South America Tours

  • Calle La Ronda
    Parting from Calle Benalcázar, the downhill walk along Calle La Ronda is a short journey through a very significant representation of colonial life in Quito. The term ronda refers to a small alleyway within the walls of a city, and although Quito was never walled, the street once marked the
  • Rio Muchacho Organic Farm
    Situated in the Río Muchacho river valley, just a short distance from the chilled beaches of Canoa, Río Muchacho Organic Farm focuses on environmental and cultural awareness with an affinity towards community development and sustainable tourism. Owners Nicola and Dario have not only created a sel
  • Land-Based Galápagos Tours
    Combination tours, or land-based tours, are similar to navigable tours in that they combine visits to land and marine sites in the archipelago. The major difference is that combination tours include lodging on land and are limited to sites within a finite radius of the hub town, either
  • Sacred Valley
    My taxi driver Pablo picks me up at 7 a.m. at my hotel, Hostal Marani in Cusco, for my tour of the Sacred Valley. Amazing mountain scenery is on view as we head to our first destination, Chinchero. There is a huge market here on Sundays. There are more Inca ruins and terraces set among the beautiful
  • Eco-tourism in Peru
    Eco-tourism in Peru has boomed in the last decade. There are many valid eco-lodges that have little or no negative effect on the environment and help you truly appreciate Peru's natural beauty. However, many hotels claim to be eco-lodges (often simply by adding the prefix "eco" to all goods and ser
  • InkaNatura Travel - Tours
    InkaNatura Travel is owned by the nonprofit group Peru Verde, and operates on the slogan of "conservation through tourism," with all net proceeds benefiting conservation efforts of national parks, reserves, and archaeological sites in Peru. InkaNatura organizes unique tours focused on nature, cultur
  • Molino de Sabandía
    This centuries-old mill, powered by a nearby waterfall, is in operation, grinding grains and flours, after being restored in 1973. This historical landmark is worth visiting both for its historical architecture, as well as the natural beauty surrounding it. Alpacas and vicuñas freely wander outsid
  • Toro Muerto petroglyphs
    Stretching 200 meters (652 feet) wide for about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles), the impressive Petroglifos de Toro Muerto is one of the largest collections of petroglyph drawings in the world. Figures of animals, birds and peopleâ??many of them mysterious flying "ancient astronauts"â??carved into volca
  • Reserva Nacional San Fernando
    Reserva Nacional San Fernando is a 154,716-hectare (382,312-ac) land and sea national park near San Juan de Marcona. It has two distinct sectors. The northern part of the reserve is where the Ica and Grande rivers flow into the sea, creating a beautiful contrast between the barren desert and the fo
  • Amazon Animal Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm
    Few travelers get to see stealthy jaguars, solitary anteaters and rare red uakari monkeys in the jungle, but at the Amazon Animal Orphanage and Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm, you can visit with wildlife and see the fragile insects in all stages of life. Chances are, a gregarious monkey will take a ri
  • Casa Torre Tagle
    One of the oldest and most accomplished expressions of Spanish colonialism, the Casa Torre Tagle merits a visit. It is named after the Marquis Torre Tagle, a former treasurer of the Spanish Armada. Built in 1735, this is one of the last examples of Baroque design found in the Americas, with imperia
  • Mansión del Fundador
    Its name in Spanish translates to â??Mansion of the Founder.â? The founder in question being Don Garcí Manuel de Carbajal, who was among many knights ordered by Francisco Pizarro to establish cities across Peru as a means of consolidating the territory under Spanish rule. Don Carbajal accompli
  • Circuito del Maíz
