Peru Restaurants

Peru restaurants are sure not to disappoint those looking for great culinary experiences during their holiday. Come with an open mind, and empty stomach, and experience the unique flavors of this culturally rich country. Recently awareness has increased about just how good Peruvian food is, to the point where it is possible to even take special Peru culinary tours, focusing on the great food available. Peru restaurants vary widelyâ??you can find anything from regional specialities such as Cervicherias or Andean specialities, through to Chifa (Chinese food), through Italian, fancy wine bars and restaurants serving delicate fine cuisine. Wash it all down with an Inka Kola, or if you fancy something a bit stronger, hit the Pisco Sours.

  • Mythology
    Gringos living here could just as well name Mythology â??cool central.â? It has a movie salon, a restaurant and an all-night dance floor. The cool location in the northwest corner of the Plaza de Armas is also where they offer regular salsa lessons. There are movies that play every day at 2:00 p
  • Restaurant La Tushpa
    La Tushpa is a family-style restaurant that provides a pleasant alfresco dining experience, with tables laid out on a back patio. The owners are welcoming and eager to chat about about your trip or the region's archaeological riches. Open Monday-Saturday from 1-11 p.m.
  • Querubino
    Colorfully decorated with modern art and featuring regular live bands, Querubino is a cheerful place to enjoy excellent and typical dishes from the varied (though mostly meat-orientated) menu.
  • Indio Feliz Restaurant Bistro
    As a restaurant, Indio Feliz has acquired a reputation-not just in Aguas Calientes, but in all of Peru-that is nothing less than legendary. They have won many prizes, including, in two consecutive years, top honors in a national contest as Peruvian Business of the Year. It is the restaurant of choi
  • Toto's House
    Toto's House Restaurant is mainly defined by its size: a 400 person capacity to be exact. The huge all-you-can eat buffet is its other distinguishing feature (it's possible to order dishes from the menu too). The restaurant sits alongside railroad tracks on the banks of the loud, churning Urubamba
  • Café del Museo
    Located by the Museo Larco´s beautiful gardens, Café del Museo offers the best Peruvian "fusion" menu. Chef Gastón Acurio (of Restaurant Astrid y Gastón fame) is responsible for these original proposal in Pueblo Libre district. As Larco Museum is a must see in Lima, take your time and relax a
  • Yakumama II Restaurant
    This standard but very decent restaurant on Manco Capac Plaza offers traditional Peruvian food along with, of course, the universal favorite: pizza. There is an amusing touch in terms of the table decor, with folk-art dolls representing classical stereotypes of rural Peruvians. Open from 8 a.m unti
  • Antigua Taberna Queirolo
    This large, attractive and stylish restaurant, with its swinging wood doors, is modeled on what a 16th-century European tavern would have looked like. There are also displays of nostalgic photos of old Peru on its walls. The taberna's 14-item menu includes such choice offerings as choroli
  • El Charro
    This restaurant has (questionable) style to spare, from the stained and varnished logs holding up its roof to the combination of black leather tablecloths and sheepskin-covered benches. El Charro offers Peruvian, Mexican and Italian dishes, with fixed menus for around $5. Á la carte items
  • Aiko Restaurant
    One of several restaurants alongside the railroad tracks on Imperios de los Incas, the advantages of this eatery are its attractive location and low prices, particularly in Aguas Calientes. The selection offered is fairly standard: varieties of spaghetti, roasted chicken, steak and trout, but the r
  • Miski Mijuna Wasi
    Facing Pisac's famous pisonay tree in the central plaza and, three days a week, the colorful market fair that takes over the town, Miski Mijuna Wasi restaurant offers traditional Peruvian and more standard cooking in a pleasant Andean setting, complete with native folk music complimenting the
  • Café Bar de la Casa del Corregidor
    After checking out the other fair trade businesses in this 17th century mansion, take a break sampling the drinks at Café Bar de la Casa del Corregidor. The house specialty is Tunkimayo organic coffee, grown by local farmers who receive fair price for their produce. Of course, the café also has
  • Confiteria Meli Melo
    If in Juliaca you feel your diet is challenged by a massive carbohydrate craving, you can resist it or you can visit Meli Melo, which for the cost of a few soles you can avail yourself to a large helping of freshly prepared chocolate mousse or cheesecake, not to mention a panoply of pies, puddings
  • Macondo
    This bar and restaurant provides a chic, art-gallery ambience, with contemporary artwork displayed on its walls and candles on each table providing a mellow glow. The menu items include chicken with mango and orange sauce, trout salmon with curry sauce, or a local specialty-papas locas, which consi
  • Khipus Restaurant
    One of the main reasons people may want to visit Khipus is that it is the restaurant of choice of Edilberto Mérida, one of Peru's most famous painters and sculptors. Merida first created the now-common image of the poor Latin American with outstretched and massive hands. A new and very large Mé
  • Granja Heidi Restaurant
    Owner Karl Heinz-Horner grew up in Germany, but proudly considers himself Peruvian after settling here and starting his own dairy farm, where he sells his own milk, yogurt and cheese. He is also the proprietor of Granja Heidi, located midway between the Plaza de Armas and Cuesta San Blas. Karl's le
  • Guru Kebab & Curry Indian Restaurant
    At Guru Kebab & Curry, you can find delicious, traditional recipes from India and Pakistan. The restaurant has a homey and warm atmosphere. The head chef and owner, Waheed Ashraf, was born in the Punjab, son of a Indian mother and Pakistani father. He ensures that vegetarians will be very satisfied
  • Palacio del Sancochado
    The Palacio del Sancochado is not just a restaurant. A uniquely limeña local legend for over 30 years, it relies on word of mouth and little else. Owner Juan Ruggiero's creative coup offers up more than lunch on its menu - it has to, since only lunch is served and only one plate offered. He has co
  • Café y Museo del Juguete
    At Café y Museo del Juguete you can sip on a cup of coffee while you stroll through the Peruvian past. Perhaps the classiest café in Trujillo, this place has an old-world-Paris feel, accented by walls covered with photographs of Mario Vargas Llosa and numerous Peruvian intellectuals who have freq
  • Laguna Dorada
    While visiting the Parque de la Exposición, the Food Rotunda is a fast, pleasant and convenient stop for your group. This food court is located beneath the stands of the outdoor Teatro de Exposición, and its climate, no matter how hot and humid the park may be on a given day, is always cool and d
  • Los Vitrales de Gemma
    A former colonial mansion converted into a slick, modern restaurant with a classy edge, the Vitrales de Gemma is a great place for groups: It can seat up to 210. This restaurant is definitely more upscale with prices to match. The menu offers variations of traditional Peruvian favorites, such as ce
  • El Estadio Fútbol Club
    "Our motto is good food, good times and soccer," claims El Estadio Fútbol Club. And, with a large stained-glass soccer ball in the window and life-size models of some of Latin America's most famous soccer players sitting at the tables, what else could you expect? This sports-pub-to-end-all-sports-
  • Cosentino Gourmet
    Inside the Palacio de la Unión and facing the Palacio del Gobierno, Cosentino Gourmet has a look that could be described as â??classyâ? and a specialized, limited item menu, but you still pay no more than at any other restaurant in the area. The menu changes every day, but a typical offering i
  • Piccolo Restaurant
    A self-described Italian restaurant, Piccolo Restaurant serves standard international favorites as well as Italian. Among the more original items on its menu are conejo a la mostaza, or rabbit à la mustard. Wine-sautéed alpaca, and a combined curried chicken-shrimp platter are also offere
  • Café Creperie
    This place features no less than 18 varieties of crepes. For your main course, try an Italian crepe with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, mozzarella and pesto sauce, or curry chicken with glazed apples and other unusual treats. Apples also feature in the desert crepes, as do sweet crepes sautéed in win
  • Cusco Café & Bar
    Located in one corner of the city of Urubamba's Plaza de Armas, the Cusco Café & Bar shows off a flashy sense of design and décor, from its ornately-carved banister (you walk up a flight of stairs to access the place) to gallery displays of modern art on its walls. It features continental and Peru
  • Café Plaza
    This charming little restaurant on the Plaza de Armas in Urubamba offers a variety of filling Peruvian and continental favorites. It also has a large selection of coffees, including a variety of liquor-spiced cafés, not to mention liquor-spiced hot chocolates. Chocolate pancakes are also on
  • Inka Traveler
    The Inka Traveler bar has a narrow winding staircase, decked out in stained wood bark, which you carefully walk up in order to access the restaurant itself, an efficient provider of well-made and inexpensive items from spaghetti and pancakes, to fried chicken and alpaca cutlets. Owner John Walter Se
  • Royal Inn Restaurant
    Part of the three-star Royal Inn, the restaurant matches the rest of the hotel; its clean, upscale interior constitutes a mini-vacation of sorts from Juliaca's unpleasant downtown. The menu items are a standard mix of Peruvian and continental favorites. A luncheon special is offered daily. A sectio
  • Ollantay Bar and Restaurant
    Ollantay Bar and Restaurant calls itself a "pizzeria, café, and restaurant," and what it claims is pretty much what you get. The menu includes pasta, soup, salad, steak, chicken, wines, trout, sandwiches, fruit juices, coffees and wines. It deserves kudos for the Old Spanish West atmosphere, espec
  • Arco de Belén Restaurant
    If you are inviting your friends for lunch, yet need to stay within your budget, you will have a hard time doing better than the Belén restaurant. Once a former military officers' club, it still retains an imperial ambiance, complete with high ceilings, ornate trim, columns, marble floors and, mos
  • La Muralla
    The riverside Parque la Muralla, on the banks of the Río Rímac, includes a slick, modern-style restaurant, La Muralla, complete with glass walls. This bistro features seafood, sandwiches and salads, as well as a variety of pies, custards and other deserts. The prices are about average for Lima,
  • T'anta
    T'anta, another fashionable and pricey restaurant near the Plaza de Armas, promises dishes that range from "light to forceful." Its menu features exotic dishes like chicharroncito, sliced pork with creamed sweet potato, orange sauce and Peruvian criolla, and Cheeses of the World, whic
  • Bar Restaurant Trujillo
    A favorite among locals in Juliaca, this moderately large restaurant, capable of seating 70, features 200 menu items. As owner Ricardo Onores proudly likes to point out, the Trujillo specializes in Northern Peruvian cuisine, such as cabrito con frijoles (goat with beans), pato con
  • California Café
    California Café has long become a Huaraz institution for foreign travelers and adventurers. Come in, put down your knapsack, grab a paperback, and relax in one of the wicker chairs or comfy sofas. Manager Tim Norris, a California native, has recreated the look and feel of a bohemian Berkeley hang-
  • Pepe Zeta Bistro Lounge
    Take a bit of pub atmosphere, mix it with a touch of lounge and you might get an idea of Pepe Zeta's flavor. Its menu is varied and unpretentious, offering many appetizers and a wide selection of cocktails. Cozy sofa areas, a beautiful fireplace to keep you warm, a huge screen by the bar area to wa
  • El Tiburón
    El Tiburón has all bases covered. It's a restaurant that specializes in typical Peruvian food, like all manners of fish, seafood and the omnipresent broaster chicken. Plus, there is the disco. Its space is large—almost cavernous—and filled with the energy of families. This is definitely
  • Bohème
    Just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas, the Bohème Bar, Restaurant and Pizzeria is both an informal pizzeria and a slightly more formal but still convivial dining area. There is also a bar you can sit at and order drinks. The pizzeria includes pizza with alpaca, white corn or frijoles toppings
  • Victor Victoria
    Victor Victoria has made itself into a Cusco institution, winning the hearts and stomachs of young travelers with its cheap, tasty and filling breakfasts, including pancakes, French toast and special-order omelets. The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner; the menu features local Peruvian c
  • Cappuccino Café
    Cappuccino Café is a tourist haven, but pleasant nonetheless. There's an impressive 22 varieties of coffee and a simple menu specializing in hamburgers, sandwiches and omelets. Located on the upper floor of the Portal Comercio, this eatery benefits from a spectacular view of the Plaza de Armas and
  • La Italiana
    The aptly named La Italiana features more than just the usual cheese pizza and spaghetti. Its “special pizzas” push new limits of creativity, with tasty combinations like prosciutto with palm hearts (palmito). The design itself evokes the proud
  • La Cabaña
    Etched-glass doors mark the entrance to La Cabaña, one of Huancabamba's many inexpensive restaurants. Original paintings and shelves of Chulucanas and Catacaos ceramics deck the walls. Many locals and visitors choose this eatery above the others, whether for breakfast (6:30-10 a.m.), lunch (noon-3
  • Café Mengu
    This bright, friendly restaurant in the heart of the Avenida Piura strip along the beach has very affordable prices, and offers hamburgers and seafood platters at reasonable prices. Juan Vega Ramirez and his brother are the owners and they take pride in offering a clean, convivial atmosphere, with
  • Karambola Restaurant
