Bolivia Restaurants

  • Café Tertulias
    This inviting little café, right on Plaza 25 de Mayo, has chunky furniture and artwork on the walls. There's a good breakfast menu, with selections between $2 and $3, and a lunch menu with three choices of a main course (including a veggie option), salad, soup and dessert. Other than that, the men
  • La Posada Restaurante
    Great food, good service and a lovely atmosphere is what you'll get at La Posada. There's an extensive range of seafood on the menu, including mariscos de thailandia (Thai style seafood) and suburí (local river fish), as well as plates such as pollo cordon bleu and cerdo al carmelo (pork with glaz
  • Churrasquería "El Chaqueño"
    Churrasquería El Chaqueño is the longest-running restaurant in Sucre for a Bolivian style BBQ. You can choose from among the typical variety of cuts such as churrasco, strip steak, chorizo, and fillet. The d
  • Café Gourmet Mirador
    Hummingbirds, butterflies and stunning views of the city can all be found at Café Gourmet Mirador. Just next to the Mirador de Recoleta, this tranquil café has a terrace with deckchairs, rustic sunshades and tons of greenery - the perfect place to kick-back and soak up some rays or relax with a b
  • El Huerto
    If you ask a local where to go for good quality Bolivian food in Sucre, El Huerto restaurant is likely to be the answer. They open for lunch seven days a week, you can try typical Sucre dishes such as mondongo and picante de pollo without playing Russian roulette with your health. There's also a go
  • El Patio
    Just a block from the main plaza, El Patio is the place to come for an early morning pastry. They have salteñas in meat and chicken and empanadas de Santa Clara (chicken, onions and olives). You can wash it down with a juice or soda. The bonus here, as the name suggests, is the lovely patio area w
  • Locot's
    This Sucre bar/restaurant serves up good Mexican food in a laidback, inviting environment - give the fajitas a try. They're open for breakfast and also have a selection of Bolivian dishes, salads and baguettes. Locot's is a popular weekend nightspot, especially on their fortnightly salsa nights when
  • Café Monte Bianco
    The scent of fresh pasta hits you as you walk in the swinging doors of Café Monte Bianco. An intimate little restaurant with picture covered walls, the authentic pasta sauces will send you straight to Italy - creamy and tomato varieties made with home-grown herbs and ingredients like vodka, nuts an
  • Café Amsterdam
    A bright, cozy bar with funky artwork on the walls and shelves covered in books and trinkets. There's live music twice a week, with a local folkloric group playing on Friday nights. Amsterdam has an intimate, friendly atmosphere with a good mix of locals and travelers and is buzzing at the weekend.
  • Layq'a
    The walls of the Layq'a are colorfully decorated and are covered in Bolivian masks - all of which are for sale. The specialty of the house is llama meat and they also have a big salad bar to pick through. Other local foods on the menu include kingfish and trucha. The food is a bit on the expensive
  • Angelos
    Conveniently located in close proximity to the Iglesia San Francisco, Angelos café offers good value set almuerzos, for $2 or 14 bolivianos. The set lunch includes a salad starter, large bowl of soup (two choices), several hearty main courses, and a dessert. Drinks are not included in the set menu
  • Tambo Colonial
    Arguably one of the best restaurants in La Paz! This Bolivian restaurant located inside Hotel Rosario serves a creative and delicious salad buffet to accompany some of the tastiest entrees around. The chicken is wonderfully spicy and the side dishes compliment it perfectly. Don't pass on the beef e
  • Pepe's Coffee Bar
    Pepe's Coffee Bar is a little café that offers an inviting slice of tranquility away from the bustling tourist mecca of Sagárnaga. It's the perfect place to plan your onward journey or wile away an hour or two with a book. They have great juices - try Pepe's Juice - and a good selection of coffee
  • 100% Natural
    Healthy and cheap are not two words often used together when describing food in Bolivia, but that's what you get at this traveler favorite. They do great value salads and juices and huge sandwiches stuffed full of ingredients. The fruit salad comes in a humongous portion. The breakfast here is also
  • Luna's Café
    An all day café conveniently located on Calle Sagárnaga, which has an extensive menu. There are the usual breakfast, coffee and salad selections and a wide range of sandwiches. They serve up savory crepes as well as a good choice of main meals including veggie lasagna and BBQ pork chops. It has t
  • The Star of India
    Craving your local curry house, or just fancy a break from the local cuisine? Then this is your place. Star of India serves up a selection of scrumptious curries from kormas to tikka masalas, and a vindaloo that's guaranteed to knock your socks off (you get a free t-shirt if you manage to finish it
  • Pronto Dalicatessen
    Eating here is like having sex for the first time: definitely experimental, shockingly foreign, but surprisingly delicious in the end. When the restaurant's name contains an Italian 'Pronto' and a punned 'Dalicatessen', you know you're in for a surreal fusion. Think goat ravioli with Asian curry sa
  • Brisk And Coffee
    One of the best places to try a wide variety of organic coffee drinks or eat a sandwich or other meals. It is a great place to go if you're looking a place to relax while tasting the best coffee of Bolivia. A must go place for coffee lovers.
