Brazil Tours

  • Motor Sports - Formula 1
    Day 1 - 4 hour city tour to the most exciting tourist sites in São Paulo. We will visit the TAS (Torcida Ayrton Senna) - the Ayrton Senna´s Fan Club - where you can see several objects related to this pilot's career, from the moment he went into the world of motor racing to his winning the For
  • Salt Water Fishing at the Royal Charlotte Bank
    Combine the excitement of fishing and the peace and quiet of a resort. Located on the south of Bahia, the Royal Charlotte Bank is a continental platform which goes from Porto Seguro, Santa Cruz de Cabrália as far as the city of Belmonte, reaching up to 50 miles from the shore. This platform offers
  • Carnival in Brazil
    Minster Nothing embodies the spirit of Brazil more than carnival. Every year, six weeks before Easter, the country turns out for four solid days of partying, dancing and singing in the streets. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Brazil for this unique celebration
  • Participating in Samba Parade
    One great way some travelers experience Carnival is to get in the thick of it by marching with the samba schools during the Sambodromo parade. Many of the schools allow a certain number of travelers to take part. Of course, they will charge you for your costume, which can r