Bogotá Restaurants

Need to stick to a rigid budget of $5 per day for food? Have all the money to spend for a gluttonous feast? Either way, Bogotá is the place for you. Small restaurants all over the city run lunch deals starting around $2 that will fill your stomach with hearty fare (typically a soup to start followed by a cut of meat accompanied with rice, potatoes and beans). If you fancy something more chic, newer establishments in the Candelaria and the Macarena will probably fit the bill. Places also exist that would be better suited to dining in California in the Zona Rosa and Parque la 93.

Like most capital cities, Bogotá offers a wealth of nightlife options. Fashionable clubs line the streets in the north and student hangouts riddle the colonial mayhem of the Candelaria. Most clubs close between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., but those with an appetite for more can go on to well-known “after parties.” Bogotá’s arts scene is a lively one too, with art-house cinemas, theaters and live music venues continually playing to rapturous audiences.

  • Pastelería Organización Gers
    This bakery shop may not have the most usual name, but Pastelería Organización Gers sure creates some mighty delicious temptations. Just walking along Carrera 4, your wandering eye will latch onto the desserts gleaming in the glass case. There are the usual goodies, like milhojas and alfajores, b
  • Restaurante Vegetariano Loto Azul
    For more than two decades Restaurante Vegetariano Loto Azul has been serving Bogotanos and foreigners delicious vegetarian food. Besides whipping up breakfasts and lunches accompanied by the salad bar ($2.45 main course only, $3.20 complete with soup), Loto Azul also prepares lasagnas, sandwiches a
  • Restaurante Café Israelí L'Haim
    Hummus, matbuja, falafel, shawarma (lamb, veal or chicken), lafa, zoarim, shakshuka: any Middle Eastern comfort food that your stomach has been aching for lately. Made from millennia-old recipes, L'Haim prepares traditional Israeli food for the discriminating public. If you can't quite make up your
  • El Bolón Verde
    Creative haute cuisine dished up with sweet jazz awaits you at El Bolón Verde. The eats cannot get more inspired than at this bistro. Choose from seafood like shrimp, squid and octopus, or beef tenderloin and pork served in curry or a ground coffee and whiskey sauce. Other dishes that flourish the
  • Donde Tatiana
    Donde Tatiana is where many Bogotanos go to have the lunch or dinner special. Choose from a variety of meats that include beef, sobrebarriga and fish. The plates come heaping with salad, patacones, French fries, rice and beans. The mealtime spread starts with the customary soup and a drink goes alo
  • Quinua y Amaranto
    One of two excellent vegetarian restaurants in the Candelaria. Arrive early to avoid disappointment. This charming and atmospherically decorated place gets pretty packed due to its popularity. You can watch the staff creating meals at the front. Great tortilla española and balanced set menus. Open
  • La Vida en Rosa
    La Vida en Rosa has an extraordinarily large menu and appears to have an enormous turnover, filling all 5 of its rooms at lunchtime. The set menu looks of particular quality and the lasagnes are enormous. Harassed staff run between tables taking orders. A popular joint doing a brisk lunchtime servi
  • The Irish Pub
    Bizarrely popular with young Colombians, the Irish Pub really does not resemble an Irish establishment at all. However, on weekends the forecourt that spills onto the pedestrianised section of the Zona T is crowded with revellers. For a full pint and some traditional pub food you could do a lot wor
  • Capachos Asadero
    If your itinerary doesn't include a hop down to Villavicencio and the Colombian plains, you can still try mamona at Capachos, the typical BBQ from the llanos. A young calf, not yet weaned, is split and placed on varas (stakes) and slow cooked to succulent perfection ($7.25-8.25). Capachos also gril
  • An Andante Ma Non Troppo
    Situated on the corner of 11th and 3rd it would be easy to stride past this place without really realizing it existed. One entrance lies at the back of a gift shop and the other is fairly nondescript. However, once you do enter, the restaurant/ café sprawls through four rooms. On offer is good cof
  • Bogotá Beer Company
    The Bogota Beer Company molds itself on various U.S.-style micro-breweries, delivering on that level. Artisanal beers in a pub setting are what draw the crowds here, not to mention large screen TVs permanently tuned to sporting events. There are versions in Usaquen, Parque la 93 and the Zona T.
