Colombia Hotels

From a shared room in a hostel to renting a country house, the lodging options in Colombia have the capacity to satisfy every need and budget.

Cities like Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena are equipped with hotel chains of standard services; however, as you venture into the country and more isolated beaches you are bound to find lodging options such as finca hotels (ranches turned into lodges), country hotels and eco-hotels.

Currently, the majority of environmental friendly options are not so budget friendly, yet they are unique places worth your money, if you are willing to spring for it. There are also apartments in big cities, a good option for an extended stay.

  • Macondo Guesthouse
    Macondo Guesthouse has become the place to stay in San Gil. Australian-born Shaun opens his doors of this colonial house just a few blocks from Parque La Libertad to backpackers and other travelers. He offers both dorms and private rooms, all sharing baths. Amenities include kitchen, laundry facili
  • Casa de Felipe
    Literally built by hand, Casa de Felipe is a work of many years of love. Felipe has created a most spectacularly comfortable space for the budget traveler with the amenities we need, including kitchen and laundry facilities. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated. The shady garden terrace
  • Hostal Renacer
    Hostal Renacer is a place to be reborn after a day of strenuous sightseeing. Located just outside Villa de Leyva, Oscar has created just the place for backpackers to relax and rest. Dorm, room or camping, super-clean common bath or private—there is something to fit every budget. The upstairs s
  • La Casa Amarilla
    Way overdue, there is finally a budget option for travelers in Mompós. La Casa Amarilla is a large, renovated colonial mansion with views over the Magdalena River. The kioscos are in a great place, out where you can enjoy an ice cold beer and watch the howler monkeys. Prices, as you would expect
  • Posada de San Antonio
    Located in a beautifully restored colonial mansion in the antique barrio of San Antonio, this posada's familiar style and relaxed ambiance have made it a favorite with those wishing to stay in an establishment a step up from grungy backpacker digs. With a capacity to hold 45 people, Posada de San A
  • Finca El Maco
    René has created the wonderful ecological Finca El Maco for those budget travelers who want to stay in fresh country air, eat excellent pizza and relax while checking out all that San Agustín has to offer. Creative lodging choices like spending a night in a teepee with a fire pit adds to the adve
  • Hotel San Carlos
    The Hotel San Carlos is one of the budget options in San Gil. It is close to the Parque Central, the central market and Parque Natural Gallineral. A variety of rooms are provided, for one to three persons or families, some with private bath and television. The reception area has cable television. T
  • Provincia Hostel Valledupar
    Provincia Hostel Valledupar, located a block from the main plaza, is the perfect place for relaxing. The hostel has both dormitories and private rooms with fan or air conditioning, and many bathrooms to avoid showering bottlenecks. The hostel features many common areas, with game tables, hammocks
  • The Gypsy Residence In Macondo
    The Gypsy Residence welcomes backpackers to Moconda. This small hostel, with only two double rooms and a six-bed dormitory, is intimate and inviting. Relax in the common room, hang out on the front patio watching Aracataca happenings, or sway away a sultry afternoon ina hammock in the shady backyar
  • Palm Tree Hostel
    Perhaps the â??grand dameâ? of Medellín hostels, the Palm Tree has maintained a steady record over the years as a popular backpacker haunt. This townhouse, which sits in a residential neighborhood close to cheap restaurants and next door to a massive supermarket, has everything a budget travel
  • Hostal Casa Del Río
    Casa del Río, which opened its doors in 2010, is right on the Rumiyaco River, at the Caliyaco swimming spot. Caliyaco is one of the most popular swimming areas in Mocoa, so guests have the priviledge of having it at their toes. The hostel has six double rooms and two four-bed dorms; each room has
  • Posada del Angel
    This hostel is the best find in town and just a few paces from the main plaza. Most tourists don't know about this place because it is not in an obvious location. Upon arrival at the plaza, instead of heading back through town from where you came, head down the hill half a block on Calle 6, where y
  • Jovita's
    This recommended hostel in San Antonio offers free salsa and yoga classes to its guests. Housed in a renovated colonial building with a courtyard filled with hammocks, Jovita's has a lot to offer: a mini-gym, a BBQ, a garden and stocked TV room for socializing, a small bar, and even local food works
  • Hacienda Guayabal
    If you don't mind staying outside of Manizales to get an hacienda experience, this gorgeous coffee farm and homestay in Chinchiná is a fantastic option. Hacienda Guayabal is a totally self-sufficient farm that exports its coffee overseas to places like Japan and Spain. For $8, you can take a three
  • Hotel Suite Center
    Smack dab in the center of Pereira, Hotel Suite Center is likely the most affordable and comfortable option. Rooms range from a bit shabby (with metal bunk beds), to pretty posh (canopy bed, large TV and a bathtub in the bedroom). All rooms have hot water and a fair share of comfort and security.
  • Hotel El Dorado
    El Dorado is one of the oldest lodging options in Tumaco, serving travelers for over 35 years. The second floor is full of rooms sharing clean-enough common baths with cold water only. On the roof, surrounding a garden patio, are very nice cabañas for one to three people, with private, cold-water
  • Hotel La Sierra
    No sign marks the presence of Hotel La Sierra. However, this house a few blocks downhill from the plaza is a hostel where for years the knowledgeable Profe has offered rooms to trekkers and others heading into the national park.Inside are several floors of rooms with private hot-water baths and tel
  • Hotel Estelar Estación
    Designed and constructed in an era when opulence and class meant everything, the Hotel Estelar Estación cuts an awkward gait in today's Buenaventura. Its stucco-fronted balconies set it apart as the only true upscale hotel in the city. If it is luxury you are after, pick any one of its 75 suites,
  • Hotel Barranquilla
    The most luxurious hotel at Playa El Morro, Hotel Barranquilla is a sharp high rise with well-equipped rooms. All have air-conditioning, private bath, hot water, fridge and cable TV, while some also sport a balcony and sea view. If you'd like to explore nearby sights, the owners of Hotel Barranquil
  • Kabañas Kanwara
    Kabañas Kanwara is probably the most luxurious inn in the park district. The three cabañas have five rooms each (one to three beds each, plus table) and hot-water shower. Their balconies have a fine view of the Ritaku'was and the cordillera (mountains). Two of the lodges have kitchenettes, but no
  • Gran Hotel
    With 28 well-appointed rooms all containing a private bathroom, much-needed air conditioning, cable TV, and mini-bar, the Gran Hotel is a place where you would gladly spend the night. The hotel's reception is helpful and friendly. There is an on-site restaurant and all rooms come with WiFi access.
  • Hacienda La Esperanza
    After being abandoned for a spell, Hacienda La Esperanza has undergone a renovation at the loving hand of Marco Artura Valderrama, once more giving shelter to weary explorers. Its highly polished floors gleam. The thick earthen walls of this 200-year-old farmhouse keep the three, multi-bed guest ro
  • Hotel El Frailejón
    Hotel El Frailejón isn't anything special, but it does have two advantages: It's centrally located near the bus offices and it's Güicán's cheapest inn. Perhaps that is why it is frequently full. The rooms are up a narrow staircase, above the restaurant-shop. The quarters are large with little f
  • Cabaña Gaicany
    In a three-story, A-frame chalet, Juan Carlos Carreño and his family provide simple rooms with bunk beds for up to 35 guests. On the third floor are two rooms, each with a double bed. Up there is also a sitting area for everyone's pleasure with a view onto the snowy peaks. No rooms are heated. The
  • Hotel Unuuipa
    Hotel Unuuipa wears the colors of these desert lands: salmon, ochre and melon. Inside are two courtyards around which somewhat cramped rooms are arranged. All have private baths, though for your shower, you have to scoop water out of the provided barrel and toss it over yourself. With a variety of
  • Hotel Panorama
    he rooms at the two-story Hotel Panorama are spacious enough, with built-in concrete platform beds that sport comfortable mattresses. Other amenities in these quarters are private baths with cold water, cable TV, and your choice of fan or air conditioning. A common balcony on the second floor overl
  • Hotel Palaaima
    For many years, Doña Iris has been welcoming visitors to Manaure. Her Hotel Palaaima is the best lodging option in the village. The beautiful white building has 14 airy rooms, simply decorated, with a private bath, TV, and fan or air conditioning. She is knowledgeable about the Guajira and can hel
    By far, Hotel Los Corales is the very best hotel-resort in the whole area. This beachside hotel has 80 guest rooms, suites and a presidential suite (with Jacuzzi), each with air conditioning, private bathtub, hot water, linens, towels, satellite TV, fridge and balcony. The amenities of this hotel i
  • Hotel Capilla del Sol
    Nine floors of hotel rooms provide the visitor with plenty of options for ocean views from Cascajal Island. All rooms have air conditioning, a private bathroom, mini-bar, WiFi and balcony. The rooms are well attended and comfortable. On the roof terrace, there is a well-regarded restaurant that sta
  • Hotel Guaduales del Pacífico
    Hotel Guaduales, built from giant bamboo, is an example of the traditional architecture found in this region. The rooms are simpleâ??a bit rough, but adequateâ??with a private bath (cold water only) and mosquito nets over the beds. The screened windows make the rooms light and airy. The common up
  • Hotel Balboa Plaza
    In the hands of its original owner and creator, Pablo Escobar, this hotel must have been opulent. Now its glory has faded considerably and the external features are desperately in need of some love and affection. Torn and stained awnings flutter in tatters over windows, the gardenâ??while a place
  • Hotel Bahia
    This 15-room hotel is the better of the two facing buildings on the so-called Calle de Comercio. Rooms are unimpressive, but are clean and come with private bathroom. The hotel has a decent restaurant on the ground floor and a small kiosk for making phone calls.
  • Hotel Intercontinental
    An enormous luxury hotel conveniently located by the river and close to El Centro, Intercontinental is part of the Hotel Estelar chain spread throughout Colombia. This one features almost 300 spacious guest rooms and suites. Despite its immense size, this hotel offers surprisingly personalized serv
  • Hotel Dann and Dann Carlton
    Two towers stretching across Calle 2 connected by a third-floor footbridge make up the very large and luxurious Hotel Dann and Dann Carlton. The Carlton tower is the newer, noticeably more modern and shiny one, with a gorgeous covered third-floor pool and bar. Together, the brick towers provide n
  • Hospedaje Los Delfines
    Hospedaje Los Delfines is a fine place to stay if you can afford to spend a bit more. All the rooms are nicely furnished and include a private bathroom, fan, mini-bar and screened windows. Hammocks abound in the courtyard and there is a TV in the common room. This hotel has something that distingui
  • Hotel Restaurante Casa Vieja
    Hotel Restaurante Casa Vieja is a bit of a misnomer, since it no longer has a restaurant. However, internationally renowned local artist Roberto Arango still opens the doors of his worn colonial home to the weary traveler, offering large rooms in various states of repair around the main courtyard. T
  • Design Hotel Austral
    With 19 rooms, this hotel is clearly aimed at those looking at options in the “boutique” range. The whole place has a sparkling new feel with its simplistic designs and spartan décor. Its rooms, which have a Swiss modern feel, have all the conveniences you would expect, though you won't
  • Hostal San Fernando
    Just up the hill and within a block of the Parque del Perro is the Hostal San Fernando. Its 12 rooms are all equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms, but are a little dark. It is a decent place, but perhaps not ideal for those traveling with a partnerâ??all the room windows open onto
  • Hotel Malecon
    As the name suggests, this hotel is located right next to the port, which straddles the Atrato River. Its drab stairwell is hard to miss. Don't let the façade put you off, though; Hotel Malecón is a good option. It is safe; its 25 rooms are clean; and Ramón, the concierge, is a great source of
  • Hostal La Nena
    The absolute budget option in Nuqui. Just follow the road from the airport towards the beach and turn right on the last paved road. Hostal La Nena is rustic and family run. Noise may be an issue from mechanics working on boat engines out front and the four rooms offered, while clean and newly furnis
  • Kipara Hotel
    An attractive swimming pool and a pleasant location near the stunning El Almejal beach makes the Kipara Hotel a choice escape for people from Medellín. A restaurant and bar are also on-site, though the family-run Kipara is no luxury resort.
