Ecuador Schools

Ecuador’s excellent selection of Spanish schools is unmatched in South America. Prices are low, averaging $4-10 per hour for individual classes. Most schools also arrange home-stays with a local family, and some offer excursions, salsa dancing or cooking classes as part of the package. Either way, they are a great way to learn spanish.

Although Quito has the biggest choice of Spanish schools, you can also sign up for classes in numerous other towns and cities in Ecuador. Baños, Otavalo, and Cuenca are all popular places to take classes. If you’d rather be at the beach, then check out the schools in Puerto López and Montañita.

  • Montañita Spanish School
    If you want to get more out of your visit than lazing around and partying, Montañita Spanish School has friendly, innovative teachers and staff. You can learn Spanish for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, and enjoy the rest of what the town has to offer in between and later
  • Academia Latinoamericana de Español
    At Academia Latinoamericana de Español, you will find yourself quickly learning Spanish amid friendly Ecuadorians and the mix of Spanish and indigenous history that defines Quito. Regardless of your proficiency level, you will find a program that suits your needs, goals and learning style here. Th
  • Simón Bolívar Spanish School
    Located just three blocks from the center of the Mariscal area, Simón Bolívar Spanish School offers a wide range of extra services such as free Internet, airport pick-up, city tours, two salsa classes per week, cooking classes, and classes on culture, economy and other Ecuadorian subjects. Its
  • Amazonas Language School
    Amazonas Language School features private or group Spanish classes for 20 to 35 hours per week. Since the school is paired up with a travel agency, students have the advantage of learning about the country and language as they travel. Founded in 1989, the school is well-established and all teacher
  • Instituto Superior de Español
    Instituto Superior de Español offers Spanish language courses with first class instructors in Ecuador in Quito, in Otavalo, on the Galapagos Islands and in the Amazon jungle and offers students the opportunity to learn Spanish rapidly while exploring the country with what is considered as the "Bes
  • Elemental Spanish
    Spanish for Travelers in Quito, Ecuador Elemental Spanish staff are experienced teachers, trained in helping foreigners improve their Spanish language skills. In each level the student will be exposed to grammatical and phonetic structures as well as idioms, pronunciation, reading, writing, spellin
  • Andean Global Studies
    Andean Global Studies is a Spanish school based in Quito and offers foreign students a wide variety of programs, such as: spanish immersion, medical Spanish, and volunteering. The school facilities are deigned with comfort in mind, providing Wi-Fi and computer access for their students. The school
  • Terracentro Spanish School & Cultural Center
    Study Spanish in Quito-Ecuador. Learn Spanish while absorbing the culture, history, and traditions of Ecuador. Our program includes one-to-one or group lessons. We have Spanish for all grammar levels, we offer regular and intensive courses, Business and Medical Spanish.The School arranges the b
  • APF Languages
    APF Languages offers flexible schedules, experienced teachers, and the typical variety of extra services like a Spanish conversation club, dance and cooking classes, two free hours of internet each week, videos and documentaries in Spanish, information on travel and volunteer opportunities around Ec
  • Otavalo Spanish Institute
    If you want to pick up Spanish quickly and effectively, you should go find the Otavalo Spanish School. With levels ranging from elementary to intermediate, the school offers basic, immersion and intensive courses. Of course, the best option would be to go for the intensive course, which includes 30
  • Mayra Spanish School
    Accredited by Ecuador's Ministry of Education, Mayra has been offering quality Spanish classes since 1998. The school offers courses of all levels and caters to individual student's needs. Classes are available morning, afternoon and evening. Those interested in volunteer work can join Mayra's Socia
  • The Amazon Spanish School
    The Amazon Spanish School is located along the Tena River, just one and a half kms (one mile) from the old center. Classes are no larger than four people and are taught by Ecuadorian professionals in English and Spanish to maximize understanding. The program consists of 20 days of classes Monday thr
  • Grupo Game
