Chile Restaurants

  • Restaurant Don Omar
    Café Restaurant Don Omar is a much-frequented, small eatery only a few doors down from Osorno's Plaza de Armas. Its main draw is its daily special at a popular price. Every day several plates are offered (including a vegetarian option), as just a colación (main dish) or menu complete (soup or appe
  • Kuranton
    Given the restaurant's name, you won't be surprised to find that Kuranton's specialty is curanto. Serving seafood daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for lunch and dinner, Kuranton has a pleasant, comfortable vibe, its walls tastefully decorated with local pictures and knickknacks (with several U.S. licen
  • El Chilotito
    Open on the second floor of the pungent feria rural (rural fair, not to be confused with the main market downtown), El Chilotito offers diner-style fares at inexpensive, diner-level prices, including omelets, sandwiches, pastas, and desserts—a welcomed change if you've gone overboard on seafood
  • El Chilote Mena
    El Chilote Mena is one of those restaurants with a tantalizing variety of dishes on its menu, boasting everything from soups, salads and sandwiches to chicken, beef, and seafood, though you may need to go through four or five dishes to find one that is actually available. Prices are reasonable, but
  • Restaurant Los Artesanos
    Perched on the second floor of Ancud's downtown market, with a cluttered view of the bay, Los Artesanos claims to have “Chiloé's best food.” True or not, Los Artesanos is among Ancud's most expensive locales, with its menu of fish, seafood, and various meat dishes. There are two pleasant
  • La Corita
    Tucked away behind Ancud's market, La Corita is one of several cocinerías that serves up mountains of local seafood at modest prices. There are a few indoor tables, but the bulk of the seating is outside, in a sunny common space shared by the different restaurants. The curanto (enough seafood for t
  • Ottoschop Café
    For the Castro dive bar experience, complete with beer bongs, iffy bathrooms, a menu consisting almost entirely of fried foods, and an almost shocking range of too-loud music (everything from Shakira to Megadeth), Ottoschop is your place. Where else in town can you order yourself a two-liter mug of
  • La Piazza
    A definitive antidote to the deluge of sea creatures of all shapes and sizes that you've probably been consuming since arriving in Chiloé, La Piazza has a full-service Italian menu, including a range of pastas and some 31 kinds of pizza - one of which has mussels as a topping if you're really in th
  • Restaurant La Nave
    La Nave is simple and unpretentious—you don't come here for the faded, burnt-red cement floors—but the restaurant has friendly service and reasonably priced seafood and shellfish dishes. Try tasty platters like the bed of clams topped with melted parmesan cheese ($4). The portions could st
  • Restaurant El Fogón
    Of the few eateries in town, Restaurant El Fogón seems to be the most popular. The large portions of home-cooked food may be one of the reasons. The paila marina (seafood stew) is chunk-full of fruits of the sea. Salmon prepared with a variety of sauces, including caper, also is on the menu, as wel
  • Café Tamango
    Set deep in a yard across from the Plaza de Armas is a small white house, home to Café Tamango. The various brightly designed rooms create intimate spaces where you can enjoy a sandwich, pizza or other light meal. On a warm day, the tables out on the side patio are a pleasant place to try one of th
  • Boccados
    On a narrow side street, just up from Paseo Baquedano, a family opens its home to provide one of Iquique's most affordable restaurants, Boccados. The couch and chairs have been pushed to the walls. Tables are set in the former parlor and two other rooms. Every day people crowd in to enjoy the two-pl
  • Salón de Té y Cafetería Vizzio
    Salón de Te´y Caftería Vizzio is a popular Iquiqueño getaway. It's a great place to slip away from the bustle of the city and enjoy a spell with friends, colleagues and lovers. Vizzio is also a great people-watching spot, as the cafe has broad windows for your gazing pleasure. The interior of
  • Kuchu Marka
    Kuchu Marka in Aymara means “Corner of the village.” This restaurant is a charming nook on Putre's main street. On chill nights, a fire crackles in the chimney. Kuchu Marka's menu features traditional Aymara cooking with natural ingredients from the altiplano, including alpaca and trout. T
  • Capuccino Pizza
    In one of the old mansions lining Paseo Baquedano is Capuccino Pizza. This bistro, though, has a lot more on its menu than just Italian pies. Capuccino serves up a three-course lunch special, which includes a drink. Or perhaps a sea food empanada or sandwich would hit the spot just right in a moment
  • Café Split
    Café Split may be what the awning says above the patio, but everyone knows this as the Club Croata. Still serving as the Hrvatski Dom, or the home for Iquique's Croatian community, it is also a up-scale restaurant. From 1-4:30 p.m., the daily menu is presented. This three-course repast comes accomp
  • Restaurant Histórico Ricer
    Restaurant Histórico Ricer doesn't leave a culinary stone unturned. The extensive 17-page menu offers everything from Italian and Arabic foods to grills of Patagoinian meats and main dishes of austral seafoods. While waiting for service (it can be slow), read about Chilean wines in the back sectio
  • Restaurant El Túnel
    Café Restaurant El Túnel serves good, three-course lunch specials that include a soup or appetizer, the main dish with side and dessert. Drink is extra. The à la carte specialties are parrilladas, or barbecued meats. In the window of this corner restaurant you can see lamb, beef, pork an
  • Café Confluencia
    Café Confluencia is an arty bistro for discerning palates. At midday the place fills up for the casero and gourmet lunch dishes. At dinner time, everything is à la carte. Café Confluencia's specialty is tablas (antipastos) composed of Latin American and Spanish classics like Club de Yates is a romantic, upscale restaurant that serves a gigantic selection of fish and seafood dishes as well as some Chilean-style chicken, beef, pasta and vegetarian choices. The wine list is extensive, although most choices are a bit expensive. The food, on the other han
  • Mediterraneo
    Mediterraneo is a restaurant specializing in food with a Mediterranean and Chilean flare. The menu includes pasta, fish, salads and soups. The food is fresh and tasty, though the prices are a little high in comparison to other dining experiences of the same caliber. There is also a large wine menu b
  • Grapa
    Grapa â?? meaning "Gracias Padre," Thank you, Father â?? is a dream come true for an Argentine-Chilean couple. This new restaurant is intimate and bright. An outdoor patio in back provides an au fresco space. Monday to Saturday a lunch menu (salad, main dish) is served noon-3 p.m. At other times s
  • Madre Tierra
    Madre Tierra promises cocina de montaña (mountain cooking) and cultura (culture) to its dining clientele. It succeeds in accomplishing just that. Working with a palette of local fruits of Mother Earth, the chef creates fantastic novo-Chilean food based on native Mapuche and immigrant Spanish, Germa
  • Años Luz
    Años Luz is Castro's version of a trendy, upscale café, featuring a hip, big-city vibe. It is a top spot for enjoying hearty, upmarket cuisine, as well as mixed drinks from their bar, which is a converted boat. Cozy, relaxed, and right on the plaza, Años Luz also regularly has local, live acts. B
  • Hicamar Restaurante
    If you want to drop some cash and indulge your red meat fetish, head to Hicamar for a fine selection of grilled cuts and seafood appetizers - and virtually nothing else. Choose from the warm, mood-lit first floor, or the more pedestrian second level, which does, to its credit, have views over the pl
  • "Donde Eladio" Restaurante y Fogón
    Part-regular seafood restaurant, part-fogón (a traditional bonfire for grilling meats), and part-meeting space (complete with a data projector and seating capacity for 150 people), the mammoth, two-story Donde Eladio is a lot of things, with a formal atmosphere geared toward a middle-aged crowd. Wi
  • Club de Yates Restaurant

    The murmur of waves washing against the pier leggings of Restaurant Club de Yates fills the salon. The moon's light upon Reloncaví Sound is visible from any table diners choose in this modern, all-glass bistro. The world-class chefs here create an international menu (available i

  • Restaurant Coronado
    One of the cheapest places to eat in Pucón is Restaurant Coronado. This diner serves up Chilean home cooking: beef, chicken, even salmon. A main dish comes with sopaipillas (fry bread) and pebre (a fresh tomato-onion relish). Vegetarians aren't left out in the cold here. Lasagna, an a
  • Suiza
    Sometimes you just have to give in to a bit of sin - the Suiza is willing to help. This restaurant is mainly known for it's two dozen flavors of artisan ice cream, including chestnut, amaretto and tiramisu. Suiza also bakes all sorts of delightful confections; cookies and cakes in true Swiss fashion
  • Arabian Café Restaurant
    On a side street, a half-block from busy O'Higgins are the aromas and flavors of the Orient. Outside on the street-side patio of Arabian Café Restaurant, people sip cups of espresso or Arabian coffee, their conversations wreathed by the smoke of their cigarettes. Grandfather came from Palestine and
  • Sanguruchos
    If you are craving to delve into the fascinating world of Chilean sandwiches, Sanguruchos is the place to go. This fast-food eatery will show you hove this nation has taken the humble sandwich to the extreme. The featured meat (beef, hamburger or hot dog) comes with all the fixings you can ever drea
  • Cantaverdi
    The rough-painted walls hung with Guayasamín prints, the cloth-draped ceiling, the fireplace and the heavy wooden furniture give Cantaverdi a cozy feeling. The menu is an eclectic mix of highland foods, like alpaca and salmon, and non-traditional meats, such as seafood and beef. Pizzas hot out of t
  • Restaurant Maracuyá
    In an old beach house between Arica and Playa El Laucho is one of the city's most prestigious bistros, Restaurant Maracuyá. There are wide views of the Pacific Ocean from the dining halls and even better ones from the verandas. Maracuyá's menu specializes in international and national preparation
  • Club Donde Mismo
    Pop into Club Donde Mismo for cheap Chilean/Peruvian food and a full bar. The place is unpretentious and clean, the food is decent, and the service is efficient. The lunch menu provides several filling options and, in the evening, the venue hosts karaoke.
