• Academia Latinoamericana de Español
    Regardless of their level of proficiency, students at Academia Latinoamericana will find a program that suits their needs, goals and learning styles. There are a variey of group programs available (with a maximum of four students per group), ranging from standard 20 hour courses to intensive 30 hou
  • Spanish in Peru
    Learn Spanish in three of the Inca empire's most enigmatic strongholds: the archeological capital Cusco, Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and the rainforest of Manu. The Cusco branch of the Spanish in Peru language school is located nea
  • Andean Integration Spanish Café
    Laidback and a little different from the rest, the Spanish Language Café is a good choice for those looking to escape the standard Spanish school bubble and spend the days practicing grammar and conversing in a chill bar-café. By day the place hums with Spanish murmurings, while a small bar and l
  • Llama Education
    Llama Education has been teaching Spanish to travelers since 1998. Offering customized, immersion courses, this school has individual and small-group (2-6 student) classes that are held in a downtown school or on the residential neighborhood campus. Also, there are cooking and dance lessons. Th
  • ROCIO Spanish Language Program
    ROCIO Language program has Spanish, Quechua, Aymara and other language courses, as well as a host of slightly different courses, such as Peruvian dance and cooking, and extracurricular activities like bird watching in Chiwata. The school also offers specialized courses for engineers, lawyers, b
  • Sumaq Marka
    At this nice, small school, students receive customized tutoring in a full range of course levels, for complete beginners through to advanced speakers. One-on-one or small-group lessons are available either part time or full time. Additionally, it offers survival, immersion, conversation lessons
  • El Sol Spanish School
    A quaint, friendly Spanish language school in the heart to Miraflores, El Sol Spanish School offers a range of courses, from beginner and advanced Spanish grammar to Peruvian cooking. Salsa classes are also offered in the late afternoon, along with a variety of weekly social activities. It has a g
  • Amauta Spanish School

    Amauta Spanish School offers the unique opportunity to study Spanish while immersed in Peruvian culture. Other activities make Amauta Spanish School a distinct educational destination in Cusco, former capital of th

  • Wiracocha Spanish School
    If you're interested in brushing up your Spanish skills while in Peru, then you should check out Wiracocha Spanish School. Offering a fun, friendly and professional environment, the school has a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced programs. Depending on your needs and how much time you h
  • Trujillo Language School
    Trujillo Language School offers immersion Spanish language courses for visitors to Peru. Besides typical beginner and intermediate language classes, the school offers medical Spanish and dental Spanish professional courses, which focus on specific terminology in a clinical context. All of the class
  • Spanish School Arequipa
    Opened in 2004 and located in the center of the city, Spanish School Arequipa specializes in total-immersion, one-on-one programs and small groups. Courses are tailored to your abilities, and all levels are available. Special programs in Spanish for travelers and volunteers are offered. The school
  • EDEAQ Escuela de Español Ari Quipay Arequipa
    EDEAQ, located in a quiet, bright building just a half-block from the Plaza de Armas, is one of Arequipa's most recommended language schools. It teaches six levels of Spanish, in classrooms of no more than five students, at scheduled hours. One-on-one lessons are also offered, as well as preparat
  • CEPESMA Spanish School
    CEPESMA, established in 2001, teaches travelers everything they need to know to make their trip through Peru more enjoyable. Not only does it offer six levels of Spanish, including business and travel, but also excursions, and cooking and dance classes. Coursework is tailored to the interests a
  • Conexus Language Institute
    Conexus is a small school in Lima offering courses in Spanish and English. Class size varies, but never more than five students, and individual classes are available. It accepts walk-ins, and is very flexible with scheduling. Conexus is best for travelers who just want to learn Spanish, but who don
  • Universidad del Pacífico Centro de Idiomas
    The Spanish program at the Universidad del Pacífico is a serious, rigorous course of study designed for those who really need to learn the language, such as businessmen, diplomats, etc. Courses start regularly, but run on the university schedule, not that of students. Classes usually meet in the
  • Pontíficia Universidad Católica del Peru Instituto de Idiomas
    The Pontíficia Universidad Católica del Peru, which has been in existence for almost 100 years, is a fully accredited and prestigious Peruvian university. It offers Spanish classes to foreigners, but without the flexibility of smaller walk-in places. If you're planning on being in Lima for a whil
  • ICPNA Spanish School
    ICPNA is much more than a simple, garden-variety walk-in Spanish school for foreigners, the sort of which are found from Cuernavaca to Santiago. This large institution offers English classes for Peruvians, cultural programs, testing prep (SATs, etc.) and more. The Spanish program can be taken month
  • EEC Spanish School
    The EEC Spanish School is a professional school with tailor-made courses for different needs. It offers professional Spanish courses that will train students to effectively interact and conduct business with Latin Americans and standard Spanish courses that will help students to learn about the loc
  • Academia Castellana
    Academia Castellana offers Spanish classes in Lima, including a variety of levels and business Spanish. Classes begin whenever the students want, and time and hours per day are flexible. Lodging is with host families or in student residences, and the academy offers organized trips and activities, s
  • CEICA - Peru
    Since 1996, CEICA-Peru has helped foreigners to learn Spanish and about Peruvian life. This school offers five levels of Spanish courses, as well as courses in Quechua, Peruvian history, Peruvian literature, commercial correspondence, cooking, music and dancing. Classes are one-on-one or in sma
  • Habla Spanish Language School

