indonesian and Indian dishes. On the menu there's chicken satay, pollo picante, pad thai, a selection of tofu dishes and trucha tikka massala. Some of the flavors may not be 100% authentic but they use go
  • Olive Tree
    A favorite with the expat crowd, the Olive Tree specializes in soups, salads and sandwiches. They do tuna melts, BLTs and roast-beef sandwiches, and a whole load of other variations that should be able to fix just about any craving. You can also choose combined plates of two half portions of any so
  • Quebecoise Fine Cuisine
    Stepping inside Quebecoise Fine Cuisine, you get the feeling of being inside a restaurant in the European countryside. This eatery is, in fact, Canadian, and has an extensive menu of chicken and steak dishes, as well as a good sea food selection, including surf and turf plates. The floral wallpaper,
  • Pronto Dalicatessen
    Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with a twist, Pronto Dalicatessen gets rave reviews from its clientele. Found on a small street parallel to Avenida 20 de Octubre, this Dali themed restaurant's fusion menu includes llama carpaccio, quinua risotto and goat ravioli with Asian curry sauce. The experi
  • Wagamama
    Not to be confused with the British restaurant chain, the Bolivian restaurant Wagamama serves the best sushi in La Paz. Their specialty is trout sushi, made with fresh Bolivian trucha, and there are also salmon and shrimp varieties. The restaurant is simply furnished and the service is fast and effi
  • Restaurant Vegetariano Armonía
    The best vegetarian buffet in La Paz can be found at Armonía. With a large spread of freshly prepared salads, soups, side dishes and main courses, you're not likely to walk away hungry. Dishes are made from a wide range of veggie ingredients, including tofu and beans, and are tasty and filling. The
  • Café Banais
    Café Banais offers a warm, relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Calle Sagárnaga. They do a range of breakfast, including a buffet between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., and there are coffees, milkshakes, juices and some fab cakes. It's a great place for lunch, there's a big sandwich with ma
  • Luna's Café
    An all day café conveniently located on Calle Sagárnaga, which has an extensive menu. There are the usual breakfast, coffee and salad selections and a wide range of sandwiches. They serve up savory crepes as well as a good choice of main meals including veggie lasagna and BBQ pork chops. It has t
  • Thai Old Town
    This Asian restaurant is just off Calle Sagárnaga in the main tourist zone. Most of the menu is Japanese but there are also some Thai and Indian dishes. Here you can eat dimsim, curried lobster and niguiris. It's nicely set out with chunky wooden furniture and pleasant décor, but the portions are
  • El Horno Oriental
    Good quality budget lunches can be found in this small restaurant just up from Plaza del Estudiante, which specializes in food from the eastern lowlands. The almuerzo includes a salad buffet, soup, main course and small dessert. On the menu you'll find dishes like locro de galina, a chicken soup wit
  • Ángelo Colonial
    The popular Ángelo Colonial is an eccentric mix of antiques and trinkets, with walls covered in padlocks, clocks, mirrors, gold frames, swords, cooking pots and just about anything else you can think of. Inside the Aladdin's cave, they serve good pasta dishes, have a wide range of steak, fish and
  • Govinda Vegetarian Food
    Govinda is a very nice plain vegetarian place, open both for lunch and dinner. The veggie burgers and other dishes are prepared using local ingredients with just a subtle Indian touch.
  • Layq'a
    The walls of the Layq'a are colorfully decorated and are covered in Bolivian masks - all of which are for sale. The specialty of the house is llama meat and they also have a big salad bar to pick through. Other local foods on the menu include kingfish and trucha. The food is a bit on the expensive
  • 100% Natural
    Healthy and cheap are not two words often used together when describing food in Bolivia, but that's what you get at this traveler favorite. They do great value salads and juices and huge sandwiches stuffed full of ingredients. The fruit salad comes in a humongous portion. The breakfast here is also
  • Brisk And Coffee
    One of the best places to try a wide variety of organic coffee drinks or eat a sandwich or other meals. It is a great place to go if you're looking a place to relax while tasting the best coffee of Bolivia. A must go place for coffee lovers.
  • Pronto Dalicatessen
    Eating here is like having sex for the first time: definitely experimental, shockingly foreign, but surprisingly delicious in the end. When the restaurant's name contains an Italian 'Pronto' and a punned 'Dalicatessen', you know you're in for a surreal fusion. Think goat ravioli with Asian curry sa
  • Tambo Colonial
    Arguably one of the best restaurants in La Paz! This Bolivian restaurant located inside Hotel Rosario serves a creative and delicious salad buffet to accompany some of the tastiest entrees around. The chicken is wonderfully spicy and the side dishes compliment it perfectly. Don't pass on the beef e
  • Angelos
    Conveniently located in close proximity to the Iglesia San Francisco, Angelos café offers good value set almuerzos, for $2 or 14 bolivianos. The set lunch includes a salad starter, large bowl of soup (two choices), several hearty main courses, and a dessert. Drinks are not included in the set menu
  • The Star of India
    Craving your local curry house, or just fancy a break from the local cuisine? Then this is your place. Star of India serves up a selection of scrumptious curries from kormas to tikka masalas, and a vindaloo that's guaranteed to knock your socks off (you get a free t-shirt if you manage to finish it
  • Pepe's Coffee Bar
    Pepe's Coffee Bar is a little café that offers an inviting slice of tranquility away from the bustling tourist mecca of Sagárnaga. It's the perfect place to plan your onward journey or wile away an hour or two with a book. They have great juices - try Pepe's Juice - and a good selection of coffee
  • Samurai
    As the name suggests, Samurai serves up all things Japanese. There's California rolls, hosomaki, sashimi and chef specials of mixed plates. They also do teishoku's - set meals that come with miso soup, rice and a main dish with accompaniments. The staff is super attentive here and will help you out
  • La Ollita de Don Italo
    This small restaurant in Sopocachi offers homemade pastas and pizza in a homey setting. On the menu you'll find seafood lasagna, gnocchi with pesto and canelones, alongside mozzarella laden pizzas. From midday until 6 p.m. they offer a selection of combos, which consist of selected pizzas or pastas
  • Vida Sana
    Vida Sana is an extremely welcoming, somewhat haphazardly run, small restaurant right in the bustling heart of Oruru. Although the staff may forget to mention until serving your friends that the dish you ordered is not currently available, the extremely low prices and extensive (predominately meat-f
  • La Floresta
    Ask any local to recommend a restaurant to you and La Floresta is likely to be the answer. Situated just outside of town, this chapaco favourite not only supplies great food, but has a swimming pool and leafy terrace to relax in while enjoying the culinary delights. They have a Criollo buffet on Fri
  • Heladería San Agustin
    Featuring the delicious helados de paila, ceviche, traditional food and pastries, the Heladería San Agustín has been making the same excellent dishes for an unbelievable 140 plus years and has never used preservatives or artificial coloring! You can't leave without trying the hel
  • Bravo's Pizza
    One thing is for sure, you'll have no problem finding Bravo's Pizza; once you get within half a block the huge red lettering of their sign (at night it glows!) will guide you towards this pizzeria. The large selection of pizzas take up only a small section of the menu which includes sandwiches, burg
  • Tip Top Ice Cream
    To cool down on a sunny Oruro afternoon for just a dollar or two, swing by Tip Top Ice Cream. There's a full menu of juices, but the real reason to go is the tantalizing homemade ice cream that comes in cups or cones and with your choice of the varied toppings. The owners are very friendly, and you
  • El Huerto
    This veggie restaurant in Oruro serves up massive almuerzos for an ridiculously cheap price ($1.50 / 10 Bs.). Set meals include soup and small salad, an entree, dessert, and a drink--enough to stuff you or the rest of the day. Specialty plates, mate and fresh
  • La Cabaña
    This parrillada restaurant next to the bus station serves up meat fresh from the BBQ. Choose from bife, chorizo, filete, chancho and pollo, plus lots more. There's a huge self-service salad bar that you can pick through, which is included in the price of your main course, and your order will also co
  • Cafeteria Carmita
    A cafeteria you could easily walk by without a second glance, Cafetería Carmita has a little more than meets the eye, but not much. For one, it has been around for over 30 years. It seems older, with fading photos of Quito and Guayaquil from the early part of the 20th century. It also features tra
  • El Molino
    This local favorite restaurant offers a great-value vegetarian lunch plate that comes with a salad buffet, soup and choice of main course. The simple, airy seating area has walls displaying lists of famous vegetarians-the lunch is definitely not just for non-meat eaters, though. You'll be hard press
  • Gattopardo
    Gattopardo is the social hub of Tarija. People come to sit and drink beer or coffee on the terrace, chat with friends and watch the world. Inside it's a wood-clad tavern with large booths and scattered antiques. They have fondue on the menu, as well as a selection of steak dishes, pizza, pasta, mixe
  • Cabaña Tentaguazu
    A short bus ride out of the city center, this is where chapacos go for fish. The signature dish comes on a massive fish-shaped wooden platter and at first glance it seems like there's nothing on your plate except a whopping great big fish and a lone potato. aLook closer, you'll find some c
  • Pim's
    Pim's provides an elegant view of the city from the inside and out. Despite its spacious two-level dining area inside and plenty of outdoor seating with space heaters, reservations are highly recommended, especially for weekends.With an extensive menu that starts with a page of Quichua vocab transl
  • Café Mokka
    A glass-fronted café that overlooks the plaza, Mokka is the perfect place to wile away some time either inside the café or on the front terrace. They have a good selection of coffees, sandwiches, pizzas, ice creams and cakes, plus a number of dishes to share. In the evening it gets packed out wi
  • Tianguez Café
    Set right in the Plaza de San Francisco, this is the perfect spot to try out some traditional Ecuadorian dishes in one of the most traditional colonial plazas in the Old Town. Its also a great place to relax, sip a cappuccino and people-watch. Try the plato típico, with mote (Andean
  • Confeteria Center
    On the northeast corner of Plaza 10 de Febrero, the Confeteria Center is marked with a Huari sign and large glass windows. This cafe has a short menu of sandwiches and meat plates (like churrasco and lomo), as well as juice, tea and a few random liquors. The restaurant, owned by a sassy husband-and-
  • El Repulgue
    On a quiet street in Sopacachi, El Repulgue serves up freshly baked empanadas for $0.50. You'll find more than the standard cheese variety. There are nine different kinds, including tuna, chorizo and jalapeno, meat with lemon and spices, and choclo (corn), spinach and ricotta for those lookin
  • Mundo Vegetariano
    This small vegetarian restaurant, just down the road from Plaza Estudiante, serves up a healthier version of a Bolivian style almuerzo, but without the meat. Meals come with whole meal rice and mains such as lentil patties and veggie stir-fry. There's a salad bar for starters and you get a drink plu
  • Chifa Lu Qing
    This light, airy Chinese restaurant is one of the best chifas in La Paz. They serve a wide variety of authentic dishes, from sweet and sour pork to spring rolls, as well as a good range of fish and vegetarian plates and the service is excellent. The layout of the restaurant makes you feel like you'
  • High Landers
    High Landers serves up tasty Tex-Mex food in a mock Mexican cabaña setting. On the menu you'll find quesadillas, chili con carne, enchiladas and fajitas, including a specialty shrimp fajita with shrimps, peppers, onions, guacamole and beans, served alongside floury tortillas and rice. They have a
  • Churrasqueria El Arriero
    Meat, meat and more meat is the order of the day at this Argentine steak house in Sopocachi. They have a lunch time special with sausage or chorizo for starters, plus a choice of chicken, beef or pork and an all you can eat salad buffet. On the main menu there's brochette, bife de chorizo and grill
  • Beatrice Pastas Frescas
    Considered by many as the best pasta place in town, Beatrice gives you a big choice of pastas followed by an even bigger choice of sauces. There's spinach cannelloni, gnocchi, five types of tagliatelle, lasagna and even ravioli with llama meat, to name but a few. Sauces include pesto, carbonara, ro
  • Café Beirut
    Middle Eastern cuisine is the order of the day in Café Beirut, where you can sample falafel, hummus and tabouli in a selection of mixed plates, main dishes and pita breads. They also have a wide range of breakfasts based around different types of pitas, omelets and crepes. They also have Mexican
  • Swiss Fondue
    Set back from the bustling cobbled street of Avenida 20 de Octubre you'll find Swiss Fondue, a homey restaurant with the best fondue in La Paz. Swiss owner Jean Claude serves up a range of Bolivian cheese and meat fondues, as well as the speciality Swiss variety, which is made with a unique mix of i
  • Fridolin
    This glass-fronted Austrian style patisserie serves up good cakes and coffees as well as a wide range of more substantial dishes. They do breakfast, including pancakes, and a good value almuerzo during the week, with an executive lunch menu at weekends. They have individual pizzas with thin bases a
  • El Hornito
    Sample La Paz's popular salteñas even if you don't eat meat. El Hornito has tasty vegetarian versions of the Bolivian specialty alongside the more traditional meat and chickens types. Get there early, because the vegetarian salteñas sell out fast. There are two different locations of El Hornito v
  • Café de Fraile
    Café de Fraile is in the Edificio Arzobispal right in the Plaza de la Independencia (also known as the Plaza Grande), you can't beat the intimate setting in Quito's historic downtown. There is courtyard seating on the second floor balcony. The setting and dress is casual. The food at Café de F
  • Café La Terraza
    Café La Terraza is the perfect breakfast venue - the selection runs from the Americano with eggs and bacon, the combo light with egg whites and natural yogurt, to the Mexican with eggs and tortillas topped in a spicy sauce. The sandwich range is a hearty mix of steaks, bacon, chicken breasts and ch
  • Hasta la Vuelta Señor
    Set in the Mediterranean courtyard of Edificio Arzobispal facing the cathedral in the Plaza de la Independencia. The location is ideal and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Hasta la Vuelta feaures traditional Quiteño dishes. You can definitely find a slightly less sanitary version of the same
  • Restaurant Paladar
    If you want good quality Brazilian food then Restaurant Paladar is the place to come. It's extremely popular with locals on their lunch break so be prepared to wait a little. The almuerzo costs less the $3 and comes with a choice of five main courses, normally including one pasta dish. Most dishes
  • Kuchen Stube
    This German style bakery serves up fruit pies, coffee and great fresh quiches. They have a good quality almuerzo with a different food type each day - Monday is French cuisine, Tuesday is Italian, Wednesday is German, Thursday is Bolivian and Friday is Vegetarian. There's an old fashioned coffee ma
  • Villa de Lujan
    In a small town full of traditional architectural designs, Villa de Luján sticks out like a delightfully sore thumb. Life-size troll figures welcome diners into a homely Bavarian Cabin. The restaurant's tables are covered with blue checked table cloths. The staff is as sweet as their deliciously ad
  • La Basilica
    The old relics and friendly staff at La Basilica make dining a really memorable experience. At the corner of the Plaza, the restaurant is directly across from its namesake, the town's Basilica. The restaurant is in a historic building that was once the residence of prominent Luján founders. The int
  • Fatto In Casa
    Located in the heart of the city, this Italian restaurant has a pleasant, romantic atmosphere and great homemade food, such as pasta, steak and fish. Fatto In Casa also offers seafood and vegetarian options. The staff and its owners are very friendly and helpful-a big reason for Fatto In Casa's pop
  • Siam
    A delectable Asian infusion, tasty Thai and Sushi are the highlights here. Though one may question the authenticity of some ethnic dishes, food is good for the area and the atmosphere cozy and romantic. Look for daily deals, often for two and great for a date. Delicious fruit drinks, try the Siam j
  • Chifa Mayflower
    Your standard Ecuadorian-Chinese restaurant with heaping helpings of greasy rice, noodle, veggies and more. This is a cheap and filling option; and a popular one among Ecuadorians. Try the vegetarian chaulafan. Jipijapa and Carrion restaurants have full bar
  • La Querencia
    La Querencia is a classic Argentina restaurant right across from Plaza 9 de Julio. Don't be put off by the formal atmosphere of this restaurant's large space, decorated with flags of each South American nation. The friendly wait staff is ready to explain the cuisine and help choose an appropriate
  • Restaurante Italia
    Restaurante Italia clearly serves up the classic Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. They also have plenty of Argentinean classics if you are still not over the steaks. Good value for the buck, free WiFi access, a good central location downtown and delivery service if you don't feel like going
  • La Rueda
    Red meat fans can fill up on well-cooked tender joints and rub shoulders with the locals at La Rueda. The meat-heavy menu features the finest traditional Argentinian dishes, using tasty, fresh ingredients. The place is popular at weekends and in high season, when the excellent steak and red wine dr
  • Tango Bar
    On one corner of Puerto Iguazú's main street is a little taste of La Boca. Tango Bar is a small café-bar with a working-class feel to it. On the front windows, Evita and Che tango. Customers sidle up to the bar or at one of the tables out on the patio to enjoy a strong coffee. The bistro also has
  • Shorton Grill
    A steakhouse in the Mariscal with a wide variety of options, including some pasta options for vegetarians. Prices are reasonable for steaks in Quito.
  • Aqva
    This upmarket Argentine eatery, close to the bus station, has the locals salivating. A traditional meat-centered menu but with a modern and international twist. Aqva boasts the usual beef and pasta menu, but with interesting seafood options included. Reserve ahead during peak season to be sure of a
  • Costa Vasca
    Pristinely decorated in white, Costa Vasca is a large restaurant that serves a variety of Spanish dishes, though, undoubtedly, the specialty is the chef's Basque dishes, which are raved by locals and travelers alike.� The menu includes delicious Basque favorites like paella (fried shell
  • La Esquina
    Traditional parilla with good value promotional menus. A meat-heavy menu features empanadas, bife de chorizo and asado de tira all served up with salad, chips and a glass of malbec. La Esquina has a pleasant atmosphere. Open daily noon-3 p.m., 7 p.m.-midnight.
  • Nativo
    Great for families with an afternoon to spare in Puerto Iguazú, Nativo has enough to keep everyone occupied for a few hours. The extensive menu boasts the best the jungle has to offer, with regional fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats. Sample fish, rabbit, jacare and capybara meat if you're feeling
  • El Quincho
    An authentic Argentinian asado. Count on a great family atmosphere and fine food as the steak, ribs, skewered beef and fish come rolling from the kitchen. Deservedly popular, El Quincho has an extensive wine list that compliments the food. Wash down the impressive steak, pasta and fish dishe
  • Al Arak
    When you stop by Al Arak, you'll suffer from a battle of ethnic food. Shall it be shwarma, falafel, hummus, tabbouleh or another Arab treat? Or should you go for the ole Mexican favorites - burritos, enchiladas and tacos? The food may not be very authentic, but it is a delicious. Okay, yes, you can
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great Tex-Mex restaurant with the best fajitas in Quito and possibly the best margaritas in Ecuador. Right in the heart of the Mariscal, this place's flavors and portions are American style: full of taste and huge portions for reasonable prices. All dishes can also be ser
  • But M
    But M is a trendy, hip and new establishment. Bar, restaurant and pool hall, this is definitely the hot place to go and it is common to hear Reggaeton blasting from the doors even during midday siesta. The menu is pretty standard but surprisingly affordable and over 20 pool tables crowd the
  • Don Angelos
    Don Angelos is a classic local dive. Serving up pastas, burgers and typical meat dishes, this place gives you your bang for your buck. A pasta dish is around $3 and a good steak is $6.50. In the evenings, Don Angelos turns into a nightspot and the popular outside tables fill up with beer sipping lo
  • La Bodeguita de Cuba
    A classy restaurant-come-bar, this place serves excellent food, accompanied by live Cuban music most nights. On Thursday to Saturday nights, it stays open until 2 a.m., when different live bands play to a packed room. Drinks are fairly expensive, but you pay for the atmosphere. Varadero, which is n
  • Turtle's Head
    An excellent Scottish-owned pub in Quito's Mariscal district and one of the only spots in Quito to get home-brewed beer. Three varieties of micro-brewed beers are for sale from the on-site brewery, which provide a nice break from the national beers. The Turtle's Head also has great hamburgers and s
  • Café Galletti
    This quiet, Mediterranean coffee and sandwich shop set in two-story colonial house is a perfect place to sit and read or relax with some friends.
  • La Posada de Marquez
    A cozy lunch spot towards the north of the Mariscal - one block from Orellana - La Posada de Marquez offers creative vegetarian menus for the fixed price of $2.25.
  • Pizzería San José
    Pizzería San José is a nice café which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with hot meals, good coffee can also be found alongside an extensive ice cream bar. With a great location right off Plaza 25 de Mayo, this is a prime spot for people watching. Free WiFi internet access is also availa
  • Ristorantino Italiano
    During the whole day till late night,our intimate Ristorantino/Cafeteria/Bar is ready to spoil you dear traveler with any kind of international delicatessen mostly central-European-Italian origin specialties. You may choose among several it.pasta dishes, soups, r
  • Mama Clorinda
    Mama Clorinda is a decent restaurant with standard Ecuadorian food. The large restaurant has two levels, and is a good place for large groups to gather. Mama Clorinda is also a safe place to try out some typical dishes you may hesitate to taste in other places such as cuy, or roasted guinea
  • Los Cebiches de la Rumiñahui
    This is a good chain and a great place to try out the national seafood soup: ceviche. There are several locations around Quito. Prices are reasonable for seafood.
  • Restaurant Lianabert
    Restaurant Lianabert is one of several cavernous restaurants serving the tour groups that descend upon San Ignacio in search of the Jesuit ruins. Unlike other eateries, however, it does have one section that has more intimate tables for four to six diners. The tables set up on the sidewalk, facin
  • Las Redes
    Located along Amazonas, a street saturated with tour operators, it's tempting to write off Las Redes as a tourist trap. However, this elegant restaurant serves genuinely delicious seafood and has earned generous respect from locals. Seafood lovers will love it here: the extensive menu offers generou
  • Pragamisiones
    Restaurant-Cafeteria/Bar During the whole day till late night-our home Cafeteria/Bar is ready to spoil you dear traveler with any kind of international delicatessen mostly central-European/Italian origin specialties, but not only. You may choos
  • Pizzaría La Aldea
    On blackboards and large banners, Pizzaría La Aldea loudly advertises a Menú Turístico, a main dish (milanesa, pizza or pasta) and ice cream for dessert, for a very reasonable price. Drinks are double the usual price. Living up to its name as a pizzeria, La Aldea has 44 kinds of pizza. There are
  • Nonna Pizzeria
    For an affordable and unique meal, visit la Nonna Pizzeria, conveniently located in downtown San Martin de los Andes. In addition to the standard empanada, calzone and pizza flavors found everywhere in Argentina, Nonna's serves unique Patagonian flavors including deer (ciervo), wild
  • Adam's Rib
    A casual, reasonably priced steak restaurant in the Mariscal, Adam's Rib is a popular hub for cheap, big portions and plenty of expats. On certain holidays (especially thanksgiving) it's been known to deliver massive and scrumptious servings of classic american plates. The place however is princip
  • El Hornero
    An Ecuadorian pizza chain with inexpensive, wood oven pizza, El Hornero has interesting pizza toppings typical of Quito like choclo (Andean corn).
  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti is an average Italian restaurant. There is a wide selection of dishes: both vegetarian and non; however, the dishes don't have much flavor. Prices are average and the ambiance is elegant. There is also a Spagetti's in Cumbaya and in the mall on América and Naciones Unidas, Plaza las A
  • Crêpes de París
    This cozy restaurant in the Mariscal specializes in French food, especially, as its name hints, in crepes. It is a bit pricey for Quito, but in reality a value compared to French restaurants in other countries. The food is very good but the service is not always great. If you are craving French foo
  • Rincón de Francia
    Rincón de Francia is an elegant French restaurant with great service and flavorful food. Set in the west of the Mariscal, take a cab at night.
  • La Cantina Del Pescador
    La Cantina del Pescador serves up the best local trout dishes in town. A must-try dish is the Pehuen trout, which is stuffed with local mushrooms and onion, baked on traditional wood and served with a cream sauce and local pine nuts. Another special dish is trout stuffed with sorrento and mozzare
  • Yuco
    yuco no longer exists in Bariloche
  • Super Papa
    This restaurant used to be a lot more casual than it is now. Serving every possible different preparation of potatoes, the name is appropriate, but the prices are a bit steep - food and drink for one person is around $10-15. One huge benefit is that Super Papa is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a da
  • Cafe Colibrí
    Sitting at a table on Colibri's outdoor patio, surrounded by green vines, hummingbirds and butterflies, makes you feel like you are someplace in direct contrast to the crowded Mariscal streets right beyond its gates. Besides its pleasant atmosphere, Colibri also has one of the best breakfasts in al
  • Gilbert Restaurant and Cerveceria
    Voted one of the best breweries in Bariloche, Cerveceria Gilbert is a recommended beer to try (their rubia is especially good). This rustic, welcoming brewery and restaurant is owned by two brothers. They offer basic meals, such as fondue, hamburgers, pizzas and sauerkraut with sausage. The beer is
  • Grain de Cafe
    For a mix of French-influenced food and a casual atmosphere, Grain de Café located in the Mariscal district is an excellent option. The restaurant offers vegetarian dishes, a great-value set lunch and a huge selection of imported drinks (Tequila shots US $2.65)
  • Churrasquería Tropeiro
    A Brazilian buffet restaurant with the classic Brazilian spread of delicious meats, fruit and salad. For $15.90 per person, enjoy the salad bar, and as much as you can eat of 8 different cuts of meat. There are a few more options on weekends.
  • Orisha
    Named and decorated after a spirit from the Yoruba people, this cozy little restaurant serves generous portions of exotic Afro-Cuban cuisine. Each plate is decorated after a spirit or deity. Travelers recommend the tasty mojitos. There are no vegetarian dishes. Orisha is only open from 7 pm - 1
  • El Rincón del Gaucho
    This Argentinean steakhouse has huge portions of excellent steak cooked on a charcoal grill on the premises. Try the parrillada (BBQ platter) to share in a group; it's served on a mini grill that keeps your meat warm. The service is great. A good wine selection is another plus.
  • El Frances
    Owned by a French chef, and his wife, El Frances Restaurant opened recently in a small and cozy cabin with the astonishing landscape of Circuito Chico as its backdrop. El Frances, specialices in French and Mediterranean food. It has a very interesting menu, that changes each season. Enjoy classics
  • La Posta Del Rey
    The family owned La Posta del Rey serves unique dishes that center around homemade pastas and incorporate local ingredients such as deer, trout, and pine nuts. A special pine nut cream sauce is served with bread as customers pour over the menu deciding whether to get pastas stuffed with European c
  • Rincón Ecuatoriano Chileno
    The Rincón Ecuatoriano Chileno is an inexpensive restaurant where you can try out Chilean specialties in the Mariscal. The T-bone steak might just be the cheapest in Quito. There is a wide selection of steaks, chicken and fish, but no real vegetarian dishes available.
  • La Terraza del Tártaro
    An elegant steak and seafood restaurant with a great view of the city and a fireplace. Reservations are recommended, the restaurant tends to fill up at night. Main dishes average around $7-10; the most expensive is a seafood platter at $18.
  • El Español
    A sandwich shop with several locations around Quito, El Español has excellent imported cheeses, olives and meats (available on sandwiches and separately). Order your cold cuts on a baguette or soft roll. Some locations have rotating lunch specials that feature a sandwich of the day, which comes wi
  • Damasco
    Middle Eastern food at reasonable prices. Great food and a clean environment to try some Middle Eastern specialties.
  • Shogun
    A popular sushi restaurant in La Mariscal, Shogun is pricey for Quito, but not so much for sushi. Plan to spend about $15 per person.
  • Columbia Steak House
    This spot in the Mariscal is an excellent place to get a fairly inexpensive, yet tasty, meal. The hamburgers are in paticular good, and come with a big salad, a rarity for Quito. Accepts most major credit cards.
  • Columbus
    Columbus is the biggest steakhouse chain in Ecuador, with several locations in Quito. Prices are reasonable and the quality is great and consistent throughout the different branches. A salad bar and great parilladas (small, personal grill with a selection of meats and sausages) are highli
  • El Enkuentro
    This restaurant has the best pasta in town, so head here if you are in the mood for fresh ravioli topped with handmade salsa. The chicken is tender, as is the rabbit. In addition, there's an array of other tasty regional dishes that the chef whips up for hungry diners.
  • Posta Criolla
    Located in an authentic, historical building, Posta Criolla is the ultimate in Patagonian cuisine and Argentine beef. The menu, desserts and atmosphere helps create a feeling of true Argentine culture. The cordero al asador (BBQ'd goat) is especially recommended. The setting is bright and welcoming
  • Jocay Marisquería
    Jocay Marisquería is an inexpensive seafood restaurant with a wide selection. Try the ceviche jocay, the specialty of the house.
  • Tex Mex
    Tex Mex is a large Mexican restaurant in the Mariscal with a selection of typical Mexican dishes. Plan to spend about $6-8 per person. Credit cards are accepted, but with a $20 minimum.
  • La Jaiba
    La Jaiba offers a relaxed atmosphere with good quality seafood dishes. There is not much vegetarian selection.
  • Mare Nostrum
    From its dimly lit ambiance to its medieval castle-like design, this intimate Spanish-style restaurant oozes elegance and class. Seafood lovers will salivate at Mare Nostrum's delectably diverse dishes, arguably the most exquisite, and expensive, in Quito. Specialties include parrillada de marisco
  • Hotel De La Aldea
    Located two blocks away from the bus station and right in front of the Alumine River, Hotel de la Aldea provides travelers with one of the best dining experiences along the Pehunia Circuit. Dishes are made from local and organic vegetables, Patagonian meats (such as lamb, trout, wild boar and deer
  • Bambu Bar
    Bambu Bar is an elegant Ecuadorian restaurant with seafood, steak and other traditional dishes. Plan to spend about $20-25 per person.
  • The Magic Bean
    From the "Have a nice day" sign by the bar to the huge pancakes served for breakfast, there's nothing Ecuadorian about this place. Unless you're seeking an authentic dining experience, you're unlikely to be disappointed. The cozy patio café is always packed with travelers so it's a great place to
  • Copetín Paradise
    Copetín Paradise is a greasy spoon in the traditional sense of the term. Sit inside beneath the whirl of fans while watching the crew fix up your plate of milanesa, grilled meat or pasta, or opt for the sidewalk patio (also under a welcomed fan-made breeze). For a lighter meal, there are em
  • El Ventanal
    Acting almost like a counterpoint to Cafe Mosaico across the Old Town is El Ventanal. Offering sweeping panoramic views of the city from a lofty vantage point, many come here to settle down for a romantic evening and enjoy the beautiful vista of the city at night. It's a little pricier than what Ca
  • Bambú
    Vegetarians--and anyone looking for a break from the carnivorous Argentine diet--should hit up El Bambú. The only meat served is soy-based. This family-run restaurant has dozens of dishes from Italy, China and other corners of the world. Food is sold by the kilogram ($6.30). Monday - Friday 11 a.m.
  • Govindas
    Vegetarians can get inexpensive meals at Govindas, located within the Hare Krishna's Academia Vaisnava in Quito's colonial center. At this restaurant, meals are presented cafeteria-style, with a choice of the day's well-seasoned offerings, including brown rice. The three-course meal includes soup,
  • La Forncae
    Italian Pizzería - Gelatería - Cafetería
  • Parilla La Estancia
    Parrilla La Estancia is a long-time favorite among more moneyed travelers and locals. Every day for lunch and dinner choose from the delectable salads and hot dishes available at the buffet, which include grilled lamb, beef and other meats. For a more standard meal, select one of the dozens of à
  • Chocolatería y Confitería Laguna Negra
    When you need a break, stop in at Chocolatería y Confitería Laguna Negra. Its shelves are stocked with homemade chocolates, jams, honeys, mushrooms and beer, and there's a small café in the back of the shop (drinks from $1.50; sandwiches and desserts from $3.70). Try the Torta Laguna Negra, made
  • Chez Manu
    Chez Manu is perched above the charming city of Ushuaia. Its dining room is replete with large windows giving up unparalleled views of the Bay below. The owners of Chez Manu are French, so the menu is a French take on Fuegian cuisine. Enjoy their lamb, fresh catch of the day or ratatouille. Chez Man
  • La Plaza Restaurant Parrilla
    In one of the century-old buildings around Plaza San Martín is La Plaza Restaurant Parrilla. A specialty of this bistro is river fish, prepared á la Argentina with heavy sauces or au natural on the grill. The other main attractionâ??as the name statesâ??is barbecued meats: all the
  • Cafe Dios No Muere
    Specializing in a quirky menu filled with cajun/creole plates, some might say this is a piece of New Orleans nestled deep within the confines of Old Town. Their jambalaya might be a little different from what many expect, but it's worth a try if your craving it (along with a new taste). The restaura
  • Platos Rotos
    Platos Rotos is one of several rotiserías on the same block of San Martín. This eat-in/carry-out diner prepares inexpensive, home-cooked meals. The excellent pastas come with a choice of nine sauces, including the intriguing-sounding sweet-and-sour, based on local honey. Platos Rotos also
  • Tefilo
    Tefilo, a block from the river, is one of several rotiserías in Gualeguaychú where budget travelers may get a good, home-cooked meal. Whether carrying out or dining in the covered patio, customers can enjoy typical Argentine dishes, some prepared with classic sauces and all with gourmet