    Karambola is part of the large, air-conditioned, fun and stylish Karambola Disco Pub near the Plaza de Armas. It offers a varied selection of international cuisine, such as sweet and sour pork, or a very tasty chicken marinated in white cream and mushrooms and cooked in aluminum foil. Desserts incl
  • Carne y Brava
    Grilled platters, such as beef and chicken, are a given in most Peruvian restaurants, but this eatery in Plaza de Armas offers a more haute-cuisine version of the same, along with an upscale, stained-wood appearance. Curiously, there are no fish items, so come only if you are a meat lover. Couples
  • Wasai Lodge Restaurant
    The Wasai Lodge Restaurant is smallâ??with only five tablesâ??but it is worth coming to both for the well-prepared continental and Andean cuisine, as well as the great setting: a patio overlooking the Madre de Dios River. Dishes include filet mignon and pickled beef, not to mention chicken or fis
  • La Vaca Loca
    Its name means “mad cow,” but don't be put off: the food is not only safe, but exceptionally tasty. Steak marinated in Peruvian pisco, garlic-honey chicken wings and tacacho (green plantain, rolled, fried and served with Creole sauce) are among the many delicious items served up in
  • La Sirena
    Would you care for goat sautéed in black beer or raw tuna marinated in teriyaki sauce? Or, how does potato pasta sound? Your expert chef at the La Sirena restaurant, Juan Seminario, has incorporated exotic combinations of native Peruvian dishes with Japanese and European cuisine to offer something
  • Cafeteria de Angela/Angela's Place
    Originally from Austria, Angela Schmitzberger considers it was her destiny to relocate to Peru and manage the only vegetarian restaurant in the northern coast region of Peru. Going both by the name of Angela's Place and Cafetería de Angela, this small but hip and bohemian bistro makes its own whol
  • Turismo Restaurant Espada
    Turismo Restaurant Espada is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Peru and has received a slew of awards to prove it. The specialty is anything that has been pulled out of the sea. There are other options on the menu, but you'd be missing out to skip the seafood. Try the Enrollado de mer
  • Café Trotamundos
    The name translates into â??world trekkerâ? and this eatery has its own trekker icon, a stick figure with a backpack. As much a tavern as a café, Trotamundos has a great view of the Catedral on the Plaza de Armas, along with a large fireplace to keep the place warm. It has a large selection of
  • Sky Restaurant
    This new restaurant offers a great deal: purchase any menu item over eight soles ($2.50) and you get a free Pisco Sour. Purchase any menu item over 15 soles ($5) and you get a free glass of locally made wine. And if that is not enough, if you come in as a group of six, you can invite a seventh for f
  • Le Nomade
    Le Nomade offers a relaxed Bohemian ambience of couches and hookah pipes, the latter with a variety of tobaccos. The menu has more of an emphasis on French cuisine, with plates such as bistec con roquefort and boeuf bourguignon, but there are a number of sandwiches and salads as well. Its quiet dur
  • Kintaro Japanese Restaurant
    One of the very few Japanese restaurants in Cusco, Kintaro is run by Moriya Daisuke, a native of Japan, who offers his customers as authentic an experience as possible, complete with a second floor where you sit barefoot in order to enjoy such specialties as sushi, anjonjoli and tofu, vegetable noo
  • Map Cafe
    A short walk from the main square, MAP Cafe and the Pre-Columbian Art Museum provides one with an evening of combined fine dining and culture. Housed in a striking colonial mansion (Casa Cabrera), this stylish museum exhibits a select number of artifacts, jewelry, ceramics, and handicrafts in gold
  • Ras el Hanout y los 40 Sabores
    With its Moroccan theme, the café and tavern Ras el Hanout (subtitle: â??and the 40 flavorsâ?) is a perfect complement to the Spanish colonial architecture of Arequipa. Owner Egmond Gamero offers an elegant Moorish ambiance, from the old-world incense in the air, to the classic North African d
  • El Cerrojo
    EL Cerrejo (also called In the Balcony) is one of the restaurants fortunate enough to be located across from Arequipa's Plaza de Armas. Its second-floor terrace dining hall offers a scenic view of the square. The menu starts with low-priced items like sandwiches to costly platter like shrimp of s
  • La Boveda Social Club
    La Bóveda is more than just another one of the restaurant-taverns located in the Portal San Agustín on the Plaza de Armas. Owner José Manuel Delgado has cultivated his establishment as a favorite of Arequipa's literary, musical and artistic community. An indoor theater is used both for staging
  • Mandala Vegetarian Restaurant
    Mandala calls itself â??your vegetarian homeâ? and that is precisely what it is: a comfy place where vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a home-cooked meal. It offers a wide variety of soy meat dishes, including pizza and curries, as well as tofu options galore. Some platters feature gluten, suc
  • El Viñedo
    Located in an old sillar-stone building, El Viñedo has many pleasant rooms and a patio where diners may enjoy a selection from the extensive menu. It serves typical Arequipeña dishes like rocoto relleno and
  • Restaurant Aldea Yanapay
    As you walk up the flight of stairs to the Restaurant Aldea Yanapay, you are greeted by the colorful crayon impressions of children's artwork. The Restaurant Aldea Yanapay itself could be mistaken for a kindergarten, with cushions tossed on the floor as an indicator of its relaxed atmosphere. This
  • Sweet Temptations
    For those seeking a cozier and quieter corner of Cusco to relax and reflect, Sweet Temptations is a peaceful place in which to enjoy a light bite, like a salad or sandwich. The specialty, as the name suggests, are pastries, such as alfor de ponca, layers of thin cake with a caramel-like filling in
  • Paddy Flaherty's
    Paddy Flaherty's calls itself “the highest Irish pub in the world.” And at Cusco's altitude, who wouldn't want to treat themselves to a Guinness or English draft beer? Fill up on hearty, authentic food such as a full Irish breakfast, shepherd's pie, bread and butter pudding and other Cel
  • Jack's Café Bar
    Manager Jane Berthelsen said she wanted “the sort of food from back home that you miss” when she came up with the idea of Jack's. Her vision includes huge all-day breakfasts, pancakes and French toast, hearty pea and ham soup and big juicy cheeseburgers. There's also toasted sandwiches, T
  • Truco Restaurant
    You will definitely not soon forget dining at the Truco Restaurant on the south end of the charming Plaza Regocijo, the latter a smaller and more tranquil compliment to the Plaza de Armas. El Truco is in a capacious and elegant building whose origin goes back to the 18th century, when it served as
  • Restaurant Narguila
    Head to Narguila if you want to try shakshuka, a spiced egg and tomato specialty served with jahnun, the pride of Yemen's bakeries. Or perhaps with a malawach puffed pastry. The eatery also serves meorav, a mixed grill serving of chicken giblets with onions. After eating you can relax by smoking cu
  • Govinda's
    Govinda's has what is most likely the healthiest food in all of Cusco. Managed by local affiliates of Hare Krishna, and with a slant towards Indian-style cooking, the all-vegetarian, heavy on soy menu has items such as "apana de cusqueño"-soy steak with fried bananas, cheese and rice-or "palta rel
  • Mullu
    This little corner of bohemia in Pisac is a hang-out lounge with an art gallery/craft shop downstairs and a café/restaurant upstairs. The lounge part has rows of black bean bag cushions along the wall facing a large-screen television. On the second floor, you can sample Mullu's excellent fusion of
  • La Posada del Ángel
    If you like angels you'll find them here, hanging from the roof, peeking at you around corners, staring from the walls. This dark, cozy, rustic setting is blessed. Another enchanting, old "Barranco-style" house with many small rooms leading on and on through a maze of antiques, collected found obj
  • Cafe Abuelo
    Previously El Abuelo Restaurant, Cafe Abuelo, located in one corner of the Plaza de Armas, is the best place in town to grab a bite to eat. Alongside the selection of sandwiches, desserts and coffees is a a mini folk-art shop selling crafts, traditional clothing and books.
  • Restaurant Vegetariano El Paraíso
    Slip into the sunny-colored retreat of the Restaurant Vegetariano El Paraíso. This two-room eatery provides a respite from the bustling city. Quickly, Doña Marta and her staff will be at your table to take your order. Traditional Peruvian favorites like bistec a lo pobre (steak with egg),
  • Helados Huscaran
    For some reason, perhaps because of its warm climate during the day, or perhaps because the locals retain a stubborn affection for childhood, Carhuaz has an exceptionally high number of ice cream shops for such a small town. This is one of the better ones. The owner and longtime Carhuaz resident wil
  • Bar Mochileros
    Near the main square park of Barranco, Bar Mochileros is next to the Japanese cultural center. Mochileros has a series of bars and a cultural center where you can enjoy live circus-like performances, dance, music and emerging local DJ concerts. A young hip crowd gathers around the porch and the dif
  • Retro
    Retro opens at 6:00 p.m., an index of its nocturnal orientation and spirit, with its funky American rock posters and ear-shattering sound system. But if you can handle the deafening music, there's pizza, barbecued chicken salad and all the beer and drinks you can imagine. Retro is but one part of t
  • La Punta Grande
    La Punta Grande makes an immediate impression due to its sheer size, seemingly incongruous in a town with such a small population: its seating capacity is close to 250, and offers as many tables outdoors as it does indoors. By contrast its menu offerings are small in number, offering standard variat
  • La Rosa Náutica
    La Rosa Náutica is not only a top-of-the-line, first-class restaurant with elegant décor, but its gourmet cuisine is some of the freshest, most creative in all of Lima. Perched out over the water, the restaurant affords a marvelous sea view. Rosa Náutica has an extensive menu, including unique s
  • Chifa Restaurant
    One thing you can't get away from, virtually anywhere in Peru, is Chinese food, and Caraz is no different. Young entrepreneur Juan Fidel Tolentino showcases his own flair for this decidedly non-indigenous cuisine with such dishes as Chicken Kontausi, Chicken Konmensi and Won Ton soup. The prices in
  • Café la Terraza
    This pleasant eatery's most notable feature is its internal terrace, complete with hanging plants, that adds a touch of kitsch to your dining experience. There are inexpensive sandwiches and hamburgers, as well as a standard offering of beef, chicken, trout, pasta and pizza. It also has a better-th
  • Istanbul
    Istanbul offers a wide variety of cocktails which include international drinks, from the most perfect pisco sour to the innovative and exotic black Istanbul, created by Melihat Veysal and Jean-Marie Bournazaud, owners of Istanbul. A wide variety of drinks, fresh fruit juices, just baked- bread and
  • Chicken Progresso
    Chicken Progreso is the cleanest and most modern restaurant in Yungay. It offers both a menú ejecutivo, featuring standard Peruvian and continental cuisine, and a chifa menu, that is, Chinese. The low-priced, tasty dishes mean that many people passing through Yungay may not want to e
  • De Cesar Restaurant
    This style of this small restaurant points up to an affection for Amerian pop culture, decorated as it is with posters of Elvis and Marilyn (as well as Chaplin, Laurel, and Hardy), race cars, and other iconic evocations of the United States of America. Here is where you will also find 18 selections
  • Tambo Bar and Dance Club
    This popular bar and dance club is made to accommodate up to 250 people—which means it is pretty dang big. Opening from 8 p.m. until the last customer leaves, Tambo is for people who seriously intend to party. The usual mix of popular North American, European and Latin American music is what y
  • Restaurant La Sirena
    On the large front porch of La Sirena, a group of travelers share stories as they await the quick arrival of the waiter with scrumptious pasta and pizza, savory garlic bread and good drinks. Inside, others are having drinks or Skyping home. This is the place to be, for good food and good times. La
  • Rincón Cervecero
    With life-size models of jolly guys in lederhosen and buxom barmaids, the spirit of an eternal Oktoberfest reigns supreme at Rincón Cervecero (literally, “beer corner”), a veritable Disneyland of drinking holes. It does serve food, and proudly boast quality meals “guaranteed by a gr
  • Antigua Taberna Quierolo
    This style of this small restaurant points up to an affection for Amerian pop culture, decorated as it is with posters of Elvis and Marilyn (as well as Chaplin, Laurel, and Hardy), race cars and other iconic evocations of the United States of America. Here is where you will find 18 selections of c
  • Rusti Bar
    You walk up a flight of stairs that features logs as banisters. Then you step inside and you see. . . a pile of logs bound together to form a bar, logs and sticks forming chairs, and a general jungle atmosphere worthy of the backlot of an old Tarzan movie. You are in the Rusti Bar, near the main sq
  • Ary Quepay
    This laid-back, rustic restaurant specializes in traditional Peruvian cooking, as prepared by the friendly husband-wife team Marcos and Gloria Verapinto. Diners can enjoy traditional arequipeño plates, such as grilled guinea pig and peppers stuffed with veggies. Enjoy your meal in the relaxing gar
  • Rancho San Antonio Restaurant
    Rancho San Antonio is a popular joint serving up both international and national cuisine in a relaxing and laid-back setting. There is a mixture of delicious seafood and meaty offerings, including parrilladas, shrimp and some of the best steak in town. It is also possible to try the local sp
  • Cevichería A Todo Vapor
    As the name suggests, Cevichería A Todo Vapor has a fine selection of delicious Peruvian ceviche, tiradito and a variety of shellfish dishes. Fans of seafood can sit down to a meal for very reasonable prices. This is one of the most respected and popular seafood restaurants in Tacna. Don't be surp