    In a quiet area of Quito's Old Town is Grupo Game. This friendly school, headed by Katy, is a center of free information and offer services to volunteers, students, visitors and friends wishing to learn about Ecuador's culture and language. In addition to Spanish classes, Grupo Game offers cultural
  • Ailola Quito Spanish School
    Bienvenidos to our Spanish Language School, offering Spanish Courses, Volunteerings and Internship programs in Quito. Established in 1988, Ailola Quito is a leading Spanish language school in Ecuador designed especially for the needs of fore
  • Academia de Español Guayasamín
    Academia de Español Guayasamín offers affordable hourly group classes. Teachers are native Spanish speakers and all have at least seven years of experience. All materials are included in the price, along with salsa classes, city excursions, volunteer opportunities, and assistance with securing ac
  • Si Centro Spanish School
    Authorized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, Si Centro is an efficiently run school that only employs university-trained Spanish teachers. The school is only two blocks from Parque Calderón. In addition to its professional teaching in quiet classrooms, the school also has a friendly atmosph
  • Intensive Spanish Ecuador
    Intensive Spanish Ecuador is a Spanish school in Quito accredited to Instituto Cervantes of Spain and registered by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador. Their teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals in areas related to language teaching. Their teaching staff has attended Instit
  • inlingua Quito
    Inlingua Quito is a language school with a proven method and teaching materials available. Opened in 1998, we offer high level language training services using the Inlingua method. We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and guarantee you a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to study and
  • Yanapuma Spanish School
    Yanapuma Spanish school is a unique, nonprofit school whose proceeds benefit Yanapuma Foundation and its sustainable development projects in Ecuadorian communities. It combines in-class learning with a wide variety of optional activities, including culturally and socially oriented weekday and weeke
  • Tropical Dancing School
    Tropical Dancing School is a small, friendly place that offers dance lessons in a variety of styles, including salsa, merengue, cumbia, rueda de casino (sort of a cross between square dancing and salsa), cha cha cha and vallenato. The school is up a dusty flight of stairs on a small street off of A
  • Rumiñahui Spanish School
    The Rumiñahui Spanish School offers as many benefits as you can hope for at $7 per hour: one-on-one classes, all classroom books, free salsa lessons, homestay accommodation recommendations, volunteer work opportunities, free coffee and tea, and a diploma from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education
  • South American Language Center
    The South American Language Center has been operationg from La Mariscal for about 22 years. It is a bit pricier than other options, at around $8/hour, but with the price comes one-on-one classes, help with home-stay arrangements, salsa lessons, cooking classes and tours around Quito. Courses can
  • Centro De Español Vida Verde
    Classes at Centro De Español Vida Verde have an advantage over other Spanish schools in Quito: a small portion of the profits go to conservation and development projects around Ecuador. Classes range from $8.50/hour depending on group size and the number of hours you register for. Weekly p
  • Cristóbal Colón Spanish Language School
    Private classes at Cristóbal Colón are reasonably priced and no registration fee is necessary, just pay as you go. Its library offers a selection of materials for your classes and you have the option of changing teachers each week to practice a variety of accents and teaching styles. There are s
  • Bipo & Toni's Academia de Español
    Bipo & Toni's Academia de Español is a well-established Spanish school offering private and incredibly cheap spanish classes in small groups from $6-$9/hour depending on the package and group size. Typical activities like city and market tours, certificates from the Ministry of Education, and hel
  • Quito Antiguo Spanish School
    Quito Antiguo Spanish School offers classes and homestays in Quito's Historic Center; this school offers less extra features than other schools in Quito, but is well located for strolls around the colonial neighborhoods in the area. Discounts are given for long-term commitments, so don't be afrai
  • La Lengua
    La Lengua provides one-to-one Spanish lessons in a flexible manner. La Lengua also provides a cultural understanding of Latin America. Tours and volunteering options are offered, along with homestays in the area you're in.