  • Carrito Costanera
    On the small, sunny side-patio and in the cool interior, diners gather to enjoy Carrito Coastanera's simple food. The menu is basic: homemade pastas with a choice of sauces, milanesas and fish fresh from the river across the road. The sought-after lunch special comes with choice of entrée
  • Estilo Criollo
    Estilo Criollo is a typical roadside asador stand under a big-top tent. On upright spits over an open fire roast whole racks of costilla (ribs) and sides of beef. On the brick grills, sausages and chicken are sizzling. What makes Estilo Criollo different from other parrillas is
  • El Griego
    The staff at El Griego welcomes diners with a smile to this old, tin house, handing them a bilingual menu with strange English translations. Monday through Friday there is a lunch special (main dish only, with side and bread) and on weekends home-made pasta specials. The menu also offers typical Arg
  • Dieguito
    Budget travelers who have grown tired of the same-old Argentine empanadas should head to Dieguitos, the self-proclaimed El Rey de las Promociones (King of Offers). Here are 20 varieties of the stuffed pies. Besides the standards, Dieguito prepares panceta y ciruela (bacon and plum),
  • Minipez and Sushi Island
    In the seafood restaurant row of the port area, Minipez really is an island of sushi in a sea of grillers and friers. The restaurant itself is much like its neighbors, bright and cafeteria-like, but the menu strays from the norm. They still have all the seafood standards. Amid the extensive choice,
  • Rincón Basko
    Somewhat hidden out by the port area, Rincon Basko is a rustic homage to the fabled Baasque country and its culinary traditional. Fresh, locally caught fish is prepared with serious detail to attention. It is worth making the trip out to the Port to have dinner in this charming restauranat. The deco
  • Pescadores Restaurant
    Known around town as one of the best seafood restaurants, Pescadores is a great option for dining by the sea. Just looking at the menu will make your mouth water. If you have a craving for fish, you won't be disappointed by this restaurant's variety. In addition to salmon, lobster and calamari, pa
  • Vieja Cantera
    Since the hike up Calvario leaves many a pilgrim hungry, Vieja Cantera provides a welcome respite with flare. A large wooden cabin, the restaurant is divided into two areas, a parilla with a fire pit for roasting meat, and a two-story restaurant offering tea shop services and a full menu. The décor
  • Peperina Restobar
    Peperina is a welcome break from the Parillas that dominate the block. This newly opened café-restaurant injects the corner of Consitution with a splash of color. The fun mirrors and modern minimalist design make this a funky place to stop for afternoon tea. The friendly staff will run through the
  • Maxim Restobar
    Look for Maxim Restobar in one corner of the Plaza, a good spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. At this bistro-style eatery no one's in a hurry, it is a favorite with the local geriatric crowd. Outdoor seating provides an ideal pew for people watching. Part restaurant and part deli take-out, th
  • Caseron de Tejas
    If the giant plastic man with the giant plastic moustache and giant plastic plate heaping with giant plastic pasta perched above the door of this family dining institution is not enough to convince you that these guys mean business when it comes to pasta and pizza, the portions and quality of the fo
  • Huija
    Take a break from surfing at this low-key parilla that is full of happy Argentines tucking into some kind of meat at all hours of the day. A brick and wood bar takes up most of the interior space, but the tables spill out onto the street. The space is needed, as this is a popular place in a popular
  • Alejandría Libros y Café
    With tables that seem to come right off the shelves, this little bookstore-cum-café is a great break from the shopping fury of the central paseo. Books can be perused over coffee as long as they do not get any dangling particles on them. The friendly staff adds to the laid-back atmosphere. All the
  • Confitería Roca
    For decades, Confitería Roca has been the place to come in Río Grande. The walls are hung with photos of musicians and actors who performed at the theater that used to be next door. Many sports teams also have dined at this café. The menu offers only sandwiches, like lomito (steak), m
  • Vista Hermosa
    As its name suggests, Vista Hermosa's (Gorgeous View) biggest selling point is its spectacular 360-degree view of Quito from its romantic roof terrace. Located on the sixth floor of a colonial building, Vista Hermosa has a simple but slightly pricey menu featuring Ecuadorian plates, pizzas, and mea
  • Alito
    Somebody's grandpa has been coming here year after year on vacation for the past thirty years because it is consistent and located in the center across from Casino. The recipes have not changed and you will not run into anything curious or fishy on the menu- except of course the seafood pasta. That
  • Trenque Lauquen
    Mar del Plata's most famous parilla, named after the region where its fabled meat comes from, could not be more Argentine. Huge steaks are of course the house specialty. Assortments of meats, sausages and offal, served on wooden slates, called parillas are what most people order for a big shared, f
  • Parilla Garay
    Said to be one of the best parillas in town, this is where the Mar de Platenses go to get their Sunday asado. Understated in both location and decor, just like a parilla should be, it may be hard to get a table on weekends and during the lunch hours. Don't get disheartened; it is worth the wait. The
  • Restaurante La Estancia
    Restaurante La Estancia is a dining delight. At lunch, families and tourists crowd into this corner diner with rustic décor and broad windows for the three-course special, with a choice of appetizer, main dish, dessert and wine or soda. The á la carte menu is heavy with parrillas of meats
  • Hung
    Rotisería Vegetariana y Dietética Hung is another of the Chinese-owned vegetarian delis that are springing up throughout Argentina's heartland. In this small storefront, the workers prepare spring rolls on one side of the room. On the other side of the shop, diners line up at the buffet, filling
  • La City Sport
    La City Sport has two locations, in Recoleta and on San Martín. It has a sports bar type atmosphere and is always playing whatever fútbol match happens to be most important in the world of the Argentine. Since it is open during siesta time, it is a go even when the rest of the town is asleep. The
  • Nonny's
    After soaking at the Complejo Termal, have dinner across the street at Nonny's., a family-style restaurant serving up traditional Argentine food. Start a meal with empanadas or matambre (stuffed beef roll) before moving on to a main course of beef or milanesa
  • Café Triferto
    Café Triferto is another option on San Martín. Lots of space, both indoor and outdoor dining and free WiFi make it a great place to pass some time with a snack and a beverage. They serve great coffee, salads, crepes and pizza. Don't expect to be in and out fast, however, because each server has a
  • Rotisería Vegetariana El Bambú
    Santa Fe doesn't have any sit-down restaurants for vegetarians, but it does have a couple of rotiserías, or carry-out places. The most popular is El Bambú, a Chinese-owned deli preparing Oriental dishes like chao fan (fried rice), chao mi fen (a veg
  • Café Victoria
    Café Victoria is a popular place with Rosarinos, who come to enjoy local dishes, sandwiches, pizzas and specialty fish dishes. The subtly lit restaurant is done up in heavy woods and other â??Victorianâ? touches. In the center is nice plaza-like patio for open air dining. Good coffee and break
  • Club de Pesca
    The Club de Pesca is really a collection of restaurants clustered together on the riverfront. Derelict and rundown, some of the buildings look like they are about to topple into the river and none of them look like they could pass a food inspection. However the location is key, the food is authenti
  • Cevichería Marisquería Los Siete Mares
    Cevichería Marisquería Los Siete Mares has excellent ceviche, other seafood soups, and lunch platters in a variety of combinations. Don't forget to fill up a basket with popcorn and chifles (fried plantain chips) to dunk in your soup of choice.
  • Saravá Resto Bar
    Saravá is a relaxing restaurant just a few blocks from Plaza San Martín, where hungry travelers can grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a good cup of coffee. Saravá offers lomito (steak), hamburgers, hot dogs and other sandwiches, as well as plates of chicken or beef with a side. Sar
  • El Mariachi Taco Factory
    El Mariachi features the usual Mexican fare, at fairly reasonable prices. You can stay all night and sing your heart out, or make a quick exit before you get roped into making a performance.
  • La Ribera
    La Ribera is a refreshing place to have an exquisite meal. The clean-lined architecture and furnishings of this bistro and its patio overlooking the Río Paraguay set the ambiance for a meal not to be forgotten. Begin with a salad or appetizer before moving on to one of the gourmet Argentine entré
  • Il Viale
    At any time of the day you can seek refuge from the Formosan heat in Il Viale's cool environs. Choose a table under the sidewalk café's awning or inside the air-conditioned confitería. Come for breakfast or a typical Argentine homemade sandwich, pizza or picada in the afternoon or e
  • Comedor El Colono
    At lunch, locals crowd into Comedor El Colono to share personal news or catch the noon noticias on the TV while having a delicious meal. These workers and families sit down to heaping plates of the daily special: pot roast with roasted vegetables, chicken and potatoes, or another down-home d
  • Metro Café
    With its greatest appeal and draw being the fact that it's a 24-hour restaurant, Metro Cafe is a rather popular spot for the folks that crawl out of the bars and pubs at a later hour and are ravenous for any type of food. Ranking the quality of the meals here in relation to their high price makes th
  • Manolo Cevichería
    A bright, pleasant restaurant mainly frequented by locals on their lunch breaks, Manolo Cevichería serves up large portions of delicious seafood and often has mariachis wandering from table to table. The portions are big and the seafood tastes fresh.
  • Ron Jon Club
    If you are in the Florida neighborhood a good option is Ron Jon Club (Colombres 1905; Tel. #03414535898), its only fault is that it is a bit poserish and tries really hard to be a â??surf barâ? in a city with no waves. However the food is good and you can find Burritos or Fajitas for $5. The als
  • Verde Te Que Quiero Verde
    Verde Te Que Quiero Verdeâ??Green How I Want You Greenâ??is a stylish vegetarian restaurant for those travelers looking for greens. This all-white and chrome loft serves deliciously varied entrées made of totally organic ingredients and homemade breads, desserts and whole grain pastas. Special i
  • Yacarú Porá
    Like most diners in Colonia Pellegrini, Comedor Yacarú Porá offers milanesas (breaded cutlets) and homemade pastas. But the cook also gives a bit of a break from this routine, by preparing chicken shish kabobs, several varieties of empanadas and omelets. If you're lucky, lamb will have jus
  • La Cabaña
    La Cabaña doesn't have a whole lot to offer on its menu. It's your basic hamburguesería, grilling up all manner of hamburgers and lomito (steak) sandwiches. It's a popular place, though, to have a light lunch or dinner. At night, tables are set out on the grassy lawn. Until midnight
  • Frutería Monserrate
    A small chain of lovely cafés with pleasant, sunny atmospheres and some with indoor/outdoor seating. Not to miss are the frutería's heaping bowls of fresh fruit topped with whipped cream and/or ice cream for $1.80.
  • Hotel Villa Nancy
    We are situated in the midst of the financial, commercial & banking district of Quito, close to well-known restaurants, embassies, travel agencies and many other interesting sightseeing points. 12 comfortable rooms and nice social areas make a cozy and familiar atmosphere, the perfect ingredients f
  • Live Rock Café Pub
    Live Rock Café Pub is one of those places with something for everyone, whether carnivore, omnivore or vegetarian. The multi-page menu recounts all the dishes and their various preparations. Beef and chicken are presented eight different ways. Pastas come bathed in a choice of nine sauces. Lasagna
  • Don Corleone
    This corner café is conservatively dressed in light grey, trimmed in charcoal grey and red. No sign proclaims it to be Don Corleone. It is as stoic as its namesake character. The lunch specials make a deal you can't refuse. The mind-boggling menu has 58 varieties of pizza, including the unlikely
  • Comedor Los Amigos
    At Comedor Los Amigos, you can expect good home-cooking. Doña Mabel prepares milanesa de carne (breaded beef cutlet) with fries and other typical Argentine meals. Several backpackers have declared her tortilla de papa (potato omelet), subtly seasoned with onions and oregano, to be on
  • Comedor Los Amigos
    At Comedor Los Amigos, you can expect good home-cooking. Doña Mabel prepares milanesa de carne (breaded beef cutlet) with fries and other typical Argentine meals. Several backpackers have declared her tortilla de papa (potato omelet), subtly seasoned with onions and oregano, to be on
  • Mordisco Resto-bar
    Mordisco Resto-Bar is just one of the many restaurants in the Playa Florida area. This riverside bistro serves pizzas, ethnic salads and a variety of sandwiches. Chicken tacos with red mole sauce make a special appearance. The menu also features tapas, or snacks to accompany a drink, cheeses
  • El Cairo
    El Cairo is a Rosarino institution. For decades this corner café has been frequented by cultural notables, like Rosario author Roberto Fontanarrosa and Uruguayan musician Daniel Viglietti. The large open space is hopping at lunch time when office workers drop in for the almuerzo ejecutivo (
  • Don Pedro
    Don Pedro is located right in the middle of the strip and is an excellent place to people watch while enjoying some affordable grub. A pretty classic menu offers burgers, pasta, typical food and over 30 varieties of pizza. Food to go is pretty standard so if you decide to dine in there are a number
  • La Morocha
    La Morocha is located right on the corner in historic Plaza 25 de Mayo. The establishment is small but cute with both a bar and a full menu. The menu changes daily and usually has a little bit more variety than the standard burgers and empanadas which are so popular around the city. If you are goin
  • El Mariscal Cafe
    On the corner of Salta and Pellegrini is a russet-colored building with an antechamber niche. Wrapping the second floor is a wrought-iron balcony. A metal sign of older times says, â??Adriano Nalda e Hijos.â? Nothing on the outside indicates this is El Mariscal, an artsy café that is the gathe
  • Martha de Bianchetti
    Martha de Bianchetti is a classic Corrientes café. Although it is not a dinner spot and no hot meals are served at all, it is packed full of pastries, ice cream and delicious coffee. Highly recommended by the locals, it has a distinctly Venetian feel and the waiters are all immaculately professio
  • Solar de Tejeda
    Solar de Tejeda is right outside of Plaza San Martín and blends right into the Colonial architecture. The Chef's menu changes frequently and there is constantly something new and delicious to sample. The stock menu is also good and all dishes include sides such as potatoes and salads. A steak cost
  • Chifa Fuzhao
    All grease and no glam, Chifa Fuzhao with likely quench your Chinese food craving while in Quito. The place itself looks a bit seedy, but don't be put off by this fact alone because it is one of the better chifas in the city. Even though the Chinese food may not be quite like you remember it from h
  • Artur's Café
    Wander up to the right along Numa Pompillo in Las Peñas to find this dramatically located café/restaurant perched over the river. The open windows make for a fresh, breezy experience and the menu offers all the Ecuadorian staples but it's also good for a quiet drink. Evenings only.
  • Chapus
    This rustic, wooden bar is one of the oldest in the northern district of Urdesa. You can have a quiet drink upstairs early in the evening or shake it up on the dancefloor downstairs later on. It gets very busy at weekends and you're guaranteed a fun, raucous evening. There is usually a cover charge
  • Diva Nicotina
    At the bottom of the steps of Las Peñas, this bar is either quiet or heaving, depending on the live music offering, which is its main attraction. The management are quite selective about who plays here and acts mainly play original songs, so for a entrance charge of $5-7 you can catch some great l
  • Las 3 Canastas
    This Guayaquil institution has a few branches dotted about the city. It's a colorful, informal café specializing in pastries, fruit salads, ice creams and of course traditional Ecuadorian specialities. You get big portions and it's half the price of many of its rivals in the center. There's a small
  • Hotel Oro Verde
    Guayaquil's top hotel also hosts many of its best restaurants. Choose from French haute cuisine at Le Gourmet, Ecuadorian specialities at El Patio, Swiss dishes including the obligatory cheese fondue at Le Fondue, and cakes and pastries at Le Gourmet Deli. None of it is cheap, but that's precisely
  • Aroma Café
    To break up a hot day of sightseeing, it's hard to beat the location of this open-air restaurant, nestled in the cool, shaded atmosphere of the botanical gardens of Malecón. The café serves a wide range of Ecuadorian meat and seafood specialities, all cooked to perfection and well-presented. If y
  • Sweet & Coffee
    Many Guayacos like to pretend they live in Miami, so it's no surprise that this chain has been a huge success in recent years. Large slices of walnut cake, chocolate Oreo cheesecake and lime meringue pie can be accompanied by a frothy vanilla latte or an iced coffee drink. You pay more than other c
  • Bopán's
    If you are looking for a quick stop for a snack and a cool drink, Bopán's corner location facing the Malecón 2000 provides a great place to watch Guayaquil´s bustling city life pass by the window. The restaurant holds true to its name by serving real espresso (not always easy to find in Guayaq
  • Frutabar
    Frutabar feels like a piece of Montañita has been transplanted to the big city. Instead of waves crashing, you might catch a view of the Guayas River slowly drifting by, but surfboards converted into tables definitely recall the beach. This café serves light fare like turkey sandwiches and humita
  • La Parrilla del Ñato
    La Parrilla del Ñato is an enticing restaurant for meat lovers who want to indulge in a barbecue. Most people come for the parrillada (grilled meats), but be careful when ordering from the untranslated menu and make sure that if you ask for “morcilla” or “chinchulín” that you
  • Menestras del Negro
    Menestras del Negro may seem like a strange, even offensive name (“The Black Guy's Beans” just does not translate well into English), but in Ecuador “El Negro” is often considered an endearing nickname. What the restaurant's name tries to inspire is that they know what they are
  • La Pepa de Oro
    With service 24/7, The Grand Hotel's La Pepa de Oro is the perfect place to safely grab a bite in Guayaquil if you arrive into town late. Choices range from typical coastal dishes like sea bass ceviche to American options such as a club sandwich. Only a few blocks from the Malecón, it also makes a
  • La Española
    If your standard hotel breakfast hasn't quite hit the spot then head to this spotless Spanish bakery. It's a cool escape from the city's heat with reasonable prices and friendly service. It has a wide selection of delicious cakes, pastries and sandwiches so is also a good option for a light lunch or
  • La Paleta
    You wouldn't happen upon this place by accident, hidden mid-way up Numa Pompillo in Las Peñas, but you should certainly make a beeline for it because it's one of the most interesting bars in Guayaquil. It epitomizes the Bohemian, artistic atmosphere of Las Peñas with an eclectic, colorful déco
  • Luv N Oven
    While you could easily pass this place on the Malecón without giving it a second look, you'd be missing out on some of the best food in Salinas if you did. The friendly, English-speaking owner from Esmeraldas cooks up large portions of coastal favorites, like ceviches, cazuela (seafo
  • Jetset Bar and Discotec
    An unassuming Malecón resident during the day, this place fills up when the sun goes down and remains bumping until the early morning hours. While probably not the most family-friendly place in town, it's a popular haunt for hip young Ecuadorians looking to drink and dance the night away.
  • Hotel Chipipe Restaurant
    Located in the classy Hotel Chipipe, this restaurant bears the same style as its commercial neighbor. Tables are carefully set with maroon and white tablecloths, fanned napkins and wine glasses. Prices are excellent, considering the atmosphere and facilities, and the menu is extensive. Mains include
  • El Obrero
    El Obrero, set deep in the industrial heart of the old Italian port neighborhood La Boca, serves up traditional Argentine fare in an historic atmosphere. For starters, try the mussels, marinated eggplant, or tortil
  • Yogurt Persa
    For something to temper the Salinas sun, head to this hole-in-the-wall place specializing in frozen treats. An Ecuadorian chain, Yogurt Persa specializes in frozen yogurts and various types of pan de yuca (a cheesy bread made with yucca flour). You can also indulge in cheap (and greasy) fast
  • Brasa Club
    Going for a tropical theme, this restaurant, which is the Bar-Restaurant of Coco's Hostal, consists of thatch-roof buildings seemingly pulled right off the beach. The menu features 15 different types of broiled meat and paellas, so anyone in the mood for meat should definitely consider dining here.
  • Cafetería del Sol
    This classy cafetería is the perfect place to sit and spend some time people-watching and enjoying the view of the beach. Start your day off with a cup of real coffee here, whipped up using an authentic cappuccino machine. Come later in the day if you'd prefer to sample one of its traditional meat
  • Cafetería Roberto
    Almost always packed with hungry patrons, Cafetería Roberto is one of many outdoor street stalls in Cevichelandía, an outdoor market serving cheaper plates of seafood and, of course, ceviche. This seems to be a popular choice, especially for locals during lunchtime, so follow the crowds an
  • Tasca Vasca
    Central Guayaquil is not overflowing with charming old-style restaurants, but this beautifully laid-out Spanish place is definitely worth checking out. Set in a cosy cellar-like ambience with waiters wearing traditional sailor outfits, you can choose from a large menu of tapas and Spanish specialiti
  • Restaurant Carloncho
    Simple but savory Manabí fare is on offer at this popular haunt just off the Malecón. Relatively unassuming during the day, the restaurant kicks into high gear at night when the rows of outside grills overflow with meat, corn and various fried treats, and the white plastic tables and chairs fill
  • Oh Mar Comida Manabita
    This simple restaurant serving traditional food from the province of Manabí has an extensive menu offering various ceviches and soups, including viche (a peanut-based fish soup) and cazuela (a seafood stew). Additionally, it has grilled or fried fish, seafood rice, crab-stuffe
  • La Ostra Nostra
    Except for its Italian-looking sign out front, this place is pure Ecuadorian. La Ostra Nostra serves up a variety of traditional coastal fare, from fish and seafood to soup and meat dishes. The restaurant is a popular gastronomical hangout with a flair for anything fried or served with fish and a s
  • La Bella Italia
    La Bella Italia's façade, made to look like a little slice of Italy, leads into a spacious seating area and well-appointed wooden tables. A large brick oven occupies the front, near a street side window, so patrons and potential customers alike can watch how the mouth-watering dishes are created
  • Tsafiki's Wahoo Restaurant
    Located in the main building of Hostería Tsafiki and overlooking the water, Wahoo Restaurant is a great spot to relax and enjoy fresh seafood and other local favorites. It has continental breakfasts as well as fixed-priced lunches and dinners that rotate daily. Items off the menu cost a bit more.
  • Restobar Guacamayo Grill And Wok
    At this artsy Argentinian-owned restaurant, you can customize stir fries or chow down on a grilled meat kebab right on the beach. Choose vegetables like broccoli, celery and carrots; mix them with spices like ginger, thyme and rosemary; and add in chicken, shrimp or bacon for a filling meal. Guacam
  • Restaurante Spondylus
    This endearing laid-back place is a great-value option with colorful murals and an informal atmosphere. The menu contains a range of seafood and ceviches as well as a variety of spaghetti, meat and burgers, if you're tired of the fish. Prawns or lobster are delicious choices if you have a bit more
  • Bellitalia
    Bellaitalia occupies an upstairs space on the Malecón and cooks up some tasty Italian dishes in an airy, candlelit atmosphere. Here you can choose from several different types of pasta, such as spaghetti, fusilli or homemade tagliatelle, and match it with one of your favorite sauces like pesto, bo
  • Restaurante "russo"
    New to Puerto López's restaurant scene, Restaurante "Russo" specializes in Russian cuisine and cooks up comforting specialties like pelmeni (dumplings with ground meat), deruni de papa (potato pancakes) and brizol frita (similar to a Spanish tortilla with meat inside). The own
  • Etnias
    This earthly little French-owned café with a pebbled floor and bamboo furniture has great breakfasts. Beyond the typical continental-style breakfasts served around town, Etnias also has crepes and waffles topped with nutella, peanut butter or fruit, as well as fruit with yogurt. Those who favor sa
  • Whale Café
    This popular America-owned café no longer serves breakfast but has lots of vegetarian options, including a variety of salads and wraps, some with Asian influences. Try the Thai chicken wrap, avocado and shrimp salad, or hummus with garlic toast for a taste of home. The owners go to Manta once a we
  • Pizzería Buon Giorno
    If you are needing a break from the run-of-the-mill Ecuadorian fare and you aren't quite up to trying exotic cuy, then head over to Pizzaría Buon Giorno for something international. Travelers say the service and atmosphere are good - and the pizzas not
  • Carmita Restaurant & Bar
    Restaurant Carmita is one of the best restaurants in town. The large menu includes ceviches as well as shrimp, fish, calamari and octopus prepared several different ways. Try one of the dishes smothered in salsa de maní, a delicious peanut sauce with white wine and a bit of a kick. Some chi
  • Caskaffesu
    Caskaffesu's dining area is spacious and modern, with lots of natural light, dark wood and a fireplace. A small outdoor patio nearby has room for another eight people or so and has views of the colorful Caskaffesu hotel rooms. Main plates are centered around proteins like steak, chicken or whole fi
  • Scrop
    Scrop, sitting right at the corner of the main square, is one of the nicer restaurants in town. It may be small, but it tends to be packed, particularly on the weekends. There is a TV in the corner with cable, which locals seem to enjoy sitting in front of for hours at a time. The food served is
  • El Rincón del Che
    This is definitely the place to try parrillada, the assortment of meat cuts on individualized grills. Ask any local in Santo Domingo, a city famed for its meats, and they will probably point you in the direction of El Rincón. Perpetually crowded with families, often ordering up to five gril
  • Chef Sheraton Restaurante
    Chef Sheraton Restaurante offers an abnormally large amount of options for appearing to be a typical Santo Domingo food joint. It serves pastas, several meat dishes and a little bit of Chinese, but the quality is the issue. It's not the greatest meal you'll have, but if you're looking for something
  • Hotel Pacífico Restaurante
    Hotel Pacífico restaurant is just next door to the entrance of the hotel of the same name. The restaurant features an open-air porch overlooking the beach and is one of very few places to eat in Puerto López that accepts credit cards. The food is a little pricier, but is very well prepared. Daily
  • Espuma del Mar
    Located right on the Malecón overlooking the beach, Espuma del Mar could not be in a better location. There is a porch and plenty of seating as well as tacky, ocean-themed decor. It has a few different standard breakfast options and offers a cheap fixed-price lunch and dinner. If you are staying
  • El Pelícano
    In direct competition with the popular Delfín Mágico Restaurante, El Pelícano offers the same fare of fresh-off-the boat seafood at more reasonable prices and with speedier service. Try the fish en salsa de maní (peanut sauce)—you'll be dreaming about it for days. Hard-to-find scall
  • Delfin Mágico
    People come from all corners of Ecuador for a taste of Delfin Mágico's famous seafood plates. Fresh prawns, lobster, shrimp, scallops and octopus are meticulously prepared several different ways. The specialty, though, is percebes, or goose barnacles, which come with an exquisite lime sauce
  • Mamapacha
    Mamapacha is a small vegetarian restaurant with a rotating daily lunch menu consisting of soup, vegetables in a sauce over rice, and a glass of flavored ice tea. If you don't like the day's menu, or would like to dine here for dinner instead, Mamapacha always has veggie lasagna, soy burgers, burrit
  • Papillón Crepería
    Papillón Crepería has a mix of Ecuadorian, Argentinian and French food. As obvious from its name, it has many different crepe options, including a Mexican crepe stuffed with ground beef, rice and beans, and a tropical crepe filled with peaches, vanilla ice cream and sweetened condensed milk. Ever
  • Tiburón
    This small wooden restaurant does not look like much from the outside, but the menu is surprisingly eclectic and the owner is surprisingly friendly. Besides ceviches and other local specialties, it has lots of different types of homemade empanadas, including ones stuffed with cheese and seaf
  • Kapadokia
    Kapadokia's stone archways and blue and white tones will make you feel as if you are dining on the Mediterranean Sea instead of near the Pacific Ocean. This upscale Mediterranean grill in the middle of Montañita serves authentic hummus, falafel plates, Turkish salads and shish kebab sandwiches bes
  • Queseras de Bolívar
    If you are unable to get over to Salinas during you stay in the area, definitely plan to visit this shop in Guaranda. It sells a wide selection of the cheeses, chocolates and other goods that are made in the Salinas area. The chocolates are smooth and milky and make a great gift for friends back
  • Karukera
    Karukera has a similar menu to the other restaurants in the town center, serving ceviches, sandwiches, salads, and seafood and meat mains. Try the seafood platter in pineapple sauce for a taste of the tropics. It also has some French specialties like crepes and Chicken Cordon Bleu that comple
  • Tiki Limbo
    Serving up a little bit of everything delicious, Tiki Limbo is the place to go if you're not sure what you want, but know it better be good and plentiful. The restaurant prepares large-sized portions of oriental, Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican dishes, as well as six different types of burgers a
  • Pizzarte Trattoria
    This quiet eatery with just five outdoor tables cooks up 10 different kinds of artisanal pizzas in its large wood-burning oven, including tres quesos (three cheese), vegetarian, Hawaiian (jam, pineapple and cheese) and pesto. The Peruvian owner also makes fresh, homemade ciabatta bread, and
  • Los 7 Santos
    Los 7 Santos is probably the place with the most ambiance in Guaranda. It feels like the sort of coffee shop you might find in a hip neighborhood in New York, not in this small town. It offers coffee, snacks and light meals. Los 7 Santos is a great place to relax and plan out your day, with a goo
  • Surf Restaurant Ayampe
    Owned by Finca Punta Ayampe, this colorful restaurant right on the beach has a bunch of vegetarian options. Big glass windows look out onto the ocean, which can be seen from nearly every table, or you can sit outside on the balcony and eat your meal to the sound of waves. Inside, there are also thr
  • La Casa Blanca Bar and Grill
    This centrally located restaurant on the ground floor of the hostel of the same name has two Peruvian chefs who whip up dishes native to Peru, like tacu tacu de mariscos (rice and beans with a seafood sauce), tiraditos (thin slices of raw fish in a spicy lime sauce) and papas a la
  • Bar-Restaurante El Punto
    A mellow beach bar and popular breakfast spot, Bar-Restaurante El Punto is right off the main drag in Montañita. El Punto brings the beach inside with its natural wood tables, coral centerpieces and a pebbled floor. In the mornings, travelers flock for the gigantic creole breakfasts and crepes wit
  • Hola Ola Café
    This social hub is a popular restaurant by day and a bumping discoteca by night, making it easy to spend a good amount of time here while in Montañita. Its international menu has American-style breakfasts with pancakes and waffles that are available all day long, as well as salads, sandwi
  • Il Matterello
    Fresh Italian food always has a way of attracting people, even when it is slightly hidden in an out-of-the-way neighborhood. Hearty meat dishes and homemade pastas makes up for the bright lights and stale atmosphere. If you feel like exploring the neighborhood outside the designated tourist area, lu
  • Patagonia Sur
    Opening a gourmet fusion restaurant in an economically struggling residential neighborhood is not a business decision that everyone would make. But celebrity chef Francis Mallman did and it has all worked out just fine. He built it and they are coming. The food is creative renditions of Argentine st
  • Al Interior
    A traditional Argentine restaurant in the heart of trendy Palermo, Al Interior´s fine cuts of grilled meat and impeccable array of wines will not dissapoint the discerning palate. Features an atmosphere meant to transport you to the countryside.
  • La Cabrera
    Best of the Bife While reviews of La Cabrera dot the pages of every good guide to Buenos Aires, sometimes a traveler needs just a little extra goading, a second, third or even 50th opinion to be convinced. Its fame among the guidebooks hasn't robbed this Palermo parrilla of its charm—white tabl
  • Bio
    Who says healthy has to be boring? The vegetarian, all-organic dishes at Bio are among the most flavorful dishes found in the city. Plus, the herbivorous dishes are just as filling as any slab of meat from a neighboring parrilla. Bio's eco-friendly menu (even printed on recycled paper) includes hard
  • Parrilla Donca
    Small and cozy, lovely atmosphere and great service. This restaurant, located in the Palermo neighborhood, specializes in top Argentine grilled meats and typical desserts. Large windows letting in natural lighting, classic décor, gentle music and good value for money make Donca the ideal spot for
  • La Dorita
    This five-year-old classic has grown quickly to occupy two separate locales on the same Hollywood corner, serving prime parrilla fare, an extensive local wine list and plenty of atmosphere. The dining rooms are elegant and classyâ??even with wine bottle chandeliers and clay, penguin-shaped pitcher
  • Mandarin
    Mandarin se encuentra en la esquina de Fitz Roy y Costa Rica. Su cocina es mediterránea, con sushi exquisito y toques del Perú. El ambiente es relajado, agradable, sus clientes son gente de espíritu joven y tanto el cocinero como su jefe de salón son experimentados en la materia. Tiene simpát
  • Guido's Bar
    Guido's is tiny and popular - reservations are a must - but well worth a little planning. A team of swarming, friendly waiters begins to put food and wine down almost before clients sit down, and the barrage of delicious Italian dishes doesn't stop. Eight or ten colorful and varied appetizers are fo
  • Niceto Club
    Thursday nights Niceto Club is known as Club 69, when unapologetic decadence combines with stage performances - from break-dancing to experimental theater - and plenty of raciness to make Club 69 one of BA's most notable, if not notorious, party nights. Show up around 2:30am on Thursday (yes, it's a
  • Oui Oui
    In the residential fringes of Palermo Viejo you'll find this small, relaxed French café and bistro. Oui Oui offers light breakfasts—yogurt, cereal, homemade pastries—as well as the more substantial, hard-to-find bacon and eggs. The lunch menu is ample and includes soups, sandwiches, and
  • Club del Vino

