The capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley, is on the eastern tip of East Falkland Island.  Set on a steep, north-facing hillside dotted with brightly painted corrugated iron roofs, there are a few attractions in town.  Accommodation is pricey but good quality and includes breakfast.  There is a high-speed internet café in town. 

Among the highlights in this small capital town are:

The Battle of the Falklands Memorial – a monument to a WWI naval engagement

Christ Church Cathedral – a large brick and stone church with beautiful stained glass windows

Knit Items – can be purchased in town and are distinctive for the area

Collector’s Stamps – are sold at the Philatelic Bureau from Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the British Antarctic Territory

Falkland Islands Museum – features exhibits on the islands’ natural and human history

Around Stanley
Use caution when traveling on your own outside of town.  There are still minefields from the 1982 war.  You can get a free minefield map from the Bomb Disposal Office in Stanley.

Penguin Colonies – in Yorke Bay and farther at Gypsy Cove, you can observe dozens of penguins if you are up for a windy 1.5-hour walk.

Kidney Island – is a great escape for wildlife lovers especially if you want to see penguins and sea lions.  The easiest way to reach Kidney Cove is by boat from Stanley; dolphins will often follow in your wake.

Volunteer Point – is a wildlife sanctuary north of Stanley with the only substantial nesting colony of King Penguins outside of South Georgia.  Other types of penguins like the Gentoo, and Magellanic Penguins are very tame and easily photographed.