• Galería Latina
    Sporting what is probably the finest collection of arts and hand-made crafts throughout Quito, it is here that you'll find a beautiful array of high quality pieces from across Latin America. It all comes at a hefty price however, so do bring a large wallet if you're interested in acquiring t
  • Digital Photo Express
    Digital Express is found in the El Jardin and Quicentro malls, as well as in other Quito locations. This store deals with photography. Here you can buy camera products such as film, memory sticks, batteries, camera cases and more. A small selection of cameras can also be purchased here. It is also
  • Tatoo Adventure Gear
    Tatoo Adventure Gear is a great place to pick up brand-name sportswear, trekking and camping equipment, biking accessories and more. Tatoo Cuenca carries a comprehensive selection of gear as well as travel guidebooks and maps. The knowledgeable staff is a great source of information on everything f
  • Markets in Ecuador
    Otavalo Market Colorful and buzzing, Otavalo market is the biggest indigenous market in South America. It is held daily, but the most important day is Saturday. The market is based in Plaza de los Ponchos and extends far into the local streets on a Sa
  • Libri Mundi
    Established in 1971, Libri Mundi is a popular bookstore chain with a number of stores in and around Quito, and also in Cuenca and Guayaquil. They stock a wide variety of books but for the traveler, the most important thing is that they sell English-language books, including novels. Libri Mundi stoc
  • Libri Mundi
    Established in 1971, Libri Mundi is a popular bookstore chain with a number of stores in and around Quito, and also in Cuenca and Guayaquil. It stocks a wide variety of books, but for the traveler, the most important thing is that it sells English-language books, including novels. Libri Mundi stock
  • Libri Mundi
    Established in 1971, Libri Mundi is a popular bookstore chain with a number of stores in and around Quito, and also in Cuenca and Guayaquil. They stock a wide variety of books but for the traveler, the most important thing is that they sell English-language books, including novels. Libri Mundi stoc
  • Libri Mundi
    Established in 1971, Libri Mundi is a popular bookstore chain with a number of stores in Cuenca, and also in Quito and Guayaquil. They stock a wide variety of books but for the traveler, the most important thing is that they sell English-language books, including novels. Libri Mundi stocks some of
  • Mercado 10 de Agosto
    Once considered to be one of the more dangerous markets in town, in the last few years Mercado 10 de Agosto has had a tremendous facelift and is now a nice place to visit for an authentic local experience, or to buy cheap produce for cooking in hostels. Redesigned and cleaned up, it now proudly fl
  • Libri Mundi
    Established in 1971, Libri Mundi is a popular bookstore chain with a number of stores in and around Quito, and also in Cuenca and Guayaquil. They stock a wide variety of books but for the traveler, the most important thing is that they sell English-language books, including novels. Libri Mundi stock
  • Plaza Rotary
    Located about four blocks to the northeast of the central plaza in Cuenca, Plaza Rotary hosts an outdoor market of random, non-touristy handicrafts made by and for locals. Hand-tied rope, baskets made of old car tires, brass bells and more are for sale here. The spot is well worth a visit, but don'
  • Galakiwi Tours and Dive Shop
    Located about a half block from the main street and ocean, Galakiwi is a small, friendly dive shop that offers day diving trips as well as longer cruises. The small business is owned by a New Zealander and his cheerful Galápagos wife (thus Gala-Kiwi). Their equipment is good, as is their staff an
  • Libri Mundi
    Established in 1971, Libri Mundi is a popular bookstore chain with a number of stores in and around Quito, and also in Cuenca and Guayaquil. They stock a wide variety of books but for the traveler, the most important thing is that they sell English-language books, including novels. Libri Mundi stock
  • Galapagos On Line
    Galapagos on-line is a popular internet spot just across from the naval base. In the past, the computers here were very slow - I'd say they operated at the speed of, oh, let's say "evolution." Their computers have improved, so if you've been there before and were unimpressed, you may want to try aga
  • Shopping in Ecuador
    Shopping is a varied experience in Ecuador. From dusty, noisy animal markets to craft markets to sterile, glossy malls, there is something for everyone here. Ecuador produces an interesting array of products that can be purchased as souvenirs. Arts and crafts (in Spanish,
  • Magda
    At significantly less locations through the city than supermarket Goliath Supermaxi, the Magda supermarket chain has a few branches in different neighborhoods such as the Centro Historico and northern Quito. Magda has a fairly decent selection of goods, with some foreign imports, but perhaps n
  • Opuntia Shop
    The Opuntia Shop is cute souvenir shop/bar nestled in a lovely little courtyard decorated in intricate mosaics. After purchasing a t-shirt or postcard, you can sit at one of the outdoor tables, have an ice cream, soda, or beer, and relax amid the refreshing surroundings.
