Bolivia Tours

Bolivia’s dramatic scenery and setting make touring this country a must. With the vast Salar de Uyuni, breathtaking Lake Titicaca, lush Amazon Rainforest and infamous “World’s Most Dangerous Road”, hitting the highlights means just scratching the surface in Bolivia.

Setting up a tour, either ahead of time or as you go, is a good way to see it all, or at least, all that you want to see. This could mean action-packed whitewater rafting or a four-day jeep excursion through the altiplano, an all-inclusive resort or an indigenous jungle home stay. Either way, with all the types tours Bolivia has to offer, your travel options are not limited—even if your time is.

  • Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos
    La Gran Chiquitania—“The Great Chiquitania”—may well be South America's last "undiscovered paradise", a vast land of quiet, pristine natural beauty, blessed with a unique culture and fascinating history. Slumbering in the remote eastern plains of Bolivia's Santa Cruz province, i
  • Adventure tour to Icla
    fun adventure two days !lots to see and although easy enough still pretty exhausting but glad we did it!
  • Adventure Tour to Icla
    Two days of pure fun and discovery! On Day 1 go mountainbiking (downhill) then a canyon expedition through the amazing Canyon of Icla. On Day 2 enjoy some more downhill mountainbiking and a couple of hours of tubing! fun! fun! fun!
  • La Ruta del Che (the Che Guevara Trail)
    Santa Cruz is an important kicking-off point for the recently founded Che Guevara Trail, which follows the route of Che's 1967 Bolivian Campaign that resulted in his capture and execution. The trail itself, marked with painted signs posted along country roads, has two main sections covering more th
  • Treks around Sorata