  • Hotel Brisas del Nevado
    Hotel Brisas del Nevado is a pleasant inn located just a half-block from the main plaza and bus stops. Its clean, simply furnished rooms in the main building are bright with natural light and have one to four beds. Most share the sparkling common baths. Out in the garden is a new duplex cabaña with
  • Residencias del Centro
    Officially it is now called Residencias del Centro but everyone still calls it Residencias Colombia. The orange and green sign hanging out front takes a neutral stance on the issue. It just simply says â??Residencias.â? It is still, though, the most centrally located of the cheaper inns in Letic
  • Hotel Valle
    The Hotel Valle offers a roof over the traveler's head, some food and little more. Double rooms are cramped, with sheets that don't fully cover the mattresses. Towels are provided, and rooms are available with private bathrooms. There are two pleasant terraces on the second level. The ají sauce p
  • Palmas del Pacifico
    The Palmas del Pacifico is located a block behind the other accommodation choices in Nuqui and is a definite step up from the Hostal La Nena. Comfortable if dated cabanas are provided and guests can enjoy sea breezes from their terrazas. As with most hotels in the region the Palmas del Pacifico reli
  • Iraka del Mar Eco Hotel
    The brightly painted Iraka del Mar Eco-Hotel is the best hotel that the town of Nuquí itself has to offer. The hotel welcomes guests with 12 inviting cabins, all equipped with private bathrooms and decks with hammocks. The staff can arrange tours and transport to other parts of the Chocó, includi
  • Hotel Yalconia del Mar
    Hotel Yalconia del Mar has upgraded over the years from a basic hotel to one now providing the weary traveler with comfortable, elegant rooms at a mid-range price. The rooms are large, with private bath (cold-water shower), cable TV, and air conditioning or fan. Doña Amanda knows the Guajira regio
  • Hotel Gimaura
    Undoubtedly, Hotel Gimaura is a great lodging choice in Riohacha. Located at the eastern end of Avenida la Marina, this two-story lodge has generous rooms set around a garden or overlooking a field where the heliport used to be. All accommodations have air conditioning to keep you comfortable in th
  • Hostal Misión Santa Bárbara
    This former family mansion is now one of Barichara's most prestigious inns, without being pretentious. The older part of this large house is one story, with a grape-harbor-covered patio. The newer section is two-story, with a five-stroke swimming pool in which to cool down after hiking. Throughout
  • Hotel Amparo
    A friendly, family-run inn, Hotel Amparo provides its guests with no-frill rooms with or without TV. All have private, cold-water baths and fan to keep you cool in the hot Bucaramanga climate. The beds are okay. The rooms are cleaned daily. In the main lobby of this two-story hotel is a television,
  • Hotel Villa Real
    A quaint, family run inn, Hotel Villa Real is a comfortable place to stay in El Cocuy—both in price and in ambience. The rooms—all on the upper stories—are finely decorated and come in a variety of sizes (one to six beds) depending on your traveling group. The rooms share the clean c
  • Hotel Coratá
    Just a block from Barichara's main plaza, is an old casona that has taken on the life of a hotel. On its first floor, around a corridor porch, are nine spacious rooms for its guests' rest, all adequately furnished. These habitaciones come with TV and private, cold-water bathroom. Stairs lead from
  • Hostería del Molina La Mesopotamia
    Built in 1568 as a wheat mill, Hostería del Molina La Mesopotamia is now one of Villa de Leyva's finest inns. You'll feel like you're slipping back in time here, especially because its rooms are furnished with period pieces. Heavy embroidered curtains keep the quarters warm at night while you sn
  • Hotel Oasis
    Three generations of women have been housing visitors since 1953 at the Hotel Oasis. It is on of the few inns in Capitanejo that as a dual price list: one for the temporada baja, low season, and another for the temporada alta, high season. All the large, simply dressed rooms have windows and private
  • Hotel Colonial
    Located a half-block from the Plazoleta Municipal on a quiet street, Hotel Colonial provides its guests with comfortable, clean rooms. Beds are super-fresh, not being made up until you arrive. All upstairs rooms have windows, mostly over the street, private cold-water bath, television and fan. Meal
  • Residencias Las Tres Margaritas
    Another family-atmosphere hotel in the city's center that promises three important basics: safety, cleanliness and cheap prices, is Residencias Las Tres Margaritas. This is a fairly new, four-story building with amply sized rooms that are clean with private, cold-water baths and cable television. S
  • Hospedaje D'Kpri
    Hospedaje D'Kpri is essentially a boarding house for university students. However, some rooms are rented out to travelers. The small quarters have all furniture built-in, from the platform bed to the night table. The attached bath is clean and has hot water. If you are planning to stay a while in t
  • Hotel Las Pirámides
    Located between the bus terminal and downtown, Hotel Las Pirámides is a good mid-range choice for the journeyer needing to spend a night in Cúcuta. The modern building proffers well-appointed rooms with private bath (cold water only), double beds, television and fan or air conditioning. (There is
  • Hotel Santander
    Hotel Santander is a ganga, a bargain, just a half-block from Parque García Rovira, in Málaga's Zona Rosa. The modern rooms are clean and good-sized. All have cable TV and private baths with gas-heated hot showers. To top it off, the friendly family serves you free coffee and orange juice in the
  • Hotel Casa Real Cúcuta
    Just a few blocks from the bus terminal, Hotel Casa Real Cúcuta is one of the few places along Avenida 7 that has that ambiente familiar, or family atmosphere. It doesn't quite have the shine as in days past, and honestly some of the rooms have become quite shabby. (Ask to see several before decid
  • Carionga Hotel
    A time-worn resort built in the contemporary 1960s architecture of glass and metal, Hotel Carionga still provides the best service to the journeyer to Pamplona. It caters primarily to businesspeople, excursion groups and families. The era-theme continues into the large rooms, in classic 1960s simpl
  • Hotel Balmoral
    Conveniently located in the center of the city, Hotel Balmoral is a mid-range option for your visit to Bucaramanga. The hostel is a bit worn, but clean. It offers four floors of accommodation, all with windows and some with balconies. The large rooms come equipped with firm beds, air conditioning,
  • Hotel Chicamocha
    One of Bucaramanga's finest hostels is Hotel Chicamocha. Providing the best in services to up-scale and corporate business travelers, Hotel Chicamocha provides luxuries few other inns do. Courtesy of the house are a welcoming cocktail, breakfast buffet, a pillow menu (yes, you read correctly), medi
  • Hotel Ursua
    The Hotel Ursua has always reminded me of my country grandmother's house: big, overstuffed beds and mis-matched furniture in the rooms and generations of now-antique sewing machines, irons, phonographs and other items scattered throughout. (Be sure to check out the LP record collection—everyth
  • Hotel Casa de los Fundadores
    Casa de los Fundadores (as it is commonly called) is an inn with a bit of a difference: It is a project of the Dominican nuns. Many years ago, their community was on these lands. Now the sisters have built an exclusive hotel with all the luxuries you can imagine, from to sauna and chocolate therap
  • Hotel La Posada de San Antonio
    This mid-19th Century mansion on Parque Nariño is now the very fine Hotel La Posada de San Antonio. It has the feel of a country squire mansion, with a pool table in the library, chapel, many antiques and conservative décor. Don Quixote makes frequent appearances throughout the inn. Off the cobbl
  • Hotel Victoria
    Hotel Victoria is a quaint, family-owned hotel near the major attractions of San Gil. The beautiful courtyard has several different sitting areas, all protected from the rain. Several different types of rooms are available, for one to five people. There are basic ones with a private bath, a fan,
  • Hotel El Viajero
    Conveniently located on Carrera 11, just a few blocks from Parque Gallineral and the market, the Hotel El Viajero provides comfortable accommodations for the traveler who ventures to San Gil. All rooms have windows, private bath (room-temperature water) and cable TV, as well as a table and chair fo
  • Hotel Granada Real
    The Hotel Granada Real sits alone on Avenida 8 Norte, but is near the amenities and nightlife attractions of Avenida 6 and barrio Granada. Definitely a place for patrons in town for a conference, the hotel's 61 rooms are all equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, mini-bar and refrigerator. It al
  • El Observatorio
    The observatory at the entrance of the Tatacoa Desert isn't just for watching the sunset, the moon rise and the world turn. Owners Pisco and Alberto also provide a variety of accommodations for sleeping under the stars in the desert. They hang hammocks on the front porch, rent tents and have two ca
  • Hotel Casa Muñoz
    The newest hotel in El Cocuy, Casa Muñoz has sharp rooms in an annex of a colonial-era house. Each room, named after one of the mountains in the national park, has cable TV and baths with gas-heated hot water. Upstairs rooms have lofts with more mattresses, which are sure to be a hit with the kids
  • Hotel Juyasirian
    Walking into Hotel Juyasirian, you can tell it was built specifically for high-ranking government officials and others of that class. The architecture has those refinements that whisper of this former existence. But now anyone can stay in its spacious rooms, most with central air conditioning and p
  • Hospedaje La Casona
    Pretty much the only official place to stay in Villavieja, La Casona has three enormous dorm rooms, one of which can sleep more than 10 people. Its huge backyard serves as the restaurant. There is even an empty, dry swimming pool that might or might not be functioning someday. Since there are so fe
  • Hotel Dux
    A creaky old building, like tattered lace, the Hotel Dux is a classic place to stay. For several generations, the friendly family has lodged visitors to Tunja. Rooms are large with at least two beds. All, save one, have private bath, and all have television. You can ask permission to wash your clot
  • Hotel American
    Another upstairs hostel, Hotel American offers respectful rooms at a comfortable price. Some have private hot water baths and televisions. Others are more basic, sans TV and sharing the common cold-water bathrooms (one for women, a second for men). The on-site restaurant is located in the covered f
  • Hospedaje Sol de la Villa
    Just off Parque Nariño, a few blocks from the bus station, is Hospedaje Sol de la Villa. A modest bed and breakfast, it provides tastefully decorated, clean rooms with private, hot water baths to its clientele. A U.S.-style breakfast is served every morning. This is the perfect place for non-smok
  • Hospedería Antonio Nariño
    Hospedería Antonio Nariño is actually a modern construction in the heart of Villa de Leyva, but built with the architecture and techniques of old. Its large, cobble stoned courtyards are sprayed by fountains and surrounded by second-floor balconies. Off these are the spacious, white rooms with mo
  • Casa Hotel Villa Cristina
    On a quiet dirt street far from the center of town is Casa Hotel Villa Christina. This rambling, multi-story house is white with red tile roofs, cobble-stoned interior courtyards and terrace, and kiosks with hammocks. Casa Hotel Villa Christina is an intimate bed and breakfast offering 10 snug room
  • Hotel Boutique La Española
    Hotel Boutique La Española is a relatively new and very special hotel on the crowded Villa de Leyva hotel scene. The Soler family's ancient home has been transformed into an intimate inn whose white-washed walls are accented with beautiful tile work throughout. Water flows through the courtyard. E
  • Hospedaje El Mirador
    Located not too far from the bus station on a quiet side street is Hospedaje El Mirador. This hostel is more for those travelers journeying in a group, as each of the well-dressed rooms come with at least two beds. With private bath and cable TV, Hospedaje El Mirador offers the classic creature com
  • Hotel El Cid
    The Hotel El Cid is located on the second floor, above a shopping mall. (The manager assures you it's quiet after 8 p.m.) All conservatively decorated rooms have private bath with hot water, cable TV, mini-bar (charges separately) and telephone. Larger habitaciones (with six beds) have balconies ov
  • Hotel Conquistador de América
    Right on the corner of the Plaza de Bolívar, Hotel Conquistador de América is a mid-range lodging option in the heart of Tunja. Two stories of rooms await your rest; some of those upstairs have balconies over the pedestrian street. All rooms have private bathrooms with gas-heated hot water, as we
  • Hotel Boyacá Plaza
    One of Tunja's finest lodges, Hotel Boyacá Plaza is in a quieter part of the city. An elevator will whisk you to your carpeted room with a window viewing the city. All have private bath with hot water, plus mini-bar (separate charge, according to what you have consumed). Smoking and non-smoking ro
  • Balcones de Ayer
    This attractive colonial home provides basic but modern accommodations half a block from the plaza. All six rooms are the same, with cable TV, a clean private bath (with hot water) and a comfortable queen-size bed. The price includes breakfast in the first-floor restaurant, which also serves tradit
  • Hotel Camino Real 1A
    This is another option in the hustle and bustle of downtown, which is cheaper than the Hotel Imperial. There are 50 rooms, so reservations usually aren't an issue. Each room comes with cable TV, private bathroom and fan.