    Traveling west of Popayán, you enter the Circuito del Maíz, or the Corn Circuit, a gastronomic tour of the region. Sample homemade arepas, tamales, sweets, chicha and other typical foods made from Zea in the villages of El Charco, Santa Ana and Cajete. You then end your journey at the Balne
  • Huancas
    Huancas, 5 kilometers north of Chachapoyas, derives its name from the Huancas nation. Originally from the Mantaro valley east of Lima, they were sent by Inca ruler Huayna Cápac as mitmaq, or colonists to the Chachapoya realm. Huancas has become renowned for its pottery, made exclusively by women,
  • Casa Goyeneche
    Across the street from the Casa Torre Tagle, is the Casa Goyeneche, also known as the Casa Rada, constructed 40 years later. These side-by-side buildings provide a striking opportunity to observe
  • Aeroxtreme
    Paragliding instructor Michael Fernández has more than 15 years of experience. He offers tandem flights year-round that fly over the beautiful Costa Verde in Miraflores. Flights are around 10 minutes long and no experience is necessary. Be sure to bring your camera. Mike also offers one-day cour
  • City Tours
    PRIVATE TOURS around Buenos Aires. We do a mix between walking and driving. Buenos Aires is a georgeous city, and some walking through its avenues is a must to appreciate its architectural style, plazas, monuments, etc. All day tours or half a day. TRANSFER SERVICES: From/to Airport/Pier. BINLINGUAL
  • Santuario Nuestra Señora de las Lajas
    One day in 1750 (more or less), María Mueses de Quiñónez was walking from Potosí to Ipiales. Upon her back she carried her young, deaf-mute daughter Rosa. They decided to rest at Pastarán cave on the banks of the Río Guáitra. When doña María awoke from a nap, she discovered her daughter
  • Avoiding Problems and Frustrations - Galápagos Tours
    Since there is always the possibility that things go wrong on any vacation and the potential for rough sailing in the Galápagos exists, it is impossible to make a comprehensive section on how to avoid any negative situation. However, we've tried to cover the basics and address the most common prob
  • White Water Rafting
    Rushing down from the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, the Servitá and Chicamocha Rivers merge at Capitanejo, their waters swirling and foaming, leaping through a canyon on their way to join the Río Magdalena. Rafting on these rapids is more well-known as an activity in the San Gil-Bucaramanga region. How
  • Wine tours

    As Chilean wines have matured into worldly nectars, winemakers have also caught on the touristic potential and more and more valleys are setting up tours. So if you want to swill vinos tintos and blancos, sniff out the fruity and woody aromas, learn to tell your c

  • Rafting the Quijos River
    The Quijos River runs down the eastern slope of the Ecuadorian Andes, eventually flowing into the Amazon. During the months from about November to March, it is one of the best rafting rivers in Ecuador, offering miles of thrilling class IV rapids. Most rafting outfitters prefer to do the Quijos as
  • Travel and Hotel Guide
    We offer complete information about hotels and tours in Cusco and Machu Picchu.
  • Punta Espinosa
    Fernandina's only visitor site, Punta Espinosa is a great place to see some Galapagos wildlife that you don't often see. Most noteworthy is the endemic flightless cormorant, which is only found in western islands. After a dry-ish landin
  • Galápagos Dove
    The endemic Galápagos Dove (Zenaida galapagoensis, paloma de Galapagos) is one of the more attractive land birds, with a chestnut-brown back, reddish-brown head and underparts, bright red legs, and a conspicuous pale blue ring around the eye. Active nests are found year-round, but the pea
  • Wildlife Sightings Tours
    Eco-friendly customed Wildlife sighting tours in Patagonia´s Deseado River Natural Reserve and Penguin Island Natural Reserve. Incredible animals like dolphins, sea lions, elephants seals, magellanic and rockhoppers penguins, and many other sea birds species gathered all together in a small area.