  • Cafe Molinos
    Café Molinos, a quiet spot to have lunch, is just off the main Bellavista drag on Calle Arzobispo. The café offers an ample menu del día (a set lunch menu that changes daily), which includes soup or salad, a generously portioned entrée, and dessert or coffee. The atmosphere is welcoming and the
  • Restaurant Overview
    It is tough to eat on a tight budget in Santiago — unless you want to eat empanadas for every meal. That said, barrio Bellavista has many moderately priced restaurants that are worth the money. Within the barrio are a variety of traditional Chilean restaurants to choose from, and the area is al
  • Doña Camila
    You can't visit Chile without trying the fish. Locals buy and eat their favorite seafood at the Mercado Central, where it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the many dining options. Doña Camila is one choice that will not disappoint. The eatery is clean, friendly, bright and inviting. Waiters are knowle
  • Vivace
    NOTE: Closed until further notice, due to earthquake damage. More and more visitors to Talca are discovering Vivace. Some consider it the best restaurant in town and after one taste of the ravioli ($CH4,950) it is not difficult to see what
  • Carmeneita Cocineria 4
    NOTE: Because of damage to the Mercado Central, Carmencita Cocinería is now located in the back row of temporary market stalls behind the market's ruins, along 1 Norte. Located in the middle of Mercado Central, this cozy restaurant is a nice plac
  • San Pablo's
    San Pablo's advertises the best empanadas in town, though the food is adequate at best. However, the price is right for an empanada de pino at $CH500 (slightly less than $1). There are also donuts, pies and other pastries served.
  • Chilote
    NOTE: Closed until further notice, due to earthquake damage. Conveniently located on the corner of the Plaza de Armas, Chilote specializes in pescados and mariscos, and gives it to guests at a fairly reasonable price. The salmon with the sa
  • Empanatodo
    The perfect place to sober up after a long night of partying, Empanatodo offers 32 styles of tasty fried empanadas at very decent prices, including concoctions with seafood. Sushi is also on the menu. There are only 12 places to sit inside, so plan on cruising with your empanada if the place is busy
  • La Casa en el Aire Arte Bar
    La Casa en el Aire, named after a song by Colombian singer Rafael Escalona, is a small restaurant within the Patio Bellavista shopping area. Its Colombian and Chilean dishes are tasty and the prices are very reasonable. Their house cocktail of grenadine, sugar cane liquor, fresh orange juice and sec
  • Off the Record
    If you're looking for a hangout spot that satisfies your cultural needs, Off the Record is a good option. Chilean artists, filmmakers and writers take the stage every Monday for performances, screenings and debates, and live bands play every Friday and Saturday. The décor is kitschy with a literary
  • El Perseguidor
    Those looking for live jazz and a good meal in the Bellavista area should head to El Perseguidor. El Perseguidor (named for Julio Cortázar's story on the life of jazz musician Charlie Parker) features upscale artisan appetizers and traditional Chilean dishes with a bit of flare. Reservations are ne
  • Restaurant Sibaritas
    For a classy night on the town, begin your evening at Sibaritas Restaurant. This gourmet establishment features international cuisine in an elegant, but not stuffy, atmosphere. Sibaritas has a beautifully plated chef's menu, an extensive selection of wine and a fixed degustación menu (for sampling
  • Mundo de Papel
    For the literary-minded traveler, check out this café whose slogan reads, â??Books and coffee of the world.â? The open, light-filled café serves salads, sandwiches, soups and crépes. Fresh-squeezed seasonal fruit juice is available, as well as a decent selection of teas and coffee. The attent
  • Sushita of Bellavista
    This Santiago restaurant chain is the Japanese sister of the Italian eatery, Sorrentinos. The sushi isn't of the highest quality, though, and tastes as if it was made off-premises. The interior décor is clean, but not overly inviting. Beer and wine are available.
  • Backstage
    Backstage is the Chilean equivalent of the Hard Rock Café, except it offers a much bigger menu. The food ranges from North American specialties to standard Chilean meals, including some Asian dishes. The drink list is just as extensive. Prices can be slightly higher than neighboring restaurants. Th
  • Thai Bangkok Restaurant
    Thai Bangkok is one of the best spots in Chile to have Thai food. The chef, Cshi, has a talent for mixing unique spices and flavors to create wonderful dishes. The chicken coconut soup is especially good. Thai Bangkok's ambiance is modern, simple and exquisitely clean. The owner speaks English and i
  • El Toro
    For standard Chilean fare, the locals head to El Toro. This swanky restaurant and bar is decorated with red pleather, disco lights and walls covered in guests' handwritten comments. The covered outdoor area, complete with paper tablecloths and crayons, is great for kids. Smoking is permitted both in
  • La Casa de las Empanadas
    This is where Pichilemu locals beeline toward when a cheap, savory meal is needed. The restaurant is so popular in town that several other surrounding empanada shops generally sit relatively empty while diners pack La Casa de las Empanadas. Customers receive numbered tickets and happily wait for an
  • Puente Holandes
    Dutchman Marcel Janssen, who also owns the well-kept Surf Hostal directly across the street, built this intimate restaurant. The patio overlooks the ocean, allowing patrons to eat only a few steps from Playa Infiernillo. The view is tough to beat and service is friendly. The food, however, is unrema
  • Patio Colonial and Beethoven Restaurant
    Off of Balmeceda street, in a pleasant little nook, is the Patio Colonial. Off of this meandering walkway, you'll find several restaurants, coffee, teahouses and other small shops reminiscent of a small patio you might find in Europe or the States. Restaurant Beethoven features a chef's menu special
  • Il Pirón di Oro
    This restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, and is arguably the best place to eat in Caldera. The crab is always a tasty and safe choice but the shellfish is worth a try too. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $7-12 at this location for a filling lunch or dinner.
  • Nuevo Miramar
    Nuevo Miramar's strength is its romantic location on the beach. The views of the sea are spectacular, while the seafood is acceptable and served in large portions. The atmosphere is family-oriented.