    NOTE: This business has closed. A versatile venue, Club del Vino is comprised of a restaurant, wine museum, wine cellar and a classy theater that attracts a

  • Congo
    Congo is a cornerstone of Palermo nightlife, attracting crowds of beautiful people most nights of the week. If you want a seat, try to get there before 11 p.m.; if not, join the masses milling around the bar and competing for the bartender's attention. The patio/garden in the back is beautiful and
  • Divina Patagonia

    NOTE: This business has closed. Divina Patagonia was one the first of the now numerous new-wave restaurants providing specialties from the Argentine south.

  • Il Gatto
    Step into the Il Gatto trattorìa, and you'll see everything around you says Italia. The red and white checkered tablecloths set the atmosphere, and the two antique cast iron lampposts inside the restaurant complete the illusion of dining in any Italian s
  • El Álamo Chalet Restaurante
    As you're wandering down Av. Cevallos, El Álamo Chalet will likely catch your eye, simply because it really does look like a mountain chalet-albeit on a busy Ambato street. While El Álamo aspires to be affordably posh (and the restaurant's interior is just as aesthetically appealing as its ex
  • El Sol De Manta
    By and large, if a restaurant is consistently brimming with locals, then it's a sign of first-rate food. El Sol de Manta is no exception. Several tables are crammed into a basic room, where popular Ecuadorian seafood dishes such as ceviche, encebollado (fish stew) and fried fish are dispense
  • Brocolini
    Brocolini is Latacunga's only vegetarian restaurant. It's a small and friendly café that aims to provide healthy, fresh food for those who, for whatever reason, want to steer clear of anything meat-related. There's pastas, pizzas and sandwiches, as well as soya burgers, vitamin-packed fresh juices
  • La Maroma
    The neon signs of La Maroma are a beacon in the dark streets of the Abasto neighborhood. A classic and eternally busy bodegón, hams and garlic hang from the ceiling and guitarists make the rounds playing tableside tangos. The menu is endless and a bit confusing, and many people settle for
  • The Colonial Pot
    The Colonial Pot offers good-value lunch and dinner set-menus. The three course meals come with a wide choice of dishes, including eight soup options, 15 main meals (with a few veggie choices) and a number of desserts like chocolate mousse and apple pie. They also do breakfast. It's a pleasant resta
  • La Reina Kunti
    In an old house with no sign and virtually no exterior lighting, La Reina Kunti can be a bit hard to find, so go with the address in hand. Inside, eclectic furnishings, ranging from antiques chests surrounded by throw pillows to high tables with tree-trunk benches, set the relaxed tone to enjoy vege
  • La Casa De Juan
    Just off the main square, the Hotel Rodelu's charming, cozy restaurant is open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It serves up a mix of wood-fired pizza, steak, chicken, pasta, and salads. There is also a small cafeteria that, as well as pizza, offers sandwiches, hamburgers, snacks and
  • Villa De Tacvgna
    Fancy injecting a bit of class into your afternoon? If so, head to the Villa de Tacvgna, where you can dine in the hotel's delightful courtyard restaurant set in the middle of a restored 200 year-old building. Set-menu almuerzos (lunches) are surprisingly reasonably-priced (from the outside,
  • La Fornace
    This highly popular joint serves delicious wood-fired pizza, made from scratch and cooked in a massive antique brick oven. The thin crust and fresh ingredients easily make it a town favorite, and there's pasta, meat and fish dishes if you don't have a pizza craving. The atmosphere is cozy and, at
  • Oasis Café
    This lovely café specializes in helado (ice cream), which comes in a variety of yummy flavors. If you're looking for a place to spend a few hours relaxing with dessert and a coffee you've found the spot. The café also has a food menu, with hearty breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers and plat
  • Café Orfeo
    This café turns into more of a bar during the night. It is a great place to go if you want a more relaxing night out, instead of a drunken night at the discoteca. It tends to have live music often, especially on the weekends. It is located just one block off of 10 de Agosto, and is very clo
  • Hollywood Coffee
    Perhaps the most random coffee shop in Ecuador, Hollywood Coffee seems to be trying to be a Planet Hollywood meets Starbucks. Outside of the coffee shop, â??hand printsâ? of famous people line the sidewalk. Inside it is decorated with various posters of quintessential celebrities such as Marily
  • Pizzería San Valentín
    Pizzería San Valentín is a cozy pizza joint that has shadows of an old-school American pizza place, with tasty pizzas, chilled beers and a jukebox to boot. Besides the traditional slice, San Valentín also serves standard pizzeria-fare such as mozzarella sticks and special French bread calzones.
  • D'Baggio
    Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time in Ecuador probably knows that generally the pizza here is nothing to write home about. D'Baggios is the exception to this rule. This small restaurant's attempt to look like a quaint Italian eatery may not be spot on but is endearing. The pizzas are
  • Bereber
    Most people don't think Moroccan food when they think BA, but Bereber's north African preparations of renowned Argentine meats are not to be missed. The delicious meguez, a home-made spicy lamb sausage, and various other lamb dishes with tasty marinades, top the menu. Leave room for desserts like Bl
  • Odisea
    Just beyond the train tracks on an otherwise quiet street in Belgrano, Odisea is waiting for people to realize it's there. The restaurant opened in early 2010 and is located in an old home that was built in 1817. From delicious large salads (the Mediterranean salad combines arugula, prosciutto, sun
  • Comedor Nikkai
    The general consensus seems to be that this is the closest you will get to Japan in Buenos Aires. That's high praise indeed, considering the number of excellent Japanese restaurants popping up throughout the capital. But what else would you expect from a restaurant located in the building that house
  • El Querandí
    Dinner and a movie? Been there, done that. How about fine dining and tango in a 140-year-old house in Monserrat? El Querandí is one of many spots in BA where you can enjoy the top-three Argentine indulgences—steak, wine and tango—in one sitting. But the quaint, vintage feel of the histori
  • El Balcón
    Balconies with a view are a dime a dozen in BA, but they don't get much better than El Balcón (Spanish for "balcony"). On the first floor of the antique building that's home to El Balcón de la Plaza, there's live rock, jazz and blues daily as well as tango music dinner shows Fridays through Sunday
  • El Gaucho
    El Gaucho has been an Ambato staple for years, serving sizzling and tender Argentine-style steaks at affordable prices. Although the decor is sparse (the experience is more like eating in a cafeteria than a restaurant), it's a great place to relax and enjoy a quality steak without having to dress
  • El Viejo Almacén
    A 40-year-old tango complex in San Telmo, the four-story El Viejo Almacén is more than a place to enjoy a juicy slab of beef, fine wine and an hour and 50-minute tango production. On the grounds, formerly a British hospital, there's a dinner/performance hall with balcony seating, a library/lounge i
  • Manolo
    A true family affair! Run by the four children of the its late namesake, this 18-year-old San Telmo parilla caters more to families and groups of friends than couples dining a deux. Manolo's quintessentially porteño setting is old-school and low-budget, right down to the red napkins draped across t
  • Origen
    Despite the city's reputation as a meat lover's paradise, dining out in Buenos Aires need not be an artery-clogging experience. Whole grain pizza crusts topped with freshly sautéed veggie goodness, delicious fruit smoothies and other vegetarian-friendly delights make this friendly indoor/outdoor c
  • La Cancha
    The no frills country-style Spanish food of La Cancha is served up in hearty portions that are meant to satisfy. La Bombanera, the legendary Boca Juniors stadium, looms over the restaurant and seems to influence the quality of the food. You can't let the team down by serving bad food. Inside, the de
  • Banchero
    Of course some of the best pizza in town is not going to be easy to find. They can't just give it away to anybody. Banchero is a La Boca institution that is very humble about how it goes about doing things. A few stools, a couple of tables and a smoking hot fugazza with cheese (a pizza without tomat
  • Gibraltar
    One of the most popular watering holes for travelers, expats, and locals friendly with the international community, Gibraltar has become a San Telmo fixture seemingly as permanent as the rock it was named after. Draught beers in pint glasses, not often found in Buenos Aires, cost $2; the drinks are
  • Bar Plaza Dorrego
    Woodwork carved with messages and signatures from prior generations is testament to the history of this old café, where impeccable career servers in suits and bow ties and the local San Telmo bohemia complete the atmosphere of what has been, for over a century, a classic porteño hub. On cold or r
  • Todo Mundo
    A chill spot on the corner of Plaza Dorrego with live music nightly, rustic décor and fantastic house wine. Tables outside make for a perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon sipping malbec and people-watching, especially on Sunday when the tangoers come out to play. Hang around into the night for
  • Plaza Mayor
    Plaza Mayor sits on a lively corner in Montserrat surrounded by a number of other long-standing restaurants, two of which are owned by the same people as Plaza Mayor. The kitchen mines the neighborhood's deep Spanish roots, serving traditional dishes from different regions in Spain. Impeccable waite
  • El Federal
    Within walking distance of Retiro, this is a great option for authentic, traditional Argentinian offerings. Empanadas and steak are obvious choices, but the fish and salads are excellent too. A lively, noisy crowd gathers here at lunchtime, where a good value ‘menu executivo' will set y
  • California Burrito Company
    Known as CBC for the speaking ease of the locals, the California Burrito Company provides hearty and huge burritos at affordable prices. The restaurant is a casual affair where patrons line up and order from a long, Subway-style counter with a variety of beans, meats, grilled vegetables and good, sp
  • Irifune
    Irifune owners Shimada and Matsuoka are sushi veterans who came to Argentina ten years ago, and have a loyal local following. Small and low-key, the entrance to the restaurant is almost invisible, but once inside, the place is sure to be full of lunchtime diners. For anyone in Buenos Aires with a su
  • Abril
    If you're looking for a five-star meal in the lap of romantic luxury, walk on by. From a design standpoint, Abril is basic and brightly lit with an anonymous cafe-style feel. The menu, however, is hardly lacking in originality: If you've come to Buenos Aires craving Hungarian ghoulash, French ratato
  • Dadá
    Quirky and inventive, this funky, tiny little restaurant is a great place for Argentine food with a twist. Start with tasty hummus and avocado dips, and be sure to try a steak (lomo Dada or ojo de bife) -you'll understand why locals, expats and tourists come back again and again. A gr
  • Palitos
    This section of Arribeños is lined with several Asian restaurants, but Palitos seems to be a local favorite. Red paper lanterns lead you into what feels like your slightly run-down neighborhood Chinese (or in this case, Taiwanese) spot, the kind that is not very attractive but you find yourself cr
  • Filo
    Strangely, for a city full of Italian immigrants, the B.A. pizza leaves a lot to be desired. But Filo is trying to buck the trend. The menu includes an impressive selection of around 100 gourmet pizzas, made with a crispy, thin crust and fresh tomato sauce. Pastas are also excellent, and great valu
  • Buller Pub Downtown
    There comes a time in most people's lives when nothing could sound better than a burger, a pint of microbrewed ale and some sports on the TV. Buller Downtown pumps out 7 different types of beer, made in Recoleta, and has a great pub environment. The food is all quality bar standards that go well w
  • Empire Thai
    Down a small alley, a cobblestone oasis in the middle of downtown, the sleek and stylish Empire Thai serves up tasty Asian treats and US style cocktails. The bar is a fun spot for a pre-dinner drink or an afternoon thirst quencher paired with some chicken satay skewers or any of the other pan-Asian
  • El Claustro Santa Catalina
    Are you looking for sinfully delicious food? Then try â??El Claustro,â? the restaurant inside the Convent of Santa Catalina. It is a true refuge of not only fine dining with a fresh take on modern Pan-Latin American cuisine, but also a cool break from the frenzied shopping on Florida Avenue, i
  • Casa de la Cultura China
    A little like eating in a submarine, this Chinese restaurant has a high kitsch factor and good food. Don't be intimidated by the fact that the place looks like an opium den from outside, because inside the people are friendly and the odd interior design ends up being relaxing. It's standard Chinese
  • Richmond
    The menu at this Microcentro cafe is traditional, basic, dependable and hardly the only reason to pay the place a visit. The now-defunct hotel that once housed the Richmond cafe was built in 1917, and entering the sole surviving portion of the landmark building is indeed like stepping into the early
  • Pura Vida
    It's rare to find somewhere in Buenos Aires that doesn't want to send you home with red-meat-induced heart problems-but Pura Vida Juice Bar is the perfect antidote for those who have overdosed on bife de lomo. With wheatgrass shots, delicious smoothies, and really healthy wraps and
  • London City
    When you need a break from all that hard shopping on Calle Florida, try a drink or bite to eat at relaxed London City on the corner of Avenida de Mayo. The café proudly claims that celebrated Argentine author Julio Cortázar wrote his first novel here. London City serves up all of the usual luncht
  • Granix
    Vegetarians-tired of pasta yet? Worry not, as Granix vegetarian restaurant will more than make up for it. On the first floor of quiet Galería Güemes (the stairway is unmarked but head up anyway), an enormous all-you-can-eat self-service buffet awaits you within a friendly food-hall style layout
  • Alas Delta
    Offering a vista with your meal, this place sits up against the Malecón and offers two floors-worth of majestic ocean views. Meals range across the usual coastal, flavorful fare at a reasonable price. For an extra view of the town, head upstairs and gaze at the horizon or the Malecon as it bends n
  • Restaurante D'camaron
    A simple place with a nice view of the sea, Restaurante D'Camaron offers delicious seafood and traditional Ecuadorian dishes, including a long list of ceviches. Glass-topped tables add a little pep to otherwise characterless plastic chairs, and the owners are friendly and helpful.
  • Kookaburra Café
    Kookaburra is an excellent place to start your day. Order a bottomless cup of real, high-quality coffee or a pot of cinnamon and orange tea and sip it alongside an order of pancakes with bananas, fruit with yogurt, or a fried egg on toast with sauteed mushrooms. At lunchtime, Kookaburra offers a da
  • Néctar
    Néctar specializes in vegetarian and raw food, with dishes ranging from pita pizzas and quinoa tabbouleh to gazpacho and zucchini linguine with pesto sauce. It also has a wide selection of fresh fruit juices, batidos (made with soy milk) and teas, such as the banana tahini batido<
  • Kirutwa Mushak Wasi
    The community-run Kirutwa Mushuk Wasi is the only actual restaurant in town. Perched on the rim of the crater, the restaurant is set inside a sparkling wooden building that was opened in 2009. It is operated in the same way as the lakeside hostel Princesa Toa, with profits invested back into the Qu
  • Govinda's Vegetariano
    A favorite vegetarian restaurant among Cuenca's non-meat eaters, Govinda's Vegetariano has an inventive menu incorporating Indian, Italian and Asian influences. The place itself is clean and eclectic, with only a few tables, and plays relaxing world music. Choose from plates like vegetarian paella,
  • Maria's Alemania Café
    Unlike most bakeries found throughout Ecuador that have dry cakes and crumbly cookies, the baked goods at this German bakery are moist, dense and absolutely delicious. It sells the best bread in town, with shelves filled with white and whole wheat varieties, as well as chocolate- or vanilla-covered
  • Wildhorse Café
    Owned by an American couple who served as Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador from 2008-2010, this recently opened café is a small breakfast and lunch spot, as well as a community gathering space. Specializing in baked goods, Wildhorse is a place to enjoy a delicious slice of walnut bourbon pie or r
  • San Sebas Café
    San Sebas Café has delicious Arabica 7 coffee, awesome American-style breakfasts that are served all day long, and gourmet sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads. Menu items include BLT on focaccia bread, California chicken sandwich with basil mayo, Greek salad, and five different burger/veggie burge
  • Donde El Argentino
    Donde... is a outstanding restaurant tucked away in the corner of the pleasant Plazoleta Francisco Calderón. It serves up heavenly Argentinean-style dishes literally dripping with flavor. Beef (grilled and served with heaps of spicy sauces and mouth-watering sides) is the specialty here, and you'r
  • Raymipamba Café Restaurant
    Perhaps the most famous restaurant in Cuenca, it is hard not to stop in, if just for a coffee or dessert. With terraced seating and windows facing out onto Parque Calderón, this café is perfect for a break in a busy day. The menu offers anything from crepes and fresh juices to pastas, humitas, ta
  • Café Pushkin
    A great place to enjoy an early breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. In the mornings, Ibarran locals filter in to grab a bite to eat before starting the day, and the small café quickly comes to life with conversation. Although there is no official menu, set dishes include traditional fare, such as sa
  • El Pavón Real
    El Pavón Real is a simple restaurant serving a mix of typical Ecuadorian plates and international dishes. It has cheap set-price lunches with three different options for the main course during the week. Here you can also try motepillo, a cuencano specialty of fried hominy mixed with scrambl
  • La Esquina
    The clean and colorful La Esquina is one of the more modern cafés in Ibarra that, in addition to traditional Ibarra ice cream (fluffy ice cream with a consistency similar to sherbet), has a short menu of Ecuadorian specialties, such as humitas, quimbolitos and empanadas, as we
  • La Esquina
    This upscale Argentine restaurant with funky décor cooks up typical food from rural Argentina in traditional discos de arado (plow discs, similar to cast-iron skillets), as well as high-quality beef topped with chimichurri sauce. You can order plow disks full of mixed meat, mixed vegetables
  • Moliendo Café
    Moliendo Café is one of the city's most popular lunch spots, and with good reason. This simple Colombian restaurant with friendly Colombian owners has cheap but filling set lunches, and a menu with large arepas (Colombian corn tortillas) topped with everything from meat and gu
  • El Paraíso
    Vegetarians passing through Loja can rest easy knowing El Paraíso serves up light, healthy and very reasonably priced vegetarian dishes every day of the week. A typical menú del día (menu of the day) includes a soup, a main dish, and juice or hot tea, all for just $2.80 and freshly prepared by th
  • Cafeteria Coffeeshop Layseca's
    This cafetería is popular for its downright delicious dulces (sweets), various breads and three different types of homemade granola, all made with organic ingredients. Sweet tooths will be delighted to find slices of carrot cake, orange cake, banana cake and portions of tres leche
  • Shanta's Café Bar
    A laid-back rustic country café and bar, Shanta's is a nice break from the restaurants surrounding Vilcabamba's central park, and has some unique menu specialties, like sauteed frog's legs and "Snake's Juice" (made with sugar cane alcohol and fermented snake). Simpler palates can choose from plate
  • The Juice Factory Vilcabamba
    This juice and smoothie mecca blends up large glasses of healthy yet creative concoctions, including an organic goji berry, wild Andean blueberry, coconut water, organic cacao, matcha and almond milk smoothie. It also sells vegan treats like walnut chai spice balls, raw vegan peppermint truffles an
  • Café Sambuca
    Café Sambuca has its own organic farm in Vilcabamba. Although the restaurant does have a menu featuring organic salads, pizza and Mexican food, Café Sambuca's owner and chef, Raul, can also personalize dishes based on the day's fresh ingredients from the farm. So come on in, say what you are in t
  • El Tamal Lojano
    El Tamal Lojano probably has the best traditional regional food in town. Its menu is simple, with three different breakfasts, and specialty snacks like tamales, humitas, quimbolitos, bolónes, and empanadas de verde. The tamales and empanadas can be prepared with
  • Forno Di Fango Pizzería
    The best pizza place in town, Forno di Fango has four locations throughout the city, with the most central being on the corner of the streets 24 de Mayo and Azuay. All have an identical menu; pizzas come in five different sizes and can be topped with just veggies or pepperoni, or with more creative
  • Casa Lojana Restaurant
    Casa Lojana is a fancy hotel and restaurant located outside of Loja in a converted home. It is owned and operated by the University of Loja, which uses it as a teaching tool for its students involved in the hotel and restaurant industries. The restaurant is classy and well decorated and offers a co
  • Topoli
    Be sure to check out Topoli if you are looking for a quick fix to satisfy your sweet tooth or an appetizing way to cool down on a hot Loja morning. Serving a variety of cakes and ice cream sundaes, along with the best coffee and yogurt in town, this small cafeteria also offers basic sandwiches, per
  • Las Chavales Café
    This small Spanish place, hidden in a passageway close to Plaza de la Independencia, brings a new set of flavors and sounds to Loja. With just a few small tables, Las Chavales transports diners and drinkers to Spain with its Spanish music and menu filled with Spanish specialties and tapas, such as
  • A Lo Mero Mero
    A Lo Mero Mero is the place to go for Mexican food in Loja, whether you want flautas, fajitas, enchiladas or burritos. The taco or burrito with soda combos are a pretty good deal. At lunch time, A Lo Mero Mero also serves a good set-price almuerzo, which includes soup, a main plate, a juice
  • Restaurant Riscomar
    One of the fanciest places in town, Restaurant Riscomar is perfect for a romantic or celebratory meal. The extensive menu goes way beyond the options at the majority of other establishments in town and has some fusion items, featuring dishes like grilled chicken and pineapple in a sweet and sour sa
  • Molino Café
    This modern café serves six different types of breakfasts, including a "French breakfast" with a piece of cake, hard-boiled egg, juice and coffee; and a "Spanish breakfast" with a Spanish potato omelette, juice and coffee. It also prepares 15 different coffees from around the world, such as the
  • Heladeria Holanda
    This is unanimously considered the best place to get ice cream in town. Although it has recently changed locations, you can still sample dozens of different flavors here, including many only found in Ecuador. Grab a fresh scoop, or opt to sample the delicious yogurts, cakes and san
  • Good Affinity Restaurant and Tea House
    This vegetarian restaurant is a peaceful retreat from the noisy streets. Owned by a Taiwanese couple, the restaurant is filled with calming music and has outdoor seating surrounded by bamboo and bonsai. The basic but tasty lunch comes with soup, juice and a plate of rice accompanied by some sort of
  • El Horno Pizza
    Superb food and a warm, easygoing atmosphere make this Ibarra's best Italian restaurant, though, ironically, it's run by an Ecuadorian who learnt the ropes of Italian cooking during his 12 years in France. The wood-fired pizza is the specialty, though the lasagna and steaks are excellent too, as ar
  • Olor A Café
    It's hard not to fall a little in love with the beautiful Olor de Café, which sits on a corner of the main plaza. It's exquisitely decorated, and has a romantic, European feel. The restaurant takes up the first floor of a 104-year old building which was restored in 2008. From the main room of the
  • Aromas Café
    The location of Aromas Café (at the back of a courtyard, on a side street) makes it an ideal place to come to for a quiet and relaxing cup of coffee, dinner or evening drink. The set-menu almuerzo draws in the crowds at lunchtime too. Aromas' menu includes snacks, sandwiches, salads, pasta,
  • Oraibi
    The adorable Oraibi has a decent and completely vegetarian menu, with good breakfasts, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and salads on offer. Enjoy your meal in either the cozy indoor dining room or the delightful courtyard garden. Note that though the restaurant claims to be open all day, it has a tendenc
  • Quino
    Run by an Afro-Ecuadorian family, the unpretentious Quino is known for its excellent seafood, particularly its ceviches, grilled trout and seafood goulash. Each dish is freshly made, so don't expect quick service-but it's worth the wait. Tuesday to Sunday 12-3 p.m. and 6-11 p.m.
  • California Social Pizza & Bar Ibarra
    The reason that I am writing is to let everyone know about this new pizzeria restaurant in Ibarra. The owner who I had the pleasure to meet has travel to Italy, USA, and many other places and has created a fusion of local flavors with a California beach atmosphere. This place is traveler friendly
  • La Casa De Intag
    Fair-trade coffee shop La Casa de Intag sells real coffee (both whole bean and ground varieties) from the beautiful Intag region, an area of cloud forest a few hours north-west of Otavalo. Sit down and sip on a steaming hot cup of coffee, or buy some to take home; in addition, you can purchase arti
  • Juanita Marquez
    The Colombian-owned Juanita Marquez, which opened in March 2012, is a quiet retreat from busy Otavalo, with tables set around a peaceful outdoor courtyard. It's a good option for a decent almuerzo; also on the menu are typical Colombian plates (including the bandeja paisa, a generousl
  • Tabasco's
    Tabasco's location, three floors up, is superb, as it provides the opportunity to have your lunch on the rooftop terrace overlooking the plaza. The friendliness of the owner and his wife add to the restaurant's charm. The food is the usual Mexican fare, and though it's decent, it can be a little hi
  • Balcon De Imbabura
    For a convenient spot to rest feet weary from hours of shopping, you can't beat Balcon de Imbabura: it's right on the square, overlooking the market. Run by a friendly family, Balcon de Imbabura offers a menu of (so it claims) entirely organic food, with pasta, sandwiches, Mexican dishes, baked pota
  • Green Coffee Shop & Diner
    The tiny Green Coffee Shop & Diner features a scattering of tables in a rustic but sunny courtyard, the walls of which are brightened by colorful murals. Aimed firmly at tourists, the organic menu features breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, pasta and nachos. The fresh juices are particularly good. Mon
  • Pizza Siciliana
    Pizza Siciliana's warm ambiance, boosted by its wood-burning stove and open fireplace, has been enticing both foreigners and locals for years. Pizzas are decent, if rather heavy on the crust, and though pizza prices are high, other options such as salads, hamburgers and sandwiches are more reasonab
  • Mi Otavalito
    An old favorite, Mi Otavalito has an extensive and consistently good menu of steak, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes, as well as a children's menu. The spacious, attractive dining room and traditionally dressed and smiley staff add to the appeal, and there's live Andean music Friday and Saturday
  • El Jardín de los Andes
    Looking for a quick and budget-priced meal? Then go where the locals go. Located next to the bus station, El Jardín de los Andes serves traditional Ecuadorian fare in an outdoor food court-like setting. "The Garden" is not a single restaurant, but rather a line of a dozen or so individual food s
  • Colors and Flavors
    It's small and a little dark, and the rather eccentric decor may not be to everyone's taste (the ceiling seems to covered in flowing curtains, though the artwork on the walls-designed by the owner's son, Jiovanni-is beautiful), but the food is delicious and the owner, Susannah, is lively and friend
  • San Joaquín Neighborhood
    San Joaquín is a neighborhood in Cuenca that has emerged as the place to eat carne asada (grilled meat). Lining the dirt roads are family-owned restaurants where cuencano families come to devour savory lunches. This is one place in the city where you will be virtually the only foreigner. Ma
  • Heladería Rosalía Suárez
    This is the oldest and most famous of Ibarra's heladerías de paila, dating back to 1896, when 16 year-old Rosalía Suárez began creating her now legendary helados. There's a full range of delicious flavors, and you can even watch them being made. Note that though there are two shops
  • El Pedregal Azteca
    Craving some deep-fried Mexican? Then check out the town's popular Mexican-owned restaurant, which serves up specialties like flautas, tacos, chile rellenos (stuffed chili peppers) and chicken in a mole sauce. The set lunch menus are a good deal: choose between a burrito, chili or egg
  • Café Austria
    Café Austria is a charming café, perfect for a slice of Austrian cake and coffee in the afternoon, or for a delicious lunch or dinner. Run by the same owner as Wunderbar Café, the Austria locale is smaller and more reminiscent of a European café, filled with wooden tables and chairs. On Mondays
  • Cacao and Canela Café Bar
    Cacao and Canela is a delightful café serving, as the name suggests, all things chocolate and cinnamon. The menu consists of a long list of every kind of hot chocolate imaginable. The cacao used to make the chocolate is grown in Ecuador. Also available is beer, mixed drinks, sandwiches and salads
  • Puerto Lago
    The restaurant is probably the best part of Puerto Lago. Since the dining room was constructed right along the shore, if you're seated at the window, you have excellent views over the water. The food is outstanding, and many of the tour buses going to and from Otavalo regularly stop for lunch. P
  • Hostería Puerto Lago
    On the shore of San Pablo Lake, about fifteen minutes south of Otavalo, sits Puerto Lago hotel and restaurant. The establishment is an attractive complex of well-manicured lawns, spacious rooms, a
  • La Hacienda
    Ask an local to recommend a place to dine in Ibarra, and La Hacienda will very likely receive a mention. This hugely popular restaurant is decorated to resemble a barn, with benches stuffed full of hay and booths that are built like horse-stables (if you prefer cozier seating, head upstairs). The m
  • El Leñador
    Spanish for "The Woodcutter", El Leñador is a mecca for meat lovers, serving a juicy array of steak, seafood and chicken (vegetarians will have to settle for an appetizer or soup). Hearty carnivores are challenged to try one of the giant grilled platters, which offer salad, four to seven differen
  • Café Rio Intag
    A recent addition to Cotacachi, Café Rio Intag is a delightful respite for weary shoppers. Located on Parque San Francisco (where the artisan market is), it's light, airy and charming, and an excellent place to satisfy your sweet tooth (with a cake, muffin and brownie) or get a caffeine hit from a
  • Trebol Cotacachi
    Since it opened in April 2012, the American-run Trebol has quickly become popular, and for good reason. Owners David and Wendy have made this unpretentious café into a local meeting spot for expats, drawn in by the excellent food and friendly service. The hamburgers are said to be the best in town
  • Mercado De Los Andes
    Mercado de los Andes is the city's main food market and includes a large produce section, with every type of fruit you've heard of and likely a few that you haven't. The market itself is nothing special, and would really only be of interest to those planning on cooking (or a few hat-aficionados). Bu
  • San Café
    San Café is a cozy pub-like hangout that is equally suitable for a spot of comfort food or a cold beer. The atmosphere is friendly, and owner Andrea ensures you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. There's board games to play, and the walls are covered in caricatures. Sweet and savory cre
  • Parrilladas El Toro
    In a town where the words ramshackle and overcrowded seem to accompany any observation, Parrilladas el Toro is a breath of fresh air. Walking through the glass front doors and into the spacious, marble-floored dining area is like entering a king's quarters. Precisely set tables with wooden-back cha
  • Bar y Cervicheria Oh! Mar
    An open-air restaurant facing the sea, this place offers one of the nicest views you'll get while in Esmeraldas. Dining is simple and only slightly classier than in town: the plastic tablecloths and glass-top tables are clean and inviting. Specials include the standard range of seafood dishes, but
  • Mamma Rosa Bar and Resaurant
    Somewhat of a local fixture, Mamma Rosa keeps the people coming with its over 246 different dishes, top-notch service, and an atmosphere that even Italy would find hard to create. Owner Jiorjio carried his culinary secrets with him when he came over from Genova and now Ecuador gets the pleasure of
  • El Cormoran
    Laid out like an amusement park, this sprawling restaurant complex is popular with Ecuadorian families and large groups. If the large sign at the entrance doesn't give you a clue, parrilladas (BBQ meat plates) are the house specialty, among other traditional coastal dishes. You're bou
  • OH Mar
    A seafood chain with a sister restaurant in Salinas, OH Mar is a good choice for standard Ecuadorian meat and seafood dishes. Not the best place if you're looking for character and ambiance, but the space is clean and airy, and in terms of food you can't go wrong. Portions are hearty and prices dig
  • Arena Bar
    This is the place to go if you're watching your wallet and aren't looking for anything more complex than a shake and toasted sandwich. Food here may not be first class, and some may consider the atmosphere seriously lacking, but its red leather 1950's style booths face the sea and are more than wort
  • Beach Comber
    The smell of grilling meat is overwhelming even before Beach Comber's flashy neon sign or thumping music have a chance to hit your other senses. Good luck finding a place to sit here around dinner time; the eatery is one of the most popular joints in the area, and rightfully so. Spectacular food (p
  • Mediterraneo
    This lovely restaurant distinguishes itself from other Manta eateries, not just by location, but in style and service. While it may not boast beach views, Mediterraneo has bragging rights to the best Spanish and Ecuadorian influenced plates in town, which is no surprise considering owner Martin is
  • El Galeon
    Serving up the same standard seafood and Manabí fare as other nearby eateries, El Galeon offers an ever-so-slightly more upscale dining experience. Owner Cesar A. Rivas also arranges catering for special events.
  • Choco
    If you've ever wondered what a blend of Californian and Ecuadorian coastal cuisine might look like, then this might be your chance to find out. The restaurant is an incredible piece of work crafted in bamboo, built principally by restaurant owner Sol himself, who can often times be seen in the kitc
  • Cevicheria Paty
    A popular spot next to the San Carlos hotel on the plaza, this modest seafood joint offers ceviches, encebollados and almuerzos at low prices (though sometimes the seafood options are non-existent). Daily 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Restaurante Arena Caliente
    Located on the terrace of Hotel Costa del Sol, this classy bar offers some of the best views of Manta. From up here life looks good, and with a smooth drink and sumptuous plate of food things only seem to get better. The view is always here so whether you're an early bird looking for breakfast or a
  • Jireh Bar and Restaurant
    Decked out in simple but stylish décor, Jireh Bar is one of the more popular places to eat on restaurant row. Open-air seating allows for a cool sea breeze and beach views, and meals are heaping, served still steaming from the kitchen. Jireh is as good a spot as any to try viche, a typical
  • Las Velas
    While differing little in appearance from other places on the Malecón strip, Las Velas is apparently the place to be seen if you're somebody in Manta. At night, well-dressed Ecuadorians chattering beneath the outdoor umbrellas and the sound of clinking glasses is a common occurrence. This is also
  • Ocean Delight
    A slight change from the dominant plastic seating, this place offers neatly arranged wooden tables and chairs, and walls graced with panama hats. From the the outside it looks a slight step up from other places nearby, however, the menu consists of typical Ecuadorian coastal cuisine and prices vary
  • Dulce Y Frio Ice Cream
    Gourmet ice cream, which comes in a variety of flavors, along with a variety of other fried foods that you might want to consider having before spoiling your appetite. This is a pleasant pit stop for something cool after a day in the sun.
  • Restaurant Boulevard
    Located across the street from Old Navy Hotel in a large open-air complex, Restaurant Boulevard is a breezy place to grab breakfast or lunch. The area nearby is under development, with more similar-looking buildings sprouting up alongside. Meals are simple and no-fuss, but cheap.
  • El Buen Sabor
    A similar style restaurant as the others lining the Malecón, El Buen Sabor offers typical meat and seafood dishes, served in an open and airy atmosphere with water views. Service is fairly fast and friendly, and the food is delicious if you're up for traditional meat and seafood plates.
  • Cafeteria La Higuera
    Cafeteria La Higuera offers more or less typical Ecuadorian fare. However, its quality seems to be a bit better than most. The portions are large, and the food flavorful. It is in particular a good place to catch breakfast before a ride on the train. It has many breakfast special options, the most
  • La Va-k Pizzaría
    Just around the corner from Quesaría Salinas (the cheese factory) is La Va-k Pizzaría. This unassuming restaurant prepares mouth-watering pizzas in four sizes (small, medium, family and gigantic. Varieties include vegetarian, mushrooms, salami, ham, basil (
  • El Muelle Uno
    Boasting superb views of the water and San Vicente, El Muello Uno also serves up generous plates of traditional coastal fare, like fish and shrimp. This is a lunch or dinner spot, especially if you've got a hankering for barbecue meat (parrilladas are their specialty). Vegetarian options are availa
  • La Terraza
    Inexpensive grilled meat and rice dishes or local seafood plates are offered up at this older, but clean place by the docks. Little sets La Terraza apart from its neighborsâ??the menu is traditional barbecued meat and Manabi coastal cuisineâ??but the prices are slightly lower than the other Malec
  • Brisas del Mar
    Set in a kitty-corner close to the sea, Brisas del Mar is a cozy little place, perfect for sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sun set. Decor consists of plastic chairs tucked under wooden tables and spread across a tiny room colored with a few paintings and randomly placed wine bottles. Atmo
  • Restaurant Exclusivo
    Right by the main plaza is where you'll find this small but immensely popular “upscale” hole-in-the-wall serving up some pretty satisfying cuisine. Ranging from your traditional seafood fare to spaghetti, chicken and even Asian chaulafan (rice plates), the portions here (especially
  • Saborearme
    Occupying a prime location on the beach front, this cevicheria serves up a variety of seafood dishes, including a wide range of ceviches served with plantain chips. Reasonably priced, high-quality seafood is exactly what you should expect to find at the beach, and this open-air bambo
  • Comedor Jixy
    This unassuming place set back from the beach is one of the most popular spots to settle the stomach and sample local seafood. Serving good value set meals and cheap mains, Comedor Jixy also knows how to satisfy the budget. There's not much in the way of atmosphere here, but its hard to argue with t
  • Trigo Pan
    If you are in the mood for a little snack, perhaps something to bring along with you on the train, Trigo Pan is the place to go. This panadería, or bakery, offers a variety of baked goods, including empanadas, rolls and cakes. It also takes orders for specialized baked goods, such as a birt
  • Llovy Burger
    Conveniently located near the train station, Llovy Burger is the one place in town offering American food. If you can just not stand another dinner of rice and chicken, stop in for a hamburger or hot dog and fries. The food is not amazing, but is acceptable, about the grade of any American fast food
  • La Esquina Del Cheo
    With an open-air terrace and a view of the ocean, you'll find that the vista here compliments the food they serve here quite nicely. Given El Matal is a fishing town, you're pretty much guaranteed the freshest seafood there is in all of Jama. Just know that Cheo's has no menu, and the man himself -
  • La Choza
    Like most of the coastal towns, Pedernales features its own set of generic beachfront restaurants and bars. In terms of gastronomy, La Choza fits right in; however, its well-appointed dining area, complete with a collection of wine bottles spread across the back wall, give it a bit more atmosphere
  • La Chillagua
    This little family-run restaurant boasts your typical array of seafood plates, but it's the incredibly cheap almuerzos (set lunches) that make this place pack a culinary punch. From noon until 2 p.m. Doña Rosa will cook up a seafood concoction fit for the ravenous, at a price you can't beat
  • Doña Mary
    Apparently there's “world famous” Bolon de Verde (fried plantain balls with cheese and pork) served here , whether or not this is true is up to your palette to decide. Needless to say, owners Mary and Tacito are genuinely nice and devoted to their craft, capable of cooking up a sto
  • Atacames Bars
    Atacames serves up its fair share of drinks. Just take your pick of the bamboo and thatched-roof bars fronting the beach. Each varies only slightly in style, music played and how the drinks are served, and popularity seems to rotate night-to-night. Early in the evening families can be seen, childre
  • Restaurante Oh Mar!
    Just off the Malecón, you'll find Restaurante Oh Mar!, a mid-range seafood joint with ample seating and an abundance of options, most of them containing seafood. The place seems to be really popular with the locals, which is always a good sign. Try the ceviche, which is the restaurant´s
  • Shamu Restaurante
    The Shamu Restaurante occupies part of the massive Hotel El Marques' ground floor, but you there is easy access through the Malecón entrance. The restaurant has a wide variety of options, mostly oriented around seafood and meat. Shamu lacks any sort of local character, and the dining room is a rat
  • Cevicheria Plaza
    Grab a bowl of delicious ceviche at the food plaza here, and watch as it's prepared directly in front of you - and don't worry, all the seafood is precooked. Look for the roofed, open air place along the beach by the street, with waiters holding menus out.
  • D'Lyly Restaurant
    This little place isn't much different from other seafood diners along he malecon have to offer. Prices might seem a little unreasonable given the small portions of rice and meat your served with your meal, but it's quite striking when you realize it fills you up. It's open entrance allows for stree
  • Gabilo's Helados
    (TREATS: $1 - 3) If you are looking for something a little more unique, or are wary of street stuffs, then pay a visit to Gabriel Ruiz Diaz at Gabelo's Helados. For the past 11 years, Gabriel and his wife have been producing these cocout delights en masse, carefully monitoring each batch for taste
  • Der Alte Fritz
    (ENTREES: $5 - 10) Der Alte Fritz is loved by travelers and guidebooks alike and is a sure win if you're in the mood for something German, something Ecuadorian, or simply something a little classier than what the rest of Atacames can offer. The menu is extensive, and is written in three languages s
  • Restaurante Zumbahua
    The petite Restaurante Zumbahua has friendly owners and opens early, convenient if you want a desayuno americano (eggs, bread, coffee and juice) before setting off on a morning hike. Lunch and merienda (supper) are also available. Daily 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • D'fernando Restaurante
    (ENTREES: $5 - 12) Along the Malecón of Las Palmas, you will find a row of seemingly identical seafood joints with plastic furniture and lazily-oscillating fans. D'Fernando is no different, but its menu options are a bit more varied. In the adorably-mangled Spanglish menu, you can find a variety of
  • Perla Verde Restaurant
    Set beneath the Hotel Perla Verde, the restaurant is just as clean and modern as its bigger sibling. The menu has plenty of variety, including seafood and international dishes, and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant seems out of place with the rest of Esmeraldas, almost sterile in comparison
  • Gustos Del Paladar
    This little hole in the wall - as unappetizing as it looks from the outside - is in fact quite fulfilling once you sit down, order and eat any one of the plates they have listed on their mini-billboard menu outside or inside. A variety of ocean and lands meats smothered in coastal sauces will g
  • Pizzeria da Giulio
    There are a couple of pizza restaurants in town, but Pizzeria Da Giulio is probably the most gourmet. Owner Giulio was born in Italy and spent 14 years working in Milan. Whether or not his background contributes to the restaurant's authenticity is something you'll have to decide for yourself. The I
  • El Tiburon
    A popular locals' joint, this restaurant is small but tidy, with colorful decorations and friendly service. The house recommends Bandeja de Mariscos, which can be shared between three people. The rest of the menu is pretty typical Atacames fare, with various ceviches, and fish, meat and chicken dis
  • Bernabe Cervicheria y Restaurante
    (ENTREES: $6 -15) This open, airy restaurant with simple wood floors, seaside views, and a basic menu is a good option, and one of the few in Same. Specialties include Cazuela Mixtos, but you'll also find traditional Ecuadorian seaside fare like rice and fish, and rice and shrimp dishes. If you're
  • La Terraza Restaurant
    (ENTREES: $6.50 - 8.50) This split level thatched-roof building fronting the beach offers great ocean views and an enticing menu, which includes Italian, Spanish, and Ecuadorian fare. There's a bar towards the back and walls bear a sporadically placed collection of 1950s style posters. Owner Alexan
  • Restaurante Oro Verde
    The bottom floor of the Hotel Oro Verde is taken up by a spacious dining area that, come lunchtime, is buzzing with locals filling up on typical dishes and cheap almuerzos. It also offers breakfast. Daily 7 a.m.-8.30 p.m.
  • Asados Isaac
    If you don't have the stomach for what's on offer in the market itself, try Asados Isaac for generous portions of fried chicken and french fries, as well as almuerzos. Daily 7 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Coffee Bambu's
    Coffee Bambu's is Saquisilí's only tourist-orientated eatery. It's an amiable little café that serves up coffees and hot drinks, desserts, and pizzas in a variety of sizes. Daily 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • La Facha Restaurant
    With a fusion of Peruvian, Argentinian and Ecuadorian tastes, La Facha serves up a vegetarians galore with plates that revolve around anything from quinoa, to lentils, to ginger and more. Burgers and sandwiches are a must try. There's a bar here too that will serve up some rather exquisite drinks,
  • La Chocolata
    You might be blown away by how good the sweets and pastries sold at this little place are. Run by a motley crew of Argentinians, La Chocolota spans the length of scrumptious pastries and pies all the way to warm, invigorating beverages. The locale, slightly dingy but overwhelmingly charming, is a c
  • La Langosta
    La Langosta is a small but extremely popular restaurant right on the beach. If you want to be guaranteed a spot it's best to go around noon because the place gets packed every day from about 1 to 4 pm. The food is good and fresh, but the menu is limited, and options tend to run out as the day goes
  • Las Palmeras
    With a nice little palm-covered eating area outside, and a cement floored alterntive inside, this place provides hot and fresh seafood goodies. Dig your toes into the sand during the day as you lick your fingers from the shrimp with coconut sauce, or remain alert at night while you eat as the club
  • Noe Sushi Bar
    Nestled on the eastern end of Same's beach and adjacent to the Casablanca villas lies Noe Sushi Bar. The place caters to the wealthier crowd, as it does in Quito and Guayaquil where there are also locales. Right on the water, the restaurant serves up its fair share of fish, and as the name implies
  • Sea Flower
    Catering mostly to the money-wielding folks vacationing in the high-rise apartment complexes of Same, the Sea Flower offers an expensive menu known for its gastronomic, more than economic, appeal. Dishes are carefully prepared and served in style, and seafood is the focus of the menu. The restauran
  • Kike's Restaurant
    (ENTREES: $4 - 15) Set in a large airy room featuring glass-top tables with napkin-bearing cranes, this is one of the cleaner, nicer restaurants in town. The menu is pretty standard seaside fare, but slightly cheaper than the stuff served up in Atacames. Specialties include Mariscos and encocado di
  • Restaurante Malibu
    (ENTREES: $5 - 12) The majority of restaurants in the small beach towns of Ecuador's coast have the same vibe; open air, plastic chairs and quality seafood. Malibu is no different, and there isn't much that sets this place apart from anywhere else. The encocado dishes are decent, and breakfast is a
  • La Riviera
    An unassuming façade leads into a small kitchen area where they prepare stock-standard coastal fare (try the camaron apanado: breaded shrimp) for anyone hungry and looking for a meal. Although its name may conjure images of fancy candle-lit dinners and men in striped shirts rowing gondola
  • Restaurante Santa Martha
    This place seems to be the local favorite, recommended by motor-taxi drivers and extended-stay tourists. At a glance there is little to set it apart from the other restaurants, except that polished wood has replaced the ever-popular plastic tables and chairs. Inside, owner Martha greets patrons wit
  • Las Violetas
    Ask any Argentine about Las Violetas, and chances are they will have a fond memory of coming here as a child. This truly is the perfect Argentine café, with the most delicious medialunas in all of Argentina (I am convinced), loose-leaf tea served in its own silver tea pot, numerous coffee beverages
  • El Copihue Rojo
    Ask a Latacunga local to recommend a place to eat, and many will point you in the direction of El Copihue Rojo (the Copihue is Chile's national flower). It's a little struggle to find the place, but worth the search: walk down Calle Quito from the Cathedral, and, half-way down the block on your lef
  • La Marmite
    A beautiful Swiss-French restaurant with incredible views of the valley and Quito, La Marmite is worth the day trip from the city just so you can experience its gourmet cuisine, tranquil setting and hiking trails. La Marmite is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner.
  • Rotisería Crocante
    Rotisería Crocante is a classic, carry-out Argentine deli. Roast chicken, milanesas (breaded meat cultlets) and the usual menu offerings appear here. Crocante also prepares 16 variations of pizza, including vegetarian and seafood varieties, and eight types of empanadas. Its specialty, thoug
  • Jürgen
    This little bakery sits right on the fringe of the La Carolina park, which makes for a great little detour from your recreational activities should you get hungry. The place is renowned as a European bakery which specializes in all sorts of pastries, cakes and breads (as well as chocolates too) all

