Colombia Restaurants

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  • Rincón Vegetariano
    Serving what is arguably the best vegetarian food in all of Colombia, Rincón Vegetariano is a fantastic find in the heart of Armenia. The menu is set every day, but includes juice and milk, fruit, soup, four small vegetarian dishes and a dessert. Service is quick and the second-floor balcony seat
  • Blue
    The place to go on a Thursday night, Blue is a Medellín institution, and very popular with backpackers. Paisas and foreigners alike dance along to the electronica music flowing out of its massive speakers. Capacity is often reached here, such is its reputation among the traveling crowd, so
  • Hacienda Real
    If your curiosity is piqued by talk of the famed dish from Antioquiaâ??the bandeja paisaâ??this is one place you should check out in the historical district of the Centro. The Hacienda Real is located above the noise and hurried existence of the street vendors on the Carrera Junín. The di
  • Kilaba
    This unique eatery, with an Arabian take on Colombian cuisine, serves up bandeja paisa and other traditional dishes with some Middle Eastern flair. In addition to Colombian specialties, you can also order some unique dishes and desserts, such as stuffed grape leaves or baklava. This is one o
  • Al Lado del Camino
    Cheap and cheerful, Al Lado del Camino (On the Side of the Road) is frequented by droves of medical students from the nearby hospital. The restaurant has a menu that changes daily, but always has three choices for starters and three choices for a main course. Vegetable soups and grilled chicken bre
  • Siux Coffee Bar
    A comfortable, dimly lit establishment that serves mostly liquor and little coffee. Despite the canned music that at times can be a bit too loud, it's still one of the most favorite places to hang out, chew the fat, expound on a professor's lecture and have a few drinks. Ah, if you're a more solita
  • Romani
    Romani is another bargain restaurant alongside the Parque del Perro. This Colombian-Italian fusion place offers home-cooked set meals at lunchtime, and is popular with office workers and students. For your hard-earned $3.75, you get a choice of soup or spaghetti as a starter, one of two types of me
  • El Canelazo
    Just a block or so from the Parque del Perro and its pricey restaurants, this is a cheap, family-run establishment that specializes in home-cooked set meals. The menu changes daily here, but you can expect grilled chicken breast or pork chop proceeded by plantain soup for $2.25.
  • Macondo
    Macondo caters to the bohemian crowd that frequents the barrio of San Antonio. At this café, patrons arrive fresh from theater workshops and art studios to enjoy booze-fortified coffees, sandwiches and cocktails. A veggie sandwich will set you back around $3 and is full of mushrooms, cheese and ot
  • Calle de los Mariachis
    When I heard Bucaramanga has a Calle de los Mariachis, visions of Mexico City's Plaza Garibaldi began crooning in my mind. Well, this ciudad's equivalent isn't, well, quite equivalent. Calle 33 is one of the busiest avenues and there's no street-side cafés to sit and nurse a cerveza while listenin
  • Café Mulato
    A few blocks from the Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia is Café Mulato, a place that clearly takes pride in the quality of its bean and the ambiance created for its frequent patrons. Light music wafts from speakers accompanying your strong organic roast, making this place a chilled retreat. Wraps,
  • La Rumba
    Outside the front door, doña Agustina sits on a stool welcoming tonight's imbibers and dancers. She charges no entry nor requires a minimum consumption in her corner discothèque of several dimly lit rooms. Her staff will put on anything the customers request, whether it be salsa, meringue, ranc
  • Granada Faró
    Customers frequent Granada Faró for its sophisticated ambiance. The restaurant features three distinct dining rooms: a main salon with windows facing the street, a private salon specially designed for private engagements and an airy salon for socializing with friends. The food here is primarily of
  • Nutricentro
    This gourmet café is perfectly situated down the street from Teatro Municipal in El Centro. Here you can grab a healthy and hearty vegetarian buffet for $3.50. If you arrive early enough, before they run out, you can also order its â??specialâ? plate for just $5. Meals come with juice or soy mi
  • Pubs Blue Bar
    Soft light bathes the dark-blue walls of Pubs Blue Bar. No, this drinking hole doesn't specialize in Blues music. You're more likely to hear vallenato, salsa, meringue and the like at a volume too loud for this small space. At this early hour, there are only a few couples in dark corners holding han
  • Bar Karaoke Fuego Verde
    Attention, attention: Tonight's off-key singing to music videos is being pre-empted by the Nacional-La Equidad soccer game on the big-screen TV. Indeed, some times some things are much more important that karaoke and Fuego Verde recognizes that. And at some special times of the year, like Mothers Da
  • Arte y Cocina
    Behind the Centro Cultural de Cali, Arte y Cocina is an ideal place to escape the heat of downtown after picking up tourist information. Situated at the back of the courtyard, this restaurant provides much needed tranquility and respite from the heat and traffic of the Centro. You can get a gourm
  • Bogotá Beer Company
    The Bogota Beer Company molds itself on various U.S.-style micro-breweries, delivering on that level. Artisanal beers in a pub setting are what draw the crowds here, not to mention large screen TVs permanently tuned to sporting events. There are versions in Usaquen, Parque la 93 and the Zona T.
  • Las Mariposas
    This artisan store has a lovely restaurant in its back garden, which serves traditional Colombian cuisine, including regular and half portions of trout with patacón. Trout plates can be prepared various ways, all including a fresh salad with tangy dressing. The restaurant has a perfect view
  • Home
    A nice establishment with an enormous flat-screen TV in the front room, a buzzing kitchen and a pleasant back patio, Home does, in fact, offer the comforts of home. The name of the game here is meat—lots and lots of churrasco, chorizo and pork. There's also trout, but in this kind of hearty se
  • El Toque Pizzeria
    This clean, blue-themed pizzeria next to Plaza Bolívar prepares hearty pizzas 16 different ways for a good price. There is free delivery service as well as an online menu if you wish to order from home. Small (1 slice), medium (personal pizza) and large (8 slices) orders are all quite generous and
  • Cali Viejo
    The city's premier location for dining out on vallecaucano food is found in a sprawling finca built in 1870 along the river Cali and close to the city's zoo. With a musical trio wandering between tables playing traditional Colombian Andean music and waitstaff dressed as if from the 19th century, yo
  • Mosshe's Bar
    This corner bar is where people meet to have a drink at the end of a long, hot day. Outside is a sidewalk café and inside a red sofa wraps around the sinuous walls. Throughout are chic black and chrome fixings, drenched by a mix of R & B, tropical and contemporary Brazilian music. Most liquors come
  • Don Juaco
    If you're looking for a hearty meal at a reasonable price, Don Juaco will deliver. This is a great little find with warm, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. Traditional dishes are served in generous portions, complete with a salad, French fries and half of a canned peach. Main plates (like the
  • Jirafa´s Bar
    When I asked where a woman could go alone and have a drink, several people recommended Jirafas Bar. No, you won't be bothered there, they assured me, it's laid-back. Music? Oh, you know, salsa, vallenato and the like—and it has a dance floor. Unfortunately, this is like most clubs in Málaga, o
  • Disco T-K
    Join the locals in closing out a Friday market day at Disck T-K Fogata, the town's only discoteca. It's time to celebrate that done deal, to cut loose after long hours stooped over the stall and calling out your wares. Everyone keeps warm during the chilly nights dancing to the salsa, meringue, regg
  • Club de Billares y Cafetería Barbacoas
    From even before the pericos begin their morning song to way after they come home to roost, folks are as Club de Billares y Cafetería Barbacoas, talking over coffee or a drink out on the sidewalk café or inside shooting a game of pool. If you're looking for the wake-up brew, or a night cap, this i
  • Café-Bar Escocés
    Café-Bar Escocés is a newly opened intimate meeting place on the corner of the plaza in El Cocuy. Low rainbow lights play across the paintings of hometown legend Roberto Arango. The drink menu has Cocuyano favorites such as canelazo (warm aguardiente with lemon and spices), aguardiente and beer, p
  • La Tasca
    Where do locals and visitors alike go to shake down to some fine dance music? To La Tasca. Massive green wooden gates lead to the front courtyard of this large hall with stained glass windows. It's quite a long ways out of town (about 300 meters beyond the cemetery) but that doesn't seem to hurt its
  • La Alcazaba
    La Alcazaba is the center of the Bohemian scene in Villa de Leyva, the café-bar where its intellectuals, writers and artists meet. The space antique-filled has spiral staircases leading to seating areas with fireplaces and balconies. Classic Spanish tapas ($2.65-8), fondues ($5.30-8) and empanadita
  • Restaurante La Negra
    Restaurante La Negra is one of the very few real restaurants in Manaure. At lunchtime, the tables inside and out on the sidewalk are crowded with people chowing down on the comida corriente, which includes soup, choice of meat, beans or lentils, salad and yuca. An unusual feature in these pa
  • Casa Vieja Galería Bar
    Inside, a small dance floor invites you to groove to the music playing—at just the right volume for this place. Nooks and crannies conceal couples chatting over a beer or cocktail. Original paintings by local artists decorate the walls. A few tables and a bar out on the pedestrian street is wh
  • Restaurante La Corvina
    At the bend of the beach road, not too far from the Arco del Morro, is a double row of kiosk restaurants, all serving cheap fish specials. The menu at La Corvina, however, sticks out from the rest. Not only does its proprietor, Doña Nata, prepare à la carte seafood dishes such as crayfish, oyst
  • Galería y Cafetería La Polita
    Considered by some to have the best coffee in San Gil, La Polita is much more than just a good stiff cup of joe. At any time of the day you can come in to have a bit of the hair of the dog that nipped you, a stiff shot of any kind of liquor. It seems everyone comes to La Polita, so at times it can b
  • El Tizón
    If you're looking for some good, old-fashioned live music, dancing and fun, El Tizón has got just that. This place gets packed in the evenings and stays open until the folk decide to ride their horses (or motorcycles) home, which is often when the sun rises the next morning. The vallenatos and ran
  • Restaurante Manaure Beach
    Restaurante Manaure Beach is, as you can expect, right on the shore. The main restaurant is a large, open-sided kiosk with a deck extending out over the sand. The menu is almost exclusively seafood. A meal with fish comes with coconut rice, fried plantains and salad. Also on the menu is cazuela
  • Asados Don Pepe
    At about 4 p.m., Don Pepe begins firing up the grill under a tarp along Avenida la Marina. By 6 p.m., the line of people throng in. This asadero, though basic, serves up some of the best BBQ you'll find along this coast—and at a very good price. Choose between chorizo sausage ($1.30), c
  • Restaurant Isa
    A cane-slat picket fence zig-zags around a sand-floored restaurant, located two doors to the left of the church. There are only two tables within this small space. Like the old saying, “great things come in small packages,” so it is at Restaurant Isa. Here the señora lends personalized s
  • Kiosko El Caído del Sol
    At a table beneath palm trees at Kiosko El Caído del Sol, friends nurse beers over a quiet conversation. The cool blue light of the dance floor gleams on couples swaying to the sensual rhythm of Cuban Son. There's no hassle here at the Kiosko El Caído del Sol: no door charge (well, this beach bar
  • Restaurante Juyasirian
    In the cool shade on the back patio of Hotel Juyasirian is Restaurante Juyasirian. Parrots and macaws roam freely and lounge on the rafters overhead. In a cage, a mico monkey sways in a hammock, taking interest in female diners. Although it is a bit expensive, Doña Eugenia and her staff provide
  • Marino's Junior
    How many ways can you fix a hotdog? Marino's Junior has over 50 of them. “No,” the owner working the grill says, “these are not just ordinary dogs.” They are only pure-bred sausages—no mongrel wiener here. The best of the charcoal-grilled sausages is the Suizo, 10 inches of
  • Marianos Bar
    At the corner of Avenida la Marina and the pedestrian street Carrera 8, there are several yellow tables full of drinkers. An intense strobe light show plays across the ceiling of the second floor, where other imbibers lean against the balcony, watching the night scene below. There is no real dance f
  • Pussini Café-Bar
    Pussini Café-Bar is a great place to prender la rumba--get the party fired up. The lights are soft, the music low. Down here and up on the balcony people are sitting at the small tables, sipping on cocktails (typical, classic or special, $3.20-8.50) or having a cold brew (national $0.90-1.50, impor
  • Primos
    Although it is not the most inviting establishment in the Zona Rosa, lacking the quality and setting of some of the other places in the neighborhood, Primos is another decent option on Calle 1. Offering the usual fare for the coast, including fried fish, cuts of meat and generous helpings, you coul
  • Oh! Solano Mio
    Run by Enrique of the Posada Touristica Rocas de Cabo Marzo Hotel, this pizzeria offers far more than simple pizza. Nancy is an excellent cook and can conjure up delights from the Pacific region, in particular incredible fish dishes. The atmosphere is familiar and relaxed and Enrique is certain to w
  • Chichería El Pote
    The scent of eucalyptus crushed beneath footfall wells within the small space of Chichería El Pote. Pull up a rough-hewn wooden table and settle down to your favorite trago. National and international are on hand ($1.60-3.70) as well as a variety of hard liquors by shot, half-bottle or bottle, wine
  • The Mercado
    Although not an official restaurant, the market is a great place for fresh fish. Here, locals fry up the morning's catch and accompany it with the ubiquitous plantain and rice. Cheap and cheerful, if you are looking for a true Quibdó experience, this is it.
