Ecuador Restaurants

Food in Ecuador is diverse and plentiful, thanks to the land’s
varied climate and vegatation. The country boasts a wonderful selection of exotic fruits, which are typically savored by drinking delicious and cheap jugos, or fruit juices. Traditional food in Ecuador centers around their wide varieties of potatoes, corn and fruit. Chicken and pork are popular meat options and are typically served with a heaping mound of rice, beans, potatoes and/or patacones, which are fried and mashed plantains. Most
lunches and dinners
in Ecuador start with a hot bowl of Ecuador’s savory specialty: soup. From basic to bizarre, Ecuadorian soup is deliciously diverse.
Seafood in Ecuador is rich and plentiful, but is at its most fresh and flavorful

along the coast. The Amazon also has fresh and high-quality freshwater fish, typically served alongside the Amazonian staple, yuca (a manioc similar to yam).
Vegetarian travelers will be pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of vegetarian food options in popular tourist destinations like Quito and Baños. However, in small towns you will often be stuck eating some combination of rice, oily salads, and eggs.
If you’ve had your fill of local fare, you can find international cuisine in most tourist towns. Chinese, Indian and Mexican restaurants are popular in many towns.

Ecuadorian drinks include a variety of delicious and cheap jugos, chicha (an Andean specialty) and canelazo, a sweet hot alcoholic drink made from cane alcohol and sugar or cinnamon.

  • La Rinconada de Rolando Vera
    Tucked away at the far end of the Pululahua crater, just beneath the dark folds of the north-eastern wall, is the lovely hacienda Rinconada de Rolando Vera. Retired marathon champion Rolando Vera bought the house after falling in love with the valley - when he saw it in a painting. He then turned
  • Lo Nuestro
    Lo Nuestro ("What is ours") is probably the closest you'll get to classy dining while indulging in some of Ecuador's most renowned, traditional fare. It's also an interesting, quasi-historical experience to partake in as the entire restaurant is designed within the interior of a renovated and typica
  • Rincón Amazónico
    Barely visible from the dusty, drab road, Rincón Amazónico is a gorgeous restaurant tucked away in the valley. Upon entering, you are transported to the warm tranquility of the Amazon, with chairs and tables made from tree trunks, surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants strung throughout the i
  • Villa Rosa
    Villa Rosa is one of Cuenca's most elegant restaurants, and one of the best that is not affiliated with a hotel. Located in a converted colonial home not too far from the center of town, the restaurant is attractive and the service is excellent. Villa Rosa specializes in a mix of Ecuadorian and int
  • Batidos del Negrito
    In the middle of a hot day at the beach cool off with some blended, fruit goodness courtesy of Batidos del Negrito. Order a mix of your favorite fruits at the juice and batidos (blended juice and milk) stand on the road in to town. It is amazing to watch the juice man as he bounces to the high-volu
  • El Crater Restaurant
    A visit to this restaurant can easily be a vacation highlight. It offers one of the most spectacular views of any restaurant in Ecuador. Perched literally on the edge of a spectacular Pululahua crater, the view will blow you away. The food comes in a very close second. The theme is contemporary
  • Kallari
    Kallari is a community-owned coffee shop and crafts shop owned by an association of Quechua communities in the Napo province, mostly from the Amazon Rainforest. Organic coffee and organic chocolate in brownies and hot chocolate accompany tasty snacks.
  • Rodríguez
    Rodríguez specializes in tacos and techno. Just steps from Plaza Foch, this small, popular taquería is a great place to grab a meal—go for the taco combo—or prepare for a night out—beer, check; fruity margaritas, ditto. The menu is loaded with tasty burritos, quesadillas a
  • Soluna Café
    This lovely little café on the eastern edge of town specializes in organic food and uses produce from its own organic farm in Dos Mangas. Here you can fill up on healthy, wholesome meals while listening to world music and sipping on ginger lemonade; it has plenty of vegetarian options. On Sundays,
  • Amalur Spanish Restaurant
    Amalur is a must-stop for visitors and locals alike looking to get their fill of traditional Spanish cuisine. Set back from the beach, Amalur is a great location for a quiet date or intimate dinner party. Start with the organic salad and French bread with a tasty tomato & garlic spread, indulge in
  • Tiestos
    Tiestos is pure culinary genius. Besides exquisite family-style food prepared in huge ceramic hot plates, you will find that the chef is extremely personable, making rounds to each table as guests eat. To really spoil yourself, order the degustación (tasting) menu for two people, whi
  • Patacón Pisa'o
    For a refreshing change from seafood, head to the friendly little Patacón Pisa'o, a half a block from the Malecón. Run by a family of Colombians from Cali who have lived in Puerto López for years, it serves up large platefuls of the Colombian version of patacones, or crispy plantain panca
  • Fried Bananas
    Fried Bananas Restaurant & Cafe is small, off the beaten track, and what some might call “cute” thanks to its ambiance. What really steals the show however, is the combination of simplicity and imagination in their plates as they serve up some incredibly delightful Ecuadorian cuisine. Fro
  • The Great India Restaurant
    Situated in the buzzing café thoroughfare of Calle Calama, The Great India Restaurant holds its own in the Mariscal restaurant scene as a longtime favorite haunt whose cheap and authentic Indian food lure a stream of budget diners, both local and foreign. Simple and low-key in its setting, the res
  • Achiote
    Achiote specializes in preparing exquisite Ecuadorian plates that you simply cannot miss out on if you're staying in Quito. Located on the fringe of the Mariscal's bustling nightlife (but still within it's borders) the restaurant presents a haven of sorts for those interested enjoying a night out,
  • Café Eucalyptus
    A staple for many foreigners living in Cuenca, as well as a local crowd, this restaurant offers comfort food you can't easily find elsewhere, including Pad Thai and Jamaican jerk chicken in addition to typical Ecuadorian food. It also has a long drink list. Located in a renovated colonial house an
  • Cosa Nostra
    What some proclaim to be one the best italian pizzerias in all of Quito, Cosa Nostra is a a restuarant that accurately hits the the bullseye when it comes to delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. Attracting foreigners and locals alike, this pizzeria offers dozens of thin-crust, brick-oven pizzas

  • Pizzeria Ananké
    A small converted bungalow that feels more like a hipster's home than a restaurant, Ananké has a stunning view of Guápulo from its upstairs outdoor patio. This artsy dive specializes in inexpensive, delicious homemade wood-oven pizzas and calzones. The menu also includes an array of appetizers an
  • Bandido Brewing
    With flavors of beer that are sure to make your taste buds tingle madly with joy and pleasant surprise, Bandido Brewing offers an incredible escape from the monotonous taste of Ecuadorian beer. This microbrewery specializes in a revolving assortment (typically 4-5 on tap per night + a cider) of be
  • El Nomada
    Several restaurants along Mindo's main strip have neon pizza signs, but venture a little further up the road (on way to the waterfalls) and you'll find El Nomada, a cozy Italian joint whose back room is dominated by a brick pizza oven. Like many other area establishments, El Nomada is set inside a
  • Wunderbar Café
    This funky German-owned café is a crowd-pleaser, both for its international food and for its fun drinking atmosphere. Wunderbar has a menu packed with plates like spaghetti alfredo and pasta in bolognese sauce, hamburgers, and baguettes stuffed with chicken, steak or eggplant. There is also a set
  • Café Mosaico
    Ecuador goes international at this lively restaurant and café, perched high above the city, having one of the best restaurant views in Quito! Originally from New York, the owners clearly packed their stylish city instincts and gastronomical intuition. Café Mosaico offers an extensive menu, includ
  • Mea Culpa
    This lovely and spacious restaurant on the second floor of the Edificio Arzobispal on the northern side of the Plaza de la Independencia (Plaza Grande) has a wide selection of Mediterranean food, featuring seafood and an extensive tapas menu.
  • Café Libro
    Founded in 1992, this bohemian hotspot is one of the few remaining hip coffee shops in the Mariscal area that has yet to be discovered by the gringo masses. There are regular live music performances, rotating art exhibits and a book exchange. The menu is mostly drinks (coffee and cocktails); howeve
  • Romolo E Remo
    If it's high quality Italian-cuisine that you're in search of, then be sure to get your fix at this joint. From salads to pizzas, Romulo e Remo excels in providing its hungry clientele with exquisite Italian dishes for a price that falls in line with quality. Sink into your chair and revel in the c
  • Uncle Ho's
    Uncle Ho's brings Vietnamese food to Quito in a fun, casual atmosphere. The owner is part-Vietnamese and unlike most of the Asian food in Quito, the food is very authentic. The restaurant combines delicately flavored, mouth-watering food with friendly, though slow, service. For a real taste of Viet
  • Casa Hood
    Tucked away behind the market, the eccentric Casa Hood is part café/restaurant, part bookshop and part cinema. Its decorations, made up of family snapshots, leftover New Years masks and bizarre artwork, combine with the friendly and helpful staff to create a great atmosphere. The international foo
  • Aguijón
    A local favorite among hipsters and trendsetters, Aguijón also manages to maintain a down-to-earth, chilled out vibe, unlike some of its dressier neighbors. A wide variety of music keeps an eclectic crowd dancing to ever-changing beats of salsa, hip-hop, jazz, alternative rock and top 20. The plac
  • Octava de Corpus
    Octava de Corpus is an antique, traditional townhouse that has been converted into a beautiful restaurant. The food is a fusion of international cuisine and the menu is packed with plenty of seafood options. Hosted (and prepared) by the owners Jaime and his wife, the restaurant holds a charm unlike
  • Dirty Sanchez
    Run by a couple of friendly foreigners, Dirty Sanchez is an excellent addition to Quito's café and nightlife scene. Just one block from Plaza Foch, this café/bar/gallery serves good coffee (a rarity in the city), wine, beer and cocktails, including the "Dirty Sanchez," a mix of tequila, Baileys a
  • Café ChiQuito
    Although its menu is small, this artsy café has big personality. With paintings depicting quiteño life, a wide variety of board games and cards, and a few cozy tables, Café ChiQuito is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon with friends, sipping chai and eating slices of walnut caramel pie
  • Naranjilla Mecánica
    With multidimensional floors, swinging metal tables and red velvet chairs and one room carpeted from floor to ceiling in shag, this place is the essence of cool. Edgy contemporary art changes periodically and the bar/restaurant occasionally hosts local artists and live bands. Quito's hippest gather
  • Finn McCool's
    Finn McCool's is one of the the few places in Quito where many travelers are likely to feel at home. European and North American sporting events are regularly shown, and there's a free pool table, great drinks, and excellent pub food, including Irish stew, bangers and mash, and fish and chip
  • Mongos
    Right in the heart of the Mariscal, Mongos Mongolian BBQ has quickly become a firm favorite with travelers and Ecuadorians alike. Go for the all-you-can-eat option for $10.99 (vegetarian, $6.99), where you can choose any combination of meats, veggies, sauces and other add-ins. For this price, you a
  • Buena Vista
    Buena Vista certainly lives up to its name (Good View), with its prime spot (and balcony) overlooking the Plaza de Ponchos. It has a homey feel, with paintings and hammocks decorating the walls, and candles add to the atmosphere at night. Buena Visa also has a small book exchange (take one, leave t
  • El Pobre Diablo
    El Pobre Diablo is a well-decorated jazz bar, popular with artsy intellectuals and local bohemian types. Live music lights the place up most Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, with jazz and soft Cuban beats on other nights. Its food is pricier than local norms, but dishes are decent and the a
  • Pavarotti
    Just across the street from the Swissotel, Pavarotti offers noteworthy Italian fare for prices a little steeper than other Italian restaurants in Quito. The menu includes meat and chicken options besides the various pasta dishes, which include plates such as pasta with Gorgonzola sauce - quite the
  • Crepes and Waffles
    This Colombian chain is found in several locations around Quito and has reliably tasty food that comes in good-sized portions. The waffles are not meant to be breakfast, but rather dessert; they are piled high with ice cream, whipped cream, nutella, fruit and more. Crepes are served with sweet or
  • Il Risotto
    For an authentic Italian banquet and elegant atmosphere with stunning city views, Il Risotto is your spot. The friendly, Italian owners create a pleasant service atmosphere and the buffet will make anyone start to drool. There is outdoor seating on a small balcony in the back. It has a second loc
  • Zazú
    Offering a modern interpretation of Peruvian cuisine, this stylish restaurant is filled nightly with diplomats, oil expats and Quiteño high society. Stand out appetizers include thinly sliced octopus served with a creamy olive dip, and crispy mushroom and artichoke "empanadas" encased in wonton-st
  • Rusty's Hamburgers
    As far as hamburger joints in Quito, this is probably the best around. Owned by a Californian transplant, Rusty, it has been a fixture in Quito since the 1970s. It serves up all the fare you would expect for a diner: hamburgers, French fries, onion rings, milk shakes, even root beer! Sometimes you
  • El Cafeto
    This small and open-air café serves deliciously rich coffee, made from 100 percent organic Ecuadorian beans. In addition to buying coffee, take-home bags of coffee beans can be bought for a reasonable $8. Food is basic, with a small selection of breakfast, sandwiches and cake. Still, you're here
  • Carmine
    Head to Carmine in the northern sector of the city for a unique take on Italian cuisine. Hip and modern, dishes here include a variety of tasty pastas, seafood and meat mains cooked in a Mediterranean style. Owner and chef, Bill Carmine, translates the menu board and describes dishes in English for
  • Chifa Chang Man Lou Sushi
    Chifa Chang Man Lou Sushi's underwhelming location, on the ground floor of a worn Mariscal apartment building, makes it easy to dismiss the restaurant as just another of Quito's poor Asian joints. Step inside, however, ignore the bland interior, and you'll find that it serves generous portions of ex
  • Balbeek
    For a taste of authentic Lebanese cuisine, Balbeek is where it's at. If you're not familiar with Lebanese food, rest assured that the delightful owner will take care of any questions you have, as he himself takes your order. Beware however, for he might take over ordering for you if you allow him t
  • Formosa
    Sitting quietly two blocks off the main avenue of 12 de Octubre, and just behind the Swiss Hotel, is this quaint little hole in the wall which at midday is bustling inside. Serving meals consisting solely of vegetarian food, Formosa boasts a daily buffet fit for the ravenous, and serves you a selec
  • La Boca del Lobo
    Featuring a brightly lit, colorfully painted glass-encased patio with funky chandeliers, hanging bird cages, and faux renaissance portraits, La Boca del Lobo sticks out as the most flamboyant joint in the Mariscal's somewhat low-key gringo scene. It's no surprise, then, that La Boca del Lobo is al
  • La Canoa Manabita
    By far one of the most overlooked holes in wall in the Mariscal area, La Canoa Manabita is easy to miss, but unjustifiably so. Offering incredibly delicious plates from the coast, ranging anywhere from fried and breaded fish to yummy ceviches, La Canoa Manabita is an oasis for seafood lovers in the
  • La Liebre Video Cafe
    What at first sight might come across as a DVD rental store (housing an overabundance of non-pirated movies), La Liebre video cafe is actually a sweet little restaurant and mini-venue for some terrific, live jazz music on Tuesday and Thursday nights. If you're up for some down-tempo vibes, come han
  • Cafe Plaza Grande
    Forming a part of the Hotel Plaza Grand right by the Independence Square, this restaurant retains a lot of the 1940's charm - which was once iconic to Quito's historical area - through its decor, the music and even the attire of its waiters. It serves typical Ecuadorian dishes that are quite exquisi
  • La Cuchara De San Marcos
    This restaurant is situated in a colonial house that has been renovated. Rather minimalist in its decorations, it's a restaurant that makes up for it by having a nice atmosphere and Ecuadorian food with a vegetarian twist. The atmosphere does however transport you out of El Centro in the sense that
  • Blues (siete)
    A home away from home for privileged Ecuadorians, Blues (more recently known as Siete) is one of the few clubs in Quito that is of international caliber and can stay open lateâ??usually until 6 a.m. The club, open Thursday-Saturday, has resident DJ nights and weekly special events, such as classic
  • Aladdin
    Aladdin is popular for its spacious outdoor seating, cozy indoor couches, late hours, tasty hookahs, and of course, its cheap and delicious Middle Eastern food. The Iranian owner has lived in Ecuador for over 20 years and has established this Mariscal institution well. Try the falafel or schwarma s
  • Fuera de Babylonia
    Fuera de Babylonia is a hidden treasure of a restaurant. The eatery, which occupies the lower floor of a chalet, has slightly off-kilter post and beam walls decorated with driftwood art. The tables consist of large slabs of polished wood with tiny stools for seats. While the service is slow, and th
  • Café Pachamama
    Café Pachamama, located within the hotel La Posada del Quinde, serves healthy and excellent fare, which can be enjoyed by the open fire in the attractive, art-filled dining room, or, on a sunny day, outside on the beautiful garden patio. Dishes make use of local ingredients-try the delicious quion
  • Cafe Arte Guápulo
    With hot chocolate, hot wine, hot canelazo, and giant drip candles on the tables, Cafe Arte Guápulo is a good place to warm up on chilly Quito nights. This funky spot is home to a friendly kitty, and the red walls are covered in old music posters and sketches as well as drawings by local artists a
  • Café Cultura
    Cafe Cultura is a beautiful restaurant and hotel, located in what was once the French Cultural Center. Much of the original style of this colonial home has been preserved and the interior is beautiful. Artwork, a fireplace and elegant decorations add to the ambiance. This spot is worth a visit,
  • Notansanto
    A small and modest little restaurant that specializes in set-lunches, Notansanto is a place you'll definitely want to hit up if you're looking to dine on a dime without sacrificing quality. It serves typical plates consisting of Llapingachos (mashed potato paddies) and Fritada (fried meats) along w
  • El Jardín Restaurant
    As one of Cuenca's best and most elegant restaurants, El Jardín is a good place to splurge on a fine meal if you're not on too tight a budget. The service is exceptional.
  • La Marqueza
    La Marqueza offers traditional Ecuadorian dishes (including cuy!) as well as more international fare (steaks, chicken and seafood). Though the large dining room, with its worn furniture, fake flowers and out of place cabana-style bar is a bit shabby, the quick and cheery service more than m
  • Restaurante Rincon del Alma
    The Rincon del Alma has all of the typical Galápagos food choices-seafood, meats, and some Italian choices-in a central location across from the park. The Rincon del Alma has a local, familial feel and is popular among breakfast crowds. Food is tasty and served in man-sized portions, so you may wan
  • Gacebo Equus Erro
    Gacebo Equus Erro specializes in exquisitely prepared, gourmet seafood. The vast wine list presents endless possibilities for pairing flavors. The kitchen says its desserts are "like paradise"; you be the judge. While it may be fine dining, Restaurant Gacebo caters to all tastes. A special kids' me
  • Angermeyer Point
    One of Puerto Ayora's finest restaurants was founded by the Angermeyers, one of the earliest colonist families of the town. Set in the original cabin of Karl Angermeyer, it is decorated with photos and memorabilia of those early days of island life. On the deck facing the bay, you can enjoy an eve
  • Restaurante Cafe Bar Real y Medio
    Enjoy our new Ecuadorian and International restaurant. We have the most impressive view of Downtown Quito and its historical churches and monuments. Open Monday to Saturday, 3 p.m.-midnight.