  • Ecuador Whale Watching Tours
    Every year, humpback whales travel to waters just off the coast of Ecuador where warm currents make comfortable temperatures for the adult whales to mate and have their young, who are born without the layer of fat essential for colder waters where they spend the rest of the year. This is probably
  • Land Birds - Galápagos
    There are relatively few land birds in Galapagos, and most of them (22 of 29) are endemic. In general, their coloring runs in greys, browns and blacks, with the dazzling Vermilion Flycatcher being the most obvious exception. Like most Galapagos birds, they can be surprisingly tame and even friendly
  • Galápagos Hawk
    The Galápagos Hawk (Buteo galapagoensis, gavilán de Galápagos) is an impressive and fearless large, dark brown bird of prey. Adults have a dark banded tail, yellow, hooked bill, and strong yellow talons. The female has the same general features but has a larger, more imposing stature. Ju
  • Rays in the Galápagos Islands
    The Manta Ray (Manta hamiltoni, mantaraya), with its large lobes, long mouth, thin tail, and massive three-meter wingspan, is an amazingly beautiful, graceful, and unassuming creature. And watching it swim or jump out of the water to remove annoying parasites or remora is a truly unforgett
  • Land Birds - Galápagos
    Few species of land birds inhabit the Galápagos, and three-quarters (22 of 29) of these are endemic. Unlike other Galápagos fauna, most land birds are visually unpleasing, spanning the dull and drab spectrum of the color palette. As if to overcompensate for being color-challenged, these birds ha
  • Horseback trip to Salinas
    Near Riobamba, you can ride horses through the Chimborazo highlands, rounding the magnificent volcano, and crossing into the national reserve, where you can admire the wildlife of the páramo. To complete this Andean safari, plan to spend the night in the mountain town of Salinas. With any l
  • Galápagos Sub-Aqua
    Galápagos Sub-Aqua is a full-service dive center in Puerto Ayora. PADI-certification courses, from open-water to divemaster, are provided for a reasonable cost. Already certified divers can arrange daily immersions individually or as a tour package. Most guides and instructors are English-speaking,
  • The Falkland Islands Tours and Travel Services
    Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas tours are very useful in this most remote of destinations.  Falkland Island tours can schedule flights, lodging (which can quickly fill up) and tours, but independent travel is also possible, albeit a bit more complicated. Most tours start in Stanley and can branc
  • Manatee Amazon Explorer
    A massive river cruise boat offering four to ten-day trips with a variety of itineraries that take passengers through Yasuní National Park, the Terra Firmae Forest, Limonecha Biological Reserve, up the Cuyabeno river, and into various jungle lakes and gorges.
  • Welsh and Celticism in Patagonia
    Andes Celtig are travel specialists located in Trevelin, in the Welsh settlement of Chubut, Patagonia. Trevelin is in a valley called â??Cwm Hyfryd,â? meaning beautiful valley in Welsh, named by the Welsh pioneers who discovered it in 1885. Our specialization is coordinating journeys to the "Wla
  • The Circumvalar de Galeras
    The Circumvalar de Galeras (or Ruta Dulce de Nariño) around the base of Volcán Galeras samples historical, colonial villages with long artisan traditions: Nariño, La Florida, Sandoná, Consacá, Yacuanquer and Tangua. The most famous of these is Sandoná, 48 kilometers (29 mi) northwest of Pasto
  • Participating in Samba Parade
    One great way some travelers experience Carnival is to get in the thick of it by marching with the samba schools during the Sambodromo parade. Many of the schools allow a certain number of travelers to take part. Of course, they will charge you for your costume, which can r
  • La Ruta del Che (the Che Guevara Trail)
    Santa Cruz is an important kicking-off point for the recently founded Che Guevara Trail, which follows the route of Che's 1967 Bolivian Campaign that resulted in his capture and execution. The trail itself, marked with painted signs posted along country roads, has two main sections covering more th
  • Ica Wineries
    In the countryside around Ica, 85 traditional wineries woo visitors with sensational food, charming atmosphere and, more importantly, the opportunity to taste locally produced wines and piscos. In the evenings, the ambiance changes to down-to-earth cant
  • Huachichocana and the Cave Paintings
    Just 10 kilometers from Purmamarca is the small town of Huachichocana, a pretty part of the gorge that makes an excellent bike or horseback riding day trip. Perhaps more interesting, however, are the nearby caves, just south of the Huacha bridge, in which can be found ancient paintings by some of th
  • Silos
    Between Pamplona and Bucaramanga is a spur road at La Laguna that goes south to the small village of Silos. Surrounded by the foothills of the Cordillera Oriental, Silos is rich in minerals, including marble, coal and limestone. Its inhabitants also weave woolen blankets and ponchos. The countryside
  • Carnival in Brazil
    Minster Nothing embodies the spirit of Brazil more than carnival. Every year, six weeks before Easter, the country turns out for four solid days of partying, dancing and singing in the streets. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Brazil for this unique celebration
  • Walking Tour
    Although many Chileans associate Valparaíso with trash-lined alleys and opportunistic thieves, visitors will be pleasantly surprised to find a slice of gritty bohemianism in two of the downtown's adjacent cerros (hills), Alegre and Concepción. The central location of the hills makes them an appro
  • Steam train to Zipaquira
    An interesting and fun way to get out to the Salt Cathedral at Zipaquira is to travel on the Sabana Steam train from central Bogotá. The train only runs on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and it is imperative that you head to the Estacion de La Sabana couple of days in advance to secure yo
  • Adventure Tour to Icla
    Two days of pure fun and discovery! On Day 1 go mountainbiking (downhill) then a canyon expedition through the amazing Canyon of Icla. On Day 2 enjoy some more downhill mountainbiking and a couple of hours of tubing! fun! fun! fun!