  • La Terraza
    Situated on the first floor of a nondescript corner building, La Terraza is an oasis of calm and a definite place to gorge yourself. Offering massive servings of obvious dishes such as fried fish with patacones and rice or the wildly popular and artery-clogging Bandeja Paisa, La Terraza is welcomin
  • Cine Bar El Patriarca
    It's show time in Villa de Leyva! Instead of just hanging out at a bar, sucking down a beer, sink down into one of the comfy, overstuffed chairs with your cerveza or shot (or soda or juice). Munchies include hot dogs, gringas and, of course, pop corn. El Patriarca shows mostly international and Colo
  • Hotel Bahia restaurant
    Offering standard set meals at lunch and dinner, the Hotel Bahia's restaurant is a good budget option in Bahia Solano. Of course fish is the most prevalent dish on the menu but cuts of pork, beef and chicken are available - all freshly prepared and accompanied with rice, salad and patacones.
  • Puerto Ventura
    Puerto Ventura is on of the two fast food restaurants in Bahía Solano. This place does a brisk trade in hamburgers, hot dogs and other ubiquitous fast-food items. It also squeeze an excellent, fresh fruit juice. The juice may seem pricey, but rest assured: it is large and refreshing.
  • La Casa
    Enviably situated with an ocean view and benefitting from a cooling breeze, the restaurant La Casa is a welcoming place in which to spend some money in Buenaventura. Set menus at lunch appeal to the budget-minded traveler but those in line for something more substantial will find the menu eye-catchi
  • Ben & Josep
    Ben & Josep serves other dishes, but let's talk about what has made this place famous: the steaks. Not just any steak, but the filet mignon. These are tender, even when cooked medio crudo (half-raw or very rare). Why is Ben and Josep's steaks so special? Because they directly purchase the animal fr
  • Macondo
    Los Cien Años de Macondo—or just Macondo, as many locals call it—is a viejoteca, featuring pre-1980 bohemia. Is it just for ol' folk, as the name implies? Para nada--plenty of young born after 1980 come here, too, to shake down to the salsa and música tropical--or to get close when the b
  • Las Palmas
    The expression â??cheap and cheerfulâ? could not apply to a nicer, more pleasant place in Bahía Solano. This restaurant is family run and owned. Las Palmas has set menus for lunch and dinner that cost roughly $4. A dish of fried fish, rice and plantains is preceded by soup. It also stocks cuts
  • Balboa Plaza Restaurant
    One peek inside the hotel tells you all you need to know, the restaurant could be anywhere in the world. The food is the usual fare but since numbers of visitors are low here the establishment does not see fit to replinish dwindling provisions. When we passed through the only thing on the menu for t
  • Donde Paco
    For people staying at the Casa Kiwi or the Hostal Portón de Provenza, Donde Paco will be very familiar. Since it is a reasonably cheap and very cheerful restaurant located close to these hostels, it is always popular. Servings are a good size, the food is tasty, and for those suffering from the ef
  • Hospedaje y Restaurante Donde Mamicha
    This is one of the more popular eateries among tour groups and vacationing families, and can be found just three doors down from Restaurant Rosita. The blue and white restaurant has a large open-sided patio and an even larger enclosed room where service is rendered. It has a wonderful, unobstructed
  • Restaurante Bitácora
    Word is spreading fast about Restaurante Bitácora. With well-prepared foods and a seaview porch shaded by potted plants and match-stick bamboo blinds, there is much to recommend this small dining place. Main dishes feature chicken breast, beef or fish, accompanied with salad and French fries. Even
  • Las Baguettes de María
    Where do people go to get a nice hot sandwich, its sauce just beginning to seep into the soft interior of a crispy crust baguette? Las Baguettes de María. Its 10 different choices, all named for regional attractions, have made this shop one of the most chic eats in Taganga. All are prepared with a
  • Pepe Anca Steakhouse & Bar
    Pepe Anca has to be Barranquilla's finest steakhouse. Everything has been done up right, from the menu to the interior design. The inside of this restaurant has light burnt orange and ochre walls and the tables are clothed in dark blue and peach. The menu features certified Argentine Angus beef and
  • Restaurante Sarab
    The menu of Restaurante Sarab is typical Middle Eastern. Order labne, fatuch, tahini, taboule, falafel, kabobs, shwarma, and other delicacies in full or half portion and mixed plates, including vegetarian. Kabob, falafel and other sandwiches are also on the menu. Top it off with a Middle Eastern de
  • Restaurante El Huerto
    Since 1986 Restaurante El Huerto has been preparing meals and baked goods for vegetarians and dieters. Its luncheon special is varied, so check the monthly calendar of menus to set a date with your stomach (noon to 3 p.m.). Wednesdays feature international cuisine from Mexico, China, Cuba and th
  • Restaurante Las Velas
    Restaurante Las Velas is one of Taganga's finest restaurants, if not the finest. It offers a full menu, from entradas of soup, fruit or salads ($1.60-3.20) to light entrées like seafood and fish cocktails and ceviche ($6.50-13). Full meals with delights fresh from the sea come with arroz con coco,
  • Donde Socorro
    Popular with the locals and offering eccentric cultural foods such as turtle, rabbit, deer, and hen, Donde Socorro (formerly called La Casa de Socorro) is a pure Caribbean delight. Its extensive menu, specializing Cartagenan-Caribbean cuisine, is orientated around hearty dishes with fish, meat and
  • Arepas del Santísimo
    Arepas del Santísimo, a small but affordable café, might be difficult to spot from the street. Once you do find it, you can enjoy arepas with several different fillings like cheese, ham, chicken, beef and chorizo (sausage). They are made to order on one small grill. The café is minimall
  • Da Danni's Restaurant
    Da Danni's, a Cartagena restaurant serving quality Italian pasta, is a really good option for travelers needing a break from typical Caribbean/Colombian cuisine. Stepping into the restaurant feels as if you've walked into a restaurant in Bologna. The food here is superb and the helpings are larg
  • Jerusalem Express
    At Jerusalem Express, Lebanese-born Ibraham and his Colombian wife have introduced Valduparenses to healthy Middle Eastern cuisine. They prepare everything from quibbes, fatayer (meat or chicken turnovers), malfuf (stuffed cabbage leaves) and parra (stuffed grape leaves) to stuffed eggplant, cucumb
  • Gato Negro
    The very unsuspecting sign of a black cat outside a cerulean blue building on Calle San Andrés (just two doors down from Hostal Casa Viena) is the only thing that marks this small café's location. This inexpensive café is popular with foreigners; few locals wander in. It specializes in vegetari
  • Restaurante Nandoburguer
    Despite the name, Restaurante Nandoburguer is much more well-known on the local circuit for the hearty home-cooked meals it whips upâ??whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With two rooms of indoor seating and a few tables on the front patio, the waiters are kept hopping attending to the crowd.
  • Restaurante Country
    Yes, even in ritzy Barrio El Prado you can get a comida corriente (daily special) at a very comfortable price. At lunch time, blue-collared and white-collared workers crowd these picnic tables on the large front patio beneath a yellow awning. Don't be shy to ask to share a table. The food he
  • Restaurante La Castellana
    Look for the restaurant tucked way back from the street and down a long hall to find Restaurante La Castellana. Not only do the guests of the neighboring Hotel Los Angeles eat here, but so do locals and other visitors to Barranquilla. For a good reason, too. The food is delicious and the service at
  • Restaurante Lucky Hong Kong
    For a different kind of typical set lunch, drop by Restaurante Lucky Hong Kong for Chinese food. Of course, Lucky Hong Kong also has à la carte selections—in fact 135 dishes— and 26 choices of Ray Coling (a bandeja mixta of fried rice and stir fry). Vegetarians, you have much to
  • Mañe Cayón Restaurante
    Some say that the best cazuela de mariscos in Colombia is right here at Mañe Cayón Restaurante. This sand-floored, lattice-wood-sided eatery has seafood and more seafood to satisfy your taste buds, with some items you don't see on other menus: prawn, lobster, shrimp, octopus and squid. Everything
  • Baguettina Café, Panadería y Delicattesen
    Yearning for pastrami, prosciutto, salami, tocineta or imported cheeses? Here's a deli for you: Baguettina. All sorts of thick sandwiches on fresh-baked baguettes ($4.50-11), round French bread ($7-9) or as wraps ($7-9) await you here, whether a meat-eater or vegetarian. Begin your meal with a sala
  • Donde Chucho
    Tucked in a quiet corner across from the Parque de los Novios is Donde Chucho, one of Santa Marta's premier gourmet restaurants. It takes pride in delicacies of old Italy. Pasta does plays a major role on this menu. There are six types of noodles and eight sauces, as well as cannelloni, ravioli and
  • Deli Krem
    Sometimes the only thing that will really take away the sting of a blistery day is ice cream. Most locals come to Deli Krem right on the Parque de Bolívar to grab a hand-dipped cone in one of 15 flavors. Deli Krem also whips up malts. Grab a container of the creamy delight to take home or down to
  • Ostras El Juancho
    One evening I told the folks at the hotel, “Gee, I have such a craving for seafood.” They looked at each other and immediately said, “Donde Juancho.” (It's really called Ostras El Juancho.) For more than 35 years this has been the most trusted place to get a seafood cocktail
  • Restaurante El Pibe
    El Pibe has arrived from Argentina and unpacked his recipes in El Rodadero. At this sidewalk restaurant you can get Argentinean empanadas and other dishes from the Southern Cone. These specialties include churrasco, ravioli, carne a la plancha and lomito a la parrilla. You can
  • Govinda
    Climb the steps to the second floor and push open the door on your right. As you step into the leaf-green room, Krishna greets you from a stained glass window. New Age music plays low and air conditioning cools the heat of the Barranquilla afternoon. This Govinda, like others in Colombia, serves ex
  • Restaurante Palmar
    When the local youth turn up the music and chill out in the shade, Restaurante Palmar becomes a pretty lively place for lunching. The food here is just average, so come more for the atmosphere than the cuisine. There is a second-floor balcony with hammocks and seating that you are free to use e
  • Govinda
    Like its sister location in Barranquilla, the Hare Krishna's Govinda restaurant location here in Santa Marta is a small, upstairs affair with inside and balcony seating. Music plays low while a set lunch is served, which includes soup, a main course (beans, brown rice, soy or gluten, a vegetable si
  • Ristorante-Viñería El Sabor de Italia
    Only legitimate Italian ingredients are used at El Sabor de Italia, thus guaranteeing authentic Italian flavors. Antipastos start your meal off with a traditional touch. Then choose pasta largo (spaghetti) or corto (fusseli) to bed one of the 14 fresh-made sauces. Lucas may be a paisa
  • Crêpes Expresso Café Bar
    Each named after writers and other figures of French culture, the crêpes at Crêpes Expresso Café Bar are haute cuisine. Eric (oui, French) and his crew mount some delicious, freshly prepared additions to Santa Marta's international menu. The Pierre de Ronsard (beef, Roquefort cheese s
  • El Divino Nino
    Open only for lunch, El Divino Niño is the quintessential Caribbean beachfront eatery. Wooden tables are placed haphazardly on the sand and the menu is painted primitively on the back wall. Don't let the informality of the place put you off—the prices are reasonable for Providencia and th
  • Roland's
    Roland Bryan Eden and his son Jason have the best spot on the best beach in Providencia, with its shaded and sheltered homemade tables and chairs clustered in a palm grove. With views of incredible Machineel Beach, Roland's is a place to come for lunch and stay until dinner. Service may be slow,
  • Pizza Mania
    Just a half-block from the main square, under the soft, hot-pink light, is one of San Agustín's few forays into international cuisine: Pizza Mania, a small, three-table affair. Grab a slice of pizza, whether Hawaiian, meat, chicken with mushrooms, margarita or vegetarian. If a day of hiking ha
  • Hotel Colonial Asadero y Restaurante
    The candle's light gleams off the glass covering the red-clothed table. The bowl of hearty soup has already arrived, and soon the main plate will be here. The Asadero y Restaurante of the Hotel Colonial fixes up one of the best comida corrientes—whether breakfast, lunch or dinner—i
  • Da Pietro Restaurant
    The homemade pasta and pizza at Da Prieto Restaurant is surprisingly good and probably the best you will find in Bocagrande, if not Cartagena as a whole. The Italian food is right on par with Da Danni's in San Diego and cheaper too. The homely decorations make for a romantic evening setting. If you
  • Comedor Vegetariano Bio-Integrales Kanda
    Ah, vegetarians, does Popayán have a surprise for you! A real, honest-to-goodness vegetarian restaurant with flavorful, nutritionally well-balanced meals. You can be guaranteed your complete proteins at Comedor Vegetariano Bio-Integrales Kanda, as the main dish is brown rice with beans and/or soy
  • Madeira Cafe
    You can join locals for a quick cup of coffee or tea in this small corner café. Perhaps you'd like to have that accompanied by a brownie or other sweet, or a sandwich. On a hot payanés day, a juice or malt (in chocolate, coffee, amaretto or fruit flavor) can be the thing to cool you down. On chill
  • Restaurante Brahama
    As you're heading out one early morning to the Parque Arqueológico, stop by Restaurante Brahama for pancakes, with chocolate or your choice of fruit. On the backswing, its home-cooked vegetarian comida corriente lunch hits the spot. If your dining companions are avowed carnivores, they w
  • Restaurante La Terraza
    Upstairs, above the Banco Agrario, a large orange and white space greets you, made even brighter by the great windows around two sides. Many folks, both local and foreign, are chowing down on Restaurante La Terraza's specials which comes with a choice of meats at any time of day. A few have opted f
  • Agua Clara
    This is another good eatery located above the Carrera Junín in the Centro. You can get a decently priced set menu lunch here, and that's never bad. The servings are generous and flavorsome, and the locale is clean and welcoming. You know what you're getting here: beef or chicken accompanied by ric
  • El Rincon Antioqueño
    In the same food court as Latin Coffee and Las Cazuelas, El Rincón Antioqueño is another option set back from the bustle of the Carrera Junín, above the mayhem on the second floor. Sink your teeth into standard fare from the region.