  • Café Blueberries
    Blueberries unique offering is, yes you've guessed it, blueberries. They serve hot blueberries, blueberry squash and yummy blueberry pancakes, as well as their speciality blueberry yoghurt with antioxidant fruits freshly picked from the Andean valleys. The café has a subtle colonial feel and there
  • Quebecoise Fine Cuisine
    Stepping inside Quebecoise Fine Cuisine, you get the feeling of being inside a restaurant in the European countryside. This eatery is, in fact, Canadian, and has an extensive menu of chicken and steak dishes, as well as a good sea food selection, including surf and turf plates. The floral wallpaper,
  • Pronto Dalicatessen
    Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with a twist, Pronto Dalicatessen gets rave reviews from its clientele. Found on a small street parallel to Avenida 20 de Octubre, this Dali themed restaurant's fusion menu includes llama carpaccio, quinua risotto and goat ravioli with Asian curry sauce. The experi
  • Maphrao On
    This inviting restaurant in Sopocachi serves up Thai cuisine alongside a selection of Chinese, Indonesian and Indian dishes. On the menu there's chicken satay, pollo picante, pad thai, a selection of tofu dishes and trucha tikka massala. Some of the flavors may not be 100% authentic but they use go
  • Olive Tree
    A favorite with the expat crowd, the Olive Tree specializes in soups, salads and sandwiches. They do tuna melts, BLTs and roast-beef sandwiches, and a whole load of other variations that should be able to fix just about any craving. You can also choose combined plates of two half portions of any so
  • La Guinguette Bar-Brasserie
    The new offering at the Alianze Francesa, La Guinuette offers good quality French cuisine in a sophisticated French bistro style setting. Dishes include duck liver pate mousse, roast pork with mushroom and onion sauce, and sirloin steak with red wine. There's also good salads, onion soup and cheese
  • La Casita del Pannekuk
    For a unique pancake experience in La Paz, head to La Casita del Pannekuk, a small café offering Dutch style pancakes. The Pannekoek come in sweet and savoury varieties, with combinations like bacon, cheese and basil; cheese and pineapple; apple and cinnamon; and chocolate and banana. Your chosen t
  • Wagamama
    Not to be confused with the British restaurant chain, the Bolivian restaurant Wagamama serves the best sushi in La Paz. Their specialty is trout sushi, made with fresh Bolivian trucha, and there are also salmon and shrimp varieties. The restaurant is simply furnished and the service is fast and effi
  • Restaurant Vegetariano Armonía
    The best vegetarian buffet in La Paz can be found at Armonía. With a large spread of freshly prepared salads, soups, side dishes and main courses, you're not likely to walk away hungry. Dishes are made from a wide range of veggie ingredients, including tofu and beans, and are tasty and filling. The
  • Chocolate Caliente
    If you like hot chocolate and trinkets then this is the place to come. They serve the luscious sweet liquid with mint, vanilla or cinnamon, or whatever else you might fancy. The café itself is an eclectic mix of rustic wooden furniture, bright painted walls, artisan paintings - some of which are fo
  • Arábica
    A popular after-work spot for drinks and coffee, Arábica serves up sandwiches, pitas, salads, soups, crepes and cakes alongside a good selection of cocktails and lots of different takes on your classic cup of java. For something different, try one of their nidos, bowls of bread packed with tasty fi
  • La Comedie
    Regularly touted as the best restaurant in La Paz, La Comedie serves authentic French cuisine using quality ingredients, alongside an extensive wine menu from France and across South America . It's a stylish restaurant that's been tastefully decorated, making it the perfect place for a romantic meal
  • Sergiu's
    Just down from Plaza Estudiante, you'll find the local's favorite pizza joint. Serving up thin base pizzas by the (huge) slice, Sergiu's has paceños driving from Zona Sur to get a piece of the action. Choose from classic toppings such as ham, pineapple, chorizo, tomato and bacon. They also serve ch
  • Thai Old Town
    This Asian restaurant is just off Calle Sagárnaga in the main tourist zone. Most of the menu is Japanese but there are also some Thai and Indian dishes. Here you can eat dimsim, curried lobster and niguiris. It's nicely set out with chunky wooden furniture and pleasant décor, but the portions are
  • Café Banais
    Café Banais offers a warm, relaxed atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Calle Sagárnaga. They do a range of breakfast, including a buffet between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., and there are coffees, milkshakes, juices and some fab cakes. It's a great place for lunch, there's a big sandwich with ma
  • Pollos Copacabana
    Bolivian's love their fast food and this local chain is a national treasure. In the bigger stores you'll get a mesmerizing choice of burgers, fries and accompaniments. The main dish is fried chicken however, which you can choose with or without fries, plantain and drink. They also have a few sweet c
  • Eli's
    This La Paz institution has three sites on the Prado - a two-floor restaurant and two pizzerias. The retro style restaurant, which conjures up images of a 50s style American diner, has film stars' pictures on the walls and waiting staff that are as much a part of the place as the décor- don't be in
  • Vienna
    Definitely one of the best restaurants in La Paz, Vienna provides excellent food in a sophisticated and inviting setting, right in the centre of the city. This Austrian owned eatery has an extensive menu with dishes such as smoked sausage with sauerkraut, weinerscnitzel, a wide range of steak dishes
  • Restaurant Churrasquería Danny's
    Conveniently located on the Prado, Restaurant Churrasquería Danny's has a parrillada where you can get steak, chicken and chorizo fresh off the BBQ as part a main dish or in a sandwich. There's a small patio area at the front with umbrellas where you can sit, as well as the compact main restaurant
  • La Casa de los Paceños
    Housed in a restored colonial building, La Casa de los Paceños is one of the most popular restaurants in La Paz for local cuisine. Here you can try typical spicy dishes like ranga ranga (cow's stomach in spicy sauce), sajta (chicken in spicy sauce), ají de lengua (spicy cow's tongue) and fritanga
  • Manantial
    This vegetarian restaurant in Hotel Gloria offers a good lunchtime buffet. Service is cafeteria style, so you'll need to go up to the counter and pick your choice of soup, pile up your plate with salad items and choose from a selection of different breads. For main course there's normally a choice o
  • Namas Te Vegetarian Restaurant
    In its third year, Namas Te Vegetarian Restaurant has received rave reviews from locals and foreigners alike. Their unique Veggie Tucumanas are delicious! They serve lunch daily Monday to Saturday and are open for dinner Thurs - Saturday as well with a menu including special dishes. Their staff
  • Reineke Fuchs
    Food and cerveza go hand in hand at Reineke Fuchs. Imported German beers are the specialty here with brands like Erdinger Weissbeir, Berliner Weisse alongside international brands like Guiness and Corona. Some of the beers can be bought in novelty small barrels or yard glasses. Food on offer include