  • Govindas
    At Govindas, the Hare Krishnas are leading La Revolución de la Cuchara—The Spoon Revolution. Introducing Arica to the vegetarian lifestyle, this simple, two-room diner serves up a delicious, Indian-style three-course lunch, including salad, soup and main course with a drink. The décor
  • Heladería-Cafetería La Fontana
    Finding a cup of real coffee can be difficult in Arica. Everyone seems to have only instant and charge a premium price. Heladería-Cafetería La Fontana, though, serves espresso and other machine-made java. The strong, hot â??expresâ? comes with a wafer cookie and sparkling water. A demitasse w
  • Terra Amata
    The blue and white Mediterranean-looking building spiraling like a seashell beneath El Morro is Terra Amata, one of Arica's finest restaurants. Its large windows flood the restaurant with sun during the day and provide a view of the harbor at night. The menu features novo-Chilean dishes made from n
  • Pizzaiola
    From behind the lime trees that line the small front patio, colleagues meet, lovers tryst and others people watch the happenings on the pedestrian street. Whether for the daily lunch special or a menu item, Pizzaiola is a good place to have a relaxed meal. There are 21 varieties of pizza. The small
  • El Molino Viejo
    The interior of El Molino Viejo recreates the feeling of an old mill turned restaurant, but with a touch of class. Highly polished knotty pine panels the walls and a long counter and a large table of this wood dominates the front space. The sunny back room has more intimate arrangements. This bistr
  • Halley Restaurant
    Not spectacular, but Halley Restaurant has a wide selection of above-average Chilean meats, sides and desserts for a moderate price. The dining area is spacious and sunlit during the day. The big-screen TV behind the bar takes away from the atmosphere. Pick up a empanada quickly from the to-go count
  • Restaurant Costanera
    Restaurant Costanera, a tasteful mid-range restaurant, has a mostly seafood menu with a long wine list and stately, friendly service. The upstairs dining area has a wall entirely of windows that overlook the beach and ocean—which is particularly nice at sunset. The daily menu typically features
  • Empanadas Famosas de Adali
    Even before Valparaíso found its way onto the map as a popular location to visit in Chile, Empanadas Famosas was famous for its cheesy empanadas (fried or oven-baked pasty). You can order your desire at the take-out counter in the small front room, or you can sit at a table in the back with a beer
  • Gato Tuerto
    The Gato Tuerto (one-eyed cat) is located inside Fundación Valparaíso's newly constructed home on Cerro Bellavista. Serving an interesting mix of Southeast Asian cuisine (from Indian to Indonesian to Thai), the restaurant does a good job of combining classy dishes with a casual atmosphere. The foo
  • Epif Restaurant Vegetariano
    Epif Café fills the vegetarian niche missing in many Chilean towns. Salads,100 percent natural juices, soy burgers and guac dishes will satisfy the omnivore's palate as well as the vegetarian's. There are English speakers on staff, and free WiFi in the café. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly,
  • Bambú
    Situated upstairs in what used to be someone's private dining room is Bambú, an excellent vegetarian option for those travelers whose stomachs can't take another "lomo a lo pobre" (beef with a fried egg on top). There are typically two set menus to choose from, as well as a long list of other veggi
  • Café Del Poeta
    There's something for everybody at Café Del Poeta, which is why you'll see people around the tables of this little café at all hours of the day. Serving everything from breakfast to traditional Chilean options to Asian dishes in a classy but relaxed atmosphere, this seems like it could be the kind
  • La Candela
    At first sight La Candela looks old and homey, but upon entering you'll find it's a trip back in time. All fixtures and fittings are original from the early to mid 1900s. The entrance hall is a little confusing, but once you've found the right door, you enter a dark bar and walk through a chaotic ar
  • Café Turri
    Internationally known Café Turri has frequently been met with mixed reviews. Some say the upper-crust dishes (Terrine de Foie gras, steak tartare and duck confit, to name a few) are the best in the city but that the service is poor; others say the waitstaff is quite friendly, but the food is nothin
  • Color Café
    With a tagline like "a place of encounters," the atmosphere alone makes Color Café an enchanting place to spend the afternoon. The walls are covered with words of wisdom, maps, artwork and dozens of other curiosities. For lunch and dinner, there is a fixed menu, which always includes a vegetarian o
  • Rosamel
    On the corner of the plaza is Rosamel, a simple eatery popular with local folk. The interior is warm and homey. The portions are absolutely bountiful. A four-course affair, which includes appetizer and dessert, is served for lunch. Although you'll leave stuffed from the hearty cooking, it won't leav
  • Restaurant Yang Cheng
    A calm, elegant atmosphere is what Restaurant Yang Cheng presents to its customers. Its menu has a large range of pork, beef, chicken, duck, sea food and fish dishes. Yang Cheng also has a large selection of vegetarian fare. Not only Cantonese-style Chinese preparations grace the palate, but also Mo
  • Café Las Gringas
    Low playing jazz music wafts through this quarter-circle café called Las Gringas. Sunlight streams through the large windows and across the eclectic mix of wooden tables. This is a perfect place to people watch while enjoying breakfast, the lunch special, a sandwich or dessert. Las Gringas prepares
  • Café Haussmann
    This small café, with only four booths and a counter, is Café Haussmann, locally famed for two reasons. One is its crudos, or steak tartar sandwiches. The other is that it is the only place in town where you can have their house beer on tap. Haussmann is a dark amber cerveza with a slight malty fl
  • Salón de Té Entrelagos
    Salón de Té Entrelagos is a place to go for an intimate escape from sightseeing. Its small tables are perfect for gathering with friends to have a delectable dessert and coffee. Entrelagos has savory foods, also, like tablas of Mexican food, barbecued ribs, seafood and other delights. Additionally
  • La Última Frontera
    La Última Frontera proclaims itself to be the last frontier of cafés and rock and roll. The maze of rooms in this ancient mansion guarantees a place to get away for a meal or a drink. The space is done up with original paintings and mobiles. This is a popular place with Valdivia's university stu
  • Vieja Habana Salsateca
    Salsa had its roots in Cuban son rhythms almost a century ago. With time, the music got spicier, taking on the flavorings of other countries where it took root. Thus the name: salsa. Salsa from Old Havana has arrived in the north of Chile, here in Arica. Well, not solely sonâ??cumbia, reggaetón an
  • Restaurant Rukayiael Kokaví
    Restaurant Rukayiael Kokaví serves up the age-old recipes of the original people of the Araucanía region, the Mapuche. The desayuno campesino (peasant breakfast) is traditional katuto bread or mültxun (bread with cheese) with toasted-grain coffee, muzay (a quinoa drink) or kinwakao (quinoa with
  • Club Croata
    Club Croata is the meeting place for Porvenir's Croatian community, though anyone is welcomed to partake of the delicious food served here. Constructed by Simón Cvitanic in 1926, this center has a comfortable, homey feeling. Lace drapes frame the windows looking out onto the bay. No daily special i
  • Scratch
    Scratch is a huge nightclub with capacity for 1200 people. There are three bars and a VIP area. The DJ plays a mixture of techno, cheesy pop hits and Latino music. Chileans like to party late so don't get there before 12 a.m. The music stops at 5 a.m. The friendly crowd is a mixture of locals and to
  • La Papa Pastelería
    Walk toward the plaza after the bus or train ride to Talca and cool off along the way with an ice cream or freshly squeezed juice at La Papa Pastelería. There is a plethora of options for helados but the treats here make a case for the best in Talca. A double scoop in a cone from the wide variety
  • La Pica de Sancho
    This small but friendly café is an ideal place to grab an early-morning breakfast or late-afternoon lunch. Locals scurry in and out in the morning, while regular bar flys nurse their beers throughout the afternoon. Thereis no official menu but the restaraunt rotates traditional chicken, pork and be
  • Café Journal
    Café Journal mainly caters to a cool college crowd, though it also tends to attract swarms of gringos (hence its nickname Café Gringo). Locals and foreigners alike congregate here for cold beers and hard drinks (be warned—your piscola is more pisco than cola!), in a fun, funky atmosphere. E
  • Snack Paris
    Grab some shade at one of Snack Paris' umbrella-covered tables and people watch as locals stroll and bike through Plaza de los Heroés. You can enjoy a cold helado or fresh juice for approximately $2, or order a burger off the grill, accompanied with French fries. (Snacks $CH1,000, Entrees $CH2,000
  • Terruño Express
    This hot spot gives its customers the opportunity to chow down and, for those with a laptop, plug in to the world with access to WiFi. For $CH3,000 chow down a set lunch of meat or chicken, rice and vegetables while surfing the internet or checking your E-mail. Yungay 615.