  • Las Cañas
    Built purely of bamboo cane, roofed with petate mats, Las Cañas is a pleasant place to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner. Special meals at lunch and dinner come with choice of soup or appetizer, plus one of a dozen entrées. In the evenings these proffer several options for veget
  • Benvenuti Trattoria
    A newcomer to Tacna's dining scene, Bevenuti Trattoria has already been welcomed by a loyal following of customers. Its luncheon specials are quite a treat, coming with a choice of starter, main course (including pasta and a vegetarian option), dessert and drink. After lunch, the beehive oven is fi
  • Sonccollay
    Sonccollay is a Quecha word which means â??my little heartâ? or â??from the heart.â? This warm, welcoming restaurant serves Inca and pre-Inca cuisine that has survived over 9,000 years. Alpaca, guinea pig and crayfish are served over hot stones and roasted on a wood fire, and complimented b
  • Chifa Nam Kug
    Chifa Nam Kug allows a break from Peruvian and Nasca's usual Italian offerings. Following in the great tradition of chifas throughout Peru, the Chinese owners and cooks stir-fry up Sino favorites like Kanlu Wantan, Taypa and Chuakay. Specials, which have wantan soup or fried wantans and main dish,
  • Restaurant-Bar Vía La Encantada
    Restaurant Vía La Encantada does lead you to an enchanted land of international dishes with French and Thai flairs to Peruvian creativity and real â??Americanâ? breakfast (complete with eggs scrambled with ham or bacon). The wicker-bamboo and brass furnishings, tables draped with Nasca-Line-we
  • Zingaro
    Zingaro offers a contemporary dining venue set in an old colonial house, a half-block from Iglesia San Francisco. The menu's main focus is on Peruvian and novo-andino cuisine, including alpaca and other regional delicacies. The chef also presents a small selection of pizza, pastas and risottos, a
  • La Alemana
    La Alemana serves up sandwiches of various types of sausages and cured meats, as well as hamburgers and empanadas. The drink menu includes juices, beer and sodas. On Friday and Saturday night, it's open late so the after-bar crowd can grab something to eat before heading home. The shop also sel
  • Restaurante Étnica
    Restaurante Étnica, located across from the central market, is a world where two of Tacna's ethnic groups meet: the Peruvians and the Pakistanis. The menu features typical Peruvian seafood, like tiradito (thinly-sliced raw fish in a spicy sauce) a
  • Café Casa Verde
    This little café on busy Calle Jerusalén is easy to miss from the outside. It is worth seeking out, not only for its delicious German breads, pastries, cakes, and fresh coffee and juices, but also because of its humanitarian mission. With money raised by the café, the organization provides a h
  • El Turko
    If you're in the mood for Middle Eastern food, then El Turko is definitely the place to go. The immaculate wood floors, high sillar ceilings and intriguing modern art provide a great atmosphere to savor the Middle Eastern flavors. Choose from a menu of mouth-watering hummus, falafel, lamb ke
  • As de Oro
    As de Oro is a clean and modern restaurant that serves a broad array of traditional Peruvian food. It is a tremendously popular stop for tour groups and families visiting Pisco. Besides indoor dining, As de Oro has table around the swimming pool on the back patio. After 9 p.m. on the weekends, it
  • Restaurant Row
    Along the malecón Boulevard Playa Chaco are a number of restaurants catering to the tourist crowd. The less-expensive ones are on the southern flank of the beach. This area is more like a market area, with kiosks fronted by sidewalk dining. Some offer in
  • Restaurant-Bar Desert Nights
    Journeyers staying at Huacachina are raving about the food at Restaurant-Bar Desert Nights. Tastily prepared Peruvians and international dishes are quickly served up. Vegetarians have their own menu. And Desert Nights has something few places in Peru can boast: real milkshakes. Have your repast out
  • The Mossone
    The Mossone has been around since those olden days when people came to this oasis to bathe in the medicinal waters. The restaurant continues to serve the finest of foods with a touch of class. The daily special are quite expensive, but the à la carte dishes, surprisingly, are about the same pric
  • Restaurant Moroni
    On the very shores of the lake is Restaurant Moroni, the only bistro in Huacachina that affords you an up-close setting of these enchanting waters. In an open-air pavilion, the bilingual waiters quickly attend to the diners seated at clothed tables. The menu covers the whole range of fish, chicken
  • Restaurant La Kañada
    This place is a reliable choice with travelers to Nasca. The restaurant has a good variety of delicious Peruvian regional dishes, delivered in a tranquil setting. For a treat, try any of the shellfish options. Daily 8 a.m.-11 p.m.
  • Johnny y Jennifer
    Out of the more up-scale restaurants along the malecón, Johnny y Jennifer consistently dishes up well-prepared food. Meals are generous, a regular order is sufficient for two. Be sure to ask about the specials for one, since they are not on the menu. The service is attentive, without the hu
  • El Dorado
    Like a Phoenix rising out of the rubble of the devastating 2007 earthquake, El Dorado reopened its doors with larger facilities. The bistro is a bit fancier than in its pre-quake incarnation. Now inside seating is at cloth-covered tables beneath chandeliers. On the back patio is a slightly more inf
  • Restaurante La Cabaña
    Restaurant La Cabaña is one of several inexpensive restaurants near Plaza Belén. A low, green awning at this small diner's front door proclaims its name. The daily special includes a choice of appetizer and a selection from a dozen main dishes. The à la carte menu features classic Peruvian c
  • Lakshmivan
    Vegetarians and their budgets will be delighted by Lakshmivan's well-priced and delicious dishes. Choose from a menu that includes seven different soy meat dishes, spinach lasagna, tofu and soy hamburgers, vegetarian paella, 16 different salads and pumpkin soup. You can also fuel up in the morning
  • Tradición Arequipeña
    Among the restaurants in Arequipa, Tradición Arequipeña is one of the most highly recommended by locals. Located a few kilometers from downtown, this restaurant has an elegant atmosphere with gardens and spectacular views of El Mist volcano's snowy peak. The menu includes such traditional Are
  • Restaurant Cevichería Sol Y Luna
    Located on a pedestrian mall between Pisco's Plaza de Armas and Plaza Belén, Restaurant Cevichería Sol y Luna offers an extensive menu of mean, chicken, fish and seafood dishes, as well as pizza, breakfasts, sandwiches, desserts and ice cream. Vegetarians have several meals they may enjoy here.
  • Crepísimo
    If you're looking for an overseas culinary journey, stop by Crepísimo. Only at this restaurant of the local Alliance Française can you choose from over 100 types of savory and sweet crêpes. The array includes traditional French, vegetarian and à la Peruvienne varieties. Crepísimo, though
  • Chicha Por Gaston Acurio
    Gastón Acurio is the most famous chef in Peru, and his culinary empire includes books, TV shows and restaurants around the globe. While some of his restaurants in Lima (to say nothing of those in San Francisco and New York) would do some serious damage to your wallet, his Arequipa branch won't. Th
  • Hotel Nueva York Restaurant
    Hotel Nueva York sits just off the main square. The hotel itself is decent, but climb up the winding stairwell to the top floor and you'll find a spacious restaurant with good food and good views from the terrace balcony. The menu has a fair selection of reasonably priced regional and international
  • Hotel Oro Verde Restaurante
    For a long and relaxing lunch, take a mototaxi to Hotel Oro Verde, grab a table by the pool and order a dish or two from the restaurant's comprehensive menu of regional specialties. The food isn't cheap, but both the preparation and service are excellent. Local jungle dishes such as cecina a
  • El Carbón
    El Carbón is the place to go for grilled or barbequed meat dishes (parrilladas). Peru isn't known for the quality of its beef, but the pork dishes available here more than make up for it. The pork chops are near perfect, while smoked jungle specialties such as chorizo and cecina are sure to keep c
  • Fuente De Soda Pepe's
    The plaza is crowded with restaurants serving jungle fare and vying for tourist dollars, but Pepe's manages to attract a local crowd with its fair prices and solid food. Looking like a 1950s lunch counter, and doubling as a dry goods store, Pepe's doesn't offer much ambiance. It does, however, offe
  • I'nute & Lïsto Restobar
    At the end of Calle Teniente César López, follow the steep, 44-step staircase down to the banks of the river, where you'll find I'nute & Lïsto Restobar. This restaurant offers a menu of chicken, duck, seafood and pasta dishes, as well as plates featuring local river fish and pollo a la brasa, rotisserie chicken), fish, pastas and sandwiches. The two-course d
  • Leña y Carbón
    Able to accommodate up to 200 customers, Lena y Carbón is one of the few large and slick restaurants in Puerto Maldonado. The overall analogy in terms of price and quality would be Sizzler, only that with the dollar-to-sol exchange rate, the cost of a meal is much lower. And it should be added tha
  • Hotel CabañaQuinta Restaurant
    Located in one of the best hotels in Puerto Maldonado, this restaurant offers a great breakfast buffet with a wide variety of pastries, exotic tropical fruit, sausages and cheeses, among other items. Its lunch and dinner offerings are more standard but well-prepared Peruvian and international fare,
  • La Olla De Barro
    La Olla de Barro is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Amazonian cuisine. Besides regional classics like juanes, cecina (dried meat) and chorizo (sausage), th
  • Parrilladas El Bijao
    Since 1985, doña Betty's family has prepared typical Amazonian cuisine for Tarapoto's population and the few tourists who happen to stumble across it. This restaurant is a simple affair: In the front of the indoor dining hall, Betty and her kin prepare classics like Museo de Arte Contemporáneo or studying Spanish, drop by Las Conchitas for a delicious seafood lunch. This small, corner café prepares classic tiraditos, ceviche,
  • El Cebillano
    It's easy to forget that Arequipa, high in the Andes, is just a few hours from the coast. After dining on the fresh, delicious fish at El Cebillano, however, you won't make that mistake again. The rival of any Lima seafood restaurant, El Cebillano serves up delicious tiraditos, tacu tacu<
  • Super Adobo Arequipeño
    Creatively named, this picantería specializes in adobo, the traditional arequipeño pork stew. Super Adobo's tangy take on the classic dish is considered by many Arequipa natives to be the best in the city, so it is worth the walk or cab ride out to Yanahuara. The second level is air
  • McElroy's Irish Pub
    Easy to find on the Plaza de Armas, McElroy's is a decent Irish bar in Chivay. The bar is fairly small, but sports a free pool table and a TV. Sometimes the pub has a happy hour. This is a place where you are sure to come across other travelers heading to the canyon for condor spotting. There isn't
  • Arandú Bar
    On Malecón Maldonado, the riverside walkway in Iquitos, crowds of people gather each night to watch the sun set and to hang out with street performers who often dance with snakes. At Arandú Bar, you're so close it's like being part of the action. The bar is beside the walkway and a few steps from
  • Antica Restaurant
    Several large wood ovens dominate the entire back wall of Antica, a restaurant in central Iquitos that specializes in wood-fired pizzas, pasta dishes and steaks. There are two rustic dining rooms—one upstairs and one downstairs. The pizzas are hand tossed and have thin crusts, and pasta and gn
  • La Taberna
    La Taberna's trademark is a series of graffiti on the wall, scribbled by other travelers over the years. This is one of the best restaurants in town and serves up a veritable feast of international meals, including vegetarian options. The restaurant frequently has live music to enjoy as you eat. Da
  • Restaurant, Hotel Cantayo
    Hotel Cantayo's restaurant is one of Nasca's most highly regarded bistro. The ingredients, from eggs to produce, are organically raised on the resort's six hectares (15 ac) of gardens and orchards. As well, it makes all its own marmalades and wood-baked trigo c
  • El Huarango
    One of Nasca's better restaurants, El Huarango is popular with the local set and travelers alike. This restaurant serves up good sized portions of tasty food, across two floors. One of the nicest places to sit is on the roof terrace, with a great view. The food is reasonably priced too. Daily from
  • Restaurante Vegetariano El Edén
    If pork, jungle meats and other carnivorous delights aren't part of your diet, then head to Restaurante Vegetariano El Edén, one block north of Tarapoto's Plaza de Armas. This restaurant offers a vegetarian daily special that includes soup, salad, brown rice, choice of main dish and a drink. The
  • Ice Cream in Iquitos
    Amazonian fruits make cool sweets in Iquitos as unique ice cream flavors. Travelers can take a taste them at several businesses around the city's central park, Plaza de Armas. Giornatta is the most popular parlor and announces its stock simply, with a big helado sign above its entranc
  • Real Grill
    Real Grill sits right on the Plaza de Armas. It's touristy and lacks a little in character, but the food is excellent, the portions are big and the service is good. The menu is vast, covering everything from local jungle cuisine to Italian pasta dishes; the pork chops are recommended. It even has a
  • El Pollo Marino
    For ceviche fans, El Pollo Marino offers a variety of raw and fried fish dishes. The restaurant is always buzzing with locals at lunch time, a mix of families, businessmen and the occasional expat. Dishes range from standard plates of ceviche to an extravagant mound of battered jungle fish, seafood
  • Sol De Salud
