Chile Schools

Be aware when choosing to study Spanish in Chile that what’s known as Castellano chileno is not what you may have learned in high school. Spanish in Chile has been influenced by many Mapudungun and Quechua words (like gua-gua for baby instead of bebe). Also, Chilenos tend to use a lot of slang (poto for buttocks) and eat the s on the end of words, so there may be a lot of “otra vez, por favor?” (“One more time, please?”) when speaking with the fast-talking natives. But, go for it, take the Castellano chileno challenge. You might want to check out a guide for slang first (

Test your Spanish level at ABC Spanish School’s website ( to see what level you would place in their Santiago school. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to school, invest $260, take the Crash Course -six classes a day for five days- and don’t miss out on the school activities, like visiting Pablo Neruda’s houses.

Smack in the middle of Chile’s lake district, the Pucón Center of Languages and Culture ( really emphasizes learning Spanish through immersing yourself in the culture, i.e. getting out there and conversing with people, like the woman selling homegrown vegetables. A prime example is one of the mixed learning programs the Pucón Center offers; a 10-week Spanish and work program that has you spending two weeks in Spanish classes and two months working on a horse farm ($1,052 with meals and housing included).

  • Woodward Chile
    Woodward offers group Spanish classes in blocks of 10, 20, 25 or 50 hours. Students set their own timetable and decide how many hours they want to study per week. Classes run between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Prices vary depending on the number of hours booked, but are cheaper in the winter. Check the webs
  • Escuela Fronteras
    Escuela Fronteras is a Spanish Immersion language school located in Santiago de Chile. Our holistic methodology includes classroom instruction by college certified teachers using original textbooks with audio of native speakers from many Spanish speaking countries. Our free/non-profit in-school ac
  • Escuela Newen
    Escuela Newen is a few minutes from the Bellas Artes Museum. The school is small, the staff is friendly and the standard of teaching excellent. The teachers speak only Spanish with students.
  • Escuela Bellavista
    Escuela Bellavista Spanish School has a friendly and welcoming ambiance. Its youthful, yet experienced teaching staff will work on your Spanish skills, ensuring that in class you only speak Spanish, including during your break times with the other students, thus maximizing your learning opportunitie
  • Studying Spanish in Pucón, Chile
    Last December I had a week of Spanish lessons at Language Pucón, a small, very, very friendly spanish school. I did it as preparation for my further traveling and it really improved it. It helped me in conversations with the Chilean cowboy, guiding the horsetrail I did at Antilco near Pucón.
  • Language Pucón
    The breadth of outdoor activities may tempt you to stay in Pucón for longer than planned. Take the challenge not only of all the adventures in this wonderland, but also of studying Spanish. Language Pucón has special programs to help travelers with navigating the road ahead, in one-on-one or group
  • Escuela de Guías de la Patagonia
    Escuela de Guías de la Patagonia trains Ayseninos as guides in the outdoor tourism industry. The students receive a solid background in conservation, geology, biology and other sciences. Travelers to Coyhaique can hire a guide from the school, or, for an added dimension to their trip, take a course
  • ITUR
    To really learn about Pucón and the surrounding region to its bedrock, consider ITUR's study abroad Spanish language program, which combines academic classes with outdoor adventures and cross-cultural exchanges. Working with the Universidad de la Frontera and the Instituto EuroChileno de Turismo, I
  • Study Spanish in Santiago
    Santiago is an outstanding place to take Spanish classes. The city houses several schools, and the high teaching quality makes selecting one difficult; try a sample lesson before you make up your mind. The programs are geared toward beginners and backpackers with limited time and money, so schools t