The Guianas Tours

Because The Guianas tend to be fairly underdeveloped for tourism, many tourists choose to travel with a tour group or cruise when visiting these three small South American countries. Following are the main highlights of each of the three countries and tours available in each:

Guyana travel requires a truly adventurous spirit. There are excellent birdwatchers tours in the rainforest and along the banks of Guyana’s maze of rivers. Other Guyana tours include eco-tourism, boating, fishing and hiking. Kaieteur Falls, with a drop of 228 m (748 ft) and a width of almost 100 m (330 ft), are among the highest waterfalls in the world and are considered by some to be the only reason to visit Guyana. Tours are pletiful and well worth the trip. Suriname tours, are perfect for adventurous, nature-loving travelers who don’t mind sacrificing a few comforts. Suriname tours include city tours capital city of Paramaribo, which features some nice colonial architecture, markets and decent nightlife. Brownsberg Nature Park is a rich forest easily accessible for all budgets with great hiking tours, three impressive waterfalls and an excellent variety of wildlife like howler monkeys, spider monkeys, deer, agouti and birdslike woodpeckers, macaws and parrots. The 500 m(1,640 ft)- high Mazaroni Plateau can be visited by tour. There are numerous lodges in the park that can help with transportation and tours.

The only non-independent portion of South America, French Guiana, or as it is locally known, Guyane, is also the only French-speaking nation in South America. City tours of the capital, Cayenne (population: 60,050), focus on the main attractions centered around the Place des Palmistes, museums, the city hall, the main cathedral and more. The French formerly used French Guiana as a dumping grounds for prisoners. The ruins of some of the prisons can still be visited today, although there really isn’t much to see. Devil’s Island and the Iles du Salut are often visited by cruise ships and other French Guiana tours and feature nice beaches.