  • Símon Bolívar Spanish School
    Just one and a half blocks away from Cuenca's central park, Símon Bolívar is ideally located right in the heart of the historic city. With four locations across Ecuador, Símon Bolívar is a well-respected chain of schools. The Cuenca location was founded in 2005 is now very well-established, emp
  • Colegio Menor San Francisco De Quito
    Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito is a private, bilingual school (Spanish and English) affiliated with the respected Universidad San Francisco de Quito. The kindergarten is part of an early childhood education system from pre-kindergarten to the second grade. The curriculum is based on the Ameri
  • British School
    Located in the beautiful Tumbaco Valley 20 minutes from Quito, the British School is an autonomous, non-denominational school with over 250 students from nursery to grade 12, and class sizes of 22 students. They follow the British style curriculum with classes in English, though they teach Spanish
  • Colegio La Condamine
    The school follows the French curriculum and Ecuadorian models and provides a bilingual education in French and Spanish. There are usually around 100 students accepted each year and the school has over 1,000 students in total. The tuition ranges based on the students' ages, but in general families
  • Colegio Experimental Alberto Einstein
    Alberto Einstein is a bilingual Jewish school (Spanish/English) with options for students to learn either Hebrew or French as electives in later years. The early education curriculum is for children ages 4 through 7. In order to apply, applicants must fill out an application form, submit a letter
    CEDEI hosts international academic programs and teaches courses in Andean literature, business, environment and culture, as well as Spanish language classes. Around 20 universities from the U.S. have partnerships with CEDEI, allowing students to receive college credit for their coursework. It can a
  • Alliance Academy International
    Alliance Academy International is a private Christian school that has been in Quito since 1929. The school follows a US-based Christian curriculum and is fully-credited with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International. There are 440 students
  • Colegio Menor San Francisco De Quito
    A private, bilingual school, Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito is affiliated with the respected Universidad San Francisco de Quito and focuses on a liberal arts education. The curriculum is based on American and International school systems and has class sizes of a maximum of 22 students
  • Academia Cotopaxi
    Academia Cotopaxi is a nonprofit international American school located in Quito on 15 acres with a swimming pool, music room, and library. There are close to 500 students ranging from 20 months to grade 12 and class sizes hover around 16 students. The school follows the college preparatory curricul
  • Otra Ola
    Otra Ola is a laid-back school for travelers interested in learning Spanish, practicing yoga, or surfing while visiting Ecuador's southern coast and an organic restaurant and café. Both Spanish and surfing classes (at any level) are available by the hour or at a discounted rate for multi-session p
  • Clara Luna Spanish School
    Clara Luna is not only about Spanish language education, it also seeks to teach students about ancient Ecuadorian cultures, Ecuadorian coastal food and environmental issues in the area. Its bilingual teachers are also naturalist guides in Parque Nacional Machalilla and have at least three years of
  • Yanayacu Biological Station & Center for Creative Studies
    Yanayacu Biological Station is a research and teaching facility located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon in Cosanga. Offering volunteer, student and research opportunities, Yanayacu always has projects in need of extra help. Visitors can either do physical labor such as painting or trail buildi
  • Colegio Americano De Quito
    Currently the school is co-educational, non-religious, and a non-profit foundation. The school is bilingual, offers diplomas that meet requirements for both the International Baccalaureate Program and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The school has more than 3000 students from Pre-
  • Colegio International Sek
    SEK is a system of international schools with 14 locations and 3 universities. Approximately 30 percent of the students are international, representing 35 different countries, and ranging from preschool to 12th grade. Students choose between national courses for the Ecuadorian Baccalaureate an
  • German School In Quito (colegio Alemán)
    The bilingual German school follows the typical curriculum in Germany and is based on the European education model. Students in kindergarten are between 4 and 5 years old and learn both Spanish and German, music, rhyming, swimming, as well as cooperation, and communication skills. When children a
  • Ruta Del Sol Spanish Language School
    Ruta del Sol Spanish Language school in Quito, Ecuador offers Spanish lessons and courses to all levels of students. Study abroad in Ecuador, South America and learn Spanish at one of the best schools in Latin America.