  • Aries Bike Company
  • Jungle Discovery
    The Jungle Discovery is a first class Flotel that takes you on a ecological river cruise through the Yasuni National Park. This park is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world with many species of plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. The flotel can hold between 29-33 passengers
  • Eco-Friendly Farmstay Tours, Ecuador
    Stay with a local family on a homestay tour in this rural area of Ecuador and experience life on the farm for yourself. Guided farm tours available, and you're encouraged to get involved and help pick coffee, chocolate, bananas, oranges, etc. You can also visit sugarcane farmers to see them produce
  • Punta Gorda Reserve
    About a five mile beach walk outside of Bahia de Caráquez is Punta Gorda Reserve where volunteers can work on the last bit of the Tropical Dry Forest while getting away from the gringo trail, busy bus lines, always on the go travel style. The Cabin Tortuguita â??Small Turtleâ? is perched high
  • Short-Eared Owl
    The Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus galapagoensis, lechuza de orejas cortas) is the most commonly seen owl in the Galápagos. It is dark brown in color with light mottled markings, a dark facial disc, yellow eyes, and a dark bill. You are most likely to see the diurnal hunter in the early
  • Isla Fragatas
    Just a 15-minute boat ride from Bahía, Isla Fragatas is a bird paradise and mangrove haven. Check out this unique island ecosystem, and see La Tortuga Miguelito (the local 93-year old Galápagos turtle and mangrove mascot) and Saiananda Park. A portion of the tour fee is reserved for conservation
  • Reserva Natural Sierra del Tigre
    Some of the oldest mountains in the world make up this small natural reserve. Once the home of the original inhabitants of Tandil, the reserve is comprised of natural rock formations sit alongside the ruins of man-made structures. At the entrance, the Centro de Interpretacíon details the variety of
  • Laguna San Tomas
    Ten blocks west of the Plaza, this huge lagoon and park stretches over 500 hectares and is the locals' choice spot for playing sports, anything from water-skiing to volleyball. Outdoor playthings and island fortresses, including a bright pink princess castle, make the Laguna a popular destination fo
  • Yotoco
    Some 18 kilometers (11 mi) from Buga and 56 kilometers (34.8 mi) from Cali, the natural reserve of Yotoco covers 560 hectares (1,384 ac) and its altitude oscillates between 1,200 and 1,600 meters (3,937-5,249 ft) above sea level. The town of Yotoco itself was founded in 1622 by Captain Diego Re
  • Marinilla, El Peñol, Guatapé
    Marinilla, El Peñol and Guatapé are small municipalities roughly 50 kilometers (31 mi) from Medellín, easily reachable from the Terminal del Norte. Marinilla is of great importance in the region of Antioquia as a site of historical and artistic interest. Founded in 1690, it bears all the hallmar
  • Gayperu Travel
    Gay Peru Travel specializes in tours to Peru's many beauties, especially for gay travelers. Its main offering is the 14-night/15-day “Fascinating Andes” excursion, visiting sites in Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Amazon jungle and Lago Titicaca. The package includes lodging, breakfast, to
  • Reserva Natural Parque Lugo
    The first game reserve in Argentina, Parque Lugo is now a protected provincial nature reserve and home to more than 160 species of birds, as well as foxes, pumas, ferrets, red deer and boar. Lagoon, woods and dunes cover the 6,500 hectares of the former estate of Pedro Lugo, who created this huntin
  • Eco tourism in Argentina
    An increasingly developing industry of great potential under the geographic qualities of Argentina, eco tourism is a controlled and directed activity aimed at producing minimal impact on natural ecosystems while educating visitors on the importance of conserving the natural and cultural treasu
  • Los Coches de La Colonia: Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours
    What better way to enjoy the colonial center of Quito than in the preferred method of transportation of a century ago, a horse and buggy! Quito's colonial founders would be surprised to hop into one of these carriages as soon as the MP3 player starts bumping, the headlights flick on and the high-te
  • Visit a Tsáchila Community
    One really worthwhile trip if you're at a loose end in the area is to head out to a Tsáchila community. The group is known for the fact that the men dye their hair red with achiote. A typical visit would include a tour where you are shown their dress, their bamboo homes, weapons and learn more abo
  • Adventure tour to Icla
    fun adventure two days !lots to see and although easy enough still pretty exhausting but glad we did it!