  • Psari
    The fusion restaurant where the plates get bigger and bigger, and the portions smaller and smaller. While the ambiance can be be quite elegant and the service exceptional, Psari is really a place where you come in feeling like you're going to get something grand, but it only ends up being something
  • La Tranquera
    La Tranquera is a typical, down-home Argentine restaurant with reasonably priced meals: milanesas, steaks, and pastas with a variety of sauces to choose from. The service at La Tranquera is quick and friendly. Daily noon-3 p.m., 8 p.m.-midnight.
  • Menú Romy
    Menú Romy is a budget traveler's culinary paradise. Even vegetarians will find plenty to eat here. Menú Romy has two dozen varieties of pizza and five types of tartas (quiches), as well as the usual empanadas and sandwiches. Hot meals are dished up, too, as well as many types of sides and
  • Restobar La Estación
    Restobar La Estación offers an incredibly complete menu, from inexpensive empanadas to over 20 types of pizza and over 40 varieties of sandwiches on different types of bread. La Estación also has the standard Argentine meat and pastas dishes. Order picadas (antipasto plates) to munch on wh
  • Cactus Coffee and Salad Bar
    Cactus Coffee and Salad Bar has as undeniably Californian vibe to it. This comes as no surprise, though, since the Ecuadorian owner once called the sunny state his home. Its light lunch and dinner options like salads ($3-9), paninis ($4-5), wraps ($4.50-5) and pizzas ($5-8) are all crowd pleasers.
  • NOE Sushi Bar
    Sushi, sashimi and teriyaki are the name of the game at Noe, a sleek Japanese fusion restaurant on Cumbayá's central park. All of Noe's dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, and this is palatable in each bite. Traditional and tempura rolls are on the menu, but go ahead and
  • Comedor San Martín
    Geared towards foreigners, Comedor San Martín is one of the most expensive places to eat in town, though, in all fairness, the portions are large. The menu of this plainly decorated restaurant is limited to milanesas, beef steaks and other usual Argentine fare. Prices include guarnación (s
  • El Sitio
    El Sitio is an upscale bar and grill right off the central plaza that serves up an array of international cuisine. The menu is chock-full of grilled Argentine meats, BBQ chicken and ribs dishes, hamburgers and salads. It's a little pricey, but the atmosphere, big portions and quality food make up f
  • Al Forno Pizzeria
    With a warm and inviting atmosphere along with staff to add to it all, Al Forno serves up a wholesome selection of Italian cuisine and artisan pizza. Don't worry about having a lack of choices to satisfy your hunger either, as this joint has an array of different pizzas to satisfy just about anybody
  • Taquería La Michoacana
    Tiny and unappealing from the outside, La Michoacana is a little hole in the wall that serves up some big and exquisite Mexican cuisine on the inside. Starting anywhere from their delicious taco combos to an assortment of Mexican entrees, you'll find it hard to find a place in Quito that nails it a
  • Margarita Pub
    For a break from Argentina's usual gastronomy, come to Margarita's Pub. Here you'll find typical meals and sandwiches interspersed with oriental-flavored preparations, such as fish spiced with soy sauce and ginger, served with tempura vegetables. The wok del mar is a delightful seafood stir-fry. Wo
  • Sushi-In
    Sushi-In offers up decent sushi at a reasonable price. Located in Quito's northern district, the ambiance of the place can best be described as what you'd expect from a fast-food sushi place—clean, efficient and with no frills. In addition to the relatively cheap sushi, a few other limited men
  • Honey & Honey
    As its name suggests, this bakery-restaurant located at the top of a hill in the beautiful Batan Alto neighborhood, has a variety of cookies, pastries, cakes, and breads for all who crave the sweeter things in life. But those who favor savory over sweet will also find something to munch on. Qu
  • Lekka Lekka
    There are 22 reasons to visit Lekka Lekka, from rum raisin and dulce de leche to chocolate and orange, and mint. Ask to sample each and every flavor of Italian-style ice cream (gelato), or get a double scoop of bubblegum and chocolate with peperoncino. This bright northern Quito ice cream parl
  • Corfu
    For some of the best ice cream that Quito has to offer, hit up Corfu, found in a number of locations around Quito. From double chocolate chip to various kinds of exotic fruit ice creams, Corfu has it all. Pay for your chosen cone size at the cash register (single or double) and then choose your fla
  • Taberna Mexicana Lupita
    Taberna Mexicana Lupita is perhaps Argentina's most authentic Mexican restaurant, preparing not only tacos and fajitas, but also main dishes like ternera endiablada (spicy veal). If the food doesn't have enough of a kick, diners can request a bowl of the rare jalapeño pepper. Lupita
  • Café Havanna
    Café Havanna is the perfect get-away from the bustle of this oil city. This relaxing coffee shop is part of a nation-wide chain renowned for its alfajores, those delicious sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche (caramel) and other sweet goodies. Havanna can als
  • De Tapas
    On its façade, de tapas resto-bar declares â??Vinos, fiambres y caprichosâ?â??Wines, meats and whims. This is precisely what de tapas serves up. Fine tapas, those Spanish delicacies to accompany a goblet of fine wine. Here, these are made of traditional Spanish recipes, and include h
  • Los Tres Chinos
    Los Tres Chinos is another one of the Chinese-owned, tenedor libre (all-you-can-eat buffet) restaurants that exist all over southern Argentina. The salad-appetizer bar at Los Tres Chinos includes things not often found elsewhere, like seaweed. The hot-dish smorgasbord is heavy on pa
  • Buenavista
    Restaurante Buenavista is aptly named. This glass-walled bistro on the seafront guarantees fantastic views over the bay. The menu also reflects the fruits of those waters, with a heavy emphasis on fish and seafood. Of course, classic Argentine cuisine, like savory beef cuts and homemade pastas, are
  • @ Café Resto-bar
    Because so many hotels in Comodoro Rivadavia don't serve breakfast, it's a good thing to know there are places like @ (pronounced “arroba”) Café Resto-Bar. Bright and early every morning, this restaurant is ready to help travelers start the day off right. Monday-Friday, @ offers a speci
  • La Maison Du Fromage
    After spending the morning at Carolina Park or the Alliance Française, have lunch at La Maison du Fromage (Casa de Quesos). This bistro lives up to its name, offering a variety of dishes highlighting cheeses. Try one of the pasta dishes, or opt for a chicken or beef milanesa (breaded cutl
  • El Jarrón
    El Jarrón is one of the most popular lunch spots for Quiteño office workers in the New Town. Every day, this restaurant, located just a block from Parque Carolina's southern tip, features a different menu of classic Ecuadorian cuisine. The daily special includes a hearty soup, main course and de
  • Yappa
    Yappa serves international and Ecuadorian cuisine in an elegantly decorated setting. It is priced above most other local restaurants, and it is usually not crowded.
  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti serves moderately priced Italian cuisine in a polished dining area that includes a bar and outdoor patio. It has ample space to accomodate large groups.
  • Restaurant, Hotel Belgrano
    The Hotel Belgrano may get mixed reports from travelers, but even those who think it is poor say the restaurant is good. Hotel Belgrano's dining halls offers an inexpensive lunch special, served home-style. The main entrée comes on a large platter and you take as much as you like. It's mostl
  • Restaurant Dragón
    Restaurant Dragón, located across the street from Plaza Alsina, is a Chinese-owned tenedor libre and parrilla. It offers over 60 hot and cold dishes, some of which are oriental-styled, plus salad and dessert bars. The BBQ area serves up a variety of meat cuts and sausages sizzling of
  • La Ochava Resto-bar
    Stepping into La Ochava Resto-Bar is like stepping into a corner of history. People sit at the tables in this classic, turn-of-the-century building with tall windows. Entrées come with a vegetable side dish and a basket of small, raised biscuits. Depending on the time of day, they may be here for
  • Restaurant-rotisería Don Vicente
    Restaurant Rotisería Don Vicente, across from Plaza 7 de Marzo in Carmen de Patagones' historic center, is one of several deli-styled eateries in town. The menu is full of the omnipresent Argentine favorites, like homemade pastas, milanesas (breaded cutlets) and empanadas. Don Vice
  • Sal Y Fuego
    Sal y Fuego is a modern bistro on the banks of the Río Negro. Contemporary artwork and sculptures accent its egg-shell white interior. The menu presents a cornucopia of colors, textures and sabores (flavors): sal y fuego (appetizers), verdes (salads), rojos (red meats),
  • Juan Valdez Café
    Sipping on a cup of freshly brewed java at Juan Valdez Café is consuming coffee in a more socially responsible manner. Juan Valdez represents the nearly 500,000 Colombian coffee farmers who make up the National Federation of Coffee Growers, and the company funnels a percentage of its profits into
  • El Español
    El Español is a deli, a chocolate shop, a café and an imported foods store all in one. The big draw here is its wide selection of imported goods including wines, cookies, olive oils, and cheeses like Danish blue cheese and Spanish manchego. However, sandwiches, salads and meat-and-cheese platters
  • Urbano Pizzaría
    Urbano is a small corner café with a kitsch, urban feel. The walls are a deep royal blue trimmed in white and orange. Aapel of white tiles is accented with spray-painted stencils of pop culture figures: Bob Marley, TV character Don Ramón, Mexican comedian Cantinflas, John Lennon and Jimi Henfrix,
  • Al Portico
    This rustic Italian trattoria set in an open-air garden is perfect for a family dinner or a romantic date. Al Portico prepares authentic Italian food with fresh vegetables from its own garden, along with Ecuadorian and imported seafood, meats and cheeses. The homemade gnocchis, fresh pastas, creamy
  • Ambrosía
    Ambrosía has perfected perhaps the most classic dessert of all time: the chocolate chip cookie. Three parts sweet and one part salty, the cookie ($1 each) is dense and chocolatey and has just the perfect balance of softness and crunch. That said, the other delectable treats and breads sold here sh
  • Marcus Café
    The most gourmet of the eight restaurants managed by Universidad de San Francisco's culinary school, Marcus Café serves up some spectacular international food. During the school year, there are two menus to choose from: the standard menu and a fixed-price/five-course menu created by a culinary stu
  • Papa John's
    Papa John's is another one of those American pizza chains that landed in the Quito area. Although the pizza here is nothing to write home about, its two-for-one deal every Tuesday makes for plenty of food at a cheap price. Choose from its four pizza pie sizes: Personal ($5.25), Mediana ($16.99), Fa
  • La Patria
    Located right on the fringe of Cumbaya's plaza and park, La Patria is a newly opened restaurant that specializes in local Ecuadorian dishes. While the prices might come across as rather high, it's really the ambiance, service and (most importantly) the food give this place a special value. The inter
  • La Tasca Del Muelle Viejo
    La Tasca del Muelle Viejo is an agreeable resto-bar in a century-old building. Paintings by local artists decorate the interior. Long windows give a great view of the Río Negro. La Tasca del Muelle Viejo is super popular with locals and tourists alike for its 18 varieties of brick-oven-baked pizza
  • Cyrano Bakery
    The Cumbayá branch of this bakery chain has the same assortment of freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes that keep residents of and visitors to the Quito area coming back again and again. Just scanning the rows of brioches, cinnamon rolls and danishes will make you drool, let alone tasting some
  • Restaurant Puerto Cristal
    Puerto Deseado's most upscale restaurant is Restaurant Puerto Cristal. Located alongside a small lagoon near the sea, this bistro's large, plate-glass windows give a commanding view of the port installations. Restaurant Puerto Cristal describes itself as a parrilla, trattoria and marisquería. Many
  • El Capón Patagónico

    El Capón Patagónico is a rotisería preparing a variety of dishes like milanesas (breaded and fried chicken or beef, usually served with French fries), calzones and pizza for carry-out. It also offers a daily special, which includes a main course with a side dish

  • Restaurant La Juliana
    Restaurant La Juliana is a pleasant surprise in Puerto San Julián. This unassuming restaurant near the plaza has been nationally and internationally recognized for its innovative gourmet preparations of traditional Argentine cuisine. La Juliana specializes in lamb, seafood and beef, and the restau
  • Chipote Chillón
    Chipote Chillón is one of the best places to go for Mexican food in Cumbayá. The restaurant is a playful take on the Mexican sitcom "Chavo de Ocho" ("The Kid From the 8"), as the inside is themed after and all of the dishes are named after the show's characters and their tools. Most Mexican food
  • Corfu
    All of your favorite Ecuadorian fruits can be found in ice cream form at Corfu. Get a scoop or two of coco (coconut), maracuya (passionfruit), mora (blackberry), mango, naranjilla or guanábanana in a plain or chocolate-dipped waffle cone or in a cup. Of course, common flavors
  • Restaurant Lo De Armando
    Restaurant Lo de Armando, across from Plaza Centenario, is a perfect place for a relaxed meal. The house specialty is parrilla, covering the whole gamut of meats. Lo de Armando also serves seafood and milanesas. Side dishes are extra, and unusually huge and inexpensive for Argentina. For a cheap me
  • Restaurant Las Bandurrias
    Restaurant La Bandurrias doesn't have much on the menu, but what it serves will ease a budget traveler's hunger. This eatery's big draw is its all-you-can-eat pizza. Five varieties are offered: mozzarella, fugazza (tomatoes, onion), palmito (palm hearts), napolitana (ham, tomatoes) and especial (sw
  • Yoshi San
    For decent sushi that doesn't break the bank, try Yoshi San. Four- or eight-piece rolls stuffed with crab, lobster, tuna or salmon go for $4.80-12.00. These, or tempura- or teriyaki-mains, can be consumed in the modest restaurant, taken to go or ordered for delivery ($15 minimum).
  • Sotito's

    Many in Río Gallegos claim the best mariscos in town are served at Sotito's. The flag tucked in one corner explains why: owner Rodolfo Soto Alvarado hails from Chile, a nation well-known for its expert preparation of the fruits of the sea. The menu features centolla

  • Floralp
    This Swiss deli located in La Esquina is a great place to go for prepared sandwiches or to pick up quality deli meats to make your own sandwiches at home. Turkey, ham, salamis, prosciuttos and cheeses can be purchased by the 100 grams, or can be made into sandwiches in any combination on four diffe
  • El Palacio de La Fritada
    For cheap, good-quality local food, check out El Palacio de La Fritada. Simple, but satisfying, its fritadas (fried pieces of pork), locros (stews), secos (meats in sauce with rice), tortillas (potato pancakes with cheese), empanadas (turnovers filled with meat or
  • El Chacal
    Meat lovers gather at this Argentine-style parrilla (BBQ) restaurant to dig their forks into its assorted grilled meats. Tablitas (platters) of chorizo, chicken, beef and fishâ??alone or in any combinationâ??are prepared to order. The place itself has a pretty noticeable sports-bar
  • Pim's
    Living up to the same standard of quality found in the other Pim's locations in Quito (at Itchimbia and at El Panecillo) the Pim's in Cumbayá is a local favorite. Ecuadorian classics and international cuisine are served side by side at this cozy establishment. Pastas, filet mignon, trout, ceviches
  • La Choza
    La Choza Restaurant takes influence from all corners of this small but extremely diverse country to fuse together ancient family recipes and modern taste buds. Introducing a new mentality with regards to dining, La Choza has become a national reference point for Ecuadorian cuisine. If you want to e
  • Quito On The Rocks
    A new concept in food and fun, Quito on the Rocks is located in one of the most attractive sectors in modern Quito near the Plaza de Toros. The menu contains a wide variety international food, snacks and drinks. It also has outdoor patio seating and live music on the weekends, in addition to drink s
  • Johnny B. Good
    Johnny B. Good is a funky, musically themed restaurant that despite having a laid back attitude and self proclaimed "funny meals," offers an extensive, rare and quality menu. Food types range from Mexican to typical, including a variety of "American" style choices like chicken fingers and wings and
  • La Totta
    La Totta is a classic Parilla style restaurant that comes highly recommended by the locals. Located right on Cordoba's main canal, La Totta is most famous for its all you can eat Asado which includes salad and French fries. For the all you can eat meat experience it will cost you about $11 dollars
  • Cananas
    Cananas is a small, elegant Tex-Mex restaurant with reasonable prices and good-sized portions. It features a full breakfast menu and drink menu and Tex-Mex classics like chimichangas, hearty steaks and big salads. Try the 'almuerzo' - fixed lunch - which, at $3.25 offers a fresh, delicious three-c
  • Cactus Coffee & Salad Bar
    Owned by an Ecuadorian who spent about a decade in California, the menu is a fusion of the best of Ecuador's fresh fruits and vegetables with California's best recipes. The restaurant in the north of Quito is much smaller than the original Cactus about 30 minutes away in the Cumbaya valley. Featuri
  • Mister Bagel
    Mister Bagel is a great breakfast and lunch spot not only because it has the best bagels in Quito, but also one of the biggest book exchanges. With any purchase, you can exchange an unlimited number of books, contingent on the approval of one of the employees. Try the aji bagel with the famo
  • Sushi Club
    Sushi Club is located between the student district and old town. With crisp hip decorations and the interior adorned in stark black and whites, it has a Zen meets Argentina feel. A legitimate Sushi menu and Saki drinks make it a popular spot for Córdoba's middle-upper class. Rolls cost between $1
  • Il Gatto
    Il Gatto is a popular restaurant which is always full of people and yet has so much space you will never have to wait. Serving an extensive choice of food including pastas, steaks, salads, fish, chicken and pizza it has a little something for everyone. A nice outdoor patio is available right on bus
  • La Guarida del Coyote
    This is an average Mexican restaurant with a couple of branches around Quito. The food is not as flavorful as one might expect of Mexican, and the value is not great considering the small-ish portion sizes. All platters can be prepared vegetarian.
  • Restaurante Mi Cocina
    A semi-elegant restaurant in the north of Quito a couple of blocks from the Parque Carolina, Restaurante Mi Cocina offers typical Ecuadorian cuisine like empanadas and fritada (fired pork). There is outdoor seating and plenty of indoor seating for big groups. Try the chocolate cal
  • Capuleto Deli Cafe
    Capuleto is a lovely Italian restaurant and deli with a large garden patio that has ample seating and a strange family of parrakeets. Prices are on the expensive side, but the food is full of flavor and portions are generous.
  • San Telmo
    San Telmo is expensive by Ecuadorian standards, but it is worth every cent. The atmosphere is elegant and peaceful, the service is excellent, and the steaks are thick, juicy and delicious. There are no vegetarian dishes, but there is a good selection of steaks, seafood and chicken. Both indoor an
  • Juanito Bar
    Juanito Bar is a Mexican food restaurant located right near the action of Nueva Córdoba. The food isn't exactly authentic, but it is still a nice break from the normal routine of pizza, steak and burgers. Offering Fajitas, Burritos and Tacos along with classically typical Argentine dishes, it beco
  • Los Hot Dogs De La Gonzalez Suarez
    Quito is a city that takes its hotdogs seriously, and many quiteños swear by the offerings at Los Hot Dogs de la Gonzalez Suarez. You won't find anything here that you wouldn't at another hotdog stand around town, but “Los Hot Dogs” has consistently good dogs and toppings, including
  • Mirador de Guápulo
    Mirador de Guápulo specializes in traditional Ecuadorian dishes like fritada (fried pork platter), sanduches de pernil (pulled pork sandwiches), empanadas (turnovers) and much more. This small restaurant and bar has live music Wednesday-Saturday evenings starting around 8 p.m.
  • C.A.C.T.U.S.
    In a neighborhood filled with pizzerias, Chinese restaurants and shawarma joints, C.A.C.T.U.S. serves authentic, honest-to-goodness Ecuadorian food. Specializing in the traditional cuisine of the Sierra's indigenous population, the restaurant cooks up delicious llapingachos, tasty trout, and
  • Coffee Tree Plaza Yuyu
    Yet another of the Coffee Trees, the Plaza Yuyu incarnation is directly across the street from Coffee Tree Orellana. It has the same menu, but is completely outdoors. There's a big deck built around a stout palm tree, and plenty of cushioned seating on the manicured lawns. The café and its ga
  • Viejo Munich
    Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this landmark restaurant and brewery offers a unique taste of old Germany and Patagonia. Choose from German sausages, pork chops, spaetzle (dumplings) pizza a la piedra, or splurge on a platter of trout, deer and wild boar with a cold glass of artesanal be
  • La Casona del Toboso
    The parrilla is as filling here as a traveler will find in La Cumbre. Also there is a nice array of chicken dinners with cooked veggies on the side and the empanadas are stuffed with cheese. But the relatively low prices are what makes this restaurant a favorite among townies and backpackers on a ti
  • Ciervo Rojo Chopería y Confitería Típica Alemana
    This brewery and sweet shop has more than just beer and delicious cakes. The menu offers decently-priced German sausages, potato salad, homemade hamburgers and sandwiches. Every Saturday, you can catch a live performance by the German Orchestra at Ciervo Rojo, and enjoy dancing and music on the terr
  • Restaurant Bierkeller
    Restaurant Bierkeller offers traditional central European food with cheese and coldcut platters, homemade pastas and local draft beer. Try their Hungarian goulash and order the apple strudel or tiramisú for dessert. Food can be ordered for pickup, too.
  • Parrillada Dos Argentinos
    If you like good steaks argentine style, this is the place to go.Small, quiet, friendly (menus are also in english), reasonably priced.

    Specially good after a week of fish only in Galapagos !

  • Lennon Café and Bar
    A bright blue and yellow bar in the center of the Mariscal, Lennon Bar was set up by an Ecuadorian with an obsession with John Lennon and the Beatles. The walls are decorated with old Lennon CD covers and posters, in between various other memorabilia, such a 10-year old newspaper photographs of the
  • El Atrio
    A ritzy place in a great location looking over the hip Foch Plaza, made to look like a church with waiters that dress like clergy. An International menu features decorative plates of savory-sweet flavor infusions, with tasty meats and seafood accented with fruity salsas. A wide variety of well selec

  • El Maple
    El Maple serves up a variety of vegetarian and even entirely vegan dishes. It's a simple and convinient little place located in la Mariscal that serves up their meals rather quickly too, specifically their executive lunch specials (appetizer, soup, entree, dessert and juice) which cost a mere $3-5.
  • Punto Cubano
    Great little place to drop in and have some lovely cuban cuisine, with various dishes consisting of beef, chicken or even seafood. Their Cuban specialty ropa vieja (pulled beef) is quite delicious, and is definitely worth ordering.
  • El Arabe
    Despite a newly remodeled interior that gives it a more middle-eastern ambiance, El Arabe has always been on track with the authenticity of its warm and filling meals. In addition to offering exotic cuisine, El Arabe is actually a restaurant that caters to the vegetarian-scene quite well; all in al
  • Swiss Corner
    Craving a delicious and filling home-cooked meal? Then check out this eatery, which serves up some of the tastiest and heartiest meals in Quito. This Swiss restaurant specializes in delectable breakfast bites such as pastries, omelets and french toast. However, dinner guests will not be disappointe
  • La Paella Valenciana
    This Spanish restaurant has excellent paella. With a variety of options for different types of paella, you really don't need to look any farther on the menu. Set in an elegant atmosphere, La Paella Valenciana is only open for lunch and dinner Tuesday - Sunday. Service tends to be fairly slow and pr
  • La Oveja Negra Resto Bar
    La Oveja Negra Resto Bar serves the expected hamburgers, steak (lomito) sandwiches, milanesas and pizzas. Also to accompany a mug of beer or goblet of wine are rabas (fried squid rings) and cornalitos (fired small fish). But La Oveja N
  • El Cebiche
    As the name suggests, this elegant restaurant specializes in ceviche, offering over seven variations of this Ecuadorian favorite. Dine among Quito's elite while trying out coastal cuisine. Prices are reasonable and the food is excellent. El Cebiche has two locations in Mariscal: Juan Leon
  • Raclette
    Both tasteful and tasty, Raclette is an elegant restaurant located in the food court of El Jardin mall near Parque La Carolina. The house specialty, of course, is raclettes, served with cheese, chicken and fine beef; a vegetable alternative is also available. The restaurant also serves up an assor
  • La Roti
    Budget travelers, or those just looking for a good home-cooked meal, have a great place to go in Trelew: La Roti. Every day a different meal is on the slate, complete with side dish and fresh-baked bread. To help clients plan their appetites, La Roti prints up the week's menu on small flyers, avai
  • Puerto Camaron
    Puerto Camaron is a small restaurant in the north of Quito, just past the Olympic stadium with a limited selection of seafood and chicken dishes. The service is great. There are no real vegetarian dishes.
  • Cyrano Bakery
    While there are hundreds of panaderías and pastelerías in Quito, one of the best fresh-baked bread shops in town is Cyrano Bakery. Cyrano offers up more of a gourmet selection than other shops, with whole grain, yucca and quinoa breads in loaf and roll varieties, as well as garlic
  • Busters
    Little sister to the Turtle's Head, Busters is in the northern part of town, opposite the swanky Quicentro mall. The bar is cozy and the same home-brewed beers are served as in the Turtle's Head. Regular bar snacks are offered along with burgers and sandwiches and the staff is friendly. The fare is
  • Perico de los Palotes
    Perico de los Palotes is a small chain of fast food restaurants, with locations near Parque La Carolina and El Inca, among others. The restaurant specializes in burgers, sliced beef sandwiches and grill platters, topped with an array of veggies, sauces and cheeses. The menu also includes hot
  • Pizza el Hornero
    Pizza el Hornero is a popular Ecuadorian chain of pizza restaurants. One of the eateries is located right next to Quito's international airport (you can't miss the huge green sign!). The menu offers everything you would expect of an Italian restaurant: pizzas, calzones, pastas, lasagnas and garlic
  • Gianduja Chocolatier
    We are Quito´s only artisan chocolate shop producing the finest handmade truffles, bonbons, macadamia brittle and other delights. We use the best quality local ingredients including 100% Ecuadorian chocolate with pure cocoa butter.
  • Vernardino
    Vernardino is a balneario (beach club) along Puerto Madryn's coast. This glass-wall restaurant has a nice wooden deck that wraps around two sides. Part of it is roofed, to shield diners from the strong summer sun, and part protected by a clear windbreak. No matter where Vernardino's
  • Train Stops
    A small coffee stop in the Plaza de las Americas, Train Stops is a good place to pick up an iced latte and dessert. With wi-fi until 5 p.m., it is also a popular spot for tourists to bring their laptops and get some work done. The café tends to get crowded in the afternoon, when local teenagers mee
  • Vesta Patagonia
    After visiting Ecocentro or coming back from Punta Loma, a good pit-stop before heading back into Puerto Madryn is Vesta Patagonia. Its quiet location on Punta Cuevas lends a great vista of the bay's fauna swimming by and surfers riding the wind. Vesta has an excellent selection of seafood appetize
  • Ristoranta Miguel Ángel
    A generation ago, Sicilian immigrants founded Ristoranta Miguel Ángel. As can be expected, the aromas of classic Italian dishes, such as freshly made pastas ladled with a choice of 10 sauces and pizzas waft out of the kitchen. But that isn't the only thing served up here. The menu is an eclectic
  • El Viejo Molino
    El Viejo Molino was once a flour mill for the Chubut River Valley's burgeoning wheat harvests. This fine bistro has many special plates, such as table de ahumados, or an antipasto with smoked meats and cheeses of the region, tallerines di sepia con frutos di mare (squid ink pasta with
  • China Wok
    Located right in the Cañada bar district, China Wok serves up a simple menu of noodle dishes and teriyaki. The restaurant has no seats inside and they generally prepare food to go or for delivery. However, if you feel like having a seat take your to go order across the street to the Plaza d
  • Sol Y Luna
    Sol Y Luna is a great vegetarian option and an important alternative in the standard meat and grease heavy Argentine diet. The restaurant is only open for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. so make sure to plan it into the schedule. The menu changes daily but is consistently fresh and consistently
  • Shanandoa Pie Shop
    Owner Aide Garzon started making pies over 25 years ago, after purchasing a book on pie recipes and experimenting until she found the perfect one. And perfect they are: team a slice of apple pie (or blackberry, or strawberry, or one of the many other flavors) with a couple of scoops of ice-cream, a
  • Tony Roma's
    An all-American steak house, with the best rack of rib in Quito and a delicious selection of different sauces to spread on your meat. This is a great place for someone craving a non-Ecuadorian experience: the atmosphere, food and prices are all 100% American. Plan to spend about $20 per person. Oth
  • T.G.I. Friday's
    Friday's is wildly popular among Quiteños and has a slightly more formal reputation than it does in the United States, partially because the people in Quito that can afford it have more money than the average citizen. Offering a wide selection of grilled meats, chicken, salads, fried food, huge sc
  • Mega Döner
    Mega Döner serves up fast German inspired food. With a menu of wraps, Kababs and Döners, you can be in and out in a few minutes. Combos for two which include a drink are between $8 and $10. Each day there are specials that are good bargain and cost about $4.50. Salads, coffee and vegetarians
  • Gwalia Lân
    Gwalia Lân, roughly translated as "Welsh Heart," is a resto-bar with a menu that lists dishes in Spanish, English and, of course, Welsh. Despite its name, menu and heart, Gwalia Lân doesn't serve much in the way of Welsh food. The cuisine is distinctly Argentine, from the appetizers down to t
  • Tabasco Restaurant
    On weekdays, Tabasco Restaurant serves up a typical Argentine menu ejecutivo for lunch. In the evenings, make room for Tabasco's noble attempt at Mexican: fajitas, tacos and burritos (deep-fried) are made with a variety of eats, such as Patagonian lamb (instead of Mexican borrego), and serv
  • Gönnen
    Gönnen is the place to go in Trelew for a distinct break from the usual Argentine offerings. This restaurant offers up classic Teutonic food like blinis (spinach crêpes), German sausage with sauerkraut, and Kartoffelomelett (potato omelet). Gourmet sandwiches, pizzas and salads
  • Ty Gwyn
    Ty Gywn, also a bed and breakfast, is the oldest active Welsh teahouse in Gaiman, and offers tasty homemade meals in a cozy yet elegant atmosphere. Compete tea service includes a variety of savory treats like sandwiches, scones, homemade cakes, jams, and of course, high-quality tea. Their torta neg
  • Las Conchitas Asadas
    Las Conchitas Asadas is an inexpensive seafood restaurant with a casual atmosphere and big portions in the north of Quito.
  • Ty Nain
    Ty Nain is another good place to experience traditional tea service in Gaiman. The teahouse is located in the center of town in an ivy-covered building that dates back to 1890, and is owned and operated by descendants of some of the town's original Welsh settlers. Enjoy delectable cakes (of which t
  • Kanpai
    Kanpai is set in one of Quito's newer malls in the north on Av. América and Naciones Unidas. The atmosphere is great and the sushi is even better. In addition to sushi, Kanpai offers Asian fusion. Try Kanpai's specialty sushi platters, much of which are original combinations. Kanpai is fairly ex
  • La Casa de Rafa
    For a truly unique culinary experience, head to La Cueva de Rafa, where diners eat in complete darkness in an underground cave. The idea was born in Switzerland by some young blind people who wanted others to experience eating at a restaurant as they did, and since then, restaurants with the same c
  • Cafe Mare
    A home away from home, this place is no mere restaurant. Cafe Mare comes across as more of a beautiful open-house than a commercial restaurant; the owner and her family bake up some fantastic vegeterian cuisine (with a swiss twist) throughout the week and brunch-buffets (only on Sundays). The resta
  • Galapagos Deli
    Tucked away around the corner from the hospital is one of Puerto Ayora's best finds: Galapagos Deli. There they sell hot sandwiches and homemade ice cream, the best in the islands. Their menu is limited, but it's a great place to go for a snack or dessert. Location: on Tomas de Berlanga near
  • Angermeyer Waterfront Inn-la Cueva De Gus Cafe Bar
    The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is, as the name suggests, situated right at the waterfront, which provides a splendid view of the bay and the interior of the island of Santa Cruz - as well as a convenient place for taking a swim. The construction was finished in 2009, and since then our Inn has b
  • Restaurante Caracol Azul
    The Caracol Azul is no place to write home about, that is unless you have an absurd obsession with foam, baby-themed place mats, which maybe, the owners of this restaurant do: All four of the six-seater tables have matching place mats. Diners will get a kick out of the camp here. Located ar
  • Garrapata
    Garrapata is often considered (by tourists and locals alike) to be the best restaurant in town. It serves fresh seafood and creative meat dishes, as well as nine different pastas. The restaurant also features a friendly waitstaff, ample bar, and candle-lit outdoor seating. If the food alone does not
  • Cafeteria Chocolate Galapagos
    The Cafeteria Chocolate Galapagos is a friendly, spacious, and comfortable space for gluttonous, voyeuristic, or group-oriented travelers. A few covered four-person tables on the café's patio provide the perfect space for drinking hot chocolate, watching traffic stroll along the main drag, or playi
  • Sarkis
    Located on the corner of an otherwise quiet street in Villa Crespo, Sarkis offers locals a large space for indulging in satisfying Middle Eastern food while making customers feel like they're right at home. Inside the yellow walls of this popular family-style restaurant, one can choose from a list o
  • Hernán Café
    Hernán Café/Bar/Restaurante has a decent menu and a great location on a bustling corner not far from the new pier. The airy dining room, classy décor and good food make it a favorite for locals and visitors alike. The menu has everything from sandwiches to pasta and is a varied enough to be a
  • Carabali
    Very small family restaurant. A bit slow service but low prices and the best sea food at Puerto Villamil. I can recommend all of octopus (pulpo), arroz con camaron, ceviche de camaron or pescado or pulpo. Sra. Ramona is really good cook. Signboards aren't present but you can locate restaurant at t
  • Miconia
    The restaurant that is affiliated with the hotel of the same name, Miconia is one of your better choices in Puerto Baquerizo. The food is good, the portions reasonable, the service is above-average and the view is one of the best in the city. What more could you ask for? Miconia caters to the touris
  • The Rock
    A hip, airy dining area, full menu and cool bar are the attractions at the Rock, supposedly named for the US airmen's nickname of Baltra in the 1940's. The food is pretty good, and the service isn't too bad (by Galapagos standards) It's a good place to kick off a fun evening with a drink or two. Th
  • Il Giardino
    One of the newest and best restaurants in Puerto Ayora, Il Giardino is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The airy dining area is divided into several areas connected by a labyrinth of stairways and wooden walkways: look around for a place you like (if the restaurant is empty enough for you
  • Isla Grill
    The Isla Grill is one more place on the restaurant-heavy stretch of Charles Darwin Avenue near the Banco del Pacífico and the fishermen's pier. As its name suggests, it specializes in grilled meat and seafood. The grill itself is right inside the restaurant near the entrance, presumably so that
  • Kioskos
    Eat at the kioskos, a series of outdoor food stands, and you will get the tastiest, most reasonably-priced, and fastest fresh food in town. Most locals eat here, so don't be surprised if you have to fight for a seat during the dinner hour. Almost all of the stalls have the same menu: beef, chicken,
  • Kiwa Pishku Micuna
    This is a nice little place for food that is customary of the Amazon region, where you'll be sampling exotic endemic fish and soups. It's s a nice place for traditional food, especially maitos de pescado (fish cooked in banana leaf) and chicha de yuca. The food here is very fresh and
  • Pizzería D'Mario
    Adjoined to the Hotel D'Mario, the restaurant Pizzería D'Mario's main offering is exactly what the name suggests: pizza. In addition, the restaurant serves up other simple international options, including pasta and regional specialties. The restaurant is not bad; its menu items are fairly reliable
  • Como En Casa
    Popular among the locals for having decent and satisfying desayunos and almuerzos (set breakfasts and lunches), Como En Casa is a pretty safe bet for getting your fill on at a pretty cheap price. Home-style food and river food (brought out from the Amazon nearby) in the form of fish a
  • Food Alley
    More like a tunnel in the wall than just a mere individual hole, this alley serves as the cooking grounds for a number of individual barbecue stands and their tenants whom happily welcome the public. Fresh fish (talapia) wrapped in banana leaf is grilled over hot coals, and then served promptly alo
  • Ocaso
    With plenty of plates and appetizers to have you set and filled for the remainder of your day, Ocaso is a pretty simple restaurant. With the only real distinguishing feature from all the other places in town being the park outside, Ocaso won't bring you any major culinary epiphanies to boast about,
  • Frutilandia
    With a correspondingly colorful facade right outside, Frutilandia is a place full of sweets, fruits and shakes. The place boasts a wide array of all sorts of blends that you can have them concoct with whatever fruit or ice-cream you desire. Batidos (smoothies) are their forte, so be sure to c
  • Restaurante Doña Gloria
    Overlooking the central park, this warm little restaurant is family-owned and cooks typical Ecuadorian fare. The restaurant is clean and has a nice beachy feel to it. Breakfast is just a few dollars and includes bread with butter and marmalade, eggs, meat, coffee and juice. Lunch is a set menu of
  • La Napolitana
    La Napolitana is a vast restaurant and is a good choice if you're ravenous. The restaurant is patronized by families and by Macas teenagers, who wolf down pizzas the size of cartwheels and then wash them down with bottles of soda. On the menu are also mega-parilladas (huge BBQ meat platters)
  • Pizzeria Buon Giorno
    Pizzería Buon Giorno is a pizza restaurant chain that can be found throughout Ecuador. It is known for its decent pizzas at relatively good prices, and is a consistently safe option, especially if you are not in the mood for Ecuadorian or Amazonian food. Buon Giorno has many different pizza optio
  • El Jardín
    El Jardín Restaurant, which is located in the hotel of the same name, is arguably the best place to eat in town. The chef has won awards and strives to create dishes that are both traditional and unique, such as pork chops in plum sauce, tilapia in ginger sauce and chicken in a light cinnamon sauc
  • La Maravilla
    The aptly named La Maravilla (â??the marvelâ?) is undoubtedly one of the best places to have a drink and snack in Macas. Set in a fairy tale-like wooden house, the friendly and inviting café/bar is decorated with indigenous artifacts and photos from the region. Sitting on the small veranda or
  • Salgado Alimentos
    Salgado Alimentos website says, “panza llena, corazón contento” or “full tummy, happy heart,” which sums up how you feel when you leave the restaurant. Located on a quiet corner in Villa Crespo, this Italian restaurant is known for its homemade raviolis, including the ve
  • Balcón del Río
    Balcón del Río, located a 15-minute drive from town, features a large terrace and pool, a mini zip-line, a swing, a sauna and a bar. At night, the large area beneath the rotunda turns into a full night club, with disco ball and strobe lights, where the young and not-so-young of Macas strut their
  • Sports café, bar and grill / Tutto Freddo
    Don't be put off by the neon signs and annoying TV screens, this restaurant/ice-cream-parlor is a great place to satisfy any sugar craving. If you can muster the patience for the excruciatingly slow and despairingly clumsy service, the diner at the back serves decent pollo a la plancha, (but avoid t
  • Restaurante Miramar
    Miramar has a winning menu of tempting international food, and obviously is taking a shot at being a very fancy restaurant in a town that currently does not have one. The food (and prices) are spot-on: the entrees are tasty and priced where you'd expect, at about the $8-19 range. The service and fa
  • Zulma Muller
    Actually, the official title of this cafe and tea house is “Delizias y Dulzuras Zulma Muller” and its offerings don't betray the name. Stop here for a coffee break and enjoy pastries, cakes and Argentina's medialunas
  • The Oldest
    Tucked among the cobblestone, tree-lined streets of the western neighborhood of Caballito, The Oldest is a good excuse to check out the area and to drink a pint or two while you're there. Known for being a quiet, middle-class neighborhood without much nightlife, The Oldest stands alone in Caballito
  • Mariane
    Mariane is not a typical Baños restaurant. Hidden a block away from the main street is a small piece of Provence, where you can enjoy French-style cuisine and music in a cozy atmosphere. The food is of a high quality and includes favorites such as French onion soup and a range of steaks, which can
  • Los Chanchitos
    As the name indicates, this is a parilla where you have the chance to really pig out. Of a strictly unpretentious nature, the most popular are the pasta dishes and meat choices, like the lechón. Los Chanchitos claims full credit for the creation of the pizzanesa, a uniq
  • Café Hood
    Not to be confused with Casa Hood, Café Hood is a small, brightly painted restaurant on the Calle Maldonado side of Parque Central. The café cooks up a range of international fare, including Greek and Hindu plates, Indonesian pork chops, and Pad Thai, along with pasta dishes, sandwiches and salad
  • Bi Won
    Almost all the businesses in the commercial district of Once close their doors at night, but the small light in front Bi Won beckons. A delightful neighborhood Korean restaurant, the dining room, although windowless, is comfortably decorated and bathed in pleasant and airy Korean music. The restaura
  • Café del Cielo
    Perched on the side of Volcán Tungurahua, Café del Cielo (part of the Luna Runtun Spa complex) is one of the lights that shine out like a beacon above Baños. Through the giant glass windows, which make up two of the café walls, you can enjoy sweeping views of the town and the surrounding Andes.
  • Blah Blah Café
    Blah Blah Café has graced Baños for more than 10 years and specializes in sandwiches. It is a nice spot for breakfast, a coffee or a quick but filling lunch. The sandwiches are on large baguettes and are stuffed with any combination of veggies, omelettes, cold cuts and cheese, having more than en
  • La Fornace
    La Fornace is a warm and inviting pizzeria that unfortunately belies its popularity by churning out rather disappointing thin-crust pizza: bases taste a little of cardboard, and toppings are hardly generous. Service is quick and efficient though, and, if you really must satisfy that pizza craving,
  • Guadalajara Grill
    By day, this clean, unpretentious and budget-friendly restaurant prepares filling almuerzos (set-lunches) with huge bowls of scorching hot soup. By evening, Guadalajara Grill lives up to its namesake by turning into a Mexican joint and serving up tacos, burritos and other Mexcian dish
  • La Tasca
    This authentic Spanish eatery gets rave reviews for its tapas, paellas, cured sausages and cheeses, and wine. Bring along your family or friends and order a mix of tapas to taste, such as Galician-style octopus, Andalucia-style meatballs, shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled pork skewers marinated in gi
  • The Rozz
    The deep crimson exterior of this pizzeria/bar, inspired by the conspicuously named flower, is what initially catches one's attention. Inside, however, it is the surprising collection of small modern art pieces that adorn the red walls and set this restaurant apart. Located on the busy and loud Medr
  • Stray Dog Brew Pub
    Opened by the owners of the well-known Posada del Arte hotel and restaurant, Stray Dog Brewpub is a happy addition to the restaurant and bar scene in Baños. This microbrewery has four different (and excellent) beers, all brewed locally using Agua de la Vida spring water. Try one or a few, or opt f
  • Sativa Studio Café
    Sativa Studio is located within a beautifully renovated abandoned garage and nearly the entire place is made with recycled materials; the floors and tabletops are mosaiced with salvaged tile from the town Cathedral and from a local high school art project. Sativa's small vegan menu includes a deli
  • Swiss Bistro
    Specializing in culinary creations from Switzerland, this restaurant features an extensive menu that is sure to please even the pickiest palates. While its meat and cheese fondues are a definite highlight, the beef stroganoff, chicken cordon bleu, fresh steamed trout and grilled hunks of meat do
  • Campo Bravo
    Campo Bravo is one of the most popular Parillas in the city, and is filled to capacity with locals every night of the week. Huge portions of juicy steak emerge on wooden platters, with great service from busy staff and a decent wine selection. Treat yourself to the bife
  • Rosita
    Restaurant Rosita is a friendly place, open and breezy a couple blocks from the beach. It has a definite beach-place vibe to it, from the photos of fish on the walls to the ship's wheel hung near the bathrooms. The menu is varied enough to be interesting: the seafood and traditional Ecuadorian di
  • Il Novo Maria De Lujan
    Argentina is well-known for its beef, but this is a great little place to enjoy some surprisingly good seafood, in a prime spot right on the riverbank. There's also the traditional parilla - or barbequed meats - and look out for the great crispy
  • Calypso
    Calypso is a happy little place that always seems packed with locals and visitors, which means the food must be really good, because its location is not great (a sort of half-basement next to a busy street) and prices are a bit high for Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. They have a good selection of burge
  • El Gato Blanco
    If you want to combine a tour of the delta with a great meal, then this is the place for you. A Tigre favorite, El Gato sits in the heart of the Deltas, about 45 minutes from Estacion Fluvial
  • Puerto Lobo
    Living up to its name (“Sea Lion Port”), you'll probably have to step over or around several sea lions to enter this small, airy restaurant. Puerto Lobo serves crepes, snacks and desserts, mostly: if you're looking for a steak, keep looking. The food, service and coffee are good, but a bi
  • Cormoran
    One of the classier budget eating options, Cormorán is located near the little creek that runs through town to empty into the ocean. It's an airy, family-run place with a good variety of ceviches, sandwiches, seafood and even some vegetarian options. There is a massive TV there and the place fil
  • Muana Café
    Located right on a major intersection across from the pier and downstairs from the Casa Blanca Hotel, Muana Café gets a lot of business. The food and coffee are good, and so is the ice cream. They don't have an actual printed menu: look on the chalkboard behind the counter to see what's availabl
  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa is the place to go for tasty Mexican food or some quality tequila. This cute upstairs restaurant with only a few tables is plastered with poetry, Mexican posters, framed pictures of Frida Kahlo and postcards from past patrons. The menu features favorites like burritos, chalupas, nachos
  • Moshi Moshi
    If you get a craving for Sushi in Buenos Aires, then the crème de la crème can be found at Moshi Moshi, a minimalist homage to artful Japanese fare. Mouth-watering Thai and Vietnamese dishes also feature (try the prawns wrapped in crispy noodles), while the real star of the sh
  • Restaurante Las Hortensias
    Right off the main road from Baños to Puyo and near the entrance to the path down to Pailón del Diablo, Restaurante Las Hortensias offers typical Ecuadorian cuisine like trout, grilled chicken and churrasco (grilled or fried beef with a fried egg on top). This restaurant is a perfect place
  • El Pailón Restaurant
    The owners of El Pailón have taken the initiative to create paths through the cloud forest leading to the waterfall Pailón del Diablo. For $1, you can take a walk through the orchid-lined forest until you are almost close enough to reach out your hand and touch the falls. The owners have also cre
  • Café Del Mar
    Café del Mar is easy to find: it's got the best location in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, right on the seaward side of the main drag. It's a stand-alone, squarish building, brightly painted - you can't miss it. It's a café and light restaurant: it has ceviches, burgers, sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc. P
  • Ceviches Del Colorado
    A cheery little outdoor cevicheria with plenty of shade, Ceviches del Colorado has a limited menu of mostly seafood. It's good seafood, however, and you won't regret taking a break here on a hot day. Portion sizes are large.
  • La Casa Del Maito
    Aside from having an open grill right outside the restaurant, used to cook up fresh fish brought out from the Amazon rivers, there isn't much that sets La Casa del Maito apart from many of the other places to eat in town. Nevertheless, this little restaurant is a decent place to come sit down and e
  • La Finca
    This cheery, intimate restaurant serves a mix of international food, with a specialty in different meats. Meals range from the typical chicken or beef plates to more exotic dishes featuring ostrich. Salmon and other fish mains are other options. At breakfast and lunch time, multi-course set menus a
  • La Jaiba
    A restaurant with over 37 years of tradition in Quito, La Jaiba's menu contains a fantastic selection of seafood—all served by an attentive staff. Staying true to the claim that their ingredients "slept in the sea yesterday," the food is extremely fresh and tasty, making it worth the price.
  • Casimiro Biguá
    This restaurant / wine bar has won the title of El Calafate's most stylish hangout. Come for the extensive wine list and regional Patagonian delicacies, but stay for the cool modern black-and-white décor and sophisticated ambience. The menu changes frequently, but you can usually expect staples
  • Mi Viejo
    This local favorite specializes in massive portions of grilled lamb, which you can witness being barbequed at the pit near the restaurant's entrance. Portions here are big: one lamb serves up to seven people, and the $10 parrillada (assortment of mixed meats) feeds three to five people. Other menu
  • La Vaca Atada
    The two cut-out cows standing outside La Vaca Atada (The Tied Cow) serve as a landmark in El Calafate, and make this smallish restaurant hard to miss. Popular with both visitors and locals, La Vaca Atada serves up a variety of quality dishes, including homemade pasta, soup, fish, steak, and lamb.
  • Sancho Restaurant
    This family-run restaurant specializes in local food with a Mediterranean twist. The varied menu features dishes like seafood in champagne sauce, trout stuffed king crab, and spinach gnocchi with pesto. Portions are generousâ??the half picada appetizer platter easily serves four people, and the f
  • La Cocina
    La Cocina specializes in simple yet satisfying food done well. The menu offers a large selection of yummy homemade pastas and crepes (from classic ham and cheese to steak with pepper and mustard sauce), as well as salads and a variety of simple yet well-prepared meats. The staff remains friendly a
  • Casa China