  • Hotel Girasol
    The Hotel Girasol is in an older building with a circular front drive. Rooms are in the main edifice and a newer addition. All are large, with fan or air conditioning, private bath (agua al clima), cable TV and a mini-fridge to keep your own beers or snacks cold. This inn provides an family environm
  • Hotel Mezzaluna
    Hotel Mezzaluna, in a sleek-lined modern building, bills itself as an executive hotel, geared toward such businessmen, as well as families. Although the administration is friendly and helpful, the edifice and furnishings make the atmosphere still feel a bit impersonal. The rooms come equipped wi
  • Hotel Skal
    Hotel Skal is the most popular inn amongst backpackers in Barranquilla. It is the least expensive, decent option in the city. In a stunning early 20th-century former family home, this hostel has large, clean rooms with private bath, cable TV and a choice of fan or air conditioning. Only three rooms
  • Hotel Los Angeles
    Hotel Los Angeles is a mid-range option in the center of Barranquilla. The four-story inn has decently sized clean rooms with cable TV and private baths. Many of the rooms surround a central patio on the second floor. The view of the city from the top floor is excellent. The friendly staff wil
  • Villa Melissa
    Villa Melissa is one of Coveñas' best hotel options. The owners are friendly workaholics who will do everything within their power to make your stay a pleasant one, and their dedication to their investment shows. An impeccably clean pool welcomes people in from the beach. The accommodations ar
  • Hotel La Fragata
    La Fragata is a lively, resort-like hotel comprised six distinct buildings: three cabaña-style structures; the main reception hall, which includes second-floor rooms overlooking the ocean; a six-story structure, which has hotel rooms; and, lastly, a pool area and hut for relaxing. Having almost
  • Los Corales
    Los Corales' Swiss owner keeps a watchful eye over the hotel and can tell you firsthand how much Coveñas has changed since his hotel opened more than a decade ago. Back then, it offered just three rooms and basic accommodations. Now, this place has 27 rooms, public shower and bathroom faciliti
  • Hotel Villa Dilia
    Hotel Villa Dilia is a fine place to stay, with excellent service and pleasant rooms. This is an inn geared toward those with a bit more money to spare, though it appears to be worth it. The rooms are simple, yet well-appointed with private bath (room temperature water), mini-bar (extra charge) and
  • Hotel El Prado
    Greta Garbo stayed here, as well as Grace Kelly and Carlos Gardel. It seems their spirits still roam the arcaded balcony halls and gardens of this sophisticated, five-star hotel. Hotel El Prado rolls out the red carpet for guests, whether stars or travelers without any claim to fame. The 1930s hote
  • Miss Mary
    Imagine being able to stroll out of your room and onto a white sandy beach with cool turquoise Caribbean waters lapping the shore. That, in a nutshell, is Cabañas Miss Mary. Located in the tranquil South West Bay, Miss Mary has seven rooms with a total of 14 beds. Four rooms look out onto the
  • Hotel Miss Elma
    Hotel Miss Elma is found in the â??tourist zoneâ? of Freshwater Bay (Bahía de Agua Dulce). All four suites in the hotel have ocean views, air conditioning, mini-bar and cable TV. Well-kept and brightly painted, Hotel Miss Elma is everything a Caribbean hotel should be: effortlessly charming a
  • Hotel Sirius Center
    The Hotel Sirius Center is at the far end of South West Beach. This expansive 12-room (30-bed) development is also the site of the Sirius dive center. All rooms have air conditioning, ocean views, TV and a mini-bar. Aside from the convenience of a dive shop on your doorstep, the hotel has a con
  • Hotel Cocoplum
    Cocoplum's most striking feature is its bright, multicolored buildings overlooking palm-shaded walkways. The hotel is set on a clean, private stretch of beach, and there are roomy hammocks to relax in. There are 24 double rooms and 14 family suites, making this a large venture, although the build
  • Sunset Hotel
    Situated on the island's west coast, 20 minutes from downtown San Andrés, the Sunset Hotel offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown. The 16 rooms are immaculately laid out with bathroom, air conditioning, TV and fridge, making the Sunset an ideal place to relax. The hotel mainly
  • Hotel Oso Perezoso
    Hotel Oso Perezoso has three stories with a very relaxed and hospitable feel. There are seven private rooms including singles, doubles and a triple while each have their own bathroom. Breakfast is included. The Hotel is equipped with WiFi, free coffee all day, a travelers store. The beach is only a
  • Hotel Los Cardones
    You walk into the sitting area and reception. Beyond is the restaurant in front of a wall hiding the back courtyard around which Hotel Los Cardones' quarters are. Some have air conditioning, others more economical fans. All rooms have clean, cold-water baths and cable TV. The rooms are a bit crampe
  • Hotel Vajamar
    One of Valledupar's finest hotels, Hotel Vajamar has 20 years experience in providing comfortable, tastefully decorated rooms to the discerning traveler. Some of the suites have views over the stunning Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta—and a few even balconies where you can enjoy a meal under the m
  • Hotel Arhuaco
    Everything in the Hotel Arhuaco is done to the perfect tee, from the floral arrangements in the lobby to the restaurant tables and the rooms. The rooms are spotless with air conditioning, satellite TV, personal safe deposit box, mini bar and private bath. The baths have a real luxury in this clim
  • Hotel El Rodadero
    The modern Hotel El Rodadero's reception area greets its guests with sea-themed stained glass and sand-filled pillars. The staff will show you to a room with mini bar (extra charge), cable TV, phone, air conditioning and tepid-water bath. The rooms, even those facing the beach, are quiet. Cool off
  • Alfiz hotel
    Located in Cartagena's historic Old Town, the award-winning Hotel Alfiz is a short distance from some of the city's key tourist attractions. This boutique hotel is drenched in local history and culture, and the staff is always eager to share stories with guests. This small, beautiful, 17th-centur
  • Hotel Tres Banderas
    Hotel Tres Banderas' convenient location, relaxing atmosphere and reasonable rates make it a popular accommodation for both locals and foreigners. This hotel's 22 rooms come in three styles—standard, superior with balcony and the Canadá suite—guaranteeing to satisfy all travelers. All r
  • Hotel Charleston
    Housed in a magnificently restored 17th-century convent in the old walled city, Hotel Charleston in Plaza Santa Teresa is designed with impeccable taste and attention to detail. Its burnt orange exterior blends perfectly with its classy interior, balancing both the colonial and republican styles
  • El Marqués Hotel Boutique
    Walking through the threshold of this sturdy 17th century colonial house into the central courtyard, complete with palm trees, comfortable patio seating and fountain, is like shedding skin. El Marqués does an impeccable job of providing quality accommodations in the best location possible on the
  • Hotel El Viajero
    Talk about great location for a decent price, Hotel El Viajero is one of the few hotels in El Centro that you will find under $50 per night. This is an 18-room hotel with basic rooms â?? some with air conditioning, all with cold showers. El Viajero has been around long enough to know how to keep
  • Portal de San Diego
    A lovely white hotel in a central location between El Centro and San Diego, Portal de San Diego has eleven quaint rooms around a pleasant courtyard. The modern design of the place, from the clean, white stairwell up to the lobby on the second floor to the stylish paintings and decorations in the c
  • Hotel los Balcones de Badillo
    If you're seeking a great alternative to often-booked Hotel Tres Banderas in San Diego, look no further than Balcones de Badillo. With a dozen white balconies overseeing the activity of the streets below, this is a great place to relax and people-watch. This hotel might look a bit shabby and maze-l
  • Hotel San Felipe
    The centrally located Hotel San Felipe appeals to Colombians on holiday or business, though it is also a good choice for foreign tourists. As part of the Dorado Plaza hotel group (which also has hotels in Bocagrande, Isla de Tierra Bomba, and Bogotá), Hotel San Felipe is an industrial hotel with
  • Hotel Familiar
    Hotel Familiar is a large, airy hotel. Its basic rooms come with a fan, and with or without a private, cold-water bath. The rooms with private bath get booked first because the shared bathrooms are a bit out of the way and rudimentary, though spacious. The hotel's ambiance however, is redeeming
  • Park Hotel
    Since its inception in 1927, the same family has lovingly run the Park Hotel, a favorite inn of Colombian TV personalities and international journalists. The outside may have had a facelift a few decades back, but the inside of this inn has the same elegance from its conception. High-relief carving
  • Hotel Yuldama
    The Hotel Yuldama is a relic of late 1950s architecture. The disappointingly worn rooms have almost all the comforts one can expect of an inn in this price bracket. There's A/C, cable TV, mini bar (extra charge), telephone, closet and private bath with room temperature water. The quarters facing Av
  • Hotel Arrecifes Caribeño
    Hotel Arrecifes Caribeño is a perfect lodging choice for travelers in a group. This four-story hostel has rooms for four to eight people, and a special package is offered in the low season. Solo travelers and couples are invited to stay in rooms with private, cold-water baths. The entire inside of
  • Hotel Imperial Caribe
    Hotel Imperial Caribe is a travel agent's favorite place to put up the tourists. Frequently you'll see the buses pulling up and those travelers stumbling out, looking in awe at their new surroundings. This 1920s inn still has a lot of class that's created by the ceramic-tile floors, high ceilings a
  • Hotel Nueva Granada
    Around the garden courtyard are the beautifully decorated rooms of the Hotel Nueva Granada. Comfortable and quiet, each comes with a spotless private bath and an in-room security box. Sit in the jardín and read a book from the in-house library. Or, totally relax in the Jacuzzi after trekking to Ci
  • Hotel Monterrey
    Next door to the Teatro Cartagena and across the street from the convention center, the Hotel Monterrey displays a quiet colonial elegance with its stark white exterior. The hotel's design is a perfect blend of European style and 19th century Caribbean flair. The hotel's simple décor and understat
  • Hotel Las Vegas del Caribe
    Clean, friendly, quiet and safe â??this is an apt description of the Hotel Las Vegas del Caribe. Its three-story green structure has mid-sized, light-blue rooms with private bath, cable TV (with remote control) and your choice of fan or A/C. The windows of the habitaciones in front face the street
  • Hotel Saboy
    Hotel Saboy is one of the many sub-mid-range options within reach of the budget traveler, especially if with a friend. Service is good, particular attention is paid to ensuring you receive company safely (reception will phone your room to announce your visitors' arrival). Rooms are ample and comfor
  • Hotel Belmonte
    Doña Olga proudly states, "This is not a luxurious place. It's basic, secure, clean and cheap"-- and that's precisely what the Hotel Belmonte is. The rooms are simply appointed with classic, heavily carved furniture; some habitaciones come with cable TV. All rooms share the clean, common bathroom
  • Imperio Real
    After your long journey, just walk across the street to Hotel Imperio Real, no matter what the hour. Its dim, stone-inlaid hallways quietly lead you to the room where you shall repose the night you stay here. Open the door and walk into a bright room complete with your own private bath (with gas-he
  • Hotel Los Almendros
    A family-run venture in the executive district of Laureles, Hotel Los Almendros has 25 comfortably furnished rooms for those not wishing to spend a fortune in the area. Breakfast comes included, and the staff tries to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.
  • Palma 70
    The Palma 70 is yet another hotel looking to cash in on the conference center in Medellín, and by all accounts, it appears to be doing a good job at it. Rooms are standard fare with the traditional hotel furnishing, and are kept in good condition and clean. Prices are negotiable if paying in cash.
  • Hotel Laureles 70
    In an area flooded with hotels for the â??executive,â? this is another offering that is comfortable, well decorated and equipped with helpful staff. Its 38 rooms range from junior suites to single and double options, making Laureles 70 is a fine option for a short stay.
  • Mediterraneo Hotel
    Modern and sleek, this hotel is banking on its Swiss modern style to attract clientele. The 32-room novelty offers everything that the executive might need. With WiFi, sauna, gym, breakfast and parking, the owners place a premium on service. Discounts are offered if you stay for more than two days
  • Parque Nacional Cabañas
    Escape to the tranquility of Parque Nacional Natural Puracé. At Pilimbalá the ranger station are three A-frame cabañas for rent. After spending all day scaling Volcán Puracé or hiking in the park, cuddle up in front of the sitting room fireplace (the wood is free). There are two bedrooms, the
  • Hotel Nutibara
    Opened in 1945, this behemoth of a hotel in the downtown area was built at a time when the Centro was the height of fashion and security. Things have changed somewhat, but the Nutibara still maintains high standards. With 137 rooms, it is the largest hotel of its type in this part of Medellín. Eac
  • Alcazar de Patio Bonito
    This family-run B&B of few rooms but plenty of charm is ideally located close to the Poblado metro station, the Exito supermarket, the Oviedo shopping center and the nightlife area of Parque Lleras. The rooms may need a little updating but they are clean, and each has its own private bathroom, cabl
  • Hotel Cabo de la Vela
    Another hotel in Laureles aimed at the executive market, Hotel Cabo de la Vela is clean, modern and well located on a tree-lined residential street. In addition to rooms fully equipped with all the conveniences you would expect, the hotel offers a large conference room, a restaurant and a staff kno
  • Hotel Bolívar Plaza
    You can't beat the location, price, atmosphere or view from Hotel Bolívar Plaza. This clean hotel has 18 rooms on three floors of a building that faces La Basílica. All rooms include cable TV, Internet, breakfast and a private bath with hot water. Ask for one of the rooms facing the church; it w
  • Residencias Amira
    This place used to be one of the more economical hotels in Leticia, but it has been upgraded. Now, Residencias Amira offers only rooms with private bathrooms and fridge. All rooms have two to four bedsâ??a mix of singles and doubles. The common balcony is a great place to sit to enjoy the cooler e
  • Hotel Imperial
    There are plenty of reasons to not stay downtown, but if you must, you may find yourself checking into one of a number of hotels that now seem dated and claustrophobic. The Hotel Imperial may have been stylish in the 1970s, but it has aged badly. If you choose to stay here, you'll be in a 50-room h
  • Hotel Don Jaime
    Hotel Don Jaime seems to appeal to business types and it bears all the hallmarks of an establishment of this kind. The renovated hotel has 29 rooms with air conditioning, WiFi, cable TV, mini-bar, refrigerator and clock radio. There is a restaurant open to the public on the ground floor and a terra
  • Eco Hotel Santa Barbara
    This eco-friendly hacienda outside of Armenia is a great base for exploring the surrounding coffee-growing area. The hotel has a coffee trail on its property and offers hour-long tours with a guide to learn about the process of coffee production, ending with a cup of organic coffee from its own far
  • Hotel Abadia Plaza
    The best of the best in Pereira, Hotel Abadia is a high-end establishment in the heart of the city. The 50 modern, tastefully decorated rooms have first-class amenities, including a flat screen TV. Breakfast in the hotel's restaurant is included in your stay, and guests are also free to use the hote
  • Hotel Los Sauces
    A decent, economical option in El Centro, Los Sauces has 22 rooms, all with private bath with hot water, TV and radio. The bathrooms are tiny but functional, and the beds are very soft. Although it is located in the industrial heart of the city, this is a clean and comfortable option for travelers
  • Hotel Escorial
