Bolivia Services

  • Money
    There are ATMs all around town, many of which are 24-hour, but if you can't find one head towards the two main plazas. You can change money and traveler's checks at the main banks - most of which are in or around Plaza Luis de Fuentes - or, for better rates, go to the casa de cambios on Calle Boliva
  • Laundry
    Most hotels offer a laundry service, although check whether this is done in-house or at a nearby laundry (the hotel often won't take responsibility for lost items if it's been done elsewhere). Laundry shops are very common around the city and charge by the kilo. The Laverap on Calle Aroma near Calle
  • Laundries in Sucre
    There are a number of laundromats dotted around town. Superlimp is a block away from Plaza 25 de Mayo (Calle Estudiantes 26, open Monday - Saturday 8:30� a.m. - 12:30 p.m., and 2:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., closed Sunday, Tel: 4-646-0575) and offers quick, reliable daily service - if you get your clo
  • Laundry
    There is a laundry service in San Ignacio, Lavanderia Laya, on Calle Comercio between Calle Sucre and Calle Cochabamba, just down from the main plaza. The charge is just under $3 for the first two kilograms of clothes then $0.70 for each extra kilogram after that. It's also $0.70 per kilogram if you
  • Medical
    The Medicentro (Av. 6 de Agosto 2440, Tel: 2-244-1717) is good for general health issues. There's a lab to test for stomach problems and they have beds if you need to stay overnight. There are also a number of dentists here. Clínica Alemana (Av. 6 de Agosto 2821, Tel: 2-243-2521/3023/2155) is anoth
  • Health
    La Paz's high altitude means that you'll need to take it easy for the first few days you're here, in order to acclimatize. If you're feeling at all unwell, seek medical attention to rule out problems with altitude sickness. Local remedies for adapting to the altitude include mate de coca, a tea made
  • Esmeralda Lavandería
    Esmeralda Lavandería, right across from San Francisco Church, does laundry for $1.50 per kilo. If you come by in the morning, your clothes can normally be ready for the next day (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 12.30 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m., Sunday closed. Calle Madrid o-157, Tel: 4-66-42043).
  • Communications
    The Post Office in San Ignacio is on Calle 24 de Septiembre between calles La Paz and Sucre. There's also a correo in San José. There are three stores with internet in San Ignacio - Entel, on the main plaza; Cotas, Avenida Santa Cruz near Calle Junín and a café on Calle Comercio near the plaza -
  • Sucre Money
    For the best rates for exchanging dollars, euros or currencies from surrounding South American countries, head to the money exchange stalls and offices in and around Calle Hernando Siles near the corner of Calle Aniceto Arce. Fake notes aren't normally a problem but for a little more security you co
  • Money
    Most of the major banks have their main offices along Avenida Camacho and will exchange US dollars. Banco Nacional de Bolivia (BNB, Av. Camacho near Calle Colon, Tel: 2-231-5040) has a $500 limit on cash machine withdrawals and does cash advances for large amounts on credit cards for no commission.
  • Communications
    The post office is on the corner of Calle Sucre and Calle Virginio Lema. It's open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m. - midday. They do Western Union money transfers. A shop across the road has FED-EX. There are cheap phone and internet shops all over town - es
  • Medical
    The Prosalud medical clinic at Calle Ballivian n-536 (Tel: 4-66-37459) is a good place to go if you're unwell. There's a 24-hour chemist on the corner of Avenida Las Américas and Calle Campos (Tel: 4-66-55555).
  • Chulumani Services
    There is no tourist information in Chulumani, but the owner of Country House, Javier, is a wealth of information on the village and surrounding area, and can recommend trekking routes. You won't find a ATM in Chulumani either, but PRODEM can give cash advances on credit cards (with a commission) and
  • Local specialties
    Shoe shops are in abundance in Tarija - or why not go and see a zapatero (shoemaker) and get a pair specially made. A number of the souvenir shops sell cow-hide drums and guitars, there are some dotted in and around the top end of Calle General Bernardo Trigo.