  • Yogen Früz
    In the south zone of the city, at the bottom of a street filled with shops and cafés you'll find Yogen Früz, a small glass fronted shop selling frozen yoghurt. First you need to choose either chocolate or vanilla flavored yoghurt, then pick two frozen fruits from the display at the counter, then
  • La Campana
    Another American style eatery in the Zona Sur part of town, La Campana serves up trout, ribs and chicken wings fresh from the BBQ. There's also a good range of pizzas including toppings like Canadian bacon and stir-fried vegetables, bumper size salads, pasta and hamburgers. The dining area upstairs
  • Charlie Papa
    This American style eatery is a big hit with local families, as there's a big play den at the back where the kids can play undisturbed. On the menu you'll find things like BBQ ribs, fajitas and sandwiches and there's even a selection of steak, chicken, trout or lobster served in a Jack Daniels sauce
  • Restaurant Utama
    The panoramic views from this up market restaurant on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel are truly spectacular - the south side of the room looks straight out at Mount Illimani. There's a quality menu using a mix of local and imported ingredients and a good wine menu. Starters include ceviche de peje
  • Burger King
    If you're finding Bolivian food a little hard to bear, or are just craving a familiar taste of home, then Burger King is your ticket. No surprises here; whoppers, stackers, the rodeo, in fact every conceivable way of combining a meat patty with bread, salad and a pile of sauces. Also on the menu are
  • The Colonial Pot
    The Colonial Pot offers good-value lunch and dinner set-menus. The three course meals come with a wide choice of dishes, including eight soup options, 15 main meals (with a few veggie choices) and a number of desserts like chocolate mousse and apple pie. They also do breakfast. It's a pleasant resta
  • Ángelo Colonial
    The popular Ángelo Colonial is an eccentric mix of antiques and trinkets, with walls covered in padlocks, clocks, mirrors, gold frames, swords, cooking pots and just about anything else you can think of. Inside the Aladdin's cave, they serve good pasta dishes, have a wide range of steak, fish and
  • Govinda Vegetarian Food
    Govinda is a very nice plain vegetarian place, open both for lunch and dinner. The veggie burgers and other dishes are prepared using local ingredients with just a subtle Indian touch.
  • La Jungla "Plaza de Comidas"
    If there's a few of you and you can't agree on what type of food to eat then this could be your place. La Jungla is an open-plan dining area with different stands selling everything from tex-mex to Chinese, fried chicken to traditional Bolivian food. There's a number of good value almuerzos on offe
  • El Horno Oriental
    Good quality budget lunches can be found in this small restaurant just up from Plaza del Estudiante, which specializes in food from the eastern lowlands. The almuerzo includes a salad buffet, soup, main course and small dessert. On the menu you'll find dishes like locro de galina, a chicken soup wit
  • Yussef
    La Paz's most popular middle-eastern cuisine can be found at Yussef, a small Lebanese owned restaurant overlooking La Paz's main tourist street. The similar eatery serves authentic meat and vegetarian cous-cous, shish-kebab, hummus, falafel and tabouli. There's a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staf
  • Marrakech
    The place to go for Moroccan food in La Paz, Marrakech serves lunch and dinner in a cosy restaurant not far from the main tourist drag. There's cous-cous with meat or vegetables, Moroccan brochets, hummus and Jarira soup, as well as a range of Spanish tapas including Gazpacho and Spanish Omelette. T
  • Dumbo
    A La Paz institution, Dumbo specializes in ice-cream and cakes, but also has a good range of Bolivian dishes. Situated on the Prado, the place gets packed out at weekends with groups of friends and families satisfying their sweet tooth. There are literally dozens of ice-cream sundaes to choose from
  • Marbella
    This popular local restaurant on the Prado has a selection of local dishes alongside cakes and pastries. They do good juices here, from a wide range of fruits, and a choice of iced coffees. There are ice-cream cups and sweet crepes - try the apple strudel crepe. In the afternoon they have dozens of
  • Café Ciudad
    A popular local hangout on Plaza del Estudiante, Café Ciudad has a tasty selection of main meals that come in ample portions, plus sandwiches, pizzas and soups. It's light and airy and a good place to observe the street madness outside. The biggest draw however, is it's open 24-hours, seven days a
  • Alexander Coffee
    This Bolivian coffee shop chain has three sites in central La Paz. It is a great place to go if you're craving a decent coffee or a healthy salad. They have a good range of breakfast dishes, including pancakes made with whole meal flour, soya and cañahua or scrambled egg whites and hash browns. The
  • Café “El Consulado”
    As the name suggests, the building now housing Café “El Consulado” used to be a consulate, and the gourmet food now being served here is certainly up to this standard. There are salads with ingredients like goat's cheese, honey glazed plums and sundried tomatoes; a quinua burger served i
  • Mr. Pizza
    Mr. Pizza provides exactly what it advertises - a range of pizzas, from a basic margarita up to the supreme, with toppings of mozzarella, chorizo, pork, ham, olives, peppers, onions and mushrooms. The pizzas come in four sizes, from personal to family, and there are three choices of a base - pan, r
  • Pacha
    Ask any hotel clerk in Copacabana for a restaurant recommendation and Café Restaurant Bar Pacha is sure to be at the top of the list. House specials include vegetarian dishes, both national and international cuisine, and a variety of hot drinks (coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, and teas). The re
  • Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza
    Step inside cozy gringo-owned Minuteman Pizza, and you momentarily forget you are in a freezing, isolated desert town in Bolivia. Offering tasty fresh-baked pizzas with interesting toppings, Minuteman is a great place to relax with a glass of wine or beer, meet fellow nomads, browse the book excha
  • La Loco Bar Restaurante
    An unlikely French-run bar and restaurant in this desolate desert town, La Loco is a barn-like space with wooden furniture, a log fire always burning, a dart board, and a warm atmosphere. With a short, gourmet, French-influenced menu, La Loco is where to go if you are sick of eating pizza and cra
  • Restaurante Thunupa
  • La Estancia
    One of the most popular Churrasquerias in the Beni capital, La Estancia concentrates on one of the local specialties - steak. You can choose from lomito, bife de chorizo and chicken, fresh from the BBQ, or go the whole hog and get a full parrillada (a range of dif
  • Restaurante 16 de Julio
    Offers tasty and affordable pizzas, pastas, Bolivian and international food, served in a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Arco Iris
    Ever-popular and always busy, Arco Iris serves up fresh pizzas; it's a great place to grab a beer and meet fellow travelers and form Salar tour groups.