    Sol de Salud is a rare breed, being an eatery that specializes not in ordinary vegetarian food, but vegan (no eggs, no dairy). This bright restaurant is packed at lunch, with locals setting down to a delicious, four-course meal. The repast begins with the ample salad bar, then moves on to soup, a
  • Casablanca
    Conveniently located on the main square, Casablanca offers a variety of options at reasonable prices. The food is tasty and the service is good, too. If you have the stomach for it, try the alpaca steak, a regional delicacy. It is very rich, but delicious. For those who prefer their greens, the res
  • Café Café
    As the name suggests, this is the place for coffee, twice-over-good coffee. However, you can also enjoy large breakfasts, lunches and dinners with generous servings of well-cooked, down-to-earth food at reasonable prices, plus a well-stocked bar. The dessert trolley is frighteningly sumptuous. But
  • R.H. Atlantic
    R.H. Atlantic is the closest you will get to an American diner in Lima. Indeed, one of its offerings is "American-style steak," complete with an order of fries and a coke. The checkered red and black tablecloths help contribute to a pop 1950s ambiance. However, the local cuisine is not forgotten, s
  • Pardo's Chicken
    One of a great many competing restaurant chains in Peru, Pardo's Chicken boasts a more professional but less manufactured environment than most. Its location on the Plaza de Armas is a bonus for those who want to eat a traditional but well-made dinner in a pleasantly stylish setting, without having
  • Los Escríbanos
    This fashionable restaurant has a graceful and creative design (the internal harp of a piano is incorporated into a stairwell), along with high-quality preparations of Italian and Peruvian cuisine, including sandwiches, vegetarian selections and European coffees. The prices here are slightly higher
  • De César Restaurant
    The style of this small restaurant points to an affection for American pop culture, decorated as it is with posters of Elvis and Marilyn (as well as Chaplin, and Laurel and Hardy), race cars and other iconic evocations of the United States of America. Here is where you will also find 18 selections
  • Hotel Continental Restaurant
    The Hotel Continental Restaurant provides a more professional and cosmopolitan ambiance than most in the area, though the menu items are mostly provincial. This is not to say that they aren't tasty. The restaurant prepares items such as the pescado a la chorrillana, a Mexican-style plate wit
  • Super Rueda
    Super Rueda is a nice joint with tasty, greasy fast food. A popular spot on the weekends, it's a pit stop for revelers after a night of partying at local bars. With an outdoor patio, it creates a pleasant atmosphere for chatting and drinking some more beers. The food selection is varied—Peruvi
  • Shehadi NYC
    Directly across the street from Parque Kennedy, in the center of the tourist mecca of Miraflores, you will find this excellent café/restaurant. Decked out with soft orange lighting, a chic bar, tasteful wooden décor and a nice sidewalk vista, you would expect the place to be more expensive. For a
  • El Delfín
    A soft ocean breeze filtered through the ravine below softly brushes against the plants that hang from the wooden rafters. You stand up, approach the deck's railing and gaze in both directions-to the left, a calm moonlit ocean; to the right, a quaint lamp-lit path ascending towards Puente de Los Su
  • Chala
    Upscale Chala is in an old colonial-style house converted into a very hip, minimalistic restaurant and bar. Videos of photographs taken of Lima at the beginning of the last century and a veranda overlooking the tree-lined, cobbled pathway going down to the sea give a sense of how this was100 year
  • Salón De La Felicidad
    Lima's Chinatown has chifas tailored to Peruvian taste buds. But it also has restaurants serving authentic Sino cuisine that will satisfy even the pickiest Chinese traveler. One of the most highly recommended one is Salón de la Felicidad. It offers
  • La Choza Náutica
    On a dingy side street away from Lima's traffic is one of Lima's best cebicherías: award-winning La Choza Náutica. At this restaurant, the chef prepares 180 dishes, mostly focused on seafood and fish, though chicken and meat dishes are included, too. Di
  • Chifa Jin
    While in Lima you have to try the Chifa Jin. The Chinese food here, however, is distinct from western countries: it's more flavorful and fresh, and the ingredients, especially the spices, are far more eclectic. Chifa Jin in Miraflores is an excellent place to sample this unique Asian food; the atmo
  • Las Brujas de Cachiche
    You'll find this impressive restaurant tucked away in the tranquil backstreets of Miraflores. A fusion of international techniques with classic Peruvian recipes, you can't find Peruvian food much better than at Brujas. The menu is broad and features an excellent three-course buffet as well as a lon
  • Café Haití
    The bamboo chairs and plastic cream-colored tables exude a pungent air of 1960s Port-au-Prince. Along the sidewalk, you see a broad, maroon awning with golden rails and dozens of full tables that emit a hum of excited, amicable conversation. Discussions are on all sides: political corruption, liter
  • Chifa Fuc Seng
    One of the brighter Chinese restaurants, or as they call them here, “chifas,” that you will find near the Historical Center, Chifa Fuc Seng's offerings include chicken chijaukay, tempura-fried chicken breast served with soy dipping sauce, lobsters with mushrooms, pork with peach, and of c
  • Villa Natura
    This is a very popular vegetarian restaurant; if you come alone you might have to share a table. It offers varieties of meatless cuisine, with or without eggs and dairy; fruit juices, carrot and other vegetable extracts; and such specialties as maca punch and quinoa drink. The service is somewhat s
  • News Café
    This delightful coffeehouse serves up excellent, real strong coffee and a light menu of sandwiches and tasteful gourmet salads. Anyone looking for international newspapers will be in heaven here with an array of daily and weekly papers from around the world to choose from. Intellectual sorts tend t
  • El Buen Sabor
    If you're looking to sample cheap, classic Peruvian dishes as well as to try Peru's most renowned dish, ceviche, this is it. Well-lit, clean and spacious, the service is professional and efficient. Only a block away form to Avenida Arequipa, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it.
  • Antica Pizzería
    Antica Pizzería is one of Lima's most popular Italian restaurants, specializing in wood-burning oven-style pizzas and standard but well-done Italian meals. The long, wooden tables can be awkward, but the pizza is first-rate.
  • La Carreta
    La Carreta is a steak house favored by Lima locals. It is located in the San Isidro financial district and attracts an interesting power-lunch crowd of bankers, lawyers and politicians. The décor is colonial hacienda and quite pleasant. A carnivore's delight, La Carreta offers various cuts of meat
  • Fuji
    Fuji, one of Lima's oldest and most famous Japanese restaurants, is right in Miraflores. From imported Japanese and local ingredients, owner-chef Muneaki Fukasawa creates delights form his homeland. Over 100 dishes are presented, including all types of sushi, sashimi, teriyaki and tempura. To give
  • La Isla del Mono
    La Isla del Mono offers Lima's seafood at its best. Its offerings include a mouth-watering ceviche de lenguado, or flounder ceviche, served dripping in a delicious lemony-chili sauce. You also can partake in a variety of other fishy treats. The restaura
  • Bircher Benner
    Bircher Benner serves rich vegetarian fare in several intimate rooms of an upstairs flat near Parque Kennedy. It declares itself to be an ovo-lacto vegetarian restaurant, but vegans will find meals they may enjoy. The bilingual menu lists the ingredients used in each dish. Classic Peruvian dishes
  • La Casa Verde
    Located on Avenida Arequipa, merely a block away from the intersecting Javier Prado, La Casa Verde is in a central, convenient location. On the surface, it seems that it would be an excellent choice for the price. The exterior is quite impressive, almost café-like, with its broad green and white-s
  • T'anta
    For quick eats in the café or for takeout, T'anta makes tasty salads, paninis, Peruvian sandwiches, homemade pastas and excellent desserts. This chic café is comfortably stylish and there is bound to be something on the menu that will hit the spot. Stop in for a coffee and to sample the exception
  • Sacha
    Sacha is a warm, inviting bistro that immediately puts diners at ease. The English-speaking wait staff is attentive and helpful in recommending dishes and wine pairings. The chef creates a palette of traditional Peruvian and novo Andino cuisine, adding touches like At the noon hour, downtown office workers crowd into Adriática, sitting down at a table or grabbing a stool at the lunch counter. What's the draw? A deliciously prepared, three-course meal with your choice of appetizer, main course and dessert, all acco
  • Matseui
    Often described as the best sushi bar in Lima, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa (founder of world-renowned Nobu Restaurants) co-founded this popular and classy sushi bar. Even the most critical sushi lovers will approve of the sashimi and maki rolls, and delight in the tempura and yakitori dishes. Open Monday-Sa
  • Trattoria San Ceferino
    Centrally located in the heart of San Isidro's commercial center, this restaurant serves traditional Italian dishes, such as pasta, pizza, lasagna, ravioli and spaghetti. Frequent diners of the Trattoria San Ceferino often request the famous shrimp dish, timbal de camarones, the bife de c
  • Como Agua Para Chocolate
    This colorful little cantina offers deliciously traditional Mexican entrées in a vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy house specialties like barbacoa de cordero (lamb steamed in avocado leaves) or albóndigas al chipotle (spicy meatballs and yellow rice). A creative lunch menu offers man
  • Punta Sal
    Serving the freshest in seafood, Punta Sal offers top-notch ceviche, scallops and other gourmet nationally and internationally famous dishes at reasonable prices. With excellent service and a well-rounded South American wine list, Punta Sal delivers a satisfying dining experience. Open daily 11 a.m
  • Antigua Bodega Dalmacia
    This is a place where people from Miraflores go for coffee or a drink, or to eat, and, of course, to be seen. The daily special is chalked on a board and the food is displayed around their horseshoe-styled bar. Slices of home-baked bread served and seasoned olive oil dip greets you as you decid
  • Restaurant Aries
    If you want to save some money and taste some excellent, typical Peruvian cuisine, be adventurous and head to Restaurant Aries. Across from Ripley's Department store, only four storefronts from the corner of Lima and Schell, family-run, Aries forms part of the pulse of Miraflores downtown. The fran
  • Patagonia Art-Bar
    Owned by a couple of Argentine artists, this art bar's ambiance feels like Buenos Aires and its cultural life. The bar is divided into three main areas: a comfy lounge at the entrance, a European-style dining area and an open-air terrace. They also have a room for alternative events like theater, p
  • Restaurante La Casona
    This museum-like restaurant is one of Puno's most popular places to eat. With three dining rooms with whitewashed walls, wooden floors, interesting colonial antiques and religious artwork, La Casona exudes a distinct Spanish-style charm. This restaurant is a great (and safe) place to try traditiona
  • Restaurant El Portón Colonial

    f you're in the mood for Peruvian, this is the place to go. The menu is extensive, and offers a variety of Peruvian specialties for the daring traveler to try. Some of the favorites include ceviche de pejerrey, pollo a la brasa, and papa

  • IncaBar
    Compared to other restaurants in Puno, IncaBar offers a stylish, funky atmosphere that is perfect for hanging out and indulging your taste buds. The menu includes a variety of
  • Las Hamacas
    Las Hamacas is a typical beach restaurant, but uniquely charming. You can sit in the open dining area or have your food and drink taken to your beach umbrella and lounge chairs. The food is very tasty, since the restaurant is owned solely by a man named Carlos who buys everything himself and also s
  • Sushi Ito
    Do not let the small size of this restaurant deter you from enjoying the delicious sushi creations that Sushi Ito is reputed to serve. Start with light appetizers and move on to the sushi and sashimi. Share a traditional spicy tuna roll with your dining companion or enjoy a Ninja roll all to yoursel
  • Parrilladas Del Ajo
    Parrilladas del Ajo has one activity on its agenda: BBQs. It grills up simple fare, like chicken and beef heart kabobs (brocheta) and choripapas with real sausage. The well-served
  • Pizzería El Buho
    The lively El Buho restaurant is always filled with both foreigners and locals, who come here for some of the best pizza in town. The wood-burning oven, and pizza and beer combination are sure to keep you warm on chilly Puno
  • Mojsa Restaurant
    Mojsa is a pleasant restaurant situated on the Plaza de Armas, opposite the Catedral. Its extensive, bilingual menu includes classic and novo-Andino takes on Peruvian dishes like lomo salteado, causa and
  • Cevichería Edith
    Cevichería Edith is just one of the more than dozen eateries along the south flank of Restaurant Row. No sign marks doña Edith's stall. You'll know you're at the right one by the name on the menu cover. She offers much the same standard fish and seafood dishes as her neighbors: arroz con maris
  • El Chorito
    Hostal Santa María's restaurant, El Chorito, is one of Paracas finest dining establishments. Crystal and white linen is the theme, and there are draped tables and glass walls. Patio seating under white cloth umbrellas and a bougainvillea arbor provides a backdrop for a menu that focuses on seafood
  • Punto Paracas Restobar
    If seafood isn't your bag, or you're looking for something to break the fishy routine, Punto Paracas Restobar can give you a reprieve. This restaurant facing the bay presents a half-dozen versions of pizzas, pastas with an array of sauces and three types of lasagna. But it isn't all Italian fare.
