Ecuador Tours

Should you be interested in getting a more personal and knowledgeable demonstration of what the country has to offer, you’ll be sure to find plenty of options that will appeal to just about any type of interest. From adventure tours that will have you rolling across the Andes on bike all the way to luxury cruises that will pamper you with hospitality, insight and transportation around the islands of the Galapagos – you’ll be sure to find something that fits your exploratory needs under the guidance and coordination of a Tour Company.

  • Calle La Ronda
    Parting from Calle Benalcázar, the downhill walk along Calle La Ronda is a short journey through a very significant representation of colonial life in Quito. The term ronda refers to a small alleyway within the walls of a city, and although Quito was never walled, the street once marked the
  • Rio Muchacho Organic Farm
    Situated in the Río Muchacho river valley, just a short distance from the chilled beaches of Canoa, Río Muchacho Organic Farm focuses on environmental and cultural awareness with an affinity towards community development and sustainable tourism. Owners Nicola and Dario have not only created a sel
  • Land-Based Galápagos Tours
    Combination tours, or land-based tours, are similar to navigable tours in that they combine visits to land and marine sites in the archipelago. The major difference is that combination tours include lodging on land and are limited to sites within a finite radius of the hub town, either