Las Pampas and the Atlantic Coast

The term “Pampas” refers to the large geographic region of fertile plains west of Buenos Aires. While this region – and its neighboring coast – are often overlooked by travelers in favor of more well-known destinations, they are home to some of the most charming towns and beautiful landscapes in Argentina. The majority of the country\s famous beef comes from this area, and you can still see a lot of traditional Gaucho culture in action in the agricultural towns, replete with nineteenth century belle epoque architecture, that are scattered throughout the plains.

The landscape is not limited to sweeping grasslands; there are several national parks full of towering peaks, leafy forests and rocky outcroppings that provide opportunities for some great hiking. These parks are also home to some of the region’s wealth of distinctive wildlife, including the flighty, delicate pampas deer, the pampas fox, and the pampas wildcat.

While the nearby Atlantic Coast can’t be described as stunning, it nonetheless provides long stretches of sunny beaches to stroll down or lounge upon, making it a good place to escape the humidity of the interior. Several of the cities that line the coast offer a wide variety of accommodations and entertainment. If you wish to escape the bustle of the city altogether, there are also several small, tranquil resort towns along the beach that are ideal for a peaceful vacation. Whether you prefer the lush plains or the windy coast, the Pampas region should not be missed by a traveler wishing to experience a broad scope of Argentina.