  • Galapagos Gallery
    A small gallery with creative artistic pieces, ranging from wooden crafts and tagua, or vegetable ivory figurines, to paintings and clothes. Visa and MasterCard accepted.
  • Santa Maria Supermarket
    Santa Maria is the cheapest supermarket chain with a few branches across the city (one next to Santa Clara market and another next to Iñaquito market). Santa Maria is perhaps the cheapest of the three largest supermarket chains in Quito. You'll find very few imported products here, but the st
  • De Prati
    Found in Quicentro Mall, De Prati is a department store selling clothing for women and men. All clothing needs can be met here, including jackets, jeans, t-shirts and shoes. For those who do not enjoy clothes shopping and like to just visit one store, this is the place to go for those who can
  • Radio Shack
    For most of your electronic needs, head to any of Radio Shack's locals in Quito. With Radio Shack is bound to have what you need to set up your new apartment or house. However, traveler-friendly items like flashlights, USB chords, plug adapters and digital cameras also call this place home,
  • Convent Shops
    Whether your skin dried by Quito's high altitude needs rejeuvenation, or you've picked up a bug on your jungle excursion, you can find relief at three convents in Quito's Centro Histórico. They dedicate themselves to making homemade sweets and natural medicines made from their own huertas
  • Galeria Johanna
    A typical souvenir shop with the novelty of being located in a red, wooden boat. It is air-conditioned and accepts Visa.
  • Sucasa
    Located in some of the bigger malls, most notably in El Jardin, Su Casa is the place to go for all of your home furnishing needs. That is, if you can afford to pay for the high quality goods within. From sofas, dining room furniture and beds through to electronic goods, candles, Christmas deco
  • Mega Kywi/ Kywi
    Kywi and Mega Kywi will usually be a good one-stop shop for DIY needs while you are in Quito. They sell tools, electronic goods, electrical adapters, wires and other necessary bits and pieces for fixing up your home. Mega Kywi, unsurprisingly is bigger and has a more extensive array of stock. In Me
  • Supermaxi/megamaxi
    Quito's largest, most ubiquitous and arguably most well-known supermarket chain is Supermaxi / Megamaxi. There are a few Megamaxi branches across the city and in the valley. This store is your best bet for the more unusual imported products that you might want to get your hands on. In addition to
  • Santa Clara Market
    A few blocks east of the bustling center of La Mariscal, Santa Clara market is just as much a cultural experience as a place to pick up cheap groceries. Here locals sell mounds of fresh fruits and veggies, herbs, flowers, meats, cheeses and seafood, making it a great place to buy ingredients for th
  • Espiral Shopping
    Spiraling upwards inside this large structure are a number of stores and services (163 in total) that offer a variety of goods - some even pirated! - for a relatively cheap price. It's also an interesting relic to behold, given that it was one of Quito's first shopping centers to be built in 1980
  • Galería Ecuador Gourmet
    A mix of modern and quaint, the two-story Galería Ecuador offers travelers a ritzy store and cafe to come peruse its goods and aromas. Ranging from clothing to arts and crafts, the gallery here pridefully displays it's country's fruits of labor and imagination. From sampling spirits and coffee to
  • CineMark - Movie Theater
    CineMark is Quito's nicest and most modern movie theater. Some movies are in English, while others have English subtitles. Check the web site for monthly promotions and special discounts. The theater is located in the north part of town on Naciones Unidas and América in the Plaza de las Americas
  • Andes 6000
    This store is conveniently located for travelers in the Mariscal part of Quito. The store is fairly small, but reasonably well stocked with outdoorsy products, such as clothing, knives, cooking equipment, head lamps and more. Good quality rain gear can also be bought here. Since the store is a bit
  • The English Bookshop
    The English Bookshop has been in Quito since 2005. It's collection is only second to Confederate Books, and its prices are much more reasonable. It is easy to find a book for $5.50 here. The bookstore also has a four-shelf selection of what the owner considers the best books in the store. These boo
  • Shopping In The Centro Histórico
    Old town is full of little stores offering shopping for crafts, clothing, and necessities, and often the experience is just as rewarding as your purchase. Whereas in the north of Quito you can find large shopping complexes, old town is full of little family-owned stores, somewhat hidden shops
  • Multicines El Recreo - Movie Theater
    The movie theater in the huge mall, El Recreo, is definitely a feature of this shopping center. The theater is relatively new and the only one for miles in this part of Quito.