  • Mantra Indian Cuisine
    For a true Indian escape, slip into Mantra. A chef from the subcontinent creates deliciously fragrant tandoor, masala, rawa, all manners of curry and other dishes. Appetizers and main dishes feature fish, shrimp, chicken and lamb. Vegetarians are honored with a special menu. These delectable prepar
  • Restaurant Cebichería Palermo Jr.
    Restaurant Cebichería Palermo Jr. specializes in criolla and norteña dishes. The daily special comes with appetizer, soup, choice of main dish, dessert and drink. The evening menu focuses on fish and seafood. All
  • Restaurante La Terraza
    Budget dining in Puno can be found even a mere half-block off the touristy Jirón Lima, at simple eateries like Restaurante La Terraza. At lunch and dinner times, this basic restaurant prepares an economically priced, three-course daily special that includes soup, main dish, dessert and fruit dri
  • Restaurant Y Pollería La Kantuta
    Restaurant y Pollería La Kantuta is one of several restaurants on Jirón Moquegua that offers meals to budget-minded travelers. At lunch time, this clean, three-room diner prepares a four-course affair that includes appetizer, soup, choice of main dish and dessert, all accompanied by a drink. Th
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Sri Gopal
    Vegetarians have a place to call their own in Moquegua: Restaurante Vegetariano Sri Gopal. This small diner a few blocks from the market is decorated with posters of Indian deities. It presents Indian-styled and Peruvian à la vegetarian dishes. The lunch specials are multi-course affairs, with s
  • Fuente de Soda "Amy's"
    This small, family-owned restaurant, run by the same three señoras day-in, day-out, offers a great alternative to the more expensive, tourist-hungry establishments. Located in the Lince district, only a ten-minute taxi or bus ride from Miraflores, the restaurant offers an excellent meal at unbeatab
  • Arúgula
    Arúgula is a quiet after-theater restaurant a few blocks from Larcomar and the center of Miraflores. The décor is quiet and unassuming with a played-down elegance. Arúgula is one of the favorite hangouts for Peru's best writers and artists, who usually are found conversing in the corner tables o
  • El Suizo
    When asked if they know "El Suizo," most limeños will respond, "Is that still there?" And yes, after 50 years it is still churning out the same wonderful dishes, like mussels a la suisse, fresh sea bass and its most famous recipe (which isn't even on the menu), sarma (stuffed grape leaves) falafel, shish kebabs, fettuccini a la huanc
  • El Kapallaq
    El Kapallaq is an upscale cevichería, considered one of Lima's best by locals. Try a ceviche or one of the traditional stews, made in clay pots. Open only for lunch.
  • Astrid y Gastón
    Consistently rated as one of Lima's best restaurants, Astrid y Gastón is located on a little side street not far from Miraflores' Parque Kennedy. The food is outstanding. Don't forget to save room for dessert. Be sure to call ahead for reservations.
  • Pescados Capitales
    Pescados Capitales is a very highly recommended seafood and ceviche restaurant hidden away in the northwest corner of the Miraflores district. The restaurant's name is a play on the 'seven deadly sins' (pecados capitales in Spanish), therefore the menu is d
  • Chifa Wa Look
    Chifa Wa Look serves very authentic Chinese dishes with savory sauces and ingredients you don't often find, like snow pea pods. The real treat is the specials, which start off with a large bowl of wonton soup. The entrées are large enough for two persons to share. Most come with chaulafan,
  • El Sol
    If you prefer carrots to carne (beef) then head over to El Sol, one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Trujillo. Offering cheap set vegetarian meals in addition to other dishes, this restaurant is the perfect compromise for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.
  • Restaurant y Hospedaje Kuélap
    This restaurant is just your typical Peruvian diner, right down to the low lighting and the plastic-covered tables with a cupful of silverware and brown-paper napkins. It serves the typical Peruvian fare, hot off the wood fire, with a mountain of rice and even a touch of salad. Just right to fill y
  • Chilli Heaven
    The British/peruvian-owned Chilli Heaven is a cozy restaurant serving authentic Indian and Mexican food, with an impressive selection of splendid curries available-wash one down with a genuine English Ale. This place is well recommended for those who want to splurge.
  • Bistro de los Andes
    Bistro de Los Andes comes highly recommended and the trout has been praised more than once. It specializes in French and Peruvian cuisine and also offers vegetarian dishes, like a yummy vegetable stir-fry. The owner speaks English, French and German.Monday to Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday 5-10 p
  • El Mirador
    El Mirador lives up to its name, with large windows bestowing incredible views of the Petaca mountain range. To watch the sunset is the perfect "dessert" to top off your evening meal. Doña Olga serves a delicious menu for lunch and dinner (4 soles /$1.30). She also offers breakfasts that includ
  • Bar-Restaurant Kuélap
    This family-style restaurant is popular with tour groups making a rest stop in Tingo. Service is friendly. Before you know it, a generous plateful of hot, home-cooked food will be set before you. The owner is helpful, and can provide information on local sites.
  • Restaurant de Señora Wilma
    In this large, dimly lit restaurant with greasy, plastic-covered tables, Señora Wilma serves an uninspiring menú for lunch. The plate has a healthy helping of rice, slightly undercooked menestra (lentils) and just enough meat to remind you the meal comes with it. A drink is included with this re
  • Restaurant Sarita
    A popular eatery, Restaurant Sarita serves up a perfect ambience that is clean and orderly. Lace cloths decorate the half-dozen tables in this bright room. Service can be a bit slow. But give a call out back to the kitchen and doña Sara will present you today's blue plate special (menú) of larg
  • Restaurant Rocío
    Restaurant Rocío is a small operation in the front room of a sky-blue house that also functions as a small store. But don't let the primitive feel of this popular comedor or its plastic-tarp ceiling put you off. The drinks are made with boiled water, and the regional foods are tasty. (Try the chi
  • Fuente de Salud
    Meaning the Fountain of Health, this intimate vegetarian restaurant is a great place to give your body a break from the stresses of traveling. A good selection of meals are available at a decent price, from good soups and breakfasts to meat (yes, a vegetarian restaurant that serves meat) and pasta d
  • Café Andino
    Stop in for a snack at the American-run Café Andino and leave with much more. This scrumptious little café is also home to La Cima, an adventure travel company and the Sierra Verde Spanish school. As you sit down to your steaming cup of coffee, enjoy the spectacular views of the Andes. This is a
  • Pizzeria Italiana
    A large-domed wood-fired oven in the back of this little pizza joint really warms the place up. A jar of its homemade sangria also helps beat the chill of this mountainous town. With tapestries, straw mats, flutes and other folk decorations in the front room, Pizzeria Italiana is a cozy place to en
  • La Casona Restaurante Turistico
    This large, open-aired restaurant offers two different rooms for eating. The first is decorated with Peruvian-styled table clothes and paintings, and the second is a more modern, formal dining area. There is also a balcony with long tables that can be reserved for groups of guests. La Casona offers
  • El Niños
    The full name of the restaurant sums up the type of food they serve, El Niños: Pollos, Parrillas, Pizza and Pasta. A huge restaurant with multiple floors and stoic-looking servers wearing ties, El Ninos is only open for dinner daily. Pizzas are served individually or to share, and are complemented
  • Salud y Vida Restaurante Vegetariano
    Vegetarian restaurants seem to come and go in Ayacucho, but locals seem to like this particular place, so maybe it will last longer even though the culture is based on carne (meat). Salud y Vida (Health and Life) serves up all veggie-fare, ranging from smoothies, fruit salads, and massive yo
  • Pino's
    Directly in front of La Merced church and right around the corner from the main Plaza de Armas, Pino's is a modern seafood restaurant serving a wide range of dishes. A blue-and-green poster depicting a beach scene marks the entrance, and while the small front room is tidy and comfortable enough, it
  • La Luna Café
    With a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the restaurant also houses a book exchange and games. It serves a good breakfast buffet until noon, followed by excellent Mexican food for lunch and dinner.
  • Café De Rat
    Above Pony Expeditions (who also own the place) is the Café de Rat. Get beyond the questionable name and you cannot fail to enjoy this charming café, one of the most popular places in Caraz to eat, hang out or grab a fresh coffee. The pizzas and pancakes are top notch, and there's a book exchange
  • Restaurante Turistico Sabores de Mi Tierra
    Popular with budget travelers and hungry locals, this big restaurant serves up tasty, filling food at a decent price, and has a covered patio with a few plants to enjoy an outdoor meal. From Monday through Friday it serves the typical menu criollo, which includes soup, a main dish, a beverag
  • Cely Pizza
    This popular restaurant's two rooms offer a homey atmosphere. Locally woven cloths drape the wooden tables. The stone benches are cushioned with hand-crocheted tapestries. Mornings, doña Cely serves breakfast to order (3-5 soles /$1-2). In the evenings, with three to four hours notice, she'll w
  • Lemycha
    Lemycha is a great place to have a light breakfast or snack, and chat with the 11 women who form the Asociación Comunal de Lácteos y Licores Leymebambaâ??or more simply known as Lemycha. They offer four types of cheeses, manjar blanco slow-cooked over a wood fire, and yoghurt in a variety of fla
  • Tres Keros
    Tres Keros is consistently recommended as one of Urubamba's best restaurants. Prices are high-end, but they reflect the quality and tastiness of any dish you order here. Peruvian cuisine is served in the charming dining room, and the atmosphere is agreeably relaxed. The lomo saltado (a tradi
  • Pizza Wasi
    With delectable pizzas made in a traditional wood-fired oven, it's known as the best pizza establishment in town. A selection of pastas and Peruvian dishes are also available.
  • La Tushpa
    This is the hot-spot if you have a craving for a steak. In short, they are experts on the grill and can make a wide variety of grilled items cooked to order. Get there early though, or be prepared to wait, as locals storm the doors for the delicious carnivore fare available.