    Popular among locals, this simple but clean restaurant offers tasty Chinese at a reasonable price. The staff is courteous and attentive. Try the popular â??eight treasuresâ? soup, made from eight different herbs from seeds, bark, roots and leaves.

  • El Puesto
    This cozy pizza joint offers 23 varieties of thin-crusted pizza, ensuring that you'll find a topping combo to suit your tastes. Though pizza and pasta dominate the menu, other options like salads and steak, as well as pricier regional dishes, are also available. The food is consistently good, but
  • Los Choris
    Looking for a quick but incredibly delicious bite? Have yourself a Choripan - the Argentinian equivalent of a hot-dog on steroids. Nestled between two slices of a baguette sits a glorious artisanal, foodie-centered pork sausage - grilled over an open, charcoal barbecue - that is sure to wet your ap
  • Rick's Café
    Join in the all-you can-eat frenzy at Rick's Café. Long established as the place to go for cheap eats, this place is frequented by backpackers and others looking for a good meal at a great price. Satiate your meat craving with the Argentine barbeque, which, for about $7.00, gets you all the steak
  • Segundo Muelle
    Excellent Peruvian food comes in tiny portions at the sleek Segundo Muelle, one of Quito's finest restaurants. Although your pocketbook may not thank you when the check arrives, your palate certainly will. Prepare your taste buds with a fruit-infused pisco sour followed by the ceviche mix
  • Noe Sushi
    Sushi lovers rejoice when they discover Noe Sushi Bar, which serves a mix of high-quality traditional and special rolls (many of which can also be ordered as half rolls), sashimi, and combination plates. Even if you don't like sushi, there are some satisfying Asian mains on the menu, such as grille
  • Lemongrass
    Quito's newest answer to Asian fusion food, Lemongrass is frequented by rich quiteños and travelers that are not in the budget bracket. This restaurant is sophisticated and elegant, with excellent service and close attention paid to the tiny details. The menu is simple but intriguing. Try the shri
  • Pizzería La Lechuza
    Pizzería La Lechuza boasts a menu with 35 varieties of wood-fired pizza, the most famous of which is the “super cebolla y jamón crudo” (onion with raw ham). If you're not in the mood for pizza, there are also good sandwiches and empanadas on the menu. The restaurant is located across f
  • Chez Jerome Restaurant
    This French cuisine in town combines a bit of Ecuadorian culture with the most classic French cuisine. The restaurant is in a remarkable and magical location with a very comfortable ambience, as well as decent prices.
  • Techo del Mundo
    The "Roof of the World" Restaurant, connected to the Hotel Quito, is arguably the restaurant with the best views of Quito and Guápulo. Huge picture windows surround the top-floor restaurant and provide excellent atmosphere.The buffets, which are offered almost all day, are excellent and offer a w
  • Hunters
    An Ecuadorian restaurant that looks suspiciously like the American Hooter's Restaurant—though nothing like it, with professional wait staff and classical music—Hunters offers several preparations of steaks along with seafood and Ecuadorian specialties like empanadas, ceviche (cold seafood
  • La Briciola
    This Italian-owned restaurant located in a quiet neighborhood in La Floresta is a perennial favorite and great value for your money. Service is friendly, the food is delicious and the prices are very reasonable. There aren't many choices for vegetarians though; non-meat eaters will be limited to sa
  • Tumbaco Services
  • Restaurant Rancho Grande
    Restaurant Rancho Grande is the place everyone seems to go, from tourists visiting El Chaltén, to Chaltán Travel bus passengers and locals. For just that reason the service here is quick. Hamburgers and milanesas (breaded cutlets) are just two of the things
  • Barlovento
    Barlovento is an elegant place to try Ecuadorian cuisine. Guests can lounge on the outdoor terrace or, for a more upscale feel, sit on the upper floor, which has live music on select days. The menu includes empanadas and soup for lighter appetites, as well as hearty entrees. Main dishes include loc
  • Restaurante La Choza
    La Choza has all the classic Ecuadorian and Quiteño dishes. It is easy to construct a vegetarian dish with llapingachos (cheesy potato pancakes), mote, tostado (different preparations of Andean corn), cheese-filled empanadas and more. There are also several meat and fish dishes which are excelle
  • Trattoria Sole e Luna
    Review coming soon. Please add your own comments below.
  • Tibidabo
    Tibidabo is a fine international restaurant. It has a cozy and elegant atmosphere including a private room for special events or meetings. Our gourmet food showcases the best of international food, typical Ecuadorian dishes and our chef's own culinary creations. We have great desserts and a fine win
  • Fellini
    Fellini is a great place for a splurge. Tastefully designed and laid out, this Italian restaurant has a wide variety of the usual Italian options but also has numerous seafood varieties of pasta dishes. There are also some decent Mediterranean options. The wine list is excellent including a great Ar
  • Swisshotel
    The six restaurants within the Swissotel offer an elegant atmosphere to try a variety of international fare. Prices are quite high, but so is the quality.

    Les Alpes serves delicious Swiss favorites like fondue, while Le Point offers gourmet French dishes. For auth