  • Jardín Escondido
    Jardín Escondido is a tranquil restaurant and part of the hotel of the same name. The locale, truly a "hidden garden," has tables spread throughout a lush courtyard. The Mexican food here is highly recommended, as the burritos, fajitas, tacos and enchiladas are well-seasoned, flavorful and even a
  • Café del Mar
    The aroma of grilled meats and the sizzle of the fire greet you as you walk into this brightly lit cavernous space with bamboo walls and large, wood slab tables. On one wall, a tv screen usually shows Galapagos videos. Cafe del Mar is a parillada, or grill, restaurant. Vegetarians may want to go e
  • La Terraza
    La Terraza is a lovely small restaurant with outdoor seating facing the central plaza and with striking views of the mountains in the distance. The service is friendly and the menu covers most of the staple meals in Ecuador as well as international fare, including Asian, Mexican, Italian and Medite
  • Aya Huma Restaurant
    In Peguche there aren't a whole lot of options for food, but the adjoining restaurant to the Aya Huma hostel is decent. The menu is a respectable size, with lots of the typical Ecuadorian fare (including cuy, or guinea pig) , as well as some international and vegetarian alternatives. Portion
  • Picantería El Paso
    This bright and breezy beach shack-style restaurant owned by a local family might not look much, but the seafood here is as fresh as it gets, the portions are generous and the food is mighty tasty. Moreover, with not many eating options available in Ayampe, El Paso makes a great change from eating
  • Rumiloma Lodge
    A luxurious restaurant/hostería just 10 minutes (by taxi) from Quito, Rumiloma is a great place to try Ecuadorian and international fare while enjoying impressive views of the metropolitan valley below. Main courses include lobster, lamb, filet mignon and chicken. Below the restaurant is Pichincha
  • Pekin Chifa Restaurant
    While Alausi is not packed full of quality restaurants, the Pekin Chifa is a good choice and is one of the only places open on a Sunday night. The restaurant is on the main street in the same pink building that houses Hotel Europa. Pekin Chifa serves standard Chinese food in giant portions. Everythi
  • El Punto De Encuentro
    Check out this surf shack at the southern end of the street that runs parallel to the beach. Morongo, a local who grew up in Mompiche, runs his surf school and quasi restaurant out of his thatched-roof hut. If you are looking for quick, filling grub before or after a long day at the beach, then thi
  • UVVA
    Just across the lobby at Hostería del Mar you'll find the island-renowned Uvva Restaurant. With its tropical ambiance and its breathtaking views of the Atlantic, this International Creative Cuisine Restaurant serves everything from healthy sandwich wraps to succulent filet mignon. Open from 8 a.m.
  • El Hueco
    To experience the near “extinct” grilled guinea pig (cuy) you have to venture out on an hour bus drive from Quito to the small town of Sangolqui. The place sees only occasional tourists, so you can experience it in a very traditional way. You can watch them preparing the guinea pigs on a l
  • El Quetzal
    El Quetzal prepares plates made with fresh products harvested from its own organic gardens out back. Delicious Ecuadorian dishes are served alongside international food, and vegetarian options are always available. Its American-style breakfasts are a great way to start the day, with options like p
  • Trastienda Bar Concert
    The Trastienda Bar has live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The shows are acoustic.
  • Patatu's Bar
    Patatu's bar is a great bar located in the Mariscal area. Beers are $1.50 and Rum/coke $2,but 2 for 1 during happy hour and at selected intervals throughout the night. $1 pizza. $3 entry Friday and Saturday, including a free drink (two if you go before 10pm)There is a free pool table and fusbol. Pre
  • La Playa
    One of the best restaurants in Galápagos, La Playa is located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristóbal. A casual, laid-back place with an ocean view, nothing about the restaurant's plain exterior will cause you to suspect how good the food is. Specializing in seafood, La Playa is a local favori
  • Surf Shak
    If a big, juicy, American-style burger and steak fries is what you're craving, look no further than Surf Shak. Co-owned by three friendly Americans and a Dutchman, the restaurant offers some classics very few others have been able to successfully accomplish on this side of the equator. On a street
  • Casa del Lago Café Cultural
    The Casa del Lago Cafe Cultural was opened in 2004 by former guide and Imbabura resident Elena Albarado to provide a space for local artists, performers, movie screenings and festivals, special events, and other cultural activities. The cafe serves organic coffee grown on the islands and fantastic c
  • Árbol de Montalvo
    Árbol de Montalvo is located in the Hotel Doña Esther and has a cozy bistro-like atmosphere, which is at least partly due to the big wood-burning oven in the middle of the restaurant. Árbol de Montalvo serves Mediterranean food, specializing in delicious wood-fired pizzas (which some claim ar
  • Bar/Restaurant Iguana Café
    An enormous bamboo bar, tree-trunk tables, and bright sarong wall treatments give the Bar/Restaurant Iguana Cafe an eclectic, bohemian, and ultimately welcoming feeling to tourists and locals alike. The constant 80's-jams playing in the background and ecological layout (complete with breezy, open-ai
  • Coffee Bar Jota & Jota
    Previously known as Rincón de Suiza, Coffee Bar Jota & Jota has since changed hands and names, but still has excellent coffee, homemade cakes, German specialties, and fruit juices and smoothies. Try the creative "Kaffee Tungurahua," which is coffee with milk foam and strawberry sauce, made to rese
  • Restaurante Safari
    Restaurante Safari is located about 10 minutes south of the footbridge on Tena's main street. This little restaurant has a limited menu, featuring items like seco de pollo (typical dish of chicken in sauce) and chaulafan (fried rice), in addition to cheap fixed-price lunches and dinne
  • Varadero
    This small Cuban bar/club is very similar to its neighbor, La Bodeguita de Cuba. The long, skinny bar stretches the length of the room, giving the impression that the bar is always packed full. The tiny dance floor is almost always at least half-occupied by a live band playing Cuban dance tunes.
  • El Maiz Restaurante
    One of the most tranquil restaurants in town, El Maiz is located in an old colonial building with a beautiful courtyard, and is a true place to soak up the peaceful atmosphere of Cuenca. With sunny rooms and outdoor seating, this restaurant specializes in typical Ecuadorian dishes and fresh juices,
  • Hostería Séptimo Paraíso Restaurant
    Even if you are not staying here, it's worth at least stopping by for lunch or dinner. Located off the main access road to Mindo in the middle of acres of protected cloud forest, the open-air cafe is lovely. Spend some time walking off your meal on any of the paths around the lodge, playing on the
  • Red Sushi
    Red Sushi, in the Red Mangrove Adventure Inn, is a bar/restaurant specializing in Japanese delights. The sashimi and maki rolls are perfectly delectable, and popping them in your mouth in the colorful, waterfront establishment makes the dining experience truly enjoyable. There is also a selection of
  • Natural Yogurt Vilcabamba
    Natural Yogurt Vilcabamba is one of the best cafés around. Located right off the central park, the pleasant outdoor seating area is always filled, due to the restaurant's delicious yogurt-and-fruit breakfasts, tasty main meals and exquisite dessert crepes. There are lots of vegetarian options, suc
  • El Economico
    This is a typical almuerzo (lunch) restaurant that specializes in breakfast. For two bucks, take the big plunge and get the breakfast (supposedly smaller, but note the dripping sarcasm) portion of fried or shrimp al ajillo (garlic) that comes with rice, menestras (typical coast
  • Mindo Gardens Restaurant
    Even if you do not stay at Mindo Gardens, its restaurant gives you a good excuse to check out this beautiful private reserve full of paths, gardens, bird-watching opportunities and a good portion of the Río Mindo. That said, the food at the restaurant is not amazing. A very limited menu offers a c
  • EkoKafe Bar and Restaurante
    EkoKafe Bar and Restaurante is a delicious restaurant that serves up vegetarian and meat dishes in addition to typical Ecuadorian fare. Feel free to browse the local native jewelry for sale, pick a movie to watch or a book to read, or simply be entertained by the playful monkeys out front that wil
  • Tintorera
    Tintorera is a popular restaurant with a fresh, eco-friendly spin. Produce is organic and locally-grown; cheeses are made locally; jams are produced by the Orgnization of Artisan Women in Isabela; and re-usable glass soda bottles-not plastic throw-aways-are used. Ice cream, cakes, and bread products
  • El Costeñito
    El Costeñito is an airy, friendly, family-run restaurant located right in the middle of the malecon, the main drag in Pedernales. Like most restaurants in town, it specializes in fresh seafood, available in a variety of sauces. A la diabla is a shrimp sauce, a la diabla is a mildly spicy red sauce
  • Restaurante El Descanso del Guia
    The eclectic Restaurante El Descanso del Guia is a local staple. It is popular for breakfasts: try the bolon de verde, a giant ball of cooked plantain: it's about as 'typical' as it gets. Also good are the fruit salads and secos de carne and pollo (chicken and beef soups) available for
  • Hacienda San Francisco
    Located in the Imbabura province in the Salinas Valley, just 40 minutes from Ibarra, Hacienda San Francisco has been in the same family since 1640. The establishment is close to a variety of places of interest; nearby is the Chachimbiro thermal springs and the hacienda also has its own, natural hot
  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti serves moderately priced Italian cuisine in a polished dining area that includes a bar and outdoor patio. It has ample space to accomodate large groups.
  • El Sitio
    El Sitio is an upscale bar and grill right off the central plaza that serves up an array of international cuisine. The menu is chock-full of grilled Argentine meats, BBQ chicken and ribs dishes, hamburgers and salads. It's a little pricey, but the atmosphere, big portions and quality food make up f
  • NOE Sushi Bar
    Sushi, sashimi and teriyaki are the name of the game at Noe, a sleek Japanese fusion restaurant on Cumbayá's central park. All of Noe's dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, and this is palatable in each bite. Traditional and tempura rolls are on the menu, but go ahead and
  • Cactus Coffee and Salad Bar
    Cactus Coffee and Salad Bar has as undeniably Californian vibe to it. This comes as no surprise, though, since the Ecuadorian owner once called the sunny state his home. Its light lunch and dinner options like salads ($3-9), paninis ($4-5), wraps ($4.50-5) and pizzas ($5-8) are all crowd pleasers.
  • Yappa
    Yappa serves international and Ecuadorian cuisine in an elegantly decorated setting. It is priced above most other local restaurants, and it is usually not crowded.
  • Taquería La Michoacana
    Tiny and unappealing from the outside, La Michoacana is a little hole in the wall that serves up some big and exquisite Mexican cuisine on the inside. Starting anywhere from their delicious taco combos to an assortment of Mexican entrees, you'll find it hard to find a place in Quito that nails it a
  • Raclette
    Both tasteful and tasty, Raclette is an elegant restaurant located in the food court of El Jardin mall near Parque La Carolina. The house specialty, of course, is raclettes, served with cheese, chicken and fine beef; a vegetable alternative is also available. The restaurant also serves up an assor
  • Busters
    Little sister to the Turtle's Head, Busters is in the northern part of town, opposite the swanky Quicentro mall. The bar is cozy and the same home-brewed beers are served as in the Turtle's Head. Regular bar snacks are offered along with burgers and sandwiches and the staff is friendly. The fare is
  • Corfu
    For some of the best ice cream that Quito has to offer, hit up Corfu, found in a number of locations around Quito. From double chocolate chip to various kinds of exotic fruit ice creams, Corfu has it all. Pay for your chosen cone size at the cash register (single or double) and then choose your fla
  • Cyrano Bakery
    While there are hundreds of panaderías and pastelerías in Quito, one of the best fresh-baked bread shops in town is Cyrano Bakery. Cyrano offers up more of a gourmet selection than other shops, with whole grain, yucca and quinoa breads in loaf and roll varieties, as well as garlic
  • Lekka Lekka
    There are 22 reasons to visit Lekka Lekka, from rum raisin and dulce de leche to chocolate and orange, and mint. Ask to sample each and every flavor of Italian-style ice cream (gelato), or get a double scoop of bubblegum and chocolate with peperoncino. This bright northern Quito ice cream parl
  • La Choza
    La Choza Restaurant takes influence from all corners of this small but extremely diverse country to fuse together ancient family recipes and modern taste buds. Introducing a new mentality with regards to dining, La Choza has become a national reference point for Ecuadorian cuisine. If you want to e
  • Pizza el Hornero
    Pizza el Hornero is a popular Ecuadorian chain of pizza restaurants. One of the eateries is located right next to Quito's international airport (you can't miss the huge green sign!). The menu offers everything you would expect of an Italian restaurant: pizzas, calzones, pastas, lasagnas and garlic
  • Perico de los Palotes
    Perico de los Palotes is a small chain of fast food restaurants, with locations near Parque La Carolina and El Inca, among others. The restaurant specializes in burgers, sliced beef sandwiches and grill platters, topped with an array of veggies, sauces and cheeses. The menu also includes hot
  • Gianduja Chocolatier
    We are Quito´s only artisan chocolate shop producing the finest handmade truffles, bonbons, macadamia brittle and other delights. We use the best quality local ingredients including 100% Ecuadorian chocolate with pure cocoa butter.
  • Train Stops
    A small coffee stop in the Plaza de las Americas, Train Stops is a good place to pick up an iced latte and dessert. With wi-fi until 5 p.m., it is also a popular spot for tourists to bring their laptops and get some work done. The café tends to get crowded in the afternoon, when local teenagers mee
  • Honey & Honey
    As its name suggests, this bakery-restaurant located at the top of a hill in the beautiful Batan Alto neighborhood, has a variety of cookies, pastries, cakes, and breads for all who crave the sweeter things in life. But those who favor savory over sweet will also find something to munch on. Qu
  • Sushi-In
    Sushi-In offers up decent sushi at a reasonable price. Located in Quito's northern district, the ambiance of the place can best be described as what you'd expect from a fast-food sushi place—clean, efficient and with no frills. In addition to the relatively cheap sushi, a few other limited men
  • Jürgen
    This little bakery sits right on the fringe of the La Carolina park, which makes for a great little detour from your recreational activities should you get hungry. The place is renowned as a European bakery which specializes in all sorts of pastries, cakes and breads (as well as chocolates too) all
  • La Marmite
    A beautiful Swiss-French restaurant with incredible views of the valley and Quito, La Marmite is worth the day trip from the city just so you can experience its gourmet cuisine, tranquil setting and hiking trails. La Marmite is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner.
  • El Cebiche
    As the name suggests, this elegant restaurant specializes in ceviche, offering over seven variations of this Ecuadorian favorite. Dine among Quito's elite while trying out coastal cuisine. Prices are reasonable and the food is excellent. El Cebiche has two locations in Mariscal: Juan Leon
  • Psari
    The fusion restaurant where the plates get bigger and bigger, and the portions smaller and smaller. While the ambiance can be be quite elegant and the service exceptional, Psari is really a place where you come in feeling like you're going to get something grand, but it only ends up being something

  • La Maison Du Fromage
    After spending the morning at Carolina Park or the Alliance Française, have lunch at La Maison du Fromage (Casa de Quesos). This bistro lives up to its name, offering a variety of dishes highlighting cheeses. Try one of the pasta dishes, or opt for a chicken or beef milanesa (breaded cutl
  • El Jarrón
    El Jarrón is one of the most popular lunch spots for Quiteño office workers in the New Town. Every day, this restaurant, located just a block from Parque Carolina's southern tip, features a different menu of classic Ecuadorian cuisine. The daily special includes a hearty soup, main course and de
  • Quito On The Rocks
    A new concept in food and fun, Quito on the Rocks is located in one of the most attractive sectors in modern Quito near the Plaza de Toros. The menu contains a wide variety international food, snacks and drinks. It also has outdoor patio seating and live music on the weekends, in addition to drink s
  • Al Forno Pizzeria
    With a warm and inviting atmosphere along with staff to add to it all, Al Forno serves up a wholesome selection of Italian cuisine and artisan pizza. Don't worry about having a lack of choices to satisfy your hunger either, as this joint has an array of different pizzas to satisfy just about anybody
  • La Casa de Rafa
    For a truly unique culinary experience, head to La Cueva de Rafa, where diners eat in complete darkness in an underground cave. The idea was born in Switzerland by some young blind people who wanted others to experience eating at a restaurant as they did, and since then, restaurants with the same c
  • Chipote Chillón
    Chipote Chillón is one of the best places to go for Mexican food in Cumbayá. The restaurant is a playful take on the Mexican sitcom "Chavo de Ocho" ("The Kid From the 8"), as the inside is themed after and all of the dishes are named after the show's characters and their tools. Most Mexican food
  • Swiss Bistro Quito
    Specializing in culinary creations from Switzerland, this restaurant features an extensive menu that is sure to please even the most difficult of palates. some might say that their meat or cheese fondues are a highlight, but you would have to first try the beef stroganoff, chicken cordon bleu or
  • The Marquis Restaurant
    The Marquis Restaurant, owned by a Colombian chef with over 40 years of culinary experience, has a reputation as one of the nicest eateries in town. However, if you're picturing an upscale restaurant with speedy service and top-notch food, you may be a little disappointed. The menu has mainly grill
  • Chuquitos
    Popular with locals and tourists alike, Chuquitos overlooks Tena's main plaza; grab a table on the balcony if you can. The grotty stone steps that lead up to this second-floor restaurant belie the pleasant, airy surroundings, the friendly service and the tasty menu of seafood, meat and traditional E
  • La Finca
    This cheery, intimate restaurant serves a mix of international food, with a specialty in different meats. Meals range from the typical chicken or beef plates to more exotic dishes featuring ostrich. Salmon and other fish mains are other options. At breakfast and lunch time, multi-course set menus a
  • Café Tortuga
    Right on the riverfront is Café Tortuga, a favorite foreigner hangout. This small café's charm comes from its attentive staff and simple, good food, including sweet and savory crepes, large sandwiches, soups, avocado stuffed with chicken or cheese, and beef chili. Many come for its yummy and fill
  • Pajonal
    A lovely, spectacular restaurant where to enjoy delicious traditional and international dishes in a "hut" - the best of Ecuador!