  • Wiphala Pub
    A popular spot for board games, drinks, and Bolivian food, with live music on the weekends.
  • California
    California is a relaxed little restaurant located directly across from the Plaza Independencia. It offers a standard menu of burgers, pizza and pasta (and a good selection of vegetarian options), but its atmosphere sets it apart from the multitude of other Tupiza pizzerias. Breakfast costs between $
  • Los Helechos
    Although its decor is uninspiring, Los Helechos is a Tupiza favorite. The $1.50 (10 Bs.) breakfast buffet is unbeatable, and lunches and dinners remain well-priced as well. Sandwiches and hamburgers cost between $1 - $2 (5 Bs. - 14 Bs.), and the most expensive meat dish runs just under $7. There are
  • The Alamo
    Stepping through the double swinging doors of The Alamo Restaurant transports you into a slightly strange wild-west-esque atmosphere. The booth seating, walls covered in framed photos of cowboys and Hollywood stars,cows skulland a giant TV showing 80s and 90s classic music videos combine to create t
  • Place of Colors
    A good spot for breakfast or a sandwich, this friendly cafe also offers tasty warm meals in the evening, as well as much-needed hot wine in this coldest of areas.
  • Cafe Central
    If you arrive to Uyuni's train station in the morning and are looking for a place to have breakfast, Cafe Central has granola, yogurt and fruit, pancakes, and set breakfasts on offer. Located in the Parque Arce, under the central bandstand, near the train station.
  • Pescadería Don Pedrito
    The locals' favourite fish restaurant, Don Pedrito serves up hearty portions of local fish including pacú, piraña, sudau and suburí. It's open for lunch and dinner and you can dine among the palms in the open terraces, or in the barn-like main hall. Fish is the definite specialty, but there are a
  • Restaurante Brasilero
    Brazilian favourites such as feijao and farofa are on offer at this per kilo Brazilian buffet. There's also four tables full of cold buffet fodder, including pasta salad, palm heart salad, marinated aubergine and reams more fresh salad items to choose from. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and
  • Pizzeria Pastapizza
    Despite the unimaginative title, this restaurant is a must for those travelers with a weakness for Italian food. The decor is cheery, the staff friendly and the portions generous. Not Rurre's cheapest eatery but prices are reasonable nonetheless, and the food is very tasty.
  • Pension Anita
    Pension Anita is a good spot for a local almuerzo. The starter is usually a noodle soup, the main some kind of meat with rice, and the dessert is fruit. It may not be the most delicious food you can find in Rurre (and is certainly not the most expensive) but it is filling, nutritious, great value an
  • Brosteria Charito
    This restaurant is the perfect spot for travelers on a budget to sample a little local cuisine. Bolivian almuerzos (lunches) are fantastic value for money as they offer three courses for around US$2. Although the décor of this particular establishment is not particularly inviting, the staff is atte
  • Casa de turista
    There's nothing authentically Bolivian about this restaurant, as the name suggests, but it is a great spot to visit if Mexican food tickles your fancy. Tasty pizza, burgers and ice-cold beers are on offer here too. The staff is friendly, the service is efficient, the prices are very reasonable and t
  • Bamboo restaurant
    This cosy spot is ideal for travelers squabbling over budget matters, as it offers a variety of international food, which is slightly pricier, as well as a traditional set lunch, which is great value for money. So whether you fancy a fried breakfast, a burger or a more local dish, this place has wha
  • Buhos
    Stylish restaurant Buhos serves up good quality food in an elegant but relaxed setting. On the menu you'll find dishes like filet mignon, chicken with asparagus, gnocchi, camarones and trout, and they even serve paella and escargot. All mains are served with vegetables, rice and fries. There's a ple
  • La Casona
    This popular restaurant on the main plaza serves up a good range of meaty local favorites including bife, brocheta and milanesa, as well as a good choice of fish and chicken dishes. There's also pasta and pizza, both of which have a number of veggie options. The barn-like high ceilings have strong f
  • Club Social
    In the big open courtyard of the Club Social you'll find smart waiters serving up good-value local cuisine. The main draw here is the good-quality set menu lunches for a little over $2. A kind of outside eating area with a roof, it's likely there will be a few birds fluttering around as you eat your
  • Pollo's Joel
    The Trini fastfood chicken joint of choice, Pollo's Joel serves up fried chicken or pollo al spiedo (baked on a spit) in quarter or half portions, or go for a whole chicken. There's an airy room with plenty of roof fans if you want to sit inside, or pavement seating if you'd prefer a bit of
  • Crazy Food
    If you're looking for a quick, light meal at any time of day, then Crazy Food is your spot. They serve up a selection of good-value combo meals where you can choose from Caesar salad, steak sandwich, hamburger or a Greek sandwich, which comes with chicken, cheese and salad in a pitta. It's also the
  • Mil Sabores
    A popular spot to sit and watch the street that is Trinidad's calles, Mil Sabores also serves up good-value almuerzos with soup and choice of a main course. There are local-style snacks available throughout the day, including empanadas and cunape (cheese balls with yucca), a selection of ice-cold dr
  • Kivon
    This heladería on the corner of the main plaza is a bit rough around the edges, never the less it's a good place to eat some ice-cream and watch the bikes go by. They also have some mains including pique a la macho, surubí, pacamuto and pork chops, as well as sandwiches, hamburgers and empanadas.