    This conveniently located upscale hotel is a great option for travelers with a bigger budget. Several uniformed concierges, doormen and maids roam about all day making sure guests feel at home. Just one block from Plaza Bolívar, Hotel Escorial has about 60 rooms with all the major amenities as well
  • Regine's Hotel
    Regine's Hotel is a small, European-style accommodation option steps from Zona Rosa. Its 10 rooms are elegantly decorated with classy wooden furnishings and each has a mini-bar. The tidy and comfortable common areas, where you can read and relax, are also a major bonus. Although this hotel is close
  • Hostal Alto de los Andaquies
    Midways between the village and the archaeological park is Hostal Alto de los Andaquies. This family farm has been turned into a comfortable hotel surrounded by gardens with spectacular views over the mountains. Guests may choose to stay in one of the three rustic country houses, or have a room
  • Hotel Yalconia
    Hotel Yalconia is San Agustín's oldest luxury-class hotel. Of modern architecture, this two-story building provides all of the comforts one would want while enjoying the wonders of this region. The sitting areas are bright and airy, as are the guest rooms. The tiled bathrooms are immaculate. A
  • Hotel La Plazuela
    A first-class hotel just across from Iglesia San José, Hotel La Plazuela is in a 1742 building rescued after the 1983 earthquake. Beautiful period pieces furnish the common sitting areas, original watercolors adorn the walls. You can choose a room off the patio or with a street-side balcony. All
  • Hotel Colonial
    As its name implies, the Hotel Colonial is in a building from the early centuries of this city. A small inn, the lobby is tastefully adorned with original artwork and flower-filled vases. The rooms are set off two narrow courtyards. Decorated in wood furniture with wrought-iron accents, all come wi
  • Hotel La Casona del Virrey
    Hotel La Casona del Virrey, a stylish inn set in a colonial-era building, is a surprisingly affordable alternative right in the heart of Popayán. This is the perfect place to watch the Semana Santa processions from the balconies; however, expect to pay for this privileged view. A broad spiral
  • Hotel Los Portales
    Take a seat in one of the rocking chairs around the front courtyard of Hotel Los Portales and listen to the water spilling from the fountain. Your room will look out upon this patio or one of the other three patios that are part of the colonial building housing the hotel. All the rooms have private
  • Hotel El Paso
    On the second floor of a colonial-era building is the Hotel El Paso, a good mid-range hostel choice in Popayán. Furnished with solid, carved wood furniture (including a dressing table), all rooms have private bath with hot water and toilets dressed in frilly covers. The wooden doors are thick, gua
  • Hotel Internacional El Nogal
    Hotel Internacional El Nogal is one of the newer luxury inns on the Ipiales scene. The tastefully decorated rooms have telephone, cable TV and private, hot water baths. Unfortunately, some of the rooms do not have windows. But, never mind, if you feel like you really need to unwind, head down to th
  • Hotel Casa López
    A very understated sign, a solitary H, marks the Casa López. The López have lovingly converted this home that has been in their family for over 70 years into a delightful inn. The natural woodwork and floors of the Republican-era building are polished to a warm sheen. The interior has been desi
  • Hotel Manhattan
    With over 30 years of experience, Hotel Manhattan provides travelers with a restful spot to stay in the colonial heart of Pasto. The eclectically furnished rooms surrounding the sitting-area patio of this second-floor inn are spacious and warm; all come with cable TV and balconies. The wood floors
  • Hotel Panamá
    It's cheap, it's clean and the beds aren't bad. The rooms are small, though--not even big enough to swing a cat in--and the ground floor rooms are dark. There's only common-bath with cold-water showers and a laundry basin. You're guaranteed a Latin American lodging experience if your room faces the
  • Hotel Capital
    If you can afford to spend a dollar more, Hotel Capital is a comfortable choice for budget travelers. All rooms have common baths, but here there is deliciously hot water. The back courtyard garden is a wonderful place to swing from the hammock or sit around with doña María del Carmen and the oth
  • Hotel Los Ídolos
    Hotel Los Ídolos is definitely the cheapest place to stay in San Agustín if you have a traveling partner. Be warned, however, that the rooms are claustophically small and stuffy, with only a small window set high. These wood-paneled spaces are hot during the day and cold at night. The only furn
  • Hotel Colonial
    On the main street of San Agustín, right where the collective taxis and pick-ups arrive, is Hotel Colonial. Set in another classic, aged building, this inn tenders ample, tidy rooms with private or common hot-water bath. Service is attentive and the staff knowledgeable about what to do and see in t
  • Hotel Central
    This other colonial-era-building-cum-hotel is tranquil, despite being on San Agustín's main street. With a family atmosphere, Hotel Central is the preferred choice of some travelers, thanks to its convenient location to restaurants and bus companies. The wood passageways have lots of seating, table
  • Hospedaje Cambi
    Just a half-block from Parque Bolívar, Magola Pérez welcomes San Agustín visitors to these inexpensive, simple, clean rooms in an old colonial building. Nearly all the rooms have TV and private bath; however, three singles with common bath await the solo budget travelerâ??one of the cheapest
  • La Portada
    La Portada is a hostel with 11 spacious rooms that have two beds with thick mattresses and fantastic views of the mountains. There are five rooms with private baths and six with a shared bath down the hall. The owners, Leonardo and María Eva, are great and will happily answer any questions you
  • Hospedaje y Restaurante Los Lagos
    For those preferring to stay in San Andrés Pisimbalá itself, Hospedaje y Restaurante Los Lagos is one of several options. Located at the end of the village's main road to the right, this Colombian family-run lodging is a very basic inn. The guest rooms come only with beds—no other furnishing
  • Hospedaje Lucerna
    Austere on the outside, with only small lettering announcing its presence, Hospedaje Lucerna is big on service. Inside, the rooms are grouped around the flower-filled garden. All share the common bath with great hot water (give 20 minutes notice before hand) and have shuttered windows. Mornings, si
  • Hospedaje Pisimbalá
    Hospedaje Pisimbalá is another old stand-by for journeyers to Tierradentro. Also a small, family-run inn, this inn offers three rooms sharing a bathroom and three rooms with private bath. Only one room has a solitary bed; the others are crowded with three beds each, making space to place your pack
  • Hotel Don Camilo
    Who would ever believe that one of the least expensive inns in Tunja is right on the main plaza? A small sign announces the presence of Hotel Don Camilo. Walk down the long entry hall and up the steps to the hostel offering rooms that are a bit worn, but seem clean enough. All rooms have windows and
  • Residencias San Jorge
    An understated inn tucked among the partying-budget traveler and shadier hotels on Calle 10C, Residencias San Jorge promises a family atmosphere â??and provides it. For more than 30 years Javier and Rosealba have offered the weary journeyer comfortable, safe rooms that surround their back courtyar
  • Anandamayi Hostel & Hotel
    One of the newest additions to the Candelaria, the Anandamayi Hostel & Hotel has arrived and added much needed substance and style to reasonably priced accommodation in the area. Rambling internal patios lend themselves to idle days spent in hammocks, spacious and meticulously clean dormitories and
  • Hotel Internacional
    Many travelersâ??especially young Israelisâ?? check into this hotel. Several stories of rooms, with common or private baths and all with hot water, await the weary journeyer. Some of the first-floor accommodations are better for those who may be less mobile. Budget traveler conveniences, like a c
  • Hotel Centro Plaza
    A Star of David subtly adorns the sandstone plaque of the entrance to Hotel Centro Plaza. Although, the hostel is very welcoming of all nations and creeds, the plaque announces the hostel's Israeli focus. This hostel has a dorm room furnished with only single beds (no bunks here) and large private
  • Hospedaje Manguare
    Hospedaje Manguare is an inexpensive option in the heart of Puerto Nariño. It is convenient for exploring the trails and miradores of the area. In this small hostel at the back of her home, Doña Isabel offers simple rooms, some with several beds, sharing a clean common bath. After hiking around,
  • Alto del Águila
    At Alto del Águila you'll find much more than just eagles. Fray Hector has created a tranquil retreat overlooking the Río Loretoyacü. The three cabañas are airy and comfortable. Watch the sunset from the tower, which you'll have to share with two possessive macaws. Evenings are pleasurably s
  • Hospedaje Barú
    Another possible budget traveler choice, the Hospedaje Barú has three patios, as is typical with old architectural style. The first two have seating areas filled with plants and tables; the back, the former service courtyard, is where you can do your laundry. All three are surrounded by rooms, some
  • Hotel Boston
    For journeyers on a tight budget, the Hotel Boston is one of several good options in the inexpensive sector of the city. As price is charged by bed, not per person, it is especially appealing: the rooms with shared bathroom cost only $4.20 whether you are a sole traveler or a couple. There is only o
  • Hotel Pass Home
    Located seven blocks from the bus terminal and five from the historic center, Hotel Pass Home is a convenient place to stay in Popayán. It is a bare-bones inn, with white walls and small, cot-like beds. All rooms have television and spic-and-span bathrooms with hot water shower. There is a laun
  • Hospedaje Cacique Sugamuxi
    Hospedaje Cacique Sugamuxi is La Candelaria's newest hostel, which opened in early 2008. This hostel is above a restaurant and fruit shop. Many of the rooms are small, but furnished for the traveler who needs to relax and catch-up on journal writing. The common baths are marked by gender. Smoking i
  • Casa Toscano
    Casa Toscano offers apartment-style accommodations for executives and tourists visiting Cali. Located on a quiet side street in the peaceful neighborhood Centenario, guests enjoy the privacy and comfort of ample suites. There are eight tastefully decorated suites with wicker furniture and ceramic
  • Hostal La Candelaria Bogotá
    This five-star guesthouse has rooms with a bathroom, rooms with shared bathrooms and duplex apartments in a colonial house with a quiet and safe atmosphere.
  • Camping Cantamar
    If you happen to be traveling with your own tent, this is the place to go. Camping Cantamar is located on the farther end of the bay, with basic sites only 200 meters (700 feet) from the sea side. No sign marks the gate, just a palm-thatched shack at the entrance. Bathrooms are separated by gender.
  • Hospedería Casa Familiar
    Hospedería Casa Familiar has long been a standby for shoestring travelers who don't want the party atmosphere of the other Calle 10C budget hostels. True, it's a bit pricier, but many feel that the security and tranquility is worth the extra few dollars. To help save while spending, there's a comm
  • Tima Uraka Hospedaje
    Now El Rodadero is within reach of the budget traveler's pocketbook. Tima Uraka Hospedaje—The House of the Moon—is a new backpackers' hostel there. The beautiful courtyard garden has hammocks to lounge in. All the rooms are nicely decorated and have TV and private bath. You can use the la
  • La Posada Familiar
    A small, family-run inn, La Posada Familiar has six rooms with extra touches. The quarters are simply decorated, but come with a ceiling fan, stocked mini-fridge (extra charge for what you consume) and cable TV with a remote control. The private baths are gleaming white, with room-temperature water
  • Restaurant Rosita
    Doña Rosita is just one of the dozens of restaurants along the south side of the bay as you enter Cabo de la Vela that also rents hammock space. On the beach across from her establishment are three enramadas where you can pass the night in the cooler air, or pitch a tent. Behind the restaurant, in
  • Kayuusipaa
    Many moons ago, Doña Conchita opened up one of the very first inns in Cabo de la Velaâ??and it is still known as it has been all this time: Donde Conchita. She is a bit of a legend, known to spend evenings teaching the legends and ways of her people. In rustic cabañas, her guests sleep in hammoc
  • Casa Aguacanela
    Run by the delightful Esperanza, the Casa Aguacanela is a true home away from home in the safe residential area of Miraflores. The guesthouse has three rooms; two rooms are dormitories with three beds each and the last room is a private double. Limited sleeping capacity makes this a calm retrea
  • Hostal Santa Rita
    A delightful place for families or for those just passing through, the Santa Rita is located in northern Cali, one block from the river of the same name in a colonial-style house dating back to 1945. The seven rooms are immaculate and have private bathrooms, hot water, air conditioning, Internet and
  • Mochileros
    Mochileros, a European-style backpackers hostel, is a wonderful idea that has come to Leticia—and gone. With once-splendid facilities, including common rooms with book exchange and board games, a common kitchen, laundry area and rooftop terrace, this inn has everything a budget traveler would w
    This hostel is deep in the Amazon jungle, and offers its guests an exotic garden with an Indian maloka hut, a guest kitchen, bicycles, computer access and reliable information about the Amazon.
  • La Casa de Rosa
    Rosa left a few years back, leaving Eugenio and his young family to run this wonderful backpacker retreat on a wooded ground just 50 meters (164 ft) from the beach. Lodging is either camping, a hammock in the enramada (open sided palm-thatch shelter) or front porch of the guesthouse, or a ro
  • La Sirena Eco Hostel & Retreat Center
    La Sirena Eco-Hostel and Retreat Center is a peaceful getaway located on the Caribbean Sea. Just 30 minutes from Tayrona Park, the hostel's property—which is part of a coconut plantation—has its own beach and fruit trees, and there are also a few rivers within walking distance. Accommoda
  • Casa Campesina / El Solar Camping
    Casa Campesina is a very homey place near the corner of the main plaza. Owner Martha de León has become the surrogate mother of younger travelers, sitting down over a free tea, coffee or juice for breakfast and listening to their travel tales. The rooms have comfy beds and share the common, hot wa
  • Hotel Anaconda
    Although not the most expensive hotel in Leticia, the extras Hotel Anaconda piles on makes it excellent value. The 50 rooms all come with balconies, some with a view of the Amazon River. These large suites have good beds, private bathrooms with both cold and hot water, air conditioning, TV and mini
  • Sabor I Arte
    With four rooms and a suite set apart in a different building, the hostel Sabor I Arte is an artist's concept of how a guesthouse should be run. The rooms are named after fruits, and the owner prepares meals while you sit and relax in the tranquil settings of a colonial house in the barrio San Anto
  • The Pelican Larry Hostel
    A modern backpacker hostel with a social vibe, Pelican Larry is located just five minutes from the Zona Rosa bars. Facilities include hot showers, comfy beds, nice computers, a well-stocked kitchen, a sundeck and a BBQ. The hostel's twice weekly BBQs are a bit hit, and its TV room with a good selec
  • Casa Blanca Hostel
    Located smack in the middle of the cool new city center of Caliâ??the sector of Santa Monicaâ??you find Casa Blanca Hostel. Within minutes on foot from the hostel, travelers can find shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, restaurants, bars and salsa lessons. Casa Blanca is a big, new
  • Calidad House
    The Calidad House has eight simple but comfortable rooms, including three- and four-bed dormitories. Private rooms sleep between one and three people, and vary in quality. All bathrooms throughout the hostel are shared and hot water is hard to come by. However, the location at the heart of the excl
  • Iguana
    Boasting to be the destination of choice for all backpackers passing through Cali, the Iguana is a great place to settle down and spend a few days. Dorm rooms and communal areas are the name of the game here, not forgetting that this place is located in the one of the choicest neighborhoods of Cali
  • Hospedería Don Paulino