  • La Piedra Felíz
    On calle Errazuriz down by the water is a diverse live music venue and three-story club (four-stories if you include the Subterráneo bar where dance hall, punk and new-wave DJs alternate nights). La Piedra Felíz brings in all types of people during the week with tango and salsa classes, live blues
  • Mercado Central
    The true flavors of a town are often found in the eateries that dot its central market and Chillán's revitalized Central Mercado definitely serves up tasty traditional and simple local dishes. Try the popular seafood stew before indulging in something more filling from one of the butcher shops. M
  • Licanrray
    Licanrray is one of numerous restaurants along the western side of the Plaza de Armas. It serves basic but familiar Chilean dishes such as lomo de pobre. It is an economical choice to fill up for a few dollars.
  • Club Social
    This restaurant is conveniently located on the northern end of the plaza so it is a short stroll to find some lunch after some time at the Museo de Colchagua. Club Social combines traditional Chilean meals with friendly, quality service. The wait staff goes out of their way to make customers feel co
  • Valparaíso Eterno
    What used to be a three-story, late-night venue for live music and salsa changed hands in the last few years and now occupies only one floor. At the end of the week around 11 p.m., live music from local musicians begins in the dimly lit upstairs bar, and the music of Victor Jarra, Joan Baez and Viol
  • La Carpa
    Here groups can score traditional Chilean dishes for up to four people. Order up the Especial 3-4 Personals to receive a healthy mix of vacuno, chuletas, pollo, costillar and papas cocidas for approximately $30. Monday - Saturday 12 p.m. - 10 p.m., closed Sunday.
  • Fuente Suiza
    Fuente Suiza is an old-fashioned family restaurant that probably hasn't changed much since it opened in 1954. But when the food tastes this good, why change the recipe? The restaurant serves up delicious homemade empanadas and huge sandwiches washed down with beer or soft drinks. It's a great place
  • La Tecla
    One block from Plaza Ñuñoa, La Tecla (“the keyboard”) is easy to spot. Just look for the pink period house with a gaudy piano keyboard painted over most of the exterior walls. The keyboard theme continues inside, with the bar designed to look like a piano key. Don't let this put you off,
  • Subway
    South America is littered with fast-food restaurants, including most of the American franchoses, such as McDonald's and Burger King. Santiago's branch of the popular sandwich chain, Subway, is on Plaza Constitucion, right on the tourist trail, and after seeing the familiar logo you may find it hard
  • Squadritto
    White table cloths, real napkins, polished silverware, fresh flowers and elegant surroundings all set the scene for the fine dining experience in Squadritto. This smart restaurant serves up a range of Italian dishes—including cannelloni, risotto, gnocchi, meat and fish—but it's haute cuisi
  • Living de Te
    Living de Te is a cute little teahouse that serves up English tea, real coffee, hot chocolate, fresh fruit juice, sandwiches, salads and delicious cream cakes. Open every day, it's a good spot for lunch or a snack. It's pretty busy at lunchtime, so get there before 1 p.m. if you want to avoid the ru
  • La Naturista
    Since Chilean cuisine usually involves meat or fish, finding good vegetarian food can be a struggle. La Naturista is one of the rare places providing cheap and tasty veggie salads, pastas and snacks. But it isn't anything to write home about, and hardcore vegeterians can probably cook more imaginati
  • Da Dino
    Serving up delicious pizza, Da Dino is guaranteed to put a smile on even the weariest traveler's face. The restaurant cooks each pizza to order, and each slice is loaded with fresh toppings. Service is efficient, but this place is always busy at lunchtime so be prepared to wait a bit while sipping y
  • La Habana Vieja
    La Habana Vieja is a lively Cuban restaurant with traditional Cuban music and dancing. The menu includes favorites like frijoles negros (black beans), ropa vieja (beef cooked in Creole sauce) and lechon asado (spit-roast pork), as well as a range of appetizers and salads. There's a full bar that ser
  • Big Planet
    Big Planet is a fast-food joint that specializes in tasty empanadas named after planets. There are over 20 flavors to choose from, including: prawns and cheese, crab and cheese, meat, seafood, cheese and pineapple, cheese and tomato, chicken and cheese. This is a great place to make a pit stop and f
  • Blue Pub
    The Blue Pub is a cute little bistro that serves up salads and pastas at lunchtime and a range of tablas, empanadas and sushi at night. The tasty snacks are all accompanied by happy hour cocktails (usually lasting all night) and live music. It's a popular spot with locals and a good choice for a nig
  • Cafe Subté
    There's no better way to start a day's sightseeing than breakfast in Café Subté. This bright little coffee shop is a few minutes from Museo Bellas Artes and serves freshly squeezed fruit juice, toast with marmalade or avocado, and ham and cheese toasties. At lunchtime they serve a range of healthy
  • El Diablito
    El Diablito (the little devil) is a funky little restaurant that looks a bit like a schizophrenic's treasure trove of antique odds and ends. It attracts a young and trendy crowd that comes for the late night drinking—to tunes from the 80s and 90s—as much as for the traditional Chilean food
  • El Ají Seco
    Barrio Lastarria is a small and mostly a residential area so the accommodation options are limited. If you absolutely must stay in Barrio Lastarria, the best choice is probably one of the self-catering apartments, which are available for one night or longer stays. There also are plenty of hostels an
  • Les Assassins
    Les Assassins is a popular French bistro that has been serving up tasty treats, including French onion soup, coq au vin, beef bourguignon and crème brûlée, since 1965. The restaurant is tiny, but the atmosphere will transport you thousands of miles away to a café in the City of Light. Prices
  • Casino Cuerpo de Bomberos
    Surprisingly, this is a good second option for local cuisine if the hustle and bustle of the Mercado Central too much. The fire station serves simple dishes for as little as $2.
  • Fuente Alemana
    Breakfast and lunch will fill you up at a reasonable price - the chicken with rice is approximately $4 - but the best reason to dine at Fuente Alemana is the real coffee. And while the blend might not win any awards, it definitely a welcome change from the usual instant coffee served at most restaur
  • Bar El Gremio
    One of the few bars tucked up in the hills of Valparaíso, a night at El Gremio feels like going to a relaxed house partyâ??probably because the bar itself sits inside a posh two-story townhouse off of a quiet back-ally street. Inside, the bar is pleasantly lit with miss-matched but chic couches an
  • Masas Fusión
    Only open after dark, this little hole-in-the-wall has over 40 types of empanadas, starting at about $1. Masas Fusión sits in the middle of a string of bars and clubs, and it's opens until 6 a.m. on weekends. If you like your late-night food to be cheap, quick and incredibly unhealthy, then the hot
  • Marisquería Maribel
    Located on the second floor of the Mercado in Old Town is Marisquería Maribel, one of the many seafood restaurants to choose from in this old building. Stop by for lunch and you'll get a selection of fixed menus to choose from, priced between US$4.00-6.00 (drinks not included). The piping hot empan
  • Casino Social J Cruz
    In the mid-20th Century, laborers coming back from work at the harbor wanted to eat something delicious, filling, cheap and fast—and they wanted lots and lots of it. The result is the chorrillana: a mountain of French fries, eggs, grilled onions and beef. Though you'll find a variety of chorril
  • Porto Viejo
    Next to the Puerto Mercado is Porto Viejo, a casual seafood restaurant with excellent food and a familiar atmosphere. On the menu you'll find an extensive list of shell fish, BBQ and fish, as well as several house specials like "pulpo a la gallego" (octopus prepared with paprika, rock salt and olive
  • La Otra Cocina
    A lesser-known restaurant near Plaza Victoria, La Otra Cocina turns into a lively, welcoming place to have dinner late in the evening. Grilled fish and meats are paired with delectable sauces for prices that aren't cheap, but the quality of the food is worth a few extra bucks. Locals show up after 9
  • Sibaritico
    This sandwich shop may be tiny, but the gigantic Italiano sandwiches they serve here actually defy imagination. If you're curious about the sandwich's name, think of the Italian flag on top of a piping hot sausage: red salsa, green guacamole and creamy white aioli (garlic mayonnaise sauce). Business
  • Oz
    This is a high-priced option for those looking for a place to dance into the early morning. Chileans with a lot of style and money populate this techno club in Providencia.