  • Confiteria "Il Bambino"
    A local and traveler favorite, Il Bambio sits on a triangular corner a block away from Plaza Independencia. They serve a well-portioned breakfast (8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.), lunch (12 p.m. - 2 p.m.) and dinner (6 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.), all at reasonable prices. Il Bambino also sells pizza by the slice ($1 /
  • Bella Napoli
    While its sign claiming "Bolivia's Best Pizza" might be a bit of an exageration, Bella Napoli is definitely in the running to win the title of “Tupiza's Best Pizza.” In a town so full of pizzerias, it's hard to stand out, but Bella Napoli has cute decor and good food. Pizzas cost between $
  • Chifa Lu Qing
    This light, airy Chinese restaurant is one of the best chifas in La Paz. They serve a wide variety of authentic dishes, from sweet and sour pork to spring rolls, as well as a good range of fish and vegetarian plates and the service is excellent. The layout of the restaurant makes you feel like you'
  • Swiss Fondue
    Set back from the bustling cobbled street of Avenida 20 de Octubre you'll find Swiss Fondue, a homey restaurant with the best fondue in La Paz. Swiss owner Jean Claude serves up a range of Bolivian cheese and meat fondues, as well as the speciality Swiss variety, which is made with a unique mix of i
  • Fridolin
    This glass-fronted Austrian style patisserie serves up good cakes and coffees as well as a wide range of more substantial dishes. They do breakfast, including pancakes, and a good value almuerzo during the week, with an executive lunch menu at weekends. They have individual pizzas with thin bases a
  • Kuchen Stube
    This German style bakery serves up fruit pies, coffee and great fresh quiches. They have a good quality almuerzo with a different food type each day - Monday is French cuisine, Tuesday is Italian, Wednesday is German, Thursday is Bolivian and Friday is Vegetarian. There's an old fashioned coffee ma
  • Restaurant Paladar
    If you want good quality Brazilian food then Restaurant Paladar is the place to come. It's extremely popular with locals on their lunch break so be prepared to wait a little. The almuerzo costs less the $3 and comes with a choice of five main courses, normally including one pasta dish. Most dishes
  • Mundo Vegetariano
    This small vegetarian restaurant, just down the road from Plaza Estudiante, serves up a healthier version of a Bolivian style almuerzo, but without the meat. Meals come with whole meal rice and mains such as lentil patties and veggie stir-fry. There's a salad bar for starters and you get a drink plu
  • High Landers
    High Landers serves up tasty Tex-Mex food in a mock Mexican cabaña setting. On the menu you'll find quesadillas, chili con carne, enchiladas and fajitas, including a specialty shrimp fajita with shrimps, peppers, onions, guacamole and beans, served alongside floury tortillas and rice. They have a
  • Samurai
    As the name suggests, Samurai serves up all things Japanese. There's California rolls, hosomaki, sashimi and chef specials of mixed plates. They also do teishoku's - set meals that come with miso soup, rice and a main dish with accompaniments. The staff is super attentive here and will help you out
  • La Ollita de Don Italo
    This small restaurant in Sopocachi offers homemade pastas and pizza in a homey setting. On the menu you'll find seafood lasagna, gnocchi with pesto and canelones, alongside mozzarella laden pizzas. From midday until 6 p.m. they offer a selection of combos, which consist of selected pizzas or pastas
  • Beatrice Pastas Frescas
    Considered by many as the best pasta place in town, Beatrice gives you a big choice of pastas followed by an even bigger choice of sauces. There's spinach cannelloni, gnocchi, five types of tagliatelle, lasagna and even ravioli with llama meat, to name but a few. Sauces include pesto, carbonara, ro
  • Churrasqueria El Arriero
    Meat, meat and more meat is the order of the day at this Argentine steak house in Sopocachi. They have a lunch time special with sausage or chorizo for starters, plus a choice of chicken, beef or pork and an all you can eat salad buffet. On the main menu there's brochette, bife de chorizo and grill
  • Café Beirut
    Middle Eastern cuisine is the order of the day in Café Beirut, where you can sample falafel, hummus and tabouli in a selection of mixed plates, main dishes and pita breads. They also have a wide range of breakfasts based around different types of pitas, omelets and crepes. They also have Mexican
  • Café La Terraza
    Café La Terraza is the perfect breakfast venue - the selection runs from the Americano with eggs and bacon, the combo light with egg whites and natural yogurt, to the Mexican with eggs and tortillas topped in a spicy sauce. The sandwich range is a hearty mix of steaks, bacon, chicken breasts and ch
  • El Hornito
    Sample La Paz's popular salteñas even if you don't eat meat. El Hornito has tasty vegetarian versions of the Bolivian specialty alongside the more traditional meat and chickens types. Get there early, because the vegetarian salteñas sell out fast. There are two different locations of El Hornito v
  • Café Mokka
    A glass-fronted café that overlooks the plaza, Mokka is the perfect place to wile away some time either inside the café or on the front terrace. They have a good selection of coffees, sandwiches, pizzas, ice creams and cakes, plus a number of dishes to share. In the evening it gets packed out wi
  • Cabaña Tentaguazu
    A short bus ride out of the city center, this is where chapacos go for fish. The signature dish comes on a massive fish-shaped wooden platter and at first glance it seems like there's nothing on your plate except a whopping great big fish and a lone potato. aLook closer, you'll find some c
  • El Molino
    This local favorite restaurant offers a great-value vegetarian lunch plate that comes with a salad buffet, soup and choice of main course. The simple, airy seating area has walls displaying lists of famous vegetarians-the lunch is definitely not just for non-meat eaters, though. You'll be hard press
  • Bufalo
    Dinner is an all out feast at Bufalo. First, you get freshly baked potato chips with dips, then garlic bread, then the main meal you've ordered-you certainly won't mind if you have to wait for your steak and you won't be disappointed once it arrives! There's a good wine list here, all locally produc
  • Gattopardo
    Gattopardo is the social hub of Tarija. People come to sit and drink beer or coffee on the terrace, chat with friends and watch the world. Inside it's a wood-clad tavern with large booths and scattered antiques. They have fondue on the menu, as well as a selection of steak dishes, pizza, pasta, mixe
  • La Cabaña
