Argentina Services

  • Estancia El Tranquilo
    Estancia El Tranquilo has set its ranching lifestyle aside to bring over 100 years of family recipes for homemade wines, liquors and marmalades from native Patagonian fruits to the El Calafate market. The Helmich family makes two vodkas, Estepvka and Pfeffer, as well as a delicious calafate berry l
  • Outdoor Gear Rental and Sales
    During the summer, many camping and mountaineering gear shops operate in El Chaltén. Most close by the end of the season. Only a few remain open during the winter to provide gear to aficionados of skiing and other snow sports. Most also sell new and used goods. Vie
  • Jujuy Shopping
    La Hilanderia (Belgrano 592, Tel: 388 424 2875) is a fantastic place to find deals on handmade clothes of sheep and llama wool that would be much more expensive in the United States or Europe. The carefully crafted bedspreads are a must buy, assuming you won't
  • Money
    There are a few banks in town with ATMs and cash exchange services. The closest one to all of the action, Banco Nacional, is located on Avenida San Martin and Pellegrin.
  • Aloe-Spa Salute
    Aloe-Spa Salute is a spa located in the Marinas Golf Complex in the Tigre Delta. Their signature spa treatments are performed with pure aloe vera products, including massages, facials, body treatments, wraps, and baths. A sauna, jacuzzi, and pool are also available. Specialty packages include golf a
  • Frou Frou Shoes

    NOTE: This business has closed. Frou Frou its an adorable shoe store located in Palermo Hollywood. We design hand-made sexy shoes for women with the finest