  • El Rancho de Juancho
    El Rancho de Juancho is a Colombian restaurant with a casual ambiance and reasonable prices. There aren't many vegetarian dishes, but there is a wide selection of other options.
  • Happy Panda
    An elegant Chinese restaurant near the Swissotel, Happy Panda is probably the closest in flavor to Chinese restaurants in the United States. The prices are high for Quito, but there is a good selection of dishes and vegetarians will be happy with the options offered in comparison to most Ecuadoria
  • Ciao Bella
    Treat yourself to a delightful breakfast or midday pastry at Ciao Bella. Although the place might be small, it offers a decent enough place to sit back and enjoy the sweet delights they offer. A nice patio outside offers more ample space than the interior does. But in the end, and it can't be strees
  • La Posta
    Considered by many to be the best restaurant in town, La Posta, which is part of Los Alamos Hotel, serves up delectable Argentine cuisine with an international flair. Standout dishes include Patagonian lamb with rose hip sauce, king crab stuffed ravioli, and curried crayfish. Desserts are simply n
  • Restaurant Flor De Mayo
    Flor de Mayo, an all you can eat Chinese food buffet is the place to go to kill a deep hunger. An amazing salad bar is also included in the all-you-can-eat price, which offers a variety of greens and veggies for anyone who has been missing large and colorful salads. Entrees are also sold individuall
  • Status
    This great value Peruvian restaurant serves plates piled with seafood and lamb, but go for their signature ceviche de tiburón, or shark ceviche. The fresh fish is marinated in lemon juice and served with spicy red onions, egg, potatoes and corn. For dessert, try the classic lemon suspiro. Local Pe
  • Haiku Sushi
    A great option if you're craving Japanese. In a country that doesn't really rate seafood, the sushi here is pretty good-Haiku has been around for 12 years, so they've had time to get things right. A good non-sushi option is the teriyaki chicken, and the breaded shrimp with spicy cilantro mayonnaise
  • The Shamrock
    A large room with a long bar that lines one wall, The Shamrock attracts foreigners and locals alike. A good happy hour, with two-for-one beers and drink specials, makes it a popular after-work stop. There are tables, but many stand or circulate about. At night, it's packed to the hilt with beautifu
  • Palacio Español
    In contrast to other 'eat n' go' places nearby, Palacio Español, housed in Club Español, is a place to linger long after the coffee has been served. The building is over a hundred years old, and inside it's filled with ornate works of art, sculpture, gold and bronze. Spanish dishes are the star a
  • Lo De Carlitos
    Lo de Carlitos serves burgers, lomitos, and hot dogs, but the crepes are the stuff of legend, with dozens of tempting salty and sweet options to choose from. Several of these have been lovingly dedicated to famous Argentine celebrities, like the Diego Maradona, a crepe that is filled with
  • Pajonal
    A lovely, spectacular restaurant where to enjoy delicious traditional and international dishes in a "hut" - the best of Ecuador!
  • Chuquitos
    Popular with locals and tourists alike, Chuquitos overlooks Tena's main plaza; grab a table on the balcony if you can. The grotty stone steps that lead up to this second-floor restaurant belie the pleasant, airy surroundings, the friendly service and the tasty menu of seafood, meat and traditional E
  • Café Tortuga
    Right on the riverfront is Café Tortuga, a favorite foreigner hangout. This small café's charm comes from its attentive staff and simple, good food, including sweet and savory crepes, large sandwiches, soups, avocado stuffed with chicken or cheese, and beef chili. Many come for its yummy and fill
  • The Marquis Restaurant
    The Marquis Restaurant, owned by a Colombian chef with over 40 years of culinary experience, has a reputation as one of the nicest eateries in town. However, if you're picturing an upscale restaurant with speedy service and top-notch food, you may be a little disappointed. The menu has mainly grill
  • Thymus
    Possibly the best restaurant in Villa Crespo, and a pleasure all the way from décor to sabor, Thymus is elegant and adventurous, romantic and comfortable. The Argentina-meets-Asia atmosphere blends a zen setting with bold and creative dishes, such as the pork lamb loin in smoked paprika aio
  • Swiss Bistro Quito
    Specializing in culinary creations from Switzerland, this restaurant features an extensive menu that is sure to please even the most difficult of palates. some might say that their meat or cheese fondues are a highlight, but you would have to first try the beef stroganoff, chicken cordon bleu or
  • Milion
    Milion is set in an impeccably renovated French-style mansion. Simply seeing the building is worth the trip. Inside, a marble staircase leads to two floors and numerous rooms with high ceilings, mood lighting, and a rotating collection of esoteric paintings; the décor is topped off by digital imag
  • Shoeless Joe's - El Alamo
    Shoeless Joe's - El Alamo is a bar and grill in Recoleta open 24 hours a day. It occupies an entire stately building from circa 1898. El Alamo is the only location in Argentina that offers every NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and every college football and basketball game. However, this, is a little misleadin
  • Miramar
    A gem in a neighborhood not known for its culinary pleasures, Miramar is classic neighborhood joint. Once a market, the restaurant still has the market counter and shelves lined with goods, but most people come in eat nicely grilled meat including lamb and pork. The picadas - plates with a selection
  • La Locanda
    Filled with an air of prestige and decor to compliment said atmosphere, La Locanda is a restaurant that offers spectacular meals. The menu is an interesting medley of various Italian dishes with certain twists that the chef is ingenious enough to add in. One of the seafood dishes, for example is a b
  • Winery
    Winery, contrary to the obvious, is not a winery. It is a large company that specializes in selling fine wines, wine accessories and specialty foods. Winery has 10 locations in Buenos Aires, at Abasto, Av. Alem, Belgrano, Diagonal Norte, Microcentro, Nordelta, Pilar, Puerto Madero, Recova and Uni
  • Pura Vida
    Located a little ways outside of town and overlooking Lake Argentino, Pura Vida is a haven for vegetarians and those craving a change from the usual meat-centric Argentine fare. The restaurant serves up home-style dishes like pumpkin soup and hearty stews, as well as excellent pastas, sandwiches, a
  • La Tablita
    La Tablita is a carnivore's paradise. This very Argentine restaurant serves up massive parrilladas (platters of mixed grilled meats), tender filet mignon, lamb, as well as a variety of other meat offerings. For those tired of protein-packed fare, there are a few pasta and other non-meat d
  • La Bourgogne
    The simple, though elegant, red and white furnishings of La Bourgogne restaurant are certainly comfortable, but nothing greater than this is necessary to help elevate La Bourgogne's glorious food. Situated within the Alvear Palace Hotel, the Grand Chef Jean Paul Bondoux creates French delicacies ra
  • Gran Bar Danzon
    Don't be turned off by the drab exterior and the even shabbier Recoleta block. Once you make it up the flight of stairs and enter the dining room of this luxurious wine bar, you'll feel like you've entered a never never land of impeccable taste and beautiful people. Even if the lighting didn't creat
  • Sette Bacco
    Tucked away on a quiet residential street, Sette Bacco offers classic Italian cuisine using only fresh ingredients. Desserts are more complicated, appearing more like art than a final course. If you're not looking for it you could walk right by; the restaurant is set in a historic-looking row house
  • Republica
    Buenos Aires is full of diverse neighborhoods and hundreds of restaurants, ranging from dull and ordinary to innovative and enchanting. Tucked away in a Paris-esque alley in the upmarket neighborhood Recoleta, Republica is a fine example of the latter. Ring the doorbell and the friendly staff opens
  • Rodi Bar
    Located in the heart of Recoleta, Rodi Bar specializes in one thing: cheap eats. Rodi is one of those famed institutions where local folks and expats gather in harmony to hang out and eat good home cooking. The restaurant offers ungarnished and plentiful meals classic porteña resto-bar style. The w
  • Clasica y Moderna
    The venerable Clasica y Moderna's small but versatile space functions beautifully as a restaurant, café, bookstore, live music venue and art gallery all rolled into one. As a restaurant, the menu houses fairly typical pasta, beef and fish dishes, but the artistic atmosphere thrives with nightly liv
  • Cumaná
    If you're looking for traditional Argentine fare, or you simply still love coloring with crayons, Cumaná has got you covered. Specialty pizzas, empanadas and cazuelas (casseroles) are all expertly baked, while the locro (stew) comes piping hot and delicious. Prices are more than reasonable, if not
  • El Sanjuanino
    After 35 years in Recoleta, El Sanjuanino still stands strong as a traditional space with traditional food. The restaurant serves hearty Argentine fare such as specialty empanadas and locro (a stew of white maize, beans, chorizo and other meats). Dark wood and wine-casket walls give the split-level
  • Expreso Virgen De Guadalupe
    Near Parque Municipal is La Virgen de Guadalupe, Barranco's home for vegetarians. Situated in an old rail car, this bistro takes diners on a culinary adventure with a buffet offering a choice of main dishes based on gluten, soy meat or beans. The meal's landscape is greened with vegetable and grain
  • Yussef
    La Paz's most popular middle-eastern cuisine can be found at Yussef, a small Lebanese owned restaurant overlooking La Paz's main tourist street. The similar eatery serves authentic meat and vegetarian cous-cous, shish-kebab, hummus, falafel and tabouli. There's a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staf
  • Bakulic
    Founded by Boris Bakulic over 20 years ago, this gorgeous seaside restaurant was rebuilt in 2000 after a tragic fire nearly destroyed it. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and mariscos, which are uniquely prepared and served with artistic flair. To stray from the usual Chilean wine, order
  • Martín Fierro
    A mecca for meat-lovers, this restaurant specializing in Argentine beef offers an impressive 12 different cuts of meat. Entrees include the signature bacon-wrapped â??Martín Fierro filetâ?. They also offer Italian dishes (lasagna, gnocchi, fetuccine) and a sampling of local fish (try the butter
  • Yoko Sushi Bar
    This beautiful sushi restaurant is tastefully decorated with Japanese and Chilean influences, and is a unique option for trying local seafood. In addition to the traditional Californian rolls and hot rolls, Yoko offers special rolls wrapped in fresh salmon or palta (avocado). For $14.95 two
  • Parillada Velamar Beach
    A longtime favorite with both locals and travelers, this seaside restaurant serves up all kinds of seafood and plate options. For $6.90, the menu del dia comes with pisco sour, timbal de camarones, salmon, dessert and wine. The mariscos and pescados menu is massive, so take your time to fin
  • Café Latino
    Café Latino is one of four cheap eateries in a row next to the Express Líder supermarket. Like its neighbors (one of which specializes in Chinese food), Café Latino is a step above a shack, with oilcloth-covered tables in a semi-open space. The menu always includes several choices of down-home Ch
  • Mercado La Recova
    Located on the corner of Cienfuegos and Cantournet, La Recova is actually a street market, and one of the most beautiful of its kind in Chile. The neo-colonial designed market square is surrounded by arches and features some of the most diverse display of products and produce in the nation. Handicra
  • El Nuevo Peregrino
    El Peregrino, one of La Serena's newest restaurants, offers fresh, filling, and healthy meals with a wide selection of vegetarian options and all-natural juices. The décor is bold and colorful, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity of the portions. Live music starts around 11:0
  • Coffee Express
    If you're craving your specialty caffeinated drink, come here for a coffee and a treat, but don't expect a lot of charm. The coffee is better than most, and there's a selection of inexpensive sandwiches, “artisan” ice creams, and pizzas. The café's streamlined design could place it in any
  • Hao-Hwa
    Hao-Hwa serves some of the best Chinese food north of Santiago. A combination plate full of goodies and enough to fill two people goes for approximately $10. The service is fast and friendly, and they will wrap your meal to take-out if you cannot finish the plate.
  • Paladar
    At mid-afternoon, this tiny bakery boasting Dulces Tentaciones is often packed with people standing in line—and you should join them. It's definitely worth the wait. A window full of pretty sweets greets you when entering. The real draw is the bakery's selection of handmade empanadas. Th
  • Empanadopolis
    It is impossible to find a cheaper meal that you will enjoy this much. This is where the locals flock for a good empanada which is usually stuffed to the brim with ingredients.
  • Di Tito
    Di Tito is another good place to sit down at, especially if you have been in the country for an extended period of time and need a break from traditional Chilean cuisine. The pasta is filling, the pizza tasty, and the prices are far from outrageous.
  • El Plateao
    There is a meal for almost everyone on the menu at El Plateao. The restaurant serves up cold sushi, hot curries and other international cuisine. And the seafood is on par with what the better restaurants in Caldera serve.
  • El Corsario
    If you have ever wondered whether rabbit tastes like chicken, now is your chance to find out. El Corsario serves the fuzzy critter, as well as other staples in the Chilean diet. The pastel de choclo is above average and a set lunch cost approximately $6.
  • Hotel Miramonti
    Do not walk into this hotel-restaurant looking for a cheap dinner. The Italian food is not world-class but it is a filling, good meal and a break from empanadas or chicken and fries.
  • Restaurant Mi Casa
    Restaurant Mi Casa is a pleasant surprise on the budget dining scene in Arica. In an older home, Mi Casa features rooms set off a long corridor. With golden-colored walls and clothed tables, the ambiance plus the smart service and excellent food are more the qualities you would expect to see in up
  • Café Viena
    Hungry gringos and locals alike head to this restaurant for good-sized portions of food at a cheap price. The salads are nice starters and the sandwiches are excellent compared to what is usually found at South American eateries. Wash the meal down with a fresh-squeezed juice or sit hang out and sip
  • Blanco
    Blanco is new to the restaurant scene in San Pedro de Atacama. The all white decoration creates a nice atmosphere but the real reason to visit is for the food. The menu features recipes inspired from Blanco's owners' various trips around the globe. The three-pepper seasoned Easter Island tuna is del
  • Café Tierra
    For a meal in San Pedro de Atacama, Tierra is the natural choice - literally. The restaurant uses only natural wheat flour to prepare its empanadas, pizza and pastries. The crepes are very good, the omelets are decent sized, while yogurts and fruits are emphasized during breakfast. The owner also ha
  • Café Adobe
    Café Adobe is the perfect spot to grab an early breakfast or a late drink. There are at least three different set meals per day, and the restaurant's large wooden picnic tables are generally filled throughout the evening. Outdoor tables line a patio with a fire every night so patrons can sip a coff
  • La Casona
    La Casona is a perfect place for an inexpensive meal - but don't let the prices fool you because it is the best bang for your buck in San Pedro de Atacama. The recently remodeled restaurant has a large dining room which generally features live music from local bands. There are some fine puddings her
  • Milagro
    Milagro is a chic establishment to drink a glass of wine and enjoy some good conversation. The restaurant serves set desayunos but dinner is better. The tres carnes al plato is an excellent dish of savory grilled steak, chicken and pork. The chocolate truffles are a nice treat to finish off the meal
  • Casa de Piedra
    The occasional live local music and particularly friendly service help single this restaurant out on a street with no shortage of eateries. Casa de Piedra specializes in meats and international cuisine - the parrilladas are recommended. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.
  • Café Export
    Head here to avoid instant coffee. The jolt of caffeine serves well to wake up tired travelers after early-morning treks to the geysers. There are also good sandwiches and the patio is a nice place to share lunch with friends.
  • El Arriero
    Go straight to El Arriero for a fantastic steak or another good-sized portion of meat off the barbecue. The menu is packed with traditional dishes from Spain's Basque country along with a decent selection of wine. The restaurant has hams hanging from the walls and there is usually someone tickling t
  • Café Caruso
    Café Caruso is a nice place to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and gaze at the old photos of Calama that decorate the restaurant. The food is good as well, and almost anything on the menu goes well with a glass of wine.
  • Mercado Central
    The coinerías in this typical central market serve up fast and filling food. Here you will find plenty of meat and fish served with rice. Since the prices are low ($2-4) and the food, while not extraordinary, is certainly more than adequate the market is a favorite eating place among the locals.
  • Bon Apetit
    Do not look here for a fast cup of instant-mixed coffee - this is the choice in Calama if you need a real shot of caffeine. There are set lunches or deliciously sweet pastries on the menu, as well.
  • Picadillo
    This oceanside restaurant has it all. Picadillo's has live music, fantastic service and it is the perfect place to have a plate of sushi to get away from the ordinary Chilean food. There are also some pretty good desserts here, so save some room. Reserving ahead is a good idea, since the place can
  • Café del Centro
    This simple café is a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee and people watch during the late afternoon or early evening. There are sandwiches and pastries on the menu in case a snack is required to accompany the caffeine kick.
  • Club de Yates
    Club de Yates is a bit uppity but the nice views of the port go well with a plate of oysters or fish. It has the feel of a typical yacht club, drenched in navy blue décor. Prices are higher than most other restaurants and it is evident that diners are paying for atmosphere, as well as food and good
  • Don Pollo
    The menu at Don Pollo is not complex: there is chicken, chicken and more chicken. The tender white meat may be the only thing available here, but it is some of the best rotisserie chicken in the whole of Chile.
  • Club Social de Vicuña
    The Club Social perhaps offers the best selection of traditional Chilean food in Vicuña. The food is nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere is especially nice with several small dining rooms. One has a welcoming fireplace in the winter, plus there is a small lounge and a large, open-ceiling din
  • Restaurant Summary: Vicuña
    There's not a lot of great food in this tiny town. There are a few Vicuña restaurants and eateries that stand out above the rest. With the exception of Halley Restaurant, avoid the resto-bars that line the main square, because though they're cheap, the food is sub-par. Some of the nicer hotels in t
  • Treinta y Tantos
    A favorite of local students in Barrio Estación, Treinta y Tantos dishes out delicious and cheap empanadas. As is suggested by the name of the restaurant, there are more than 30 types of empanadas from which hungry customers can choose. Do not arrive too early because it does not open its doors unt
  • Buccato Express
    Buccato Express offers a wide range of options to its customers with most meals between $5-10. Dine on traditional Chilean dishes, order a regular hamburger or the soup and sandwich. There is outdoor seating for warm and sunny afternoons.
  • Sublime Sushi Bar
    Sublime Sushi Bar is a mid-range restaurant option for the gringo in need of something a little more upscale than the usual fuente de soda gracing the streets of Concepción. Dinner can be had for approximately $15 and it is cozy spot to wine and dine a date.
  • Chung-Hwa
    This restaurant is where locals head when in the need of authentic Chinese cuisine. And the price is right too with most entrees in the $5-11 range. The service is speedy and friendly, and the restaurant is open from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
  • Casino Social J Cruz
    In the mid-20th Century, laborers coming back from work at the harbor wanted to eat something delicious, filling, cheap and fast—and they wanted lots and lots of it. The result is the chorrillana: a mountain of French fries, eggs, grilled onions and beef. Though you'll find a variety of chorril
  • 100% Pizza
    Despite the name 100% Pizza, this restaurant also offers empanadas as well for approximately $1.50. However, pizza is its specialty. Grab a slice of cheese pizza for a $CH600 (or approximately $1), add toppings for a bit more money, or order an entire pizza for approximately $10.
  • Café Haiti
    Enjoy one of the best cups of coffee or tea in town at the chain restaurant Café Haiti. The café has seating upstairs so patrons can relax with a drink and observe others scurry through the plaza. It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Julio's Pizza
    This place is a haven for pizza lovers who snub those Chilean makeshift pizzas without sauce or much cheese often found in little corner restaurants. Julio's serves up homemade pizza loaded with toppings, and has hearty pasta dishes as well for those not in the mood for a slice of pie. Monday - Sund
  • Fuente Alemana
    Breakfast and lunch will fill you up at a reasonable price - the chicken with rice is approximately $4 - but the best reason to dine at Fuente Alemana is the real coffee. And while the blend might not win any awards, it definitely a welcome change from the usual instant coffee served at most restaur
  • Mercado Central
    The true flavors of a town are often found in the eateries that dot its central market and Chillán's revitalized Central Mercado definitely serves up tasty traditional and simple local dishes. Try the popular seafood stew before indulging in something more filling from one of the butcher shops. M
  • Casino Cuerpo de Bomberos
    Surprisingly, this is a good second option for local cuisine if the hustle and bustle of the Mercado Central too much. The fire station serves simple dishes for as little as $2.
  • Centro Español
    This is a more upscale choice near the plaza with elegantly dressed waiters eager to serve the chef's latest creation. The paella is an excellent and popular choice for those in need of a quality meal. Monday - Saturday 12-4 p.m. and 8 p.m.-12 a.m.
  • Cielo, Mar y Tierra
    Cielo Mar y Tierra's patio is a pleasant, relaxed place to order a relatively inexpensive lunch special which will set you back approximately $5. The restaurant's offerings of fresh seafood and pasta dishes are worth a try for a few more dollars.
  • Club de la Unión
    Club de la Unión serves up great almuerzos and dinners of typical and traditional Chilean cuisine. The chicken at lunch is well prepared, the pastel de choclo is a treat, and the service is friendly and helpful. Some of the staff speaks limited English for tourists.
  • Vegetariano Arcoiris
    This vegetarian option caters to more than those individuals in need of only bunny food - though the greens here are worth a taste. Arcoiris has an all-you-can-eat-buffet, sandwiches, oversized omelets and fresh juice. Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Marisquería Maribel
    Located on the second floor of the Mercado in Old Town is Marisquería Maribel, one of the many seafood restaurants to choose from in this old building. Stop by for lunch and you'll get a selection of fixed menus to choose from, priced between US$4.00-6.00 (drinks not included). The piping hot empan
  • Masas Fusión
    Only open after dark, this little hole-in-the-wall has over 40 types of empanadas, starting at about $1. Masas Fusión sits in the middle of a string of bars and clubs, and it's opens until 6 a.m. on weekends. If you like your late-night food to be cheap, quick and incredibly unhealthy, then the hot
  • Cuernavaca
    Cuernavaca is a cheesy Mexican themed restaurant and bar. The wooden décor and open fire make it quiet a cozy place, but the music is a constant mix-tape that ranges from Peter Andre to Madonna to Metallica. The menu offers a tasty range of fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, chimichanga and que
  • Café Dolce Amaro
    This bistro offers a tempting range of seafood appetizers, tapas, meat and seafood dishes, salads, sandwiches and desserts. The bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, beer and pisco and they serve real coffee. During the week, the set lunch menu includes a starter, main dish, dessert and drink f
  • San Isidro
    San Isidro is Chilean fast food. With plastic tables and chairs, the decor is basic. The friendly staff serve up everything from fried eggs on toast, to 'completos' Chilean hotdogs. San Isidro also offers 'chorrillana', a traditional dish of fries piled high with beef, pork sausage, fried egg and f
  • Ciao
    If you're looking for good pizza at a restaurant with a graduate-student feel, go to Ciao. The menu boasts over 20 specialty pizzas and an ample drink menu. The never-ending special of two medium pizzas for the price of one and the two-for-one drink menu make Ciao an affordable dinner place. If you'
  • Las Cascabeles
    Driving northbound on the Pan-American Highway you find Las Cascabeles restaurant near the exit for Los Vilos, before the exit for Illapel. What looks like a reasonable roadside restaurant is actually expensive. On V!VA's last visit the food seemed to be cooked without care and was swimming in oil.
  • Restaurante Roma
    Restaurante Roma, on the city's main drag, is one of the few places in town where you won't encounter a primarily seafood-based menu. The small café serves up yummy pizzas, cheap sandwiches (with vegetarian options), sweets and a selection of coffees and espresso. The dining area is small and relax
  • Delicias del Mar
    This family-run restaurant serves an interesting variety of fish and seafood dishes. The menu is based on original recipes served by their grandmother in the Basque country. Service is first class and the helpful waiters are happy to recommend a dish if you can't make up your mind. The food isn't c
  • Jardin del Profeta
    Jardin del Profeta offers tasty vegetarian cuisine at very cheap prices. Choose from a delicious range of vegetarian burgers, pasta dishes, pizza, tortillas, empanadas, quiche, sandwiches and main dishes. The restaurant has a relaxed and vibe, but is a bit sparsely decorated. It could do with a bit
  • La Otra Cocina
    A lesser-known restaurant near Plaza Victoria, La Otra Cocina turns into a lively, welcoming place to have dinner late in the evening. Grilled fish and meats are paired with delectable sauces for prices that aren't cheap, but the quality of the food is worth a few extra bucks. Locals show up after 9
  • Porto Viejo
    Next to the Puerto Mercado is Porto Viejo, a casual seafood restaurant with excellent food and a familiar atmosphere. On the menu you'll find an extensive list of shell fish, BBQ and fish, as well as several house specials like "pulpo a la gallego" (octopus prepared with paprika, rock salt and olive
  • Restaurant La Concepción
    Restaurant La Concepción offers international cuisine in a restored patrimonio home, originally built in 1880, wherein diners sit among gardens or the open fireplace and overlook the port of Valparaiso and Viña. It is owned and run by a North American expat, and serves Mediterranean dishes
  • Sibaritico
    This sandwich shop may be tiny, but the gigantic Italiano sandwiches they serve here actually defy imagination. If you're curious about the sandwich's name, think of the Italian flag on top of a piping hot sausage: red salsa, green guacamole and creamy white aioli (garlic mayonnaise sauce). Business
  • Frankfurt Schop
    Frankfurt Schop is on a first-floor terrace that hosts a number of similar eating and watering holes. The menu offers a range of burgers, 'completos' Chilean hotdogs, fries and sandwiches. There is also a full bar. The décor is basic. Plastic tables and chairs line the terrace and the inside has tr
  • Doner-Kabab
    This little hole-in-the-wall joint, inconspicuously wedged between two neighboring tiendas, is easy to miss. But find it, and your taste buds will be rewarded with delicious shawermas and yummy Middle Eastern pastries. Select from chicken, beef, mixed or vegetarian shawermas, and choose a sauce (ga
  • Rincon del poet
    Part of the Pablo Neruda cultural Museum, this restaurant offers pleasant sea views just like Neruda gazed at when he wrote his poems. Food is reasonably priced for the location and there is a good selection of dishes on the menu. If you are visiting Pablo Neruda's House it's a good place to have lu
  • Restaurant El Tercer Ojito
    Where can a self-respecting vegetarian go in Iquique to get a meal? It's pretty hard to find a place catering to this niche, but in one of the old casonas tucked in the former Barrio Inglés you will find what you need: Restaurant El Tercer Ojito. Owner Cristina Burchardi (granddaughter of painter P
  • La Zona
    La Zona is a simple corner diner. With only six tables, La Zona offeres simple yet filling meals at a bargain price. It offers several different colacionesâ??or blue plate specials: a main dish with a side. Choose between chicken, pork chops or pantruca, a soup with homemade noodles. Drinks, limite
  • O Sole Mío
    Everyone will find something to enjoy at O Sole Mío. Weekdays, this restaurant offers homemade meals that includes a plato únicoâ??your choice of meat main dish, vegetarian entrée or pastaâ??or the three-course menú, which soup or appetizer, main dish with side, dessert and dri
  • Café Irlandés
    Café Irlandés, an institution in downtown Punta Arenas, is a place to slip away for a meal or late nightcap. Although its name literally means Irish Café, expect only typical Chilean fare here. During the week, Café Irlandés offers a two-course lunch special (appetizer and main dish) at a sup
  • El Living
    El Living is a British-run, friendly little coffee shop. The menu is sure to delight vegetarians and there are even some vegan offerings available. Tasty treats on offer include the blue cheese, pear and walnut sandwich, the vegan chickpea patties, burritos and a daily special. Accommodating to the
  • Patagonia Dulce
    Patagonia Dulce is a chocolate factory which makes delicious delicacies to whet the appetite. The chocolate temptations that the attached café offers come without preservatives or colorants, for the health conscious. But don't be too concerned about that here - tuck into their sweets of the day or
  • Mesita Grande
    Mesita Grande basically means "little big table". There are two long tables where hungry trekkers can find a spot to squeeze into. It's a great place to meet other travelers as it mostly caters to backpackers looking for a yummy thin crust pizza. And we're talking real clay oven, wood-fire grilled p
  • Afrigonia
    Africa meets Patagonia in this mid-range fusion restaurant. This is the perfect spot to splurge a little on a victory dinner after your trek in Torres del Paine. Delicious curries, fresh tropical ceviche, imaginative veggie and salad combinations as well as Patagonian lamb with African flare make th
  • La Marmita Restaurant
    Known by travelers as the best-known secret in Punta Arenas, Marmita has grown in popularity the last few years. The chef takes cooking seriously and often comes out to talk to tourists. Marmita is set in a small and cozy environment and has a varied menu, but they are famous for the cangrejo (King
  • Restaurant El Remezón
    Restaurant El Remezón is characterized by its exotic menu, which includes lamb, seafood, Nañdu, beaver and guanaco (local llama). The meals are prepared using old techniques of the natives peoples of this region. The chief changes the specials ever day based on the best daily and seasonal selectio
  • Restaurant Arco Iris
    Before Restaurant Arco Iris opens its doors, a line is already forming outside the door. This tenedor libre restaurant has become quite the hot spot for locals for the all-you-can eat buffet featuring Chilean and Chinese dishes, as well as salad and dessert bars. Be sure to take your plate up to the
  • Restaurante Damiana Elena
    Experience unique, exquisite Chilean cuisine for a bargain price at Damiana Elena, one of Punta Arenas' finest eateries. With antique décor and table settings and attentive staff, this is a local hot spot where you should arrive before 9pm or make reservations (especially on weekends). Excellent f
  • Lomit's
    Lomit's is quite the hit with Puntarenses (a person from Punta Arenas) and foreigners alike. This eatery serves up typical Chilean sandwiches, like lomito (steak), hamburgers, ave (chicken) and hotdogs. All are done only as Chileans know how to do them, with a variety of toppings a mere Westerner wo
  • El Estribo
    If wandering around the wilds of the Patagonia has piqued your stomach into wanting to taste the offerings of this land, then head to El Estribo. This restaurant specializes in Patagonia game meats, all raised in captivity, like ñandú (rhea), guanaco, castor (beaver) and caiquén (goose). If your
  • Jekus Pub & Restaurant
    Jekus Pub is a upscale pub and restaurant that is great for impressing a date or celebrating something worthwhile. Not known as a backpacker's haunt, Jekus is the place to go for some VIP treatment if you're a traveler with a larger budget. Located only two blocks downhill from the main plaza, Jekus
  • La Luna
    Located two blocks downhill from the main Plaza, La Luna is eclectic and artistically decorated. This family-run restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the wall of wine bottles and the smell of home-cooked food tend to get folks settled in for a relaxed dining experience. Good food and
  • Restaurante Sabores del Mundo
    Commonly called just Restaurant Sabores, this is one of Punta Arena's more popular stops for lunch or dinner. The restaurant is known for its generous portions. Its menu specializes in fish (salmon, merluza) and sea foods (king crab, squid, mussels, shrimp and oysters), though it also offers beef an
  • Cormoran de las Rocas
    This rounded two-story structure is located atop a small hill close to the water and offers excellent views of Ultima Esperanza Sound and the snow-capped mountain ranges beyond it. With professional chefs, an attentive staff, and a killer menu to boot, this classy restaurant might just make you forg
  • Asador Patagonico
    If you want to experience the typical Patagonian barbecue, Asador Patagonia is the place to go. Centrally located on the main plaza, Asador invites hungry locals and travelers inside with its comfortable, family-like atmosphere and the fact that it's always abuzz with people. Patagonian lamb is a fa
  • The Boot
    The owners of The Boot (not to be confused with its doppelganger by the same name in Plaza Foch) have really captured the essence of the American college bar: a beirut/beer pong table, a soundtrack heavy on late 90's rap, and cheap beer on tap. The bar also has a few TVs (invariably tuned to sports
  • Ambrosia
    Ambrosia is a good place to start the night before heading into the ruckus of Calama in La Mariscal, and is a favorite amongst quiteño rockers in Quito. It is just one street away from Calama, and it is easy to get a table there and the beers are extremely cheap. A 24 ounce Pilsner costs $1.5
  • Tequila Sunrise
    No one would ever describe Tequila Sunrise as â??classy,â? but it can still be a fun spot to party for a night. The music at this steamy and often crowded club is a mix of rap, reggaeton and salsa, and you will find a mostly young, Ecuadorian crowd dancing to it. The bartenders periodicall
  • Cherusker
    Cherusker is the first German brew pub in Ecuador, and it offers a variety of German craft beer at reasonable prices. Beer options range from wheat beer (Hafeweizen) to dark stout beer and can be sampled in a few different sizes. You can accompany your pint with typical German food, including bratw
  • No Bar
    Hot, sweaty and crowded, this place appeals almost exclusively to the very young and the very drunk. The Ecuadorian to foreigner ratio is about 50-50, mainly aged between 16 and 25, who come for the cheap drinks and the school disco/meat market atmosphere. The music is a mix of Latin and western ch
  • The Boot Sports Bar
    Looking for a place to hang out with fellow travelers and Quiteños, chugging down beers and micheladas, while catching the latest big tourney? Then, Boots Bar is the place for you. Located on the southwest corner of Plaza Foch, this sports bar's large screen TVs feature the important socce
  • Canut Café (2 X 1 Canelazo)
    Better known as 2 x 1 Canelazo, thanks to the sign above the door, Canut Café doesn't actually have 2-for-1 drinks. What it does offer is a one-dollar glass of hot, sweet canelazo-an Ecuadorian favorite, made from aguardiente, sugar, and naranjilla or mora (blackberry) juice. A few other typical,
  • Huaina
    Often overlooked and nearly impossible to find, Huaina lures a mix of locals and foreigners with its cheap drinks ($1.50 cuba libres and mojitos!) and ultra-cheap cover (free!). In this murky club, lit by candles, it's hard tell if the people clustered at the bar are waiting for a drink or someone
  • Porcao
    Come hungry. Porcao is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steak house, otherwise known as a churrascaria. Waiters bring a barrage of pork, mutton, steak, chicken, sausage and an assortment of Brazilian sides to your table. When you've had your fill, put up the red card, which means no more, please. Porcao
  • Aquaterra
    Located in downtown Puerto Natales, this rustic lodge-style restaurant has a warm and instant appeal. With an earthy feel, Aquaterra serves up local and international meals with a wide selection of Chilean wines. Meals and finger food are moderately priced, and presentation is as classy as it is cre
  • Doce Delicia
    Whether you want a simple breakfast, innovative salad or mushroom tortellini, this café has it all. Its gourmet flair jacks up the prices of plates, but the upscale deli is a safe bet for those looking for a cool lunch spot. If anything, stop by for a cup of coffee and a slice of one of their 40 r
  • D.O.M.
    D.O.M. is the spot for contemporary Brazilian food, if you have the financial backing for it. Be set to spend about $100 per person for drinks, appetizers and main courses. The chef doesn't usually allow tables to split the appetizer plate of breads (couvert) or the several-course meals (degustation
  • Fragola Fusion Hookah Lounge
    Definitely not providing the fastest service in the world, what La Fragola lacks in speed it makes up for in atmosphere. The hip red and yellow décor is certainly a draw for this sweet little night spot on always-happening Calama Street in the heart of La Mariscal. This is a prime spot for peopl
    Colher has an ample menu. Like most nice restaurants in São Paulo, expect to pay $35 - $60 for a good dish. Fish, lobster, salads, stews, pasta and typical dishes comprise the menu. For $30, sample the carne de sol desfiada â?? shredded beef cooked with butter and purple onion and served with an
  • Brasil a Gosto
    If you're looking for traditional Brazilian food, go to Brasil a Gosto. Although it's not cheap, the prices match the creative and spectacular food the chef serves. The delectable cuisine will make your taste buds dance and the cool ambience will soothe your soul. For a top-notch Brazilian dinner, m
  • Sotito's
    A little on the pricey side, but nonetheless highly recommended, Sotito's is sophisticated and worth a splurge. The menu features both regional and international cuisine, and specializes in king crab. Patrons can also choose between varied entrees such as eel in margarita sauce and a sea urchin omel
  • Brocolino
    Another great place to get tasty seafood offerings, Brocolino specializes in French and Italian cuisine, washed down with a good selection of wines. This place is popular with the locals who come here to enjoy the delicious king crab, lobster and lamb dishes, among others. If you're not sold on this
  • Pizzaría-Café DiPiazza
    Pizarría-Café DiPiazza prepares 25 types of pizza bedded on masa pan (thick) or masa piedra (thin) crust. Vegetarians will ogle at the varieties made just for them. In addition to these delights, DiPiazza also fixes up all sorts of typical Chilean sandwiches, as well as pastas, gnocchi and ravioli
  • Patagonia Deli
    Patagonia Deli is, indeed, located in the Patagonia of Chile. With the variety of sandwiches it serves, it could qualify as a deli. But this bistro offers just typical Chilean sandwiches, like hamburgers, hot dogs and Barros Luco, with some interesting twists. Also on the menu are pastas, crêpes
  • Restaurant Ruca Hueney
    Ruca Hueney is another one of the inexpensive eateries on Urrutia. It has a pleasant sidewalk café in front, or choose to eat inside. The lunch special is a two-course affair with drink. In the evening à la carte dishes are served. The menu includes beef, chicken, pork and pasta preparations wi
  • Restaurant ¡école!
    Vegetarians can get wonderful healthy meals at école! This cozy restaurant prepares delicious international dishes with fresh local produce. Home-made whole-grain bread accompanies most meals. A fine selection of juices, wines and liquors is available, also. Fridays from 8 or 9 p.m. to close, écol
  • El Paisano
    "El Paisano" is a rustic and small restaurant, that serves up Chilean home cooking, you canl find a daily menu for less than US$5. They also offer delicious chilean sandwiches at the best price. Have your meal on the sidewalk patio and you will find a great view of Villarrica Volcano.
  • Buonatesta
    Buonatesta is a bit more than a typical Italian restaurant. Yes, the staff prepare pastas. The restaurant also has a menu with half and full pizzas that have natural tomato sauce and a plethora of toppings, such as tons of gooey cheese. Vegetarians will find plenty to eat here, like spinach-ricotta-
  • Kalabaza
    Kalabaza is a small eatery with little for the vegetarian, but much for those wanting to experience the ultimate in Chile's redefinition of fast food. The menu has the whole gamut of sandwiches and some entrées. Tablas are planks of empanadas, kabobs, or an assortment of cheeses and meats to share.
  • Degustarte
    A taste of art is precisely what you get at Desgustarte. In the gastronomic world, the chefs use local ingredients to create fusion culinary dishes with ethnic flair. Vegetarian fare is a specialtyâ??even soy burgers make it on the menu. In the realm of fine arts, Degustarte hangs exh
  • Cocina Americana
    Despite what its name may imply to foreigners, Cocina American does not specialize in U.S. cuisine. Rather this home-spun restaurant serves up dishes from the other America, specifically Patagonia, both Chilean and Argentine. Portions are much more than you could possibly eat. If dining with friends
  • Varbagón
    This bistro bar occupies what was once a railroad passenger car. Thus its name: Varbagón. The small diner is popular with young professionals looking for fine, distinctive food at reasonable prices. The lunch special is, well, very special. Coming in a meat or vegetarian version, it features a ma
  • Restaurant Martín Pescador
    Each day the menu is different at Restaurant Martín Pescador. Depending on what ingredients are available, owner-chef Tatiana creates elegant, novo-Chilean dishes. This semi-round bistro with large windows and peasant flair is a popular home-away-from home for foreigner travelers. In evenings they
  • Sur Andes
    Vegetarians can count on suitable dishes at Sur Andes. Mostly the plates are of vegetables with rice, though tofu and other soy additions can be special-ordered in advance. In addition, some meat dishes appear on the board. The chef also makes some wicked desserts of local fruits, as well as queque
  • Portal del Sur
    Portal del Sur is just a hole-in-the-wall eatery with a half-dozen tables crowded into the small space. The sole meal served is the almuerzo, or lunch, a two-course affair with drink and bread. Don't expect more than one choice on any day. Portal del Sur is a popular place to grab a good, home-cooke
  • Restaurant Don Teo
    Just a few blocks from the bus terminal is Restaurant Don Teo, an inexpensive, bare-bones diner (though it does sport tablecloths). The hand-written menus posted on the sun-yellow walls list the classic Chilean dishes, like pollo arvejado (chicken stewed with peas and carrots), chicken or bee
  • Hervalen
    For a quick breakfast on your way to Reserva Nacional Tamango or a light dinner after a day of sightseeing, stop into clean and bright Hervalen. This small, carry-out only snack bar has a wide variety of fast foods, like empanadas, pizza, a hot dog, papa rellena (stuffed potato) or sandwich. If your
  • Jano's Restaurant
    Jano's Restaurant has it all: 15 types of colaciones (daily specials), pizzas, all styles of sandwiches. There are boards of grilled meats, canapés or other goodies to share. Vegetarians aren't left out in the cold either here. Jano's is one of the few diners in Osorno that has a variety of non-mea
  • Restaurant El Toltén
    Restaurant El Toltén is the place to go for good Chilean home cooking at a price that won't break the backpacker's budget. The colación, or daily special, comes with salad, main dish with side, and drink. For a bit more, dessert or a glass of wine can be added to the meal. El Toltén is very popul
  • Kaimana Inn
    If the smell of the food wafting out of the front door isn't enough to tempt you inside, then either your nose is on the blink or they're closed. As well as the usual fish and meat, they do a mean line in pizzas. For an extra US$40, you can be wined and dined to the backdrop of traditional Rapa Nui
  • Hetu'u
    Occupying a prime spot at the centre of the Atamu Tekena, Restaurant Hetu'u offers prompt service, good atmosphere and tasty dishes on an extensive menu. The shrimp gets rave reviews, but there's also a number of good vegetarian options. Either way, the desserts will have you licking your lips.
  • Orongo
    Next to the hotel of the same name, Orongo is a restaurant in its own right. Like everywhere else, fish and steak form the backbone of the menu, but you can't do much better for the price. The speciality, Polynesian buffet featuring six different types of local fish is to die for. Theoretically it's
  • Restaurant, Hostería Yendegaia
    Hostería Yendegaia not only does a first-class job on providing lodging for travelers coming to Porvenir, but also in feeding them. Llight, delicate flavors grace the soups and main dishes. The house wine is of good quality and served in a full goblet. A three-course special is proffered daily. The
  • Restaurant de Turismo Patagonia
    Restaurant de Turismo Patagonia has the simple, understated elegance of a small village restaurant. Pull up a folding chair at one of the wooden tables dressed with woven cloths and prepare yourself to enjoy traditional Chilean dishes. Of course, seafood and fish are big on the menu, but so are beef
  • Restaurant, Hotel Rosas
    The restaurant of Hotel Rosas is a popular place to eat for both locals and tourists alike. Its menu features typical Chilean surf and turf culinary fare. On weekdays a three-course (appetizer or soup, main dish with accompaniment, dessert) luncheon special is served; drink is extra. In the evening
  • Bar-Restaurant Pea
    Sumptuous food, a backdrop of lapping waves and a sunset which paints the sky red, this place has it all. The décor is charmingly simple, the dishes, mouth-watering. For fish lovers, the tuna ceviche is exquisite. Be careful not to run up a huge bar tab as you while away the hours admiring the perf
  • Kona Nehe Nehe
    The biggest appeal of this restaurant/café is that it serves non-seafood dishes like lasagna and pasta, providing a safe haven for vegetarian visitors. The dining area is spacious and well decorated with a nice view of the ocean.
  • Restaurant La Estrella
    Tuck the napkin into the collar and chow down while watching the goings on at the Feria Fluvial and remeros slicing upriver. Restaurant La Estrella is one of more than a dozen eateries in the Mercado Municipal feeding Valdivianos and visitors. Unlike many of the others, this third-floor diner has ex
  • Piuke Mapu Pub Restorant
    Pub Restoran Piuke mapu, se ubica en calle balmaceda 820, comuna de Lonquimay, región de la Araucanía, ofrece a sus pasajeros una variada y amplia gama de platos caseros, tales como cazuela de gallina, conejo a la mostaza, pescados, ceviche, etc. durante el verano esquicitos asados de chico al p
  • Fuente Valdiviana
    Kunstmann isn't the only bräumeister in town. Fuente Valdiviana only serves another one of the city's beers, Valbier, on tap. This amber ale has a deep-honey color with a rich malt flavor subtly accented by hops. Have a mug to accompany the daily lunch special (soup or salad, main dish, dessert).
  • Pub-Restaurant New Orleans
    On a corner courtyard on Esmeralda in the chic Barrio Esmeralda, the flavors of ol' Louisiane reportedly have berthed in Valdivia port, at the up-scale Restaurant New Orleans. Promising to serve Cajun and Creole cuisine, this bistro proffers fishes and seafood. Also appearing are chicken, beef and e
  • Merahi Ra'a
    Here, the food is the first priority with a menu offering fresh, super tasty fish dishes. The ambiance is nothing to write home about, but there is a small terrace that overlooks the harbor. Try the delicious tuna ceviche or the grilled tuna with salad and fries.
  • Te Moana
    Sit on the small patio and watch the passersby or head inside to enjoy the charming island décor and tranquil atmosphere. Most dishes consist of fish with a side of vegetables and potatoes. The grilled fish, the surf-and-turf platter and the sweet coconut ceviche served on the half shell are
  • La Taverne du Pêcheur
    A meal here is expensive, but worth it. This French restaurant serves dishes made with fresh, tasty ingredients guaranteed to get your taste buds buzzing. It's no surprise that seafood is the specialty, with a menu offering mussels, oysters, shrimp, crab, sea urchin, and the local favorite,
  • Licanrray
    Licanrray is one of numerous restaurants along the western side of the Plaza de Armas. It serves basic but familiar Chilean dishes such as lomo de pobre. It is an economical choice to fill up for a few dollars.
  • Club Social
    This restaurant is conveniently located on the northern end of the plaza so it is a short stroll to find some lunch after some time at the Museo de Colchagua. Club Social combines traditional Chilean meals with friendly, quality service. The wait staff goes out of their way to make customers feel co
  • Pulpería de los Faroles
    In this colonial building, originally a bakery, the Pulpería de los Faroles was the first restaurant to cater to tourists in the Historic Quarter in the 80s. The menu ranges from the typical parilla and meat options, to tasty pastas and abundant seafood choices, including salmon and codfish
  • Viejo Barrio Restaurant and Bar
    A traditional Uruguayan restaurant through and through, Viejo Barrio is a great introduction to cooking and culture on this side of El Río de la Plata. Many of the menu items will be familiar to those skipping over from Argentina—milanesas, lomos, and pastas. A Uruguayan chivito<
  • Restaurante Blanco & Negro
    The elegant and sophisticated Restaurante Blanco y Negro is one of Colonia's more popular spots for eating and drinking. The restaurant jazz bar cum art gallery also hosts the annual Colonia Jazz Weekend, which, despite the name, actually takes place over four different weekends. The menu here is tr
  • Candombe Resto Bar
    Adjacent to Galería Paseo del Sol, and within the very heart of the Historic Quarter, Candombe mainly stands out for its great prices. The restaurant serves good-quality pizza for two with a variety of toppings to choose from. It's also a great place to tr
  • Parilla Santa Rita
    Parilla Santa Rita boasts it serves the best Angus meat in all of Uruguay, and it won't disappoint even the most demanding meat lovers, but there are plenty of other options to tempt those who seek a unique dining experience. Parilla Santa Rita also offers fish and seafood choices, but of particular
  • Carrito Los Cholos
    Clearly the best budget eating option, the carrito Los Cholos offers hamburgers, hot dogs, milanesas and chivitos at rock bottom prices. Like most other carritos in Colonia,
  • El Leon Del Cabo
    Behind Hostel Lo de Marcelo in the plaza, the building of El Leon del Cabo is only marked by a lion symbol and striped flag. This pleasant little restaurant serves a variety of good fresh fish and seafood dishes; try the fish of the day in béchamel sauce. Tarts, empanadas, burgers and sandwiches
  • Comidas
    The owner of this great little house on the plaza bakes the most delectable hand-made sweet and savory tarts, including some vegetarian ones, all of which are recommended. She also cooks empanadas, tortillas and other tasty delights for take-out or eating in, which can be enjoyed with a lovely
  • Hotel Mariemar
    The excellent selection of juices and licuados (fresh fruit smoothies) is what sets this hotel restaurant apart from others; try the apricot licuado for a tasty and healthy treat. For lunch and dinner, MarieMar se
  • Hosteria La Perla
    La Perla del Cabo hotel's restaurant is a reliable find for freshly caught produce; try the seafood picada to start, then the grilled fresh fish or seafood paella as a main. Non-guests can join in on the good buffet breakfast for a set price. It also serves numerous pasta dishes, as well as chivi
  • Buen Rollito
    A large sign saying ‘crepes', close to the Templao store, will lead you to the small unmarked building that is Buen Rollito. Here, you will find the town's widest selection of sweet and savory crepes and pancakes, with everything from meat or chicken fillings, cheese and vegetables, to choco
  • El Boliche De Chiche
    Turn right off the plaza (as if heading towards the lighthouse), go past the geese, and just behind the other restaurants you'll arrive at El Boliche de Chiche. This simple restaurant with plastic patio seating and horse attire décor offers a decent selection of meals. The emphasis is of course
  • Duendes
    Although it might not look like much from the outside, Duendes is a great find in summer. Relaxing music plays as you sit at its cosy wooden tables, and you can look around at the unusual art display. For a quick and tasty bite, it serves slices of meat or vegetarian tarts, or if you're looking f
  • El Alero
    Popular with travelers for its fantastic and huge pasta dishes, such as ravioli and fettuccine, El Alero is a really great pick. Its large number of pizza toppings include several with fish, or you could try the fish of the day with potatoes and salad. A small chivito and parilla at very affordable prices, El Portón is chosen by the locals as their go-to place. The Chivito El Portón is a colossal plate comprised of the usual slice of prime beef topped with bacon
  • Patrimonio
    In the Historic Quarter and right at the river's edge, Patrimonio delivers a superb nighttime experience. The restaurant offers interesting choices like the multicolored chicken with soy sauce ($8.40, including coffee), but also classics like empanadas. Pa
  • Pizzeria El Pino
    Where can you get a chivito with everything on it for less than $5? That would be Pizzeria El Pino. The friendly pizza place opens its doors just in time for patrons to enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the river, and with outdoor seating available, the best view is guaranteed. There's grea
  • Mi Pueblo
    Located on the ground floor of the hotel of the same name and directly across from the river, Mi Pueblo offers tasty, affordable fare and an unbeatable view. Patrons may choose to eat indoors or go upstairs to the terrace for drinks - it's the ideal place to catch the river breeze on a hot summer n
  • Bora Bora
    The best place in town for an ice cream, Bora Bora makes all of its products fresh in-house. Hosting a wide variety of flavors, you can select up to three in a cone or cup. It can be difficult to choose, so if in doubt opt for its exclusive Crema Bora Bora, made with chocolate, nuts and chivitos and frankfurters. I
  • Clemente Resto Bar
    Clemente Resto Bar offers a menu that, thankfully, strays from the commonplace parrilla and chivitos. It serves up some interesting choices in vegetables like the milhojas de berenjena (comprised of eggplant slices) and the Clemente salad, a selection of stir fried veggies. The
  • Restaurante L'arbalète
    True to Nueva Helvecia's Swiss heritage, the sumptuous L'Arbalète offers such classic Alpine delights as rösti (Swiss potato pancakes), Tyrolese chicken schnitzel and cheese fondue. Italian and French dishes also feature prominently in the menu, the former with the usual c
  • Irene's
    If you‘re looking for a vegetarian restaurant, this is as close as it gets in Colonia. With its no-frills simple and clean decor, healthy (but not entirely vegetarian) menu and affordable prices, Irene‘s is frequented both by locals and visitors. Situated on the main street, with seating
  • El Drugstore
    In a slight contrast to the serene basilica opposite, El Drugstoreâ??s brightly painted walls decorated with artwork and posters from floor to ceiling, colorful tables and very colorful menu, are eye-catching. Thereâ??s even a romantic table for two in an antique car outside. The open kitchen whi
  • Amada Café
    Out of all the great restaurants in Colonia, Amada Café might just be the cutest. With its chic décor - a blend of pastel-colored tailor-made tables and chairs, stone walls, antiques and vintage items - it definitely stands out in the crowd. The central piece upon entering is a fisheye window lo
  • La Amistad
    Head over to 18 de Julio and Alberto Mendez and scout out the green building on the corner. There youâ??ll find La Amistad, a great place to cut down on your food expenses for the day yet still have a decent meal. Enjoy having some parrilla, chivitos, a traditional Uruguayan sandwich, usual
  • Corea
    Tucked above Plaza Independencia, Corea is one of several Asian restaurants on this road. They all look simple, and they should do more with the décor, but the food is good quality. An authentic sashimi (a Korean delicacy of thinly sliced raw fish, served
  • Ruffino
    The cosy red décor and wooden beams give this great little restaurant its genuine Italian feel. The menu features an array of artisan pasta dishes, including an unusual chicken and ham lasagne. There is also a good choice of pizzas, including plenty of vegetarian options, and seafood. The tasty de
  • Pacharán (euskal Erria)
    On the first floor of the Euskal Erria building, Pacharán is a uniquely Basque restaurant. Authentic dishes from this region of Spain include excellent paellas and a delightful selection of picadas (like tapas, where you choose a range of small dishes). T
  • Ricos Y Sabrosos
    Beautiful handmade tartlets are the speciality in this lovely little find, with the wide variety of choices including chicken, ham and corn, eggplant, spinach and ricotta, and the delicious black olive one. Healthy types will love the great salads and natural juices, and an excellent range of empan
  • La Cigale
    For the best ice cream in the block, head to a branch of this artisanal ice cream parlor. La Cigale offers 49 different flavors (you'd think they'd do one more), including six varieties of chocolate, fruits like peach (durazno), lemon mousse and even sugar
  • Cervecería Matriz
    Quick and affordable, Cervecería Matriz is located right in Constitution Plaza along Sarandí. You'll find Uruguay's hallmark chivito sandwich, a classic combination of beef, ham, fried egg, lettuce and tomato. Other solid options include pizza, pasta and salads. Take advantage of the outsi
  • El Copacabana
    El Copacabana is a convenient stop to recharge from your day of shopping along Sarandí. The menu (both in English and Spanish) has milanesas (breaded meats), pizzas and pastas. Vegetarians will be delighted by the variety of options, including over 30 different types of salads. Park yoursel
  • Nueva York Resto Bar
    Don't let the name fool you; this restaurant offers prime examples of Uruguayan traditions in a pleasant atmosphere. You can enjoy a yummy menù del dia, milanesa de merluza (breaded hake) or chivitos. Be sure to come on Saturday for lunch to enjoy the sunny outdoor seating and entertainme
  • Wasa [Ethnik Food]
    If you are looking for a bagel in Montevideo (as many of you are), then there's one place to go: Wasa Ethnik Food. Locals have grown to appreciate being introduced to new types of food served by the friendly French couple who opened the place in 2009. Bagel sandwiches are the delicious delicacy in
  • El Louvre Confitería
    Stay fed and on the move at El Louvre Confitería, a small bakery on the Pérez Castellano peatonal that has quick lunch options. Grab a milanesa, sandwich or medialuna (croissant) with ham and cheese. For those needing to indulge a nagging sweet tooth, El Louvre has tasty cakes, cookies, to
  • El Beso
    Spruce, sleek and peaceful, El Beso is another delightful find off-the-beaten Sarandí path. Here you'll pick from fresh selections such as pumpkin ravioli, chicken teriyaki, or the blue cheese salad with green leaves, sprouts, pears and nuts. Top it off with one of its delectable deserts like the
  • El Rincón Empanadas
    Embrace the South American propensity to eat empanadas, delicious filled bread pastries, at this local bakery. El Rincón Empanadas makes 15 types of veggie and meat treats in-house daily, from classic carne (meat), jamón (ham) and chicken, to capresse (cheese, tomato and basil), spi
  • Parrilla Don Asado
    A thatched entrance-way, gaucho artifacts and exposed brickwork set the ambience for this superb restaurant. Admire the enormous parrilla BBQ as it cooks your high-quality meat to the level of your choice. The menú d
  • Locos De Asar/tannat Wine Bar
    Selling itself with the unusual combination of a “parrilla and sushi” restaurant, perhaps the name “Crazy to Cook” is therefore apt for this fantastic find. Softly lit and decorated with artwork, the two outstanding specialities are also joined on the menu by risotto, pasta and
  • Mamacita
    If it is tacos that you are craving, Mamacita has them in spades. Try the locally sourced ‘camaron' (shrimp) taco, or choose one of the many other meat, fish or vegetarian options. Other meals include gazpacho soup or traditional ceviche, as well as fish dishes to share and quesadillas. Be sur
  • Nativos
    Set in a gorgeous natural setting of thick trees, just in front of the dunes of Playa de la Viuda, Nativos is a classy restaurant with a lovely ambience. One of the best places to eat in town, it deliberately plays no music so you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Try one of the high quality meat opt
  • Franca
    Set slightly on a hill, allowing for stunning ocean views from its vast open balcony, Franca is an excellent choice for a meal or even just a drink. Fish is of exceptional quality here, so a good bet will always be the fish of the day, or else try the salmon or the seafood risotto. Other options in
  • La Viuda Del Diablo
    Worth the slight trek south of town to the dunes, La Viuda del Diablo may call itself a ‘beachbar' but it is in fact a lovely restaurant. The simplicity of the décor is highly appealing, as is the relaxing music, and you can choose to sit either inside or on the terrace. There are many fish d
  • Cero Stress
    This place became fashionable and popular very soon after opening, though this is probably due to its location and cheap cocktails (Happy Hour is 5-8 p.m. in December and January) rather than the food; try the ‘Cero Stress' cocktail of Malibu rum, kiwi, banana and pineapple. The food isn't bad

  • La Casa Rosada
    Not far from the beach, this bright little house offers a quick and friendly service for its lovely light meals. Sit at a cute wooden table on the covered terrace, and choose from tacos, enchiladas, tortillas, seafood, pasta or one of several salads. Here is also a great place for your first (or la
  • El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites
    With a surprisingly decent restaurant for a hostel, benefiting also from being right on the beach, El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites serves a range of meals, including paella, entrecote steak, fish, ravioli pasta and wok dishes, in rustic candlelit indoor or outdoor atmospheres. It offers tasty des
  • Lo de Tere
    Lo de Tere is somewhat of an institution in Punta del Este, catering to over 180 guests nightly in its terrace, garden room and classic dining room. Due to Lo de Tere's popularity, these are almost always full and the waiting list is often long. Latin American cuisine is served in a casual atmospher
  • Chivitería Marcos
    For budget, no frills fast-food without skimping on the view, head to Chivitería Marcos on the Rambla del Puerto. You can fill up on steak sandwiches here before heading out for a night of heavy drinking. With locations throughout Montevideo and one in Punta del Este, Chivitería Marcos is undoubte
  • Fred Restaurante Gourmet
    This restaurant's Norwegian chef carefully selects plates on a daily basis based on the freshest available ingredients. Fred Restaurante has a great wine selection and a charming environment. It's a wonderful experience!
  • El Diablo Tranquilo Bar
    Located in the beachfront Playa Suites branch of this pair of infamous hostels, El Diablo Tranquilo bar offers nothing less than a nonstop party atmosphere that can vary from the casual and fun to the downright crazy. Serving beers and liquors from all parts of the world at hostel prices, you can s
  • Dulcinea Café
    The ground floor of a beautiful house has been made into this delightful little café. Choosing either indoor or outdoor seating, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or merienda (snacks before dinner) here, all of which are fantastically presented. Tarts such as ricotta and broccoli, pancetta and onion,
  • Alba's Empanadas
    For the best empanadas in town, head to the far end of Feria de los Artesanos to Alba's kiosk. For a local variety, try the ‘empanada de mejillones' (mussels) or one of the many fish types, or else opt for something more standard such as ham and cheese; prices from $2. Alba's is also a great p
  • Heladería Artesanal
    Of several heladerías (ice cream shops) in the center, Heladería Artesanal is the original and best. Here, you will find 35 flavors, ranging from the ordinary to the more unusual: mascarpone and lemon, anyone? Part of the fun is adding your own fruity or sweet toppings from the self-serve kiosk i