  • Pimienta y Café
    For a couple of dollars one can feast on a set lunch menu that would fill even the most vacuous stomach. The establishment is clean, friendly and large and is often frequented by politicians climbing up the hill from Congress. The service is fast and the food is substantial and flavorful. Open Mon
  • Restaurante Casa Vieja
    Restaurante Casa Vieja (formerly known as Alfredo's Bistro), placed right in the heart of the village-like district of Usaquen, is a perfect place to settle down to a long lunch post shopping excursion in the Hacienda Santa Barbara. When the weather holds, the place to be is on the patio, otherwise
  • Zhang China Gourmet
    Good Chinese restaurants in Bogotá are pretty hard to come by and so the discovery of this eatery in Usaquen was quite well received. The setting is ideal, right on the corner of the plaza and the interior is modern and stylish. Dishes come in at roughly $10 and will quench the visitor's desire for
  • Luna
    In the heart of the Zona Rosa, Luna, along with many of its neighbors in the area, is an upmarket quality Italian restaurant specializing in risotto and pastas. The decor sets it apart from the rest and the food will have you purring appreciatively.
  • Restaurante Sabor a Leña
    With so many restaurants like this one to choose from, it would be easy to skip Restaurante Sabor a Leña, but its very decent prices, tasty local food and convenient location make it an easy choice for travelers needing a good, quick meal. The daily menu can be found outside the main entrance and
  • La Jugueteria
    The attention to detail is staggering. When can you visit what is essentially a steakhouse and be surrounded by toys? Slightly creepy are the dozens of dolls suspended from the beams and rafters but your mind will quickly return to the job in handâ?¦feasting. Oh yes, bring along some old toys and
  • 80 Sillas
    80 Sillas lists itself as an "informal restaurant," but at first glance appears to be anything but that. This seafood restaurant and cevicheria is fast becoming a hot favorite for yuppies working in the area of Usaquen. The ceviche is very good and the staff are insistent that the ingredients arriv
  • América Dulce América
    Previously known as La Moderna, América Dulce América is a wonderful restaurant across from the National Museum in one of Bogota's beautiful brick buildings. Adorning a pleasant view of Monserrate, América Dulce América is perfect for lunch, dinner or simply to enjoy a few authentic salsa tunes
  • Cha Cha
    The winning ticket for Cha Cha is its lofty location on the 41st floor of an otherwise non-despcript Bogotá skyscraper. With views over all of Bogotá, clubbers can enjoy the electronic music and chill out on open air patios. The club is available for private functions during the week and then bec
  • Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo
    At the steep end of the hill that is the heart of the Candelaria is the Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo. Here on any given evening one can find a host of interesting and eclectic bars to frequent. In font of the small chapel there is normally a â??cuenteroâ? or story teller regaling a crowd for his
  • Gotica
    A long time clubber's favorite in Bogotá for its seemingly endless list of world-class DJs invited to spin their business in one of the three rooms in Gotica. You will find yourself immersed in either electronica, crossover or buoyed up on hip hop if you decide to make Gotica your club of choice o
  • El Café Internet Bar
    El Cafè Internet Bar is a popular, queer-friendly hangout with loud music, stiff drinks, fast computers, cute boys (and a few girls), and comfy seats. It's busy most evenings. El Cafè is open 10 AM to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and until 2 AM Thursday through Saturday.