  • Los Coches De La Colonia
  • Antarctica Tours
    Pristine unique landscapes, amazing glaciers and incredible wildlife are all seen during an Antarctic tour. Tours run from November through to March as for the rest of the year polar ice and extreme winter conditions prevent travel. January and February are generally the best time to see most pengui
  • Mountains of Ecuador
    High Summits exclusively works with certified guides, members of the Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides ASEGUIM. Some of them also are instructors of the ASEGUIM where they train jung mountain guides in Ecuador. They have made important ascents in the Himalayas, the Alps, Bolivia, France, S
  • Motor Sports
    Motor Sports are also very popular in Pinamar. Quads and Four wheelers are almost as common as cars in the streets. Lots of sand and dunes makes for perfect terrain but also many a stuck vehicle. More than one Porteño has stranded their new and expensive SUV in the sand here. For ATV's or Quad rent
  • Sandboarding in the Ica Desert
    You've most definitely heard of surfing and skiing, and probably snowboarding, but sandboarding? Believe it or not, one of the most popular activities in southern Peru's I
  • Homestay
    I stayed with a family for two days in Chicheros. They taught me how to weave, I played with the kids and saw what life was like in small Andean town. They took me to their potato patch, too. The room was very basic and they gave me hot water to have a bath, but it was special.
  • Motor Sports - Formula 1
    Day 1 - 4 hour city tour to the most exciting tourist sites in São Paulo. We will visit the TAS (Torcida Ayrton Senna) - the Ayrton Senna´s Fan Club - where you can see several objects related to this pilot's career, from the moment he went into the world of motor racing to his winning the For
  • Salt Water Fishing at the Royal Charlotte Bank
    Combine the excitement of fishing and the peace and quiet of a resort. Located on the south of Bahia, the Royal Charlotte Bank is a continental platform which goes from Porto Seguro, Santa Cruz de Cabrália as far as the city of Belmonte, reaching up to 50 miles from the shore. This platform offers
  • Cueva de Calichal
    Spelunkers, get ready for a bit of exploration. Cueva de Calichal—Calichal Cave—is awaiting you. The first chamber is easily accessed by anyone. Just slip through that fissure in the rocks. But if you really want to see the bowels of this piece of earth, festooned with stalagmites and stal
  • San Cipriano
    San Cipriano is fast becoming a must-do activity for adventure-seeking travelers. At Córdoba, two hours from Cali on the road to Buenaventura, there are train tracks where trains no longer run. Due to this, the town of San Cipriano has effectively been cut off from civilization. Nonetheless, the lo
  • Motorbike Tours
    Motorcycling in Huascarán National Park. Bring strong boots. Daily, 9 a.m.-10.30 p.m.
  • Lake Calima
    Spanning an area of 70 square kilometers (27 sq mi), Lake Calima is the largest artificial body of water in Colombia. The lake was created in 1964, when the government undertook a massive dam project to provide energy for that region. Just 90 kilometers (56 mi)from Cali, it has become one of the to
  • Mountain Biking in Argentina
    Hop on the two knobby tires of a mountain bike to take your adventure travel in Argentina to a new level. This increasingly popular sport can be an enjoyable experience of Argentina if you take the time to plan out a trip that fits your interests and difficulty level. Patagonia and Barriloche are th
  • Amazon Tours
    There are two basic Ecuadorian tours to the Amazon Rainforest Basin: lodge-based tours and canoe-based tours. In both, you pay a base price at the beginning which includes guides, all meals, transportation from the nearest major town to the launching spot and usually special equipment like boots an
  • More Isabela Visitor Sites
    With the exception of Puerto Villamil and the surrounding areas, all of Isabela's visitor sites are on the western side of the island. Tagus Cove, just west of Volcán Darwin, was once a favorite anchor-spot for early whaling and pirate ships, the names which
  • Treks around Sorata