  • El Huacatay
    It's a little out of the way, but El Huacatay is worth the foray down the dark lane where it is set in a rustic, colorful house with a delightful open-air terrace. Mostly Andean food-think alpaca carpaccio and locally-farmed trout-but there's also a touch of other cuisines, including Thai curries a
  • Huayoccari Hacienda Restaurant
    Nestled high above the Sacred Valley, about two kilometers outside of Yucay, Huayoccari Hacienda Restaurant is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat and relax. The cookin
  • Sonccollay Restaurante Café Bar Pizzeria
    Thanks to its giant heart-shaped sign, Sonccollay attracts a fair amount of attention from visitors, despite its faraway corner location in the Plaza Mayor. A smattering of outdoor tables creates a modest patio, which unfortunately sits in the street proper and forces diners to contend with the nois
  • Tayta Pizzeria-Trattoria
    Tayta Pizzeria-Trattoria has a marvelous view of the Ollantaytambo fortress. This artsy dive specializes in homemade wood-oven pizzas and Italian pasta. Cheap and good, the menu also includes an array of appetizers and a wide wine selection, including a tasty pisco sour among many other cocktails,
  • Hearts Cafe
    Hearts Cafe has become something of an Ollantaytambo favorite with backpackers, who enjoy the cozy ambience and comfort food. Owned by British ex-pat Sonia, Hearts offers its patrons international cuisine served in generous portions. Try the delicious chicken casserole, complete with mashed potatoe
  • Las Rocas
    Head to Las Rocas for classic Peruvian fare. The prices are reasonable and the portions are huge, with soup, chicken and tortillas featuring as staples on the daily menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • New Eden
    The only "meat" served at New Eden is soya prepared with traditional Peruvian recipes. The lunch and dinner menús are vegan. Both vegetarian and vegan dishes are served a la carte. But New Eden is much more than a mere vegetarian restaurant. It also sells health supplements, herbal teas, wholemeal
  • Om-Gri
    Half a block from Cajamarca's Plaza de Armas, its small glass door barely noticeable if you aren't looking for it, Om-Gri is a warm, tiny, family-run Italian restaurant. With maximum seating for 10, a menu that is one page long, and an open kitchen space behind the bar just big enough for one pers
  • Heladeria Holanda
    Some call it the best ice-cream in northern Peru: go and sample one of the flavors from the diverse menu and decide for yourself. You'll find all the usual flavors plus some more unique ones, including Pisco, Cerveza (beer), and Pushgay (a local Andean grape). Heladeria Holanda is run
  • Restaurant Turístico El Paraíso
    If it doesn't appear open, just knock on the door. Soon you will be attended to rinidad and Carola. No, it isn't a speakeasy, just a popular restaurant that serves set meals (2.50-3.50 soles /$0.80-1.15) and regional specialties like cecina, cuy and chicharrón (4-7 soles /$1.30-2.30). The front r
  • Pizzeria Vaca Loca
    As a major regional producer of dairy, it's no surprise that Cajamarca is home to an excellent pizza joint by the name of Vaca Loca. Get past the place's dubious name, Mad Cow, and you'll be treated to a warm and inviting place where the booths are covered in cow print and cow cartoons punctuate
  • Gran Bufet del Arte "El Batán"
    Set in a pleasing 18th century colonial house, the elegant El Batan is considered to be one of the most up-market restaurants in town. The prices tend to reflect this; the menu-which includes both regional and international cuisine-is rather expensive for the area. However, there is also a moderate
  • Restaurant-Pollería El Sabor Chiclayano
    Lunch and suppertimes are busy in this large, well-lit restaurant. The waitresses are quick and attentive. Lunch is always the set meal menu: soup and a choice of four main dishes (usually chicken or beef), accompanied by the requisite rice, a dollop of vegetables and a drink. Only one dish is offe
  • Mari Pizza
    This two-room pizza parlor is a beloved Chachapoyas meeting place. If one of the 14 varieties of pizza Mari offers doesn't strike your fancy, you can special order one. The pastas are all homemade and include lasagna, ravioli and fettuccini. A few vegetarian options are available. A glass case displ
  • El Cajamarques
    With a definite old-Spanish feel, this is one of the more elegant restaurants in Cajamarca. Its prices, however, do not reflect its elegance. They tend to be reasonable, in particular during lunch time. The daily fixed menu for lunch costs about $2.00. Their non-fixed menu has a nice mix of both Per
  • Los Alamos Restaurant
    Located in the courtyard of the Los Alamos Hotel, the restaurant offers outdoor seating in a vine-covered tent. There is a set menu for one to four people, which includes chicken, salad, French fries, and either sangria or soda pop. Los Alamos is one of the only restaurants in town serving American
  • Chifa Chen
    Right around the corner from Plaza de Armas, Chifa Chen has a big red menu on the front wall with photos and prices of all the dishes, taking the challenge out of ordering Chinese food in Spanish. Any remaining questions can be easily answered by the friendly Chinese family that runs the place, and
  • The Film Lounge and Danish Café

    Part movie salon, part cafeteria and part crash pad, the Film Lounge and Danish Café at the far end of Gringo Alley (a.k.a. Calle Procuradores) is an opportunity to relax and hang with travelers as well as locals. Owner Dorthe Sandbeck cooks up favorites from her native Denmark,

  • Up Town
    One part movie house, one part dance club, Up Town is one of the most popular stops on the Plaza de Armas. Its second-story location is a bit hidden from street traffic, but thanks to a persistent and insistent street team who dutifully hand out coupons (and enjoy a fairly high rate of success in dr
  • Indigo
    Serving up what is without a doubt the most authentic Thai food in Cusco, Indigo is a hidden treasure, just around the corner from the Plaza de Armas. Chose from all the Thai favorites, including pad-thai, green, red and yellow curries, and pick a spice-level from one to five (five being suitable f
  • WooHoo Bar
    At the end of a day of riding the waves, one place to chill is WooHoo Bar, located across the main avenue from the artisan market. Dance the night away on the upstairs terrace, or just watch the moonlight upon the ocean while enjoying a cocktail and snack. This has become one of Máncora's hott
  • Karambola Disco Pub
    The Karambola is one of the best dance clubs in Puerto Maldonado, and also happens to be an excellent restaurant and tavern. This modern, air-conditioned club claims to have â??the best DJ in town,â? and offers prizes for the â??most animatedâ? couple and discounts for university students.
  • Stonewasi
    Most of the big clubs and discos are out in the Morales district, a short mototaxi ride from the center. The liveliest central drinking spot is Stonewasi, just a couple of blocks from the main square. Grab a table outside on the street or prop up the bar and watch one of the local bands blast out s
  • Anaconda Discoteck
    A five-minute mototaxi ride down Jirón Peru will take you to the discos in the Morales district. Located on the outskirts of Tarapoto, this stretch is home to all of the major nightlife hotspots. Clubs wax and wane in popularity, but the Anaconda Discoteck remains ahead of the competition. Peruvia
  • Macumba Latin Grill
    Despite its name, the Macumba Latin Grill draws in a classy crowd of revelers rather than late night diners. When a live band is playing, the atmosphere can be electric. Drinks are not cheap, but if you're looking for a safe and stylish spot to pass the night then Macumba is a good option. Have a l
  • The Cross Keys Pub
    A Cusco nightlife institution, the Cross Keys can now be found on Calle Triunfo (its old base was Plaza de Armas). Still the most authentic English pub in Cusco, it is packed with memorabilia and has pool tables and darts. Cross Keys serves bar snacks and pub classics such as giant juicy burgers, h
  • Ukuku's
    Ukuku's consistently presents highly popular live music, with local, national and international groups performing anything from salsa and jazz to rock and traditional Andean music. Once the live shows are over there's a mix of Latin and Western music until the early hours. The bar has a fun atmosph
  • 7 Angelitos
    Small but immensely popular, 7 Angelitos has live music every weekend and some weeknights. It is open until the early morning hours and is usually pumping with a happy, dancing, local crowd. Angelitos has two main rooms, one with the band and the dance floor, the other with a small corner bar and
  • Quechua Blues Bar Cafe
    More of a bar than a restaurant (although you can get international food here), the Blues Bar Cafe is great for sinking a beer early evening after most of the tourists have left town. Their marketing materials boast, "the best view in Ollantaytambo," and they're probably right--the bar looks out ov
  • Cactus
    Run by British/Peruvian couple Louise and Arturo, this bar has cool decor, great music, friendly service and tasty, good value food and a full bar. Opens in the late afternoon until late.
  • Km0
    With live bands almost every day, a boisterous, hip crowd, tapas, Thai food, and an intimate ambience, Km0 is a favorite night-time hangout for locals and tourists in the know. Watch the band play on the tiny stage downstairs, or go up to the second floor to sit with friends and drink a cocktail.
  • Groove
    Groove has become one of Cusco's most favored nightspots for both locals and foreigners seeking an alternative to the sometimes overwhelming clubs that dot the Plaza de Armas. Live bands and DJs serve up a mixed bag of music styles, including regular electronic music nights, and there's also themed
  • The Frogs
    With its many giant, colorful bean bags and sofas scattered around low tables in the downstairs courtyard, The Frogs is comfortable and inviting. There's eclectic artwork, a separate pool room and multiple upstairs rooms for dancing or drinking. Peruvian and Thai food is served daily and the bar op
  • Garabato's
    Now in a new location on Calle Plateros, Garabato's is a hugely popular salsa bar with a loyal local following. You can watch live Latin and salsa music and dance along with the heaving crowd. Reasonably priced drinks are also a bonus.
  • Wild Rover
    The Irish pub of the Wild Rover Hostel has fast become a favorite and bustling gringo party spot in Cusco. There's friendly staff, live bands, charity pub quizzes, weekly football tournaments, regular dress-up nights and, of course, Guinness. Irish and international food is served in giant portions
  • Le Café Art Montréal
    Le Café Art Montréal is within a labyrinth of colonial-age bodegas. Several small rooms offer intimate venues where friends may get together for drinks and plates of delicious snacks. The menu is quite extensive, including kabobs, BBQs, pastas, pizzas, and savory and sweet crêpes. The bar is
  • Dèjá Vu
    Déjà Vu is a restaurant-pub offering a three-course lunch special and dinner. But from 7 p.m. until midnight, the menu is limited to chicken wings and other snacks to get your stomach ready for the main feature of this bar: the extensive selection of liquors and cocktails. During the week, a
  • Café Restaurant Joy
    This well-known café is plastered with posters and has a cozy feel, containing only a few tables. It has a small menu to match, with several high-quality soups and mains to choose from, along with herbal teas and coffee to sip on. All of the food is made with fresh and local ingredients; if in do
  • Pollos a la Brasa
    With big whole birds in the rotisserie in front, this chicken joint has a very simple menu displayed prominently on the striped illuminated sign out front: chicken (in a variety of portions), fries and salad. Choose from a whole pollo, a half chicken or a quarter bird, and a tag on a side of
  • Restaurante El Meson
    At lunchtime, El Meson offers the usually menu of the day (soup and main course). Trout, chicken, and beef dishes are available as well. At night, the place becomes a tasty chifa joint, serving up big plates of
  • Antojitos
    A popular place with the higher-class locals of Huancayo, Antojitos has one of the best set-lunch menus (and prices) in town. A lunch including soup, main (usually chicken, rice and French fries), dessert and mate de Coca is served daily. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a hunting lodge with its he
  • Restaurante El Pueblo
    While meat tends to dominate lots of Peruvian menus, this small vegetarian restaurant is popular with the locals, serving up big, hearty main dishes. The three lime green rooms are often packed with locals at lunchtime, who flock here for the amazingly cheap yet filling meals. The menu vegetarian ec
  • Huancahuasi Restaurant
    Huancahuasi restaurant offers an intriguing mixture of traditional Andean food, such as the Piqueo Huancahuasi (guinea pig, fried pork and potatoes), and newer creations, such as the Coctel de trucha (“trout cocktail,” like shrimp cocktail, but made w
  • La Cabaña
    La Cabaña is a swinging dinner spot that has been attracting crowds since 1991. Décor ranges from folkloric to the pop-cultural, and a great atmosphere is easily created every night as the place fills up with travelers and locals who come to enjoy the house sangria and strong pisco sours, play po
  • Restaurant Olímpico
    An Olympian in the Huancayo restaurant market, Restaurante Olímpico has been serving a giant menu of classic Peruvian dishes to the community since 1941. Today this vintage restaurant probably looks much the same as it did when it opened, with wood paneling, walls of glass cases, and lots of table
  • Restaurante Ayacuchano
    For less than $2, you'll be served a large steaming bowl of homemade soup, followed by a heaping portion of your choice of one of four or five main dishes (usually something of the rice and beef or noodles and ch
  • Boccatto da Cardenale
    During the day, folks come to Boccatto da Cardenale to relax on the front patio, enjoy a leisurely coffee and perhaps a snack, people watch and soak up warm rays. Once the sun goes down, this club comes alive with people sitting down to Happy Hour (Monday-Thursday 7:30 p.m.-10 p.m.). After 10 p.m.