  • The Irish Pub
    Bizarrely popular with young Colombians, the Irish Pub really does not resemble an Irish establishment at all. However, on weekends the forecourt that spills onto the pedestrianised section of the Zona T is crowded with revellers. For a full pint and some traditional pub food you could do a lot wor
  • Restaurante-Bar La Casona de San Agustín
    One of San Agustín's finest restaurants has class from the furnishing to the menu. Cuisine covers the gamut of poultry to red meats to local fishes, all prepared fresh and served with the house salad and French fries or rice $5.30-8.50). Take a seat on the front patio, a more intimate room or in th
  • Micho
    Open afternoons into the evenings, Micho is the place to hang out for chicken wings, empanadas or other Colombian snack while playing parcheesi, dominoes or chess. In one back room is a ping pong table. At any hour you can view a movie from the 100-plus DVD collection on hand. The "theater" is a ba
  • Enoteca
    Near the Museo Naval and Plaza Santa Teresa is Enoteca, a high-class Italian restaurant. The large interior courtyard creates a comfortable ambiance for the fine dining you will experience here. All dishes are made with imported Italian ingredients. Most pastas are made in-house, and come with
  • Mey Chow
    Upon entering Mey Chow through the plain wooden doors, you are not immediately exposed to the grace of this establishment. Step out of the vestibule, past the sandstone reception, and its elegant simplicity is now apparent. The central room is a skylighted courtyard with booths (for up to a doz
  • Restaurante-Bar Rancho Grande
    Styled to look like a humble bohío hut, Restaurante-Bar Rancho Grande sports green-painted bamboo outside and in. But the prices are anything but ignoble in this restaurant. Sit down at one of the green-clothed tables and have an aperitif from the full bar while you study the menu.
  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan is just one of the many bakeries that whip up much more than just breads and cakes. It also makes blue-plate specials with hearty soups, followed by a main dish of meat, rice, beans, salad and patacones, washed down with a fresh fruit drink (slightly more expensive on Sundays
  • Restaurante Mi Casita
    An ipialeño tradition, Restaurante Mi Casita dishes up home-cooked, Colombian favorites. If hunger gnaws you early on, you can breakfast here. Later in the day, choose a plate of meat, chicken or fish prepared with a variety of recipes and accompanied with rice, potatoes and salad. Or try the tradi
  • Donde Martin
    Donde Martín is in the Hotel Cabañas Agua Dulce, at the north end of Freshwater Bay. The menu is extensive and more adventurous than at other restaurants on the island, and spices are used liberally. Particularly recommended are the seafood specials and the chicken and crab entree. Donde Mart
  • Palo Santo
    Cooking up some of the most delicious Arabic and international cuisine in El Centro, Palo Santo is a great dinner spot right off of Calle Santo Domingo. The kibbehâ??two different meatballs served with pita and hummusâ??is a tasty appetizer. Try the dinner special, which includes a soup or sala
  • Integrales Pan y Salud
    Integrales Pan y Salud is the only option for vegetarians in downtown Pasto — and unfortunately, only at lunchtime. The midday meal comes with soup, the main plate (with gluten or beans, salad and rice) and drink or soy milk. In other hours, Salud Pan's bakery presents whole-grain breads, swee
  • Tienda del Café del Parque
    Tienda del Café del Parque is a salute to Nariñense coffee and culture. The only coffee it serves is organically grown from Nariño Department, in a two-story shop that itself is a work of art, from the canvases on the walls, right down to the chairs painted with landscapes, abstracts and portrai
  • Restaurante Pizzaría Italiano
    Step into this Italian café with its wood-trimmed, mustard colored walls hung with Montreaux Jazz Festival posters. Pull up a wood-and-leather seat at one of the tables. A pizza or pasta, you will ponder, or perhaps an à la carte meat dish. The pastas come with a small salad and delectable gar
  • Carbonera Parrilla
    Sorry vegetarians: Carbonera Parrilla is for meat eaters only. A generous portion of chicken, pork, fish or succulent beef is served hot off the grill on a wooden plank to your picnic table. If you can't make up your mind, you can order a combination platter. Alongside comes potatoes with a bec
  • Cafetería Santo Domingo La 4ª
    Cafetería Santo Domingo is a small, simply furnished café. Its lunch special sells out quickly--and for good reason. Not only is the meal tasty and inexpensive ($1.60), but the presentation has a special touch: all is served in black-fired pottery and wicker baskets. If you want just a quick snack
  • Restaurant China
    As you can guess by its name, Restaurant China dishes up Chinese food prepared with chicken, pork, beef or seafood and served with steamed white rice. Vegetarian options are limited to chop suey or chow mein. Multi-course family menus are offered, which are more economical if you have a dining part
  • No-Name Restaurant
    On Calle 8 you can find several cheap restaurants. But this no-name, family-run eatery stands out from its neighbors in the quality of food it prepares (even boiling the water from which drinks are made). Even at the crowded lunch hour, service is quick and friendly here. The standard comida cor
  • El Portón del Patio
    After spending a few hours in the Museo de Historia Natural, stop by El Portón del Patio for a quick bite to eat. The menu includes not only the usual daily meal for meat-eaters or vegetarians, but also crepes, Mexican tacos and arepas with a variety of fillings. Try the marranita, a green
  • Lenos y Mariscos
    Located in the heart of Buenaventura's zona rosa on Calle 1, Lenos y Mariscos is an upscale eatery offering just about any dish that you could desire, just so long as it is fish, chicken or beef. The helpings are sizeable and are accompanied at lunchtime by a salad and small dessert.
  • Restaurante Don Quijote
    Take table in the patio or the 400-year-old kitchen of this colonial house and take a gander at the eclectic menu Restaurante Don Quijote has to offer. Beef, chicken, trout, squid or shrimp accompanied by pasta al pesto and salad ($8-9) might be to your liking this evening, or perhaps the Thai past
  • Pimienta y Café
    For a couple of dollars one can feast on a set lunch menu that would fill even the most vacuous stomach. The establishment is clean, friendly and large and is often frequented by politicians climbing up the hill from Congress. The service is fast and the food is substantial and flavorful. Open Mon
  • La Vida en Rosa
    La Vida en Rosa has an extraordinarily large menu and appears to have an enormous turnover, filling all 5 of its rooms at lunchtime. The set menu looks of particular quality and the lasagnes are enormous. Harassed staff run between tables taking orders. A popular joint doing a brisk lunchtime servi
  • Restaurante Toy San
    Along pedestrian Calle 35 you'll see the street vendors munching down on some OK-looking Chinese food. Ask where they get it at, and one might have handy a card from Restaurante Toy San. There you'll find all the tables full of folks enjoying the lunch special ($7.50). Well, fight your way to the c
  • Quinua y Amaranto
    One of two excellent vegetarian restaurants in the Candelaria. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. This charming and atmospherically decorated place gets pretty packed due to its popularity. You can watch the staff creating meals at the front. Great tortilla española and balanced set menus. Open
  • Pizzaría Asturias
    On this Friday evening a cooling breeze sways the palms lining this verandah in time to the music drifting from the inner sanctuary of Pizzaría Asturias. My finger lazily rounds the curvatures of a wine glass, thinking about a pizza baked in a wood-fired oven that soon will be arriving at this tab
  • An Andante Ma Non Troppo
    Situated on the corner of 11th and 3rd it would be easy to stride past this place without really realizing it existed. One entrance lies at the back of a gift shop and the other is fairly nondescript. However, once you do enter, the restaurant/ café sprawls through four rooms. On offer is good cof
  • Capachos Asadero
    If your itinerary doesn't include a hop down to Villavicencio and the Colombian plains, you can still try mamona at Capachos, the typical BBQ from the llanos. A young calf, not yet weaned, is split and placed on varas (stakes) and slow cooked to succulent perfection ($7.25-8.25). Capachos also gril
  • Café de las Madres
    Where do Valduparenses go when the setting sun paints the sky? To Café de las Madres, tucked behind Parque de las Madres. The wrought-iron garden tables fill quickly with colleagues and couples meeting to have an Atardecer Vallenato (cappuccino and whiskey) or one of the creative coffee shakes wit
  • Restaurante Govinda
    In the courtyard of the Hare Krishna-run Hostal Santa Clara in the fourth chakra of Pamplona is Restaurante Govinda, providing this town with well-prepared, nutritious vegetarian foodâ??as is the Hare Krishna tradition. Good soups, good main dish and fresh fruit juiceâ??all a colorful ensemble fo
  • Fritanga
    Beneath a centuries-old almond tree, you'll find a market-like place. In today's zephyr, the signs wave, whispering Donde Lola, Donde Maragrita, La Favorita, La Tía Gloria. I'll warn you now, if you follow a vegetarian, kosher, halal or low-cholesterol diet, ignore the calls. What these women serve
  • Repostería Berna
    Swiss-owned Repostería Berna is a time-honored place to have a morning treat or afternoon tea. Select a table on one of the three stories (or on the second-floor balcony facing the pedestrian street), and try to decide which of the tasty sweets you'll try this day. Will it be petits-fours, cakes
  • La Cocina de la Abuela
    If you're craving some of grandma's cooking hot off the stove, even if it's the middle of the night, then head over to her kitchen. La Cocina de la abuela prepares Colombian culinary classics, like carne oreada (dried beef cooked in beer) and cabro con pipitoria (goat with a side of rice prepared w
  • Asadero Rokoko
    If you get tired of the cabro lunches and can't quite afford a meal of range-raised hen, then bop across the street to Asadero Rokoko. Here, a quarter of roasted chicken costs $1.85. Dip the accompanying yucca and potatoes in the delicious, fresh, homemade chili sauce. The cooler has just about ever
  • Restaurante Guananí
    Restaurante Guananí provides a break from the standard Colombian and haute cuisine eateries in town. This bistro specializes on German cooking, with authentic sausages. Cold platters of ham, cheese or sausage and bread ($5.30-6.85) are on the menu. Among the main dishes are German hamburger, veal o
  • Heladería Los Indios
    Heladería Los Indios is said to have the best ice cream in Villa de Leyvaâ??and it is mighty good. Even the wooden Indians out front are licking cones of one of the dozen flavors available of this creamy dessert. One scoop is a cool $0.85. Or if you prefer something a bit more, shall we say, screa
  • La Tienda de Teresa
    Tienda de Teresa is a good place to fuel up on a hearty Boyacense breakfast ($3.50) or cazuela boyacense ($3.30) before heading out for a day's hike. But Teresa's is good place to drop by anytime of day, to try one of the stuffed arepas with anything and every thing, including vegetarian versions (
  • Restaurante La Piragua
    Restaurante La Piragua offers excellent, home-cooked meals that go on cloven hoof, wing andâ??occasionallyâ??fin. The Santandereano classic dish, cabro (goat) is served up with the traditional accoutrements: pipitoria (rice with got innards and blood), yucca and potatoes ($2.65-3.70). Gallina crio
  • Restaurante Patiamarillo
    Restaurante Patiamarillo is a clean, well-lit space, with clothed tables and wooden chairs awaiting its dining clientele. The white-washed walls are hung with a motley collection of cuadros, including even a very young Clint Eastwood. A simple eating establishment, Patiamarillo serves up down-home
  • Govindas
    Govindas is an Indian vegetarian delight, brought courtesy of the Hare Krishnas. For a healthy, flavorful lunch pull up a table in one of the three rooms and relax to ragas softly playing. Soon your three-course almuerzo will be served: soup and multi-grain bread, the main course with drink, then a
  • Restaurante Algarabia
    With recipes learned from Yaya, Francón's grandmother, Restaurante Algarabia imparts traditional Spanish cooking to the Barichara tourist. From tortilla española ($4) to paella ($15), and every Iberian classic in between appears on the menu, including jamón serrano, queso machego, pavo de castil
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Loto Azul
    For more than two decades Restaurante Vegetariano Loto Azul has been serving Bogotanos and foreigners delicious vegetarian food. Besides whipping up breakfasts and lunches accompanied by the salad bar ($2.45 main course only, $3.20 complete with soup), Loto Azul also prepares lasagnas, sandwiches a
  • Restaurante Color de Hormiga
    Color de Hormiga proclaims itself as Comida Atípica —that is precisely what you'll find here. Much of its menu is prepared with a regional delicacy: hormigas culonas (fat-bottomed ants). Try the beef tenderloin in ant sauce or, if you're not such the adventurous sort, in a bleu cheese s