  • Brannigan's
    Brannigan's is a little more up-scale and not exactly the place to lose control. Still, this swanky corner pub in Providencia is a fine place to listen to some music while being able to maintain a conversation with the person across from you.
  • El Cinzano
    When you come to Bar Cinzano, you're in for a night steeped in “vino arreglado” (wine mixed with better-quality wine, sugar or liquor) and joyful nostalgia. The food in this century-old bar is typical Chilean fare dominated by flavorful parrilladas (BBQ) and potatoes, but the real attracti
  • Restaurant La Concepción
    Restaurant La Concepción offers international cuisine in a restored patrimonio home, originally built in 1880, wherein diners sit among gardens or the open fireplace and overlook the port of Valparaiso and Viña. It is owned and run by a North American expat, and serves Mediterranean dishes
  • El Ritual
    Off-beat café by day, laid-back bar by night, El Ritual is the kind of place to stop in for a drink to start off your evening. At the base of Cerro Concepción, El Ritual is situated in the middle of plenty of bars and live music venues. Art and sculpture by local artists give El Ritual a tasteful
  • 100% Pizza
    Despite the name 100% Pizza, this restaurant also offers empanadas as well for approximately $1.50. However, pizza is its specialty. Grab a slice of cheese pizza for a $CH600 (or approximately $1), add toppings for a bit more money, or order an entire pizza for approximately $10.
  • Cielo, Mar y Tierra
    Cielo Mar y Tierra's patio is a pleasant, relaxed place to order a relatively inexpensive lunch special which will set you back approximately $5. The restaurant's offerings of fresh seafood and pasta dishes are worth a try for a few more dollars.
  • Club de la Unión
    Club de la Unión serves up great almuerzos and dinners of typical and traditional Chilean cuisine. The chicken at lunch is well prepared, the pastel de choclo is a treat, and the service is friendly and helpful. Some of the staff speaks limited English for tourists.
  • Vegetariano Arcoiris
    This vegetarian option caters to more than those individuals in need of only bunny food - though the greens here are worth a taste. Arcoiris has an all-you-can-eat-buffet, sandwiches, oversized omelets and fresh juice. Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • El Rapido
    Right next to the Museo Pre-Columbino, El Rapido is a fast-food bar that serves up delicious empanadas and hot sandwiches at low prices. There's no seating area, but you can eat at the breakfast bar or take the food to go. Meat-lovers should try the pino empanadas, filled with beef, onions, olives a
  • Centro Español
    This is a more upscale choice near the plaza with elegantly dressed waiters eager to serve the chef's latest creation. The paella is an excellent and popular choice for those in need of a quality meal. Monday - Saturday 12-4 p.m. and 8 p.m.-12 a.m.
  • Julio's Pizza
    This place is a haven for pizza lovers who snub those Chilean makeshift pizzas without sauce or much cheese often found in little corner restaurants. Julio's serves up homemade pizza loaded with toppings, and has hearty pasta dishes as well for those not in the mood for a slice of pie. Monday - Sund
  • Café Haiti
    Enjoy one of the best cups of coffee or tea in town at the chain restaurant Café Haiti. The café has seating upstairs so patrons can relax with a drink and observe others scurry through the plaza. It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Ache Havana
    Neighboring La Piedra Feliz is Ache Havana, a strictly salsa venue with lively Cuban music and a warm Cuban feel. The club is open Tuesday through Saturday, and salseros show up any given night for good dancing and good rum. Check the website for events, which range from live music and salsa classes
  • Chung-Hwa
    This restaurant is where locals head when in the need of authentic Chinese cuisine. And the price is right too with most entrees in the $5-11 range. The service is speedy and friendly, and the restaurant is open from 12 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
  • Sublime Sushi Bar
    Sublime Sushi Bar is a mid-range restaurant option for the gringo in need of something a little more upscale than the usual fuente de soda gracing the streets of Concepción. Dinner can be had for approximately $15 and it is cozy spot to wine and dine a date.
  • Buccato Express
    Buccato Express offers a wide range of options to its customers with most meals between $5-10. Dine on traditional Chilean dishes, order a regular hamburger or the soup and sandwich. There is outdoor seating for warm and sunny afternoons.
  • Treinta y Tantos
    A favorite of local students in Barrio Estación, Treinta y Tantos dishes out delicious and cheap empanadas. As is suggested by the name of the restaurant, there are more than 30 types of empanadas from which hungry customers can choose. Do not arrive too early because it does not open its doors unt
  • Bravissimo
    If you can stand the day-glow green and yellow décor and the painfully slow service, Bravissimo is a good place to get a fix of all things sweet and sugary. The restaurant has a very tempting range of ice creams, cakes and desserts. They also serve pretty tasty salads and sandwiches. There are seat
  • Unión Bar
    The Unión Bar is an old-fashioned, old man's bar in downtown Santiago which provides a glimpse of the real Santiago. Union is usually packed with locals playing dominos and catching up on gossip. Service is slow, but you'll be too busy people-watching to be bothered by time. Try the arrollado (spic
  • Celtica Resto Bar de Irlandia
    A good place to start a night of partying, Celtica is a small, unassuming restaurant with many hard alcohol options. The menu also offers Italian and Chilean dishes, though prices are a bit high for the quality of the ambiance. There is an outdoor seating area, giving non-smokers a chance to breathe
  • Bar Cervantes
    During the day, it's known as Restaurant Cervantes, serving one of the cheapest meals in town. But come night, this is a working-class bar, where locals drink their beer or wine in two large rooms. The back one, complete with a sapo game and a multitude of rayuela trophies, is where th
  • Apache
    Apache is the hot spot for young, adventurous partiers in Puerto Varas. Located outside of the city center, this dingy, ugly cement building is a place of congregation for teenagers and early 20-year-olds ready to get their groove on. Saturdays usually have a special party, sometimes with live mus
  • Barómetro
    Barómetro is a multi-level bar and dance club for 20 to 30 year olds. The interior is a rustic, welcoming ambiance. The bar offers some appetizers and drink specials. There is live music and DJ night on weekends, usually starting around 10pm. The bar does host some fairly well known acts from Santi
  • Barandiaran
    While Barandiaran offers some Chilean dishes, Chile's northern neighbor Peru is the restaurant's heart and soul. Voted by El Mercurio in 2006 as the best new restaurant and best value in Santiago, this clean, rustic spot is the place to go if you crave some traditional Peruvian delicacies. They als
  • Openbox
    Openbox is an outdoor sushi heaven. The seating area is a great place to people-watch (especially on the weekends). Openbox's bar, also located outside, is fully stocked and offers well-priced drink specials in the evenings. There are heat lamps to help with the cold.