  • Penelope
    Glam is the order of the day here as you might have guessed from the name. While other clubs are pandering to the fad of minimalist themes and furnishing, Penelope, a classic club in Bogotá, is refusing to be bullied and maintains its glam style and purpose. The owners rave about its style and exc
  • Café Para Dos
    On the corner from the Hotel Aragon is Café Para Dos. Behind a window of multicolored bottles lie rooms scattered with Moroccan throws and cushions. Upstairs there is an open fire, making this café an ideal place to sit back, drag on a hookah, enjoy a coffee or cocktail and while away hours. Open
  • Quiebra Canto
    Quiebra Canto is the brainchild of a group of students from the Universidad Nacional, who, 29 years ago, decided to create a place to play Silvio Rodriguez songs and start the revolution. Very little of that original theme remains and what is here is home to one of Bogota's most popular haunts for a
  • Escobar y Rosas
    It is a mystery that this bar / club has become so popular, but week in week out, from Wednesday night onwards, there are lines of people who are left out in the cold as capacity is reached. Before you ask, the name has nothing to do with the former head of the Medellin Cartel, but refers to a pharm
  • Casa de Citas
    Formerly a brothel and hence the name, the Casa de Citas has converted itself into a cool hangout for live music and easy bites. Don't let the cover charge put you off, once inside, see the balcony where the women de la vida alegre would stand to promote themselves to potential customers, kn
  • El Sitio
    El Sitio - The Place - is exactly that if you want to get back to good old fashioned partying, Colombian style. Basic furnishings make this bar / club a place to buy a bottle with some friends, kick back to some live music and then leap up and dance energetically with the rest of the patrons. Consi
  • Café del Sol
    Café del Sol's dimly lit rooms spanning back from the bar on the street are an ideal place to conduct an affair. An atmospheric and decadent locale -- make no mistake, if you are here in the Café del Sol you don't want to be seen. The setting is intimate and meant for couples. Open Monday-Wednesd
  • Sakura Japonés
    Although Sakura Japonés doesn't serve the most authentic Japanese cuisine in the country, you can still count on having a very complete meal here in a pleasant atmosphere. There is a set lunch menu that includes juice, soup, salad, vegetables, meat or chicken, rice or potatoes, and a pastry desser
  • Alma
    New in July 2007, Alma has quickly converted itself into the most happening club in Bogota and the place to be seen. Entry is tough but not impossible, best to find friends in high places who can guarantee you entry. If that's not possible, then arrive early. People call weeks ahead of time to reser
  • Frida
    Though far out of reach for most people on a budget, Frida's is quite simply the best Mexican restaurant in town. Words cannot describe the flavorsome exuberance of the pork ribs bathed in a rosa de jamaica salsa. For more conventional and just as savory bites, try the fajitas or the sopa azteca. B
  • Leo Cocina y Cava
    Quite simply the most exclusive and expensive restaurant in Bogota and with good reason. Chef Leonor Espinosa has dedicated this establishment to saving Colombian coastal food. If you can make a reservation and secure a table then be sure to try the tuna cut encrusted with santanderean ants. Come w
  • La Hamburgueseria
    Small, brightly decorated with a streetside heated patio, La Hamburgueseria does exactly what you'd expect. This is the place to come in Bogota should you start to salivate at the prospect of a succulent burger. Medallions of beef are also recommended as is the calentao.
  • L'arca Tierra & Mar
    Cocina moderna, de mar y tierra, enfocada en la preparación de pescados y mariscos frescos, para deleitar el paladar. Ofrece deliciosos ceviches, filetes de pescado y carnes maduradas con salsas que han sido creadas por los expertos de nuestra cocina. Nuestra idea no es copiar, es crear
  • Tapas Macarena
    A hip Dutch/Colombian couple opened Tapas Macarena back in 2007 to fill the city's lack of a traditional tapas bar and to create an intimate space to share food with friends. All meals in this tiny corner spot begin with tasty homemade bruschetta, and the menu offers international whiskeys and Belg
  • Sanzzini's
    With a large brick furnace visible in the kitchen, Sanzzini's obviously specializes in all things Italian. Reasonably sized pizzas and excellent calzone are enough to make the first time visitor a frequent diner here. Located on the corner of Calle 19, the store can be hard to find. Once you do, how
  • Bar 201
    Designed to look similar to a singleton's apartment, complete with some paintings, sofas and table lamps, Bar 201 tries hard. In truth Bar 201 is uncomplicated and fun with its spaces and crossover tunes. On occasion there is live music and partyers can take a break from everything on the terrace. T
  • El Salto del Angel
    Why this establishment is called "Angel Falls" is a is neither in Venezuela nor resembles a waterfall, but it is best perhaps to no longer dwell on this and speak only of this excellent restaurant / club in Bogotá's Parque de la 93. Appealing to a crowd of mainly young moneyed professi
  • Kukaramakara
    Another effervescent option in northern Bogota for those people who can get their tongues around the twister of a name and want to head out and hear some live music covered by the house band. Before long it feels as if rum and other spirits are dripping from the ceiling since the partying here is d
  • Esta Es Colombia Cena Show
    Esta es Colombia Cena Show (This is Colombia Dinner Show) is a new cultural proposition, created as a permanent space of dissemination of Colombian folklore, musical culture and cuisine. The staging, "Four Colombian Areas", in charge of the Group Traditional Colombian Dance Delia Zapata Olivella,