  • Restaurante El Solar
    This classy, yet rustic dining hall of worn brick and wood is a pleasing atmosphere in which to sit down and enjoy an excellent meal. With a menu aimed at the carnivorous crowd, Restaurante El Solar brings sizzling steaks to your table, including what it promises to be an authentic T-bone Americano
  • Pastelería y Biscochería La Araña de Oro
    Mission Impossible: Finding a brewed coffee in downtown Cúcuta. Awakening, that is just what I needed. No, not the sugared, watery java of the street vendors pushing a luggage rack full of thermoses. But a cup of real joe. Every place, though, had only (groan) glorified instant coffee machines. Fi
  • Restaurante Sancho Panza
    Restaurante Sancho Panza, a favorite eatery for villagers of more modest means, is located on Leticia's main drag. The front veranda has a few tables and inside this faded red wood building is a long counter. Only simple comidas corrientes are on the menu here, with the usual soup, meat-bean
  • Asadero Hato Grande
    Meat-and-potatoes lovers can get their fill of their favorite dish, Colombian style. Asadero Hato Grande serves authentic carne asada a la llanera, cooked on an upright spit over a wood fire. The plate teems with meat, potatoes and yucca ($5.80). For those travelers on a budget, order the comida cor
  • Asadero Nortibrasas
    Asadero Nortibrasas is a good choice for a break from the hotel-restaurant scene and their typical Colombian fare. In the front room, a large rotisserie rotates chickens over coals. Ask for your plate of roasted chicken and potatoes: a quarter chicken costs $1.60, half is $3.20 and the whole bird is
  • Restaurante Govindas
    In a worn dining room, the young man pulls himself away from the video about natural healing to take your order. Like Govindas restaurants all over Colombia, this dining hall offers only vegetarian fare. This one, though, is bare of any plants or other decorations. Only a few posters of Krishna bles
  • Restaurante El Sabor
    Restaurante El Sabor is one of the old standbys for visitors to Leticia, and for locals, too. It offers foods straight off the BBQ grill. Pull up a table on the palm-thatch patio in front or in the large dining room inside and order up a serving of pork, beef or chicken, or fish. All meals come wit
  • Restaurante Tropical
    The décor of Restaurante Tropical is just as delightful as the food it serves. Jungle kitsch abounds amongst the plants and aquariums. The jaguar with the safari helmet is a kick. The tables out on the front porch are a delightfully cool place to enjoy breakfast ($2.65-3.20) or a menu ejecutivo (bl
  • El Saman del Parque
    For any meal of the day, drop by El Saman del Parque, just a few doors down from Villavicencio's cathedral. This small café is often full with locals stopping by for a coffee prepared with panela. A popular quick snack is the arepa de choclo con queso (ground sweet corn and cheese), which is prepa
  • Tierras Amazónicas
    The menu at Tragadero y Beberdero Tierras Amazónicas is a plank of wood, befitting for this old jungle space. Its full bar offers such regional drinks as caipirinha cocktails ($2.65) and chuchuwasa (an aphrodisiac drink made from a bark). Turn over the plank and you'll realize that this establishm
  • Mimo's
    Mimo's is the place to go for any kind of ice cream treat, from simple soft-serve cones ($1.50-3.25) to gourmet sundaes ($2.25-4.25). There are even special creations for the kids, like the snowman and the Medusa with gummy-worm hair. No sweat for those on a diet, Mimo's has a full line of dietetic
  • Cozinha Fazenda
    Cozinha da Fazenda is a truly international restaurant here at the triple border. It has a Portuguese name in Spanish-speaking Leticia and a menu that offers French toast and pancakes for breakfast ($1.60 for one, $3.20 for a stack of three). For other meals, it has pizzas with your choice of toppi
  • Bar Restaurante La Cueva
    La Cueva of today is definitely not the laid-back, eating and watering hole it was back when the writer and his literary friends, the Grupo de Barranquilla, would stay into the wee hours. Today it offers a select menu of exotic dishes with a Caribbean, Italian or Oriental flair at not-so-working-
  • Cafetería y Comidas Rápidas Donde Lilia
    Cafetería y Comidas Rápidas Donde Lilia is the place to go for a late breakfast or a quick mid-morning snack. This small, no-frills snack stand serves a basic menu of empanadas and rellenos, a black sausage filled with potato and rice ($0.50-1). To wash it down, there are coffee and soft drinks. O
  • Restaurante y Cafetería Las Delicias
    Down an alley alongside the market is Restaurante y Cafetería Las Delicias. At the noon hours, this place is packed with workers and families sitting down to a typical, home cooked comida corriente of soup, main dish with meat, beans, rice and accoutrements and drink ($1.85). Don't be shy about sha
  • La Esperanza—Restaurante Típica
    La Esperanza brings a hungry traveler's stomach the best in typical Santandereano food, most fresh from local farms: trout, other fishes and seafoods ($10-13), chicken ($6-9) and meats, including cabro with pipitoria ($5.80-9.25). There are even sampler platters, if you don't quite know what to ord
  • Restaurante Vegetariano y Tienda Naturalista Jiarit
    Does Cúcuta ever have a surprise for you, vegetariansâ??over a half-dozen restaurants to feed your needs. Jiarit is one of the choices, serving breakfast and lunch ($2.10). The fruit salad is massive, with a generous sprinkling of granola ($1.85). Also on the menu are soy and oat yogurt, and natur
  • El Castillo de Job
    In the front courtyard of an old castle, beneath the shade of a large tree, Doña Claudia grills up fish, chicken and steak for the à la carte entrées ($2-3.65). In the small kitchen, the comida corrientesâ??rice, beans, salad, yucca or potatoes and meatâ??are dished up ($1.50). All are serve
  • Pizza y Lasagna
    This restaurant announces on its banner that it also has Mexican food like burritos and tacos. But most days your only choice will be pizza (Hawaiian or chicken and mushroom, $1.50 per slice) or lasagna ($3.70). The only vegetarian option is special-ordered pizza, but you'll have to pay for the whol
  • La Puerta
    Founded by the same French couple taht established Santa Marta's Alliance Française, La Puerta has become the spot to go —even for Taganga backpackers. This café has long been a meeting place for artists and writers, international and local crowds, to drink and share ideas or dance. La Pue
  • Matasuegra
    At first glance, this word seems to mean “Kill Mother-In-Law”—but this bar actually takes its name from a type of firework. This is the townspeople's bar, with guys sitting out front drinking beer or whatnot. But the foreigners are welcomed in, with full-volume English-language music
  • Laùtrec Café-Bar
    Laùtrec Café Bar is a bar for everyone, it is said, from straight to gay. Bodies sweating in this tropical heat boogie to cross-over music—vallenato, salsa, raggaeton—on the two large dance floors. At times Laùtrec has live bands and fashion shows. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Comidas Rápidas Selecta
    Comidas Rápidas Selecta fills with Güicán residents looking for a quick bite to eat in the evening, especially after mass. This snack stand offers the finest selection of hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, empanadas and fruit salads ($0.50-2.65). You can keep your inner kid happy with a cup of g
  • Restaurante Margaritas
    This diner is haughtily proud of the fact that many tour groups stop here on trips to Lago Tarapoto. The quality of its service and its prices reflect it. Breakfasts cost $2.65. Lunch is a standard comida corriente with fish, beans, rice, yucca and patacones, accompanied by soup and drink ($3.70).
  • Restaurante Chef
    Another comedor that gets crowded at lunch time, Restaurante Chef serves Capitanejo's typical comida corrientes, or blue-plate specials: cabro (large order $3.70, small order $2.65) and gallina criolla ($3.70 small serving, $6.65 large). Yes, the menu is limited, but this is your chance to try goat
  • Restaurante Pila del Mono
    On a corner plaza guarded by the Monkey in his fountain is one of Tunja's finest dining establishments, Restaurante Pila del Mono. Take a seat at one of the linen-cloth tables with linen napkins tucked into the water goblets. Soon one of the attentive waiters will be with you. The menu offers
  • Pastelería Organización Gers
    This bakery shop may not have the most usual name, but Pastelería Organización Gers sure creates some mighty delicious temptations. Just walking along Carrera 4, your wandering eye will latch onto the desserts gleaming in the glass case. There are the usual goodies, like milhojas and alfajores, b
  • Richard's Place
    Richard's Place is ideal for a sunset on South West Beach. It's a rustic Rasta joint, with hammocks and hand-painted tables. Enjoy a potent piña colada or coco loco (liquor-spiked coconut), or nurse an ice-cold beer while relaxing in the tranquil setting. .
  • Mestizo Peña-Bar
    OK, folks—it's time to join an Andean hoedown! If you've gotten bored with the same ol' salsa-cumbia-reggeton down at the other clubs, a seemingly endless repetition of the same throbbing lights, the same too-loud music, the same ol'-same-ol', then you have an alternative right here in Pasto.
  • La Casa de la Cerveza
    Perfectly perched atop the old wall of the city at the crook of Getsemaní, La Casa de la Cerveza is a hip outdoor restaurant and bar that provides lovely views of the inland lagoons and Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. The trendy patio, decorated with comfortable couches and pillowed sofas, pla
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Saludable Delicia
    Saludable Delicia lives up to its name, providing delicious, healthful meals to travelling vegetarians. Mornings, the shop sells baked goods, teas, supplements, tahini and peanut butter. The set-meal lunch, almuerzo, is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and costs $5. Thereafter until close, only à la carte
  • Pizzaría Olivas y Especias
    On the corner of the main plaza is one of the most recommended pizzerias in Villa de Leyva. This rather large bistro with green and white tables also serves Italians dishes and crêpes. The pizzas come with a smorgasbord of toppings, in three sizes ($8-15). Pasta and lasagna dishes come only with
  • Restaurante Rogelia
    Restaurante Rogelia presents typical dishes of the Santander region, including cabro con pipatoria ($7) and carne orneada (beef that has been marinated, then dried and grilled, $8). The bistec de res a caballo is not horse meat, but rather a beef steak topped with an egg ($11). To sample a bit of e
  • Donde Tatiana
    Donde Tatiana is where many Bogotanos go to have the lunch or dinner special. Choose from a variety of meats that include beef, sobrebarriga and fish. The plates come heaping with salad, patacones, French fries, rice and beans. The mealtime spread starts with the customary soup and a drink goes alo
  • Bar-Restaurante Carnes y Carnes
    Nothing more than a mere a banner pronounces Carnes y Carnes. Unbeknownst to the casual passer-by, beyond the gate is one of San Gil's classier eateries. Within the large roofed garden is the restaurant that has a large brick grill in the center. At the grill, the chef prepares your entrée: chicken
  • Pizzaría La Ricotta
    Located up the hill, near several schools and the university, Pizzaría La Ricotta serves up oven-hot pizza at student prices. Whether ordering by the slice ($1.30-1.70) or an extra-large pie ($12-14), you can take care of that evening hunger here. A local specialty is the Sangileña, topped with ch
  • La Jugueteria
    The attention to detail is staggering. When can you visit what is essentially a steakhouse and be surrounded by toys? Slightly creepy are the dozens of dolls suspended from the beams and rafters but your mind will quickly return to the job in handâ?¦feasting. Oh yes, bring along some old toys and
  • La Esquina Sandiegana
    One of the only authentic salsa bars in Cartagena, La Esquina Sandiegana is a real gem with friendly local people, salsa, and more salsa. The music and dancing gets going once the sun goes down and usually keeps going until the sun comes up. Tourists here are few, as this has loyal local clientel
  • Zhang China Gourmet
    Good Chinese restaurants in Bogotá are pretty hard to come by and so the discovery of this eatery in Usaquen was quite well received. The setting is ideal, right on the corner of the plaza and the interior is modern and stylish. Dishes come in at roughly $10 and will quench the visitor's desire for
  • 80 Sillas
    80 Sillas lists itself as an "informal restaurant," but at first glance appears to be anything but that. This seafood restaurant and cevicheria is fast becoming a hot favorite for yuppies working in the area of Usaquen. The ceviche is very good and the staff are insistent that the ingredients arriv
  • Luna
    In the heart of the Zona Rosa, Luna, along with many of its neighbors in the area, is an upmarket quality Italian restaurant specializing in risotto and pastas. The decor sets it apart from the rest and the food will have you purring appreciatively.
  • Restaurante Sabor a Leña
    With so many restaurants like this one to choose from, it would be easy to skip Restaurante Sabor a Leña, but its very decent prices, tasty local food and convenient location make it an easy choice for travelers needing a good, quick meal. The daily menu can be found outside the main entrance and
  • Restaurante Casa Vieja
    Restaurante Casa Vieja (formerly known as Alfredo's Bistro), placed right in the heart of the village-like district of Usaquen, is a perfect place to settle down to a long lunch post shopping excursion in the Hacienda Santa Barbara. When the weather holds, the place to be is on the patio, otherwise
  • Babar
    Babar is one of Cartagena's most successful nightclubs in El Centro. Across the street from the Naval Museum, you will find this very hip and colorful spot on the second floor, with three balconies overlooking the night's activities in Plaza Santa Teresa. The cocktail menu is extensive (many have
  • Casa de Tarzan
    Au-au-au-au-aaauuu. Yes, greet your host in the traditional manner as you walk into the Casa de Tarzan. With rough-paneled walls and tree trunks towering inside this bar, you might even be tempted to go swinging from one of the rope-vines hanging from the branches after downing a fair quota of quaff
  • Restaurante-Café-Bar El Rancho
    If you want the restaurant or café, then head down the stairs. To savor a Colombian beer or a trago, climb the staircase where a large open space greets you. Pull up one of the leather-covered chairs at a wooden table (the ones on the balcony with a view of Calle 3 are fine for watching the evening
  • Berlin 1930
    Berlin 1930 appears to have been around as long as Medellín itself. No one knows when it opened, but one thing remains a constant: its popularity. A great place for an early evening beer or cocktail and a game of pool, it is located close to the clubs and other nightspots of the Parque Lleras.
  • América Dulce América
    Previously known as La Moderna, América Dulce América is a wonderful restaurant across from the National Museum in one of Bogota's beautiful brick buildings. Adorning a pleasant view of Monserrate, América Dulce América is perfect for lunch, dinner or simply to enjoy a few authentic salsa tunes
  • La Casona Criolla
    LA CASONA CRIOLLA IS OUT OF BUSINESS. For heaping helpings of good ol' Colombian food, drop by the very popular La Casona Criolla. Pull up a table on what was once the interior patio of a colonial home, now covered with red tiles. In the center is a fountain and there are potted plants scatter
  • Pastelería Francesa
    For an escape from Colombia—albeit for a moment—walk into Pastelería Francesa. This small café of old-style wooden showcases, photos of early-to-mid-20th century France and French magazines make you feel as if you have stepped into that country. Here fine French pastries created by maste
  • Té y Café Saloom
    A quick breakfast or snack, or a close-out-the-evening tea and treat can be partaken at Té y Café Saloom. (Despite it being called a saloom, er saloon, no alcohol is served.) All the offerings at this small café are home made, from the cookies to dip in your coffee ($1-2) to the rich cakes and b
  • Ristorante-Caffe La Buona Vita
    A Tuscany-country feel pervades every one of the many rooms and patio of the well-appointed Ristorante-Caffe La Buona Vita. Is that what draws so many of Tunja's wealthier citizens and visitors, or is it the distinguished service--or maybe it's the home-made pastas created by the chef who learned h
  • Restaurante La Parrilla
    Restaurante La Parrilla is a popular choice amongst locals and Colombian families having to watch their pennies a bit. The five tables are often full of diners sitting down to the set-plate meals (breakfast $2.10; lunch or dinner $2.10 complete, $1.85 main course and drink only). The midday and even
  • Restaurant Xirrus
    Restaurant Xirrus specializes in vegetarian, vegan and organic cuisine with novo-Colombian flair. Ã? la carte dishes include wraps with a torta de plátano and house salad ($7.40-10.50), salads ($3.20-8.50) and pastas ($6.35-9.50). Soups make it, also, including miso. Chicken and seafood have their
  • Trigos
    Grab a basket and the tongs--it's time to hit the bakery. Trigos has an incredible selection of fresh-baked breads--raisin, cheeses, whole-wheat, white, three-seed and a mouth-satisfying six-grain with nuts. Then there are those desserts to tempt you--ay, and those smooth ice creams. Ah, let me tell
  • El Bolón Verde
    Creative haute cuisine dished up with sweet jazz awaits you at El Bolón Verde. The eats cannot get more inspired than at this bistro. Choose from seafood like shrimp, squid and octopus, or beef tenderloin and pork served in curry or a ground coffee and whiskey sauce. Other dishes that flourish the
  • Asadero La Villa
    At the entrance of Asadero La Villa is and enclosed fire pit. In the flames, meats roast on an upright spit. Inside the restaurant is a large, open space with many long, heavy wood tables, able to accommodate many diners at once, or a whole group of schoolchildren on a fieldtrip. This eatery provid
  • Restaurante Casa Blanca
    Many hostels in Villa de Leyva recommend Restaurante Casa Blanca to their guests as an inexpensive dining choice. The diner has earned its reputation from many years of serving classic Colombian dishes and (it is said) the best cazuela boyacense around ($3.50). As well as serving set meals for brea
  • Parrilla y Son Restaurante-Bar
    The second floor of a colonial building has been converted into a popular restaurant. The main breakfast and lunch area is the skylighted paio; the large front room is the principal gathering place at night. Why is this place so frequented? Perhaps it's for the savory almuerzos ($2.10)--or perhaps f
  • Restaurante Zarina
    Restaurante Zarina is an intimate bistro of only four tables, a perfect place for a romantic candlelight dinner. Its Colombian-Lebanese proprietors create the best in Arab, Mediterranean and vegetarian cooking. Some of the menu's highlights are the antipastos, like the a la Charly with Serrano ham,
  • El Fogón de la Gallina
    El Fogón de la Gallina is much the same as its neighbor, Restaurante La Parrilla, just a few doors up. El Fogón serves good Colombian classics for its comida corriente, though the portions aren't as generous, and the price is a wee bit more. Another difference is that the interior of El Fogón de
  • Bartolomé
    You don't have to come to Valledupar in April to catch live Vallenato music. Any weekend night, Bartolomé is just about the only place in town in the off-season where you can catch conjuntos playing those delightfully down-to-earth melodies. Join the crowd in downing some traguitos (shots) and sin
  • Restaurante China
    The delivery men are hustling, picking up orders and running out to their awaiting motorbikes. The food here at Restaurante China seems popular at this early lunch hour. Already a third of the tables in this medium-sized, dimly lit restaurant decorated with typical Chinese ornaments are full, despi
  • Chepa Chaves
    Chepa Chaves, the legend goes, was a charming young women who arrived one day in turn-of-the-20th-century Villa de Leyva. Many fell in love with herâ??and her cooking. The tradition of fine Colombian cuisine continues at this restaurant named for her, with a small selection of distinctive dishes. T
  • Restaurante Café Israelí L'Haim
    Hummus, matbuja, falafel, shawarma (lamb, veal or chicken), lafa, zoarim, shakshuka: any Middle Eastern comfort food that your stomach has been aching for lately. Made from millennia-old recipes, L'Haim prepares traditional Israeli food for the discriminating public. If you can't quite make up your
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Roma
    Upon walking in, Restaurante Vegetariano Roma appears small, with only a few tables. But head up the staircase to the second floor where two rooms await your dining experience. Formally set tables, with linen cloths and napkins, and attentive service adds to the relaxing vedic meal you are about to
  • Café del Mar
    Café del Mar, on Baluarte Santo Domingo, is far more than just a restaurant and bar by the sea. It's one of the few long-standing night spots that continues to be a popular place to enjoy the sunset, meet new people, and party on the weekends. Nobody really comes here for the food. In fact, the
  • Rincón de la Mantilla
    Rincón de la Mantilla, a large, open, and woody restaurant and bar, is a huge draw for locals and foreigners seeking a good spot to drink a local beer and people watch. What likely attracts people to this lively place is the wall of refrigerators stocked with bottles of Águila and Club Colombi
  • REZAK Bar Club
    Bocagrande is not too well-known for its nightlife, so REZAK is an anomaly in this altogether quiet part of Cartagena. Usually hopping on the weekends, this hip night spot can fill up with locals and keep the party going just like its counterparts on Avenida Arsenal in Getsemaní. So, after gambli
  • Plaza De La Trinidad Stalls
    For cheap eats, backpackers should head straight down Calle del Guerrero to the 16th century Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad's plaza. From early morning to late night, stalls offering a variety of Colombian fast food set up around this square. The first to arrive is the woman who whips up fresh
  • El Baluarte Tasca-Bar
    An ideal location for an afternoon to late night cocktail, El Baluarte Tasc-Bar is located precisely on Baluarte San Francisco Javier ramparts, in front of Plaza Santa Teresa. This is a perfect place to watch the sun set over the Caribbean or to bask in Cartagena's evening hum. Savor delicious gri
  • María Félix Cinema-café-bar
    María Félix is much more than a bar. It is an espacio cultural—cultural space. The small café is decorated with posters of old movie greats, like Brando, Lauren Bacall, Bogart and, of course, Mexican Silver Screen legend, María Félix. Every night at 7 p.m., folks get comfy in t
  • El Parche Del León
    El Parché del León is a small bistro founded by four Argentine travelers who've decided to call Cartagena home. They prepare typical Italo-Argentine, like pizzas and pastas. The raviolis have squash-honey-mozzarella, shrimp-leek and other fascinating fillings. Other entrées come from around
  • El Coroncoro
    Don't be shy to ask to share a table at El Coroncoro, because that's the only way you'll be able to enjoy its cheap, hearty fare. The menu is full of classic Colombian fare, like bistek a caballo (steak and eggs), sopa de mondongo and arroz con frijoles y chicharrón (beans, ri
  • La Cocina de Socorro
    Not to be mistaken for the other Socorro restaurant in Getsemaní, La Cocina de Socorro is a fancier establishment serving original and traditional Caribbean food. María Nelly del Socorro, the cook, fell in love with the art of cooking at a very young age when her grandmother would prepare exquis
  • Casa Majagna
    Casa Majagna's interesting mix of Italian and local Cartagenan meals, extensive beer and wine menu, and classy, lounge-like setting draw a healthy bunch of local loyals. The tables outside make for a perfect place to meet with friends for dinner and drinks. Casa Majagna serves tasty, hearty dish
  • Govindas Sol De La India
    Sol de la India is not just another Hare Krishna Govinda restaurant. This bistro serves gourmet vegetarian cuisine. At the noon hour, Sol de la India offers a luncheon special (which can also be ordered as a buffet). This three-course meal is excellently seasoned. Ã? la carte dishes include cu
  • La Carbonera Cantina
    La Carbonera is reputedly the best night club and lounge in town, with beautiful people and the best house, dance, and techno music. Even locals consider this hip spot in the middle of Avenida Arsenal the place to see and be seen. Guests pour in late in the evening, so it's best to start somewher
  • Pizza en el Parque
    Local late night partygoers end up at this unassuming pizza joint at Plaza Fernández de Madrid. Everything about this establishment is simple and straightforward. From the 10 items on the menuâ??all pizza with the usual toppings, coming in just small, medium, and largeâ??to the name of the p
  • Mister Babilla
    What La Carbonera is for beautiful people, Mister Babilla, just a few doors down for wild ones. The colorful, Caribbean-themed bar in the front provides the perfect allure for what waits for you inside. Walk down the hallway, with scantily clad waitresses asking for your order along the way, to t
  • Restaurante El Santísimo
    Restaurante El Santísimo is a popular and fancy establishment that offers quintessential Caribbean cuisine prepared by a cordon bleu chef. Ask about the day's special menu, or enjoy one of the exquisite seafood creations, and pair it with a fine wine from the extensive list. Dine indoors, or o
  • Pizzaría Restaurante I Balconi
    What could be more romantic, more intimate than having dinner on a private balcony in the heart of bohemian Getsemaní? That is precisely the ambience Pizzaría-Restaurant I Balconi presents to its Colombian and international clientele. The menu is full of Italian appetizers like ham-wrapped me
  • Australian Fusion Café
    English-heritage travelers have a place to go for their comfort foods: Australian Fusion Café. Chef Ian prepares vintage Australian and Commonwealth food with fascinating monikers like My Mate Josh's Special Nachos, His Lordship John Webb's Commonwealth Curry and Aussie Dragon Fried Rice. Also
  • León de Baviera
    This hot spot is much more than just a restaurant and bar. It is your very own Bavaria in the heart of Cartagena, and a place to meet fellow travelers as well as locals who frequent this area of Getsemaní on the weekends. Playing rock music and serving German beer and food, León de Baviera has
  • Portón de Santo Domingo
    Portón de Santo Domingo is a high-class establishment that has been cooking up creative culinary masterpieces for over 100 years. It continues to draw wealthy clientele in search of excellently prepared and presented plates ranging from carpaccio to stuffed lobster to decadent dessert. Choose fr
  • Restaurante San Pedro
    Restaurante San Pedro is an enormous restaurant and café with fantastic food and outdoor seating directly facing the Iglesia San Pedro Claver. The restaurant produces divine Asian-fusion food like sushi, nasi goreng and pad thai noodles, and the café-bar serves an extensive list of wine, cockta
  • Bar 201
    Designed to look similar to a singleton's apartment, complete with some paintings, sofas and table lamps, Bar 201 tries hard. In truth Bar 201 is uncomplicated and fun with its spaces and crossover tunes. On occasion there is live music and partyers can take a break from everything on the terrace. T
  • Mila
    At Mila, pastry chef and cook Camila Andrea Vargas bakes up some delightful breads and French pastries. The brownies are sinful and the cheesecakes heavenly. Local treats like churros are also available. The atmosphere feels like a French café. Bakery items on display in a shiny glass case, and
  • Masai Mara Safari Discoteca-Bar
    Ask locals what the most happening dance spot is in San Gil, many will tell you Masai Mara. Yeah, everyone seems to try to get there (if they can find a sitter for the kids.) Join the crowd at this large club and chill with a beer ($1.60) or something stronger while grooving to the throbbing beats
  • Viejoteca, Rancho Grande
    Viejoteca: A discoteca where the DJ spins the Latin golden oldies. Sure it draws a more mature crowd, reminiscing to the cumbia, salsa and merengue hits of their youth, the songs perhaps they fell in love to. But even if you are young, you can join in the shaking and swaying. Everyone is giv
  • Bar La Casona del Virrey
    For a more sophisticated evening out, have a drink at the lounge of the Hotel La Casona del Virrey. The low lights and suave music make for a pleasant retreat from the throbbing discos. On Friday evenings, a live trio performs boleros or tangos. Saturdays feature vallenatos or other types of laid-b
  • Imperio
    This is the place to go for the young and young-at-heart. Imperio is a typical Latin discoteca with the latest reggaetón, electronic, salsa, merengue and vallenato hits, every one just thrashing the night away until almost dawn. The action's only happening Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m.
  • Embrujo Andino Peña Bar
    Embrujo Andino Peña Bar offers an alternative to local bars and discotheques. At this Carnival-themed club, you may enjoy a variety of Andean musical genres (saya, tinku, tufa, sanjuanito, bambuco and cumbia) and the region's most popular dances (salsa and meringue). The peña also shows videos
  • Discoteca, Hotel Cariongo
    Who do Pamploneses go on Friday and Saturday nights for a bit more elegant dancing? They say to the discoteca at Pamplona's best inn, the Hotel Carionga. Many make this part of the circuit of hitting the night clubs down near the Plazuela Almeida. There's no cover charge and no minimum consumption.
  • Guarapos
    Guarapos is another dance club in Villa de Leyva where you can dance to rumba music until dawn. It prides itself on having the best sound system and light show of any nightspot in this popular tourist town and in bringing in the best groups and events, with live music at vacation times and special h
  • Melon Kiss Disco
    Guests of the Sunrise Beach Hotel and other tourists crowd into Melon Kiss Disco, to dance the night away to electronic beats while washing away any worries with the aid of fancy cocktails. Live sporting events are sometimes screened on large TVs. Open daily 9 p.m.-4 a.m.; in low season, only F
  • Blue Deep Discotheque
    The Blue Deep has been ranked as one of the best nightclubs in Latin America. It consists of three distinct bars, two dance floors, a light and laser show, and perfect sound amplification. With a capacity for 800 revelers, be prepared for non-stop Latin American enthusiasm and dancing.
  • Carrera 10
    Often just referred to as “la 10,” Barrancabermeja's Zona Rosa positively buzzes on Fridays and Saturdays. La Via Lactea is a pizzeria/bar with an open-air section and unintrusive music; it is the ideal spot for an early evening beer. The following clubs are all found on Carrera 10 and ar
  • Luna de Mompox
    As the oldest and most established bar in Mompós, the Luna de Mompox is a classy spot. On the corner of the Alberrada de los Angeles, it has a prime location that overlooks the Magdalena. This is a great place for a happy hour drink that could extend into an impromptu late-night party.
  • El Habanero
    As the name might suggest, spicy, hot and tingling are all sensations likely to be felt after a long night of salsa at El Habanero. Expect a variety of music here, with nothing getting in the way of the crowds who demand to dance.
  • Soneros
    Often equipped with a live salsa band, Soneros has a different vibe from other salsa haunts, though it is hard to put your finger exactly on how. Nonetheless, the dancing is still first rate, the ambiance is excellent and any night out spent here will be one to remember. The music and the company m
  • Punto Baré
    When asked, SENA student guides Deysy and Claudia were unanimous in revealing the most happening place for a rumba: Punto Baré. Here, the party begins at 7 p.m. and goes until 3 a.m., grooving to the beat of salsa, with a bit of merengue and reggaeton thrown into the mix. So hit that huge dance fl
  • Kukaramakara
    Always a good bet on weekends, Kukaramakara pumps salsa, rock and pop music from open to close. Don't be surprised when locals start to dance on chairs and tables late in the evening at this rowdy place. Occasionally, the house band will play live Latin pop songs. Drinks are by the bottle. Servers
  • Tin Tin Deo
    Tin Tin Deo is routinely described as being one of the best places to go for salsa music and dancing in Cali. Come here to watch in awe as beautiful people show off what their limber bodies and seemingly effortless ear for music can do. Prices are discounted on Thursdays.
  • Faro 2004
    Faro 2004 occupies a prime location on a corner in the trendy Granada barrio. Live music plays in the expansive front courtyard on weekend evenings, making this an ideal place for enjoying a cocktail from its extensive drink list. More a bar than a restaurant, the food is nonetheless sizeable and
  • Discoteca Mango's
    Located on the road out of town, Mango's is immensely popular despite its Wild West theme. The hordes come out to this institution week-in and week-out and dance the night away to the sounds spun by excellent DJs. Catch a cab out to Mango's with some friends and you probably won't regret it.
  • Rincón Chocoano
    A small establishment located on the main road through El Poblado, Rincón Chocoano is easily missed, unless of course you were specifically looking for it. The restaurant may seem an odd choice, but in truth chocoano food is very tasty and those who frequent the bar know how to party. You'll make
  • Oz
    Becoming increasingly popular with travelers, Oz delivers loud music in a variety of rooms through enormous, booming speakers. Not only popular with visitors to the city, Oz is a firm favorite with many of the beautiful people of Medellín.
  • Sam Pues
    If you are itching to dance, Sam Pues may be the place for you. Tables and chairs lay scattered about as people, normally relatively dormant by nature, spring up and start to strut their stuff. Located close to Parque Lleras, Sam Pues has been around for some years and has solidly established itsel
  • El Café Internet Bar
    El Cafè Internet Bar is a popular, queer-friendly hangout with loud music, stiff drinks, fast computers, cute boys (and a few girls), and comfy seats. It's busy most evenings. El Cafè is open 10 AM to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and until 2 AM Thursday through Saturday.
  • Café Para Dos
    On the corner from the Hotel Aragon is Café Para Dos. Behind a window of multicolored bottles lie rooms scattered with Moroccan throws and cushions. Upstairs there is an open fire, making this café an ideal place to sit back, drag on a hookah, enjoy a coffee or cocktail and while away hours. Open
  • La Dulcería
    The sweet smell of baklava lingers in this bright little café. On display in glass cases are various Middle Eastern desserts, but La Dulcería (The Sweet Shop) doesn't just bake its own sweets, as the name might imply. Maybe sweet pastries are their specialty, but one look at its 10-page menu wi
  • Restaurante Arabe e Internacional
    Restaurante Árabe e Internacional is one of the few restaurants in Bocagrande that offers half portions of nearly everything on the menu. Specializing in Arabic dishes like quibbe and baba ganoush, this place cooks up mighty fine food in the quaint quarters of a courtyard and relaxing fountain.
  • Pizzaría Aguanile
    Pizzaría Aguanile is inspired by the great music of salsa. On the beautiful wooden terrace, you can enjoy a tranquil dining experience in the beautiful neighborhood of Crespo, northeast of Cartagena's downtown. Only the best in-house ingredients are used. You may choose a pizza from Aguanile's cla
  • Kukaramakara
    Another effervescent option in northern Bogota for those people who can get their tongues around the twister of a name and want to head out and hear some live music covered by the house band. Before long it feels as if rum and other spirits are dripping from the ceiling since the partying here is d
  • La Olla Cartagenera
    Specializing in seafood and Middle Eastern cuisine, La Olla Cartagenera is a fine place to kick back and have a decent meal. There is seating outside along Avenida San Martín, or you can opt for drink at the bar or take your meal in the large dining area in the back. This back room has a Cape Cod
  • Crepes and Waffles
    It's utterly appropriate that a town called Bocagrande, which literally means "large mouth," has this popular food chain on the busy San Martín. With its extensive menu and huge variety of crepes, pitas, salads, soups and waffles, you are certain not to leave as hungry as you came. The crepes co
  • Piche Caliche Café Bar
    Piche Caliche is a serious party bar. It claims to be the best "Wild On" rumba in the city. It has an open bar with all-you-can-drink rum or beer for one set price. The clientele are mostly university students. Thursday's Happy Hour (8-10 p.m.) is free to women. Friday is the rumba universitaria
  • El Bistro
    Particularly popular among foreigners, this German restaurant and bakery still draws its fair share of local devotees. The a la carte menu is extensive, offering varieties of bread and desserts, as well as pastas, salads, sandwiches and drinks. Amazingly, Bistro continues to draw crowds despite i
  • Cafeteria Bocaditos Madrid
    Locals crowd into Cafetería Bocaditos Madrid for the traditional Colombian lunch it serves for an unbeatable price. Pull up to a stool at the the bar and ask for the almuerzo (lunch). It comes with a cup of agua de panela (sweet water), a bowl of soup, and a lunch plate with lent
  • El Garage Bar
    El Garage Bar is the longest-operating nightclub in Taganga. Whereas Matasuegra is more a locals' hangout, Garage's clientele is almost exclusively foreigners, and this also-disco caters to their taste in music. With inside and patio seating, the backpacking crowd whiles away the nights drinking an
  • El Salto del Angel
    Why this establishment is called "Angel Falls" is a is neither in Venezuela nor resembles a waterfall, but it is best perhaps to no longer dwell on this and speak only of this excellent restaurant / club in Bogotá's Parque de la 93. Appealing to a crowd of mainly young moneyed professi
  • La Matraca
    La Matraca is a salsoteca with a longstanding tradition of playing salsa dura, but also Cuban son and bolero. On Sundays, the place changes somewhat and offers revelers a taste of tango.
  • Escobar y Rosas
    It is a mystery that this bar / club has become so popular, but week in week out, from Wednesday night onwards, there are lines of people who are left out in the cold as capacity is reached. Before you ask, the name has nothing to do with the former head of the Medellin Cartel, but refers to a pharm
  • Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo
    At the steep end of the hill that is the heart of the Candelaria is the Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo. Here on any given evening one can find a host of interesting and eclectic bars to frequent. In font of the small chapel there is normally a â??cuenteroâ? or story teller regaling a crowd for his
  • Casa de Citas
    Formerly a brothel and hence the name, the Casa de Citas has converted itself into a cool hangout for live music and easy bites. Don't let the cover charge put you off, once inside, see the balcony where the women de la vida alegre would stand to promote themselves to potential customers, kn
  • Café del Sol
    Café del Sol's dimly lit rooms spanning back from the bar on the street are an ideal place to conduct an affair. An atmospheric and decadent locale -- make no mistake, if you are here in the Café del Sol you don't want to be seen. The setting is intimate and meant for couples. Open Monday-Wednesd
  • Quiebra Canto
    Quiebra Canto is the brainchild of a group of students from the Universidad Nacional, who, 29 years ago, decided to create a place to play Silvio Rodriguez songs and start the revolution. Very little of that original theme remains and what is here is home to one of Bogota's most popular haunts for a
  • Cha Cha
    The winning ticket for Cha Cha is its lofty location on the 41st floor of an otherwise non-despcript Bogotá skyscraper. With views over all of Bogotá, clubbers can enjoy the electronic music and chill out on open air patios. The club is available for private functions during the week and then bec
  • Alma
    New in July 2007, Alma has quickly converted itself into the most happening club in Bogota and the place to be seen. Entry is tough but not impossible, best to find friends in high places who can guarantee you entry. If that's not possible, then arrive early. People call weeks ahead of time to reser
  • El Sitio
    El Sitio - The Place - is exactly that if you want to get back to good old fashioned partying, Colombian style. Basic furnishings make this bar / club a place to buy a bottle with some friends, kick back to some live music and then leap up and dance energetically with the rest of the patrons. Consi
  • Penelope
    Glam is the order of the day here as you might have guessed from the name. While other clubs are pandering to the fad of minimalist themes and furnishing, Penelope, a classic club in Bogotá, is refusing to be bullied and maintains its glam style and purpose. The owners rave about its style and exc
  • Gotica
    A long time clubber's favorite in Bogotá for its seemingly endless list of world-class DJs invited to spin their business in one of the three rooms in Gotica. You will find yourself immersed in either electronica, crossover or buoyed up on hip hop if you decide to make Gotica your club of choice o
  • Cazuelas 1, 2, 3
    Cazuelas 1, 2, 3 is a decent and reasonably priced restaurant downtown where you can sample a whole load of culinary delights from the Antioquia region. If you are hankering for a paisa stewâ??beans, pork scratchings, salsa, avocado, rice, arepa and plantain then you can get it here.