    Don Paulino and doña Olga have established a wonderful inn for visitors to Villa de Leyva. Located on a tranquil street just a few blocks from the Plaza Principal, this hotel has a second-story balcony that offers a great view of the sunset over the valley's hills. The rooms are nicely decorated (
  • Hotel Cordobés
    A basic hostel run by the amiable older couple, Luis and Irene, with clean rooms that are simply furnishedâ??beds, large table, nightstandâ??but suitable for your Capitanejo stay. All the rooms are around the back patio, just off the kitchen. Don Luis and doña Irene are always ready to invite yo
  • Residencias Cubita
    This small, four-room hotel is simple and plain, but the rooms are large, each with two beds. A few potted plants brighten up the patio. The common baths are cleanâ??but brace yourself for the cold-water shower. Extra blankets are available for those nights when it gets frigid. The owne
  • Hotel Casa de Nelly
    Since the mid-1980s, French-owned Casa de Nelly has provided fine cabañas amidst a beautiful forest. Cats and dogs stroll through the terraced gardens and aviary. Nice touches abound in the sharply decorated, rattan-furnished rooms whose walls are painted with murals. Cabañas have a sitting area f
  • Hospedaje El Jardín Casa Colonial
    The Muñoz family opens the doors of its home in this well-preserved colonial house on a quiet side street in San Agustín village. The first thing that strikes you is the restaurant patio, full of hammocks, potted plants, stone replicas of Augustinian statues, a fireplace and aviary. The rooms are
  • Estanco Oficial Residencias
    The cheapest place to stay in Coconuco is Estanco Oficial Residencias: Official Liquor Store Inn. In the front is where the locals and tourists hang to have a drink (especially popular on weekends and holidays). Beyond another door, along one side of the back courtyard, are the rooms to let. During
  • The Blacksheep Hostal
    This New Zealand-owned party hostel is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a laid back, social atmosphere. Room options include four-, six- and eight-bed dorms as well as private rooms with both en-suite and shared bathrooms. The owner, Kelvin, knows a great deal about all things Colombia
  • Hotel El Llano
    Located a half-block from the obelisk in Plazuela Almeida, the Hotel El Llano is one of Pamplona's cheapest inns promising an ambiente familiar, or family atmosphere. Most of the small, brick-block rooms have windows facing onto the central patio. The better habitaciones and common bath are on the
  • Hostal Portón de Provenza
    Hostal Portón de Provenza has a new feel about it, probably because the owners take great care of their investment. The management's major desire is to take care of their patrons, so the rooms (private and dorms) are spotless, the communal areas are well kept and, in short, the place is spic-and-s
  • Hotel-Restaurante El Viajero
    The Hotel-Restaurante El Viajero is one of the two very inexpensive, very basic hotels right on Málaga's main square, Parque García Rovira. How inexpensive? Only $2.65 per person. How basic? All rooms are dark, with no windows, with thin walls separating them, and share the common, cold-water bat
  • Casa Kiwi
    The Casa Kiwi has become a travelers' institution in Medellín, especially when you only have to walk five blocks downhill to get to the buzzing nightlife area of Parque Lleras. The hostel has dorm rooms, luxury dorm rooms, private rooms and other rooms in a newer wing. In addition to a big screen
  • San Agustín Internacional Hotel
    So, you and your family are finally taking your dream vacation to Colombia and decide to visit the magical realm of San Agustín. Add more to the enchantment by staying at San Agustín Internacional Hotel. This is not exactly your run-of-the-mill hotel. These are dream houses set in estate-like gro
  • Hotel Colonial (Zipaquirá)
    A fantastic find in the center of town (just two blocks from the main plaza and another two blocks from the salt cathedral), Hotel Colonial has everything you are looking for in an economic yet stylish and comfortable hotel. With fifty rooms among two well-manicured courtyards and a cozy, green ba
  • Hotel Zaragoza
    The Hotel Zaragoza has become the haunt amongst the European non-backpacker, budget travelers. A four-story, green and hot-pink building that blends into the modern architecture of Avenida Jiménez, this inn offers medium-sized rooms with cable TV and private, hot water baths. Some rooms have balco
  • Platypus
    The front of this hostel has no sign announcing its name, only a drawing of the name-sake animal to greet its guests. Enormously popular amongst travelers, the Platypus offers all the comforts you would want. And for good reason. Germán Escobar, the owner, is himself a backpacker who has traveled
  • Estelar La Fontana
    Located in the north next to the shops and restaurants of the Unicentro mall is Estelar Fontana. With 193 rooms and top-end amenities, this stately construction is a sight to behold. From standard habitaciones to the Estelar Suite, rooms are decorated more along the lines of high end U.S. hotel ch
  • Pijiba Lodge
    Pijiba Lodge is hands down the most environmentally friendly lodge on this stretch of coast. In fact, it won an award from Conservation International. The lodge's three cabañas are each split into two rooms, and there is some overflow accommodation. The maximum occupancy in the lodge is 18. Each r
  • Hotel Casa Medina
    Located in the heart of Bogotá's business district and within short walking distance of some of Rosales' fashionable bars and restaurants, Casa Medina is an ideal destination for business travellers. Built in 1945 using a blend of Spanish and French influences, its rooms boast a modern-chic decor
  • Hotel Casa Selva
    Hotel Casa Selva has blossomed into the most expensive and luxurious place in Puerto Nariño. This two-story, white beauty has 12 rooms around the interior patio. Shuttered windows and balconies make these quarters bright and airy. All come with private bath and fan. A common room with hammocks is
  • Piedra Piedra
    Perched atop a rocky bluff that looks out onto the Pacific Ocean, Piedra Piedra has a stunning location. With a capacity for 17 people in its four rooms, the owners at Piedra Piedra are insistent on keeping their operation small to safeguard the natural beauty of the area. Available tours include s
  • Hostal Mar Azul
    By far the best value in El Centro, Hostal Mar Azul is a colorful little gem on the second floor of a colonial building on Calle de la Moneda. The walls are painted with bright Caribbean colors and the place exudes a happy and sweet vibe. Some of the ten rooms have air conditioning and all have
  • El Cantil
    El Cantil is located right next door to the Pijiba Lodge. The lodge's seven cabins each sleep up to six people. Rooms are self-contained, independent units, spread evenly apart on the hillside, ensuring that each has a sea view and a bit of privacy. All deals include three meals and transportation
  • Hotel de la Opera
    Set in two beautifully restored houses next door to the Presidential Plaza on one side and the opulent Teatro Colon on the other, Hotel de la Opera is Candelaria's most luxurious lodging option. Almost everything about this hotel oozes romanticism. From the elegant dining rooms to the Italian-style
  • Decalodge Ticuna
    The Ticuna had always been one of Leticia's premier hotels. Since Decameron has taken it over, it has blossomed into a spectacular lodge. Open the door to a bungalow and you enter another world. The anteroom has a hammock where you can take your siesta, as well as cane chairs. Beyond is the bedroom
  • High Park Suites
    This refined boutique hotel, the only 100% LGBT hotel in Bogotá, is conveniently located at the heart of the city's gay culture. Rooms at the High Park are spacious and comfortable, have great views, and include WiFi, telephones, cable TVs and bathrooms (some with tubs). Hotel facilities include a
  • Hostal Casa Viena
    Hands down the most well-known hostel in Cartagena de Indias, Casa Viena continues to be the first choice for backpackers. It has a helpful tourist desk where patrons and walk-ins alike can plan chiva tours and sailing trips to Panama. With only nine rooms in total, however, this place fills up fa
  • Martha's Place
    Cheap but luxurious fully furnished three bedroom vacation rental in Bogotá Colombia. TV and WiFi in each room.Two blocks from the U.S. Embassy and a 10 minute walk to thelargest mall in South America. Much cheaper than hotels and much nicer than hostels. ATM and bank that deals with the embassy i
  • Morromico
    With four rooms that sleep a maximum of 12 people in total, Morromico Hotel is definitely a quiet place to kick back and enjoy what Chocó has to offer. The emphasis is on harmonyâ??with nature, with one another and with the other guests. Ample communal areas for relaxing means you will make
  • Hotel Dorantes
    Once upon a time the mid-19th century Hotel Dorantes was a family mansion. It has been a hotel for many years, which was very fine in its heyday. The woodworking and parquet floors still exhibit that long-ago elegance. Original artwork adorns the lobby, hallways and staircases. The rooms, some with
  • Hotel Dann Colonial
    Resembling an outdated 1970s relic both architecturally and stylistically, the hotel Dann Colonial, is included here as it makes up part of the hotel landscape in the Candelaria. Service could use an upgrade; in fact, the hotel should undergo a complete makeover as the rooms feel worn and tired des
  • Hotel El Dorado
    Hotel Dorado is undoubtedly the least expensive hostel in the center of Bogotá, between the Candelaria district and downtown. The rooms are basic, if a bit small, with extra furnishings -a closet, table and chair. Most of the quarters have windows. The headless showers spew hot water. Those rooms
  • Abadia Colonial
    Do not be put off by the raucous student bars opposite spilling over with people. The Hotel Abadia's boutique rooms are all at the back of the building and remain unaffected by the noise. Care and details have been employed to make this a charming place in the heart of Bogotá's bohemia.
  • Mesón del Cuchicute
    As one of San Gil's finest hotels, Mesón del Cuchicute is still remarkably affordable. A country-club-styled inn with park-like grounds, the Mesón has all the comforts that make up a luxury vacation: swimming pool, playground, Jacuzzi, sauna, gymnasium and game room. The brick-floored rooms are a
  • Hotel del Llano
    Hotel del Llano has for years been considered one of the finest and most respected luxury inns of Villavicencio. Its rooms are spacious, with comfortable beds, private baths, cable TVs and other luxury amenities. The back patio has an Olympic-size swimming pool, as well as a splash area for child
  • Hotel Savoy
    The Hotel Savoy is a popular place with business travelers looking for a finer hotel at a comfortable price. The large lobby is beyond the reception area, which creates a sense of exclusivity. The clean and modestly decorated guest rooms are medium in size, with cable TV and private bathroom. Hotel
  • Hostal Real
    Hostal Real, located just a half-block from Parque del Centenario, has 20 rooms that'll suit your needs. A few rooms have air conditioning and all have private baths with cold water. Although they are a bit dank and the bathrooms tight, they are reasonably comfortable. Hostal Real has an altoget
  • La Casona del Patio Amarillo
    Positioned almost equidistant between the Candelaria and the Zona Rosa, La Casona has long been a favorite for those with a little more cash and a desire to get out of the traditional gringo ghettos. Attentive staff, a great breakfast and well cared for rooms and communal areas make La Casona argua
  • Morromico
    Nice accommodations beautiful beach, I will recommended this for a friend
  • Hospedaje Ricabet
    Located at the upper edge of town, just before the curve heading up the hill to San Andrés center, is Hospedaje Ricabet, which is a mid-range option for travelers looking for a little more than a basic room. Six rooms are situated around a small courtyardâ??some of which have a private bath wit
  • Hotel Camino Real
    Food connoisseurs will want to stay at Hotel Camino Real. The hotel's restaurant has been recognized with multiple gastronomy awards and the menu covers a variety of plates. History buffs will also appreciate that completed in 1591, the building was first used as a center to teach high society
  • Hotel Puertas De Cartagena
    Hotel Puertas de Cartagena's 12 rooms are perfect for those looking for a well-earned rest from a hectic tour schedule or even somewhere to recuperate after spending your nights on a cramped bus getting from A to B. The Hotel Puertas de Cartagena, located in the historic centre of Cartagena
  • Finca San Pedro
    Finca San Pedro is a family-run hostel on a two-hectare farm on the outskirts of Sogamoso. It offers camping, dormitory, private rooms and a cottage, all set within beautiful gardens. Guests wake up to a delicious and healthy breakfast. The family provides complete information on all Sogamoso has t
  • Hospedaje Mi Casita
    This sweet little hospedaje run by a young family rents out three rooms in what would otherwise just be their private home. Rooms here are spacious enough and the beds are comfortable enough. The shared bath has a clean toilet (with seat cover!) and hot water shower. Recuerdo, the resi
  • Playa de Oro Lodge
    The Playa de Oro Lodge is a massive construction on Huina beach that caters to package tourists from Medellín. The resort is made up of four blocks, each with eight rooms. All have private bathrooms, fans and a hammock on a private terrace. The package deal includes transportation from the airport
  • El Refugio de Mr Jerry
    A 10-minute boat ride around the bay from Bahia Solano to Huina reveals a further beach which has more accommodation available - one of these being Mr Jerry's. Needing some superficial work, Mr Jerry's can sleep fifty people comfortably and works on the basis of people buying packages including all
  • La Casa de François
    Friendly owner and Frenchman, François, makes a stay on his Gaudi-inspired estate one well worth remembering. In fact, many guests of La Casa come for a few days and end up there for weeks, basking in the gorgeous San Agustín town and the country views. François has owned the farm for 15 y
  • Kasa Guane Bucaramanga
    Kasa Guane Bucaramanga (KGB), a three-story hostel, is the perfect place to meet other travelers. Richi, an enthusiastic traveler himself, offers two private rooms and three dorms (six- and eight-person). KGB has an equipped kitchen, book exchange, free WiFi, lockers and two spacious terraces with
  • La Fonda Pance
    La Fonda Hostel in Pance 40 minutes from Cali is a privileged place among the mountains of the Farallones National Park. In this place the stream flow of the Indian and Pance river. This hostel is the starting point to a magical experience and sensitive nature in a unique, beautiful and sec
  • Hotel Caribe
    The grand dame of Bocagrande, Hotel Caribe, is a luxurious resort. The elegance and comfort of the Caribbean are certainly yours for the taking while staying at this historic hotel (designated a historic monument) with 363 rooms, of which 17 are suites. Eat at one of the hotel's several fine dining
  • Buga Hostel
    Buga Hostel is a backpacker's dream right in the heart of Buga, near the Basilica. This old house with beautiful tiled floors and comfortable sitting areas offers a spacious 10-bed dormitory with lockers for stowing your knapsack away. The hostel also has a private room for two, with its own balcony
  • Hotel Tequendama Inn
    Formerly known as Hotel Parque Real, Hotel Tequendama Inn appears classy from the outside but is a bit more basic than you might think. There's a calm peacefulness here though, that reminds guests that vacation is all about relaxing. This 30-room hotel draws an older local crowd, but also welcomes
  • Hotel Poblado Plaza
    Right next door to the Oviedo mall, the Estelar Poblado Plaza is a luxury hotel for those with no limit on their budget. Its 84 rooms range from suites with two private bathrooms to superior rooms with twin beds. In truth, if you were to stay here, you could be forgiven if you forgot which country
  • Hostal Odeon
    This hostel has three floors of decent rooms near Parque Bolívar. There is a private bathroom, mini-fridge, fan, cable TV and stereo in every room. Cheerful staff and free coffee greet you in the lobby, next to the giant fish tank.
  • Hotel Capitolio
    This is an excellent value, next door to the Hotel Cristal. A wide spiral staircase leads up to five floors of clean, spacious rooms, which all have cable TV, private bathroom, ceiling fan and mini-fridge. There is also a small pool on the ground floor next to the bar.
  • Hotel Cristal
    Located across the street from the Catedral Metropolitana, Hotel Cristal is composed of 24 clean rooms complete with private bathroom, cable TV, ceiling fan and mini-fridge.