  • Sustainable Volunteer Ecuador
    We offer a variety of unique exchange programs. Exchange students and volunteers are able to learn Spanish, while at the same time offering their knowledge and expertise in a desired field. SVE is offering a NEW Alternative Andean Healthcare program. If
  • Evergreen International School
    Comprehensive educational program in English. Individualized education, with seven students per academic class. Offers 16 levels of instruction starting with children from 2 year olds to 11 year olds. The school provides transportation service. In addition, it offers snack, lunch, computers, art
  • Spanish Classes
    Private Spanish classes for travelers interested in learning while enjoying the beach are available. One on one tutoring or group classes are available by the hour, or choose a one to four week package deal for a discount.
  • Escuela Amauta
    This highly recommended Spanish school only provides private classes, except in the case that friends who are at the same level want to take them together. Classes are charged per hour ($9), but during high season, students are required to commit to two hours per day for a minimum of a week. Amauta
  • Surpacifico Spanish School
    The Surpacifico school offers a variety of courses, including medical Spanish or Spanish and surfing. A two-week program with 20 hours of instruction and homestay will set you back approximately $800.There are additional activities such as dance classes and optional activities that students can take
  • Mar Azul Spanish School
    Mar Azul Spanish School is a smaller, alternative option to studying Spanish with Montañita Spanish School. In addition to weekly programs, Mar Azul offers hourly group ($6 per hour) and private lessons ($8 per hour), which makes it easy to fit in a few hours of Spanish study without having to rev
  • Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Sede Ecuador (Flacso)
    Founded by Unesco in 1957, Flacso is an international private graduate school that focuses on the social sciences. Students can earn both a masters and a doctorate from this university, although in order to enroll students must meet Spanish and discipline requirements. It does not cater to inte
  • Andean Study Programs
    Andean Study Programs specializes in study abroad programs for American and European Universities. If a university has a specific program in mind, the company will take that idea, compile an itinerary to complement it, and arrange the proper accommodations and activities. For example, if you want a
  • Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA)
    UDLA is a Laureate International University, a network of more than 50 institutions and more than 100 campuses in 21 countries. Students from involved universities are encouraged to visit UDLA in Ecuador. In order to study at UDLA, students must be in good academic standing, finished with four
  • Universidad Central de Ecuador
    This is a public university and therefore one of the most affordable in Quito costing roughly $1,800 per semester. Their 40,000 students, 450 of which are international, also have a wide range of study options from Veterinary Medicine to International Relations. International students usually d
  • Studying Abroad
    The savvy international student will find many opportunities in Quito and throughout Ecuador. Although most students study abroad for one semester or a year those students wishing for a different type of experience can certainly find it. It's possible to study in the Galapagos Islands, one of t
  • Universidad Católica del Ecuador
    Most international students come for a semester through an affiliated program to study Spanish, learn about Ecuadorian culture, and take courses in the human sciences. There are normally 50 to 60 international students per semester and as all classes are in Spanish, students are required to ta
  • Secret Garden Spanish School
    Classes at Secret Garden Spanish School are offered from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. daily. Most of the teachers have an undergraduate degree and at least five years of teaching experience. Secret Garden offers excursions and homestays from $15 per night.
  • Marazul Spanish School
  • Instituto Superior De Español
    Welcome to our Spanish Language School, offering Spanish Courses and Volunteering in Otavalo. For 20 years we are welcoming you and other students from around the world in Oatavlo. We have a well-earned reputation and won several prices for our academic
  • Secret Garden Spanish School
    Classes at Secret Garden Spanish School are offered from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. daily. Most of the teachers have an undergraduate degree and at least five years of teaching experience. Secret Garden offers excursions and homestays from $15 per night.