    This parrillada restaurant next to the bus station serves up meat fresh from the BBQ. Choose from bife, chorizo, filete, chancho and pollo, plus lots more. There's a huge self-service salad bar that you can pick through, which is included in the price of your main course, and your order will also co
  • La Floresta
    Ask any local to recommend a restaurant to you and La Floresta is likely to be the answer. Situated just outside of town, this chapaco favourite not only supplies great food, but has a swimming pool and leafy terrace to relax in while enjoying the culinary delights. They have a Criollo buffet on Fri
  • Confeteria Center
    On the northeast corner of Plaza 10 de Febrero, the Confeteria Center is marked with a Huari sign and large glass windows. This cafe has a short menu of sandwiches and meat plates (like churrasco and lomo), as well as juice, tea and a few random liquors. The restaurant, owned by a sassy husband-and-
  • El Repulgue
    On a quiet street in Sopacachi, El Repulgue serves up freshly baked empanadas for $0.50. You'll find more than the standard cheese variety. There are nine different kinds, including tuna, chorizo and jalapeno, meat with lemon and spices, and choclo (corn), spinach and ricotta for those lookin
  • Tip Top Ice Cream
    To cool down on a sunny Oruro afternoon for just a dollar or two, swing by Tip Top Ice Cream. There's a full menu of juices, but the real reason to go is the tantalizing homemade ice cream that comes in cups or cones and with your choice of the varied toppings. The owners are very friendly, and you
  • El Huerto
    This veggie restaurant in Oruro serves up massive almuerzos for an ridiculously cheap price ($1.50 / 10 Bs.). Set meals include soup and small salad, an entree, dessert, and a drink--enough to stuff you or the rest of the day. Specialty plates, mate and fresh
  • Vida Sana
    Vida Sana is an extremely welcoming, somewhat haphazardly run, small restaurant right in the bustling heart of Oruru. Although the staff may forget to mention until serving your friends that the dish you ordered is not currently available, the extremely low prices and extensive (predominately meat-f
  • Bravo's Pizza
    One thing is for sure, you'll have no problem finding Bravo's Pizza; once you get within half a block the huge red lettering of their sign (at night it glows!) will guide you towards this pizzeria. The large selection of pizzas take up only a small section of the menu which includes sandwiches, burg
  • Las Islas Restaurant
    The nicely-decorated and clean-looking Las Islas Restaurant is attached to the hostería of the same name. Like most of the other accommodation/eateries on the island, Las Islas offers breakfast (American 18 Bs. and Continental 12 Bs.--one of the cheapest of the bunch), as well as lunch and dinner (
  • Puerta Del Sol
    For over two decades, Restaurant Puerta del Sol has been providing typical Bolivian meals and a traditional atmosphere. Its cooks serve up a variety of trout, pork, chicken and beef dishes. The milanesa (breaded cutlets) and
  • Pachamama
    Located near the Plaza 2 de Febrero, this bar is a great place for anyone looking for a chilled-out sociable ambience. It boasts a delicious array of fresh food including burgers, sandwiches, salads and Mexican food, as well as exotic cocktails, which are half-price between 7 and 9 p.m. This bar ha
  • Monkey´s Bar
    This restaurant has seven years of experiencie in Rurrenabaque, and provides a great selection of tropical drinks and international meals. Come and meet the friendly team.
  • Club Social
    A great lunch spot, the historic Club Social opened in 1906 as a cultural and social centre and is the second oldest social club in the country. Food is served at the side of the large courtyard that has been used for many a social gathering and meeting. As well as the history, the food is excellent
  • Bibliocafé
    This tavern-like retro bar, just half a block from the main plaza, is popular with travelers and locals alike. The Bibliocafé has a good lunch menu, which includes a choice of salad, sandwich or pasta - including veggie options - plus a sweet crepe, drink and mate or coffee as dessert. If you're go
  • Restaurante Jalisco
    The best of the bunch of restaurants offering pizza and Mexican food around the main plaza, Jalisco also has a three course set lunch menu, national cuisine and a number of vegetarian options. There's a good range of pasta dishes, from gnoqui to carbonara, and a range of breakfast choices, including
  • Pete's Place
    Sorata's most popular eatery provides tasty set menu vegetarian lunches and dinners, and other delectable plates such as curries, Thai noodles and chunky steaks. It's a great place to chill-out after a long hike or get fuelled up before you start one. Pete's is also the place to head for tourist inf
  • La Gruta
    This small restaurant just off the main plaza serves well-presented, tasty dishes made from fresh ingredients. Their set menu almuerzo comes with salad, a choice of tomato, asparagus or onion soup, a large selection of main courses, such as steak, pork chop, chicken mi
  • Altai Oasis
    Care for sitting on a balcony overlooking spectacular countryside while sinking your teeth into a T-bone steak or homemade hummus salad? Then Altai Oasis is your place. Situated in the grounds of the hotel of the same name, about 45 minutes walk out of town, Altai Oasis serves up good quality dishe
  • Churrasqueria ‘Cumaná'
    Churrasquería Cumaná is the best place in Sucre for a Bolivian style BBQ. You can choose from the normal variety of cuts such as tira, churrasco and bife de chorizo (comes recommended) but the difference here is the size of your plate - you'll get a 400g chunk of meat, salad,
  • Chifa Restaurante New Hong Kong
    If you're looking for tasty, authentic Chinese food in Sucre, then Chifa Restaurante New Hong Kong is the place to come. Specializing in Cantonese food, the family-run restaurant offers wonton soup, Peking duck, dumplings and a whole assortment of shrimp, fish and d
  • Venecia
    If you want to combine a bit of people watching with having your evening meal then Venecia is the place to come. Right on the main plaza, Venecia serves up a selection of Bolivian favorites like pique a lo macho and milaneza alongside a selection of sandwiches, beer, vino and soda. There are some fa
  • La Vieja Bodega
    Family-run La Vieja Bodega is a traditional style bar/restaurant decorated with barrels, cowhides and trinkets. They have a nice range of salads, as well as some good Bolivian dishes, plus a variety of pizzas and pastas. La Vieja Bodega's biggest selling point, however, is fondue, both cheese and c
  • Pizzeria Napoli
    The staff may be a little surly and disinterested, but this place serves up the best pizza in Sucre. Choose from an assortment of toppings on your freshly wood-fired pizza, including the pecorina, with goat's cheese and oregano; the carbonara, with egg, bacon and black pepper; the mixta, with ham an