  • Tatoo Adventure Gear
    Tatoo Adventure Gear is a top source for brand-name sportswear, trekking and camping equipment, biking accessories and more. The Tatoo Mariscal outlet stocks guidebooks and maps, and the knowledgeable staff provides information on mountaineering courses and seminars, and offers tips on everything
  • The Confederate Bookstore
    Confederate Bookstore is an American second-hand bookstore that has been in Quito for over 18 years. It has a great selection to choose from, especially in classics, mystery and science fiction. Used books usually cost anywhere from $7-15. It probably has the best English selection in Quito, but
  • Multicines CCI - Movie Theater
    Multicines CCI is an older movie theater in CCI, the shopping mall off of Amazonas and Naciones Unidas. CineMark, just up the street, is much nicer, but sometimes Multicines shows movies that CineMark doesn't have. Another advantage to this theater is that on Wednesdays it offers discounts for all s
  • Almacenes Japon
    Japon in the northern part of Quito is a good place to buy cheap appliances and other electronics of varying brands and quality. The store sells everything from ovens to fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers, washing machines, driers, dish washers, TVs, entertainment systems and more. You can usually
  • Maps
    There are many different resources for obtaining maps in Quito. The Military Geographic Institute (www.igm.gov.ec) has a wide selection of regional and city maps for Ecuador. You can order maps directly through its website and then pick them up from its
  • Quito Malls
    Quito's malls are shiny, slick and expensive. Wealthy Quitenos just love wandering around them in the evenings and on the weekends. Many recognizable brand names can be found here, such as Bally, Liz Claiborne, Nine West, Diesel store in the Quicentro mall. In each mall there are huge food courts
  • Galeria Aymara
    A small gallery selling arts and crafts from the Galápagos and the mainland. Pieces range from intricate weavings, creatively patterned ceramics, tagua, or vegetable ivory figurines, and jewelry. Visa and MasterCard accepted.
  • Local Ferreterias
    Nothing to do with small furry animals, Ferreterias in Quito (and Ecuador) are a good place to pick up DIY products for home improvements. In most parts of Quito you'll find local ferreterias that will stock the kinds of goods that you need for this purpose. These stores tend to be fairly smal
  • Shopping
  • Santa Maria Supermarket
    Located next to the Tumbaco bus stop, Santa Maria supermarket has the cheapest groceries in the area. Although budgeters will appreciate how it has lower prices than fellow Supermaxi up the road, keep in mind that the selection of produce and imported foods is much more restrictive and thus, you ma
  • Iñaquito
    This market is located in the northern part of Quito and is easily accessible by taxi or bus. At this market, which primarily sells food produce, you can find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, all kinds of meat and meat products, fish, eggs and other food stuffs. There are also stalls with o
  • Tatoo Adventure Gear
    Tatoo Adventure Gear is an outdoor goods store that can be found throughout Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Bolivia. The shop is stocked with brand-name backpacks, hiking boots, camping equipment and fitness clothing. Staff members are experienced adventurers themselves, so they can help you cho
  • Paseo San Francisco
    At the beginning of 2013, Cumbayá opened its doors to one of the most modern shopping malls in the area. With a space of 160,000 meters spread out over three floors; and a total of 170 spaces housing stores, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, cellphone operators, and the second IMAX theater in all
  • Ventura Mall
    If coming to Tumbaco from Cumbayá, you will find a nondescript mall near the entrance to Tumbaco on the main avenue (it has a covered, pedestrian bridge connecting it to the building across the avenue). This collection of convenient stores is also known as Ventura Mall. In the mall, there is a Sup
  • Supermercado Santa María
    A great way to save money while in Baños, the supermarket is conveniently located between the two plazas off Rocafuerte, right across from the crafts market. There is a 24-hour Banco de Guayaquil ATM which accepts BanRed, Visa, Plus, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus and AMEX. Many of the hostels in the
  • Fybeca
    Fybeca is arguably Ecuador's premier pharmacy chain. This pharmacy has a good selection of medicines, and if you're determined to find what the doctor has prescribed you, this is possibly the best place to start as it tends to be better stocked than other chains. Fybeca has a store card that you ca
  • Correos Del Ecuador
    Ecuador's Official Postal Service that's actually quite reliable in sending mail and/or packages in and around the country, as well as internationally (United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil).
