The Falkland Islands outside of the capital are referred to as ‘the camp’. The Camp is a perfect escape for travelers who don’t mind braving the elements and shelling out a fair amount of cash in the process. Many private farms offer lodging to tourists and camping and hiking is widely available. If you are on private land, however, you may need permission.

East Falkland is home to the capital, Stanley along with lots of wildlife and barren, open, windblown land. Port Louis is the Falkland’s oldest settlement. See Stanley and around for more information. on East Falkland.

West Falkland was not settled until the 1860s and remains barely populated with very few tourist facilities. Port Howard offers a few basic facilities, about 50 residents and is a good base for hiking, horseback riding and fishing.

The smaller islands off West Falkland offer the most spectacular landscapes, hikes and wildlife.

Carcass – is easier to reach than New Island and is often visited by cruise ships en route to Antartica.

New Island – is a nature reserve divided into two parts, north and south. The northern part of the island has a sheep farm and a small, grassy airstrip for small passenger planes.

Saunder’s Island has good wildlife and hikes.

Port Stephens is rich with Rockhopper Penguins.