  • Aloe-Spa Salute per Aloe - Belgrano
    The spa treatments are performed exclusively with premium aloe vera products: aloe massages, aloe facials, aloe body treatments, aloe wraps, aloe baths, aloe hair treatments and more.
  • Aloe Spa
    It's been too many months on the road, your body worn with the sweat of the jungles, the dryness of the high salt plains. Or perhaps you need to get ready for that important business meeting or social event. At those times when you need a total pampering session, you can count one Aloe Spa to
  • Shopping
    A place where artisan shops where tourists buy silver mingle with veterinarías where locals buy halters and livestock feed, Areco has its share of shopping opportunities. Most stores feature leather and silver, some have fiber goods, clothing and jewelry. Many include workshop tables where visito
  • El Laberinto Libros
    El Laberinto Libros is a typical book shop. The small corner store is crowded with books on shelves and piled in heaps wherever they might fit. Patrons spend hours browsing, waiting for that one particular title to catch their mind's attention. Several things make El Laberinto awfully useful for in
  • Salta Shopping
    Salta is a big center for picking up traditional crafts, like alpaca wool clothing and silver work, that can be picked up at shops downtown, the Mercado Artesanal (San Martín and Usancivaras) and Paseo San Martín (Av San Martín and Lavalle). Street markets happen Saturdays at Plaza Güeme
  • Edificio Acuario II
    The Acuario complex, principally a hotel, includes a shopping center with more than 62 stores. 9 de Julio 90 Tel: 03541 427702 / 427701
  • Paso de los Artesanos (artisan market)
    The artesan market operates during the summer in two distinct locations - along the San Antonio river and behind the Acuario shopping center.
  • Trelew Shopping
    Many businesses close 12:30-4 p.m. El Jagüel has a wide selection of regionally made items, from kitschy scarf-wearing penguins to fine leather (25 de Mayo 140, Tel.: 42-2949, E-mail: Nativo carries books, woolens, ceramics and other local crafts (San Mart
  • Gaiman Shoping
    Most businesses close noon-4 p.m. for a long lunch during the week and don't open on Sunday. On the corner of the plaza, Paseo Artesanal Crefft Wenn has a dozen stalls selling wood, wool, leather and other crafts, as well as local products like torta negra and cheese (MD Jones and Tello
  • Villa General Belgrano Handicraft Market
    For visitors wanting to browse local handicrafts and products reflecting the various cultures of Villa General Belgrano, don't miss the Handicraft Market, held in the village every holiday. Here you can find paintings, sweaters, beeswax candles, flower ornaments, blanket, and more. Even if you've mi
  • Shopping Alto Noa
    Shopping Alto Noa, or simply called El Shopping amongst locals, is the main shopping mall in Salta. It has 100 stores featuring national and international brands. The Hoyts Cinema shows all the latest Hollywood releases. After a hectic day of spending money, baggage-laden shoppers can refu
  • Shopping
    There are a few shopping malls in the city plus independent shops ranging from high-priced boutiques to handicrafts. Most stores operate Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Larger shopping centers are typically open 10:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Mercado Artesanal
    The finest and most traditional artisans from Salta Province may be visited in the Mercado Artesanal. In a 16th Century hacienda estate, tourists browse the many shops, sample the homemade sweets and watch weavers at their craft. Besides alpaca and llama woolens from the puna, there are Wichí
  • Platería Cabildo
    Tucked among a whole row of artisan shops across from Iglesia San Francisco is Platería Cabildo. For generations, this family has been hand-crafting silver pieces for the Salta community. This workshop creates beautiful necklaces, earrings and other jewelry of native Argentine stones, like lapis
  • San Rafael Shopping
  • La Vinoteca
    La Vinoteca has two stores in San Rafael, one on the way out of town toward Valle Grande and the other close to downtown. The store is a good one-stop place to buy gifts. Most of the area's good wines and champagnes can be bought here for only slightly more expensive than at the wineries. There is a
  • La Maruja
    For high quality work by local artesanos, La Maruja is the place to go in San Rafael. La Maruja specializes in leather work to be worn on the farm, but the stylish leather boots, bags, hats and belts work anywhere.
  • Yanancanelo
    Founded in 1940, Yancanelo's main product is award-winning olive oil. A showroom where olive oil, olives and wines can be bought is backed by a wall of windows where workers bottle the olive oil. Guided tours run in the morning and go through olive trees, the ‘factory', and a small museum dedic
  • La Cabaña Chocolates
    It's hard to miss the five-foot tall chocolate fountain in the massive store front of La Cabaña in the downtown of San Rafael. If the chocolate fountain doesn't tip you off, most of the products inside are made of chocolate. Good chocolate. The specialty is the local favorite alfajor, but
  • Mendoza Shopping
    Most of Mendoza's best shopping is located along its three main streets: Las Heras, San Martín and Sarmiento Peatonal. For cheaper deals, head inside any of the shopping galleries located along these three streets. Stores without street-front windows are usually cheaper. Most stores are open 9 a.
  • Tafí Del Valle Shopping
    Tafí del Valle is in the heart of the Ruta del Artesanos (Artisan Route). Museo Ruta de Tejido is not only a free museum showing traditional weaving and dying techniques, but also a workshop of local artisans and a store selling their creations (daily 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Ruta 307, Km 61
  • Puerto Madryn Shopping
    Many craft, souvenir and chocolate shops are on Avenida Roca and 28 de Julio (closed 1-4:30 p.m.). Taller de Artesanos is a six-generation family workshop that traditionally makes ceramics, though the younger set are branching off into silversmithing, woodworking and painting (2
  • Catamarca Shopping
  • Acabajo
    For something a little quirky, head to the northern edge of Recoleta to the small shop of Acabajo. This shiny boutique-style store sells all sorts of delightful and original items, such as knitted cushions, mosaic mirrors, handmade jewelery, candle-holders, and some very unique male and female unde
  • El Ateneo
    El Ateneo is sort of like Buenos Aires' answer to Barnes & Noble—only without the one-of-a-million retail-chain feel. That said, there are four branches in the Capital, but it's El Ateneo Grand Splendid, the four-level flagship store on Avenida Santa Fé, that gets top billing as the largest bo
  • Patio Bullrich
    This converted meat auction house, built in 1867, is the oldest and most upscale of Buenos Aires' quintet of majestic malls and as much an architectural marvel as one-stop shopping for people with money to burn. Included in the package: some 89 local and international merchants (including Diesel, Hu
  • BA Shop Experience
    BA Shop Experience is your personal partner on you BA Shopping Tours. Discover unique places of this huge city, new fashion tendencies and designers, incredible leather, the passion of tango, exciting nightlife, an attractive city to shop and moreâ?¦ Full assistance on everything you desire for yo
  • Galleria Bond Street
    The Galleria Bond Street, located at 1670 Av. