Chile Tours

Chile tours range from Chile adventure tours trekking through the Patagonia, to relaxing wine-tasting tours or beach tours. Santiago city tours feature fine restaurants, museums and monuments as well as excellent day-trips to beaches and Andean ski-resorts. Chilean wine-country tours are offered throughout the rolling Andes region and offer lodging at traditional haciendas, ranches. Chile adventure tours, especially in the rustic terrain of the Norther Altiplano, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia and the Lake District are incredibly popular with adventure travelers. Chile cultural tours of Easter Island give the traveler a glimpse of past cultures with its famous moai sculptures.

  • Wine tours

    As Chilean wines have matured into worldly nectars, winemakers have also caught on the touristic potential and more and more valleys are setting up tours. So if you want to swill vinos tintos and blancos, sniff out the fruity and woody aromas, learn to tell your c

  • Walking Tour
    Although many Chileans associate Valparaíso with trash-lined alleys and opportunistic thieves, visitors will be pleasantly surprised to find a slice of gritty bohemianism in two of the downtown's adjacent cerros (hills), Alegre and Concepción. The central location of the hills makes them an appro