  • El Escorial
    El Escorial has long been a neighborhood standard for inexpensive dining in Santa Marta. Locals often fill this pleasant restaurant, chowing down on its abundant almuerzo (soup; main course of meat, beans, potatoes, rice and salad; plus drink) for lunch and dinner. Ã? la carte entr
  • Avenida del Rio
    Avenida del Río is a great stroll for anyone with an appetite. A line of unnamed and numbered stalls along the riverfront specialize in local delicacies like sancocho de pescado, bagre and bocachica fish dishes. Don't be put off by the backdrop of the massive refinery; this is
  • Crepes Helados Pan D' la Villa
    Although the service is slow and the staff isn't very friendly, Crepes Helados Pan D' la Villa's has a great location right at the heart of Real Calle del Medio, making it an ideal spot to break from the stifling heat. Enjoy a light crepe lunch at the only place where crepes are available in Momp
  • Dely Bross
    Run by an efficient and friendly paisa (a native of Medellín), the Dely Bross is an unassuming restaurant near Parque Bolívar. Locals must truly enjoy the owner's decent-sized platters of grilled chicken, beef and river fish, since almost every lunchtime and evening the crowd is near capacity.
  • Restaurante El Wuashi
    Restaurante El Wuashi may be part of one of the most expensive, modern hotels in Cabo de la Vela, but its restaurant does have set menus at a rather reasonable price. The breakfast includes eggs and fish, chicken or beef is usually served for lunch. The menu at El Wuashi also includes à la carte
  • Asadero Patio Bonito
    Asadero Patio Bonito is cheap and cheerful. This restaurant stands out from the crowd thanks to its good-sized portions and inexpensive nature. The dirt floors are hardly noticeable, since the place is only open at night and the lighting is dim. All platters cost about $3. Don't forget to specify w
  • Café Bohemia
    Intimate places like Café Bohemia are beginning to spring up, diversifying the options available here. Small tables line the narrow establishment but take nothing away from its ambiance. Come for a cocktail or a coffee, or try some of its sandwiches. Café Bohemia may just be a perfect escape from
  • Chara
    Located beneath the Residencias Bahía, about a block back from the town square, Restaurante Chara is a functional and clean establishment. It won't win any Michelin stars, but it will provide the traveler with a hearty and reasonably priced meal. A breakfast of calentao (rice, beans and mea
  • Restaurante Las Delicias del Mar
    Located close to one of Honda's numerous bridges, Restaurante Las Delicias del Mar serves up seafood, freshwater fish dishes and has some delicious juices.
  • Las Dos Palmas
    Situated on the ground floor of the hotel by the same name, this restaurant is a decent option for a quick, decent breakfast. Lunch is a set menu ($2), and drinks are an additional $0.60. The restaurant is clean, the staff is attentive, the fans go some way to cooling you off and the TV blares at a
  • Casa Vieja
    On the corner next to Bancolombia, Casa Vieja sets out to be the elegant dining option in Puerto Berrío. It does reasonably well to0, with its shaded tables out front and its general keen eye for detail. The dishes are not cheap, but you will find them to your liking if you are into seafood. Almos
  • El Porton de los Frijoles
    Without a doubt the best place to eat in Puerto Berrío, El Portón de los Frijoles' extensive menu and quality of food have few rivals in town. Sit outside in the still, humid air while sipping a cold beer and attacking a steak, or retreat to the dining room with soothing air conditioning. The res
  • Fresas y Moras Frutería
    Ever tried níspero, uchuva or corozo? Come to Fresas y Moras Frutería. Here you can get your hands on a fine, fresh-squeezed fruit juice, fruit salad or even a breakfast omelet. The staff at this street-corner restaurant are helpful and accommodating and will advise you on th
  • Asados Mana
    Just before dusk, a few tables are put out on the sidewalk and the ever-present BBQ grill is fired up. Soon the chickens are put on the rotisserie. By nightfall, the smell of pollo asado (grilled chicken) is drifting across the park, and plates of poultry and potatoes are being served to eag
  • Restaurante-Bar La Tinaja
    Restaurante-Bar La Tinaja's menu includes typical Colombian and Guajiran dishes. However, its specialty is seafood—specifically the cazuela de mariscos, a stew made with select fish and shellfish ($10.50). The staff will eagerly explain the recipe to you. It comes served with tasty coconut ric
  • Pizzeria Maestro Pierro
    Pizzería Maestro Pierro is Quibdó's first pizzeria. It has decent pizza, some varied pasta dishes and the usual Colombian fare.
  • Rapi Pollo
    Not the healthiest option but a definite possibility for a quick bite to eat, this establishment specializes in chicken. Hunks of fried or roast chicken come with side orders of salted potatoes at reasonable prices.
  • La Casa Cafe
    The House Café is a coffee culture with a unique twist. Beverages are made â??â??with coffee grown in Cajibio - Cauca. The flavors of coffee allow you to feel and taste the acidity and body of a good grain of coffee. Additionally, there are fruit fusion drinks like lulo passion fruit. Try orde
  • Patio Valluca
    This pleasantly decorated café and restaurant is one of the classier places to try authentic caleño cuisine. More of a dinner spot than a lunch one, Patio Valluca has a variety of special regional dishes. A popular dish here is the arroz atoyado, a delicious casserole that resembles a riso
  • Petite France
    his warm, cozy restaurant in El Peñón serves what is arguably the best French cuisine in Cali. The dishes at Petite France, which include crab bisque, quiche and fondue, bring a little bit of Paris to this city. Although the food here is not cheap, but it is tasty and authentic.
  • Jimmy's
    The second fast food restaurant in town, Jimmy's is at the end of the main road past the DAS office. Pizza and hamburgers are the house specialties, and the dining experience is enhanced by a lovely sea view. The place does a roaring trade on weekends and is a fine spot to have a beer while watchin
  • Soles
    Found on the eleventh floor of the Capilla del Sol Hotel, Sole's makes for a pleasant respite from the boom boxes in passing cars that run the strip of the zona rosa on Calle 1. Standard eats are offered, and while the food is better than passable, the main reason to come here is to take in the view
  • Restaurante Alta Mar
    The open-sided dining room at Restaurante Alta Mar gives a commanding view of the sea. The fresh morning breeze creates an enjoyable breakfast experience from 7-9 a.m. ($4). The excellently prepared lunch special, served 11 a.m.-2 p.m., includes soup, a main dish of fish or meat, rice, patacone
  • Heladería y Refresquería Marce
    To seek refuge from the ardent Manaure sun, pull up a seat at one of the tables on the front walk of Heladería y Refresquería Marce to enjoy a cup of ice cream. No, Doña Marce doesn't mess with cones. It's all served in tazas, from two scoops on up. Mix or match any of the eight flavors. She als
  • Pollos Wilson
    Pollos Wilson is only one of the dozens of fried chicken joints that crowd Tumaco's chaotic streets. Its proximity to the bus terminals make it a convenient place to grab a plate of chicken, fries and rice before heading down the road. Pollos Wilson isn't just about winged servings on a platter, t
  • Restaurante Coma Bien
    Note: This business is closed. Near the bus stations, Restaurante Coma Bien is a convenient place to grab a comida corriente before hitting the road (or just after arriving from the long journey from Ipiales or Pasto). The cheapest in Tumaco, it offers not only the usual chic
  • Rapy Taylor
    One of half a dozen fast food stalls erected on the shore side of Calle 1 in the zona rosa, Rapy Taylor delivers exactly as you would expect. Portions of pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and other fast food fare is available for those in a hurry.
  • Sabrosuras del Pacifico
    Delightfully positioned on the second floor of a building facing the sea, Sabrosuras del Pacífico specializes in seafood dishes native to this area. Although this is an ideal place for lunch, it may not be to everyone's liking for dinner, when the neighboring club opens and smothers the restaurant
  • Restaurante El Agrado
    Popular with locals, this little restaurant has been going strong for 35 years. It serves up the regular Colombian á la carte fare as well as daily specials for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Chamaco
    This cozy local favorite has endearing paper hearts dangling about the restaurant and serves up typical Colombian cuisine and great seafood. Private dining booths are available.
  • Esta Es Colombia Cena Show
    Esta es Colombia Cena Show (This is Colombia Dinner Show) is a new cultural proposition, created as a permanent space of dissemination of Colombian folklore, musical culture and cuisine. The staging, "Four Colombian Areas", in charge of the Group Traditional Colombian Dance Delia Zapata Olivella,
  • Restaurante China Hong Kong Huang
    In a small interior patio bedecked with red lanterns, across from Plaza Santander, is Mocoa's local Sino-style restaurant. Its menu is composed of chow mein, chop suey and fried rice prepared with beef, chicken or pork. National favorites like arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) also make the
  • Restaurante Al Humo
    Many years ago abuelita (grandma) Guillermina wowed the region with her smoked meats. Several generations later, the family is continuing the tradition with Restaurante Al Humo. This small eatery built of bamboo serves up Grandma's recipes for smoked pork ribs, chops, chicken and cachama fis
  • Restaurante Tucunare
    Restaurante Tucunare is nothing fancyâ??just a large, simply dressed eatery serving nothing but down-to-earth meals. It is also one of the more economical restaurants in Puerto Nariño, Its breakfasts cost $2.10 and the luncheon specials are $2.65. Unfortunately, Restaurante Tucunare is not open fo
  • Restaurante Casa Real
    In Restaurant Casa Real, the lunchtime atmosphere is bustling. Waitresses are swiftly moving from table to table, serving plates of the daily special ($3.50) to hungry customers. This diner is often busy, however, from breakfast to dinner. Restaurante Casa Real not only prepares down-home meals.
  • Sanzzini's
    With a large brick furnace visible in the kitchen, Sanzzini's obviously specializes in all things Italian. Reasonably sized pizzas and excellent calzone are enough to make the first time visitor a frequent diner here. Located on the corner of Calle 19, the store can be hard to find. Once you do, how
  • L'arca Tierra & Mar
    Cocina moderna, de mar y tierra, enfocada en la preparación de pescados y mariscos frescos, para deleitar el paladar. Ofrece deliciosos ceviches, filetes de pescado y carnes maduradas con salsas que han sido creadas por los expertos de nuestra cocina. Nuestra idea no es copiar, es crear
  • Sakura Japonés
    Although Sakura Japonés doesn't serve the most authentic Japanese cuisine in the country, you can still count on having a very complete meal here in a pleasant atmosphere. There is a set lunch menu that includes juice, soup, salad, vegetables, meat or chicken, rice or potatoes, and a pastry desser
  • Tapas Macarena
    A hip Dutch/Colombian couple opened Tapas Macarena back in 2007 to fill the city's lack of a traditional tapas bar and to create an intimate space to share food with friends. All meals in this tiny corner spot begin with tasty homemade bruschetta, and the menu offers international whiskeys and Belg
  • Frida
    Though far out of reach for most people on a budget, Frida's is quite simply the best Mexican restaurant in town. Words cannot describe the flavorsome exuberance of the pork ribs bathed in a rosa de jamaica salsa. For more conventional and just as savory bites, try the fajitas or the sopa azteca. B
  • La Hamburgueseria
    Small, brightly decorated with a streetside heated patio, La Hamburgueseria does exactly what you'd expect. This is the place to come in Bogota should you start to salivate at the prospect of a succulent burger. Medallions of beef are also recommended as is the calentao.
  • Leo Cocina y Cava
    Quite simply the most exclusive and expensive restaurant in Bogota and with good reason. Chef Leonor Espinosa has dedicated this establishment to saving Colombian coastal food. If you can make a reservation and secure a table then be sure to try the tuna cut encrusted with santanderean ants. Come w
  • Perros Fredy
    Perros Fredy is more than just hot dogs and hamburgers. It also has some simple à la carte dishes, like steak ($2.65-3.70). Perros Fredy additionally serves a standard comida corriente with drink that is made with purified water ($2.65). You can choose to sit inside at the short counter and chat
  • Restaurant Hotel Villa Real
    Steam rising from the pots bathes doña Marta's face as she dishes up another bowl of soup. Her family is out in the five-table dining rooms, bustling from one customer to another. The main dish comes next with meat, rice and veggies. With a drink made from bottled water, this lunch (or dinner) cost
  • Super Jugos La Ñapa
    Super Jugos La Ñapa is nothing to look at but the locals love it. Fruits of all shapes and sizes are blended up here into juices, and you can even enjoy tropical flavors that have no names in the English language. Fancy a snack? Cheap sandwiches are also on offer.
  • Brasas del Rio
    The Brasas del Río is one of the establishments along the Magdalena River. In this pleasant riverside setting, surrounded by abundant greenery and artisan stalls, feast on huilense parilla (a local pork specialty) or more familiar fare such as grilled beef, chicken or fish. Prices are reaso
  • El Gran Chalet
    For budget eats in the city center, you can't beat El Gran Chalet. The inside wall has been decorated by local artists and the set meals are economical and generous, served by smiling waitresses.
