Córdoba and the Central Sierras

Located in center of the country, the Central Sierras are Argentina’s tallest mountain ranges outside of the Andean cordillera. The Sierras meander across 100,000 square kilometers (62,137 sq mi), reaching a peak at Cerro Champaquí (2,884 m / 9462 ft). Lush, verdant valleys lie between the peaks, packed with small forests and meandering streams. With a Mediterranean climate, this is one of the more pleasant areas to visit in the nation. The highlands separate the provinces of San Luis and Córdoba. The Sierra Grande and Sierra de Comechingones combine to help separate the provincial capital cities also called Córdoba and San Luis. The city of Córdoba is a large, sprawling place that challenges Rosario as the nation’s second most important metropolitan area. Meanwhile, San Luis is perceived as a more laidback, less sophisticated town.