    Habla, Spanish Language School offers courses in Spanish as a foreign language, with a special focus on spoken communication. Its methodology is based in teaching on real communicative situations, those that can be found in a

  • Escuela de Español Viva
    Viva Spanish School is a language center that specializes in teaching Spanish as a second language, and in introducing Latin American and Peruvian culture to students. The school offers three levels of study that combine grammar and conversation as well as preparation for the DELE (international Sp
  • Hispana Spanish Language School
    Excellent school to study Spanish and speak it from the very beginning. There are extra-curricular activities such as excursions in Lima, salsa dancing and Peruvian cooking lessons and a great library with excellent bilingual books. Centrally located in the heart of Miraflores district.
  • San Blas Spanish School
    If brushing up on your Spanish skills is a priority in Cusco, San Blas Spanish School is one of the most visible tutoring outfits in town. Full-immersion classes are offered in one-week blocks to students of all abilities, in four-hour morning or afternoon sessions. Placement exams are given to stu
  • Mundo Verde Spanish School
    Mundo Verde Spanish School is a non-profit language school that runs a variety of general and specialized programs, including Spanish courses for families and children, cultural Spanish, and courses that focus on Andean Mysticism and Andean plants and ecosystems. They also offer reasonably-priced m
  • Andes Spanish School
    http://www.andesspanishschool.com Los Andes Spanish School is a small school dedicated to teaching Spanish as a second language. As a beginner you can obtain a solid basic level of Spanish in two weeks. Practiced in and outside, our objective is that the learner may use real and functional language
  • Máximo Nivel
    Internationally accredited by the Peruvian Ministry of Education, Máximo Nivel (an international institute with branches in Costa Rica and Guatemala as well as Peru) specializes in top-notch Spanish classes and runs a variety of programs that blend travel, study and volunteering. Staff are profess
  • Inticahuarina Spanish School
    Inticahuarina Spanish School is a shiny school that offers a full range of language school options. More importantly, Inticahuarina can arrange volunteer opportunities in and around Cusco. This gives students a chance to give a little back to the community they are studying in but also to get out an
  • Mijn Bestemming Peru
    Mijn Bestemming Peru is a really good Dutch-Peruvian organization for Spanish lessons and also for volunteer work in Peru! Volunteering is free with this organization; you don´t have to pay volunteer fees.
  • Studying Spanish in Peru
    Peru is home to a number of excellent Spanish schools, most of which are centered in cities with thriving tourist scenes such as Lima and Cusco.
  • South American Spanish School
    South American Spanish School in Cusco has some uniquely blended programs. One is Spanish mixed with Inca culture and the other is Spanish mixed with modern Peruvian culture. Half of the day is spent learning Spanish and the other half is spent learning about the other topic. They can also set up st
  • S.I.I.E School
    S.I.I.E School offers a wide variety of Spanish programs and courses designed for each student's individual needs, from absolute beginners to advanced (DELE Certificate and credits awarded), Spanish for careers; professionals, one to one, academic rrograms for scholars, school group cultural tours,
  • Caminante School
    The Caminante School has branches in several areas of Peru, including Arequipa, Ica, Cusco, Lima, Lambayeque, Puno and Trujillo. It intends to o
  • Peru Language Center