  • New Mango's Club
    Friday and Saturday nights, salsa reigns at New Mango's Club. A DJ spins the wax from 10 p.m. until the band takes the stage at 1:30 a.m. Then the place really begins grooving. Take a break from the medium-sized dance floor at one of the many tables and booths, and wipe the sweat off. Gaze out the l
  • El Mesón Nerudiano
    Serves the favorite dishes of Pablo Neruda
  • Ali Baba Restaurant
    This small, family-run restaurant provides a taste of Palestine in an intimate and romantic ambience. The cuisine is Arabian, with house-specialty lamb and vegetarian dishes. The ceilings are made to mimic a desert tent, with light, billowy fabric, and a variety of Middle Eastern decorations adorn t
  • Bar Chonek
    Every town has a rock club, and Coyhaique is no exception. In Bar Chonek, the smoke hangs thick in this red-walled bar plastered with posters of The Ramones, Mersey Beat-era Beatles, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. In one room friends gather around tables, deep in conversation. In the other the night's ba
  • Don Victorino
    Don Victorino, along a quiet street in cozy Bellavista, is one of your best choices in Santiago. Dishes are varied and many, the interior is classic yet colorful, and service is friendly. Start with a pisco sour at the bar, then proceed into the patio to enjoy a plate of jambalaya or spicy seafood r
  • La Playa
    For Puerto Varas nightlife located right on the water, go to La Playa. This club is found in five different places throughout the country, although none of them have the view that this one does. There is a huge window that looks out over the water as well as an outdoor porch area. This is a lively,
  • Legado Jazz Resto Bar
    In the artsy Esmeralda neighborhood is the Legado Jazz Resto Bar. Inside of this former home, bare stud walls create intimate seating niches for customers coming to have a shot of Havana Club or other fine Latin American liquor. You can also choose a Chilean wine, an international or regional brew,
  • Tip y Tap
    Opened in 1975 with the mission of creating the best sandwiches in Santiago, Tip y Tap does not disappoint. Try the delicious Hamburguesa or Ave. Tip y Tap (a huge, hot chicken sandwich filled with lettuce, tomato, avocado, red peppers, melted cheese and ketchup). The restaurant also offers salads,
  • Asian Bistro
    The Asian Bistro offers an ambitious range of Chinese, Thai and Japanese food in a bright, modern restaurant with mirrored walls and glass staircase. The menu includes wantons, tempura, spring rolls, sushi, Thai curries, duck, seafood and meat dishes. The food, though slightly overpriced, is good a
  • Eladio
    If you're looking for a classy but affordable way to spend your evening, Eladio is an excellent choice. Located centrally within the Bellavista neighborhood, Eladio features traditional entrees and steaks (try the bife a lo pobre) in a comfortable but elegant atmosphere. Show up after 9 p.m. if you
  • Como Agua Para Chocolate
    Named after Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel's famous book, Like Water for Chocolate, this restaurant has flirty flair. The décor has a fun Mexican feel, with bright colors, lots of beautiful wood and even a bed turned into a table. Most of the selections on the menu are said to be an aphrodisiac. Y
  • Majestic
    Majestic is by far the best Indian restaurant in Santiago. In fact, you'll have to book one week in advance if you want to eat there. The Indian chef specializes in curries and tandoori cuisine and the menu includes vegetarian and vegan options. The food isn't cheap, but is well worth the price. The
  • Da Dino
    Da Dino might be a little out of your way, but its well worth the journey to experience the best pizza in town. It's unlikely you'll be able to manage more than two or three of these slices, which is just as well, as the place isn't cheap. Be warned: you may find yourself dreaming about the pizza fo
  • Akai
    It can be hard to find good sushi in Santiago, but Akai delivers some of the tastiest and freshest sushi around, at a very reasonable price. Make sure you pay in cash, as the prices double if you pay by credit card. Akai is open for lunch from 1 - 3 p.m., and dinner from 7 - 11:15 p.m. The work crow
  • Discotheque Piriti
    The island's hotspot is the place to go if you want to chat up other travelers. It looks shabby on the outside, but inside it simmers with a fusion of Euro-American pop and Latin American tunes. The action doesn't properly get going until 1 a.m., so if you arrive before then, you might find yourself
  • Toroko discotheque
    Toroko looks even shabbier than Piriti, nevertheless, it's the place to go if you want to get down and boogie with the locals. All the action is squeezed into a room the size of a tennis court, so wild dancers will literally be bouncing off the walls. The music is a mixture of Rapa Nui, Polynesian a
  • Aloha Pub-Restaurant
    For something a little more mellow, head to Aloha, with its cozy atmosphere and laid-back beats. There's a good selection of bottled beers and a huge spirit list. At the end of the night, if all the drinking has given you the munchies, try one of the speciality steaks, which manage to be huge witho
  • Bali-Hai Restaurant
    Styling itself as the â??unique Easter Island Restaurant in Latin America,â? this place offers dinner with a dance show. Dances are from different parts of Chile, including Chiloé and of course, Easter Island. Food is Chilean and Polynesian themed, offering options for a variety of palates, inc
  • Chill-e
    One of the most happening bars in town, Chill-e is a great place to let your hair down. Good vibes, classy cocktails and funky decor all combine to make this place a great night out. Chill-e has some snacks and Mexican food, but is primarily a bar.
  • Club Democrático
    On Friday and Saturday nights there's a place you can go to hear live jazz in Iquique: Club Democrático. It's not a glitzy place, just a simple bar frequented by locals drawn by something different on the city's night club scene. Club Democrático also features Andean music and
  • Fuente Valdiviana
    Kunstmann isn't the only bräumeister in town. Fuente Valdiviana only serves another one of the city's beers, Valbier, on tap. This amber ale has a deep-honey color with a rich malt flavor subtly accented by hops. Have a mug to accompany the daily lunch special (soup or salad, main dish, dessert).
  • Kona Nehe Nehe
    The biggest appeal of this restaurant/café is that it serves non-seafood dishes like lasagna and pasta, providing a safe haven for vegetarian visitors. The dining area is spacious and well decorated with a nice view of the ocean.
  • Pizzaría-Café DiPiazza
    Pizarría-Café DiPiazza prepares 25 types of pizza bedded on masa pan (thick) or masa piedra (thin) crust. Vegetarians will ogle at the varieties made just for them. In addition to these delights, DiPiazza also fixes up all sorts of typical Chilean sandwiches, as well as pastas, gnocchi and ravioli
  • Kaimana Inn
    If the smell of the food wafting out of the front door isn't enough to tempt you inside, then either your nose is on the blink or they're closed. As well as the usual fish and meat, they do a mean line in pizzas. For an extra US$40, you can be wined and dined to the backdrop of traditional Rapa Nui
  • Orongo
    Next to the hotel of the same name, Orongo is a restaurant in its own right. Like everywhere else, fish and steak form the backbone of the menu, but you can't do much better for the price. The speciality, Polynesian buffet featuring six different types of local fish is to die for. Theoretically it's
  • Restaurant, Hostería Yendegaia
    Hostería Yendegaia not only does a first-class job on providing lodging for travelers coming to Porvenir, but also in feeding them. Llight, delicate flavors grace the soups and main dishes. The house wine is of good quality and served in a full goblet. A three-course special is proffered daily. The
  • Restaurant de Turismo Patagonia
    Restaurant de Turismo Patagonia has the simple, understated elegance of a small village restaurant. Pull up a folding chair at one of the wooden tables dressed with woven cloths and prepare yourself to enjoy traditional Chilean dishes. Of course, seafood and fish are big on the menu, but so are beef
  • Restaurant, Hotel Rosas
    The restaurant of Hotel Rosas is a popular place to eat for both locals and tourists alike. Its menu features typical Chilean surf and turf culinary fare. On weekdays a three-course (appetizer or soup, main dish with accompaniment, dessert) luncheon special is served; drink is extra. In the evening
  • Hetu'u
    Occupying a prime spot at the centre of the Atamu Tekena, Restaurant Hetu'u offers prompt service, good atmosphere and tasty dishes on an extensive menu. The shrimp gets rave reviews, but there's also a number of good vegetarian options. Either way, the desserts will have you licking your lips.
  • Bar-Restaurant Pea
    Sumptuous food, a backdrop of lapping waves and a sunset which paints the sky red, this place has it all. The décor is charmingly simple, the dishes, mouth-watering. For fish lovers, the tuna ceviche is exquisite. Be careful not to run up a huge bar tab as you while away the hours admiring the perf
  • Patagonia Deli
    Patagonia Deli is, indeed, located in the Patagonia of Chile. With the variety of sandwiches it serves, it could qualify as a deli. But this bistro offers just typical Chilean sandwiches, like hamburgers, hot dogs and Barros Luco, with some interesting twists. Also on the menu are pastas, crêpes
  • Kalabaza
    Kalabaza is a small eatery with little for the vegetarian, but much for those wanting to experience the ultimate in Chile's redefinition of fast food. The menu has the whole gamut of sandwiches and some entrées. Tablas are planks of empanadas, kabobs, or an assortment of cheeses and meats to share.