  • Café Monterosso
    If you've ever walked past a house, smelt the inviting aroma drifting from the family kitchen and just wanted to knock on the door and ask if you can join them for dinner, then Café Monterosso could be your place. Ran by Roberto, a jovial Italian ex-pat, you're lit
  • La Taverne
    This lovely little restaurant serves up good quality dishes in an intimate setting, less than a block from Plaza 25 de Mayo. There's a good atmosphere here, with French music playing in the background and friendly service. On the menu you'll find items such as a goat cheese salad, shellfish in garl
  • Café Illampu
    This farmhouse-style café, with amazing views, does a great breakfast of coffee, juice, eggs, Swiss muesli or homemade yoghurt, homemade bread and a selection of chunky jams and honey. There's also a selection of cakes, sandwiches and juice. You can spend the afternoo
  • Pizzeria Restaurante Italia
    One of two pizza restaurants of the same name on the main plaza, Pizzeria Restaurante Italia has an extensive menu serving lots of pizza options, veggie pasta dishes, soup, omelets, bruchetta, tea, coffee and ice-cream pots. They're also open for breakfast. The restaurant itself is a cozy little cov
  • Casa de campo
    Casa de campo (mid-range) Ideal for malnourished travelers in search of some kind of healthy indulgence, this friendly cafe/restaurant has a large selection of tasty nutritional goodies. Delicious breakfasts (fried for those nursing a hangover, fruit-based for those on a health-kick), sandwiches,
  • Coffee Shop Copacabana
    If the hippies get their way and drag you off the street and into Coffee Shop Copacabana for the restaurant's cheap almuerzo, you'll probably be pleased enough. Not for vegetarians, the menu of the day often includes a meat soup, trout entrée, dessert
  • Restaurant Mankha Uta
    Restaurant Mankha Uta seems to be the most popular among a number of similar establishments on Avenida 6 de Agosto, probably due to its 2-for-1 cocktail happy hour (7-10 p.m.) and its DVD room and well-stocked library. There is often live music in the evening, as well. The restaurant serves a num
  • Restaurant Vegetariano Kala Uta
    Don't be fooled into thinking that Restaurant Vegetariano Kala Uta is exclusively vegetarian. Meat and fish do appear in many of the dishes on its menu. However, vegetarians, and even vegans, can eat well here, provided they are content to go for some of the plainer options. Daily specials, offer
  • Restaurante VJ
    Restaurante VJ (or Don Victor as the locals call it) can be found just a block away from the main plaza, and has the feel that someone has crammed their front room full of chairs and asked the whole village to lunch. Here you'll get a good old Bolivian home cooked lunch, with soup and main course, f
  • Restaurante Tunqui
    Another local favorite, Restaurant Tunqui serves up dinner as well as set menu lunches. It's especially popular with families at lunch time and offers a choice of main course, such as meatballs or chicken in orange sauce, in a clean setting filled with tables covered in floral cloths and art
  • Restaurant La Casa
    Just over a block from the main plaza is the La Casa, the only place in Coroico for fondue. The sizzling-pot dish comes in a number of varieties, all served with five different salads and five different salsas. There is also a range of pasta dishes, steaks and specialties, such as goulash, and choco
  • Bamboo
    For a bit of Mexican flavor, head northeast of the main plaza to Bamboo. Here you'll find tacos with minced meat, refined beans, peppers, lettuce, guacamole and reams of cheese, all topped off with spicy sauce. They also have burritos and chicken enchiladas, salads, and a few veggie options. If you'
  • Back-Stube
    The best breakfast in Coroico can be found at Back-Stube - try the scrambled eggs with onions, smoked ham and mushrooms, along with some freshly squeezed juice, coffee, grainy wholegrain bread and jam. Other menu choices include steaks, pastas and typical German dishes like Käs spätzle, as wel
  • El Zaguan
    Just a few steps from the plaza, the functional Restaurant El Zaguan serves up no nonsense set menu lunches and dinners in a brightly colored dining hall slightly reminiscent of a work canteen. You'll get a soup, choice of main course and prompt service. There's a TV on the counter if you're starved
  • El Cafetal Restaurante
    Perched on the edge of one of Coroico's many rolling hills is El Cafetal, a little restaurant attached to the guest house of the same name. Here they serve authentic French cuisine in a semi-tropical setting. Food items include gorgeous French onion soup, killer soufflés, crepes and a few Bolivian
  • Los Balcones Plaza Restaurante
    Almuerzo at Los Balcones is a popular affair, with locals on their lunch break pouring here in droves. The big selling point is the extensive salad bar, where you'll find quinoa, marinated eggplant and cheesy salad mixes. There's normally a choice of main course but they run out quickly - get here
  • Expreso Café Bar
    If you want to mix with the locals for their morning cup of coffee, then this is the place to come. Just a few steps from the main plaza, Expreso Café Bar serve good quality coffee alongside a range of pastries including salteñas, empanadas and cakes. Before lunch there's a bustling atmosphere wit
  • La Estancia
    The enticing smell of freshly grilled meat will greet you as you enter La Estancia, a highly recommended Argentine steak house on the Boulevar de la Recoleta. Here you'll find carne a la parrilla being served for lunch and dinner seven days a week. As well as your typical cuts of beef you'll find la
  • La Cantonata
    Sucre's high end Italian restaurant serves a wide range of dishes using an eclectic mix of ingredients including oysters, prosciutto, veal and asparagus. The lighting is dimmed and the atmosphere elegant, all the pasta is homemade and comes with a good selection of authentic sauces. There are also
  • Bufalo's Rodizio
    Bufalo's Rodizio is known for its sizzling steaks served up Brazilian style. The restaurant is buffet service with a massive selection of items to choose from including Brazilian feijoada, rice, pastas and cold and hot salad items like spinach tart. Your meat comes fresh off the grill and you can ch
  • Salamandra
    This intimate restaurant has nine tables set over two floors in a beautiful colonial building. It's the place to come for fish in Sucre - they offer trucha, suburí and pejerrey dishes cooked in various styles. There's also chicken, pork and beef including chateaubriand and medallions of pork and s
  • Casa del Campo