  • Hotel Charlotte
    Smack-dab in the middle of Bocagrande's always-happening Avenida San Martín, Hotel Charlotte is a peaceful getaway. Just one block from the sea, the hotel is a red brick building that is as charming inside as out, decorated with delicate touches and dark wood against a mostly white background. T
  • The Humpback Turtle
    Budget travelers have a place to stay, now at Playa Almejal. The Humpback Turtle, a community-run eco-lodge, has rustic, thatched cabañas made of guadua (giant bamboo) and wood. Whether swaying in a hammock or sharing a dorm room with other backpackers, you can chill in this corner of Colombia's
  • Posada del Mar Bahía Solano
    Previously known as Hostal del Mar, Posada del Mar is run by the town's dive center. This comfortable and friendly budget hostel has four cabañas with rooms that can accommodate one to six people. It caters to the backpacking and diving crowd. The diving school and hostel are owned by Rodrigo, who
  • Finca El Cielo
    Finca El Cielo is a beautiful bed & breakfast inn located in the countryside, near San Agustín's archaeological sites. The rooms are constructed of bamboo and have large beds and modern bathrooms with hot water. The hotel also has a campground. You can relax and enjoy the view of the Cordillera
  • Hospedería La Villa
    Hospedería La Villa is one of the few options for budget travelers to Villa de Leyva. Located just a half block from the Plaza Principal, this colonial era house has a rambling maze of rooms to let, all with windows facing onto the courtyard of to the street. Many of the quarters are a quite basi
  • Hospedaje Los Tiestesitos
    On the outside, Hospedaje Los Tiestesitos is a pottery workshop. But back behind a small courtyard, doña Alicia has three rooms to let, all with the private, cold-water bath. Some have a sole bed, and others two. The simply furnished rooms are snug, kept warm by the thick walls. These quarters have
  • Hostel Casa Monkora
    Hostel Casa Monkora is a comfortable and affordable backpackers hostel that is three blocks from the central park. There is laundry and a kitchen, where you can cook your own meals. This hostel is off the beaten path and, if you are looking to get away from other tourists, stop by and check it out.
  • Finca Raval Jardín Ecológico
    After months of traveling, do you need to go into retreat? Pamper your physical and spiritual selves at Finca Raval Jardín Ecológico, a Hare Krishna-run spa located 25 kilometers (15 miles) from Bucaramanga. Besides providing simple lodging and vegetarian food, it has a natural swimming pool, vol
  • La Bella Villa
    In the same mold as the Hotel Eupacla, the Bella Villa has seen more prosperous days. The hotel has been a bit neglected, with travelers now leaning toward the more desirable areas of El Poblado and Laureles. The inside of the hotel can make you feel a bit claustrophobic; the low ceilings and heavy
  • Hotel Eupacla
    If you're really keen on being in the Centro rather than Laureles or El Pobaldo, then this is a reasonable option. The hotel has dated furnishings and an overall worn feel to it, but if you need to be downtown for business or by preference, then so be it. With over 60 rooms, the only time this hote
  • Hotel Jarrinapi
    The popular Hotel Jarrinapi provides cabañas (cabins) with hammocks or a bed, for those preferring a more conventional sleep, private bath with 24-hour water and a fan. Common sitting areas provide places to relax after a day of hiking as well as refuge during the heat of the day. It has
  • No-Name Hospedaje
    Simple, simple, simple describes this Coconuco hotel. A non-descript green building with a second-floor balcony and carved doors, it is a popular choice for vacationing Colombians--despite the fact that all the basic rooms share the common baths, which have only cold-water showers. But then with the
  • Casa La Fe
    If you stay at this great little B&B in the sophisticated Plaza Fernández de Madrid, you will be pampered until the day you tear yourself away from Cartagena. Fifteen neatly decorated and comfortable rooms, all with private bathrooms and air conditioning, surround the house's lush garden courtya
  • Hotel Dann Monasterio
    Hotel Dann Monasterio is the cream of the Popayán hotel crop. This Franciscan Monastery turned hotel in 1920 is the only accommodation around with a swimming pool. The 47 rooms still have that feeling of self-repentance, but with an added comfort and sophistication for the guests who prefer not to
  • La Casa Café
    La Casa Café is a beautiful, small family-run hostel. Three private rooms, named after popular coffee drinks, hold one to three people. The forth room is a dorm room with four beds and it has access to a small terrace. There is free coffee, tourist information, WiFi, a communal kitchen, TV
  • Posada Turistica Hotel Rocas de Cabo Marzo
    Owners Nancy and Enrique have lived in Bahía Solano for almost two decades and know everything there is to know about the area. With only five rooms, this hotel feels like a family-run guesthouse. Rooms come with double beds, private bathrooms and mosquito nets. Enrique is a committed sports fishe
  • Hotel Villa Lina
    Hotel Villa Lina is a quiet retreat in the heart of Coveñas' Segunda Ensenada. The English-speaking owner, José, makes every effort to welcome his guests. He is knowledgeable about what to see and do in the area. The rooms (some with king-sized beds) are spacious and have private baths. The shad
  • Jardin Azul
    Jardin Azul is a delightful small hotel in a quiet and safe neighborhood. It was renovated in February of 2010 and offers six spacious rooms that combine modern design with classical elements; some of them have balconies overlooking the garden. The beautiful garden, yoga zone and swimming pool p
  • ApartaEstudios La Candelaria
    If Bogotá is more than just a brief stopover, consider renting a studio apartment by the week or month. With four types of apartments to choose from (the cheapest being little more than you would expect from a place renting "studios" and the most expensive decked out with spiraling staircases, chi
  • El Arca Verde
    El Arca Verde, The Green Ark is the name of an organic, bio-dynamic farm outside of Villa de Leyva. Guests lodge in the maloka, a traditional, round indigenous hut made of earth, stone and reused materials. The restaurant serves dishes prepared from the farm's produce. The common room serves as
  • Aluna
    Aluna is one of Santa Marta's newer hostels located in the historic center of Santa Marta. This three-story guesthouse is in a 1920s, Spanish-styled villa with a shady courtyard. The rooftop terrace gives great views of the Sierra Nevada. Aluna has 11 private rooms and four dorms, available with
  • Playa Koralia
    At Playa Koralia, less than an hour outside of Santa Marta, a poetic calmness is idealized; not counting the loud and colorful paintings done in a Latin American and Asian style by Patricia Nieto, the owner's sister. The Guardian's article “Colombia on a natural high” uses Playa Koral
  • Estado Natural Ecolodge
    Immerse yourself in nature at Estado Natural Eco-lodge, about 46 kilometers (28.6 mi) west of Coveñas, near San Bernardo del Viento. You can lie on a pristine beach, snorkel around the reefs of Isla Fuerte, canoe through mangrove forests or the delta of the Sinú River, hike to a tropical dry-fo
  • Hospedería Colonial
    Just a half-block from the main plaza is Hospedería Colonial. In the main part of the house lives the family. Off their living room are simple rooms for one or two persons that share the family's bathroom. In the back of the dwelling is a terraced yard. The portico porch here has bamboo chairs to r
  • Tres Casitas Apartahotel
    Tres Casitas has ten fully furnished and equipped apartments close to San Andrés' nightlife district. While the furnishings are somewhat dated, the location is unrivaled. The swimming pool and the balconies in every apartment are a nice touch and the communal areas are well-maintained. Right d
  • Camping San Agustín
    Camping San Agustín is a broad, grassy expanse that allows not only tent, but also vehicle camping. If you don't have your own tent, you can rent one, complete with pad, air mattress, sheets and pillow. Under the trees is a cooking area, but you have to supply your own wood. In the main house
  • Zona de Camping San Jorge
    Whereas a common complaint about campgrounds in Villa de Leyva is that they merely warehouse people, experienced outdoors persons say Camping San Jorge is the best in Villa de Leyva, with proper camping facilities. These grounds have good-sized sites, bathhouses with hot showers, fire pits and a pl
  • Exclusive Bogota Lodging
    Great, modern, clean, and convenient apartment with 2 rooms available for rent (separately or together) from 4 days up to 3 weeks. Excellent location and good price versus a hotel. Practically new establishment.
  • Hotel Darimar
    The clean, trim exterior of Hotel Darimar makes it seem more tcomfortable than it actually is. The rooms are small and stuffed with three short, hard beds. The bathrooms are hardly functional. This place feels more like a hospital than a hotel, but it's quiet and peaceful and conveniently locate
  • Granja Agroecoturística Los Guaduales
    Get out into the country to a self-sustaining farm. Located 11 kilometers (7 miles) from Málaga on the road to Capitanejo, Granja Agroecoturística Los Guaduales offers its visitors lodging in a hotel-like house or camping, and food straight from the fields. To relax, there's a swimming pool, fish
  • Hotel Nitana
    Hotel Nitana, a Spanish-owned and -run inn, is an excellent option for anyone considering a few days on this stretch of beach in Coveñas. Rooms are new, clean and comfortably equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, new mattresses and fine bathrooms. The beach out front is narrow and far f
  • Hotel Caribe
    Although Hotel Caribe offers basic rooms, its location in the center of the boardwalk across from the beach is ideal. Admittedly, the rooms here need updating, the lighting is dim and the bathrooms are a bit tight. Nonetheless, the rooms are a good value.
  • Residencias El Titantic
    Residencias El Titantic is the best option if you are traveling on a budget. This hotel is safe, clean and well-kept, with a friendly staff. There is cable television in the lobby or you can sway away lazy days in the hammock in the plant-filled courtyard. The rooftop offers wonderful views of the
  • Residencia Ocaña
    Located in the back courtyard of a grocery store along Calle 8. Not exactly pleasing to the eye, but acceptable for a night. Ten rooms with private bathroom, ceiling fan and TV. Doubles are also available.
  • Koala Inn
    On the outside, the Koala Inn looks nondescript. But once mounting the steps up to the inn, you find yourself embraced by classic solar architecture of three stories surrounding a central courtyard. The rooms, like the exterior, are also a bit plain and showing the wear of more than a decade
  • Fatima Hostal
    Opened in September 2007, the Hostal Fatima has other hostel owners in the Candelaria reaching for their check books to update and improve their facilities. The ownership has placed special emphasis on comfort and security. New bathrooms complete with Jacuzzi, included breakfast, a sauna and solari
  • Hostal Sue
    Definitely a worthy backpacker's rival to the mighty neighboring Platypus, Hostal Sue boasts a lively social atmosphere, exhaustive DVD collection, heated terrace and all the know how for a good time. Dormitories and private rooms available in either Sue 1 or just two short blocks away in Sue 2.
  • Hostal Martinik
    Welcome to Martinik Hostal Bogota! In the historical center of the Candelaria, the center of the main museums, squares, churches and other monuments you will find the renovated quality hostel "Hostal Martinik Bogotá" at an economic price, recently, which under Swiss administration is the ideal
  • North House Hostel
    North House Hostel Bogotá is conveniently located in the north of Bogotá at Carrera 18 # 80-66 and close to the popular nightlife and dining areas, the â??Zona Rosaâ? (between calles 79-85 and carreras 11-15) and Parque 93. North House Hostel is also less than a five minute walk from los Her
  • Sofitel Hotel Santa Clara
    Sofitel Hotel Santa Clara is one of Cartagena's best luxury hotels. This architectural gem, built as a monastery in 1621, is a delight to wander around, with its exquisitely decorated eating and lounging areas, lush gardens and pool. Choose from a two fine dining options providing French-fusion
  • Casa El Amparo
    A locally owned, small, homey retreat, El Amparo accommodates two to six people. It has a master bedroom that has a double bed and a bathroom. The living room has a fold out sofa-bed and two convertible chair beds while the kitchen has anything you will need. Linen and daily cleaning service is in
  • Casa del Tejadillo
    Casa del Tejadillo, a gorgeous republican house built in the 19th century, provides the same luxury and comfort as El Marqués Boutique Hotel. Perfectly situated on quiet Calle del Tejadillo, this immaculate historical home has been meticulously restored and refurbished to provide superior accommo
  • Cabañas El Recreo
    Cabañas El Recreo offers beach-side cabins with 15 guestrooms. The accommodations are fully equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator and cable TV. The Happy Sailor Restaurant is located on the grounds. The friendly hotel staff will book trips or organize transport for you. El Recreo is nex
  • Cartagena Rental Accommodations
    (ROOM: $80-150) Cartagena Rental Accommodations provides a great a great option if you plan to stay in Cartagena for a week or longer. With studios, one-, and two-bedroom apartments in the old city, Bocagrande and Laguito, you are sure to have the privacy you are seeking. Guests feel â??at ho
  • Portobelo Hotel
    Portobelo Hotel has a prime location in San Andrés town: on a pedestrian street along the beachfront and just two blocks from the commercial district. If you are in San Andrés to party or to shop, you can't be in a better location. This hotel, could use some upgrades. Its most redeeming featur
  • Hotel Normandia
    Hotel Normandia's 47 large, spotless rooms is complemented by a chic, comfortable lobby. Every room comes with cable TV, fan, private bathroom and stereo. Some rooms have balconies overlooking Calle 53. Among the perks are a restaurant downstairs and a late 3 p.m. checkout.
  • Residencia Bucaramanga
    Another option along Calle 8, A little more tidy than Residencia Ocaña, but still nothing to get excited about. Twelve rooms with private bathroom, ceiling fan and TV. A dormitory is available for larger groups.