  • Lemongrass
    Quito's newest answer to Asian fusion food, Lemongrass is frequented by rich quiteños and travelers that are not in the budget bracket. This restaurant is sophisticated and elegant, with excellent service and close attention paid to the tiny details. The menu is simple but intriguing. Try the shri
  • Noe Sushi
    Sushi lovers rejoice when they discover Noe Sushi Bar, which serves a mix of high-quality traditional and special rolls (many of which can also be ordered as half rolls), sashimi, and combination plates. Even if you don't like sushi, there are some satisfying Asian mains on the menu, such as grille
  • Segundo Muelle
    Excellent Peruvian food comes in tiny portions at the sleek Segundo Muelle, one of Quito's finest restaurants. Although your pocketbook may not thank you when the check arrives, your palate certainly will. Prepare your taste buds with a fruit-infused pisco sour followed by the ceviche mix
  • Los Choris
    Looking for a quick but incredibly delicious bite? Have yourself a Choripan - the Argentinian equivalent of a hot-dog on steroids. Nestled between two slices of a baguette sits a glorious artisanal, foodie-centered pork sausage - grilled over an open, charcoal barbecue - that is sure to wet your ap
  • La Locanda
    Filled with an air of prestige and decor to compliment said atmosphere, La Locanda is a restaurant that offers spectacular meals. The menu is an interesting medley of various Italian dishes with certain twists that the chef is ingenious enough to add in. One of the seafood dishes, for example is a b
  • Ciao Bella
    Treat yourself to a delightful breakfast or midday pastry at Ciao Bella. Although the place might be small, it offers a decent enough place to sit back and enjoy the sweet delights they offer. A nice patio outside offers more ample space than the interior does. But in the end, and it can't be strees
  • La Casa Del Maito
    Aside from having an open grill right outside the restaurant, used to cook up fresh fish brought out from the Amazon rivers, there isn't much that sets La Casa del Maito apart from many of the other places to eat in town. Nevertheless, this little restaurant is a decent place to come sit down and e
  • Ocaso
    With plenty of plates and appetizers to have you set and filled for the remainder of your day, Ocaso is a pretty simple restaurant. With the only real distinguishing feature from all the other places in town being the park outside, Ocaso won't bring you any major culinary epiphanies to boast about,
  • La Maravilla
    The aptly named La Maravilla (â??the marvelâ?) is undoubtedly one of the best places to have a drink and snack in Macas. Set in a fairy tale-like wooden house, the friendly and inviting café/bar is decorated with indigenous artifacts and photos from the region. Sitting on the small veranda or
  • Pizzeria Buon Giorno
    Pizzería Buon Giorno is a pizza restaurant chain that can be found throughout Ecuador. It is known for its decent pizzas at relatively good prices, and is a consistently safe option, especially if you are not in the mood for Ecuadorian or Amazonian food. Buon Giorno has many different pizza optio
  • El Jardín
    El Jardín Restaurant, which is located in the hotel of the same name, is arguably the best place to eat in town. The chef has won awards and strives to create dishes that are both traditional and unique, such as pork chops in plum sauce, tilapia in ginger sauce and chicken in a light cinnamon sauc
  • Kioskos
    Eat at the kioskos, a series of outdoor food stands, and you will get the tastiest, most reasonably-priced, and fastest fresh food in town. Most locals eat here, so don't be surprised if you have to fight for a seat during the dinner hour. Almost all of the stalls have the same menu: beef, chicken,
  • Kiwa Pishku Micuna
    This is a nice little place for food that is customary of the Amazon region, where you'll be sampling exotic endemic fish and soups. It's s a nice place for traditional food, especially maitos de pescado (fish cooked in banana leaf) and chicha de yuca. The food here is very fresh and
  • Sports café, bar and grill / Tutto Freddo
    Don't be put off by the neon signs and annoying TV screens, this restaurant/ice-cream-parlor is a great place to satisfy any sugar craving. If you can muster the patience for the excruciatingly slow and despairingly clumsy service, the diner at the back serves decent pollo a la plancha, (but avoid t
  • Balcón del Río
    Balcón del Río, located a 15-minute drive from town, features a large terrace and pool, a mini zip-line, a swing, a sauna and a bar. At night, the large area beneath the rotunda turns into a full night club, with disco ball and strobe lights, where the young and not-so-young of Macas strut their
  • Food Alley
    More like a tunnel in the wall than just a mere individual hole, this alley serves as the cooking grounds for a number of individual barbecue stands and their tenants whom happily welcome the public. Fresh fish (talapia) wrapped in banana leaf is grilled over hot coals, and then served promptly alo
  • Frutilandia
    With a correspondingly colorful facade right outside, Frutilandia is a place full of sweets, fruits and shakes. The place boasts a wide array of all sorts of blends that you can have them concoct with whatever fruit or ice-cream you desire. Batidos (smoothies) are their forte, so be sure to c
  • Como En Casa
    Popular among the locals for having decent and satisfying desayunos and almuerzos (set breakfasts and lunches), Como En Casa is a pretty safe bet for getting your fill on at a pretty cheap price. Home-style food and river food (brought out from the Amazon nearby) in the form of fish a
  • Pizzería D'Mario
    Adjoined to the Hotel D'Mario, the restaurant Pizzería D'Mario's main offering is exactly what the name suggests: pizza. In addition, the restaurant serves up other simple international options, including pasta and regional specialties. The restaurant is not bad; its menu items are fairly reliable
  • La Napolitana
    La Napolitana is a vast restaurant and is a good choice if you're ravenous. The restaurant is patronized by families and by Macas teenagers, who wolf down pizzas the size of cartwheels and then wash them down with bottles of soda. On the menu are also mega-parilladas (huge BBQ meat platters)
  • Restaurante Doña Gloria
    Overlooking the central park, this warm little restaurant is family-owned and cooks typical Ecuadorian fare. The restaurant is clean and has a nice beachy feel to it. Breakfast is just a few dollars and includes bread with butter and marmalade, eggs, meat, coffee and juice. Lunch is a set menu of
  • Casa China

    Popular among locals, this simple but clean restaurant offers tasty Chinese at a reasonable price. The staff is courteous and attentive. Try the popular â??eight treasuresâ? soup, made from eight different herbs from seeds, bark, roots and leaves.

  • La Jaiba
    A restaurant with over 37 years of tradition in Quito, La Jaiba's menu contains a fantastic selection of seafood—all served by an attentive staff. Staying true to the claim that their ingredients "slept in the sea yesterday," the food is extremely fresh and tasty, making it worth the price.
  • El Español
    El Español is a deli, a chocolate shop, a café and an imported foods store all in one. The big draw here is its wide selection of imported goods including wines, cookies, olive oils, and cheeses like Danish blue cheese and Spanish manchego. However, sandwiches, salads and meat-and-cheese platters
  • Papa John's
    Papa John's is another one of those American pizza chains that landed in the Quito area. Although the pizza here is nothing to write home about, its two-for-one deal every Tuesday makes for plenty of food at a cheap price. Choose from its four pizza pie sizes: Personal ($5.25), Mediana ($16.99), Fa
  • La Patria
    Located right on the fringe of Cumbaya's plaza and park, La Patria is a newly opened restaurant that specializes in local Ecuadorian dishes. While the prices might come across as rather high, it's really the ambiance, service and (most importantly) the food give this place a special value. The inter
  • Ambrosía
    Ambrosía has perfected perhaps the most classic dessert of all time: the chocolate chip cookie. Three parts sweet and one part salty, the cookie ($1 each) is dense and chocolatey and has just the perfect balance of softness and crunch. That said, the other delectable treats and breads sold here sh
  • Marcus Café
    The most gourmet of the eight restaurants managed by Universidad de San Francisco's culinary school, Marcus Café serves up some spectacular international food. During the school year, there are two menus to choose from: the standard menu and a fixed-price/five-course menu created by a culinary stu
  • Juan Valdez Café
    Sipping on a cup of freshly brewed java at Juan Valdez Café is consuming coffee in a more socially responsible manner. Juan Valdez represents the nearly 500,000 Colombian coffee farmers who make up the National Federation of Coffee Growers, and the company funnels a percentage of its profits into
  • Cyrano Bakery
    The Cumbayá branch of this bakery chain has the same assortment of freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes that keep residents of and visitors to the Quito area coming back again and again. Just scanning the rows of brioches, cinnamon rolls and danishes will make you drool, let alone tasting some
  • El Chacal
    Meat lovers gather at this Argentine-style parrilla (BBQ) restaurant to dig their forks into its assorted grilled meats. Tablitas (platters) of chorizo, chicken, beef and fishâ??alone or in any combinationâ??are prepared to order. The place itself has a pretty noticeable sports-bar
  • Corfu
    All of your favorite Ecuadorian fruits can be found in ice cream form at Corfu. Get a scoop or two of coco (coconut), maracuya (passionfruit), mora (blackberry), mango, naranjilla or guanábanana in a plain or chocolate-dipped waffle cone or in a cup. Of course, common flavors
  • Pim's
    Living up to the same standard of quality found in the other Pim's locations in Quito (at Itchimbia and at El Panecillo) the Pim's in Cumbayá is a local favorite. Ecuadorian classics and international cuisine are served side by side at this cozy establishment. Pastas, filet mignon, trout, ceviches
  • El Palacio de La Fritada
    For cheap, good-quality local food, check out El Palacio de La Fritada. Simple, but satisfying, its fritadas (fried pieces of pork), locros (stews), secos (meats in sauce with rice), tortillas (potato pancakes with cheese), empanadas (turnovers filled with meat or
  • Yoshi San
    For decent sushi that doesn't break the bank, try Yoshi San. Four- or eight-piece rolls stuffed with crab, lobster, tuna or salmon go for $4.80-12.00. These, or tempura- or teriyaki-mains, can be consumed in the modest restaurant, taken to go or ordered for delivery ($15 minimum).
  • Floralp
    This Swiss deli located in La Esquina is a great place to go for prepared sandwiches or to pick up quality deli meats to make your own sandwiches at home. Turkey, ham, salamis, prosciuttos and cheeses can be purchased by the 100 grams, or can be made into sandwiches in any combination on four diffe
  • Al Portico
    This rustic Italian trattoria set in an open-air garden is perfect for a family dinner or a romantic date. Al Portico prepares authentic Italian food with fresh vegetables from its own garden, along with Ecuadorian and imported seafood, meats and cheeses. The homemade gnocchis, fresh pastas, creamy
  • Puerto Camaron
    Puerto Camaron is a small restaurant in the north of Quito, just past the Olympic stadium with a limited selection of seafood and chicken dishes. The service is great. There are no real vegetarian dishes.
  • Swisshotel
    The six restaurants within the Swissotel offer an elegant atmosphere to try a variety of international fare. Prices are quite high, but so is the quality.

    Les Alpes serves delicious Swiss favorites like fondue, while Le Point offers gourmet French dishes. For auth

  • Happy Panda
    An elegant Chinese restaurant near the Swissotel, Happy Panda is probably the closest in flavor to Chinese restaurants in the United States. The prices are high for Quito, but there is a good selection of dishes and vegetarians will be happy with the options offered in comparison to most Ecuadoria
  • Fellini
    Fellini is a great place for a splurge. Tastefully designed and laid out, this Italian restaurant has a wide variety of the usual Italian options but also has numerous seafood varieties of pasta dishes. There are also some decent Mediterranean options. The wine list is excellent including a great Ar
  • Trattoria Sole e Luna
    Review coming soon. Please add your own comments below.
  • Chez Jerome Restaurant
    This French cuisine in town combines a bit of Ecuadorian culture with the most classic French cuisine. The restaurant is in a remarkable and magical location with a very comfortable ambience, as well as decent prices.
  • Tibidabo
    Tibidabo is a fine international restaurant. It has a cozy and elegant atmosphere including a private room for special events or meetings. Our gourmet food showcases the best of international food, typical Ecuadorian dishes and our chef's own culinary creations. We have great desserts and a fine win
  • El Rancho de Juancho
    El Rancho de Juancho is a Colombian restaurant with a casual ambiance and reasonable prices. There aren't many vegetarian dishes, but there is a wide selection of other options.
  • Restaurante La Choza
    La Choza has all the classic Ecuadorian and Quiteño dishes. It is easy to construct a vegetarian dish with llapingachos (cheesy potato pancakes), mote, tostado (different preparations of Andean corn), cheese-filled empanadas and more. There are also several meat and fish dishes which are excelle
  • Tumbaco Services
  • Cafe Mare
    A home away from home, this place is no mere restaurant. Cafe Mare comes across as more of a beautiful open-house than a commercial restaurant; the owner and her family bake up some fantastic vegeterian cuisine (with a swiss twist) throughout the week and brunch-buffets (only on Sundays). The resta
  • La Briciola
    This Italian-owned restaurant located in a quiet neighborhood in La Floresta is a perennial favorite and great value for your money. Service is friendly, the food is delicious and the prices are very reasonable. There aren't many choices for vegetarians though; non-meat eaters will be limited to sa
  • Hunters
    An Ecuadorian restaurant that looks suspiciously like the American Hooter's Restaurant—though nothing like it, with professional wait staff and classical music—Hunters offers several preparations of steaks along with seafood and Ecuadorian specialties like empanadas, ceviche (cold seafood
  • Barlovento
    Barlovento is an elegant place to try Ecuadorian cuisine. Guests can lounge on the outdoor terrace or, for a more upscale feel, sit on the upper floor, which has live music on select days. The menu includes empanadas and soup for lighter appetites, as well as hearty entrees. Main dishes include loc
  • Techo del Mundo
    The "Roof of the World" Restaurant, connected to the Hotel Quito, is arguably the restaurant with the best views of Quito and Guápulo. Huge picture windows surround the top-floor restaurant and provide excellent atmosphere.The buffets, which are offered almost all day, are excellent and offer a w
  • El Arabe
    Despite a newly remodeled interior that gives it a more middle-eastern ambiance, El Arabe has always been on track with the authenticity of its warm and filling meals. In addition to offering exotic cuisine, El Arabe is actually a restaurant that caters to the vegetarian-scene quite well; all in al
  • Las Conchitas Asadas
    Las Conchitas Asadas is an inexpensive seafood restaurant with a casual atmosphere and big portions in the north of Quito.
  • La Terraza del Tártaro
    An elegant steak and seafood restaurant with a great view of the city and a fireplace. Reservations are recommended, the restaurant tends to fill up at night. Main dishes average around $7-10; the most expensive is a seafood platter at $18.
  • Damasco
    Middle Eastern food at reasonable prices. Great food and a clean environment to try some Middle Eastern specialties.
  • El Español
    A sandwich shop with several locations around Quito, El Español has excellent imported cheeses, olives and meats (available on sandwiches and separately). Order your cold cuts on a baguette or soft roll. Some locations have rotating lunch specials that feature a sandwich of the day, which comes wi
  • Rincon La Ronda
    La Ronda serves traditional Ecuadorian food in an elegant atmosphere. It is very popular with Ecuadorians, especially among older members of the middle class. The food is quite good, although the prices are steep for Quito. Every Sunday evening they offer a performance by a traditional Ecuadoria
  • Mare Nostrum
    From its dimly lit ambiance to its medieval castle-like design, this intimate Spanish-style restaurant oozes elegance and class. Seafood lovers will salivate at Mare Nostrum's delectably diverse dishes, arguably the most exquisite, and expensive, in Quito. Specialties include parrillada de marisco
  • Bambu Bar
    Bambu Bar is an elegant Ecuadorian restaurant with seafood, steak and other traditional dishes. Plan to spend about $20-25 per person.
  • Shogun
    A popular sushi restaurant in La Mariscal, Shogun is pricey for Quito, but not so much for sushi. Plan to spend about $15 per person.
  • Columbus
    Columbus is the biggest steakhouse chain in Ecuador, with several locations in Quito. Prices are reasonable and the quality is great and consistent throughout the different branches. A salad bar and great parilladas (small, personal grill with a selection of meats and sausages) are highli
  • Siam
    A delectable Asian infusion, tasty Thai and Sushi are the highlights here. Though one may question the authenticity of some ethnic dishes, food is good for the area and the atmosphere cozy and romantic. Look for daily deals, often for two and great for a date. Delicious fruit drinks, try the Siam j
  • Chifa Mayflower
    Your standard Ecuadorian-Chinese restaurant with heaping helpings of greasy rice, noodle, veggies and more. This is a cheap and filling option; and a popular one among Ecuadorians. Try the vegetarian chaulafan. Jipijapa and Carrion restaurants have full bar
  • Costa Vasca
    Pristinely decorated in white, Costa Vasca is a large restaurant that serves a variety of Spanish dishes, though, undoubtedly, the specialty is the chef's Basque dishes, which are raved by locals and travelers alike.� The menu includes delicious Basque favorites like paella (fried shell
  • Shorton Grill
    A steakhouse in the Mariscal with a wide variety of options, including some pasta options for vegetarians. Prices are reasonable for steaks in Quito.
  • Columbia Steak House
    This spot in the Mariscal is an excellent place to get a fairly inexpensive, yet tasty, meal. The hamburgers are in paticular good, and come with a big salad, a rarity for Quito. Accepts most major credit cards.
  • Adam's Rib
    A casual, reasonably priced steak restaurant in the Mariscal, Adam's Rib is a popular hub for cheap, big portions and plenty of expats. On certain holidays (especially thanksgiving) it's been known to deliver massive and scrumptious servings of classic american plates. The place however is princip
  • La Jaiba
    La Jaiba offers a relaxed atmosphere with good quality seafood dishes. There is not much vegetarian selection.
  • Jocay Marisquería
    Jocay Marisquería is an inexpensive seafood restaurant with a wide selection. Try the ceviche jocay, the specialty of the house.
  • Orisha
    Named and decorated after a spirit from the Yoruba people, this cozy little restaurant serves generous portions of exotic Afro-Cuban cuisine. Each plate is decorated after a spirit or deity. Travelers recommend the tasty mojitos. There are no vegetarian dishes. Orisha is only open from 7 pm - 1
  • El Rincón del Gaucho
    This Argentinean steakhouse has huge portions of excellent steak cooked on a charcoal grill on the premises. Try the parrillada (BBQ platter) to share in a group; it's served on a mini grill that keeps your meat warm. The service is great. A good wine selection is another plus.
  • Churrasquería Tropeiro
    A Brazilian buffet restaurant with the classic Brazilian spread of delicious meats, fruit and salad. For $15.90 per person, enjoy the salad bar, and as much as you can eat of 8 different cuts of meat. There are a few more options on weekends.
  • Grain de Cafe
    For a mix of French-influenced food and a casual atmosphere, Grain de Café located in the Mariscal district is an excellent option. The restaurant offers vegetarian dishes, a great-value set lunch and a huge selection of imported drinks (Tequila shots US $2.65)
  • Mulligan's
    Mulligan's, despite its Irish name, is an American-style sports bar. It has several TVs— usually tuned into soccer or basketball—spread out throughout the place and sports memorabilia up on the walls. The relatively pricey food is normal American bar fare, with burgers, mozzarella sticks
  • Serrano's Bar and Grill
    Offering excellent cuts of meat, fresh seafood, hydroponic vegetables, and an incredibly well-stocked bar, Serrano's Bar and Grill has something for everyone. Located on a residential street, the laidback atmosphere is contrasted with exquisite culinary creations that will tantalize your taste buds
  • Cafe Colibrí
    Sitting at a table on Colibri's outdoor patio, surrounded by green vines, hummingbirds and butterflies, makes you feel like you are someplace in direct contrast to the crowded Mariscal streets right beyond its gates. Besides its pleasant atmosphere, Colibri also has one of the best breakfasts in al
  • Super Papa
    This restaurant used to be a lot more casual than it is now. Serving every possible different preparation of potatoes, the name is appropriate, but the prices are a bit steep - food and drink for one person is around $10-15. One huge benefit is that Super Papa is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a da
  • Rincón Ecuatoriano Chileno
    The Rincón Ecuatoriano Chileno is an inexpensive restaurant where you can try out Chilean specialties in the Mariscal. The T-bone steak might just be the cheapest in Quito. There is a wide selection of steaks, chicken and fish, but no real vegetarian dishes available.
  • Tex Mex
    Tex Mex is a large Mexican restaurant in the Mariscal with a selection of typical Mexican dishes. Plan to spend about $6-8 per person. Credit cards are accepted, but with a $20 minimum.
  • Rincón de Francia
    Rincón de Francia is an elegant French restaurant with great service and flavorful food. Set in the west of the Mariscal, take a cab at night.
  • Crêpes de París
    This cozy restaurant in the Mariscal specializes in French food, especially, as its name hints, in crepes. It is a bit pricey for Quito, but in reality a value compared to French restaurants in other countries. The food is very good but the service is not always great. If you are craving French foo
  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti is an average Italian restaurant. There is a wide selection of dishes: both vegetarian and non; however, the dishes don't have much flavor. Prices are average and the ambiance is elegant. There is also a Spagetti's in Cumbaya and in the mall on América and Naciones Unidas, Plaza las A
  • El Hornero
    An Ecuadorian pizza chain with inexpensive, wood oven pizza, El Hornero has interesting pizza toppings typical of Quito like choclo (Andean corn).
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great Tex-Mex restaurant with the best fajitas in Quito and possibly the best margaritas in Ecuador. Right in the heart of the Mariscal, this place's flavors and portions are American style: full of taste and huge portions for reasonable prices. All dishes can also be ser
  • Los Cebiches de la Rumiñahui
    This is a good chain and a great place to try out the national seafood soup: ceviche. There are several locations around Quito. Prices are reasonable for seafood.
  • Caravana
    The fanciest fast-food restaurant for miles, Caravana is basically a glorified stand set in a lovely colonial courtyard with a small fountain. The elegant atmosphere makes you forget you're eating a $3 combo meal. This is quick, cheap food in a spot with great atmosphere. Barely more than a stand,
  • La Cueva del Oso
    This is a beautiful spot to spend an elegant evening with live music every night and a wide selection of local and international dishes. Dress is semi-formal.