  • Degustarte
    A taste of art is precisely what you get at Desgustarte. In the gastronomic world, the chefs use local ingredients to create fusion culinary dishes with ethnic flair. Vegetarian fare is a specialtyâ??even soy burgers make it on the menu. In the realm of fine arts, Degustarte hangs exh
  • Restaurant Don Teo
    Just a few blocks from the bus terminal is Restaurant Don Teo, an inexpensive, bare-bones diner (though it does sport tablecloths). The hand-written menus posted on the sun-yellow walls list the classic Chilean dishes, like pollo arvejado (chicken stewed with peas and carrots), chicken or bee
  • Portal del Sur
    Portal del Sur is just a hole-in-the-wall eatery with a half-dozen tables crowded into the small space. The sole meal served is the almuerzo, or lunch, a two-course affair with drink and bread. Don't expect more than one choice on any day. Portal del Sur is a popular place to grab a good, home-cooke
  • Café Tierra
    For a meal in San Pedro de Atacama, Tierra is the natural choice - literally. The restaurant uses only natural wheat flour to prepare its empanadas, pizza and pastries. The crepes are very good, the omelets are decent sized, while yogurts and fruits are emphasized during breakfast. The owner also ha
  • Café Export
    Head here to avoid instant coffee. The jolt of caffeine serves well to wake up tired travelers after early-morning treks to the geysers. There are also good sandwiches and the patio is a nice place to share lunch with friends.
  • Hao-Hwa
    Hao-Hwa serves some of the best Chinese food north of Santiago. A combination plate full of goodies and enough to fill two people goes for approximately $10. The service is fast and friendly, and they will wrap your meal to take-out if you cannot finish the plate.
  • Paladar
    At mid-afternoon, this tiny bakery boasting Dulces Tentaciones is often packed with people standing in line—and you should join them. It's definitely worth the wait. A window full of pretty sweets greets you when entering. The real draw is the bakery's selection of handmade empanadas. Th
  • La Casa En El Aire
    La Casa En El Aire is a very cool bar that doubles as an art gallery. The artworks on the walls provide interesting topics to muse over while sharing a drink with friends. The owner hosts live music every day, usually starting around 10:30 p.m., except Wednesdays, when local poets and writers gather
  • Restaurant Summary: Vicuña
    There's not a lot of great food in this tiny town. There are a few Vicuña restaurants and eateries that stand out above the rest. With the exception of Halley Restaurant, avoid the resto-bars that line the main square, because though they're cheap, the food is sub-par. Some of the nicer hotels in t
  • Club Social de Vicuña
    The Club Social perhaps offers the best selection of traditional Chilean food in Vicuña. The food is nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere is especially nice with several small dining rooms. One has a welcoming fireplace in the winter, plus there is a small lounge and a large, open-ceiling din
  • Empanadopolis
    It is impossible to find a cheaper meal that you will enjoy this much. This is where the locals flock for a good empanada which is usually stuffed to the brim with ingredients.
  • Di Tito
    Di Tito is another good place to sit down at, especially if you have been in the country for an extended period of time and need a break from traditional Chilean cuisine. The pasta is filling, the pizza tasty, and the prices are far from outrageous.
  • La Chimenea
    La Chimena is a cool, trendy little place tucked into a quiet back alley conveniently located not far from Palacio la Moneda. The distinctive bar has a small stage for impressive local acts to jam most evenings. Relax with a pisco sour and revel in the fact that you are in a pure Chilean bar while t
  • Club La Feria
    Club La Feria is a typical disco, with disc jockeys that scramble electronic beats into the early morning hours. The place fancies itself as trendy, so do not wear sneakers. Guys in too tight T-shirts and ripped jeans spend the evening attempting to court well-dressed girls on the dance floor.
  • El Plateao
    There is a meal for almost everyone on the menu at El Plateao. The restaurant serves up cold sushi, hot curries and other international cuisine. And the seafood is on par with what the better restaurants in Caldera serve.
  • Hotel Miramonti
    Do not walk into this hotel-restaurant looking for a cheap dinner. The Italian food is not world-class but it is a filling, good meal and a break from empanadas or chicken and fries.
  • El Corsario
    If you have ever wondered whether rabbit tastes like chicken, now is your chance to find out. El Corsario serves the fuzzy critter, as well as other staples in the Chilean diet. The pastel de choclo is above average and a set lunch cost approximately $6.
  • Las Cascabeles
    Driving northbound on the Pan-American Highway you find Las Cascabeles restaurant near the exit for Los Vilos, before the exit for Illapel. What looks like a reasonable roadside restaurant is actually expensive. On V!VA's last visit the food seemed to be cooked without care and was swimming in oil.
  • Restaurante Roma
    Restaurante Roma, on the city's main drag, is one of the few places in town where you won't encounter a primarily seafood-based menu. The small café serves up yummy pizzas, cheap sandwiches (with vegetarian options), sweets and a selection of coffees and espresso. The dining area is small and relax
  • Frankfurt Schop
    Frankfurt Schop is on a first-floor terrace that hosts a number of similar eating and watering holes. The menu offers a range of burgers, 'completos' Chilean hotdogs, fries and sandwiches. There is also a full bar. The décor is basic. Plastic tables and chairs line the terrace and the inside has tr
  • Doner-Kabab
    This little hole-in-the-wall joint, inconspicuously wedged between two neighboring tiendas, is easy to miss. But find it, and your taste buds will be rewarded with delicious shawermas and yummy Middle Eastern pastries. Select from chicken, beef, mixed or vegetarian shawermas, and choose a sauce (ga
  • Jano's Restaurant
    Jano's Restaurant has it all: 15 types of colaciones (daily specials), pizzas, all styles of sandwiches. There are boards of grilled meats, canapés or other goodies to share. Vegetarians aren't left out in the cold either here. Jano's is one of the few diners in Osorno that has a variety of non-mea
  • Flannery's Irish Pub
    In general, Irish pubs abroad are tourist traps, and Flannery's is no exception. This is not all bad, however. The bar food is good, there is Guinness and, if Chilean football is not your cup of tea, it is a good place to find a game from the United States or Europe.
  • Bokhara
    Bokhara is another lively disco, and popular part of Santiago's gay scene. It regularly features drag shows, and the service is generally friendly.
  • Jardin del Profeta
    Jardin del Profeta offers tasty vegetarian cuisine at very cheap prices. Choose from a delicious range of vegetarian burgers, pasta dishes, pizza, tortillas, empanadas, quiche, sandwiches and main dishes. The restaurant has a relaxed and vibe, but is a bit sparsely decorated. It could do with a bit
  • Delicias del Mar
    This family-run restaurant serves an interesting variety of fish and seafood dishes. The menu is based on original recipes served by their grandmother in the Basque country. Service is first class and the helpful waiters are happy to recommend a dish if you can't make up your mind. The food isn't c
  • Las Lanzas
    This is a popular spot among locals to find a cheap drink in Ñuñoa. It is in full bloom during the summer months when patrons spill out into the street. Head here to mix with the hip Chileans and to avoid the tourists in the bars or clubs of Bellavista.