  • The Oceanus Lounge
    Join the posh clientele for pricey (and refreshing!) cocktails at the Oceanus Lounge. Located inside the upper-class hotel, Los Delfines, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy good company in a marvelous setting.
  • La Noche
    One of the most famous venues in this bohemian district, over the years La Noche has become a widely known cultural stage for music, film, photography and performing arts. It is located in a traditional wooden building with two venues and two floors, each with its own bar: one has daily live perfo
  • El Dragón
    A typical barranquino-styled house is the home of this well-established cultural bar, one of the first to promote bands with a special kick on fusing funk and Latin rhythms with local jazz elements. Inside El Dragón you can see a collection of wall paintings done by young local artists. The week s
  • Tasca Bar
    Under the same ownership as the Flying Dog, and located conveniently across the park from the down street from the backpacker hostel and down the street from its Calle Lima B&B, Tasca Bar is a popular hangout. It is all too easy to drop in from the hostels, joining the trendy Limeños. Bar stools a
  • Murphy's Irish Pub
    A few blocks from Parque Kennedy, you will find this excellent pub. Decked out with soft orange lighting, a chic bar, tasteful wooden décor and a nice sidewalk vista, you would expect the place to be more expensive. This venue also features live music Thursday-Saturday, and free pool table and dar
  • The Silva Bar
    At the east end of Avenida Angela de Perotti, amidst the Da Silva family's growing estate of general store, restaurant, hostel and campground, you'll find The Silva Bar. One of Huacachina's oldest nightclubs, it draws a mostly young crowd who down the provocatively named drinks. Each day of the wee
  • Jazz Zone
    Located in the heart of Miraflores in a garden walk-through passageway, this cozy jazz bar also hosts art exhibitions from local artists. Its musical variations range from Latin jazz fusions to contemporary jazz live performances. International bands play throughout the year. Jazz Zone is fond of s
  • The Old Pub
    Oddly enough, Lima's most authentic English pub, The Old Pub, is in Lima's “Little Italy,” or as some call it, “Pizza Street,” Calle San Ramón, a short road near Parque Kennedy. But don't let a whiff of Italy deter you; after all, it's an English pub, owned by a proper Britâ€
  • Kusicoyllor Café-Bar
    International treats and Peruvian delicacies collide at Kusicoyllor Café-Bar, where you can choose from a diverse menu of novo-Andean dishes, homemade croissants, real espresso and homemade ice cream. The restaurant also has a fairly extensive selection of fine wines. With great food, friendly ser
  • Il Capuccino

    For a little more sophistication, Il Capuccino is the ideal place to relax, sip on a drink and sink into a pleasant conversation. In addition to excellent coffee, the café also has a selection of fine wines, tempting desserts and a book exchange. Sto

  • La Barrica
    La Barrica is a small, eight-table bistro offering over a dozen varieties of pizza, homemade pastas and other Italian foods. The delicious pizzas, available in three sizes, are loaded with toppings and have a good sauce. Pasta servings are generous. Choose a juice, soda, beer, wine or sangría to a
  • Carbón Burger
    If you've long been looking for an honest-to-goodness burger in Latin America, then your search is over in Piura. Carbón Burger grills up the real McCoy. This is no ground and formed patty of some mystery meat, but lean ground beef. The lines are long at this hole-in-the-wall joint, with people ea
  • Cevichería El Sol Ñato
    This lunch-time only restaurant offers a large selection of marine platters. Their black-clam ceviche is especially recommended, as is their sudado de pescado, despite its unsavory name which literally means "fish sweat." Open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Jhon Carlo's Pizza-Place
    Jhon Carlos Pizza is a family-owned business in Piura, with more than eight years of experience in the restaurant business.It offers locals and visitors a different option of food, with a high standard of quality and customer service. Most people love its lasagna, as it has been described as the r
  • El Rincón del Sabor
    The waitstaff hops from table to table, filling the orders of the lunch hour crowd. Many of the diners of El Rincón del Sabor are regularsâ??not only for the inexpensive prices, but also because of the variety. The meal starts with your choice of appetizer or soup, then moves into the main course
  • Heladería El Chalán
    This chain burger joint has a few locations in the downtown area. The ice cream is the main draw here, though. Daily 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Restaurant Vegetariano Vida y Salud
    In the crowded market of vegetarian restaurants in Piura, Vida y Salud stands out for its economical meals and closeness to the lodging district. You can always count on the food here being creative, excellent and nutritious. Breakfasts include juice, a sandwich of choice, fruit salad and coffee or
  • Anita
    Facing the Plaza de Armas, Anita takes the center stage on Calle Libertad. This restaurant with a cafeteria atmosphere offers your general fare of sandwiches, Peruvian dishes, chicken, meat and seafood. At lunchtime, a daily special is presented. After a meal, check out the bakery's glass case fi
  • Budabar Restaurant-Lounge
    Budabar is the place to go anytime of the day, for anything from breakfast to a nightcap. This corner restaurant on the Plaza de Armas has both inside and front patio seating. Lunch specials feature a menú marino (seafood menu) on Saturdays and holidays. Ã? la carte dishes are also
  • Restaurant Sun Beach
    After a day of surfing lessons with Coco, refuel with the food, view and refreshing breeze at the family's rustic restaurant. The family serves generous portions of local fish and seafood, including chicharrón (fried pieces of seafood or chicken) and arroz con mariscos (seafood rice)
  • Inka Grill
    According to some, this is the best restaurant in town. With a relaxing rustic charm, complimented by live Andean music, views of the colonial churches and a menu that will please any palate, it is hard to disagree. Specializing in modern Andean cuisine, Inka Grill serves a variety of tantalizing d
  • Pachacútec
    Pachacútec, on the Plaza de Armas is a first-class restaurant with an appealing ambience that could be described as â??Inca deco.â? A large portrait of legendary warrior Pachacútec hangs on the wall along with other samples of local art that incorporates indigenous motifs. Its menu, offered n
  • Moloko
    A very chill café with free Internet downstairs and a movie room with comfy couches upstairs, Moloko is an easy place to socialize or to hunker down and enjoy a movie. Films show twice daily (pick up a monthly schedule at the café or have a look at the day's movies posted outside the front door),
  • Los Perros Wine and Couch Bar
    Creatively and cozily decorated, Los Perros is a very popular and stylish hangout, with plenty of sofas, good music and a fun atmosphere. The food is extremely good: stirfries, curries, chicken and beef dishes, sandwiches, and plate-sized hamburgers. There is also a variety of board games, books an
  • Mandela's Bar
    Mandela's Bar is a fantastic bar/restaurant hidden behind the Cathedral, serving a mixture of Peruvian, contemporary and traditional South African food (spicy chicken, etc.) and a full bar (juices and cocktails). This bar has the best views in Cusco at night, by far, over the main Plaza and beyond.
  • Restaurant Arriba Perú
    Restaurant Arriba Perú is just off the Panamericana. This diner sports a wraparound porch that's great for dining on home-cooked Peruvian food. The menu offers what you'd expect of a fishing village: fish, conch and other seafood ceviches. All are prepared in a variety of manners, including
  • Restaurante Turístico El Brujo
    Restaurante Turístico El Brujo is a tourist getaway from the crazy border crossing and the town of Tumbes. The white and apple-green round restaurant on the beach is open-sided and provides unhindered views of the sea. The second-floor balcony is an intimate space, or you can tuck in at one of the
  • Fallen Angel
    A funky, artsy restaurant featuring tables made out of bathtubs (full of live fish!) and barbed wire on the toilets (it's tasteful), Fallen Angel is popular among visitors, who come for both the food and nightlife. There is a varied and excellent menu, with around 20 different types of steak to cho
  • Capuccino
    If stuck in the meat-and-rice rut, Capuccino offers gourmet café that has a trendy European flair. Although primarily a pastry and coffee shop, the menu features a wide selection of salads, sandwiches and other specialty dishes. It all comes a bit pricey, though. As well as interior dining, Capucc
  • Picantería Los Santitos
    For more than 20 years, Santitos has been building its clientele, serving the typical fare of the northern coast of Peru, including cebiche, seafood, chicken and steak dishes. Enjoy the cuisine and you're overall dining experience created by mud-plastered walls, coastal music and servers dre
  • El Trebol Café
    Fill your sweet tooth and coffee addiction here, while enjoying a pretty view of the main plaza. El Trebol Café offers simple breakfasts and snack food, too. It's next door to Las Américas in the southeast corner of the plaza. Daily 7 a.m.-11 p.m.
  • Hebron
    A flurry of yuppified restaurants and cafés have entered Chiclayo. This one claims to have the flavor of Chiclayo, as it says on the menu. Indeed, Hebron serves typical parrilladas (BBQs) akin to the area and is known for its roasted chicken. Eat your grilled dish in one of the restaurant's
  • Restaurant Fiesta
    This small, cozy restaurant, which from the outside is indistinguishable from a private home, boasts that it offers the finest cuisine of northern Peru. Its welcoming, intimate atmosphere and impeccable service put it in a class of its own in Chiclayo, but the food tends to be salty and overcoo
  • Govinda
    At its new location, this vegetarian place will continue to impress you with its savory meals at bargain prices like at its other locations in Peru. The menu of the day is always tasty, or try some of its Hindu dishes à la carte. Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Restaurant Romana
    Romana is another longtime favorite for taste buds favoring the local delights, some of which are a bit adventurous. Pasta dishes, humitas (corn tamales steamed in corn husks) and sandwiches, as well as chicken, meat and seafood plates, are all available for the simpler palates. It also has
  • Restaurant Demarco
    This upscale Italian restaurant scores better in decor than taste. The dishes, which include pizza, pastas, salads and sandwiches, come up short on amount of food as well. Some Peruvian food is on the menu too, such as tacu tacu plates and lomo salteado, and even vegetarians and vega
  • Ajos y Maní
    With a flavor of garlic and peanut (so-named by the restaurant), expect to find typical Peruvian dishes here. The real standout on the menu are their 10 distinct cuy, or guinea pig, plates. Invite nine friends, and see what those distinct differences really are! Open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p
  • Las Américas
    This stalwart among Chiclayano restaurants serves all the local dishes, including the lusted-after duck with rice. Nestle into one of its round booths and watch the comings and goings of passersby in the main plaza, as Américas is on the southeast corner. Daily 7:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
  • Casa Tere
    Now here's a classy place. Gladly stuck in coastal elegance, this long-running restaurant serves delicious pizzas, pastas and parrillas but with a dose of history. Black and white photos depict the history of Huanchaco, giving you a quasi-museum tour while eating. The photos are so popular t
  • Ah...Gusto
    Following the lead of Casa Tere, this restaurant caters to the tourist crowd with pizza and pasta. Unlike Casa Tere, there's no ambiance provided. The kitchen oven is found in the dining room, so you might get a whiff of gas while your pizza is being warmed up. Ah... sorry, Gusto. Open daily from 2-
  • The Wave
    Part surfer hangout, part surf school and part Mexican restaurant, Wave is the cool kids' hangout sun up to sun down. Want to learn how to paddle out, drop in and hang ten? Stop by the Wave, where a small crowd is always gathered on the patio, lounging on couches and waiting for eager surfing studen
  • La Mamacha
    La Mamacha is the get-away for vegetarians seeking refuge from Huanchaco's sea food menus. This small bistro serves vegetarian sandwiches and blue plate specials, as well as hamburgers and a menú criollo (so your meat-eating friends don't feel left out). La Mamacha also hosts a Happy Hour. Natural
  • Pizzería Volentieri
    Máncora seems to have a strangely high number of Italian restaurants and Pizzería Volentiera is one of the best. The pizzas are great, of course, served to you fresh out of the wood-fired over. However, Chef Volentieri (while using mostly national ingredients, imports some of the finer items from
  • Chill Out
    Entering into a small courtyard, where an above-ground pool sits dry just begging to be filled with water to become the center of attention, there's little doubt that anything other than chilling out is exactly what happens here. Situated around the pool are two low tables surrounded by heavily cus
  • El Kero
    Trendier than most along the beach, by day El Kero dishes up decent breakfasts and coffee. By night, patrons can order a sit-down meal of pizza, seafood, steak or one of the many Creole and international dishes on offer, then head up to the second-floor discoteca or third-floor lounge. Wine,
  • My Friend
    The restaurant side of My Friend serves all the basics: sandwiches, soups, chicken, spaghetti, fish, lasagna and even fondue. Lots of surfers come for breakfast at My Friend, since it's one of the only places open at 8 a.m. and it includes a medium-sized pitcher of juice. The strawberry-banana smoo
  • El Mochica
    Mochica stays true to its cultural roots and name, serving seafood and typical dishes from the northern coast, called criollo. If you've found a dish you love, delight in the fact that this chain has more locations in the area. Daily noon-6 p.m.