    Learn Spanish with Peru Language Center. Our Spanish language school many different courses: Spanish inmersion, Intensive Spanish, Business Program, and a Medical Internship.

  • CuscoMania Spanish School
    Cusco Mania Spanish has several long-term packages ranging from a few weeks to six months. All teachers are fully qualified. The school also has several other extensive programs such as cooking, dancing and volunteering in and around Cusco. Cusco Mania is not a school focused on intensive language p
  • Excel Spanish Language Center
    All programs at the Excel Spanish Language Center include optional activities in addition to the curriculum and are included in the tuition. The frequency and availability of activities depends on the time of year (and the season). Examples of prior activities are day hikes, tours of historical ruin
  • Cusco Spanish School
    Cusco Spanish School is a small, personal, and flexible Spanish language school with more than 10 years of experience. It is made up of professional Peruvians with a broad knowledge of the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and certain expertises, such as history, literature, economics, and
  • Lingua Cusco
    Lingua Cusco Spanish School is also part of the Asociacíon Pukllasunchis which works with the Cusco community to provide aid to under-privileged children. The project is well-regarded throughout Peru, and students can participate in the program. The homestay options are more flexible than those at
  • Proyecto Peru Language Centre
    In addition to offering a number of different Spanish courses and private Quechua classes, Proyecto Peru Language Centre also hosts a wide range of weekly free activities, such as Peruvian cooking classes, welcome dinners, Latin American movie nights and salsa classes. There is free WiFi in the sch
  • Machu Picchu Spanish School
    Machu Picchu Spanish School has several activities to get students involved in the community and within the school. Each Monday there is a welcome dinner for that week's new students. Additionally, there are dancing and cooking classes available for interested students. Most of the activities are in
  • Cervantes Spanish School
    The Spanish language study program at the Cervantes Spanish School includes salsa classes, cooking classes and walking city tours. Volunteer work can also be arranged. Individual lessons are $120 per week; group lessons, with a maximum of 4 persons, are $90 per week. Both options entail 20 hours o
  • Amigos Spanish School
    Amigos Spanish School is a non-profit language school which donates all its profits to the Amigos Foundation, which provides young Peruvians with English classes, a daily meal, and weekly skills workshops. Amigos offers private and individual Spanish courses as well as specialized Spanish courses (
  • FairPlay Spanish School
    Founded in 2006 by a Belgian/Peruvian couple, FairPlay is a non-profit Spanish school and volunteer organization with a difference. The organization's aim is to support single Peruvian mothers who have been previously marginalized from society and unable to earn a decent wage. FairPlay trains these
  • Acupari Language School
    Acupari Language School offers private and group lessons in Spanish as well as private lessons in Quechua. Lesson packages include conversational practice, salsa lessons, cooking lessons and excursions. Students have the option to be given a Tandem Partner at no extra cost: students will be partner
  • Studying Quechua in Peru
    Whether you need to speak Quechua in order to live and/or work in certain Andean areas or whether you simply want to try something different, you will find that a number of schools in Peru offer the option to learn this historic language. Quechua, the official language of the Inca Empire, is stil
  • Simple Spanish
    Offers Spanish lessons here in Huanchaco and also internationally by Skype. Hours to suit you, at a pace that suits you, with explanations to whatever questions you may have regarding the language. A common-sense, ground-up approach. Not just pa