  • Vieja Estación
    Bright and friendly, and just off Plaza Colón, Vieja Estación is the handier of the pizzerias and also benefits from outside seating and a better bar. The pizzas here are square and piled high with cheese, and its selection of toppings includes pork, choclo
  • La Piojera
    Just a few steps from Mercado Central, La Piojera (the flea) is one of the most infamous bars in Santiago. It's been around for almost 100 years and got its name when a local nobleman left the place in disgust, saying it was full of fleas. La Piojera is still a dive, and serves mediocre Chilean food
  • Donde Augusto
    Donde Augusto is the biggest tourist trap in Mercado Central, but it's a trap you may be happy to stay in for a couple of hours. The restaurant offers a good range of fish, seafood and meat dishes accompanied by rice, salads and/or French fries. Service can be slow, but the food is worth the wait an
  • Unión Bar
    The Unión Bar is an old-fashioned, old man's bar in downtown Santiago which provides a glimpse of the real Santiago. Union is usually packed with locals playing dominos and catching up on gossip. Service is slow, but you'll be too busy people-watching to be bothered by time. Try the arrollado (spic
  • El Rapido
    Right next to the Museo Pre-Columbino, El Rapido is a fast-food bar that serves up delicious empanadas and hot sandwiches at low prices. There's no seating area, but you can eat at the breakfast bar or take the food to go. Meat-lovers should try the pino empanadas, filled with beef, onions, olives a
  • Da Dino
    Serving up delicious pizza, Da Dino is guaranteed to put a smile on even the weariest traveler's face. The restaurant cooks each pizza to order, and each slice is loaded with fresh toppings. Service is efficient, but this place is always busy at lunchtime so be prepared to wait a bit while sipping y
  • La Naturista
    Since Chilean cuisine usually involves meat or fish, finding good vegetarian food can be a struggle. La Naturista is one of the rare places providing cheap and tasty veggie salads, pastas and snacks. But it isn't anything to write home about, and hardcore vegeterians can probably cook more imaginati
  • Bravissimo
    If you can stand the day-glow green and yellow décor and the painfully slow service, Bravissimo is a good place to get a fix of all things sweet and sugary. The restaurant has a very tempting range of ice creams, cakes and desserts. They also serve pretty tasty salads and sandwiches. There are seat
  • Richard - El Rey del Mar
    Richard, the self-appointed King of Fish, has been serving up fresh and tasty seafood dishes for years. Situated in a corner of Mercado Central, Richard's is a firm favorite among locals who want to enjoy good food without paying tourist prices. Seating is available on the ground floor and on a firs
  • Las Vacas Gordas
    Las Vacas Gordas makes meat their forte using a flame and charcoal grill. Chorizo comes in sizes up to half a kilo. Las Vacas Gordas (the fat cows) is also known for its king prawn and oyster dishes. It's a popular eatery, marked by a starkly lit and bland interior. If you are looking for style abov
  • Ocean Pacific
    This ocean-themed restaurant is well known locally for its Chilean dishes, which won't disappoint seafood lovers. It has themed dining areas, such as the torpedo-inspired Comedor El Torpedero. Nautical nuts will delight in the adjoining souvenir shop. The menu has pictures of the dishes, which are h
  • Los Vikingos
    If you're looking to try the local food in a fun place, then this is a must. A Viking long-boat, flaming torches, shields and weapons adorn the entrance and interior of this Medieval-themed restaurant that claims to dish out “Barbarian Flavors.” The wine list is short, but the service is g
  • Bar Nacional
    This diner-style establishment is extremely popular with locals who come for its reliably good food and to watch soccer matches. There are two dining areas: one at street level, with a bar; and a smaller room downstairs. A page of the leather-bound menu is in English for easy ordering. The wait-staf
  • Schopdog
    Schopdog is the Chilean version of Burger King, but without the plastic. It's a chain of 1950's American-themed diners that serves up generous servings of rock ‘n' roll with Chilean fast food. Choose from hot sandwiches, completos, empanadas or chorrillana, a huge plate of French fries with ste
  • Japón
    Established in 1978, Japón is Santiago's original Japanese restaurant. The menu includes a mouthwatering range of sushi, sashimi, tempura and gyoza. You can sit at a private table but it's better to try for a seat at the bar and watch the Japanese chef go to work. Service is good and the waiters wi
  • Starlight Coffee
    When you are looking for a good cup of coffee in the downtown area of Santiago, check out Starlight Coffee. The warm, artsy interior with its designer lighting invites you to grab a barstool and relax, while table seating is offered just outside. The menu lists seemingly every type of coffee imagina
  • Living de Te
    Living de Te is a cute little teahouse that serves up English tea, real coffee, hot chocolate, fresh fruit juice, sandwiches, salads and delicious cream cakes. Open every day, it's a good spot for lunch or a snack. It's pretty busy at lunchtime, so get there before 1 p.m. if you want to avoid the ru
  • Squadritto
    White table cloths, real napkins, polished silverware, fresh flowers and elegant surroundings all set the scene for the fine dining experience in Squadritto. This smart restaurant serves up a range of Italian dishes—including cannelloni, risotto, gnocchi, meat and fish—but it's haute cuisi
  • La Carpa
    Here groups can score traditional Chilean dishes for up to four people. Order up the Especial 3-4 Personals to receive a healthy mix of vacuno, chuletas, pollo, costillar and papas cocidas for approximately $30. Monday - Saturday 12 p.m. - 10 p.m., closed Sunday.
  • La Tecla
    One block from Plaza Ñuñoa, La Tecla (“the keyboard”) is easy to spot. Just look for the pink period house with a gaudy piano keyboard painted over most of the exterior walls. The keyboard theme continues inside, with the bar designed to look like a piano key. Don't let this put you off,
  • Snack Paris
    Grab some shade at one of Snack Paris' umbrella-covered tables and people watch as locals stroll and bike through Plaza de los Heroés. You can enjoy a cold helado or fresh juice for approximately $2, or order a burger off the grill, accompanied with French fries. (Snacks $CH1,000, Entrees $CH2,000
  • La Pica de Sancho
    This small but friendly café is an ideal place to grab an early-morning breakfast or late-afternoon lunch. Locals scurry in and out in the morning, while regular bar flys nurse their beers throughout the afternoon. Thereis no official menu but the restaraunt rotates traditional chicken, pork and be
  • Terruño Express
    This hot spot gives its customers the opportunity to chow down and, for those with a laptop, plug in to the world with access to WiFi. For $CH3,000 chow down a set lunch of meat or chicken, rice and vegetables while surfing the internet or checking your E-mail. Yungay 615.
  • La Papa Pastelería
    Walk toward the plaza after the bus or train ride to Talca and cool off along the way with an ice cream or freshly squeezed juice at La Papa Pastelería. There is a plethora of options for helados but the treats here make a case for the best in Talca. A double scoop in a cone from the wide variety
  • Blue Pub
    The Blue Pub is a cute little bistro that serves up salads and pastas at lunchtime and a range of tablas, empanadas and sushi at night. The tasty snacks are all accompanied by happy hour cocktails (usually lasting all night) and live music. It's a popular spot with locals and a good choice for a nig
  • Fuente Suiza
    Fuente Suiza is an old-fashioned family restaurant that probably hasn't changed much since it opened in 1954. But when the food tastes this good, why change the recipe? The restaurant serves up delicious homemade empanadas and huge sandwiches washed down with beer or soft drinks. It's a great place
  • La Habana Vieja
    La Habana Vieja is a lively Cuban restaurant with traditional Cuban music and dancing. The menu includes favorites like frijoles negros (black beans), ropa vieja (beef cooked in Creole sauce) and lechon asado (spit-roast pork), as well as a range of appetizers and salads. There's a full bar that ser
  • Subway
    South America is littered with fast-food restaurants, including most of the American franchoses, such as McDonald's and Burger King. Santiago's branch of the popular sandwich chain, Subway, is on Plaza Constitucion, right on the tourist trail, and after seeing the familiar logo you may find it hard
  • Big Planet
    Big Planet is a fast-food joint that specializes in tasty empanadas named after planets. There are over 20 flavors to choose from, including: prawns and cheese, crab and cheese, meat, seafood, cheese and pineapple, cheese and tomato, chicken and cheese. This is a great place to make a pit stop and f
  • El Ají Seco
    Barrio Lastarria is a small and mostly a residential area so the accommodation options are limited. If you absolutely must stay in Barrio Lastarria, the best choice is probably one of the self-catering apartments, which are available for one night or longer stays. There also are plenty of hostels an
  • Cafe Subté
    There's no better way to start a day's sightseeing than breakfast in Café Subté. This bright little coffee shop is a few minutes from Museo Bellas Artes and serves freshly squeezed fruit juice, toast with marmalade or avocado, and ham and cheese toasties. At lunchtime they serve a range of healthy
  • El Diablito
    El Diablito (the little devil) is a funky little restaurant that looks a bit like a schizophrenic's treasure trove of antique odds and ends. It attracts a young and trendy crowd that comes for the late night drinking—to tunes from the 80s and 90s—as much as for the traditional Chilean food
  • Les Assassins
    Les Assassins is a popular French bistro that has been serving up tasty treats, including French onion soup, coq au vin, beef bourguignon and crème brûlée, since 1965. The restaurant is tiny, but the atmosphere will transport you thousands of miles away to a café in the City of Light. Prices
  • Rishtedar
    Bright, colorful and modern, the Rishtedar Indian restaurant caters to a young, professional clientele. The cuisine is mainly styled after Goa in southern India, and includes a selection of vegetarian dishes. Their colorful basmati rice, served with cinnamon bark, is elegant but comes in small porti
  • Delhi Darbar
    The stylish, minimalist Delhi Darbar offers a range of typical Indian cuisine. Sometimes the food can be a bit salty, which is common in Chile. Accompaniments are good and traditional breads are served hot. Their lunchtime executive menu is reasonably priced and a full range of drinks are available.
  • Da Dino
    Da Dino might be a little out of your way, but its well worth the journey to experience the best pizza in town. It's unlikely you'll be able to manage more than two or three of these slices, which is just as well, as the place isn't cheap. Be warned: you may find yourself dreaming about the pizza fo
  • Tip y Tap
    Opened in 1975 with the mission of creating the best sandwiches in Santiago, Tip y Tap does not disappoint. Try the delicious Hamburguesa or Ave. Tip y Tap (a huge, hot chicken sandwich filled with lettuce, tomato, avocado, red peppers, melted cheese and ketchup). The restaurant also offers salads,
  • Akai
    It can be hard to find good sushi in Santiago, but Akai delivers some of the tastiest and freshest sushi around, at a very reasonable price. Make sure you pay in cash, as the prices double if you pay by credit card. Akai is open for lunch from 1 - 3 p.m., and dinner from 7 - 11:15 p.m. The work crow
  • Bali-Hai Restaurant
    Styling itself as the â??unique Easter Island Restaurant in Latin America,â? this place offers dinner with a dance show. Dances are from different parts of Chile, including Chiloé and of course, Easter Island. Food is Chilean and Polynesian themed, offering options for a variety of palates, inc
  • Barandiaran
    While Barandiaran offers some Chilean dishes, Chile's northern neighbor Peru is the restaurant's heart and soul. Voted by El Mercurio in 2006 as the best new restaurant and best value in Santiago, this clean, rustic spot is the place to go if you crave some traditional Peruvian delicacies. They als
  • Celtica Resto Bar de Irlandia
    A good place to start a night of partying, Celtica is a small, unassuming restaurant with many hard alcohol options. The menu also offers Italian and Chilean dishes, though prices are a bit high for the quality of the ambiance. There is an outdoor seating area, giving non-smokers a chance to breathe
  • Asian Bistro
    The Asian Bistro offers an ambitious range of Chinese, Thai and Japanese food in a bright, modern restaurant with mirrored walls and glass staircase. The menu includes wantons, tempura, spring rolls, sushi, Thai curries, duck, seafood and meat dishes. The food, though slightly overpriced, is good a
  • Eladio
    If you're looking for a classy but affordable way to spend your evening, Eladio is an excellent choice. Located centrally within the Bellavista neighborhood, Eladio features traditional entrees and steaks (try the bife a lo pobre) in a comfortable but elegant atmosphere. Show up after 9 p.m. if you
  • La Rueda
    Popular with travelers due to its great location and its good stab at displaying authentic gaucho memorabilia, the food here is the real reason to come. Sitting among the animal skins, horn drinking vessels and cart wheels, you can feast on a huge asado, entrecote, chicken or chorizo. There is also
  • Don Juan
    Situated in the Tacuarembó Hotel, the best thing about Don Juan restaurant is its superb wine list, featuring a large number of Tannat, Torrontes and other Uruguayan wines, as well as international ones. It also serves many whiskeys, beer and other drinks. The food, too, is excellent, with the men
  • Parrilla El Gordo Y El Flaco (del Parque)
    In a lovely spot in Parque Rodó at the north end of town, making it very handy if you're camping at the Laguna de las Lavenderas or you've just been watching a concert at Teatro Verano, this restaurant is popular with locals for its large and relaxing outdoor eating space. As well as having a grea
  • V8
    The place to go for meat and car enthusiasts, V8 (which is situated opposite the Ford dealership) has a huge open BBQ behind its long bar, as well as walls covered in vehicle memorabilia, such as number plates, street signs and tools. The menu features a wealth of different meats, including chorizo
  • Majestic
    Majestic is by far the best Indian restaurant in Santiago. In fact, you'll have to book one week in advance if you want to eat there. The Indian chef specializes in curries and tandoori cuisine and the menu includes vegetarian and vegan options. The food isn't cheap, but is well worth the price. The
  • Como Agua Para Chocolate
    Named after Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel's famous book, Like Water for Chocolate, this restaurant has flirty flair. The décor has a fun Mexican feel, with bright colors, lots of beautiful wood and even a bed turned into a table. Most of the selections on the menu are said to be an aphrodisiac. Y
  • El Huerto
    El Huerto is well known in Santiago for its natural vegetarian food. If you are looking for a delicious but healthy meal during your time in Santiago, this is the place to go. The menu changes every week, which adds to the restaurant's attraction, so there is always something new and exciting to try
  • Openbox
    Openbox is an outdoor sushi heaven. The seating area is a great place to people-watch (especially on the weekends). Openbox's bar, also located outside, is fully stocked and offers well-priced drink specials in the evenings. There are heat lamps to help with the cold.
  • Don Victorino
    Don Victorino, along a quiet street in cozy Bellavista, is one of your best choices in Santiago. Dishes are varied and many, the interior is classic yet colorful, and service is friendly. Start with a pisco sour at the bar, then proceed into the patio to enjoy a plate of jambalaya or spicy seafood r
  • Los Insaciables
    Los Insaciables is a decent Italian restaurant just off Avenida Providencia that serves up healthy portions of pasta, pizza and salad. The best thing about this place is the incredible ‘all you can eat' pizza deal. The deal is available for $9, Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., an
  • Los Cuates
    Owned by a Mexican-Chilean couple, Los Cuates serves up authentic Mexican food in comfortable surroundings. The menu includes tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and burritos and a long list of tequilas and beers. Because it gets busy on weekends, service can be slow but the food is worth the wait. There are
  • Gatsby
    Gatsby (named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby) is an all-you can-eat buffet restaurant. For $14 you get to work your way through a range of starters, salads, main courses, desserts and soft drinks. There are also sandwiches, crepes and a huge range of cakes on the regular menu. No alcoh
  • Domino
    You can't leave Chile without trying a completo, the Chilean-style hotdog, and there's no better place to try one than Domino. Opened in 1952, Domino sandwich bar has built up a small empire and now has outlets throughout the city. Sandwiches are packed with taste and calories. Forget the diet and t
  • Oh! Salad Garden
    Oh! Salad Garden is a favorite among the work crowd with hundreds descending on it for lunch. This is fast food done the healthy way. You can get a range of soups, salads and sandwiches and meal deal combos. The food is generally fresh and tasty—the only criticism is that they're a bit heavy-ha
  • El Popular
    El Popular is a sandwich bar located just beside Metro Los Leones and is a good place to stop if you need a quick snack. The tiny restaurant has space for about four people inside but there is a seating area outside. It can get pretty noisy, though, with the traffic from busy Avenida 11 de Septiembr
  • Normandie
    Located right on Avenida Providencia, Normandie is an old-fashioned French bistro with wooden tables, checked tablecloths and a traditional bar. The menu includes a range of salads, sandwiches, crepes and fish and meat dishes, although many people just come here to drink. At night the atmosphere is
  • Elkika Ilmenau
    Elkika is a popular German restaurant located beside Metro Tobalaba. The restaurant offers a range of main courses, salads and snacks, but is really famous for the huge sandwiches. You can get steak, pork or chicken sandwiches piled high with vegetables, salads and spices. They're a bit overgenerous
  • El Mesón Nerudiano
    Serves the favorite dishes of Pablo Neruda
  • Ali Baba Restaurant
    This small, family-run restaurant provides a taste of Palestine in an intimate and romantic ambience. The cuisine is Arabian, with house-specialty lamb and vegetarian dishes. The ceilings are made to mimic a desert tent, with light, billowy fabric, and a variety of Middle Eastern decorations adorn t
  • Restaurant Venezia
    Despite its prominent sign, complete with a picture of a gondola, Restaurant Venezia is not a typical Italian restaurant. Alongside pasta and seafood selections, the menu includes many local dishes such as lomo a lo pobre (steak with French fries and a fried egg). The establishment is popular with l
  • Empana Todos
    This very small, primarily carry-out establishment (with counter service and bar stool seating) is a great place for a quick meal or snack. The menu is restricted to empanadas and some sushi, but the options are by no means limited. The large menu board above the counter is arranged in a unique, ord
  • Liguria
    When celebrities come to Santiago they head to Liguria for traditional Chilean food in unpretentious surroundings. The atmosphere is lively, the bar fully stocked and you can easily find yourself abandoning other plans and staying there for hours. The menu changes daily but you can expect a selectio
  • PhoneBox Pub
    Although hidden away in Galeria El Patio off Avenida Providencia, the PhoneBox Pub is easily recognizable by the red phone box at the main entrance. This is a traditional pub with excellent service and delicious food. It serves up traditional pub grub favorites like fish ‘n' chips, chicken curr
  • Galindo
    Galindo is a traditional Chilean restaurant located in touristy Bellavista. The décor is basic, but what the restaurant lacks in style it makes up for in taste and a lively atmosphere. The menu offers a wide selection of delicious meats, seafood, salads, sandwiches and snacks. The bar serves a vari
  • Ñucanchi Peña
    This bar/club is open from Thursday - Saturday and has live music each night. Located west of the Mariscal just two blocks south of Central University, you are pretty much guaranteed a tourist-free crowd. The music is usually local bands and Andean tunes and there is lots of space to let loose. Th
  • Chelsea Bar & Restaurant
    If you want to get your night started off right, head over to Chelsea, the newest bar in La Mariscal. Located perfectly in the middle of the action, it´s a great starting point. Techno or classic rock blares out of the speakers (look for the DJ hiding in the corner behind the bar). If you catch h
  • El Café Internet Bar
    El Cafè Internet Bar is a popular, queer-friendly hangout with loud music, stiff drinks, fast computers, cute boys (and a few girls), and comfy seats. It's busy most evenings. El Cafè is open 10 AM to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and until 2 AM Thursday through Saturday.
  • Discoteca, Hotel Cariongo
    Who do Pamploneses go on Friday and Saturday nights for a bit more elegant dancing? They say to the discoteca at Pamplona's best inn, the Hotel Carionga. Many make this part of the circuit of hitting the night clubs down near the Plazuela Almeida. There's no cover charge and no minimum consumption.
  • Café Para Dos
    On the corner from the Hotel Aragon is Café Para Dos. Behind a window of multicolored bottles lie rooms scattered with Moroccan throws and cushions. Upstairs there is an open fire, making this café an ideal place to sit back, drag on a hookah, enjoy a coffee or cocktail and while away hours. Open
  • Café del Sol
    Café del Sol's dimly lit rooms spanning back from the bar on the street are an ideal place to conduct an affair. An atmospheric and decadent locale -- make no mistake, if you are here in the Café del Sol you don't want to be seen. The setting is intimate and meant for couples. Open Monday-Wednesd
  • Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo
    At the steep end of the hill that is the heart of the Candelaria is the Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo. Here on any given evening one can find a host of interesting and eclectic bars to frequent. In font of the small chapel there is normally a â??cuenteroâ? or story teller regaling a crowd for his
  • Casa de Citas
    Formerly a brothel and hence the name, the Casa de Citas has converted itself into a cool hangout for live music and easy bites. Don't let the cover charge put you off, once inside, see the balcony where the women de la vida alegre would stand to promote themselves to potential customers, kn
  • Guarapos
    Guarapos is another dance club in Villa de Leyva where you can dance to rumba music until dawn. It prides itself on having the best sound system and light show of any nightspot in this popular tourist town and in bringing in the best groups and events, with live music at vacation times and special h
  • Masai Mara Safari Discoteca-Bar
    Ask locals what the most happening dance spot is in San Gil, many will tell you Masai Mara. Yeah, everyone seems to try to get there (if they can find a sitter for the kids.) Join the crowd at this large club and chill with a beer ($1.60) or something stronger while grooving to the throbbing beats
  • Soneros
    Often equipped with a live salsa band, Soneros has a different vibe from other salsa haunts, though it is hard to put your finger exactly on how. Nonetheless, the dancing is still first rate, the ambiance is excellent and any night out spent here will be one to remember. The music and the company m
  • El Habanero
    As the name might suggest, spicy, hot and tingling are all sensations likely to be felt after a long night of salsa at El Habanero. Expect a variety of music here, with nothing getting in the way of the crowds who demand to dance.
  • La Matraca
    La Matraca is a salsoteca with a longstanding tradition of playing salsa dura, but also Cuban son and bolero. On Sundays, the place changes somewhat and offers revelers a taste of tango.
  • Kukaramakara
    Always a good bet on weekends, Kukaramakara pumps salsa, rock and pop music from open to close. Don't be surprised when locals start to dance on chairs and tables late in the evening at this rowdy place. Occasionally, the house band will play live Latin pop songs. Drinks are by the bottle. Servers
  • Carrera 10
    Often just referred to as “la 10,” Barrancabermeja's Zona Rosa positively buzzes on Fridays and Saturdays. La Via Lactea is a pizzeria/bar with an open-air section and unintrusive music; it is the ideal spot for an early evening beer. The following clubs are all found on Carrera 10 and ar
  • Luna de Mompox
    As the oldest and most established bar in Mompós, the Luna de Mompox is a classy spot. On the corner of the Alberrada de los Angeles, it has a prime location that overlooks the Magdalena. This is a great place for a happy hour drink that could extend into an impromptu late-night party.
  • Punto Baré
    When asked, SENA student guides Deysy and Claudia were unanimous in revealing the most happening place for a rumba: Punto Baré. Here, the party begins at 7 p.m. and goes until 3 a.m., grooving to the beat of salsa, with a bit of merengue and reggaeton thrown into the mix. So hit that huge dance fl
  • Escobar y Rosas
    It is a mystery that this bar / club has become so popular, but week in week out, from Wednesday night onwards, there are lines of people who are left out in the cold as capacity is reached. Before you ask, the name has nothing to do with the former head of the Medellin Cartel, but refers to a pharm
  • Quiebra Canto
    Quiebra Canto is the brainchild of a group of students from the Universidad Nacional, who, 29 years ago, decided to create a place to play Silvio Rodriguez songs and start the revolution. Very little of that original theme remains and what is here is home to one of Bogota's most popular haunts for a
  • Bar Tranquilo

    Bar Tranquilo is anything but quiet. In fact, the music was playing so loud one time that the speaker came loose from the wall, hitting my friend in the head and knocking a beer straight into my lap. That didn't stop us from coming her

  • Café y Pool Rodó
    If you're a student at the la Universidad de la República, chances are you've been here a few times. Exactly what you'd think from the name, Cafe y Pool Rodó is dark and quiet, but not seedy, and is a great place to have a few beers and shoot some pool when your lit class (or day at the office) g
  • Rocinante

    Rocinante, cleverly named after Don Quijote's horse, dishes out excellent pitchers of sangria, tunes, and pizzetas. Cheap panchos or hot dogs are also on the menu if you're short on cash, as most of the students and locals frequenting

  • La Ronda Café

    La Ronda is a little piece of hipster heaven, decorated from floor to ceiling with laminated record covers. A wrap-around bar forms the centerpiece of this small hangout. The last café bar on Ciudadela before hitting the rambla, La Ronda is a little bit quieter and m

  • Sonic

    Housed in a unitary, high-ceilinged floor space, Sonic feels a bit like a warehouse gone posh. The space is sub-divided by transparent curtains, which separate the VIP rooms from the general floor. Plush couches, a superior attitude and quality electronica music come

  • Living
    Living might even be too cool for you. You might get stares if you're not hipster enough for the clientele. With a decal on the window of a big gun shooting at the word capitalismo, it becomes obvious this bar's got moxie. (In line with the atmosphere here, they don't take plastic, so be su
  • W Lounge

    A veritable electronica institution in Montevideo and the city's most popular club, W Lounge hosts everything from live concerts to fashion shows. Youths of all neighborhoods and ages flock to W. Lounge to dance, drink and share their passion for techno with other su

  • Kukaramakara
    Another effervescent option in northern Bogota for those people who can get their tongues around the twister of a name and want to head out and hear some live music covered by the house band. Before long it feels as if rum and other spirits are dripping from the ceiling since the partying here is d
  • Gotica
    A long time clubber's favorite in Bogotá for its seemingly endless list of world-class DJs invited to spin their business in one of the three rooms in Gotica. You will find yourself immersed in either electronica, crossover or buoyed up on hip hop if you decide to make Gotica your club of choice o
  • Cha Cha
    The winning ticket for Cha Cha is its lofty location on the 41st floor of an otherwise non-despcript Bogotá skyscraper. With views over all of Bogotá, clubbers can enjoy the electronic music and chill out on open air patios. The club is available for private functions during the week and then bec
  • Penelope
    Glam is the order of the day here as you might have guessed from the name. While other clubs are pandering to the fad of minimalist themes and furnishing, Penelope, a classic club in Bogotá, is refusing to be bullied and maintains its glam style and purpose. The owners rave about its style and exc
  • El Sitio
    El Sitio - The Place - is exactly that if you want to get back to good old fashioned partying, Colombian style. Basic furnishings make this bar / club a place to buy a bottle with some friends, kick back to some live music and then leap up and dance energetically with the rest of the patrons. Consi
  • El Salto del Angel
    Why this establishment is called "Angel Falls" is a is neither in Venezuela nor resembles a waterfall, but it is best perhaps to no longer dwell on this and speak only of this excellent restaurant / club in Bogotá's Parque de la 93. Appealing to a crowd of mainly young moneyed professi
  • Bar 201
    Designed to look similar to a singleton's apartment, complete with some paintings, sofas and table lamps, Bar 201 tries hard. In truth Bar 201 is uncomplicated and fun with its spaces and crossover tunes. On occasion there is live music and partyers can take a break from everything on the terrace. T
  • Alma
    New in July 2007, Alma has quickly converted itself into the most happening club in Bogota and the place to be seen. Entry is tough but not impossible, best to find friends in high places who can guarantee you entry. If that's not possible, then arrive early. People call weeks ahead of time to reser
  • Tin Tin Deo
    Tin Tin Deo is routinely described as being one of the best places to go for salsa music and dancing in Cali. Come here to watch in awe as beautiful people show off what their limber bodies and seemingly effortless ear for music can do. Prices are discounted on Thursdays.
  • Faro 2004
    Faro 2004 occupies a prime location on a corner in the trendy Granada barrio. Live music plays in the expansive front courtyard on weekend evenings, making this an ideal place for enjoying a cocktail from its extensive drink list. More a bar than a restaurant, the food is nonetheless sizeable and
  • Quechua Blues Bar Cafe
    More of a bar than a restaurant (although you can get international food here), the Blues Bar Cafe is great for sinking a beer early evening after most of the tourists have left town. Their marketing materials boast, "the best view in Ollantaytambo," and they're probably right--the bar looks out ov
  • 7 Angelitos
    Small but immensely popular, 7 Angelitos has live music every weekend and some weeknights. It is open until the early morning hours and is usually pumping with a happy, dancing, local crowd. Angelitos has two main rooms, one with the band and the dance floor, the other with a small corner bar and
  • Cactus
    Run by British/Peruvian couple Louise and Arturo, this bar has cool decor, great music, friendly service and tasty, good value food and a full bar. Opens in the late afternoon until late.
  • Cartagena Nightlife Summary
    Avenida del Arsenal, which runs from the convention center to Baluarte San Lorenzo del Reducto, lights up and vibrates every night from 10 p.m. until dawn. You can choose from an array of pubs, bars, lounges and clubs. The streets between Plaza Santa Teresa (Babar should not be missed) and Plaz
  • El Baluarte Tasca-Bar
    An ideal location for an afternoon to late night cocktail, El Baluarte Tasc-Bar is located precisely on Baluarte San Francisco Javier ramparts, in front of Plaza Santa Teresa. This is a perfect place to watch the sun set over the Caribbean or to bask in Cartagena's evening hum. Savor delicious gri
  • REZAK Bar Club
    Bocagrande is not too well-known for its nightlife, so REZAK is an anomaly in this altogether quiet part of Cartagena. Usually hopping on the weekends, this hip night spot can fill up with locals and keep the party going just like its counterparts on Avenida Arsenal in Getsemaní. So, after gambli
  • Km0
    With live bands almost every day, a boisterous, hip crowd, tapas, Thai food, and an intimate ambience, Km0 is a favorite night-time hangout for locals and tourists in the know. Watch the band play on the tiny stage downstairs, or go up to the second floor to sit with friends and drink a cocktail.
  • Groove
    Groove has become one of Cusco's most favored nightspots for both locals and foreigners seeking an alternative to the sometimes overwhelming clubs that dot the Plaza de Armas. Live bands and DJs serve up a mixed bag of music styles, including regular electronic music nights, and there's also themed
  • Indigo
    Serving up what is without a doubt the most authentic Thai food in Cusco, Indigo is a hidden treasure, just around the corner from the Plaza de Armas. Chose from all the Thai favorites, including pad-thai, green, red and yellow curries, and pick a spice-level from one to five (five being suitable f
  • Up Town
    One part movie house, one part dance club, Up Town is one of the most popular stops on the Plaza de Armas. Its second-story location is a bit hidden from street traffic, but thanks to a persistent and insistent street team who dutifully hand out coupons (and enjoy a fairly high rate of success in dr
  • The Cross Keys Pub
    A Cusco nightlife institution, the Cross Keys can now be found on Calle Triunfo (its old base was Plaza de Armas). Still the most authentic English pub in Cusco, it is packed with memorabilia and has pool tables and darts. Cross Keys serves bar snacks and pub classics such as giant juicy burgers, h
  • Ukuku's
    Ukuku's consistently presents highly popular live music, with local, national and international groups performing anything from salsa and jazz to rock and traditional Andean music. Once the live shows are over there's a mix of Latin and Western music until the early hours. The bar has a fun atmosph
  • Wild Rover
    The Irish pub of the Wild Rover Hostel has fast become a favorite and bustling gringo party spot in Cusco. There's friendly staff, live bands, charity pub quizzes, weekly football tournaments, regular dress-up nights and, of course, Guinness. Irish and international food is served in giant portions
  • Garabato's
    Now in a new location on Calle Plateros, Garabato's is a hugely popular salsa bar with a loyal local following. You can watch live Latin and salsa music and dance along with the heaving crowd. Reasonably priced drinks are also a bonus.
  • The Frogs
    With its many giant, colorful bean bags and sofas scattered around low tables in the downstairs courtyard, The Frogs is comfortable and inviting. There's eclectic artwork, a separate pool room and multiple upstairs rooms for dancing or drinking. Peruvian and Thai food is served daily and the bar op
  • Rincón de la Mantilla
    Rincón de la Mantilla, a large, open, and woody restaurant and bar, is a huge draw for locals and foreigners seeking a good spot to drink a local beer and people watch. What likely attracts people to this lively place is the wall of refrigerators stocked with bottles of Águila and Club Colombi
  • León de Baviera
    This hot spot is much more than just a restaurant and bar. It is your very own Bavaria in the heart of Cartagena, and a place to meet fellow travelers as well as locals who frequent this area of Getsemaní on the weekends. Playing rock music and serving German beer and food, León de Baviera has
  • Bar La Casona del Virrey
    For a more sophisticated evening out, have a drink at the lounge of the Hotel La Casona del Virrey. The low lights and suave music make for a pleasant retreat from the throbbing discos. On Friday evenings, a live trio performs boleros or tangos. Saturdays feature vallenatos or other types of laid-b
  • Viejoteca, Rancho Grande
    Viejoteca: A discoteca where the DJ spins the Latin golden oldies. Sure it draws a more mature crowd, reminiscing to the cumbia, salsa and merengue hits of their youth, the songs perhaps they fell in love to. But even if you are young, you can join in the shaking and swaying. Everyone is giv
  • Discoteca Mango's
    Located on the road out of town, Mango's is immensely popular despite its Wild West theme. The hordes come out to this institution week-in and week-out and dance the night away to the sounds spun by excellent DJs. Catch a cab out to Mango's with some friends and you probably won't regret it.
  • Rincón Chocoano
    A small establishment located on the main road through El Poblado, Rincón Chocoano is easily missed, unless of course you were specifically looking for it. The restaurant may seem an odd choice, but in truth chocoano food is very tasty and those who frequent the bar know how to party. You'll make
  • Sam Pues
    If you are itching to dance, Sam Pues may be the place for you. Tables and chairs lay scattered about as people, normally relatively dormant by nature, spring up and start to strut their stuff. Located close to Parque Lleras, Sam Pues has been around for some years and has solidly established itsel
  • Oz
    Becoming increasingly popular with travelers, Oz delivers loud music in a variety of rooms through enormous, booming speakers. Not only popular with visitors to the city, Oz is a firm favorite with many of the beautiful people of Medellín.
  • Imperio
    This is the place to go for the young and young-at-heart. Imperio is a typical Latin discoteca with the latest reggaetón, electronic, salsa, merengue and vallenato hits, every one just thrashing the night away until almost dawn. The action's only happening Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m.
  • Embrujo Andino Peña Bar
    Embrujo Andino Peña Bar offers an alternative to local bars and discotheques. At this Carnival-themed club, you may enjoy a variety of Andean musical genres (saya, tinku, tufa, sanjuanito, bambuco and cumbia) and the region's most popular dances (salsa and meringue). The peña also shows videos
  • Mister Babilla
    What La Carbonera is for beautiful people, Mister Babilla, just a few doors down for wild ones. The colorful, Caribbean-themed bar in the front provides the perfect allure for what waits for you inside. Walk down the hallway, with scantily clad waitresses asking for your order along the way, to t
  • La Carbonera Cantina
    La Carbonera is reputedly the best night club and lounge in town, with beautiful people and the best house, dance, and techno music. Even locals consider this hip spot in the middle of Avenida Arsenal the place to see and be seen. Guests pour in late in the evening, so it's best to start somewher
  • María Félix Cinema-café-bar
    María Félix is much more than a bar. It is an espacio cultural—cultural space. The small café is decorated with posters of old movie greats, like Brando, Lauren Bacall, Bogart and, of course, Mexican Silver Screen legend, María Félix. Every night at 7 p.m., folks get comfy in t
  • Piche Caliche Café Bar
    Piche Caliche is a serious party bar. It claims to be the best "Wild On" rumba in the city. It has an open bar with all-you-can-drink rum or beer for one set price. The clientele are mostly university students. Thursday's Happy Hour (8-10 p.m.) is free to women. Friday is the rumba universitaria
  • Blue Deep Discotheque
    The Blue Deep has been ranked as one of the best nightclubs in Latin America. It consists of three distinct bars, two dance floors, a light and laser show, and perfect sound amplification. With a capacity for 800 revelers, be prepared for non-stop Latin American enthusiasm and dancing.
  • Melon Kiss Disco
    Guests of the Sunrise Beach Hotel and other tourists crowd into Melon Kiss Disco, to dance the night away to electronic beats while washing away any worries with the aid of fancy cocktails. Live sporting events are sometimes screened on large TVs. Open daily 9 p.m.-4 a.m.; in low season, only F
  • El Garage Bar
    El Garage Bar is the longest-operating nightclub in Taganga. Whereas Matasuegra is more a locals' hangout, Garage's clientele is almost exclusively foreigners, and this also-disco caters to their taste in music. With inside and patio seating, the backpacking crowd whiles away the nights drinking an
  • Don Trigo Parque
    If you're bored in Montevideo, chances are you ended up at Parque Rodó's theme park attractions, open year-round. This author suggests making an afternoon of it: Take a ride on the Ferris wheel, play on the beach, drink a few beers and have a pizza while watching the fútbol at Don Trigo, then atte
  • Pocitos Nightlife Summary
    Pocitos has a lively bar scene, with many fashionable places playing the latest music. But it's a place to sit and enjoy a cocktail with friends, perhaps with a late-night meal, rather than to dance. For jazz and comedy nights check out Mess Resto Pub, wh
  • Brannigan's
    Brannigan's is a little more up-scale and not exactly the place to lose control. Still, this swanky corner pub in Providencia is a fine place to listen to some music while being able to maintain a conversation with the person across from you.
  • Oz
    This is a high-priced option for those looking for a place to dance into the early morning. Chileans with a lot of style and money populate this techno club in Providencia.
  • El Cinzano
    When you come to Bar Cinzano, you're in for a night steeped in “vino arreglado” (wine mixed with better-quality wine, sugar or liquor) and joyful nostalgia. The food in this century-old bar is typical Chilean fare dominated by flavorful parrilladas (BBQ) and potatoes, but the real attracti
  • Bar El Gremio
    One of the few bars tucked up in the hills of Valparaíso, a night at El Gremio feels like going to a relaxed house partyâ??probably because the bar itself sits inside a posh two-story townhouse off of a quiet back-ally street. Inside, the bar is pleasantly lit with miss-matched but chic couches an
  • Ache Havana
    Neighboring La Piedra Feliz is Ache Havana, a strictly salsa venue with lively Cuban music and a warm Cuban feel. The club is open Tuesday through Saturday, and salseros show up any given night for good dancing and good rum. Check the website for events, which range from live music and salsa classes
  • El Ritual
    Off-beat café by day, laid-back bar by night, El Ritual is the kind of place to stop in for a drink to start off your evening. At the base of Cerro Concepción, El Ritual is situated in the middle of plenty of bars and live music venues. Art and sculpture by local artists give El Ritual a tasteful
  • Boomerang
    Locals and foreigners alike mix together at this popular spot in Providencia. The dance music is loud, but there are also pool tables to distract drinkers or tired dancers. The drinks are not overpriced and the menu offers some good bar food to reenergize yourself during breaks from the dance floor.
  • El Tunel
    Miss the 1970s? Out of nostalgia or because you weren't born yet? Either way, El Tunel provides the blast from the past you've been craving. The disc jockeys spin classics from more than 30 years ago for club-goers who want to try out their disco moves. Sometimes a few songs from the 1980s are mixed
  • La Chimenea
    La Chimena is a cool, trendy little place tucked into a quiet back alley conveniently located not far from Palacio la Moneda. The distinctive bar has a small stage for impressive local acts to jam most evenings. Relax with a pisco sour and revel in the fact that you are in a pure Chilean bar while t
  • Bar Subterraneo
    Subterraneo, located in Providencia, provides guests with some of the city's better disc jockey's - DJ Suau's freestyle beats tend to draw a crowd. A strong Caipiriña will cost approximately $5, though beers can be had for $2.50. The bar also has a sushi menu for those that need a bit of raw fish.
  • Club La Feria
    Club La Feria is a typical disco, with disc jockeys that scramble electronic beats into the early morning hours. The place fancies itself as trendy, so do not wear sneakers. Guys in too tight T-shirts and ripped jeans spend the evening attempting to court well-dressed girls on the dance floor.
  • La Casa En El Aire
    La Casa En El Aire is a very cool bar that doubles as an art gallery. The artworks on the walls provide interesting topics to muse over while sharing a drink with friends. The owner hosts live music every day, usually starting around 10:30 p.m., except Wednesdays, when local poets and writers gather
  • Flannery's Irish Pub
    In general, Irish pubs abroad are tourist traps, and Flannery's is no exception. This is not all bad, however. The bar food is good, there is Guinness and, if Chilean football is not your cup of tea, it is a good place to find a game from the United States or Europe.
  • Bokhara
    Bokhara is another lively disco, and popular part of Santiago's gay scene. It regularly features drag shows, and the service is generally friendly.
  • Las Lanzas
    This is a popular spot among locals to find a cheap drink in Ñuñoa. It is in full bloom during the summer months when patrons spill out into the street. Head here to mix with the hip Chileans and to avoid the tourists in the bars or clubs of Bellavista.
  • Valparaíso Eterno
    What used to be a three-story, late-night venue for live music and salsa changed hands in the last few years and now occupies only one floor. At the end of the week around 11 p.m., live music from local musicians begins in the dimly lit upstairs bar, and the music of Victor Jarra, Joan Baez and Viol
  • La Piedra Felíz
    On calle Errazuriz down by the water is a diverse live music venue and three-story club (four-stories if you include the Subterráneo bar where dance hall, punk and new-wave DJs alternate nights). La Piedra Felíz brings in all types of people during the week with tango and salsa classes, live blues
  • Legado Jazz Resto Bar
    In the artsy Esmeralda neighborhood is the Legado Jazz Resto Bar. Inside of this former home, bare stud walls create intimate seating niches for customers coming to have a shot of Havana Club or other fine Latin American liquor. You can also choose a Chilean wine, an international or regional brew,
  • La Playa
    For Puerto Varas nightlife located right on the water, go to La Playa. This club is found in five different places throughout the country, although none of them have the view that this one does. There is a huge window that looks out over the water as well as an outdoor porch area. This is a lively,
  • Discotheque Piriti
    The island's hotspot is the place to go if you want to chat up other travelers. It looks shabby on the outside, but inside it simmers with a fusion of Euro-American pop and Latin American tunes. The action doesn't properly get going until 1 a.m., so if you arrive before then, you might find yourself
  • Toroko discotheque
    Toroko looks even shabbier than Piriti, nevertheless, it's the place to go if you want to get down and boogie with the locals. All the action is squeezed into a room the size of a tennis court, so wild dancers will literally be bouncing off the walls. The music is a mixture of Rapa Nui, Polynesian a
  • Chill-e
    One of the most happening bars in town, Chill-e is a great place to let your hair down. Good vibes, classy cocktails and funky decor all combine to make this place a great night out. Chill-e has some snacks and Mexican food, but is primarily a bar.
  • Aloha Pub-Restaurant
    For something a little more mellow, head to Aloha, with its cozy atmosphere and laid-back beats. There's a good selection of bottled beers and a huge spirit list. At the end of the night, if all the drinking has given you the munchies, try one of the speciality steaks, which manage to be huge witho
  • Barómetro
    Barómetro is a multi-level bar and dance club for 20 to 30 year olds. The interior is a rustic, welcoming ambiance. The bar offers some appetizers and drink specials. There is live music and DJ night on weekends, usually starting around 10pm. The bar does host some fairly well known acts from Santi
  • Apache
    Apache is the hot spot for young, adventurous partiers in Puerto Varas. Located outside of the city center, this dingy, ugly cement building is a place of congregation for teenagers and early 20-year-olds ready to get their groove on. Saturdays usually have a special party, sometimes with live mus
  • Scratch
    Scratch is a huge nightclub with capacity for 1200 people. There are three bars and a VIP area. The DJ plays a mixture of techno, cheesy pop hits and Latino music. Chileans like to party late so don't get there before 12 a.m. The music stops at 5 a.m. The friendly crowd is a mixture of locals and to
  • Café Journal
    Café Journal mainly caters to a cool college crowd, though it also tends to attract swarms of gringos (hence its nickname Café Gringo). Locals and foreigners alike congregate here for cold beers and hard drinks (be warned—your piscola is more pisco than cola!), in a fun, funky atmosphere. E
  • Scala Club
    Scala Club is a classy old place. A wide staircase leads up to the anteroom, with couches and overstuffed chairs in dim corners. The century-old carved wood bar, decked with wine and martini glasses, stocks the finest liquors. A doorman waits at the entrance of the main hall—a large space tucke
  • Club Democrático
    On Friday and Saturday nights there's a place you can go to hear live jazz in Iquique: Club Democrático. It's not a glitzy place, just a simple bar frequented by locals drawn by something different on the city's night club scene. Club Democrático also features Andean music and
  • The Shannon Irish Pub
    A hotspot for Ciudad Vieja nightlife, The Shannon evokes an Irish pub feel with deep green walls and a big beer and spirits selection. Fight drunk munchies with the likes of classic chivitos, chicken fajitas, salads and Irish bread, an eclectic menu to match a truly mixed crowd. Loud, lively and en
  • Pony Pisador
    This place channels the energy and ambiance of a North American bar, both in its darkness, loud music, and surrounding TVs and in the intangible, foreboding sensation of impending drunkenness. If you arrive early, you won't find too much of a crowd, but you can grab a seat at a high table and nurse
  • El Gallo Rojo
    This two-story hangout has a downstairs bar amid a reliquary of cool memorabilia where you can mingle with a sparse but eccentric city crowd. Upstairs you'll find rooms to explore filled with board games, chess, a free pool table and an additional bar area. El Gallo Rojo is great for groups of
  • Café La Diaria
    Tall pillars, photographic artwork and a small library of international classics characterize this great little bar. Café La Diaria regularly hosts live music and other events such as tango, theater and book presentations on its small stage and in its lecture space. Most are free entry, but check
  • Casino De Estado Victoria Plaza
    For a touch of Vegas in Montevideo, head to this bright and busy casino behind the Radisson Hotel, the largest of its kind in the city. Featuring classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, as well as 500 slot machines, you may be lucky enough to leave better off than you arrived. Th
  • Café Santé
    Café Santé is a tiny, tasty oasis off of Sarandi and the first eatery in Uruguay that's 100 percent gluten-free. Travelers with celiacs will find this place a delicious and important resource, especially since similar places are basically nonexistent throughout the rest of Montevideo. Grab a seat
  • Café Brasilero
    Maybe the magic of Café Brasilero is its age: Opened in 1877, it's Montevideo's longest operating café, showcasing old-school charm, dark wooden interior, and walls adorned with photographs of famous artists and politicians that used to frequent the place. Maybe it's because famous writer Eduardo
  • Bar El Diez
    Similar to Bar 62 but a touch classier (with prices to match), Bar El Diez specializes in high-quality parrilla meat, and also serves towering pasta portions, laden with cheese. The music is softer than in other bars in the area, and the whisky collection
  • 62 Bar
    When it's past midnight and you have a craving for parrilla, or even great sushi, there's no better place than 62 Bar. Set in a small colonial-style building, 62 was the number of Montevideo's first trolley-bus in 1951, and this street was part of its maid
  • Mess Resto Pub
    For a nice night sipping on a mojito while sitting on a leather sofa or stool try Mess Resto Pub. It has an excellent selection of drinks, and also serves light meals such as empanadas and picadas. Practice your Spanish joke comprehension at its popular Thursday comedy night, or opt for some jazz o
  • El Surtidor
    Popular with locals of all ages, El Surtidor has a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. The music ranges from modern reggaeton to international pop, and also includes tango (which is a nice change around here). Try one of its speciality daiquiris or caipirinhas, or a good value beer or wine. Nicely lit
  • Kalú Dance
    Kalú is one of a handful of electrónica clubs in Ciudad Vieja. This exclusive discoteca opens Fridays and Saturdays after 11 p.m. and hosts foreign DJs on Saturdays. The party goes on until dawn. Expect to sweat ‘til you're sober here. With beats like these, there's no way to keep still. If
  • Primata Pocitos
    If you ever wanted to sit on a barber shop chair situated in a small garden at the back of a lively bar, â??Primaâ? is the place to come. This large establishment has a long list of flavored vodkas to try, as well as tequilas, beer and cocktails, and its menu includes pizzas. Primata gets very
  • Lou Bizzarro
    Trying to be the trendiest bar on the block, the red padded walls may make you feel like you're in a retro-decorated lunatic asylum, but perhaps that is not far wrong. Very lively and with a whisky list as long as your arm, Lou's is popular with young locals. Soccer jerseys hang over the bar, and i
  • La Bodeguita Del Sur
    The music from Montevideo's premier salsa club calls you from halfway down the street, so follow the rhythms and you'll be in for a great night. During the week, you can learn the moves in classes from beginner to advanced, then come Friday and Saturday, you can strut your stuff with the locals unt
  • Tras Bambalinas
    With an enclosed patio garden to the side, Tras Bambalinas may be just the spot you're looking for to unwind, while drinking one of their many fine whiskeys, of course. The inside features décor from some of the city's previous Carnavals, including giant hanging paper maché heads, as well as cost
  • Colonia Rock
    While wandering the normally quiet streets of the Historic Quarter, you might hear an off-key note or two blasting out into the night. These are bound to be coming from Colonia Rock, the busiest and most popular pub in town. Offering pub grub to patrons by
  • Estación Central
    A popular hang-out for locals as well as tourists, Estación Central welcomes you in with comfortable sofas, a long bar with stools, and pool tables. It has lively music and a long list of tragos (spirits), as well as many beers and wine. There is an enclosed patio that is covered in plants, and fr
  • Bar El Gamo
    Run by the son of former South American champion and Olympic 100-meter sprinter Juan Jacinto López Testa, who lived his whole life in Tacuarembó and had the nickname â??El Gamoâ? (The Buck) due to his record time of 10:02, this friendly little bar is worth a visit. Adorned with photos of athl
  • La Rinconada
    The only place in town with a pool table (in fact, it has two), this bar is downright shabby, but that's part of its charm. Whiskey is the speciality here, but it also serves other spirits and beer, and there are a few slot machines. Snack food is available in the form of empanadas, burgers and piz
  • Blondie
    Blondie draws hip and youthful bar-seekers to its four-floor dance club and can pack in as many as 2,000 dancers. Each level features different genres of music, but the main floor draws the most people. Sometimes the club features live concerts by local musicians. COVER: $7
  • Casino
    This good-sized casino in the middle of 18 de Julio holds over 80 slot machines, but doesn't have table games. Unlike the huge complexes in Montevideo, Tacuarembó's casino has a pleasingly laidback atmosphere, playing pop hits in the background. Locals of all ages come to try and win at popular ma
  • Le Bar De Joselo
    As far as institutions can go in Cabo Polonio, Joselo's is the one. This bar's blind owner lives and sleeps here (during the day, of course), and is famous for having had a stray pet penguin called Pancho, who used to waddle around drinkers' feet. Sadly, the penguin has now passed, but this bar rem

