Central Peruvian Andes

The Central Peruvian Andes are home to the famous Cordillera Blanca (or White Mountain Range). The region is known for excellent hiking, trekking and mountain climbing. It is also where you will find Huascarán National Park, location of Peru’s tallest peak (also named Huascarán).

The Central Peruvian Andes are best known for the variety of world class mountaineering options they offer. They are not, however, a playground restricted to elite mountain climbers. Anyone with an appreciation for the massive ridges of the Cordillera Blanca can find things to enjoy in the area.There are plenty of alpine lakes, ruins and deserted trails begging to be explored. Therefore, even if your goal isn’t to summit a bunch of sky-scraping peaks you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy.

Several ruins left behind by the various pre-Inca cultures inhabit the region. The Chavín culture left the largest legacy, including Chavín de Huántar. Here you can see the work of this nation, one of the first pan-Andean cultures who influenced the development of many succeeding civilizations, such as the Wari and Inca cultures.

The largest and most cosmopolitan city in the region is Huaraz. Many tour operators are based in Huaraz and can take visitors on single-day or multi-day trips.

Caraz also offers many climbing and trekking operators, however, it is much smaller and more focused on adventure tourism than Huaraz. If you are not looking to climb or trek great distances then you will find more suitable options in Huaraz.