  • Theatrum Restaurant
    Located on the second floor of the historic Teatro Nacional Sucre, the Theatrum Restaurant is a must-see while in the Centro Histórico. With its soaring ceilings and muted décor, it is a fancy atmosphere befitting an equally posh menu. With offerings such as baby Ecuadorian banana with warm choco
  • Cafetería y Frutería Colonial
    Proof that there are Ecuadorian hippies outside of Montañita, Cafetería y Frutería Colonial is more psychodelic than colonial. The café is just north of the Plaza del Teatro. This café will be a breath of fresh air for vegetarians tired of oily lettuce and rice for every meal. Vegetarian di
  • La Forncae
    Italian Pizzería - Gelatería - Cafetería
  • Vista Hermosa
    As its name suggests, Vista Hermosa's (Gorgeous View) biggest selling point is its spectacular 360-degree view of Quito from its romantic roof terrace. Located on the sixth floor of a colonial building, Vista Hermosa has a simple but slightly pricey menu featuring Ecuadorian plates, pizzas, and mea
  • El Buho Café Bar
    Set in the Centro Cultural Metropolitano with views of an enclosed courtyard, El Buho provides a fun, relaxing break from the rigors of sightseeing in the Centro Histórico. After your meal, don't miss a view of the Plaza de la Independencia and surrounding area from the roof of the museum. Just cl
  • Patio Andaluz Restaurant
    The Patio Andaluz Restaurant is set in the enclosed courtyard of a lovely 400 year-old colonial building that was renovated in December 2003. It is a breath of fresh air in the middle of the bustling Old Town. The Patio Andaluz Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and features Ecuadorian
  • Café de Fraile
    Café de Fraile is in the Edificio Arzobispal right in the Plaza de la Independencia (also known as the Plaza Grande), you can't beat the intimate setting in Quito's historic downtown. There is courtyard seating on the second floor balcony. The setting and dress is casual. The food at Café de F
  • Hasta la Vuelta Señor
    Set in the Mediterranean courtyard of Edificio Arzobispal facing the cathedral in the Plaza de la Independencia. The location is ideal and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Hasta la Vuelta feaures traditional Quiteño dishes. You can definitely find a slightly less sanitary version of the same
  • Heladería San Agustin
    Featuring the delicious helados de paila, ceviche, traditional food and pastries, the Heladería San Agustín has been making the same excellent dishes for an unbelievable 140 plus years and has never used preservatives or artificial coloring! You can't leave without trying the hel
  • Cafeteria Carmita
    A cafeteria you could easily walk by without a second glance, Cafetería Carmita has a little more than meets the eye, but not much. For one, it has been around for over 30 years. It seems older, with fading photos of Quito and Guayaquil from the early part of the 20th century. It also features tra
  • Pim's
    Pim's provides an elegant view of the city from the inside and out. Despite its spacious two-level dining area inside and plenty of outdoor seating with space heaters, reservations are highly recommended, especially for weekends.With an extensive menu that starts with a page of Quichua vocab transl
  • Tianguez Café
    Set right in the Plaza de San Francisco, this is the perfect spot to try out some traditional Ecuadorian dishes in one of the most traditional colonial plazas in the Old Town. Its also a great place to relax, sip a cappuccino and people-watch. Try the plato típico, with mote (Andean
  • Govindas
    Vegetarians can get inexpensive meals at Govindas, located within the Hare Krishna's Academia Vaisnava in Quito's colonial center. At this restaurant, meals are presented cafeteria-style, with a choice of the day's well-seasoned offerings, including brown rice. The three-course meal includes soup,
  • El Ventanal
    Acting almost like a counterpoint to Cafe Mosaico across the Old Town is El Ventanal. Offering sweeping panoramic views of the city from a lofty vantage point, many come here to settle down for a romantic evening and enjoy the beautiful vista of the city at night. It's a little pricier than what Ca
  • La Posada de Marquez
    A cozy lunch spot towards the north of the Mariscal - one block from Orellana - La Posada de Marquez offers creative vegetarian menus for the fixed price of $2.25.
  • Café Galletti
    This quiet, Mediterranean coffee and sandwich shop set in two-story colonial house is a perfect place to sit and read or relax with some friends.
  • Turtle's Head
    An excellent Scottish-owned pub in Quito's Mariscal district and one of the only spots in Quito to get home-brewed beer. Three varieties of micro-brewed beers are for sale from the on-site brewery, which provide a nice break from the national beers. The Turtle's Head also has great hamburgers and s
  • La Bodeguita de Cuba
    A classy restaurant-come-bar, this place serves excellent food, accompanied by live Cuban music most nights. On Thursday to Saturday nights, it stays open until 2 a.m., when different live bands play to a packed room. Drinks are fairly expensive, but you pay for the atmosphere. Varadero, which is n
  • Mama Clorinda
    Mama Clorinda is a decent restaurant with standard Ecuadorian food. The large restaurant has two levels, and is a good place for large groups to gather. Mama Clorinda is also a safe place to try out some typical dishes you may hesitate to taste in other places such as cuy, or roasted guinea
  • Las Redes
    Located along Amazonas, a street saturated with tour operators, it's tempting to write off Las Redes as a tourist trap. However, this elegant restaurant serves genuinely delicious seafood and has earned generous respect from locals. Seafood lovers will love it here: the extensive menu offers generou
  • The Magic Bean
    From the "Have a nice day" sign by the bar to the huge pancakes served for breakfast, there's nothing Ecuadorian about this place. Unless you're seeking an authentic dining experience, you're unlikely to be disappointed. The cozy patio café is always packed with travelers so it's a great place to
  • El Mariachi Taco Factory
    El Mariachi features the usual Mexican fare, at fairly reasonable prices. You can stay all night and sing your heart out, or make a quick exit before you get roped into making a performance.
  • Hotel Villa Nancy
    We are situated in the midst of the financial, commercial & banking district of Quito, close to well-known restaurants, embassies, travel agencies and many other interesting sightseeing points. 12 comfortable rooms and nice social areas make a cozy and familiar atmosphere, the perfect ingredients f
  • Cafe Dios No Muere
    Specializing in a quirky menu filled with cajun/creole plates, some might say this is a piece of New Orleans nestled deep within the confines of Old Town. Their jambalaya might be a little different from what many expect, but it's worth a try if your craving it (along with a new taste). The restaura
  • Frutería Monserrate
    A small chain of lovely cafés with pleasant, sunny atmospheres and some with indoor/outdoor seating. Not to miss are the frutería's heaping bowls of fresh fruit topped with whipped cream and/or ice cream for $1.80.
  • Cevichería Marisquería Los Siete Mares
    Cevichería Marisquería Los Siete Mares has excellent ceviche, other seafood soups, and lunch platters in a variety of combinations. Don't forget to fill up a basket with popcorn and chifles (fried plantain chips) to dunk in your soup of choice.
  • Manolo Cevichería
    A bright, pleasant restaurant mainly frequented by locals on their lunch breaks, Manolo Cevichería serves up large portions of delicious seafood and often has mariachis wandering from table to table. The portions are big and the seafood tastes fresh.
  • Metro Café
    With its greatest appeal and draw being the fact that it's a 24-hour restaurant, Metro Cafe is a rather popular spot for the folks that crawl out of the bars and pubs at a later hour and are ravenous for any type of food. Ranking the quality of the meals here in relation to their high price makes th
  • G-SPOT Burgers
    This Mariscal staple and well-known burger joint grills up a variety of fresh single or double (double meat, double cheese) hamburgers, which are perfect for a quick meal or a late-night, post-bar snack. Other options include Philly cheesesteaks and corn and chili dogs. Vegetarians can enjoy a huge
  • Raj Tandoori
    This Indian restaurant serves a menu of mouth-watering curries with sauces ranging from sweet to mild to a spicy that will make your nose run. Plates can be prepared vegetarian style, or with chicken (beef costs extra) and with either rice or naan. Try a curry served with a Brahma beer. They also of
  • C.A.C.T.U.S.
    In a neighborhood filled with pizzerias, Chinese restaurants and shawarma joints, C.A.C.T.U.S. serves authentic, honest-to-goodness Ecuadorian food. Specializing in the traditional cuisine of the Sierra's indigenous population, the restaurant cooks up delicious llapingachos, tasty trout, and
  • Coffee Tree Plaza Yuyu
    Yet another of the Coffee Trees, the Plaza Yuyu incarnation is directly across the street from Coffee Tree Orellana. It has the same menu, but is completely outdoors. There's a big deck built around a stout palm tree, and plenty of cushioned seating on the manicured lawns. The café and its ga
  • Parrillada Dos Argentinos
    If you like good steaks argentine style, this is the place to go.Small, quiet, friendly (menus are also in english), reasonably priced.

    Specially good after a week of fish only in Galapagos !

  • Punto Cubano
    Great little place to drop in and have some lovely cuban cuisine, with various dishes consisting of beef, chicken or even seafood. Their Cuban specialty ropa vieja (pulled beef) is quite delicious, and is definitely worth ordering.

  • El Maple
    El Maple serves up a variety of vegetarian and even entirely vegan dishes. It's a simple and convinient little place located in la Mariscal that serves up their meals rather quickly too, specifically their executive lunch specials (appetizer, soup, entree, dessert and juice) which cost a mere $3-5.
  • Chifa Fuzhao
    All grease and no glam, Chifa Fuzhao with likely quench your Chinese food craving while in Quito. The place itself looks a bit seedy, but don't be put off by this fact alone because it is one of the better chifas in the city. Even though the Chinese food may not be quite like you remember it from h
  • Coffee Tree Orellana
    The big boulder out front is about the only thing off, design-wise, with Coffee Tree Orellana. The café, Coffee Tree's third Mariscal branch, shares slick real estate on the southeast corner of Reina Victoria and La Niña (dubbed Plaza Yuyu) with Zocalo and the Mindalae Museo Etnohistórico de Art
  • McDonald's
    McDonald's, popular in Ecuador, is enjoyed by wealthier quiteños and guilty gringos alike. There are numerous branches of this popular American hamburger chain located in shopping malls and on major roads all across Quito. Although you know you shouldn't, sometimes you just want the taste of home,
  • Chandani Tandoori
    Could this be the best Indian/ Hindu restaurant in the Mariscal? In Quito? In Ecuador? Very likely! The Chandani Tandoori serves a menu of extremely cheap mouth-watering curries—sauces range from mild to so spicy it will make your nose run. The large variety of curries are served either as a v
  • Tio Billy's
    Tio Billy's looks tiny from the entrance but it opens up to a moderately sized dining hall. The whole place has an American burger joint vibe to it. Michael Jackson and Elvis posters hang on the wall while Dire Straits' “Money for Nothing” blasts through the stereo. This is where the Amer
  • La Casa de Eduardo
    The staff at La Casa de Eduardo brings Quito's most authentic Mexican food to your table. The story of owner and head chef Eduardo's flavor pilgrimage to Mexico is even written on the wall. Ecuardo and his ferocious handlebar moustache also operates a second restaurant near the Plaza de Toros. Both
  • Chiq Chaq
    Chiq Chaq's motto “Rolling Wraps To Go” might help explain why there's never anyone here: customers grab a wrap combo (includes thick fries and a drink), then split. Service is quick, and the food is excellent value; wraps are filled with guacamole, and grilled peppers and onions. Choose f
  • Le Arcate
    Le Arcate is an authentic Italian restaurant with great service, a nice interior and amazing prices for the food it serves. There are over 60 types of pizzas here, with options ranging from simple four cheese pizzas to pizzas topped with mixed seafood. All of the pizzas are made in an actual stone
  • Lennon Café and Bar
    A bright blue and yellow bar in the center of the Mariscal, Lennon Bar was set up by an Ecuadorian with an obsession with John Lennon and the Beatles. The walls are decorated with old Lennon CD covers and posters, in between various other memorabilia, such a 10-year old newspaper photographs of the
  • El Atrio
    A ritzy place in a great location looking over the hip Foch Plaza, made to look like a church with waiters that dress like clergy. An International menu features decorative plates of savory-sweet flavor infusions, with tasty meats and seafood accented with fruity salsas. A wide variety of well selec
  • Swiss Corner
    Craving a delicious and filling home-cooked meal? Then check out this eatery, which serves up some of the tastiest and heartiest meals in Quito. This Swiss restaurant specializes in delectable breakfast bites such as pastries, omelets and french toast. However, dinner guests will not be disappointe
  • La Guarida del Coyote
    This is an average Mexican restaurant with a couple of branches around Quito. The food is not as flavorful as one might expect of Mexican, and the value is not great considering the small-ish portion sizes. All platters can be prepared vegetarian.
  • La Paella Valenciana
    This Spanish restaurant has excellent paella. With a variety of options for different types of paella, you really don't need to look any farther on the menu. Set in an elegant atmosphere, La Paella Valenciana is only open for lunch and dinner Tuesday - Sunday. Service tends to be fairly slow and pr
  • Tony Roma's
    An all-American steak house, with the best rack of rib in Quito and a delicious selection of different sauces to spread on your meat. This is a great place for someone craving a non-Ecuadorian experience: the atmosphere, food and prices are all 100% American. Plan to spend about $20 per person. Oth
  • Kanpai
    Kanpai is set in one of Quito's newer malls in the north on Av. América and Naciones Unidas. The atmosphere is great and the sushi is even better. In addition to sushi, Kanpai offers Asian fusion. Try Kanpai's specialty sushi platters, much of which are original combinations. Kanpai is fairly ex
  • T.G.I. Friday's
    Friday's is wildly popular among Quiteños and has a slightly more formal reputation than it does in the United States, partially because the people in Quito that can afford it have more money than the average citizen. Offering a wide selection of grilled meats, chicken, salads, fried food, huge sc
  • Restaurante Mi Cocina
    A semi-elegant restaurant in the north of Quito a couple of blocks from the Parque Carolina, Restaurante Mi Cocina offers typical Ecuadorian cuisine like empanadas and fritada (fired pork). There is outdoor seating and plenty of indoor seating for big groups. Try the chocolate cal
  • Capuleto Deli Cafe
    Capuleto is a lovely Italian restaurant and deli with a large garden patio that has ample seating and a strange family of parrakeets. Prices are on the expensive side, but the food is full of flavor and portions are generous.
  • Los Hot Dogs De La Gonzalez Suarez
    Quito is a city that takes its hotdogs seriously, and many quiteños swear by the offerings at Los Hot Dogs de la Gonzalez Suarez. You won't find anything here that you wouldn't at another hotdog stand around town, but “Los Hot Dogs” has consistently good dogs and toppings, including
  • Mirador de Guápulo
    Mirador de Guápulo specializes in traditional Ecuadorian dishes like fritada (fried pork platter), sanduches de pernil (pulled pork sandwiches), empanadas (turnovers) and much more. This small restaurant and bar has live music Wednesday-Saturday evenings starting around 8 p.m.
  • Cactus Coffee & Salad Bar
    Owned by an Ecuadorian who spent about a decade in California, the menu is a fusion of the best of Ecuador's fresh fruits and vegetables with California's best recipes. The restaurant in the north of Quito is much smaller than the original Cactus about 30 minutes away in the Cumbaya valley. Featuri
  • Mister Bagel
    Mister Bagel is a great breakfast and lunch spot not only because it has the best bagels in Quito, but also one of the biggest book exchanges. With any purchase, you can exchange an unlimited number of books, contingent on the approval of one of the employees. Try the aji bagel with the famo
  • San Telmo
    San Telmo is expensive by Ecuadorian standards, but it is worth every cent. The atmosphere is elegant and peaceful, the service is excellent, and the steaks are thick, juicy and delicious. There are no vegetarian dishes, but there is a good selection of steaks, seafood and chicken. Both indoor an
  • Cananas
    Cananas is a small, elegant Tex-Mex restaurant with reasonable prices and good-sized portions. It features a full breakfast menu and drink menu and Tex-Mex classics like chimichangas, hearty steaks and big salads. Try the 'almuerzo' - fixed lunch - which, at $3.25 offers a fresh, delicious three-c
  • Tío Billy
    Tío Billy is a hamburger restaurant in the Mariscal district. The generous portions and fun atmosphere make it a nice alternative to the set lunch dishes found on every corner. With more than twenty creatively named burgers, ranging from Ecuatoriano to Jorgito Bush, the place brings original chara
  • Bombay Palace
    Bombay Palace is one of a handful of Indian restaurants in the Mariscal area, but it distinguishes itself by being a bit cleaner and more spacious than the others. The interior walls are painted in bright blue, turquoise and orange, heavily stuccoed so it's almost as if you've stepped inside a multi
  • Azuca
    Azuca, located right on Plaza Foch, is blatantly noticeable from the second you walk down Calle Mariscal Foch. Decked out in a neon color scheme, the self-dubbed Latin Bistro serves up an eclectic mix of seafood and meat dishes. The â??aphrodisiac riceâ? is something you should definitely give
  • Tomato Pizza Bar Restaurante
    Conveniently located at a busy intersection of Mariscal, this place is the spot for a cheap grab-and-go slice of yummy pizza. Slices are only $1 each from the takeaway window. However, with airy windows, Latin fusion music and a laid-back atmosphere, the place is great for eating in, too. While piz
  • El Rey de Sanduche
    As the name suggests, “King of Sandwiches” offers various tasty sandwiches for very little money, including chicken, beef, vegetarian and tuna, as well as fruit salads, french fries, and fresh juices... combos too! The owners are a friendly couple, and are always smiling, even when they d
  • Big Sur
    Since its recent remodeling, this clean and modern restaurant has propelled itself to popularity, offering a trendy yet laid-back atmosphere to enjoy a variety of Californian/international fusion fare. Guests can dine in the beautiful, newly relandscaped garden patio, or simply relax in the cozy in
  • Road Coffee
    This inviting little cafetería specializes in its own brew of organic Ecuadorian coffee and varieties of green tea imported from Korea. The cafe was founded in October 2007 by an international group of business partners who wanted to create a space for cultural exchange and high-quality coffee and
  • Restaurant Mistral
    Mistral is an elegant restaurant that functions as part of Hotel Sebastian, a four-star hotel. For hotel guests, there is a breakfast buffet whereas for other visitors the main focus is on the dinner menu, offering both international and typically Ecuadorian dishes. No vegetarian options are listed.