  • Sucre Medical Services
    The Instituto de Gastroenterología Boliviano-Japonés (Avenida Japon, at the end of Calle Colón, Tel: 4-645-4700 / 5960) known as the hospital Boliviano-Japonés, has an emergency service available and is open for doctor's consultations in the morning and afternoon. It's just over $2 to see a doct
  • Medical
    There are two hospitals in San Ignacio, both with emergency services, and one with a 24-hour chemist. They are both on Calle La Paz, a few blocks east of the main plaza. San José de Chiquitos also has two hospitals - one opposite the train station and the Cuban hospital a few blocks south of the ma
  • The Spitting Llama
    Both book exchange and mountain gear supplier (as well as an occasional information stop), the Spitting Llama is one of three English-speaking stores run by a Bolivian and her US husband. The 2-for-one book exchange is extensive. New and used guidebooks (including V!VA's) are also available. The ou
  • Shopping
    Potosí is a good place to purchase jewelery, silver, tin products and local handicrafts at reasonable prices. Many of the souvenirs are made in nearby indigenous villages. As well as the local market on Calle Oruro, there is Mercado Arsenal on Plaza Saavedra (Calle Sucre and Omiste), which is a han
  • Shopping
    Local specialties to look out for in the Santa Cruz area include Baroque-style wood carvings, ceremonial masks and high-quality hammocks hand-woven in indigenous villages. Try and buy from one of the many shops who work directly with indigenous producers to ensure they get a fare price. Just a blo
  • Shopping in Bolivia
    Whether you're on a year-long sojourn or just there to see the great Lake Titicaca, Bolivia is THE spot to shop. While it's not known for high-end purchases, you will be pleasantly surprised at the inexpensive costs and abundance of authentic goods. From multi-street markets to local tiendas, in lar
  • Shopping
    Visiting the Chiquitania gives you the perfect opportunity to pick up some unique local handicrafts, including carvings, ceramics and weavings. Listed below are some of the main stores and workshops in the area. San Ignacio: There are many artisan stores and workshops to choose from in San Ignacio.
  • Markets
    It has been said many a time that La Paz is one big market, and it can certainly seem that way, wandering around the hectic streets with stalls on every corner. A huge array of goods can be bought on the city's streets, including dog's clothes, kid's toys, mobile phones and mattresses. There are als
  • Delicatessens and health foods
    Acro Iris (Calle Guachalla, opposite Mercado Sopocachi) sells a wonderful selection of cheeses and cold meats, salads items and local specialties like trout paté. There's also a bakery here with grainy wholemeal bread and delicious biscuits and cakes. Irupana (Calle Guachalla on corner with Calle S
  • Hospitals
    Bolivia is one of South America's poorest and least developed countries, so finding good medical treatment can be a challenge. It's easier to find English speaking doctors in larger cities like La Paz and Santa Cruz, and the quality of health care in those cities is very often better than in rural a
  • Pharmacies in Bolivia
    While traveling throughout Bolivia, pharmacies can be incredibly useful. If you're feeling ill, but not serious enough to merit a doctor's visit, the pharmacy staff can often suggest an ailment alleviator. It's helpful to bring along a Spanish phrase book, if you don't speak the language, in order t
  • Books and Maps
    There are lots of book exchanges in La Paz, if you need to update your reading material. Some of the best ones can be found at Oliver's Travels, Sol y Luna, Ángelo Colonial, at the larger hostels and at The Spitting Llama Bookstore (Calle Linares 947, Cel: 7977-0312, ). I
  • Outdoor Gear
    La Paz has become increasing better equipped for outdoor gear in recent years. You'll find a number of shops along Calle Illampu between Calle Sagárnaga and Calle Graneros. Tatoo Adventure Gear (Calle Illampu 828, Tel: 2-245-1265, has two floors crammed with tents, backpacks, sleeping
  • Chocolate and Wine
    You can buy some of Bolivia's finest vino direst from the producer's shops on Calle Otero de la Vegas (try Bodegas y Viñedos de La Concepción or Campos de Solana). All major supermarkets also stock Bolivian wine and a range of South American brands. For high-quality, naturally produced Bolivian ch
  • Supermarkets
    Most of the large supermarkets are found in Sopocachi and Zona Sur. Hipermaxi is known as the most economical brand and has a convenient store just up from Plaza Abaroa in Sopocachi (Calle Gutierrez 469, Tel: 2-241-1200 and also at Av. Ballivián 1185, Calacoto, Zona Sur. Fridalga (Calle Salinas) ha