  • Bitacora
    The oldest and most established place to party in Punta del Diablo, Bitacora feels quite the hike out from the center of town after a few too many drinks, yet this doesn't seem to stop anybody from coming. Playing all the hardest South American tunes it can get its DJ hands on, as well as dance cla
  • Buddha Bar
    Buddha Bar La Barra is one of the most surprising things to hit the jet set in years. This beach fish shack—opened by the owners of the original Paris Buddha Bar—now tops the list of Punta del Este's notorious nightlife spots. A covered outdoor patio, pitched right in the sand, invites let
  • Primata
    Very different in atmosphere from the loud, party hard nature of the Montevideo original, Primata in Punta del Diablo is nevertheless a decent choice for a few drinks, and has the bonus of a sea view. Down the end of a residential street, the bar can vary enormously from deathly empty to insanely b
  • Tavarua
    Opposite Primata, but much more likely to be playing rock anthems than hip-hop, is another sea-fronted bar, Tavarua. If it is not too busy, you can enjoy a drink while lying in one of its three swaying hammocks, or perhaps you would prefer to grab a cushion. The full bar may have a long line, thoug
  • La Barquita Del Diablo
    In a great, central part of town, La Barquita del Diablo and its mariner theme stand out nicely from the crowd. Open from late morning onwards in summer, it is as good a place to take time out from the beach as it is a place to unwind in the evening. Serving signature cocktails, including its delic
  • Resto-bar
    One of the older bars in town, hence its lack of need for a name, this great little bar has a DJ playing an eclectic mix of rock, indie and Britpop, and sometimes has live bands. A nice relaxed ambience is helped by the comfortable modern stools and walls covered in surfing photographs, while TVs s
  • La Terraza De Los Buhos
    Next to La Casa de las Boyas hostel and offering a discount for guests staying there, this trendy little outdoor bar is definitely more of the chilled out variety. Only 50 meters (164 ft) from Playa del Rivero, ‘the terrace of the owls' has most of its seating on the sand, or you can opt for o
  • The Film Lounge and Danish Café

    Part movie salon, part cafeteria and part crash pad, the Film Lounge and Danish Café at the far end of Gringo Alley (a.k.a. Calle Procuradores) is an opportunity to relax and hang with travelers as well as locals. Owner Dorthe Sandbeck cooks up favorites from her native Denmark,

  • WooHoo Bar
    At the end of a day of riding the waves, one place to chill is WooHoo Bar, located across the main avenue from the artisan market. Dance the night away on the upstairs terrace, or just watch the moonlight upon the ocean while enjoying a cocktail and snack. This has become one of Máncora's hott
  • Crobar
    Crobar is a freak: a thumping, pounding, monstrous vortex of electronic music and people who love to dance to it. Introduced in Argentina in 2005, Crobar Buenos Aires does its American sister clubs justice by bringing top local and international DJs, as well as high end audio-visual effects, to the
  • Rumi
    For all who seek the swanky, sexy, big city club experience where scantily clad women and VIP service abounds... look no further. The glamorous Rumi experience begins at the door, where you better dress to impress and be on the lookout for celebrities. Not to be outdone by any nearby restaurants, t
  • Club 69
    BA's “alternative” favorite, Club 69 has found a new home in Palermo's the Roxy Club, an expansive theatre/nightclub with a huge stage, elevated dance platforms and what has to be the city's largest disco ball. This Thursday night party still rages with the outlandish drag show, sexy perfo
  • Madama Roja
    Set in a typical pretty Palermo house, Madama Roja is a dark, intimate restaurant with a nice terrace. Its menu is very Italian-inspired, with bruschettas and king prawns as appetizers, followed by an extensive list of risottos and pastas, including 29 sorts of gnocchis.
  • Jet Lounge
    Next door in Costanera Norte, Jet Lounge is the only place to be on Thursdays, where beautiful people sip cocktails in the lounge's swanky booths. Electronica and dance music prevail, keeping the energy high until the sun rises over a fantastic view of the river. For those who want to check out the
  • La Catedral
    La Catedral has everything a first timer in Buenos Aires could ask for: it's sultry, sexy, artsy, and culturally authentic. You'll feel instantly cool (and maybe even Argentine) just by being there. Argentines come to show the gringos how it's done, and tourists in-the-know feel proud that they're
  • The Kilkenny
    You might argue that you didn't come all the way to Argentina to hit up an Irish bar, but if you're really looking for a young and rowdy crowd then try to squeeze your way into The Kilkenny on a weekend. The place is a hive of locals, ex-pats and lively tourists and is a great spot either for a qui
  • Milion
    It is a permanent house party at Milion, a renovated mansion from the early years of Buenos Aires. The garden has been turned into an outdoor dining room, and the large stone stairway leading up to the rear of the house and the main bar fills up with the downtown cool set as the night gets later. Mi
  • Fin del Mundo
    Fin del Mundo has become a fixture on one of San Telmo's busiest corners. In the warm months, get a table outside and enjoy a beer as the masses file past. Inside, the red lighting, retro décor, records on sale and smooth music make it perfect for enjoying one of the house cocktails-the daiquiris a
  • Nativa Bambu Discoteca
    Run by a Spanish entertainment company, Nativa Bambu is a multi-story, European-style discoteca right on the beach. With a capacity for 1,000 people, this thumping nightclub also has an upstairs lounge with outdoor seating. Tuesday night is Montañita Night, when there is live rock music ups
  • La Puerta Roja
    Walk up to the big red door, knock, and wait. This speakeasy-style system is the only way into one of the most popular bars in town. Once you reach the top of the long staircase, you'll find yourself in the company of friendly bartenders waiting for you to pick your poison (try a Chili Bomb—chi
  • Le Bar
    There is an ornate Victorian exterior that covers the three levels of this downtown restaurant/martini bar that attracts a young, hip and happening crowd of locals and tourists who crave relatively cheap tapas (the grilled chicken wraps and cheese croquettes are to die--or break your diet--fo
  • La Cigale
    Every night has a certain je ne sais quoi at this French club (often filled with local French ex-pats), but Tuesday night is Noche Francesa - get there before ten or you'll never get in! Glowing fairy lights and live bands add a student hang-out atmosphere, while the French cocktails shaken
  • Museum
    Designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same architect who built a little something called the Eiffel Tower, Museum has developed a loyal following at its Wednesday night after-work party, beginning at 8 p.m. The three-story club says that it is open every weekend, but beware of private events, which frequ
  • Bahrein
    Stately and Victorian on the outside, decadent and post-modern on the inside. Two dancefloors on two stories cater to specific musical tastes: sing-along house grooves in the ground level's Funky Room and pulsating techno in the XSS basement below, with genre specifics varying from night to night. T
  • B Blue
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    and More
  • Tango Rojo
    For a sizzling, late-night tango show, look no further than Tango Rojo. A modern twist on tango (skip the meal and just go for the show if you don't have the money to spend). The show is sexy and intimate, and though it may be one of the most expensive tango shows in town, it's also one of the best
  • Casa Bar
    The new upscale bar and cafe in the heart of Recoleta is in a renovated classic, petite house. It is outfitted with state-of-the-art LED lighting inside and out, which makes this a hard to miss place. By far the finest spirits selection in the city. There are 20 premium bottled beers and Heineken
  • Maluco Beleza
    If you can't make the trip up to Rio de Janeiro, then Maluco Beleza is the next best thing. Addictive Brazilian rhythms spill out onto the street from this sizzling salsa club. Open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 a.m., this Latin gem also features Rock, Electronica and South Amer
  • Liverpool
    Liverpool has the décor of a slinky night club, with modern, sleek lines. But the rows of old-fashioned, leather pocketed billiard tables in this clean and brightly lit establishment clues you in that it isn't your typical place to come have drinks over snacks. Everything is there awaiting the avid
  • Sabazios
    The black and white sign hanging in the alley announces that you have reached the evening's goal: Sabazios. Inside this cave-like bar there are intimate nooks to gather with friends and have a bite to eat before the night heats up. Thursday is karaoke night. Friday and Saturday, get down to DJs spi
  • La Casona del Molino

    There's nothing staged about this Peña which lies to the West of the city center (5 mins in a taxi.) Salteños reach for guitars from hooks on the walls and strike up several chords, at all hours, day and night. Probably the best place in Salta to experience the moving <

  • Balcarce Café
    Balcarce Café serves meals during the week, but once the weekend rolls around, a stage is set up for live music. Balcarce Café has a relaxing atmosphere, providing an alternative to nightclubs with blaring music and cigarette smog. Folk, jazz and other â??lightâ? music entertains the crowd as
  • Inside
    In theory, Inside is a gay bar; in reality, everyone is welcome. Low-key and intimate, this is a great place to come for a late meal or a drink. Later at night, things heat up a little, with special tango shows before midnight and male strippers after 12. If you're a good-looking male, do be aware t
  • Amague Tango
    Amague Tango If you're hoping to take part in the late-night milongas then you'll need to take a tangoclass or two. In Congreso, you can check out Amague Tango, where classes run Monday and Thursday from 8-10pm and Friday from 9:30 to 11pm. Teachers are bilingual, and no par
  • La Catedral
    La Catedral has everything a first timer in Buenos Aires could ask for: it's sultry, sexy, artsy, and culturally authentic. You feel instantly cool (and maybe even Argentine) just by being in this milonga. Locals come to show the gringos how it's done, and tourists in-the-know feel proud th
  • Sanata
    This colorful corner bar is the perfect spot to sample some live music, any night of the week. Expect to hear tango, Brazilian samba, and/or a number of instruments you've never seen before during the nightly shows. The walls are covered in murals that match the music, and the crowd is young and en
  • Soul Cafe
    If you're looking for chilled vibes and groovy music then look no further than Soul Café, a 70s-style bar that also serves up fusion food and sushi. A funky red interior gives a seriously hip disco vibe, while a great range of flavored vodkas get the night started in style. The adj
  • Mute
    If you're looking for the fashionable crowd, you'll find them at Mute. This sleek resto-bar (with a sister bar in Bariloche) is spread over three floors, and is always packed at weekends, thanks to the tasty fusion food, addictive cocktails and well-dressed customers. Though not tec
  • Ocho7ocho
    On a quiet street in Villa Crespo, a man in a suit guards a tall, unmarked door. The address is 878 Thames, and behind that door is a low-lit speakeasy-style bar/lounge, where a hip crowd smokes and drinks their way into the later hours. They play everything from modern American music to sou
  • Jamming
    The name of this bar speaks for itself, and if you aren't a big fan of Bob Marley or the colors red, green, and yellow-turn around and go back to Palermo. Fondly known as “the Rastafarian bar” by some locals, this tri-level bar in the chill neighborhood of Villa Crespo is a haven for anyo
  • Beat House
    ENTRÃ?ES: $10-$20 Beat House is an ultra-hip club that can be most easily located by standing on the street outside and listening for the strains of techno. It has a chic, minimalist atmosphere and tends to attract a lot of cooler-than-thou porteños. However, it is also a good place to either
  • Hola Ola Discoteca
    This open-air nightclub with a small pool and elevated stage really heats up on weekends, when it hosts all-night parties with live music and DJs. Thursdays are Ladies Night, when females can drink for free from 9:30 p.m.-midnight. On Fridays, Hola Ola has a Latin Party with an open bar and salsa, m
  • Clandestino
    Created as a place to connect with others and engage in conversation, this small café and bar is a nice place to unwind. It is probably the only place in town where you can enjoy organic coffee, hot chocolate, and a variety of local teasâ??including chocolate mint tea and pomegranate green teaâ?
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
    If you love the Beatles and Classic Rock, you'll love Strawberry Fields. Commanding a pretty considerable part of the Gonzales Suarez Avenue (right in front of Hotel Quito), this bar is probably one of the most eclectic in the area. Take a seat in the cozy spaces through the place and rock out to t
  • Zinc
    If deliberating between the price of paying for a meal or for drinks, it's the latter that most people should come to Zinc for. The restaurant and bar is ideal for groups of friends looking to lounge about while having a couple of drinks amid conversation. With a nice, cozy atmosphere and elegant de
  • House Of Rock
    Looking to rock out to some incredibly sweet covers of the legends of rock, and more? House of Rock is where it's at. This bar/mini-venue hosts live music Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and is an incredibly popular hangout with quiteños who will sing along with what best english they can muster
  • UIO
    Recently opened, UIO has quickly become the hottest spot in town for the young and the beautiful in Quito. The interesting namesake comes from Quito's airport code, but has hardly anything to do with the club. Cover charge is steep, around $10, for guys. Inside, it's just like any nightclub you coul
  • Limon y Café
    A laid-back local hangout, Limón y Café is the most common nighttime meeting place on the island. You can sit at the bar or at any of the wooden tables, sipping ice-cold (-5°C) beers, playing cards, or chatting with new friends. It also has a pool table and plays (badly) subtitled movies on the
  • Licorería "El Amanecer"
    While claiming to be open twenty four hours a day, Liquor Store "The Dawn" is open at most, maybe twenty four hours a week. You can however, count on it being open late at night. The owner seems to be concerned about ensuring a healthy stock of refillable bottles: Buy a beer and you'll walk out wit
  • Flashback
    Flashback encapsulates Quito's answer to the 1980s. This lively disco is located opposite the swanky Hotel Quito, and pounds out fun eighties disco “hits” every weekend. Most evenings, at 11 p.m. or midnight, a live band offers up more of the same. Usually there is no cover (if there is,
  • The Turtles Head
    An establishment conveniently located on the corner of the Cumbaya Plaza/Park, this is quite the bar to come to: it's here that you'll find copious amounts of drinking taking place as the week draws to an end. With quality beers on tap and drink specials throughout the week and weekend, The Turtles
  • Papillon Disco
    Although it's new, Papillon Disco is already a huge hit in Quito. Perhaps it's because there is no cover charge, unlike many of the other clubs, or because the music is an eclectic mix of pop and techno. Either way, it's always happening. Revelers of all ages turn out for this club, from teens to ad
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
    If you love the Beatles and Classic Rock, you'll love Strawberry Fields. If you're not looking carefully, you might miss it. Strawberry Fields is tucked away next to the popular No Bar. Take a seat in the cozy alcove in the back, and rock out to the amazing playlist, which includes songs by the fab
  • Bungalow 6
    Bungalow 6 is the most famous club in Quito among expats and visitors, and odds are that at some point you will find yourself on its crowded dance floors, in its lounge or leaning over its pool tables. Bungalow's playlist is dominated by last year's Top 40 hits and reggaeton, while the clientele is
  • Mayo 68
    This salsa club really heats up with live music on the weekends. Novice and experienced salseros swarm the two small dance floors inside, while onlookers fill the small tables that line the walls. Mayo 68 tends to attract a slightly older crowd that likes to strut their classic salsa moves,
  • St. Andrews
    With a rather dark and dimly lit interior (at night especially), St. Andrews harkens back to the classic, stereotypical look of English pubs we've all come to expect from movies and such. But don't be frightened by its obscure inside, for St. Andrews is quite a fancy, joyous and classy little pub to
  • Santa Espuma
    In Ecuador it is appropriate when ordering beer to assume that it'll be a national, light lager. However, at Santa Espuma feel free to throw around beer terminology like Porter, Golden Ale, Scottish Ale and Pale Ale when ordering your libation. Get to Santa Espuma early enough in the day to snag
  • Ghoz Bar
    Ghoz Bar is a homey tavern with pool tables, foosball, and board games galore. It's a good place to enjoy a pint while listening to classic rock or watching sports. You can order bratwurst or fondue, and drink your beer or cocktail from a giant mug shaped like a cowboy boot, if you dare. Ghoz Bar is
  • La Panga
    La Panga is the most popular-and only-main drag disco in town, which means it is always hopping on the weekends until the closing hour. It has a full bar, serving drinks with a local flavor. A small dance floor with video screen is usually crowded with salsa partners and foreigners shaking their boo
  • Madera Fina
    Madera Fina is, as its name "Fine Wood" suggests, the most shi-shi disco in Puerto Ayora. It is populated by an older crowd and guests of the adjacent Hotel Palmeras. It is a good option for couples looking for a nice, relaxed, and roomy place to dance. Open 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on weekends.
  • La Compañía
    Cuenca's only microbrewery is a relaxed place to drink a few artisanal beers, providing a nice alternative to all the other local establishments that only serve bottles of Pilsener and Club. Choose from four different types of beer on tap: stout, Irish red, extra golden, brow ale or Weizenbock. If y
  • Peña Amauta
    Peñas-bars that play live Andean music while you sip on a drink or two-are popular in Otavalo, and Peña Amauta is an old favorite. Weekend nights see excellent folkloric groups playing, kicking off at around 10 p.m. There's a small cover charge, which generally includes the price of your fi
  • Coffee Tree
    The popular yet commercialized Coffee Tree, which has several locations in Quito, has now opened its doors in Cuenca's Old Town. Some come for the varied—though overpriced—menu with eight different breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, crepes and pasta dishes. Others enjoy taking advantage of th
  • Chiplote
    Chiplote is knows for its subs and shots, and is a popular happy hour spot. Greasy pub grub, including beef chili, quesadillas, bacon cheeseburgers, cheesesteak sandwiches and Italian subs, go great with Chiplote's cold beers and cocktails, which are 2x1 from 4-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Females get
  • Timothy's Café Bar
    Timothy's Café Bar is eclectically decorated with the owner's personal collection items, including U.S. sports jerseys, international flags, international beer bottles and bottle caps, hats and soda cans. A great place to catch a game, Timothy's has a big plasma TV with a cable sports package. The
  • Casa Do Brasil Café Cultural
    Casa do Brasil is a welcoming upstairs café and cultural space opened by Brazilian transplants. Besides being a place to enjoy a coffee, snack or drink, Casa do Brasil offers Portuguese classes as well as Brazilian cooking and dance classes, and hosts a language exchange every Friday night where l
  • The Red Pub
    The Red Pub is a popular watering-hole, frequented by the young Otavalo crowd. It's cheerful, and the wooden bar and wooden stools really do give it a pub-like feel. Food is also served: choose from sandwiches, snacks, steak or pasta. The hookah pipes are popular. Monday to Saturday 4 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • La Taberna
    La Taberna does serve food but, with loud music blaring as early as midday, it's more suited to an evening drink or two. It's a small and cozy bar; think red walls and muted lighting. If you do get hungry though, you can nibble on some nachos, a steak or a burger. If downstairs is full, head upstai
  • Leprechaun Bar
    This small but fun bar in the heart of Baños has no cover and a bumping dance floor blasting salsa, merengue, reggaeton, hip hop, rock and more. On crowded nights, the back patio opens up where there is an outdoor bar and big pit in the middle where a bonfire blazes. Brave souls can order a "Bob M
  • Bar de Beto
    Beto's beach bar is a far cry from the overly commercial Puerto Ayora. According to a Santa Cruz fisherman, Isla Isabela is today what Santa Cruz was before the tourist explosion of the 1980s changed the island to the point of no return. Here, the beach is the bar. Wooden tables set in the
  • El Templario
    Hidden away on a pedestrian thoroughfare, El Templario is a delightful discovery for those who chance upon it. The friendly Spanish owner, who opened the place in June 2012, has made this small bar/café into a relaxing refuge, with live acoustic music (particularly jazz) on the weekends, and an in
  • Neiges Café
    If you're looking for somewhere relaxed to have a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) on a chilly Latacunga night, head to Café Neiges by the church. Run by the nearby Neiges Travel Agency, this cozy joint has beer, cocktails and good coffee, and an informal atmosphere. There's not much in the way of f
  • Santo Pretexto
    Rock bar Santo Pretexto is one of the most favored night-time spots in town. The pub-like bar has plenty of seating, happy hours, a big-screen TV for sports games, and occasional karaoke nights. Pub food (nachos, burgers, steaks, etc.) is available too. There's frequent live rock music, usually on F
  • Café Arte
    Local hotspot Café Arté lives up to its name with good food, great art and eclectic music. A variety of rotating artwork-from modern paintings to photo exhibits-cover the walls. The funky decor includes mosaic floor tiles, candles and rustic wooden tables. On Friday and Saturday nights the place
  • El Portal Cafeteria
    El Portal Cafeteria is a sweet little café/bar located on the pretty Parque Montalvo, which by day offers a cozy environment in which to enjoy a coffee while using the free WiFi, and by night the chance to sip on a cocktail while listening to live music. There's also snacks, sandwiches and hamburge
  • Picado Fino
    Call it what you will: aguile, shisha, pipa de agua, hookah or water pipe. Whatever it is, the place to kick back and enjoy an exquisite smoke in Salta is Picado Fino. After a night of bar and peña hopping, you and your friends can lounge in one of the comfortable sitti
  • The Vines of Mendoza
    For those frustrated by Mendoza's lack of wine tourism infrastructure, Vines of Mendoza is a refreshing alternative. Offering a wine bar where you can purchase flights of wine or wines by the glass (all regional, of course), this Tuscan-chic-themed vinoteca is a great way to enjoy the wines that mad
  • Pueblo Viejo
    A Mexican style pub-restaurant, Pueblo Viejo is a great place for drinking and dancing. There's a good selection of traigos, including cold beer buckets, and they have a tequila hour at the weekends. Live bands are common on Fridays and Saturdays, mainly playing cumbia, salsa and other Latin beats.
  • La Gitana
    One of the Zona Sur's premier weekend night spots where the sophisticated masses go to get dressed up and be seen. A mix of large cocktail bar and video bar, there's lots of flat screen TVs showing music videos and TV in among the spirit bottles. There's plenty of seating, although this fills up qui
  • Diesel Nacional
    An industrial themed bar with a local crowd, Diesel is good for a quiet midweek drink or pre-dancing drinks at the weekend. The unique decor includes chain links and bolts, and even rustic-themed restrooms, but there's also a log fire, helping set the welcoming, upbeat atmosphere. There's a long lis
  • Irish
    This inviting multileveled Sopocachi bar is all wooden banisters and moody lighting. The maze of seating means there's plenty of places to sit, whatever ambience you're after, and there are comfy chairs to lounge on as well. Irish serves up a selection of cocktails from an Irish car bomb for two wit
  • Mitos Discoteca
    If you want to know where Sucre's party people go to let their hair down at the weekend, then Mitos is it. Playing a mix of Latin rhythms and western pop, Mitos packs the room to the rafters and is the place to go if you want to sweat the night out on the dance floor. It's a young crowd and there's
  • Mosquito Bar
    The most happening bar in Coroico is a little room scattered with wooden furniture, on the road that leads back to La Paz. It's not much, but if people are going out in the evening, then they're likely to be here. The bar's well-stocked with most people's choice of liquor. The tree-trunk seats are t
  • Etno Café Cultural
    A great little bar, not as well known as it should be among the visiting masses, situated on the attractive colonial street of Calle Jaén. They have a regular program of live acoustic music and other cultural programs, and it's one of the best places to come in the week for an entertaining night ou
  • Hard Rock
    Not an official part of the famous international chain, this doesn't stop people flocking to the Hard Rock Café for drinking and dancing. Especially popular on Wednesdays and Sundays, Hard Rock put on life music performances, including Saya AfroBolivianos on Wednesdays, and has regular drinks promo
  • Blue Note Wine Bar
    This unique little wine bar offers a great selection of affordable South American wines, and gives good wine advice for example Carmenere which is unique to SA. Live music most nights with a really good mix of modern Latin American electric, lounge and salsa. Cocktails and food are excellent "world
  • Monkey´s Bar
    This restaurant has seven years of experiencie in Rurrenabaque, and provides a great selection of tropical drinks and international meals. Come and meet the friendly team.
  • Traffic
    A food/bar/dance venue all rolled into one, Traffic starts off the weekend with chilled lounge music, escalating to banging, funky beats once midnight hits. There's a good drinks menu, with a huge choice of cocktails and local and imported beers. The restaurant area, to the side of the bar, serves
  • Blue Note Wine Bar
    This cozy wine bar near Calle Sagárnaga has become a firm favorite among travelers in the know. A great atmosphere, friendly staff, an extensive South American wine collection and over 50 killer cocktails make Blue Note a great choice for any night out in La Paz. There is also a range of tapas and
  • Oliver's Travels
    Styled on an English pub, Oliver's Travels is an all-day bar popular with travelers. With flat screen TVs showing European and English Premiership football, happy hour drink promotions at the weekend, comfy sofas and lots of cocktails, it's easy to get stuck here for hours on end. There's also an ex
  • Thelonius Jazz Bar
    Thelonius Jazz Bar is small, intimate club playing a selection of live jazz and blues. The walls are decked out with artwork of jazz musicians and the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting - you could be forgiven for thinking you're in a candlelit club in New Orleans rather than in La Paz. Local and in
  • Sol y Luna
    This Dutch-owned La Paz institution is an all-day traveler favorite for coffee, cocktails or comida. They serve up a wide range of international foods including goulash, medallions of beef in pepper cream sauce, ginger and honey chicken and authentic Dutch bitterballen. They also do a reasonably pri
  • Joyride Café
    This backpacker favorite recently changed hands (it's now Italian rather than Dutch-owned) but it's still the place to go to meet other travelers. They have a patio area at the back, which is sunny in the daytime and heated in the evenings. On the menu is�a good range of Bolivian and internati
  • Florín
    A new Dutch-owned café/bar, opened in November 2008 and it has already gained a loyal following. They make their own home-brewed beers, Ambar and Chala, which are available on tap. Watch out for their ‘Chala' nights when pitches of beer are on offer. Florín has a mix of international and Bol
  • Le Café Art Montréal
    Le Café Art Montréal is within a labyrinth of colonial-age bodegas. Several small rooms offer intimate venues where friends may get together for drinks and plates of delicious snacks. The menu is quite extensive, including kabobs, BBQs, pastas, pizzas, and savory and sweet crêpes. The bar is
  • Dèjá Vu
    Déjà Vu is a restaurant-pub offering a three-course lunch special and dinner. But from 7 p.m. until midnight, the menu is limited to chicken wings and other snacks to get your stomach ready for the main feature of this bar: the extensive selection of liquors and cocktails. During the week, a
  • Stonewasi
    Most of the big clubs and discos are out in the Morales district, a short mototaxi ride from the center. The liveliest central drinking spot is Stonewasi, just a couple of blocks from the main square. Grab a table outside on the street or prop up the bar and watch one of the local bands blast out s
  • Anaconda Discoteck
    A five-minute mototaxi ride down Jirón Peru will take you to the discos in the Morales district. Located on the outskirts of Tarapoto, this stretch is home to all of the major nightlife hotspots. Clubs wax and wane in popularity, but the Anaconda Discoteck remains ahead of the competition. Peruvia
  • Karambola Disco Pub
    The Karambola is one of the best dance clubs in Puerto Maldonado, and also happens to be an excellent restaurant and tavern. This modern, air-conditioned club claims to have â??the best DJ in town,â? and offers prizes for the â??most animatedâ? couple and discounts for university students.
  • Macumba Latin Grill
    Despite its name, the Macumba Latin Grill draws in a classy crowd of revelers rather than late night diners. When a live band is playing, the atmosphere can be electric. Drinks are not cheap, but if you're looking for a safe and stylish spot to pass the night then Macumba is a good option. Have a l
  • El Dragón
    A typical barranquino-styled house is the home of this well-established cultural bar, one of the first to promote bands with a special kick on fusing funk and Latin rhythms with local jazz elements. Inside El Dragón you can see a collection of wall paintings done by young local artists. The week s
  • La Noche
    One of the most famous venues in this bohemian district, over the years La Noche has become a widely known cultural stage for music, film, photography and performing arts. It is located in a traditional wooden building with two venues and two floors, each with its own bar: one has daily live perfo
  • The Silva Bar
    At the east end of Avenida Angela de Perotti, amidst the Da Silva family's growing estate of general store, restaurant, hostel and campground, you'll find The Silva Bar. One of Huacachina's oldest nightclubs, it draws a mostly young crowd who down the provocatively named drinks. Each day of the wee
  • Boccatto da Cardenale
    During the day, folks come to Boccatto da Cardenale to relax on the front patio, enjoy a leisurely coffee and perhaps a snack, people watch and soak up warm rays. Once the sun goes down, this club comes alive with people sitting down to Happy Hour (Monday-Thursday 7:30 p.m.-10 p.m.). After 10 p.m.
  • Jazz Zone
    Located in the heart of Miraflores in a garden walk-through passageway, this cozy jazz bar also hosts art exhibitions from local artists. Its musical variations range from Latin jazz fusions to contemporary jazz live performances. International bands play throughout the year. Jazz Zone is fond of s
  • The Old Pub
    Oddly enough, Lima's most authentic English pub, The Old Pub, is in Lima's “Little Italy,” or as some call it, “Pizza Street,” Calle San Ramón, a short road near Parque Kennedy. But don't let a whiff of Italy deter you; after all, it's an English pub, owned by a proper Britâ€
  • The Oceanus Lounge
    Join the posh clientele for pricey (and refreshing!) cocktails at the Oceanus Lounge. Located inside the upper-class hotel, Los Delfines, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy good company in a marvelous setting.
  • Tasca Bar
    Under the same ownership as the Flying Dog, and located conveniently across the park from the down street from the backpacker hostel and down the street from its Calle Lima B&B, Tasca Bar is a popular hangout. It is all too easy to drop in from the hostels, j