  • Q
    This�sleek�restaurant, bar and lounge are part of the swanky Nü House hotel complex, which also includes The Loft disco. The restaurant, with its fluid setup and fusion food, is a perfect meeting point for bigger groups. The menu gets pretty expensive - with dishes typically running
  • Suzette
    Craving a crepe? Take a pit stop at Suzette, a creperie that proffers every kind of crepe you could ever want. They have traditional offerings, such as jamon y queso or nutella crepes, but you can also find shrimp or curry crepes - an interesting twist on the classic dish. Crepes run for about $5. T
  • Coffee Tam Plaza Foch
    With four branches in the Mariscal, Coffee Tam has become a neighborhood institution. Coffee Tam Plaza Foch is THE spot for people-watching and pre-game drinks, or catching a fútbol match or late-night bite on the always-hopping plaza. A slew of outdoor tables are always full of a mixe
  • Latitud
    Located on the ever popular Plaza Foch, Latitud is also known as “Tapas, quesos y vinos,” and is popular with both gringos and Ecuador's elite set. The deal is this: all the tapas you can eat and all the house wine or beer (or both) that you can drink for a bargain price of $25. You can p
  • Xocoa
    A sweets lover's dream, nestled in the corner of the ever happening Foch Plaza, but secluded enough to enjoy a mug of rich creamy chocolate away from it all. Menu features a wide variety of drinkable chocolate treats, cakes and pies, milkshakes and delicious gelato-style ice cream. There's wine and
  • Foccacia
    As soon as you walk in the door, two things immediately hit you: the smell of fresh baked bread and the sunny, California-esque atmosphere. Just being in Focaccia cheers you up immediately. With the acoustic music softly playing in the background, it's the perfect place to pick up some pasta or pizz
  • Gruyere de Fondue
    While you may not expect it, Ecuadorians love good fondue every once in a while. Gruyere de Fondue, one of the canopied restaurants in the always-happening Plaza Foch, is a perfect place to try the melting pot experience. Sit down to traditional cheese and chocolate fondues at one of the few cozy ta
  • Dragonfly
    This self-dubbed â??cocktail gardenâ? is a color-shock, to say the least. Neon green booths divert from the fact that the rest of the restaurant is relatively plain. The food, however, is fairly inexpensive compared to other restaurants in the area. Although this newer bar is in the shadow of it
  • El Mariachi
    If the mariachi band isn't playing, the jukebox probably will be when El Mariachi is hopping. A large mexican menu is complimented by practical but amusing build-it-yourself options; after all, "cheese" all too rarely gets a menu choice all to itself. English menus, spanish-speaking Ecuadorian serve
  • Michelangelo
    From the Mona Lisa print that gazes down over the main hall, you might surmise that Michelangelo's is an establishment that aims at class. And the chandeliers and immaculately dressed waiters do indeed give the place an elegant feel. Unfortunately, the prices match the décor, and are among the ste
  • Este Café
    Lovers of coffee shouldn't pass up a quick glimpse at the gourmet drinks on offer at Este Café. Whether you settle into one of the colorful couches with a frozen Oreo cappuccino, soak up some funky break beats over a steaming cup of chai, or peruse the book exchange with a Baileys iced latte, it's
    You get the gist from the name: this restaurant serves several varieties of cheese, meat, and chocolate fondues, and the stainless steel tables have built-in fondue burners. While the unctuous concoctions run on the pricey side, the "Fondue Fest" provides more value, allowing you to have a three-cou
  • Mulata de Tal - Cocina Latinamericana
    While the popular Mariscal district is teeming with options for traditional Ecuadorean or International cuisine, the Mulata de Tal is a standout in Quito's restaurant scene, specializing in the varied tastes that define Latin America. Located in a refurbished, two-story home near the heart of the Ma
  • Malabar
    Immaculate table settings, fresh flowers and a shimmering fish tank lend this cozy restaurant just enough swank to make it an anomaly on a block otherwise crowded with small neighborhood cafés. Fare is of the metropolitan parrilla variety, attracting chic carnivores with grilled beef, chicken and s
  • Fonfone
    This small and inviting family-run cafe has been attracting happy customers for years, as evidenced by the wallpaper of smiley photos plastered throughout the interior. Appearing in nearly every snapshot is Catalina, the fun and friendly owner who frequently chats with customers, offering warm a
  • Mexicali
    Just a stone's throw from one of Quito's most popular gringo bars, Bungalow 6, Mexicali is a tiny but immaculate take-out joint serving up excellent Mexican staples like burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and other treats you might crave after a long night out. The place has outdoor seating, though most
  • Tarot Café-Restaurant
    Cirque du Soleil came to La Mariscal in the form of Tarot Café-Restaurant. This bizarre establishment contains some crazy artwork and designs, ranging from blown-up tarot card paintings and a mural of Venus on one wall to scary Asian masks on the next. Most of the artwork, including the risqué, Ca
  • Karukera
    With its brightly colored walls, funky furniture, and cool backlit bar, Karukera is a hip yet relaxing place to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat. The menu offers a wide selection of beverages—alcoholic and not—as well as a variety of crepes, sandwiches, and other simple treats. For th
  • La Fotonovela
    La Fotonovela is a simple but charming Mexican restaurant-cum-café based in the heart of La Mariscal. During the day locals gather at the venue's four tables to drink, relax or talk, while a selection of tacos and tortillas are served up by the cheery staff to the mixture of Ecuadorians and travele
  • Coffee Tree Amazonas
    Coffee Tree Amazonas, an outdoor set-up in front of the Espiral shopping center, makes a welcome stop-off point for tired travelers in need of caffeine after visiting Parque El Ejido, the Mercado Artesanal and the area's many tour agencies. Like <
  • À La Bonne Franquette
    The fireplace crackles, the music softly soothes, and the staff leap to attention at the sight of a customer. A meal at Ã? La Bonne Franquette is like a long-awaited homecoming. Prices are reasonable, food is delicious, and the staff are friendly far beyond the demands of their profession. Dishes a
  • Bistro 210
    A fairly new restaurant in Quito (opened December 2007), Bistro 210 is easy to find, situated at the corner Joaquin Pinto and Diego de Almagro in the Mariscal. Entering the restaurant you feel immediately moved into little Paris; you'll be easily conviced by its French atmosphere and typical “c
  • Hassan's Cafe
    This small Lebanese café is a popular, affordable option frequented by locals. Many are no doubt attracted by the owner Hassan himself, a sleepy-eyed, passionate cook who moved to Ecuador years ago after running two very successful restaurants in Southern California. But the specials are the real d
  • Mi Viejo Arrabal
    Looking for a good steak? Then Mi Viejo Arrabal is worth a try. In this Argentinean Steakhouse you can watch your steak being prepared (at least the grilling process). Apart from meat they offer fish, pasta, soups and veggie food. Bear in mind, it may not the best place for your budget, as it is a l
  • Yu Su Café
    Sushi in Quito is not the typical fare, but for a change of pace, Yu Su Café offers a concise menu in a small, colorful setting. Choose from 13 items, which are essentially three kinds of sushi: sushi with vegetable or fish, California rolls, or salmon roll varieties--all ranging between $3-7. Th
  • Muana Café
    Located right on a major intersection across from the pier and downstairs from the Casa Blanca Hotel, Muana Café gets a lot of business. The food and coffee are good, and so is the ice cream. They don't have an actual printed menu: look on the chalkboard behind the counter to see what's availabl
  • Garrapata
    Garrapata is often considered (by tourists and locals alike) to be the best restaurant in town. It serves fresh seafood and creative meat dishes, as well as nine different pastas. The restaurant also features a friendly waitstaff, ample bar, and candle-lit outdoor seating. If the food alone does not
  • Whale Café
    This popular America-owned café no longer serves breakfast but has lots of vegetarian options, including a variety of salads and wraps, some with Asian influences. Try the Thai chicken wrap, avocado and shrimp salad, or hummus with garlic toast for a taste of home. The owners go to Manta once a we
  • Restaurante "russo"
    New to Puerto López's restaurant scene, Restaurante "Russo" specializes in Russian cuisine and cooks up comforting specialties like pelmeni (dumplings with ground meat), deruni de papa (potato pancakes) and brizol frita (similar to a Spanish tortilla with meat inside). The own
  • Etnias
    This earthly little French-owned café with a pebbled floor and bamboo furniture has great breakfasts. Beyond the typical continental-style breakfasts served around town, Etnias also has crepes and waffles topped with nutella, peanut butter or fruit, as well as fruit with yogurt. Those who favor sa
  • El Pelícano
    In direct competition with the popular Delfín Mágico Restaurante, El Pelícano offers the same fare of fresh-off-the boat seafood at more reasonable prices and with speedier service. Try the fish en salsa de maní (peanut sauce)—you'll be dreaming about it for days. Hard-to-find scall
  • Pizzarte Trattoria
    This quiet eatery with just five outdoor tables cooks up 10 different kinds of artisanal pizzas in its large wood-burning oven, including tres quesos (three cheese), vegetarian, Hawaiian (jam, pineapple and cheese) and pesto. The Peruvian owner also makes fresh, homemade ciabatta bread, and
  • Delfin Mágico
    People come from all corners of Ecuador for a taste of Delfin Mágico's famous seafood plates. Fresh prawns, lobster, shrimp, scallops and octopus are meticulously prepared several different ways. The specialty, though, is percebes, or goose barnacles, which come with an exquisite lime sauce
  • Bellitalia
    Bellaitalia occupies an upstairs space on the Malecón and cooks up some tasty Italian dishes in an airy, candlelit atmosphere. Here you can choose from several different types of pasta, such as spaghetti, fusilli or homemade tagliatelle, and match it with one of your favorite sauces like pesto, bo
  • Restaurante Spondylus
    This endearing laid-back place is a great-value option with colorful murals and an informal atmosphere. The menu contains a range of seafood and ceviches as well as a variety of spaghetti, meat and burgers, if you're tired of the fish. Prawns or lobster are delicious choices if you have a bit more
  • El Rincón del Che
    This is definitely the place to try parrillada, the assortment of meat cuts on individualized grills. Ask any local in Santo Domingo, a city famed for its meats, and they will probably point you in the direction of El Rincón. Perpetually crowded with families, often ordering up to five gril
  • Caskaffesu
    Caskaffesu's dining area is spacious and modern, with lots of natural light, dark wood and a fireplace. A small outdoor patio nearby has room for another eight people or so and has views of the colorful Caskaffesu hotel rooms. Main plates are centered around proteins like steak, chicken or whole fi
  • Chef Sheraton Restaurante
    Chef Sheraton Restaurante offers an abnormally large amount of options for appearing to be a typical Santo Domingo food joint. It serves pastas, several meat dishes and a little bit of Chinese, but the quality is the issue. It's not the greatest meal you'll have, but if you're looking for something
  • Espuma del Mar
    Located right on the Malecón overlooking the beach, Espuma del Mar could not be in a better location. There is a porch and plenty of seating as well as tacky, ocean-themed decor. It has a few different standard breakfast options and offers a cheap fixed-price lunch and dinner. If you are staying
  • Carmita Restaurant & Bar
    Restaurant Carmita is one of the best restaurants in town. The large menu includes ceviches as well as shrimp, fish, calamari and octopus prepared several different ways. Try one of the dishes smothered in salsa de maní, a delicious peanut sauce with white wine and a bit of a kick. Some chi
  • Hotel Pacífico Restaurante
    Hotel Pacífico restaurant is just next door to the entrance of the hotel of the same name. The restaurant features an open-air porch overlooking the beach and is one of very few places to eat in Puerto López that accepts credit cards. The food is a little pricier, but is very well prepared. Daily
  • Surf Restaurant Ayampe
    Owned by Finca Punta Ayampe, this colorful restaurant right on the beach has a bunch of vegetarian options. Big glass windows look out onto the ocean, which can be seen from nearly every table, or you can sit outside on the balcony and eat your meal to the sound of waves. Inside, there are also thr
  • La Casa Blanca Bar and Grill
    This centrally located restaurant on the ground floor of the hostel of the same name has two Peruvian chefs who whip up dishes native to Peru, like tacu tacu de mariscos (rice and beans with a seafood sauce), tiraditos (thin slices of raw fish in a spicy lime sauce) and papas a la
  • Bopán's
    If you are looking for a quick stop for a snack and a cool drink, Bopán's corner location facing the Malecón 2000 provides a great place to watch Guayaquil´s bustling city life pass by the window. The restaurant holds true to its name by serving real espresso (not always easy to find in Guayaq
  • Tsafiki's Wahoo Restaurant
    Located in the main building of Hostería Tsafiki and overlooking the water, Wahoo Restaurant is a great spot to relax and enjoy fresh seafood and other local favorites. It has continental breakfasts as well as fixed-priced lunches and dinners that rotate daily. Items off the menu cost a bit more.
  • Frutabar
    Frutabar feels like a piece of Montañita has been transplanted to the big city. Instead of waves crashing, you might catch a view of the Guayas River slowly drifting by, but surfboards converted into tables definitely recall the beach. This café serves light fare like turkey sandwiches and humita
  • La Parrilla del Ñato
    La Parrilla del Ñato is an enticing restaurant for meat lovers who want to indulge in a barbecue. Most people come for the parrillada (grilled meats), but be careful when ordering from the untranslated menu and make sure that if you ask for “morcilla” or “chinchulín” that you
  • Menestras del Negro
    Menestras del Negro may seem like a strange, even offensive name (“The Black Guy's Beans” just does not translate well into English), but in Ecuador “El Negro” is often considered an endearing nickname. What the restaurant's name tries to inspire is that they know what they are
  • La Pepa de Oro
    With service 24/7, The Grand Hotel's La Pepa de Oro is the perfect place to safely grab a bite in Guayaquil if you arrive into town late. Choices range from typical coastal dishes like sea bass ceviche to American options such as a club sandwich. Only a few blocks from the Malecón, it also makes a
  • Restobar Guacamayo Grill And Wok
    At this artsy Argentinian-owned restaurant, you can customize stir fries or chow down on a grilled meat kebab right on the beach. Choose vegetables like broccoli, celery and carrots; mix them with spices like ginger, thyme and rosemary; and add in chicken, shrimp or bacon for a filling meal. Guacam
  • Kapadokia
    Kapadokia's stone archways and blue and white tones will make you feel as if you are dining on the Mediterranean Sea instead of near the Pacific Ocean. This upscale Mediterranean grill in the middle of Montañita serves authentic hummus, falafel plates, Turkish salads and shish kebab sandwiches bes
  • Bar-Restaurante El Punto
    A mellow beach bar and popular breakfast spot, Bar-Restaurante El Punto is right off the main drag in Montañita. El Punto brings the beach inside with its natural wood tables, coral centerpieces and a pebbled floor. In the mornings, travelers flock for the gigantic creole breakfasts and crepes wit
  • Hola Ola Café
    This social hub is a popular restaurant by day and a bumping discoteca by night, making it easy to spend a good amount of time here while in Montañita. Its international menu has American-style breakfasts with pancakes and waffles that are available all day long, as well as salads, sandwi
  • Tiki Limbo
    Serving up a little bit of everything delicious, Tiki Limbo is the place to go if you're not sure what you want, but know it better be good and plentiful. The restaurant prepares large-sized portions of oriental, Mediterranean, Italian and Mexican dishes, as well as six different types of burgers a
  • Karukera
    Karukera has a similar menu to the other restaurants in the town center, serving ceviches, sandwiches, salads, and seafood and meat mains. Try the seafood platter in pineapple sauce for a taste of the tropics. It also has some French specialties like crepes and Chicken Cordon Bleu that comple
  • Tiburón
    This small wooden restaurant does not look like much from the outside, but the menu is surprisingly eclectic and the owner is surprisingly friendly. Besides ceviches and other local specialties, it has lots of different types of homemade empanadas, including ones stuffed with cheese and seaf
  • Papillón Crepería
    Papillón Crepería has a mix of Ecuadorian, Argentinian and French food. As obvious from its name, it has many different crepe options, including a Mexican crepe stuffed with ground beef, rice and beans, and a tropical crepe filled with peaches, vanilla ice cream and sweetened condensed milk. Ever
  • Mamapacha
    Mamapacha is a small vegetarian restaurant with a rotating daily lunch menu consisting of soup, vegetables in a sauce over rice, and a glass of flavored ice tea. If you don't like the day's menu, or would like to dine here for dinner instead, Mamapacha always has veggie lasagna, soy burgers, burrit
  • Alas Delta
    Offering a vista with your meal, this place sits up against the Malecón and offers two floors-worth of majestic ocean views. Meals range across the usual coastal, flavorful fare at a reasonable price. For an extra view of the town, head upstairs and gaze at the horizon or the Malecon as it bends n
  • Restaurante D'camaron
    A simple place with a nice view of the sea, Restaurante D'Camaron offers delicious seafood and traditional Ecuadorian dishes, including a long list of ceviches. Glass-topped tables add a little pep to otherwise characterless plastic chairs, and the owners are friendly and helpful.
  • Restaurante Arena Caliente
    Located on the terrace of Hotel Costa del Sol, this classy bar offers some of the best views of Manta. From up here life looks good, and with a smooth drink and sumptuous plate of food things only seem to get better. The view is always here so whether you're an early bird looking for breakfast or a
  • Choco
    If you've ever wondered what a blend of Californian and Ecuadorian coastal cuisine might look like, then this might be your chance to find out. The restaurant is an incredible piece of work crafted in bamboo, built principally by restaurant owner Sol himself, who can often times be seen in the kitc
  • Jireh Bar and Restaurant
    Decked out in simple but stylish décor, Jireh Bar is one of the more popular places to eat on restaurant row. Open-air seating allows for a cool sea breeze and beach views, and meals are heaping, served still steaming from the kitchen. Jireh is as good a spot as any to try viche, a typical
  • Ocean Delight
    A slight change from the dominant plastic seating, this place offers neatly arranged wooden tables and chairs, and walls graced with panama hats. From the the outside it looks a slight step up from other places nearby, however, the menu consists of typical Ecuadorian coastal cuisine and prices vary
  • El Galeon
    Serving up the same standard seafood and Manabí fare as other nearby eateries, El Galeon offers an ever-so-slightly more upscale dining experience. Owner Cesar A. Rivas also arranges catering for special events.
  • Las Velas
    While differing little in appearance from other places on the Malecón strip, Las Velas is apparently the place to be seen if you're somebody in Manta. At night, well-dressed Ecuadorians chattering beneath the outdoor umbrellas and the sound of clinking glasses is a common occurrence. This is also
  • La Chillagua
    This little family-run restaurant boasts your typical array of seafood plates, but it's the incredibly cheap almuerzos (set lunches) that make this place pack a culinary punch. From noon until 2 p.m. Doña Rosa will cook up a seafood concoction fit for the ravenous, at a price you can't beat
  • Doña Mary
    Apparently there's “world famous” Bolon de Verde (fried plantain balls with cheese and pork) served here , whether or not this is true is up to your palette to decide. Needless to say, owners Mary and Tacito are genuinely nice and devoted to their craft, capable of cooking up a sto
  • Restaurante Santa Martha
    This place seems to be the local favorite, recommended by motor-taxi drivers and extended-stay tourists. At a glance there is little to set it apart from the other restaurants, except that polished wood has replaced the ever-popular plastic tables and chairs. Inside, owner Martha greets patrons wit
  • Restaurante Malibu
    (ENTREES: $5 - 12) The majority of restaurants in the small beach towns of Ecuador's coast have the same vibe; open air, plastic chairs and quality seafood. Malibu is no different, and there isn't much that sets this place apart from anywhere else. The encocado dishes are decent, and breakfast is a
  • La Riviera
    An unassuming façade leads into a small kitchen area where they prepare stock-standard coastal fare (try the camaron apanado: breaded shrimp) for anyone hungry and looking for a meal. Although its name may conjure images of fancy candle-lit dinners and men in striped shirts rowing gondola
  • Las Palmeras
    With a nice little palm-covered eating area outside, and a cement floored alterntive inside, this place provides hot and fresh seafood goodies. Dig your toes into the sand during the day as you lick your fingers from the shrimp with coconut sauce, or remain alert at night while you eat as the club
  • La Facha Restaurant
    With a fusion of Peruvian, Argentinian and Ecuadorian tastes, La Facha serves up a vegetarians galore with plates that revolve around anything from quinoa, to lentils, to ginger and more. Burgers and sandwiches are a must try. There's a bar here too that will serve up some rather exquisite drinks,
  • La Chocolata
    You might be blown away by how good the sweets and pastries sold at this little place are. Run by a motley crew of Argentinians, La Chocolota spans the length of scrumptious pastries and pies all the way to warm, invigorating beverages. The locale, slightly dingy but overwhelmingly charming, is a c
  • La Langosta
    La Langosta is a small but extremely popular restaurant right on the beach. If you want to be guaranteed a spot it's best to go around noon because the place gets packed every day from about 1 to 4 pm. The food is good and fresh, but the menu is limited, and options tend to run out as the day goes
  • Mediterraneo
    This lovely restaurant distinguishes itself from other Manta eateries, not just by location, but in style and service. While it may not boast beach views, Mediterraneo has bragging rights to the best Spanish and Ecuadorian influenced plates in town, which is no surprise considering owner Martin is
  • Mamma Rosa Bar and Resaurant
    Somewhat of a local fixture, Mamma Rosa keeps the people coming with its over 246 different dishes, top-notch service, and an atmosphere that even Italy would find hard to create. Owner Jiorjio carried his culinary secrets with him when he came over from Genova and now Ecuador gets the pleasure of
  • Restaurant Exclusivo
    Right by the main plaza is where you'll find this small but immensely popular “upscale” hole-in-the-wall serving up some pretty satisfying cuisine. Ranging from your traditional seafood fare to spaghetti, chicken and even Asian chaulafan (rice plates), the portions here (especially
  • La Esquina Del Cheo
    With an open-air terrace and a view of the ocean, you'll find that the vista here compliments the food they serve here quite nicely. Given El Matal is a fishing town, you're pretty much guaranteed the freshest seafood there is in all of Jama. Just know that Cheo's has no menu, and the man himself -
  • Brisas del Mar
    Set in a kitty-corner close to the sea, Brisas del Mar is a cozy little place, perfect for sharing a bottle of wine and watching the sun set. Decor consists of plastic chairs tucked under wooden tables and spread across a tiny room colored with a few paintings and randomly placed wine bottles. Atmo
  • El Buen Sabor
    A similar style restaurant as the others lining the Malecón, El Buen Sabor offers typical meat and seafood dishes, served in an open and airy atmosphere with water views. Service is fairly fast and friendly, and the food is delicious if you're up for traditional meat and seafood plates.