  • Sunrise Beach Hotel
    Sunrise Beach Hotel can only have been built when the adage "big is beautiful" was all the rage. This massive, 300-room hotel looks out-of-place on the coast. It caters to the package tourist crowd, with meals and activities included. Ask for a room with a view of the water, as rooms without a sea
  • Independent Lodging
    For many years, families have owned and operated lodging options within the park, specifically at Arrecifes. That is where most backpackers head, to sway in a hammock slung in an enrramada (open-sided, palm-thatch shelter). This is the ultimate Eden, with the surf's wash just meters away. Ti
  • Hotel El Pirata Morgan
    Hotel El Pirata Morgan is a 30-room hotel (60 beds) on the beach at Freshwater Bay. It's named after the famed pirate who used the island as his base on many occasions. The hotel isn't built in the traditional Caribbean style, but don't let this put you off. Each room has an ocean view and is f
  • Concesión Tayrona
    Who says you can't have your luxury within a paradise of a wild, natural park? Aviatur, and its Concesión Tayrona, proves that you can. The Ecohabs at Cañaveral are based on traditional Tayrona architecture —but with all the modern comforts. The spa is first rate, allowing you to strip yo
  • Posada Vicky
    A short walk up the hill from the beach, Posada Vicky is a family home with two converted rooms for tourists. These rooms have air conditioning but lack a good view and sea breeze. Located on the road running down to South West beach, Posada Vicky is an option should other destinations with bet
  • HC Comfortel
    Manager Rubiel keeps this 10-room hotel spic-and-span and makes sure his guests are happy during their stay. The rooms here are spacious with private bath and cable TV. For convenience and comfort on a budget, Comfortel's location—a few blocks from Plaza Bolívar—and its prices will hit t
  • Hotel Botero Plaza
    This hotel is stylish, modern and located right in the city center. The 84 rooms all come with air conditioning, mini-bar, private bathroom and cable TV. A sauna, steam bath and gym are available for guests, plus there is a restaurant downstairs. Request a room on the upper floors for great views o
  • Hotel Lafont
    The Hotel Lafont is in a shabby, 1970s-style building right in the heart of Ibagué. Upon entry, you're greeted by a cracked stairwell, poor paintwork and worn decór, which offers an insight into how the establishment is run. However, these are only surface flaws. This really is a decent, cheap op
  • Nelson's Inn Hotel
    A step up from the Hotel Center, Nelson's Inn has nothing to do with the English Naval hero and is simply named after the owner. Located right on the doorstep of Ibagué's pedestrianized Carrera 3 and close to amenities such as restaurants, bars and shops, Nelson's Inn is a fine place if you are pa
  • Hotel Center
    In a perfect world, every hotel would be a little more like the Hotel Center. Its location—in the center of Ibagué, within close reach of great restaurants—is unrivaled. Beyond that, the hotel has clean, comfortable and affordable rooms with WiFi and cable TV, which come with private bat
  • Casa Belle Epoque
    This 10-room hotel is small but sweet, with comfortable single, double and triple rooms, all with private bathrooms. It has a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a rooftop terrace and a lounge area with hammocks, so there are plenty of different atmospheres to relax in. Free WiFi access is available througho
  • Hotel Geminis
    The Hotel Geminis makes the cut, as it is obvious that the proprietors have made significant efforts to clean the place up and present a respectable façade. Don't be mistaken, this hotel caters to the rent-by-the-hour crowd as well as to those who wish to stay several nights. Rooms are accommoda
  • Hotel Andino
    Set back from the noisy Calle 9, the Hotel Andino is the budget destination of choice in Neiva. Its 20 rooms all contain a fan, private bathroom, cable TV and telephone. Don't expect luxury here, but you will be in a secure place in the center of town. You can walk to all sites of interest and are
  • The Dreamer Hostel
    One of the hottest places on the backpacker circuit is The Dream Hostel. It has everything you need and anything that you might be missing, such as a billiard table, hammocks, comfy beds and a swimming pool. If you're not wanting to fix dinner some night in the kitchen, then try the Italian food m
  • Estadero Sol de Veran de Soña Lilia
    Estadero Sol de Veran de Soña Lilia is located in the Tatotoca Desert, 250 meters (820 ft) from the observatory. The posada has beds and hammocks on offer, as well as a camping area. Besides having an on-site restaurant, it also sells homemade cactus sweets.
  • Kayros Vivienda Turistica
    Kayros Vievienda Turística is a Colombian-owned hostel in Santa Marta's historical center, just four blocks from the Catedral.This small, clean hostel offers a seven-bed dormitory with air conditioning and fan, as well as private rooms with TV, air conditioning and private or shared bathrooms. Ba
  • Hotel Casa Pablo
    Up the hill out of the hubbub of central Neiva you will find Hotel Casa Pablo. Three stories tall, this hotel has plenty of rooms, ranging from cheaper ones on the ground floor with fans and no air conditioning to more luxurious ones higher up. All rooms have private en-suite bathrooms and cable TV
  • Hotel Khalifa
    A more regal option in Neiva if your budget is up to it, and even more so if you can negotiate the price down by paying in cash, Hotel Khalifa has 48 comfortably equipped rooms. Rooms with fans instead of air conditioning are cheaper. The place is unlikely to be full unless its during a holiday or
  • Asturias Plaza Hotel
    Although not stunning, Asturias Plaza is one of the better places to spend a night in Honda. It's located near the river, and has 45 single and double rooms, all with private bathroom, cable TV and ceiling fan. There is a clean pool downstairs to cool off in as well as a restaurant. Free Internet
  • Hotel Los Puentes
    This family-friendly hotel has 25 brightly colored rooms with cable TV, private bathrooms and wall fans to provide relief from the sticky Honda heat. There is a secure lot to park your car, as well as a flower-filled veranda on the second floor and friendly staff. Three bedrooms are also available
  • Pipatón
    This colonial-style building stands tall, affording great views over the Magdalena River. Once you stroll through its welcoming doors, you'll note the swimming pool and the air-conditioned lobby. All rooms have WiFi, air conditioning, private bathroom, TV with cable, refrigerator and breakfast incl
  • Bioma Boutique Hotel
    Opened in April of 2011, Bioma is a brand-new boutique hotel born from the meticulous restoration and expansion of a colonial house. It is strategically located in the heart of Mompós' historical center. This hotel offers its guests a unique escape from their everyday life by immersing them into th
  • Hostal Dona Manuela
    This 28-room behemoth of a colonial mansion sits proudly in the center of Mompós' main street, Calle del Medio. Routinely used as a location for wealthy Momposinos to hold events such as weddings, it is quite simply the best and most elegant place to stay in town. Prices are not cheap, but you get
  • Casa Hotel La Casona
    As one of the leading hotels in Mompós, the expectation is that La Casona should be a paradise. It is not. The rooms are dark, the furniture could use some updating and the communal areas need work. For too long it seems the establishment has been resting on its laurels knowing full well that a st
  • San Carlos
    Just down the hill and around the corner from Pipatón, the San Carlos is another hotel aimed at the engineering crowd. Each of the 30 rooms and seven apartments have air conditioning, cable TV, minibar, WiFi and a private bathroom. The San Carlos is functional but lacks character and feeling; it do
  • Hotel Cacique
    Just next door to the Pipatón is the characterless and charmless Hotel Cacique. It really does live in the shadow of its neighbor and is nothing more than a location for businessmen coming through Barrancabermeja. Rooms are standard, with TV, air conditioning and private bathrooms.
  • Hotel Villa Real
    Located away from the mayhem of the Pan-American Highway crossroads, Hotel Villa Real is decent and safe. All of the dozen rooms have air conditioning, and there is a pool to cool off in. Don't expect luxury here, but you'll have fine place to rest your head.
  • Las Golondrinas
    Right on the corner of the main square in Puerto Berrío, this is one of two recommended hotels in town. Rooms come with air conditioning, refrigerator, cable TV and darkened windows to keep out the blazing sunshine. Each room has a private bathroom (without hot water, since it's unnecessary here).
  • Hotel La Casa de Las Dos Palmas
    Hotel Las Dos Palmas is quite simply one of the best hotels in Puerto Berrío. Located a few blocks from a seedy port area and a few blocks from the main square and its conveniences, this hotel has 20 rooms, all equipped with air conditioning (an absolute necessity in this sweltering town). If you'
  • Hotel Bachue
    Located in the center of town, the Bachue underwent a complete renovation in August of 2007 of everything down to tiling in the bathrooms and linen on the beds. The entry still has a 1970s feel to it, but the 40 rooms are top class, offering guests WiFi, air conditioning, a private bathroom and a
  • San Cristóbal
    Although the San Cristóbal is in the city's Zona Rosa, this respectable hotel is definitely separate from the many seedy, rent-by-the-hour options nearby. The price for one of the 40 rooms is cheaper if you choose a fan over air conditioning. The rooms are generally clean, and all come with cable
  • Mansion Florida
    One of the most quiet, beautiful, and affordable places to stay while visiting Colombia.
  • Hotel Wassiki Campestre
    Hotel Wassiki Campestre is the most expensive and exclusive place to stay in the area, located just 5 minutes outside of San Gil. Twelve luxurious bedrooms, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym make up this secluded hotel which also includes a campsite.
  • Hotel San Sebastian
    Indisputably better than the Aragon but nowhere near as cheap, the San Sebastian is a safe and decent hotel located in the Candelaria. Rooms are clean and include cable television.
  • Hotel Bolívar
    A member of the Spanish Celuisma hotel chain, Hotel Bolívar is probably the smartest place you can stay in Cúcuta. This inn was built with a Mediterranean architecture and it has three swimming pools set within a tropical garden. All 127 tile-floored rooms are very spacious and have air condition
  • Oceania Hotels
    Opened in 2007, the Oceania is clean, well run, and has rooms for up to five people. Downstairs is a reasonable restaurant that serves economical lunchtime set menus. Another option for those eager to escape a dormitory and enjoy a snore free night! Note: this hotel is currently closed for renova
  • Hotel Casa de la Botica
    Hotel Casa de la Botica is a fine example of a labor of love. Craftsmanship and design have been employed in every facet of this boutique hotel, from the airy courtyard and salon to the fireplaces, balconies and fountains. Stylish rooms and suites come with bathroom, mini-bar, cable TV and W
  • Casa Salzburg
    Nice, very clean, with friendly owners who speak English.
  • Hotel Aragon
    Inexplicably still in business, the Hotel Aragon is an understandable option for those seeking a cheap bed far from the noise, bustle or dormitories of a regular hostel. Be warned, last we checked it appeared as though the management here had failed to invest any money in hotel upkeep since the 195
  • Hotel Amazon Bed & Breakfast
    The Amazon Bed & Breakfast is perfectly located in the heart of Leticia on the triple border between Colombia, Peru and Brazil and only few minutes away from the Amazon River and its spectacular eco-system. Stay in traditional yet modern bungalows while exploring the Amazonas through our eco-ad
  • Hotel Tabary
    Hotel Tabary is probably the best of the cheaper inns in Villavicencio. The rooms, for the most part, are large. The ones in front have plate glass windows overlooking the street. All come with cable TV and private bathâ??efficiency style, one could call them, with the shower pipe over the stool. T
  • Hotel Inambu
    Disponemos de 28 habitaciones amplias y confortables, aire acondicionado, Televisión por cable, Cajilla de seguridad, minibares, agua caliente, servicio de Room Service, Restaurante y Bar, Mirador para cenas románticas y otro tipo de eventos, Lobby, Capilla, Tienda típica, Internet banda ancha w
  • Hotel Inga Real
    On the corner of Plaza Santander is Hotel Inga Real, one of Mocoa's more upscale hotels. A fantastic mural created with different tropical woods is at the foot of the stairs leading up to the reception. Hotel Inga Real offers clean, good-sized rooms with cable TV. All accommodations have private
  • Hotel Central
    Hotel Central is a family-oriented, walk-up hostel a half-block from Mocoa's main square. For decades, the elderly couple having been greeting travelers passing through this corner of the Putumayo jungle. They offer simple rooms: some accommodations are small and windowless; others are larger wit
  • Casa Platypus
    After three years of careful restoration to this Replican-era home, Casa Platypus, the grown-up, high-class sibling of the famed Hostal Platypus, is ready for your partronage. Located in La Candelaria, across from the Parque de los Periodistas, this hotel offers spacious, private rooms that are t
  • Gay Place Bogota
    Located in the gay-friendly neighborhood Chapinero, near the best gay nightlife in the city, Gay Place Bogota is an excellent gay-friendly hotel option in Bogotá. It's a smaller hotel, with only 12 rooms, but the attention is great, the continental breakfast is good and the rooms are comfortable.
  • Hotel Marlin
    Open since 2002, Hotel Marlin offers comfortable accommodations for national and foreign backpackers, business people and tourists. Set in a colonial house, Marlin has 24 rooms, each with a private bathroom and your choice of a ceiling fan or air conditioning. Internet service, cable TV, laundry se
  • Hotel Villa Colonial
    Hotel Villa Colonial is a comfortable, upscale hostel in Cartagena's bohemian Getsemaní neighborhood. The tastefully decorated rooms in this beautifully restored colonial house surround an interior courtyard with balconies. All accommodations come with private bath, cable TV and a choice of air
  • El Almirante Cartagena Estelar
    Hotel Almirante Cartagena Estelar is in the center of Bocagrande's scene. Its glass towers house 250 rooms in four styles, including spacious suites decorated in clean, modern lines. Elevators whisk tourists up to these accommodations that have private bath, air conditioning, TV and WiFi connection
  • Centro Real
    When you walk in, you get a smile. Its open air, clean, there's always someone there day or night to help you out and they care about their guests. Honestly, there is nothing to complain about at this extremely friendly hotel close to the park, El Centro, and anything else you might want to do in t
  • Hospedaje Marta
    There is nothing particularly redeeming about Hospedaje Marta, a small, 10-room hostel. You are better off paying a bit more for La Casona next door or Casa Viena down the street, but if you're in a pinch, you can stay here for a night. The rooms are basic — each with a grainy television and
  • Hostal La Casona Getsemaní
    Even though it has 28 rooms around a peaceful courtyard, La Casona is still a slightly overpriced hostel. The rooms are very simple, with nothing more than the basic amenities, like a small TV, fan or air conditioning, and private bath. You will get a better value on of the larger, air conditi
  • Tequendama Intercontinental
    Don't let the 50s-era architecture fool you; Tequendama is all luxury on the inside. Rooms come in various classifications, from standard and business to junior and presidential suites. At the lowest level rooms come with cable TV, mini-bar, 24-hour room service, a tub or Jacuzzi and a daily paper
  • Hostal Leonela
    With over 35 years of service and a helpful staff, you really can't go wrong staying a few nights at Hostal Leonela. The hostel's 35 rooms are situated around a calming blue courtyard, where guests are served their morning breakfast. Some rooms have fans, others have air conditioning. All have priv
  • Hospedaje Cartagena
    If you're not daunted by the very sketchy hourly rate at this conveniently located hostel, you might actually get some bang for your buck here. This place might resemble something like a brothel from the outside, as it on the second floor with a balcony overlooking Calle de la Soledad. If you mak
  • Hostal San Diego
    Hostal San Diego may seem a bit overpriced for what you get (a small air-conditioned room with a cold shower), but it earns points for its location and charms. Its convenient Internet café next door, inviting white exterior and quaint interior courtyard make this hostel appealing. It is also the
  • Hostal Santo Domingo
    Right in the center of Calle Santo Domingo, this small 9-room hostel is steps from nearly every major site in the old city. Set back from the street in a two-story colonial building, the place is clean and quaint with a blue courtyard and small two-person tables in front of each room. Breakfast m
  • Casa Hotel Villa de Mompox
    Perhaps best described as one step up from backpacker comfort and charm, the Villa de Mompox sits on the edge of everything colonial in Mompós and one block back from the Magdalena River. Prices are probably a bit steep for what is on offer, but the owners cannot be faulted in creating an â??alte
  • Hospedaje Villa María
    Hospedaje Villa María is owned and operated by Kaishi tour agency. Along one side of the bare interior patio (which also serves as secure parking for its guests) is a corridor for hammock sleeping; these guests share the common bath. This is the least expensive inn backpackers will find in Uribia
  • Posada El Mirador De Salento
    La Posada is an elegant and comfortable house of traditional Colombian architecture. It has comfortable private rooms, complete with showers, hot water, cable TV and breakfast. The spaces are very open and the atmosphere is relaxed. Located near a beautiful viewing point, the hostel is five minutes
  • Finca Cafetera El Balso
    Finca Cafetera El Balso is one of the most attractive destinations to stay in outside of the city. Located five kilometers (3 mi) outside of Armenia, you can enjoy privacy coupled with the beauty of the coffee country. This hacienda offers five comfortable rooms with a total capacity for 14 guests.