    The famous Casa del Campo is a tourist favorite - serving up a wide range of cochabambino dishes in a large, open restaurant with a leaf covered outdoor terrace. This is the place to try some traditional local food, like chanka de conejo (guinea pig boiled with onions and herbs) picante de
  • Gopal
    Vegatarian set menu lunches are the order of the day at Hare Krishna-run Gopal. The food is freshly prepared with a choice of soup, main course and 20 different salad options with ingredients like lima beans, maize and beetroot. The set price also includes a drink and dessert. You can choose to sit
  • Pollos Q'Rico
    A popular local fast food spot that serves up the usual chicken, chips and hamburgers as well as the occasional fish dish - ask to see if there's any available. The inside seating area has huge fans that will make a welcome break from the heat. There's also a terrace area at the front that's perfect
  • Casablanca
    This funky venue goes by classy American style diner by day and happening bar by night. There's a wide menu including a good variety of breakfasts, salads, pizza, pastas, soups and sandwiches, as well as good picking fodder like nachos. The drinks menu is huge too with lots of wine, beer and cocktai
  • SucreManta
    Just a few steps from the main plaza you'll find the classy lunch venue Sucremanta. On the menu there's a small selection of local specialities including fritanga (spicy pork stew), picante mixto (chicken and tongue with a kick) and chorizos chuquisaqueños (local spicy sausage
  • Wist'upiku
    Cochabamba institution Wist'upiku is the perfect place for a mid-morning snack - serving up freshly baked empanadas with crunchy crusts and lashings of melted cheese. If you fancy your pie with a bit of a kick, there's a picante version, or you could opt for a chicken or meat filling. Refreshments i
  • Dumbo
    For a wide range of Bolivian and international food, and reams of ice-cream, head to one of the numerous Dumbo's dotted around the city. They're open all day and have a range of breakfast, including the hard-core pork chops with rice and yucca, salads, burgers, sandwiches and main plates, as well as
  • Café Paris
    This classy café just off the main plaza offers a wide selection of coffees and chocolate, including refreshing iced versions, as well as sweet and savory crepes including fillings like spinach and almonds and ratatouille. The large central bar area, arched roof, metallic furniture wooden paneling
  • El Germen
    A German pastry shop and vegetarian restaurant, El Germen serves up great value dishes and freshly baked biscuits and cakes. They have tomato gratin with tofu, falafel and soya and lentil burgers. There are a few meat and fish dishes too. The set almuerzo is just over $2 and includes soup, drink, ma
  • Tunari Restaurant
    This Cochabamba institution has been serving up cochabambino cuisine for over 80 years. On the menu you'll find picante de lengua (cow's tongue in spicy sauce), ranga blanca (caldo with tripe and potatoes), chorizo crillo (spicy sausages), lapping (beef dish) and three di
  • Molins de Rei
    A hidden local favorite, Molins de Rei is Sucre's best-kept secret. With an eccentric cove downstairs filled with antique furniture and trinkets, and a terrace and function room upstairs, it would be good enough to come here just to look at the décor. The food however is as eclectic as the surround
  • El Mesón
    This historic and attractive restaurant is set in an old bookstore in a colonial building on a corner of the plaza. The menu is somewhat French-influenced, though there are other international cuisines such as steak and pasta. There are local specialties, as well as a nice selection of fine wines.
  • Salon de Té Las Delicias
    The most popular cakes in Sucre can be found at Salon de Té Las Delicias. Join the owner for a slice of creamed sponge or a late afternoon snack of empanada, sonso (yucca with cheese), huminta (corn and cheese) or cuñapé (cheese buns with chewy centers). There's a big seating area but Las Delici
  • Restaurante Los Azogueros
    In the center of town, opposite the Imperial Cinema, this upmarket restaurant offers an exquisite array of international and seafood dishes. Food may be expensive, but portions are large and the dishes are delicious. Los Azogueros is a restaurant that is elegantly decorated with fine furniture and c
  • Manzana Magica
    This popular vegetarian restaurant is perfect�for super-healthy food at reasonable prices. Manzana Magic is famed for its delicious breakfasts, including muesli and fresh juices. The restaurant serves dishes consisting of meat substitutes and fresh, organic vegetables. Portions are generous an
  • 4060
    4060 takes its name from Potosí's most famous feature—its altitude. The sleek décor and funky colors will make you feel miles away from Bolivia, as this restaurant would easily be at home in New York or Paris. 4060 is always reassuringly packed full of the hip, young things you never would ha
  • Cherry´s Salon de Te
    Cherry's is a small and quiet tea room in the center of town. Open early in the morning, it's the ideal place to start the day with a delicious breakfast of muesli, eggs or pancakes. There's a mouth-watering selection of teas, delicious cakes and pastries that makes Cherry's a gastronomic delight fo
  • La Plata Café
    La Plata is a stylish café on the main plaza that is perfect for lunch or an afternoon treat. This upmarket eatery may be a little overpriced, but the coffee is decent and the place is clean. Expressos are arguably the best (and strongest) for miles around, but hot chocolates are the real specialit
  • Café Candelaria Internet
    This small café a few meters from the plaza is perfect for staying warm on cold Potosí days. Food is standard, but cheap, and there are some decent vegetarian dishesand a variety of teas. Anyone ordering a full breakfast gets fifteen minutes of free internet. Books and newspapers are available for
  • El Fogon
    This central restaurant in the old town is long-standing favorite with Potosí visitors. It has a good range of international and Bolivian food served in a calming ambience. Try the llama steak or Kalaphurka is another recommended local dish, which consists of a soup cooked with rocks in it.
  • Pizzeria Palacio de Las Truchas
    Despite its somewhat silly name--Pizzeria Palace of The Trout--and discrete location--look for the wooden "Pizzeria" sign and stairs heading down to the right, just after Hostel Imperio del Sol--this is one island restaurant that shouldn't be missed. The prices offered are equal to the other restaur
  • Casa de La Luna
    A break from the standard hotel and restaurant combo, Casa de La Luna has focused its efforts appropriately. Breakfast is arguable the best on the island--normal American ($2.50 / 17 Bs.) and Continental ($2 / 15 Bs.) options are avaliable, but with great fresh fruit batidos and ample porti