  • Northern Quito Internet Cafes
    There are a plethora of internet cafes in Quito.  In the northern neighborhoods, internet cafes tend to be a bit more spread out and slightly more expensive than those in the Mariscal.  You can still find great service and speed though. If you see that we are missing one, please let us know
  • PC Mania
    PC Mania is spacious, well-located and reasonably priced. Hourly rates are $1.00 per hour, but drop to $0.80 per hour for members. In addition to a broadband connection, there is a café with an extensive menu of drinks (coffee, tea, juice, beer), snacks, sandwiches and empanadas. PC Mania also has
  • DHL Express
  • Banco De Guayaquil
  • Banco de Guayaquil
  • Banks
    • ATM: On Reina Victoria (between Calama and Foch)
    • Banco de Guayaquil: Av. Amazonas N22-147 and Veintimlla
    • Banco del Pacifico: Av. Amazonas, between Carrion and Veintimilla
    Banks open from 9a.m. to 5pm. and remain closed on weekends. Cas
  • Atms In Quito
    It is advisable to have your wits about you when you visit Quito's ATMs. These are common places for robbery, especially at night. It is better to use ATMs during daylight and to not withdraw large amounts of cash all at once. Some ATMs will charge you more for withdrawing money than others,
  • Cafénet City
    Cafénet City is expensive, small and the computers are slow. It is located in the north of Quito just south of the Walmart-esque Megamaxi.
  • Check Center
    The Check Center is a fairly large internet cafe with instant coffee and imported candies and treats. Located in the north of Quito, just south of the large mall, El Jardín on Amazonas Avenue. Dress lightly, the computers are crammed together and ventilation is poor, so after an hour you are stea
  • Tailors Overview
    In most residential neighborhoods there will be at least one, but usually more tailors ready to service your clothing alteration requirements. Note that there are two types of tailors that cater to each respective gender - Costurera (women) and Sastre (men). Costs are usually cheap. T
  • Consulates
    If your ship happens to go down or some other mishap occurs while in your in the Enchanted Islands, several countries do have consulate personnel on hand in Puerto Ayora: Great Britain (c/o Etica Office, Barrio Estrada. Tel: 593-5-526157 / 526159, Fax: 593-5-5265919 Italy (Hotel Royal Palm.
  • Custom-Made Surfboards and Repair
    Interested in specially handmade balsa surfboards? If si, visit local, renowned shaper, Victor Garcia. Victor's been making
  • Getting Vaccines
    All travelers to Quito should come prepared with the necessary vaccinations to ensure a healthy stay. Some immunizations take a few weeks to kick in so consult a healthcare professional four to six weeks prior to your departure date to receive the recommended shots and medications. It is advised tha
  • Recommended Doctors and Hospitals in Quito
    *Speaks English **Speaks English and worked in the United States Cardiologist: Dr. Rene Vicuna Marino, Centro Medico Metropolitano, 007, Tel: 02-225-9359, E-mail: renevicuna@hotmail.fr Chiropractor: **Dr. Reza Shapouri, Gaspar de Villaroel and 6 de diciembre, plaza seis, Tel: 0
  • Long Term Health
    Women's Health Getting oral contraceptives while in Quito is, in many cases, easier than in the United States or other places. No prescription or gynocological consultation is necessary; you can simply walk into any pharmacy and ask for it. The more difficult part is finding the particular

  • Montañita Shopping
    Montañita is filled with shopping opportunities, whether you want to buy a custom surfboard, some beachwear, a hand-woven bracelet by hippies, or any other souvenir. In the town center, especially near the main intersections, tables overflow with people selling identical items, including pipes, ha
  • Sana Sana
  • Shopping in Manta City
    There are two main markets within Manta City that in paticular cater to your every culinary need. La Baviera Market is an upscale market, this is a good place to get lunch meat, fresh bread and produce, which you can take for a picnic on the beach. You'll also find a range of imported meats and chee
  • Puerto Ayora Shopping
    For the most part, if you're shopping in Puerto Ayora, you're looking either for supplies, such as sunscreen, or souvenirs. Things like medicine, food and sunscreen are available, but expensive, so stock up on those things before you go. There are plenty of souvenir shops in Puerto Ayora, each of th