Argentina Tours

Below are some of the most popular types of Argentina tours and the best places to find them:

For adventure travel lovers, trekking and climbing are excellent in the Argentine Andes, especially in the Mendoza province and in the Patagonia Region.

Water sports are best in the Andean Lake District in the southwest.

Skiing is best from May to October, with major ski resorts near Bariloche, Mendoza, and Ushuaia.

Those interested in a more relaxing tours of Argentina should head to the famous vineyards in the Mendoza province and Cafayate for wine tasting tours; to the Pampas or Patagonia for a relaxing stay at a traditional ranch or estancia; or to the Valdés Peninsula in Patagonia for the best birdwatching.

  • City Tours
    PRIVATE TOURS around Buenos Aires. We do a mix between walking and driving. Buenos Aires is a georgeous city, and some walking through its avenues is a must to appreciate its architectural style, plazas, monuments, etc. All day tours or half a day. TRANSFER SERVICES: From/to Airport/Pier. BINLINGUAL
  • Wildlife Sightings Tours
    Eco-friendly customed Wildlife sighting tours in Patagonia´s Deseado River Natural Reserve and Penguin Island Natural Reserve. Incredible animals like dolphins, sea lions, elephants seals, magellanic and rockhoppers penguins, and many other sea birds species gathered all together in a small area.
  • Welsh and Celticism in Patagonia
    Andes Celtig are travel specialists located in Trevelin, in the Welsh settlement of Chubut, Patagonia. Trevelin is in a valley called â??Cwm Hyfryd,â? meaning beautiful valley in Welsh, named by the Welsh pioneers who discovered it in 1885. Our specialization is coordinating journeys to the "Wla
  • Reserva Natural Sierra del Tigre
    Some of the oldest mountains in the world make up this small natural reserve. Once the home of the original inhabitants of Tandil, the reserve is comprised of natural rock formations sit alongside the ruins of man-made structures. At the entrance, the Centro de Interpretacíon details the variety of
  • Huachichocana and the Cave Paintings
    Just 10 kilometers from Purmamarca is the small town of Huachichocana, a pretty part of the gorge that makes an excellent bike or horseback riding day trip. Perhaps more interesting, however, are the nearby caves, just south of the Huacha bridge, in which can be found ancient paintings by some of th
  • Laguna San Tomas
    Ten blocks west of the Plaza, this huge lagoon and park stretches over 500 hectares and is the locals' choice spot for playing sports, anything from water-skiing to volleyball. Outdoor playthings and island fortresses, including a bright pink princess castle, make the Laguna a popular destination fo
  • Reserva Natural Parque Lugo
    The first game reserve in Argentina, Parque Lugo is now a protected provincial nature reserve and home to more than 160 species of birds, as well as foxes, pumas, ferrets, red deer and boar. Lagoon, woods and dunes cover the 6,500 hectares of the former estate of Pedro Lugo, who created this huntin
  • Antarctica Tours
    Pristine unique landscapes, amazing glaciers and incredible wildlife are all seen during an Antarctic tour. Tours run from November through to March as for the rest of the year polar ice and extreme winter conditions prevent travel. January and February are generally the best time to see most pengui
  • Motor Sports
    Motor Sports are also very popular in Pinamar. Quads and Four wheelers are almost as common as cars in the streets. Lots of sand and dunes makes for perfect terrain but also many a stuck vehicle. More than one Porteño has stranded their new and expensive SUV in the sand here. For ATV's or Quad rent
  • Eco tourism in Argentina
    An increasingly developing industry of great potential under the geographic qualities of Argentina, eco tourism is a controlled and directed activity aimed at producing minimal impact on natural ecosystems while educating visitors on the importance of conserving the natural and cultural treasu
  • Mountain Biking in Argentina
    Hop on the two knobby tires of a mountain bike to take your adventure travel in Argentina to a new level. This increasingly popular sport can be an enjoyable experience of Argentina if you take the time to plan out a trip that fits your interests and difficulty level. Patagonia and Barriloche are th