  • Finca Hotel Los Ancestros Sorrento
    Los Ancestros is a laid-back, homey hotel located about 15 minutes by car outside of Armenia. It's in the middle of nowhere, and difficult to find (arrange pick-up with hotel staff). Its remoteness is the best part, however: it's quiet, cozy and in the morning you'll hear roosters instead of car ala
  • La Floresta Hotel Campestre
    Directly outside Armenia lies La Floresta Hotel Campestre, a charming rural escape on a beautiful old estate. Its three suites and 15 standard rooms all have WiFi, TV, phone with international calling, and doors leading outside to the plants and gardens that surround the hotel. Lots of activities w
  • Plantation House
    If you are after a taste of Salento's local history, the Plantation House is an ideal place to stay. Originally a coffee plantation house, the hostel has been reconstructed into three separate areas to suit the needs of those staying in the heart of Colombian's coffee country. There are still vario
  • Casa Quimbaya
    Casa Quimbaya is Armenia's first backpacker's hostel. It is a red-tile roofed bungalow on the corner of a residential street, located near restaurants, discos and other services. Casa Quimbaya offers budget travelers three dormitories and two private, double rooms to choose from. The hostel also ha
  • Buddha Hostel
    Buddha Hostel is different from any other backpacker lodging. This is a boutique hotel, featuring retro-Asian architecture and gardens. Artworks decorate the interior. The onsite restaurant serves international cuisine. The bilingual staff helps travelers get to know Medellín's attractions and
  • Mountain House
    This lively hostel in Zona Rosa is run like a well-oiled machine. The owners, both named Christina, have a really good system of service. Mountain House has four dorm rooms that sleep up to eight people, and two private rooms. Relax in a hammock while eating your complimentary breakfast, or mingle
  • Pitstop Hostel Manizales
    Located in Zona Rosa, PitStop hostel is right in the thick of all the action. The owners of this Spanish colonial house have two popular hostels in Medellín (PitStop and Tiger Paw), so they know what they are doing. Guests can choose between dorms and private rooms, which come with either shared or
  • Sweet Home Hostel
    Sweet Home Hostel is travelers' home away from home while in Colombia's coffee region. This local owned hostel offers two four-bed dorms, and a six-bed room, all with lockers. There are also two private rooms, for couples or families, with common bath. This hostel's beds are larger than the norm, g
  • Manizales Hostel
    Another sociable hostel in Zona Rosa, close to the city's vibrant nightlife, Manizales Hostel has dorm rooms for three, four or 10 people, as well as private rooms. The large, fully furnished kitchen and living room area are ideal for meeting other travelers. Conveniently, two supermarkets, a shoppi
  • Hostel Tralala Salento
    Perfectly situated close to the town center, Hostel Tralala Salento is ideal for the tired traveler in search of peace and quiet. Recently renovated (2010), this small hostel of four rooms (one of which is a dorm) has a comfortable, relaxing environment complete with a beautiful sun terrace and a pa
  • Hotel Alpino de Armenia
    Hotel Alpino is a good budget option at the northern end of the city. Although this place is a little farther away from the pedestrian mall, Plaza Bolívar and the busy Carrera 19, it can still be rather loud. But with a clean room that includes private bath, hot water and TV , it's hard to complai
  • Hospedaje Franco
    One of the cheapest in Santa Fe, Hospedaje Franco has an open-air courtyard with a large TV and children scurrying about. Rooms have TV and ceiling fans and some have private bathrooms. Prices nearly double during weekends and festivals.
  • El Mesón de la Abuela
    El Mesón de la Abuela is a welcoming little hospedaje with six rooms, including a six-bed dorm. Each room has TV, private bathroom and ceiling fan. There is a well-priced restaurant downstairs and hammocks for lounging.
  • Waypoint Hostel
    Perhaps Waypoint's biggest perk is its swimming pool, not something most budget travelers expect when dishing out money for their dorm bed. Additional amenities include a BBQ area, hammocks, free coffee, a TV room, free WiFi and a kitchen. If you would prefer more privacy and space, Waypoint also ha
  • 61Prado
    61Prado is a Dutch-owned guesthouse with 18 rooms, each with private bathrooms. Amenities include free high-speed WiFi, a fully-equipped kitchen and laundry service. Stays can be reserved on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is close to Plaza Botero, and a five-minute walk from the nearest metro
  • Dragonfly
    Big, friendly house with Internet, TV, laundry, pool, hostal prices, close to Ave. Sexta
  • Kaffee Erde
    Kaffee Erde has quickly become a good alternative to the other backpacking hostels in Cali. This converted house in Barrio Centenario makes guests feel right at home, and Christian, the owner of the place, makes you feel like part of his family. Although the house itself is a little lackluster and i
  • Hotel El Eden Country Inn
    This neat and colorful inn between Armenia and Circasia is the perfect place to experience the major sites in Quindío. Set in brightly colored colonial buildings, this inn has 15 guest rooms: 11 standard rooms, two family suites and two presidential suites. It also has a pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a r
  • Hotel Royal
    Located in the center of Pereira, Hotel Royal has simple single, double and triple bedrooms, all with private bathroom, TV, metal-framed beds, hot water and telephone.
  • Hostal Ciudad De Segorbe
    In Salento Colombia The Ciudad de Segorbe Hostel, Bed and Breakfast; welcomes people from places all over the world. Peaceful and spacious seating areas especially suiting those looking for tranquility amidst unbelievable landscapes and friendly people. Set amongst the magical and unique forest
  • Hacienda Venecia
    This magnificent plantation in Manizales is home to one of Colombia's many quality coffee producers. Juan Pablo Echeverri, the hacienda owner, offers extensive tours to his visitors, educating them on all there is to know about coffee. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and the friendliest of locals, i
  • Hotel Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal
    Travel 15 minutes out of town to Santa Rosa de Cabal and you will find this comfortable, luxurious hotel, complete with a naturally heated pool filled with fresh water from thermal springs. Aside from its decadent furnishings, the hotel has two private Jacuzzis, a massage parlor, secure parking, a
  • Hotel del Puente
    Smack dab on the bridge bordering barrio San Antonio and the Centro, this four-story hotel has an unfortunate view of one of the busiest byways in the city. The rooms here are basic, just a bed, window and private bath. The advantage here is the location, just steps away from all of the major sites
  • Hotel Posada Colonial
    A hotspot for budget travelers, Hotel Posada Colonial is a curious establishment with 22 rooms, each of different quality and price. One room is like a closet with a tiny twin bed and a tiny bathroom, which costs $6 a night (not recommended). Others are more spacious and have large, private bathro
  • Hotel Pelikan
    Hard-to-miss Hotel Pelikan is located on the road into Taganga. It is a brightly-decorated hostel with very friendly and helpful owners. Private rooms are of a decent size and are clean, with private bathrooms. Seemingly continually under development, the hostel is regularly adding new rooms to its
  • Residencias Kennedy
    Residencias Kennedy is a no-frills inn: No plants surround the brick-tile courtyard, and no TVs in the habitaciones. The 17 rooms only have a double bed and night table with a ceiling fan to keep you cool. All do have windows. The elderly owner, doña Raquel, and her assistant Jairo keep it okay-cl
  • Casa Loma Minca
    Casa Loma Minca, a hand-crafted wooden house set atop a hill, is the perfect place for travelers to get away from Santa Marta's sweltering heat and bustling streets. This hostel's bilingual British owners create a wonderfully peaceful retreat. Casa Loma offers camping, dorms and private rooms. Fr
  • Los Veleros
    Los Veleros is clean, safeand has several terraces. There is free WiFi and several computers available for use. The hotel is located one block away from the bus terminal, right next to the police station in the center of downtown.
  • Hostel Tropical Maison Taganga
    For those looking for a cheap option in Taganga, Hostel Tropical Maison might be a good choice. This is not so much a hostel, rather, a few rooms for rent in friendly French owner, Jean's home. Rooms are basic, but clean. The shared bathroom is spotless. Internet is available on Jean's PC. This is
  • Casa Holanda
    Smack bang in the center of things, Casa Holanda is quickly gaining a reputation as a great place to lay your hat. The twelve private rooms are spacious and spotless with private bathrooms. Owner, Edwin and his friendly staff will make you feel at ease. While a little pricier for this town, one of
  • Camping Bahía Surf Club
    Camping Bahía Surf Club in El Rodadero is an all-inclusive resort open all year round that is perfect for adventure seekers. Its five cabins have a kitchen and wireless internet access. The camping ground has showers and electrical outlets. Tents can be rented also. Activities include canoeing and
  • Villa Babilla
    Owners Laffi and Alex opened this hostel hoping to bring foreign tourists to Tolú and slowly their plan is working. The only problem with Villa Babilla, a well-known hostel on the backpacker route, is that it is a bit out of the way from town activity. This is a peaceful hostel though, with lots
  • Hostal Rokalpa
    Hostal Rokalpa is yet another one of the centrally located and clean hostels worth a try. The rooms here all have cable T.V.'s but are basic and small. The airy courtyard in the middle of this home is a nice place to relax or have breakfast (which you must ask to be included in your stay). Barg
  • Cabañas Manaure Beach
    Cabañas Manaure Beach has a basic, four-room hostel: two quarters have three beds each and the other two, four beds each. The windows have shutters, but no glass or nets. Even though the private baths have showers set up, they may not work; a large barrel of water is provided from which to do a to
  • The Meeting Point Hostel
    The hostel is located in the heart of the city , great area close to the parks, restaurants, malls, museums, library, universities in a really safe neighborhood great architeture this neighborhood is declared part historic of the city. we can organize surf on kilimajaro beach or salsa lessons in the
  • Blue Almond Hostel
    Finally backpackers have a cheap, clean place to stay on San Andrés. Blue Diamond Hostel is a small hotel (three rooms only) 20 minutes walking from the sea. It offers amenities budget travelers need, like BBQ pit, kitchen, an outdoor terrace to hang out, book Exchange, and sitting room with TV an
  • Hotel Tropicana
    Don't let Hotel Tropicana's drab green exterior fool you. Its interior is actually quite nice, with a friendly staff eager to help. The hotel's four floors of comfortable rooms come with private bathrooms, cable TV and air conditioning. Hotel Tropicana is located a block off of the Calle 1 drag. F
  • Cali Plaza Hotel
    Aside from providing accommodations that include one- to three-bedroom apartments, Cali Plaza Hotel is a very popular and centrally located meeting place. The café is one of the only places in town where you can get free WiFi reception, which makes it a perfect place to socialize with locals and
  • Hotel Nevada
    Hotel Nevada was built to satisfy tourists seeking refuge in the city's busy yet safe and heavily patrolled “Zona Rosa.” Just one block from the nightlife on Avenida Sexta and 15 minutes from El Centro, Nevada is like a home away from home with 21 comfortable guest rooms and luxuries such
  • Hostal Tamarindo
    With a maximum capacity of 16 people, the Hostal Tamarindo is one of the smaller accommodation choices in El Poblado. There are two cleanly kept and well-maintained mixed dormitories of six and eight beds respectively, as well as one double room. As with most hostels, the Tamarindo comes with a com
  • Hotel Sartor
    Having been on the backpacker trail for some time now, Hotel Sartor offers pretty decent accommodations close to the Avenida Sexta nightlife. This is a good option for travelers seeking a convenient location and good value. All rooms have private baths and surround a little courtyard. There is a co
  • Tostaky
    Owned by French-Colombian couple Vincent and Claudia, Tostaky is one of the most popular hostels in San Antonio, and with good reason. Its location is ideal, across from the neighborhood's park. Recently expanded, Tostaky offers both dorm beds and private rooms, along with free Internet, a kitchen a
  • Casa de Señora Marta
    (BEDS: $4) Perfect for travelers looking for an authentic experience while meeting interesting fellow travelers, Residenciales El Viajero, or Señora Marta's place, could belong to any “interesting” grandmother who wanted to have three rooms and eight beds to spare. House plants abound
  • Hotel Los Delfines
    This beautiful hotel has nine floors of spotless rooms, with wide verandas on every floor that offer panoramic views of the Pacific. Rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, telephone and cable TV. It also has laundry service downstairs, and free Internet access in rooms and on the balconies
  • Hotel Titanic
    The Hotel Titanic does not do a great deal to inspire the visitor with its name. But all the same, it is another respectable establishment along Calle 1 in the safer part of Buenaventura. The hotel has 37 rooms equipped with cable TV, mini-bar, private bathroom, air conditioning and telephone. It a
  • HostelTrail Guesthouse
    This backpacker house features all the facilities a traveler could want. It has hot water, WiFi, 24-hour reception, lockers, self-catering kitchen and DVD collection. Hostel Trail presents an eight-bed dorm, as well as private rooms with shared or private bath. It also offers its guests bike
  • Ecolodge el Almejal
    This rainforest and beach lodge is a destination all on its own. It offers all-inclusive per-person packages for a minimum of three nights and a maximum of seven. The sustainable eco-lodge features hammocks surrounded by palm trees, 12 open-air lodges (each with its own bathroom), butterfly gardens
  • Hostel Caldas
    Located in the heart of the historical center, Hostel Caldas is set in a beautiful new colonial house.
    It is a hostel with high ceilings and nat