  • Lucho del Mar
    As soon as it's caught, your fish is sent to the kitchen. This is another on-the-beach seafood restaurant, minus much of a decor. Luckily, you'll be looking seaside anyway. Lucho is a good place to try Peruvian cebiche, a typical dish in which the shrimp, crab or fish is cooked by lemon juic
  • Mama Africa
    A well-established bar and dance club, Mama Africa is like stepping onto a Caribbean island, with its reggae-funk music and sweet, smooth cocktails. The club is located on the second story along one side of the Plaza de Armas, and turns out some of the best dance music in town, playing everything f
  • Inka....Fe
    Inka...Fe Café is a find. Step off the cobblestone streets into this welcoming little restaurant and you can have your choice of a wide variety of international and Peruvian cuisine. From pasta and sandwiches to chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian options, this menu is sure to keep even the pickies
  • Mana's Grill - Pizzeria Resturant
    This small Italian restaurant is full of charm. It feels like going into a family home. The food is good, and the set menu is recommended $3.50 - 5 (10 -15 Soles). Prices for individual dishes are between $2.50 - 9 (8 - 25 Soles) and a glass of wine cost $1.50 - 2 (5 - 6 Soles), good value for the
  • The Muse Too
    This is the smaller sister to The Muse restaurant on Calle Triunfo. Sitting on top of the Plaza San Blas, this funky café bar is a popular hangout for travelers wanting to chill out with a book on a comfy couch. Take the stairs to the second floor for a pleasant view over the plaza and city
  • Apu Salkantay
    Cheap and cheerful restaurant offering a three course meal for around $5. Pick between starters such as stuffed avacado, garlic tomatoes and various soups. Then move onto your main where options such as traditional beef or chicken with rice, or your own mini-pizza await you. Save space for dessert -
  • Prasada
    This small restaurant/café has a lot of character and fine vegetarian food. Guests sit outside on bar chairs, under a roof, and order food through an opening in the wall. The menu contains pizzas, veggie burgers, sandwiches and vegetarian lasagna, all at very reasonable prices, and there's a cheap
  • Toqokachi
    This small Italian restaurant is a two-minute walk from Plaza San Blas. The food-pasta, soups, and meat and fish dishes-is good, especially the pasta Alfredo. Its good value for money, with reasonably priced set lunches and dinners.
  • Panadería El Buen Pastor
    Truly, the best way to find El Buen Pastor is to follow your nose. Each morning the aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries wafts from the walk-in oven at El Buen Pastor and throughout the streets of San Blas, driving taste buds to distraction in anticipation of pan con crema and buttery empanada
  • Vuelto
    Among party-loving travelers, Cusco has a reputation for hosting daily fiestas, for the traveler with a mean sweet tooth, Velluto is the best place to be during happy hour, with two-for-one crepes from 3 to 6 p.m. The happy hour selection has slightly slimmer pickings than the proper menu's long lis
  • Kachivache
    While the owners call it a coffee shop, Kachivache is much more. This restaurant has a clean, artistically rustic atmosphereâ??with local art on the wallsâ??and is perfect for a break from the city. Chefs at Kachivache use fresh seasoning and spices to create bold, rich, flavorful entrées. Medit
  • Treehouse
    One of Aguas Calientes finest restaurants, the Tree House provides travelers with a imaginative mix of Peruvian, Thai and European cuisine-starters include a Quinoa tabbouleh and potato, lime and chili dumplings with trout ceviche, whilst mains range from alpaca filet mignon and Thai chicken to bak
  • Tampu Restaurant Bar
    Tampu Restaurant Bar is an à la carte restaurant a short stroll away from Machu Picchu's entrance, within the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. The restaurant serves international and Peruvian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with high tea in the afternoon. Prices are high but with Tamp
  • Mayupata
    For a taste of home, make your way to Mayupata, which is famous for its seriously delicious and massive burgers smothered in cheese. There's also excellent Peruvian dishes such as fresh trout and fried yucca. On cold nights the inviting central fireplace is a popular spot to gather for dri
  • Alcázar
    A popular joint for breakfast and lunch, Alcázar is praised for its cheap breakfasts and mouth-watering vegetarian lunch options. Try the French toast or honey-and-banana-pancakes, which can be washed down with one of their delicious fresh juices. This is a great place to grab a snack or midday me
  • Restaurant Miranda
    Compared to the number of touristy restaurants in Ollantaytambo, Restaurant Miranda has a refreshingly local feel. Early risers can enjoy a
  • Restaurant Samana Wasi
    For tasty and inexpensive dishes, check out Restaurant Samana Wasi. Among the restaurants in Pisac, this is one of the best. Enjoy the popular trout, salad and fried potatoes plate while relaxing in the cozy little courtyard situated towards the back. With great service and a pleasant atmosphere, c
  • Restaurant Doña Clorinda
    To try some excellent and safe traditional Peruvian food make your way to Restaurant Doña Clorinda. Despite its rather humble looking façade, the restaurant serves up some delicious dishes, such as lomo saltado and rocoto relleno. If you ask for a table upstairs, owner doña
  • Tinkuy Buffet Restaurant
    Tinkuy Buffet Restaurant is a part of Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, the only hotel within walking distance of Machu Picchu. The buffet is pricey if you're only looking for a light meal, though the price does include salad, main course, dessert and nonalcoholic beverages. Tinkuy fills quickly with d
  • Ulrike's Café
    This cheerful and arty café promises some of the most creative menus in town. Even vegetarians can find something delectable to eat here. If you're in the mood for something sweet, try one of the delicious homemade cheesecakes or a slice of carrot cake. Ulrike's is a travelers' favorite in Pisac a
  • Restaurant Valle Sagrado
    If you're in the mood to try some of the best trout in the Cusco area, then head over to Restaurant Valle Sagrado. At lunch this place is packed with locals, who flock to the restaurant for owner Carmen Luz' tasty soups and sandwiches, and trout, chicken and lamb rib dishes. The building's faux-Inca
  • Witches' Garden
    Owned and run by a hospitable French Canadian expat who gladly chats up her clientele and doles out loads of free traveling advice, Witches' Garden is arguably one of Cusco's best all-around culinary experiences. The candlelit dining room is very modern and yet cozy and relaxing. The menu is almost
  • Maikhana Namaskar Indian Restaurant
    Maikhana Namaskar is a well-kept secret in Cusco. So well kept, in fact, that even locals who profess a love of Indian food don't know that a purveyor of samosas and hot chai tea even exists in San Blas. Coyly hidden in the Galería de Arte Señor Mérida, it's easy to pass right on by the restau
  • Korma Sutra
    In a small and cozy space behind the church in the Plaza San Blas, Korma Sutra is a welcome addition offering Indian cuisine in Cusco. The British owner and chef offers a variety of curry styles including lamb, beef, chicken and vegetarian options. and the small yet assorted menu packs a punch with
  • The Muse
    The original Muse is now located in more spacious and much-improved premises on Calle Triunfo, one block from the Plaza de Armas. With the same easy-going vibe and varied menu as its sister restaurant The Muse Too-just up the hill in San Blas-The Muse also has live music every evening, including Cu
  • Juanito's Café
    Heavenly sandwiches served hot on fresh ciabatta rolls at pleasingly low prices-there's a very good reason that Juanito's cafe is so popular. Fillings include local specialties such as alpaca and lechon (suckling pig) as well as international favorites such as hamburgers and vegetarian opt
  • A Mi Manera
    A good choice for those thinking of trying Peruvian food, this restaurant caters to all tastes. The menu offers freshly prepared soups and sandwiches, fish and meat choices, simple vegetarian options and local dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado and cuy. Just one block northeast of the Pla
  • Babieca Tratoria
    One of the most popular pizzerias in town, the Babieca boasts the table-sized pizza kilometrica, which can feed up to eight people. A good selection of toppings is available, as well as homemade pasta. Although the ground floor dining room is quite large, it can feel cramped as tables and chairs ha
  • Tupana Wasi
    Restaurants that claim to offer meals as varied as Italian, Mexican, Peruvian often arouse suspicion that none of those options will really be very good. This is not true in the case of Tupana Wasi Grill Bar. This intimate little restaurant, with capacity for 25 diners, offers an excellent variety o
  • Real McCoy
    The Real McCoy is an English pub/restaurant/bar serving up traditional British fare-think pie and mashed potato with gravy, big breakfasts, roast dinners, fish and chips, baguettes, lasagna, curry, and baked potatoes with a host of fillings. With lots of genuine ingredients imported from the UK (in
  • Drews
    Drews serves fantastic authentic Peruvian cuisine prepared by a chef trained in France. The restaurant is very reasonably priced, its location one block off of the Plaza means prices are lower than elsewhere. Drews has an intimate, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Sumaq Misky
    If you're hoping to try local delicacies such as cuy (guinea pig) or alpaca whilst you're in Peru, Sumaq Misky is an excellent and safe place to do so. There's the Big Pac (alpaca burger), alpaca steaks, and guinea pig cooked in a number of ways (including Chinese-style). Good service and a
  • Kukuly
    Popular with tourists and locals alike, Kukuly is a small, friendly restaurant where the food is simple, cheap and delicious. There are $2.50 set menus for both lunch or dinner, with wholesome vegetable soups to start and chicken or meat with rice to follow. Slightly more expensive options at $4-6
  • El Molino
    El Molino's menu lists both pasta and meat dishes, but the real reason to come to this intimate, popular restaurant is the delectable, thin-crust pizza, speedily cooked in the wood-burning stove. The restaurant's more spacious than it looks-there's a back room to the right-and the atmosphere is inf
  • Pacha-Papa
    Located in the bustling artesian neighborhood of San Blas, Pacha-Papa offers an intimate setting filled with modern art and candlelit tables. For more informal dining, there is also a fireplace area with comfy sofas. Like the restaurant's art and music selection, the dishes are funky and flavorful
  • Tika Bistro Gourmet
    Turn right as you're halfway up the steep hill to the Plaza San Blas and you'll stumble across the tiny Tika Bistro Gourmet. Set in a little courtyard by the hotel Casa San Blas, Tika offers a unique combination of Thai and Vietnamese flavors made from local Peruvian ingredients, a mix which really
  • Roma Mia
    For Italian cuisine, Roma Mia is about as authentic as you can get in Cusco: friendly owners Danilo and Ana hail from Rome and import many original products from Italy. Fresh pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas and antipasti, served in simple but amiable surroundings, have made this a popular haunt for
  • Encuentros
    With kind and helpful staff and superb coffee-not to mention excellent breakfasts, snacks and cakes-Encuentros is a very pleasant spot to while away an hour or more, particularly if you have your laptop-there's free Wi-Fi.
  • Cicciolina Cicciolina
    Spanning a long room split between the bar and the elegant dining area, Cicciolina offers a top class dining experience and the atmosphere to match. Walk in and immediately enjoy the ambience and fine design; the plush red colors provide a subtle romantic feel. Unwind with a drink at the bar, devou
  • Incanto
    If you're looking to feast on some fine Italian food whilst in Cusco, go to Incanto. Its pricey, but worth it. There is a broad menu with an almost overwhelming number of choices: the fresh pasta dishes are the best feature, but there's also seafood, thin-based pizzas, steaks and traditional Peruvi
  • El Cuate
    Located halfway along Gringo Alley, you will find Cusco's longest established Mexican restaurant. With over 20 years of experience, this family-run eatery serves up a fine selection of traditional Mexican cuisine, including classic favorites such as tacos, burritos, fajitas and enchiladas. Offe
  • El Encuentro
    Known as one of the best vegetarian haunts in Cusco, El Encuentro-with its two small, modest but cheerful locations both a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas-is a real delight for travelers keen to sample scrumptious and filling vegetarian food at low prices (mains start at around $3.50). The menu