  • Ciao
    If you're looking for good pizza at a restaurant with a graduate-student feel, go to Ciao. The menu boasts over 20 specialty pizzas and an ample drink menu. The never-ending special of two medium pizzas for the price of one and the two-for-one drink menu make Ciao an affordable dinner place. If you'
  • San Isidro
    San Isidro is Chilean fast food. With plastic tables and chairs, the decor is basic. The friendly staff serve up everything from fried eggs on toast, to 'completos' Chilean hotdogs. San Isidro also offers 'chorrillana', a traditional dish of fries piled high with beef, pork sausage, fried egg and f
  • Café Dolce Amaro
    This bistro offers a tempting range of seafood appetizers, tapas, meat and seafood dishes, salads, sandwiches and desserts. The bar offers a wide selection of cocktails, beer and pisco and they serve real coffee. During the week, the set lunch menu includes a starter, main dish, dessert and drink f
  • Cuernavaca
    Cuernavaca is a cheesy Mexican themed restaurant and bar. The wooden décor and open fire make it quiet a cozy place, but the music is a constant mix-tape that ranges from Peter Andre to Madonna to Metallica. The menu offers a tasty range of fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos, chimichanga and que
  • Coffee Express
    If you're craving your specialty caffeinated drink, come here for a coffee and a treat, but don't expect a lot of charm. The coffee is better than most, and there's a selection of inexpensive sandwiches, “artisan” ice creams, and pizzas. The café's streamlined design could place it in any
  • El Nuevo Peregrino
    El Peregrino, one of La Serena's newest restaurants, offers fresh, filling, and healthy meals with a wide selection of vegetarian options and all-natural juices. The décor is bold and colorful, and the prices are reasonable for the quality and quantity of the portions. Live music starts around 11:0
  • Mercado Central
    The coinerías in this typical central market serve up fast and filling food. Here you will find plenty of meat and fish served with rice. Since the prices are low ($2-4) and the food, while not extraordinary, is certainly more than adequate the market is a favorite eating place among the locals.
  • Café Viena
    Hungry gringos and locals alike head to this restaurant for good-sized portions of food at a cheap price. The salads are nice starters and the sandwiches are excellent compared to what is usually found at South American eateries. Wash the meal down with a fresh-squeezed juice or sit hang out and sip
  • Afrigonia
    Africa meets Patagonia in this mid-range fusion restaurant. This is the perfect spot to splurge a little on a victory dinner after your trek in Torres del Paine. Delicious curries, fresh tropical ceviche, imaginative veggie and salad combinations as well as Patagonian lamb with African flare make th
  • El Huerto
    El Huerto is well known in Santiago for its natural vegetarian food. If you are looking for a delicious but healthy meal during your time in Santiago, this is the place to go. The menu changes every week, which adds to the restaurant's attraction, so there is always something new and exciting to try
  • Mesita Grande
    Mesita Grande basically means "little big table". There are two long tables where hungry trekkers can find a spot to squeeze into. It's a great place to meet other travelers as it mostly caters to backpackers looking for a yummy thin crust pizza. And we're talking real clay oven, wood-fire grilled p
  • Café Caruso
    Café Caruso is a nice place to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and gaze at the old photos of Calama that decorate the restaurant. The food is good as well, and almost anything on the menu goes well with a glass of wine.
  • Bon Apetit
    Do not look here for a fast cup of instant-mixed coffee - this is the choice in Calama if you need a real shot of caffeine. There are set lunches or deliciously sweet pastries on the menu, as well.
  • El Arriero
    Go straight to El Arriero for a fantastic steak or another good-sized portion of meat off the barbecue. The menu is packed with traditional dishes from Spain's Basque country along with a decent selection of wine. The restaurant has hams hanging from the walls and there is usually someone tickling t
  • Café del Centro
    This simple café is a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee and people watch during the late afternoon or early evening. There are sandwiches and pastries on the menu in case a snack is required to accompany the caffeine kick.
  • Club de Yates
    Club de Yates is a bit uppity but the nice views of the port go well with a plate of oysters or fish. It has the feel of a typical yacht club, drenched in navy blue décor. Prices are higher than most other restaurants and it is evident that diners are paying for atmosphere, as well as food and good
  • Picadillo
    This oceanside restaurant has it all. Picadillo's has live music, fantastic service and it is the perfect place to have a plate of sushi to get away from the ordinary Chilean food. There are also some pretty good desserts here, so save some room. Reserving ahead is a good idea, since the place can
  • Don Pollo
    The menu at Don Pollo is not complex: there is chicken, chicken and more chicken. The tender white meat may be the only thing available here, but it is some of the best rotisserie chicken in the whole of Chile.
  • Restaurant Mi Casa
    Restaurant Mi Casa is a pleasant surprise on the budget dining scene in Arica. In an older home, Mi Casa features rooms set off a long corridor. With golden-colored walls and clothed tables, the ambiance plus the smart service and excellent food are more the qualities you would expect to see in up
  • Cormoran de las Rocas
    This rounded two-story structure is located atop a small hill close to the water and offers excellent views of Ultima Esperanza Sound and the snow-capped mountain ranges beyond it. With professional chefs, an attentive staff, and a killer menu to boot, this classy restaurant might just make you forg
  • Parillada Velamar Beach
    A longtime favorite with both locals and travelers, this seaside restaurant serves up all kinds of seafood and plate options. For $6.90, the menu del dia comes with pisco sour, timbal de camarones, salmon, dessert and wine. The mariscos and pescados menu is massive, so take your time to fin
  • Yoko Sushi Bar
    This beautiful sushi restaurant is tastefully decorated with Japanese and Chilean influences, and is a unique option for trying local seafood. In addition to the traditional Californian rolls and hot rolls, Yoko offers special rolls wrapped in fresh salmon or palta (avocado). For $14.95 two
  • Bakulic
    Founded by Boris Bakulic over 20 years ago, this gorgeous seaside restaurant was rebuilt in 2000 after a tragic fire nearly destroyed it. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and mariscos, which are uniquely prepared and served with artistic flair. To stray from the usual Chilean wine, order
  • Bar Subterraneo
    Subterraneo, located in Providencia, provides guests with some of the city's better disc jockey's - DJ Suau's freestyle beats tend to draw a crowd. A strong Caipiriña will cost approximately $5, though beers can be had for $2.50. The bar also has a sushi menu for those that need a bit of raw fish.
  • Martín Fierro
    A mecca for meat-lovers, this restaurant specializing in Argentine beef offers an impressive 12 different cuts of meat. Entrees include the signature bacon-wrapped â??Martín Fierro filetâ?. They also offer Italian dishes (lasagna, gnocchi, fetuccine) and a sampling of local fish (try the butter
  • Mercado La Recova
    Located on the corner of Cienfuegos and Cantournet, La Recova is actually a street market, and one of the most beautiful of its kind in Chile. The neo-colonial designed market square is surrounded by arches and features some of the most diverse display of products and produce in the nation. Handicra
  • Dublin
    Part of the fancy Patio Bellavista food court, although accessible from outside, the Dublin pub offers a variety of beers, (not including Guinness), in a mock-Irish setting. The music hails from the United Kingdom, but is not really Irish, and the food, a selection of bar snacks, sandwiches, mains a
  • Asador Patagonico
    If you want to experience the typical Patagonian barbecue, Asador Patagonia is the place to go. Centrally located on the main plaza, Asador invites hungry locals and travelers inside with its comfortable, family-like atmosphere and the fact that it's always abuzz with people. Patagonian lamb is a fa
  • Aquaterra
    Located in downtown Puerto Natales, this rustic lodge-style restaurant has a warm and instant appeal. With an earthy feel, Aquaterra serves up local and international meals with a wide selection of Chilean wines. Meals and finger food are moderately priced, and presentation is as classy as it is cre
  • Blondie
    Blondie draws hip and youthful bar-seekers to its four-floor dance club and can pack in as many as 2,000 dancers. Each level features different genres of music, but the main floor draws the most people. Sometimes the club features live concerts by local musicians. COVER: $7
  • Café Latino
    Café Latino is one of four cheap eateries in a row next to the Express Líder supermarket. Like its neighbors (one of which specializes in Chinese food), Café Latino is a step above a shack, with oilcloth-covered tables in a semi-open space. The menu always includes several choices of down-home Ch
  • HGH Brewery
    A popular spot in Ñuñoa among local students, young professionals and beer snobs, this microbrewery offers good dark and light brews for picky drinkers. The atmosphere is laid-back and there is generally good music to accompany the glass of suds.