  • El Muelle Uno
    Boasting superb views of the water and San Vicente, El Muello Uno also serves up generous plates of traditional coastal fare, like fish and shrimp. This is a lunch or dinner spot, especially if you've got a hankering for barbecue meat (parrilladas are their specialty). Vegetarian options are availa
  • La Terraza
    Inexpensive grilled meat and rice dishes or local seafood plates are offered up at this older, but clean place by the docks. Little sets La Terraza apart from its neighborsâ??the menu is traditional barbecued meat and Manabi coastal cuisineâ??but the prices are slightly lower than the other Malec
  • La Choza
    Like most of the coastal towns, Pedernales features its own set of generic beachfront restaurants and bars. In terms of gastronomy, La Choza fits right in; however, its well-appointed dining area, complete with a collection of wine bottles spread across the back wall, give it a bit more atmosphere
  • Saborearme
    Occupying a prime location on the beach front, this cevicheria serves up a variety of seafood dishes, including a wide range of ceviches served with plantain chips. Reasonably priced, high-quality seafood is exactly what you should expect to find at the beach, and this open-air bambo
  • OH Mar
    A seafood chain with a sister restaurant in Salinas, OH Mar is a good choice for standard Ecuadorian meat and seafood dishes. Not the best place if you're looking for character and ambiance, but the space is clean and airy, and in terms of food you can't go wrong. Portions are hearty and prices dig
  • El Cormoran
    Laid out like an amusement park, this sprawling restaurant complex is popular with Ecuadorian families and large groups. If the large sign at the entrance doesn't give you a clue, parrilladas (BBQ meat plates) are the house specialty, among other traditional coastal dishes. You're bou
  • Beach Comber
    The smell of grilling meat is overwhelming even before Beach Comber's flashy neon sign or thumping music have a chance to hit your other senses. Good luck finding a place to sit here around dinner time; the eatery is one of the most popular joints in the area, and rightfully so. Spectacular food (p
  • Arena Bar
    This is the place to go if you're watching your wallet and aren't looking for anything more complex than a shake and toasted sandwich. Food here may not be first class, and some may consider the atmosphere seriously lacking, but its red leather 1950's style booths face the sea and are more than wort
  • Comedor Jixy
    This unassuming place set back from the beach is one of the most popular spots to settle the stomach and sample local seafood. Serving good value set meals and cheap mains, Comedor Jixy also knows how to satisfy the budget. There's not much in the way of atmosphere here, but its hard to argue with t
  • Restaurant Boulevard
    Located across the street from Old Navy Hotel in a large open-air complex, Restaurant Boulevard is a breezy place to grab breakfast or lunch. The area nearby is under development, with more similar-looking buildings sprouting up alongside. Meals are simple and no-fuss, but cheap.
  • Dulce Y Frio Ice Cream
    Gourmet ice cream, which comes in a variety of flavors, along with a variety of other fried foods that you might want to consider having before spoiling your appetite. This is a pleasant pit stop for something cool after a day in the sun.
  • Sweet & Coffee
    Many Guayacos like to pretend they live in Miami, so it's no surprise that this chain has been a huge success in recent years. Large slices of walnut cake, chocolate Oreo cheesecake and lime meringue pie can be accompanied by a frothy vanilla latte or an iced coffee drink. You pay more than other c
  • Aroma Café
    To break up a hot day of sightseeing, it's hard to beat the location of this open-air restaurant, nestled in the cool, shaded atmosphere of the botanical gardens of Malecón. The café serves a wide range of Ecuadorian meat and seafood specialities, all cooked to perfection and well-presented. If y
  • Licorería "El Amanecer"
    While claiming to be open twenty four hours a day, Liquor Store "The Dawn" is open at most, maybe twenty four hours a week. You can however, count on it being open late at night. The owner seems to be concerned about ensuring a healthy stock of refillable bottles: Buy a beer and you'll walk out wit
  • UIO
    Recently opened, UIO has quickly become the hottest spot in town for the young and the beautiful in Quito. The interesting namesake comes from Quito's airport code, but has hardly anything to do with the club. Cover charge is steep, around $10, for guys. Inside, it's just like any nightclub you coul
  • Limon y Café
    A laid-back local hangout, Limón y Café is the most common nighttime meeting place on the island. You can sit at the bar or at any of the wooden tables, sipping ice-cold (-5°C) beers, playing cards, or chatting with new friends. It also has a pool table and plays (badly) subtitled movies on the
  • La Panga
    La Panga is the most popular-and only-main drag disco in town, which means it is always hopping on the weekends until the closing hour. It has a full bar, serving drinks with a local flavor. A small dance floor with video screen is usually crowded with salsa partners and foreigners shaking their boo
  • Bar de Beto
    Beto's beach bar is a far cry from the overly commercial Puerto Ayora. According to a Santa Cruz fisherman, Isla Isabela is today what Santa Cruz was before the tourist explosion of the 1980s changed the island to the point of no return. Here, the beach is the bar. Wooden tables set in the
  • Madera Fina
    Madera Fina is, as its name "Fine Wood" suggests, the most shi-shi disco in Puerto Ayora. It is populated by an older crowd and guests of the adjacent Hotel Palmeras. It is a good option for couples looking for a nice, relaxed, and roomy place to dance. Open 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. on weekends.
  • House Of Rock
    Looking to rock out to some incredibly sweet covers of the legends of rock, and more? House of Rock is where it's at. This bar/mini-venue hosts live music Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and is an incredibly popular hangout with quiteños who will sing along with what best english they can muster
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
    If you love the Beatles and Classic Rock, you'll love Strawberry Fields. Commanding a pretty considerable part of the Gonzales Suarez Avenue (right in front of Hotel Quito), this bar is probably one of the most eclectic in the area. Take a seat in the cozy spaces through the place and rock out to t
  • Santa Espuma
    In Ecuador it is appropriate when ordering beer to assume that it'll be a national, light lager. However, at Santa Espuma feel free to throw around beer terminology like Porter, Golden Ale, Scottish Ale and Pale Ale when ordering your libation. Get to Santa Espuma early enough in the day to snag
  • Ghoz Bar
    Ghoz Bar is a homey tavern with pool tables, foosball, and board games galore. It's a good place to enjoy a pint while listening to classic rock or watching sports. You can order bratwurst or fondue, and drink your beer or cocktail from a giant mug shaped like a cowboy boot, if you dare. Ghoz Bar is
  • St. Andrews
    With a rather dark and dimly lit interior (at night especially), St. Andrews harkens back to the classic, stereotypical look of English pubs we've all come to expect from movies and such. But don't be frightened by its obscure inside, for St. Andrews is quite a fancy, joyous and classy little pub to
  • The Turtles Head
    An establishment conveniently located on the corner of the Cumbaya Plaza/Park, this is quite the bar to come to: it's here that you'll find copious amounts of drinking taking place as the week draws to an end. With quality beers on tap and drink specials throughout the week and weekend, The Turtles
  • Zinc
    If deliberating between the price of paying for a meal or for drinks, it's the latter that most people should come to Zinc for. The restaurant and bar is ideal for groups of friends looking to lounge about while having a couple of drinks amid conversation. With a nice, cozy atmosphere and elegant de
  • Flashback
    Flashback encapsulates Quito's answer to the 1980s. This lively disco is located opposite the swanky Hotel Quito, and pounds out fun eighties disco “hits” every weekend. Most evenings, at 11 p.m. or midnight, a live band offers up more of the same. Usually there is no cover (if there is,
  • Leprechaun Bar
    This small but fun bar in the heart of Baños has no cover and a bumping dance floor blasting salsa, merengue, reggaeton, hip hop, rock and more. On crowded nights, the back patio opens up where there is an outdoor bar and big pit in the middle where a bonfire blazes. Brave souls can order a "Bob M
  • El Templario
    Hidden away on a pedestrian thoroughfare, El Templario is a delightful discovery for those who chance upon it. The friendly Spanish owner, who opened the place in June 2012, has made this small bar/café into a relaxing refuge, with live acoustic music (particularly jazz) on the weekends, and an in
  • Casa Do Brasil Café Cultural
    Casa do Brasil is a welcoming upstairs café and cultural space opened by Brazilian transplants. Besides being a place to enjoy a coffee, snack or drink, Casa do Brasil offers Portuguese classes as well as Brazilian cooking and dance classes, and hosts a language exchange every Friday night where l
  • Chiplote
    Chiplote is knows for its subs and shots, and is a popular happy hour spot. Greasy pub grub, including beef chili, quesadillas, bacon cheeseburgers, cheesesteak sandwiches and Italian subs, go great with Chiplote's cold beers and cocktails, which are 2x1 from 4-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Females get
  • Timothy's Café Bar
    Timothy's Café Bar is eclectically decorated with the owner's personal collection items, including U.S. sports jerseys, international flags, international beer bottles and bottle caps, hats and soda cans. A great place to catch a game, Timothy's has a big plasma TV with a cable sports package. The
  • Clandestino
    Created as a place to connect with others and engage in conversation, this small café and bar is a nice place to unwind. It is probably the only place in town where you can enjoy organic coffee, hot chocolate, and a variety of local teasâ??including chocolate mint tea and pomegranate green teaâ?
  • Nativa Bambu Discoteca
    Run by a Spanish entertainment company, Nativa Bambu is a multi-story, European-style discoteca right on the beach. With a capacity for 1,000 people, this thumping nightclub also has an upstairs lounge with outdoor seating. Tuesday night is Montañita Night, when there is live rock music ups
  • Hola Ola Discoteca
    This open-air nightclub with a small pool and elevated stage really heats up on weekends, when it hosts all-night parties with live music and DJs. Thursdays are Ladies Night, when females can drink for free from 9:30 p.m.-midnight. On Fridays, Hola Ola has a Latin Party with an open bar and salsa, m
  • Coffee Tree
    The popular yet commercialized Coffee Tree, which has several locations in Quito, has now opened its doors in Cuenca's Old Town. Some come for the varied—though overpriced—menu with eight different breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, crepes and pasta dishes. Others enjoy taking advantage of th
  • La Compañía
    Cuenca's only microbrewery is a relaxed place to drink a few artisanal beers, providing a nice alternative to all the other local establishments that only serve bottles of Pilsener and Club. Choose from four different types of beer on tap: stout, Irish red, extra golden, brow ale or Weizenbock. If y
  • El Portal Cafeteria
    El Portal Cafeteria is a sweet little café/bar located on the pretty Parque Montalvo, which by day offers a cozy environment in which to enjoy a coffee while using the free WiFi, and by night the chance to sip on a cocktail while listening to live music. There's also snacks, sandwiches and hamburge
  • Neiges Café
    If you're looking for somewhere relaxed to have a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) on a chilly Latacunga night, head to Café Neiges by the church. Run by the nearby Neiges Travel Agency, this cozy joint has beer, cocktails and good coffee, and an informal atmosphere. There's not much in the way of f
  • Café Arte
    Local hotspot Café Arté lives up to its name with good food, great art and eclectic music. A variety of rotating artwork-from modern paintings to photo exhibits-cover the walls. The funky decor includes mosaic floor tiles, candles and rustic wooden tables. On Friday and Saturday nights the place
  • Santo Pretexto
    Rock bar Santo Pretexto is one of the most favored night-time spots in town. The pub-like bar has plenty of seating, happy hours, a big-screen TV for sports games, and occasional karaoke nights. Pub food (nachos, burgers, steaks, etc.) is available too. There's frequent live rock music, usually on F
  • Peña Amauta
    Peñas-bars that play live Andean music while you sip on a drink or two-are popular in Otavalo, and Peña Amauta is an old favorite. Weekend nights see excellent folkloric groups playing, kicking off at around 10 p.m. There's a small cover charge, which generally includes the price of your fi
  • The Red Pub
    The Red Pub is a popular watering-hole, frequented by the young Otavalo crowd. It's cheerful, and the wooden bar and wooden stools really do give it a pub-like feel. Food is also served: choose from sandwiches, snacks, steak or pasta. The hookah pipes are popular. Monday to Saturday 4 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • La Taberna
    La Taberna does serve food but, with loud music blaring as early as midday, it's more suited to an evening drink or two. It's a small and cozy bar; think red walls and muted lighting. If you do get hungry though, you can nibble on some nachos, a steak or a burger. If downstairs is full, head upstai
  • Mayo 68
    This salsa club really heats up with live music on the weekends. Novice and experienced salseros swarm the two small dance floors inside, while onlookers fill the small tables that line the walls. Mayo 68 tends to attract a slightly older crowd that likes to strut their classic salsa moves,
  • Bungalow 6
    Bungalow 6 is the most famous club in Quito among expats and visitors, and odds are that at some point you will find yourself on its crowded dance floors, in its lounge or leaning over its pool tables. Bungalow's playlist is dominated by last year's Top 40 hits and reggaeton, while the clientele is
  • Oh Mar Comida Manabita
    This simple restaurant serving traditional food from the province of Manabí has an extensive menu offering various ceviches and soups, including viche (a peanut-based fish soup) and cazuela (a seafood stew). Additionally, it has grilled or fried fish, seafood rice, crab-stuffe
  • Restaurant Carloncho
    Simple but savory Manabí fare is on offer at this popular haunt just off the Malecón. Relatively unassuming during the day, the restaurant kicks into high gear at night when the rows of outside grills overflow with meat, corn and various fried treats, and the white plastic tables and chairs fill
  • La Bella Italia
    La Bella Italia's façade, made to look like a little slice of Italy, leads into a spacious seating area and well-appointed wooden tables. A large brick oven occupies the front, near a street side window, so patrons and potential customers alike can watch how the mouth-watering dishes are created
  • La Ostra Nostra
    Except for its Italian-looking sign out front, this place is pure Ecuadorian. La Ostra Nostra serves up a variety of traditional coastal fare, from fish and seafood to soup and meat dishes. The restaurant is a popular gastronomical hangout with a flair for anything fried or served with fish and a s
  • Brasa Club
    Going for a tropical theme, this restaurant, which is the Bar-Restaurant of Coco's Hostal, consists of thatch-roof buildings seemingly pulled right off the beach. The menu features 15 different types of broiled meat and paellas, so anyone in the mood for meat should definitely consider dining here.
  • Cafetería del Sol
    This classy cafetería is the perfect place to sit and spend some time people-watching and enjoying the view of the beach. Start your day off with a cup of real coffee here, whipped up using an authentic cappuccino machine. Come later in the day if you'd prefer to sample one of its traditional meat
  • Cafetería Roberto
    Almost always packed with hungry patrons, Cafetería Roberto is one of many outdoor street stalls in Cevichelandía, an outdoor market serving cheaper plates of seafood and, of course, ceviche. This seems to be a popular choice, especially for locals during lunchtime, so follow the crowds an
  • Tasca Vasca
    Central Guayaquil is not overflowing with charming old-style restaurants, but this beautifully laid-out Spanish place is definitely worth checking out. Set in a cosy cellar-like ambience with waiters wearing traditional sailor outfits, you can choose from a large menu of tapas and Spanish specialiti
  • Chapus
    This rustic, wooden bar is one of the oldest in the northern district of Urdesa. You can have a quiet drink upstairs early in the evening or shake it up on the dancefloor downstairs later on. It gets very busy at weekends and you're guaranteed a fun, raucous evening. There is usually a cover charge
  • Artur's Café
    Wander up to the right along Numa Pompillo in Las Peñas to find this dramatically located café/restaurant perched over the river. The open windows make for a fresh, breezy experience and the menu offers all the Ecuadorian staples but it's also good for a quiet drink. Evenings only.
  • Diva Nicotina
    At the bottom of the steps of Las Peñas, this bar is either quiet or heaving, depending on the live music offering, which is its main attraction. The management are quite selective about who plays here and acts mainly play original songs, so for a entrance charge of $5-7 you can catch some great l
  • Hotel Oro Verde
    Guayaquil's top hotel also hosts many of its best restaurants. Choose from French haute cuisine at Le Gourmet, Ecuadorian specialities at El Patio, Swiss dishes including the obligatory cheese fondue at Le Fondue, and cakes and pastries at Le Gourmet Deli. None of it is cheap, but that's precisely
  • La Paleta
    You wouldn't happen upon this place by accident, hidden mid-way up Numa Pompillo in Las Peñas, but you should certainly make a beeline for it because it's one of the most interesting bars in Guayaquil. It epitomizes the Bohemian, artistic atmosphere of Las Peñas with an eclectic, colorful déco
  • La Española
    If your standard hotel breakfast hasn't quite hit the spot then head to this spotless Spanish bakery. It's a cool escape from the city's heat with reasonable prices and friendly service. It has a wide selection of delicious cakes, pastries and sandwiches so is also a good option for a light lunch or
  • Las 3 Canastas
    This Guayaquil institution has a few branches dotted about the city. It's a colorful, informal café specializing in pastries, fruit salads, ice creams and of course traditional Ecuadorian specialities. You get big portions and it's half the price of many of its rivals in the center. There's a small
  • Luv N Oven
    While you could easily pass this place on the Malecón without giving it a second look, you'd be missing out on some of the best food in Salinas if you did. The friendly, English-speaking owner from Esmeraldas cooks up large portions of coastal favorites, like ceviches, cazuela (seafo
  • Jetset Bar and Discotec
    An unassuming Malecón resident during the day, this place fills up when the sun goes down and remains bumping until the early morning hours. While probably not the most family-friendly place in town, it's a popular haunt for hip young Ecuadorians looking to drink and dance the night away.