  • Toy Wan
    Clean and classy with a great location in the city center, Ton Wans serves up delicious Chinese cuisine with impeccable service. Popular with local businessmen and rated one of the city's top choices, this establishment has great afternoon specials from 3-6 p.m. and a generous list of wines to choo
  • Chuzo Restaurante
    From the finely polished red awnings that single out Chuzo as a landmark in downtown Ibagué to the neatly arranged and stylishly decorated interior, Chuzo is an upper-crust eatery. With sophisticated takes on hamburgers and steaks, customers can feast on hearty patties in mushroom sauces or delica
  • Tijuana
    Wedged between a Renault dealership on one side and a garage on the other, the proprietors of Tijuana could have chosen a more tranquil spot for their restaurant and bar. Despite this, the adobe-style architecture, Mexican flags and good food make this somewhere to enjoy something different than th
  • Frutería y Heladería Alaska
    With a juice bar called â??Alaskaâ? in the hot region of Neiva, the owners of Frutería y Heladería Alaska are clearly trying to entice customers seeking a cool drink and refuge from the sun. Here the patron is presented with an exhaustive list of fruit juices and some interesting house concoc
  • Restaurant, Hotel La Sierra
    Hotel La Sierra looks like an old garage, but at mealtimes its five cloth-covered tables are crammed with people. Breakfast is caldo de papa, or eggs with bread, cheese and coffee or hot chocolate ($1.30-1.85). Comida corriente is served for lunch or dinner. This set plate
  • Restaurant, Hotel Brisa del Nevado
    Hotel Brisa del Nevado's restaurant is a surprising member of Güicán's meager dining scene. Its two rooms are smartly decorated in a country style, and the doorways onto the streets are screened with glass and wood inserts accented with a wrought-iron vine motif. In the evening, candlelight illu
  • Restaurante Desayunadero El Arreiro
    An airy restaurant constructed of plaited bamboo slat walls, Restaurante Desayunadero El Arreiro prepares simple criolla dishes. Sit down at one of the clothed tables to a basic, two-course comida corriente (with drink, $1.60) or one of the many à la carte entrées on the menu ($3.20). The señor
  • Hechizo de la Luna
    Hechizo de la Luna—Moonstruck—you shall be eating at one of Villa de Leyva's best pizzarias. The moon theme threads through the dining experience, from the stained glass hurricane lamp lighting your table to the wine glass with the Man in the Moon amidst a dusting of stars to the bill on t
  • Huila Café
    Located on the second floor of an elegant hall with high ceilings, wooshing fans and ample space, the Huila Café is more than just your average café. Don't be put off by the couples canoodling in private corners; the coffee is excellent and the location is among Neiva's best. If you are hungry, a
  • Restaurante Kowloon Dragones
    Find Chinese restaurants in every corner of Colombia, even in San Gil. Restaurante Kowloon Dragones presents the visitor with a full menu of Sino classics prepared with a variety of meats and sauces. Also on the menu are a few choices for the vegetarian, as well as some international dishes. If a g
  • Restaurante Pizca Arte & Sabor
    Up the hill of the ever-hip El Peñón is this trendy Mediterranean lunch and dinner spot. The place is rather artsy, with modern paintings, nice décor, stylish furniture and warm-colored walls. The food here isn't bad, though you'll need deep pockets. Appetizers are between $6-8 and mains like s
  • Piccolo Pomodoro
    A very cozy Italian eatery with pizza and pasta and all the desirable fixings, Piccolo Pomodoro aims to please, and does so effortlessly. All of the food here, including several different types of ravioli (even asparagus!), is homemade and absolutely delicious. There are some yummy appetizers like
  • Seaflower Bakery and Coffee Shop
    Should you find yourself in Town (Santa Isabel) and in need of a sightseeing break, then look no further than Seaflower. This small bakery has pastries, sandwiches, coffees and a bookstore. It's cheap, friendly and very much a local's place.
  • West View Restaurant
    After a dip in La Piscinita to check out the fish and mantas, stop into West View Restaurant for a plate of fresh seafood. This unassuming eatery offers up fried fish and ceviche, as well as lobster and crab entrées. Typical island cuisine is also served, including the staple rundown stew, made
  • Margherita E Carbonara
    Travelers (yes, even Italians) frequently rave about Margherita e Carbonara. The pull up a table out on the patio or inside to savor the dishes at this trattoria owned by Vanni from Emilia-Romagna. Risotto, lasagna and a whole gamut of pastas, including tortellini and gnocchi, are prepared to per
  • Miss Celia Restaurant
    For a taste of real Island food, drop by Miss Celia Restaurant. This well-known diner offers fish, conch, lobster and other fruits of the sea. Be sure to try the classic crab soup or the rundown. The menu also includes Colombian favorites, like mondongo (tripe soup), chicharrón (por
  • Mister Panino
    Mister Panino is an intimate Italian restaurant owned by a native of Naples. The menu is an eclectic affair, using the day's freshest ingredients to create gourmet Italo-Caribbean dishes. One day seafood tortellini may come hot to the table, on another eggplant ravioli. The risotto with asparagus
  • Restaurant Vegetariano Govinda's
    A different breed of revolutionaries has descended upon Ipiales. No, they are not garbed in olive drab, but rather they wear saffron and other colored robes. The only weapons they wave are spoons. Indeed, the Hare Krishnas have arrived and are introducing vegetarian cooking to this border town. Fou
  • Restaurant, Hotel Manhattan
    You don't have to be a guest to enjoy one of the good meals the women whip up at the Hotel Manhattan. The restaurant is located in the large, skylighted patio. With a smile, they'll serve you a breakfast of eggs, bread or arepa, rice and hot chocolate. The lunch and dinner set meals
  • Restaurante Pisimbalá
    Restaurante Pisimbalá, of the inn of the same name, is virtually your only dining choice in the Parque Arqueológico sector of Tierradentro. The señora makes up a good meal of whatever happens to be at hand, usually consisting of the day's soup, and a bandaje (main dish) or rice, beans, meat, sala
  • La Cave
    La Cave serves as proof as to why Popayán was awarded the 2005 UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. I went to La Cave three times. The second and third times were two weeks following my initial visit, 'cause I wanted to have an accurate assessment of its homemade cheesecake, which I believed to be the
  • Helados de Paila
    On those blindingly hot payanés days, drop by Helados de Paila for homemade ice cream made in a large copper bowl snuggled in a bed of ice. Blackberry, papaya and a variety of other natural fruit flavors await your taste buds. A fresh fruit salad also fits the cool-down bill well. You can come
  • La Viña Parrillada
    Mornings people drop in to catch up on the events, on gossip, over a cup of coffee and pan de oro from La Viña's in-house bakery, or over breakfast. Come afternoon, the place hops with business people and office workers setting down to the scrumptious comida corriente. Evenings you c
  • Restaurante La Oficina
    The interior of Restaurante La Oficina is a bit incongruous with its name: the decorations are rustic, a bit humble, with pink cloths draping the tablesâ??not quite like an office. But nonetheless this is another favorite lunch spot for Payaneses escaping from the doldrums of their offices ($2.65)
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Vital
    Around the corner from the Vital health store on Carrera 9 is the shop's vegetarian restaurant. A short staircase leads up to a four-table and counter affair where delicious meals are served. Restaurante Vegetariano Vital prepares a daily lunch special that comes with soup, main course and drink. D
  • Café Plaza Mayor
    A favorite gathering place for Valledupar residents is Café Plaza Mayor. In the evenings, they sit at tables on the tree-lined sidewalk, drinking beer and sharing news. Inside, small rooms exhibit local artists' works. Another ambiance awaits patrons on the large back patio. There, groups of white
  • Restaurant Row
    For a decent, cheap lunch, head to Tolú's Restaurant Row, which begins at the boardwalk and extends one block along Calle 20. Twenty great little stalls serve up fresh fish with rice and salad at a super-economical price. Around lunchtime the stalls are packed with locals, especially the most
  • Terraza Restaurante La 15
    Terraza Restaurante La 15 is one of Tolú's better restaurants. The service here is quick and the food is tasty (though the prices are a bit high). You can't complain about the setting either, since Terraza is on a breezy corner of the boardwalk with tables by the beach and a covered patio. Ope
  • Restaurante Donde Carlos
    Donde Carlos looks great from the outside: clean with its peach and cream colored decor. But the food here is expensive and not very tasty. Instead of asking for la carta (the menu), ask directly about la comida corriente (daily special), which will be half the price. Ope
  • La Muzzería
    La Muzzería is one of a half-dozen sidewalk cafés now adorning the Callejón del Correo (Carrera 3) pedestrian mall. This pizzeria offers 16 varieties of thin-crust pies for vegetarians and omnivores. A delicious option is its not-so-simple version of the Napolitana, with sweet red pepper, fresh
  • Restaurante Punto Marino
    Restaurante Punto Marino is a beach side eatery offering a wide assortment of fish and seafood meals. Under the broad awning, families and tour groups grab a white wicker chair at a table and ponder the extensive menu. Punto Marino has a variety of Menu Tropical set meals that come with soup and ma
  • Varadero Restaurant and Bar
    Ideally located just a block from Parque Principal, Varadero serves a fantastic breakfast complete with scrambled eggs (with ham, tomato and onions), arepa, cheese, and your choice of hot chocolate or coffee. Prices on the menu are outdated, so be sure to find out the price of your food b
  • Restaurante Punta de Piedra
    Restaurante Punta de Piedra is a peaceful place to have dinner. The owner, Saul, is super friendly and frequently hosts card games with his friends in one corner of the dining room. The openness of this restaurant and the amiable locals make this a great place to wind down, people-watch, and en
  • La Casita Del Mar Pizzeria Italiana
    This attractive little place on the beach is a solid pizza/pasta restaurant, serving up tasty and familiar Italian favorites. Portion sizes are generous, and the restaurant has a view to the ocean. The friendly owners and staff aim to please and service is good. La Casita del Mar has just a few tab
  • Restaurante Muralla China
    Valledupar's resident Chinese restaurant, Muralla China, has over 80 Sino dishes as well as a few international ones. Start off your meal with lumpia (eggrolls) or a seafood cocktail before moving on to one of the classic Chinese plates, in either half or full order: chow fan (fried rice), chop sue
  • Pachamama
    Pachamama has a reputation of one of the most popular places to dine in Taganga, and with good reason. The two French owners prepare exquisite, well presented food. The service is excellent. Delicious menu items include steak that melts in the mouth, a fiery chicken curry, and fish cooked in a v
  • Tiki Bar
    Right on the seafront, the swanky (for Taganga) Tiki Bar is also home to the surfing-beach gear store, Taganga Xtreme. Menu items include pizzas, sandwiches and snacks (ask what is and isn't available). Service at the alfresco café-restaurant is slow, mainly because the staff is also busy with
  • Mojito Restaurant Bar
    Mojito Restaurant Bar is fairly heavily patronized, in part due to their drinks special, which allows an hour use of Internet in their adjoining
  • No-Name Restaurant
    With whatever might be available in this small village, doña Elma whips up simple meals. Breakfast might be eggs, rice, potatoes and coffee. Your lunch or dinner will, of course, have soupâ??and the main dish meat or local trout, rice, yucca, tomatoes and drink. This yellow-and-orange-house eater
  • Restaurante-Cafetería Hotel Los Ídolos
    In the front covered courtyard of the Hotel Los Ídolos is another cheap San Agustín eatery. The friendly women here serve up down-home Colombian meals. The full-helping comida corriente is a comfortable $1.60, but the bargain half meal still has quite ample portions ($1.30) for those travelers h
  • Comedor
    Doña Blanca and her neighbors continue to cook up meals in a large hut on the other side of the thermal pools. (Don't get your hopes up too much; due to a 1995 earthquake, the heat and flow of these springs greatly diminished.) From dawn until 8 p.m., these women are serving up standard comidas
  • Latin Coffee
    With set-lunch menus in a clean and calm area in the Centro, you won't do a great deal better than Latin Coffee if you're in this part of town. All lunches come with soup, then either roast chicken or grilled beef with rice, salad, an arepa and a juice to wash it down.
  • Amazonia
    Amazonia sits in the hot nightlife area of Parque Lleras, the heart of Medellín's Zona Rosa. The restaurant offers exotic foods from lesser known regions of Colombia. While Amazonia claims to offer bites from the Amazon and beyond, if these are not to your liking, there are many traditional dishes
  • El Zócalo
    This restaurant in El Poblado has excellent fajitas and quesadillas. Live shows every Friday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • Restaurante Plaza Mayor
    Located on the ground floor of the Hostal Plaza Mayor, this restaurant serves up great grilled dishes and typical Colombian fare for great prices. When it's not raining, it pulls tables out into the plaza.
  • El Acontista Café
    This hip café is popular with the student crowd. The walls are decorated with vintage posters and photographs of American jazz musicians. It has daily specials, free WiFi and delicious cheesecake.
  • Leomar No. 2
    This busy little café is next to the Plazoleta de las Esculturas. It is a great place to fill up on bandeja paisa after a few hours in the Museo Antioquia. Also serves up good, cheap lunches and snacks.
  • La Grappa
    La Grappa, another chic offering in the continually buzzing Parque Lleras, specializes in Mediterranean cooking, pastas and meats. Perhaps its setting attracts revelers more so than diners: Tall glass windows and a deck on the second floor make this a very stylish place to sip a cocktail before hea
  • Restaurants in Parque El Poblado
    El Poblado is not a restaurant, but rather, a conglomeration of small, family-run establishments where one can dine out at lunchtime for the $2 mark. Set dishes are as you would expect: rice, beans, piece of chicken or beef, a nod at some salad and a juice to wash it all down. Hardy fare to fill tho