Welcome to the last outpost of Colombia, on the far southeastern corner of the country. Leticia forms part of the triple frontier, along with Tabatinga, Brazil, and Santa Rosa, Peru. Twenty-five kilometers (15 mi) downstream is Benjamin Constant, a major Brazilian port on the river and an alternative point for taking a boat on the Amazon to Manaus. Leticia is where some travelers first step foot in Colombia. Others say their last goodbye here before taking a boat upstream to Iquitos, Peru, or downstream to Brazil.

Although it is the most developed of the three border cities, Leticia is still a small town. Everything is within walking distance. Parque Santander is the hub of social life. During dawn and dusk, the trees are a riot of pericos (small green parrots). In this park, the Victoria Regia Amazonica pool has the largest water lilies in the world. Nearby are two wonderful sculptures: Alegoria Cómica del Amazona by Aida Orrego and one of leaping pink dolphins. Upon arriving in Leticia, you have to pay an entry tax of $9 and show your international yellow fever vaccination certificate.

(Altitude: 95 meters / 312 feet, Population: 37,000, City Code: 8)