  • No Bar
    Hot, sweaty and crowded, this place appeals almost exclusively to the very young and the very drunk. The Ecuadorian to foreigner ratio is about 50-50, mainly aged between 16 and 25, who come for the cheap drinks and the school disco/meat market atmosphere. The music is a mix of Latin and western ch
  • The Boot Sports Bar
    Looking for a place to hang out with fellow travelers and Quiteños, chugging down beers and micheladas, while catching the latest big tourney? Then, Boots Bar is the place for you. Located on the southwest corner of Plaza Foch, this sports bar's large screen TVs feature the important socce
  • Ñucanchi Peña
    This bar/club is open from Thursday - Saturday and has live music each night. Located west of the Mariscal just two blocks south of Central University, you are pretty much guaranteed a tourist-free crowd. The music is usually local bands and Andean tunes and there is lots of space to let loose. Th
  • Chelsea Bar & Restaurant
    If you want to get your night started off right, head over to Chelsea, the newest bar in La Mariscal. Located perfectly in the middle of the action, it´s a great starting point. Techno or classic rock blares out of the speakers (look for the DJ hiding in the corner behind the bar). If you catch h
  • Papillon Disco
    Although it's new, Papillon Disco is already a huge hit in Quito. Perhaps it's because there is no cover charge, unlike many of the other clubs, or because the music is an eclectic mix of pop and techno. Either way, it's always happening. Revelers of all ages turn out for this club, from teens to ad
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
    If you love the Beatles and Classic Rock, you'll love Strawberry Fields. If you're not looking carefully, you might miss it. Strawberry Fields is tucked away next to the popular No Bar. Take a seat in the cozy alcove in the back, and rock out to the amazing playlist, which includes songs by the fab
  • Cherusker
    Cherusker is the first German brew pub in Ecuador, and it offers a variety of German craft beer at reasonable prices. Beer options range from wheat beer (Hafeweizen) to dark stout beer and can be sampled in a few different sizes. You can accompany your pint with typical German food, including bratw
  • Tequila Sunrise
    No one would ever describe Tequila Sunrise as â??classy,â? but it can still be a fun spot to party for a night. The music at this steamy and often crowded club is a mix of rap, reggaeton and salsa, and you will find a mostly young, Ecuadorian crowd dancing to it. The bartenders periodicall
  • Yogurt Persa
    For something to temper the Salinas sun, head to this hole-in-the-wall place specializing in frozen treats. An Ecuadorian chain, Yogurt Persa specializes in frozen yogurts and various types of pan de yuca (a cheesy bread made with yucca flour). You can also indulge in cheap (and greasy) fast
  • Hotel Chipipe Restaurant
    Located in the classy Hotel Chipipe, this restaurant bears the same style as its commercial neighbor. Tables are carefully set with maroon and white tablecloths, fanned napkins and wine glasses. Prices are excellent, considering the atmosphere and facilities, and the menu is extensive. Mains include
  • Fragola Fusion Hookah Lounge
    Definitely not providing the fastest service in the world, what La Fragola lacks in speed it makes up for in atmosphere. The hip red and yellow décor is certainly a draw for this sweet little night spot on always-happening Calama Street in the heart of La Mariscal. This is a prime spot for peopl
  • Huaina
    Often overlooked and nearly impossible to find, Huaina lures a mix of locals and foreigners with its cheap drinks ($1.50 cuba libres and mojitos!) and ultra-cheap cover (free!). In this murky club, lit by candles, it's hard tell if the people clustered at the bar are waiting for a drink or someone
  • The Boot
    The owners of The Boot (not to be confused with its doppelganger by the same name in Plaza Foch) have really captured the essence of the American college bar: a beirut/beer pong table, a soundtrack heavy on late 90's rap, and cheap beer on tap. The bar also has a few TVs (invariably tuned to sports
  • Ambrosia
    Ambrosia is a good place to start the night before heading into the ruckus of Calama in La Mariscal, and is a favorite amongst quiteño rockers in Quito. It is just one street away from Calama, and it is easy to get a table there and the beers are extremely cheap. A 24 ounce Pilsner costs $1.5
  • Canut Café (2 X 1 Canelazo)
    Better known as 2 x 1 Canelazo, thanks to the sign above the door, Canut Café doesn't actually have 2-for-1 drinks. What it does offer is a one-dollar glass of hot, sweet canelazo-an Ecuadorian favorite, made from aguardiente, sugar, and naranjilla or mora (blackberry) juice. A few other typical,
  • Kike's Restaurant
    (ENTREES: $4 - 15) Set in a large airy room featuring glass-top tables with napkin-bearing cranes, this is one of the cleaner, nicer restaurants in town. The menu is pretty standard seaside fare, but slightly cheaper than the stuff served up in Atacames. Specialties include Mariscos and encocado di
  • Noe Sushi Bar
    Nestled on the eastern end of Same's beach and adjacent to the Casablanca villas lies Noe Sushi Bar. The place caters to the wealthier crowd, as it does in Quito and Guayaquil where there are also locales. Right on the water, the restaurant serves up its fair share of fish, and as the name implies
  • El Gaucho
    El Gaucho has been an Ambato staple for years, serving sizzling and tender Argentine-style steaks at affordable prices. Although the decor is sparse (the experience is more like eating in a cafeteria than a restaurant), it's a great place to relax and enjoy a quality steak without having to dress
  • El Álamo Chalet Restaurante
    As you're wandering down Av. Cevallos, El Álamo Chalet will likely catch your eye, simply because it really does look like a mountain chalet-albeit on a busy Ambato street. While El Álamo aspires to be affordably posh (and the restaurant's interior is just as aesthetically appealing as its ex
  • Queseras de Bolívar
    If you are unable to get over to Salinas during you stay in the area, definitely plan to visit this shop in Guaranda. It sells a wide selection of the cheeses, chocolates and other goods that are made in the Salinas area. The chocolates are smooth and milky and make a great gift for friends back
  • Los 7 Santos
    Los 7 Santos is probably the place with the most ambiance in Guaranda. It feels like the sort of coffee shop you might find in a hip neighborhood in New York, not in this small town. It offers coffee, snacks and light meals. Los 7 Santos is a great place to relax and plan out your day, with a goo
  • Scrop
    Scrop, sitting right at the corner of the main square, is one of the nicer restaurants in town. It may be small, but it tends to be packed, particularly on the weekends. There is a TV in the corner with cable, which locals seem to enjoy sitting in front of for hours at a time. The food served is
  • Pizzería Buon Giorno
    If you are needing a break from the run-of-the-mill Ecuadorian fare and you aren't quite up to trying exotic cuy, then head over to Pizzaría Buon Giorno for something international. Travelers say the service and atmosphere are good - and the pizzas not
  • Oasis Café
    This lovely café specializes in helado (ice cream), which comes in a variety of yummy flavors. If you're looking for a place to spend a few hours relaxing with dessert and a coffee you've found the spot. The café also has a food menu, with hearty breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers and plat
  • La Fornace
    This highly popular joint serves delicious wood-fired pizza, made from scratch and cooked in a massive antique brick oven. The thin crust and fresh ingredients easily make it a town favorite, and there's pasta, meat and fish dishes if you don't have a pizza craving. The atmosphere is cozy and, at
  • Villa De Tacvgna
    Fancy injecting a bit of class into your afternoon? If so, head to the Villa de Tacvgna, where you can dine in the hotel's delightful courtyard restaurant set in the middle of a restored 200 year-old building. Set-menu almuerzos (lunches) are surprisingly reasonably-priced (from the outside,
  • La Casa De Juan
    Just off the main square, the Hotel Rodelu's charming, cozy restaurant is open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It serves up a mix of wood-fired pizza, steak, chicken, pasta, and salads. There is also a small cafeteria that, as well as pizza, offers sandwiches, hamburgers, snacks and
  • Pizzería San Valentín
    Pizzería San Valentín is a cozy pizza joint that has shadows of an old-school American pizza place, with tasty pizzas, chilled beers and a jukebox to boot. Besides the traditional slice, San Valentín also serves standard pizzeria-fare such as mozzarella sticks and special French bread calzones.
  • D'Baggio
    Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time in Ecuador probably knows that generally the pizza here is nothing to write home about. D'Baggios is the exception to this rule. This small restaurant's attempt to look like a quaint Italian eatery may not be spot on but is endearing. The pizzas are
  • Café Orfeo
    This café turns into more of a bar during the night. It is a great place to go if you want a more relaxing night out, instead of a drunken night at the discoteca. It tends to have live music often, especially on the weekends. It is located just one block off of 10 de Agosto, and is very clo
  • Hollywood Coffee
    Perhaps the most random coffee shop in Ecuador, Hollywood Coffee seems to be trying to be a Planet Hollywood meets Starbucks. Outside of the coffee shop, â??hand printsâ? of famous people line the sidewalk. Inside it is decorated with various posters of quintessential celebrities such as Marily
  • La Va-k Pizzaría
    Just around the corner from Quesaría Salinas (the cheese factory) is La Va-k Pizzaría. This unassuming restaurant prepares mouth-watering pizzas in four sizes (small, medium, family and gigantic. Varieties include vegetarian, mushrooms, salami, ham, basil (
  • Cafeteria La Higuera
    Cafeteria La Higuera offers more or less typical Ecuadorian fare. However, its quality seems to be a bit better than most. The portions are large, and the food flavorful. It is in particular a good place to catch breakfast before a ride on the train. It has many breakfast special options, the most
  • Donde El Argentino
    Donde... is a outstanding restaurant tucked away in the corner of the pleasant Plazoleta Francisco Calderón. It serves up heavenly Argentinean-style dishes literally dripping with flavor. Beef (grilled and served with heaps of spicy sauces and mouth-watering sides) is the specialty here, and you'r
  • Café Pushkin
    A great place to enjoy an early breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. In the mornings, Ibarran locals filter in to grab a bite to eat before starting the day, and the small café quickly comes to life with conversation. Although there is no official menu, set dishes include traditional fare, such as sa
  • Heladería Rosalía Suárez
    This is the oldest and most famous of Ibarra's heladerías de paila, dating back to 1896, when 16 year-old Rosalía Suárez began creating her now legendary helados. There's a full range of delicious flavors, and you can even watch them being made. Note that though there are two shops
  • San Café
    San Café is a cozy pub-like hangout that is equally suitable for a spot of comfort food or a cold beer. The atmosphere is friendly, and owner Andrea ensures you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. There's board games to play, and the walls are covered in caricatures. Sweet and savory cre
  • Aromas Café
    The location of Aromas Café (at the back of a courtyard, on a side street) makes it an ideal place to come to for a quiet and relaxing cup of coffee, dinner or evening drink. The set-menu almuerzo draws in the crowds at lunchtime too. Aromas' menu includes snacks, sandwiches, salads, pasta,
  • La Hacienda
    Ask an local to recommend a place to dine in Ibarra, and La Hacienda will very likely receive a mention. This hugely popular restaurant is decorated to resemble a barn, with benches stuffed full of hay and booths that are built like horse-stables (if you prefer cozier seating, head upstairs). The m
  • La Esquina
    The clean and colorful La Esquina is one of the more modern cafés in Ibarra that, in addition to traditional Ibarra ice cream (fluffy ice cream with a consistency similar to sherbet), has a short menu of Ecuadorian specialties, such as humitas, quimbolitos and empanadas, as we
  • Kirutwa Mushak Wasi
    The community-run Kirutwa Mushuk Wasi is the only actual restaurant in town. Perched on the rim of the crater, the restaurant is set inside a sparkling wooden building that was opened in 2009. It is operated in the same way as the lakeside hostel Princesa Toa, with profits invested back into the Qu
  • Trigo Pan
    If you are in the mood for a little snack, perhaps something to bring along with you on the train, Trigo Pan is the place to go. This panadería, or bakery, offers a variety of baked goods, including empanadas, rolls and cakes. It also takes orders for specialized baked goods, such as a birt
  • Llovy Burger
    Conveniently located near the train station, Llovy Burger is the one place in town offering American food. If you can just not stand another dinner of rice and chicken, stop in for a hamburger or hot dog and fries. The food is not amazing, but is acceptable, about the grade of any American fast food
  • Cevicheria Paty
    A popular spot next to the San Carlos hotel on the plaza, this modest seafood joint offers ceviches, encebollados and almuerzos at low prices (though sometimes the seafood options are non-existent). Daily 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Coffee Bambu's
    Coffee Bambu's is Saquisilí's only tourist-orientated eatery. It's an amiable little café that serves up coffees and hot drinks, desserts, and pizzas in a variety of sizes. Daily 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Restaurante Zumbahua
    The petite Restaurante Zumbahua has friendly owners and opens early, convenient if you want a desayuno americano (eggs, bread, coffee and juice) before setting off on a morning hike. Lunch and merienda (supper) are also available. Daily 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Restaurante Oro Verde
    The bottom floor of the Hotel Oro Verde is taken up by a spacious dining area that, come lunchtime, is buzzing with locals filling up on typical dishes and cheap almuerzos. It also offers breakfast. Daily 7 a.m.-8.30 p.m.
  • Asados Isaac
    If you don't have the stomach for what's on offer in the market itself, try Asados Isaac for generous portions of fried chicken and french fries, as well as almuerzos. Daily 7 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • El Sol De Manta
    By and large, if a restaurant is consistently brimming with locals, then it's a sign of first-rate food. El Sol de Manta is no exception. Several tables are crammed into a basic room, where popular Ecuadorian seafood dishes such as ceviche, encebollado (fish stew) and fried fish are dispense
  • Brocolini
    Brocolini is Latacunga's only vegetarian restaurant. It's a small and friendly café that aims to provide healthy, fresh food for those who, for whatever reason, want to steer clear of anything meat-related. There's pastas, pizzas and sandwiches, as well as soya burgers, vitamin-packed fresh juices
  • Restaurante Miramar
    Miramar has a winning menu of tempting international food, and obviously is taking a shot at being a very fancy restaurant in a town that currently does not have one. The food (and prices) are spot-on: the entrees are tasty and priced where you'd expect, at about the $8-19 range. The service and fa
  • Carabali
    Very small family restaurant. A bit slow service but low prices and the best sea food at Puerto Villamil. I can recommend all of octopus (pulpo), arroz con camaron, ceviche de camaron or pescado or pulpo. Sra. Ramona is really good cook. Signboards aren't present but you can locate restaurant at t
  • Puerto Lobo
    Living up to its name (“Sea Lion Port”), you'll probably have to step over or around several sea lions to enter this small, airy restaurant. Puerto Lobo serves crepes, snacks and desserts, mostly: if you're looking for a steak, keep looking. The food, service and coffee are good, but a bi
  • Calypso
    Calypso is a happy little place that always seems packed with locals and visitors, which means the food must be really good, because its location is not great (a sort of half-basement next to a busy street) and prices are a bit high for Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. They have a good selection of burge
  • Cormoran
    One of the classier budget eating options, Cormorán is located near the little creek that runs through town to empty into the ocean. It's an airy, family-run place with a good variety of ceviches, sandwiches, seafood and even some vegetarian options. There is a massive TV there and the place fil
  • Rosita
    Restaurant Rosita is a friendly place, open and breezy a couple blocks from the beach. It has a definite beach-place vibe to it, from the photos of fish on the walls to the ship's wheel hung near the bathrooms. The menu is varied enough to be interesting: the seafood and traditional Ecuadorian di
  • Miconia
    The restaurant that is affiliated with the hotel of the same name, Miconia is one of your better choices in Puerto Baquerizo. The food is good, the portions reasonable, the service is above-average and the view is one of the best in the city. What more could you ask for? Miconia caters to the touris
  • The Rock
    A hip, airy dining area, full menu and cool bar are the attractions at the Rock, supposedly named for the US airmen's nickname of Baltra in the 1940's. The food is pretty good, and the service isn't too bad (by Galapagos standards) It's a good place to kick off a fun evening with a drink or two. Th
  • Restaurante Caracol Azul
    The Caracol Azul is no place to write home about, that is unless you have an absurd obsession with foam, baby-themed place mats, which maybe, the owners of this restaurant do: All four of the six-seater tables have matching place mats. Diners will get a kick out of the camp here. Located ar
  • Cafeteria Chocolate Galapagos
    The Cafeteria Chocolate Galapagos is a friendly, spacious, and comfortable space for gluttonous, voyeuristic, or group-oriented travelers. A few covered four-person tables on the café's patio provide the perfect space for drinking hot chocolate, watching traffic stroll along the main drag, or playi
  • Angermeyer Waterfront Inn-la Cueva De Gus Cafe Bar
    The Angermeyer Waterfront Inn is, as the name suggests, situated right at the waterfront, which provides a splendid view of the bay and the interior of the island of Santa Cruz - as well as a convenient place for taking a swim. The construction was finished in 2009, and since then our Inn has b
  • Galapagos Deli
    Tucked away around the corner from the hospital is one of Puerto Ayora's best finds: Galapagos Deli. There they sell hot sandwiches and homemade ice cream, the best in the islands. Their menu is limited, but it's a great place to go for a snack or dessert. Location: on Tomas de Berlanga near
  • Isla Grill
    The Isla Grill is one more place on the restaurant-heavy stretch of Charles Darwin Avenue near the Banco del Pacífico and the fishermen's pier. As its name suggests, it specializes in grilled meat and seafood. The grill itself is right inside the restaurant near the entrance, presumably so that
  • Il Giardino
    One of the newest and best restaurants in Puerto Ayora, Il Giardino is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The airy dining area is divided into several areas connected by a labyrinth of stairways and wooden walkways: look around for a place you like (if the restaurant is empty enough for you
  • Hernán Café
    Hernán Café/Bar/Restaurante has a decent menu and a great location on a bustling corner not far from the new pier. The airy dining room, classy décor and good food make it a favorite for locals and visitors alike. The menu has everything from sandwiches to pasta and is a varied enough to be a
  • Bar Templo
    Bar Templo has windows that look out onto one of Quito's most famous plazas and a dark, cozy atmosphere inside.  With a wide range in food—from traditional dishes from $1-$1.50 to filet mignon for $5.50—and an extensive mixed drinks selection, you are bound to find something of interest
  • Café Del Mar
    Café del Mar is easy to find: it's got the best location in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, right on the seaward side of the main drag. It's a stand-alone, squarish building, brightly painted - you can't miss it. It's a café and light restaurant: it has ceviches, burgers, sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc. P
  • Sativa Studio Café
    Sativa Studio is located within a beautifully renovated abandoned garage and nearly the entire place is made with recycled materials; the floors and tabletops are mosaiced with salvaged tile from the town Cathedral and from a local high school art project. Sativa's small vegan menu includes a deli
  • Stray Dog Brew Pub
    Opened by the owners of the well-known Posada del Arte hotel and restaurant, Stray Dog Brewpub is a happy addition to the restaurant and bar scene in Baños. This microbrewery has four different (and excellent) beers, all brewed locally using Agua de la Vida spring water. Try one or a few, or opt f
  • La Tasca
    This authentic Spanish eatery gets rave reviews for its tapas, paellas, cured sausages and cheeses, and wine. Bring along your family or friends and order a mix of tapas to taste, such as Galician-style octopus, Andalucia-style meatballs, shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled pork skewers marinated in gi
  • La Fornace
    La Fornace is a warm and inviting pizzeria that unfortunately belies its popularity by churning out rather disappointing thin-crust pizza: bases taste a little of cardboard, and toppings are hardly generous. Service is quick and efficient though, and, if you really must satisfy that pizza craving,
  • El Copihue Rojo
    Ask a Latacunga local to recommend a place to eat, and many will point you in the direction of El Copihue Rojo (the Copihue is Chile's national flower). It's a little struggle to find the place, but worth the search: walk down Calle Quito from the Cathedral, and, half-way down the block on your lef
  • Guadalajara Grill
    By day, this clean, unpretentious and budget-friendly restaurant prepares filling almuerzos (set-lunches) with huge bowls of scorching hot soup. By evening, Guadalajara Grill lives up to its namesake by turning into a Mexican joint and serving up tacos, burritos and other Mexcian dish
  • Blah Blah Café
    Blah Blah Café has graced Baños for more than 10 years and specializes in sandwiches. It is a nice spot for breakfast, a coffee or a quick but filling lunch. The sandwiches are on large baguettes and are stuffed with any combination of veggies, omelettes, cold cuts and cheese, having more than en
  • Café del Cielo
    Perched on the side of Volcán Tungurahua, Café del Cielo (part of the Luna Runtun Spa complex) is one of the lights that shine out like a beacon above Baños. Through the giant glass windows, which make up two of the café walls, you can enjoy sweeping views of the town and the surrounding Andes.
  • El Pailón Restaurant
    The owners of El Pailón have taken the initiative to create paths through the cloud forest leading to the waterfall Pailón del Diablo. For $1, you can take a walk through the orchid-lined forest until you are almost close enough to reach out your hand and touch the falls. The owners have also cre
  • Ceviches Del Colorado
    A cheery little outdoor cevicheria with plenty of shade, Ceviches del Colorado has a limited menu of mostly seafood. It's good seafood, however, and you won't regret taking a break here on a hot day. Portion sizes are large.
  • Restaurante Las Hortensias
    Right off the main road from Baños to Puyo and near the entrance to the path down to Pailón del Diablo, Restaurante Las Hortensias offers typical Ecuadorian cuisine like trout, grilled chicken and churrasco (grilled or fried beef with a fried egg on top). This restaurant is a perfect place
  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa is the place to go for tasty Mexican food or some quality tequila. This cute upstairs restaurant with only a few tables is plastered with poetry, Mexican posters, framed pictures of Frida Kahlo and postcards from past patrons. The menu features favorites like burritos, chalupas, nachos
  • Mariane
    Mariane is not a typical Baños restaurant. Hidden a block away from the main street is a small piece of Provence, where you can enjoy French-style cuisine and music in a cozy atmosphere. The food is of a high quality and includes favorites such as French onion soup and a range of steaks, which can
  • Café Hood
    Not to be confused with Casa Hood, Café Hood is a small, brightly painted restaurant on the Calle Maldonado side of Parque Central. The café cooks up a range of international fare, including Greek and Hindu plates, Indonesian pork chops, and Pad Thai, along with pasta dishes, sandwiches and salad
  • Swiss Bistro
    Specializing in culinary creations from Switzerland, this restaurant features an extensive menu that is sure to please even the pickiest palates. While its meat and cheese fondues are a definite highlight, the beef stroganoff, chicken cordon bleu, fresh steamed trout and grilled hunks of meat do
  • Olor A Café
    It's hard not to fall a little in love with the beautiful Olor de Café, which sits on a corner of the main plaza. It's exquisitely decorated, and has a romantic, European feel. The restaurant takes up the first floor of a 104-year old building which was restored in 2008. From the main room of the
  • El Horno Pizza
    Superb food and a warm, easygoing atmosphere make this Ibarra's best Italian restaurant, though, ironically, it's run by an Ecuadorian who learnt the ropes of Italian cooking during his 12 years in France. The wood-fired pizza is the specialty, though the lasagna and steaks are excellent too, as ar
  • El Paraíso
    Vegetarians passing through Loja can rest easy knowing El Paraíso serves up light, healthy and very reasonably priced vegetarian dishes every day of the week. A typical menú del día (menu of the day) includes a soup, a main dish, and juice or hot tea, all for just $2.80 and freshly prepared by th
  • El Tamal Lojano
    El Tamal Lojano probably has the best traditional regional food in town. Its menu is simple, with three different breakfasts, and specialty snacks like tamales, humitas, quimbolitos, bolónes, and empanadas de verde. The tamales and empanadas can be prepared with
  • Cafeteria Coffeeshop Layseca's
    This cafetería is popular for its downright delicious dulces (sweets), various breads and three different types of homemade granola, all made with organic ingredients. Sweet tooths will be delighted to find slices of carrot cake, orange cake, banana cake and portions of tres leche
  • Shanta's Café Bar
    A laid-back rustic country café and bar, Shanta's is a nice break from the restaurants surrounding Vilcabamba's central park, and has some unique menu specialties, like sauteed frog's legs and "Snake's Juice" (made with sugar cane alcohol and fermented snake). Simpler palates can choose from plate
  • The Juice Factory Vilcabamba
    This juice and smoothie mecca blends up large glasses of healthy yet creative concoctions, including an organic goji berry, wild Andean blueberry, coconut water, organic cacao, matcha and almond milk smoothie. It also sells vegan treats like walnut chai spice balls, raw vegan peppermint truffles an
  • Café Sambuca
    Café Sambuca has its own organic farm in Vilcabamba. Although the restaurant does have a menu featuring organic salads, pizza and Mexican food, Café Sambuca's owner and chef, Raul, can also personalize dishes based on the day's fresh ingredients from the farm. So come on in, say what you are in t
  • Forno Di Fango Pizzería
    The best pizza place in town, Forno di Fango has four locations throughout the city, with the most central being on the corner of the streets 24 de Mayo and Azuay. All have an identical menu; pizzas come in five different sizes and can be topped with just veggies or pepperoni, or with more creative
  • Restaurant Riscomar
    One of the fanciest places in town, Restaurant Riscomar is perfect for a romantic or celebratory meal. The extensive menu goes way beyond the options at the majority of other establishments in town and has some fusion items, featuring dishes like grilled chicken and pineapple in a sweet and sour sa
  • Topoli
    Be sure to check out Topoli if you are looking for a quick fix to satisfy your sweet tooth or an appetizing way to cool down on a hot Loja morning. Serving a variety of cakes and ice cream sundaes, along with the best coffee and yogurt in town, this small cafeteria also offers basic sandwiches, per
  • Moliendo Café
    Moliendo Café is one of the city's most popular lunch spots, and with good reason. This simple Colombian restaurant with friendly Colombian owners has cheap but filling set lunches, and a menu with large arepas (Colombian corn tortillas) topped with everything from meat and gu
  • Casa Lojana Restaurant
    Casa Lojana is a fancy hotel and restaurant located outside of Loja in a converted home. It is owned and operated by the University of Loja, which uses it as a teaching tool for its students involved in the hotel and restaurant industries. The restaurant is classy and well decorated and offers a co
  • Las Chavales Café
    This small Spanish place, hidden in a passageway close to Plaza de la Independencia, brings a new set of flavors and sounds to Loja. With just a few small tables, Las Chavales transports diners and drinkers to Spain with its Spanish music and menu filled with Spanish specialties and tapas, such as
  • Molino Café
    This modern café serves six different types of breakfasts, including a "French breakfast" with a piece of cake, hard-boiled egg, juice and coffee; and a "Spanish breakfast" with a Spanish potato omelette, juice and coffee. It also prepares 15 different coffees from around the world, such as the
  • A Lo Mero Mero
    A Lo Mero Mero is the place to go for Mexican food in Loja, whether you want flautas, fajitas, enchiladas or burritos. The taco or burrito with soda combos are a pretty good deal. At lunch time, A Lo Mero Mero also serves a good set-price almuerzo, which includes soup, a main plate, a juice
  • Parrilladas El Toro
    In a town where the words ramshackle and overcrowded seem to accompany any observation, Parrilladas el Toro is a breath of fresh air. Walking through the glass front doors and into the spacious, marble-floored dining area is like entering a king's quarters. Precisely set tables with wooden-back cha
  • Bar y Cervicheria Oh! Mar
    An open-air restaurant facing the sea, this place offers one of the nicest views you'll get while in Esmeraldas. Dining is simple and only slightly classier than in town: the plastic tablecloths and glass-top tables are clean and inviting. Specials include the standard range of seafood dishes, but
  • D'Lyly Restaurant
    This little place isn't much different from other seafood diners along he malecon have to offer. Prices might seem a little unreasonable given the small portions of rice and meat your served with your meal, but it's quite striking when you realize it fills you up. It's open entrance allows for stree
  • Shamu Restaurante
    The Shamu Restaurante occupies part of the massive Hotel El Marques' ground floor, but you there is easy access through the Malecón entrance. The restaurant has a wide variety of options, mostly oriented around seafood and meat. Shamu lacks any sort of local character, and the dining room is a rat
  • Cevicheria Plaza
    Grab a bowl of delicious ceviche at the food plaza here, and watch as it's prepared directly in front of you - and don't worry, all the seafood is precooked. Look for the roofed, open air place along the beach by the street, with waiters holding menus out.
  • Bernabe Cervicheria y Restaurante
    (ENTREES: $6 -15) This open, airy restaurant with simple wood floors, seaside views, and a basic menu is a good option, and one of the few in Same. Specialties include Cazuela Mixtos, but you'll also find traditional Ecuadorian seaside fare like rice and fish, and rice and shrimp dishes. If you're
  • Sea Flower
    Catering mostly to the money-wielding folks vacationing in the high-rise apartment complexes of Same, the Sea Flower offers an expensive menu known for its gastronomic, more than economic, appeal. Dishes are carefully prepared and served in style, and seafood is the focus of the menu. The restauran
  • La Terraza Restaurant
    (ENTREES: $6.50 - 8.50) This split level thatched-roof building fronting the beach offers great ocean views and an enticing menu, which includes Italian, Spanish, and Ecuadorian fare. There's a bar towards the back and walls bear a sporadically placed collection of 1950s style posters. Owner Alexan
  • Restaurante Oh Mar!
    Just off the Malecón, you'll find Restaurante Oh Mar!, a mid-range seafood joint with ample seating and an abundance of options, most of them containing seafood. The place seems to be really popular with the locals, which is always a good sign. Try the ceviche, which is the restaurant´s
  • Atacames Bars
    Atacames serves up its fair share of drinks. Just take your pick of the bamboo and thatched-roof bars fronting the beach. Each varies only slightly in style, music played and how the drinks are served, and popularity seems to rotate night-to-night. Early in the evening families can be seen, childre
  • Perla Verde Restaurant
    Set beneath the Hotel Perla Verde, the restaurant is just as clean and modern as its bigger sibling. The menu has plenty of variety, including seafood and international dishes, and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant seems out of place with the rest of Esmeraldas, almost sterile in comparison
  • D'fernando Restaurante
    (ENTREES: $5 - 12) Along the Malecón of Las Palmas, you will find a row of seemingly identical seafood joints with plastic furniture and lazily-oscillating fans. D'Fernando is no different, but its menu options are a bit more varied. In the adorably-mangled Spanglish menu, you can find a variety of
  • Gustos Del Paladar
    This little hole in the wall - as unappetizing as it looks from the outside - is in fact quite fulfilling once you sit down, order and eat any one of the plates they have listed on their mini-billboard menu outside or inside. A variety of ocean and lands meats smothered in coastal sauces will g
  • El Tiburon
    A popular locals' joint, this restaurant is small but tidy, with colorful decorations and friendly service. The house recommends Bandeja de Mariscos, which can be shared between three people. The rest of the menu is pretty typical Atacames fare, with various ceviches, and fish, meat and chicken dis
  • Gabilo's Helados
    (TREATS: $1 - 3) If you are looking for something a little more unique, or are wary of street stuffs, then pay a visit to Gabriel Ruiz Diaz at Gabelo's Helados. For the past 11 years, Gabriel and his wife have been producing these cocout delights en masse, carefully monitoring each batch for taste
  • Der Alte Fritz
    (ENTREES: $5 - 10) Der Alte Fritz is loved by travelers and guidebooks alike and is a sure win if you're in the mood for something German, something Ecuadorian, or simply something a little classier than what the rest of Atacames can offer. The menu is extensive, and is written in three languages s
  • Pizzeria da Giulio
    There are a couple of pizza restaurants in town, but Pizzeria Da Giulio is probably the most gourmet. Owner Giulio was born in Italy and spent 14 years working in Milan. Whether or not his background contributes to the restaurant's authenticity is something you'll have to decide for yourself. The I
  • La Esquina
    This upscale Argentine restaurant with funky décor cooks up typical food from rural Argentina in traditional discos de arado (plow discs, similar to cast-iron skillets), as well as high-quality beef topped with chimichurri sauce. You can order plow disks full of mixed meat, mixed vegetables
  • Govinda's Vegetariano
    A favorite vegetarian restaurant among Cuenca's non-meat eaters, Govinda's Vegetariano has an inventive menu incorporating Indian, Italian and Asian influences. The place itself is clean and eclectic, with only a few tables, and plays relaxing world music. Choose from plates like vegetarian paella,
  • Oraibi
    The adorable Oraibi has a decent and completely vegetarian menu, with good breakfasts, pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and salads on offer. Enjoy your meal in either the cozy indoor dining room or the delightful courtyard garden. Note that though the restaurant claims to be open all day, it has a tendenc
  • Quino
    Run by an Afro-Ecuadorian family, the unpretentious Quino is known for its excellent seafood, particularly its ceviches, grilled trout and seafood goulash. Each dish is freshly made, so don't expect quick service-but it's worth the wait. Tuesday to Sunday 12-3 p.m. and 6-11 p.m.
  • El Jardín de los Andes
    Looking for a quick and budget-priced meal? Then go where the locals go. Located next to the bus station, El Jardín de los Andes serves traditional Ecuadorian fare in an outdoor food court-like setting. "The Garden" is not a single restaurant, but rather a line of a dozen or so individual food s
  • Colors and Flavors
    It's small and a little dark, and the rather eccentric decor may not be to everyone's taste (the ceiling seems to covered in flowing curtains, though the artwork on the walls-designed by the owner's son, Jiovanni-is beautiful), but the food is delicious and the owner, Susannah, is lively and friend
  • Café Rio Intag
    A recent addition to Cotacachi, Café Rio Intag is a delightful respite for weary shoppers. Located on Parque San Francisco (where the artisan market is), it's light, airy and charming, and an excellent place to satisfy your sweet tooth (with a cake, muffin and brownie) or get a caffeine hit from a
  • El Leñador
    Spanish for "The Woodcutter", El Leñador is a mecca for meat lovers, serving a juicy array of steak, seafood and chicken (vegetarians will have to settle for an appetizer or soup). Hearty carnivores are challenged to try one of the giant grilled platters, which offer salad, four to seven differen
  • La Casa De Intag
    Fair-trade coffee shop La Casa de Intag sells real coffee (both whole bean and ground varieties) from the beautiful Intag region, an area of cloud forest a few hours north-west of Otavalo. Sit down and sip on a steaming hot cup of coffee, or buy some to take home; in addition, you can purchase arti
  • Mi Otavalito
    An old favorite, Mi Otavalito has an extensive and consistently good menu of steak, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes, as well as a children's menu. The spacious, attractive dining room and traditionally dressed and smiley staff add to the appeal, and there's live Andean music Friday and Saturday
  • Pizza Siciliana
    Pizza Siciliana's warm ambiance, boosted by its wood-burning stove and open fireplace, has been enticing both foreigners and locals for years. Pizzas are decent, if rather heavy on the crust, and though pizza prices are high, other options such as salads, hamburgers and sandwiches are more reasonab
  • California Social Pizza & Bar Ibarra
    The reason that I am writing is to let everyone know about this new pizzeria restaurant in Ibarra. The owner who I had the pleasure to meet has travel to Italy, USA, and many other places and has created a fusion of local flavors with a California beach atmosphere. This place is traveler friendly
  • Tabasco's
    Tabasco's location, three floors up, is superb, as it provides the opportunity to have your lunch on the rooftop terrace overlooking the plaza. The friendliness of the owner and his wife add to the restaurant's charm. The food is the usual Mexican fare, and though it's decent, it can be a little hi
  • Shanandoa Pie Shop
    Owner Aide Garzon started making pies over 25 years ago, after purchasing a book on pie recipes and experimenting until she found the perfect one. And perfect they are: team a slice of apple pie (or blackberry, or strawberry, or one of the many other flavors) with a couple of scoops of ice-cream, a
  • Green Coffee Shop & Diner
    The tiny Green Coffee Shop & Diner features a scattering of tables in a rustic but sunny courtyard, the walls of which are brightened by colorful murals. Aimed firmly at tourists, the organic menu features breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, pasta and nachos. The fresh juices are particularly good. Mon
  • Balcon De Imbabura
    For a convenient spot to rest feet weary from hours of shopping, you can't beat Balcon de Imbabura: it's right on the square, overlooking the market. Run by a friendly family, Balcon de Imbabura offers a menu of (so it claims) entirely organic food, with pasta, sandwiches, Mexican dishes, baked pota
  • Juanita Marquez
    The Colombian-owned Juanita Marquez, which opened in March 2012, is a quiet retreat from busy Otavalo, with tables set around a peaceful outdoor courtyard. It's a good option for a decent almuerzo; also on the menu are typical Colombian plates (including the bandeja paisa, a generousl
  • Trebol Cotacachi
    Since it opened in April 2012, the American-run Trebol has quickly become popular, and for good reason. Owners David and Wendy have made this unpretentious café into a local meeting spot for expats, drawn in by the excellent food and friendly service. The hamburgers are said to be the best in town
  • Mercado De Los Andes
    Mercado de los Andes is the city's main food market and includes a large produce section, with every type of fruit you've heard of and likely a few that you haven't. The market itself is nothing special, and would really only be of interest to those planning on cooking (or a few hat-aficionados). Bu
  • San Sebas Café
    San Sebas Café has delicious Arabica 7 coffee, awesome American-style breakfasts that are served all day long, and gourmet sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads. Menu items include BLT on focaccia bread, California chicken sandwich with basil mayo, Greek salad, and five different burger/veggie burge
  • El Pavón Real
    El Pavón Real is a simple restaurant serving a mix of typical Ecuadorian plates and international dishes. It has cheap set-price lunches with three different options for the main course during the week. Here you can also try motepillo, a cuencano specialty of fried hominy mixed with scrambl
  • Wildhorse Café
    Owned by an American couple who served as Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador from 2008-2010, this recently opened café is a small breakfast and lunch spot, as well as a community gathering space. Specializing in baked goods, Wildhorse is a place to enjoy a delicious slice of walnut bourbon pie or r
  • Kookaburra Café
    Kookaburra is an excellent place to start your day. Order a bottomless cup of real, high-quality coffee or a pot of cinnamon and orange tea and sip it alongside an order of pancakes with bananas, fruit with yogurt, or a fried egg on toast with sauteed mushrooms. At lunchtime, Kookaburra offers a da
  • Maria's Alemania Café
    Unlike most bakeries found throughout Ecuador that have dry cakes and crumbly cookies, the baked goods at this German bakery are moist, dense and absolutely delicious. It sells the best bread in town, with shelves filled with white and whole wheat varieties, as well as chocolate- or vanilla-covered
  • Néctar
    Néctar specializes in vegetarian and raw food, with dishes ranging from pita pizzas and quinoa tabbouleh to gazpacho and zucchini linguine with pesto sauce. It also has a wide selection of fresh fruit juices, batidos (made with soy milk) and teas, such as the banana tahini batido<
  • Raymipamba Café Restaurant
    Perhaps the most famous restaurant in Cuenca, it is hard not to stop in, if just for a coffee or dessert. With terraced seating and windows facing out onto Parque Calderón, this café is perfect for a break in a busy day. The menu offers anything from crepes and fresh juices to pastas, humitas, ta
  • Heladeria Holanda
    This is unanimously considered the best place to get ice cream in town. Although it has recently changed locations, you can still sample dozens of different flavors here, including many only found in Ecuador. Grab a fresh scoop, or opt to sample the delicious yogurts, cakes and san
  • Puerto Lago
    The restaurant is probably the best part of Puerto Lago. Since the dining room was constructed right along the shore, if you're seated at the window, you have excellent views over the water. The food is outstanding, and many of the tour buses going to and from Otavalo regularly stop for lunch. P
  • Hostería Puerto Lago
    On the shore of San Pablo Lake, about fifteen minutes south of Otavalo, sits Puerto Lago hotel and restaurant. The establishment is an attractive complex of well-manicured lawns, spacious rooms, a
  • San Joaquín Neighborhood
    San Joaquín is a neighborhood in Cuenca that has emerged as the place to eat carne asada (grilled meat). Lining the dirt roads are family-owned restaurants where cuencano families come to devour savory lunches. This is one place in the city where you will be virtually the only foreigner. Ma
  • El Pedregal Azteca
    Craving some deep-fried Mexican? Then check out the town's popular Mexican-owned restaurant, which serves up specialties like flautas, tacos, chile rellenos (stuffed chili peppers) and chicken in a mole sauce. The set lunch menus are a good deal: choose between a burrito, chili or egg
  • Good Affinity Restaurant and Tea House
    This vegetarian restaurant is a peaceful retreat from the noisy streets. Owned by a Taiwanese couple, the restaurant is filled with calming music and has outdoor seating surrounded by bamboo and bonsai. The basic but tasty lunch comes with soup, juice and a plate of rice accompanied by some sort of
  • Café Austria
    Café Austria is a charming café, perfect for a slice of Austrian cake and coffee in the afternoon, or for a delicious lunch or dinner. Run by the same owner as Wunderbar Café, the Austria locale is smaller and more reminiscent of a European café, filled with wooden tables and chairs. On Mondays
  • Cacao and Canela Café Bar
    Cacao and Canela is a delightful café serving, as the name suggests, all things chocolate and cinnamon. The menu consists of a long list of every kind of hot chocolate imaginable. The cacao used to make the chocolate is grown in Ecuador. Also available is beer, mixed drinks, sandwiches and salads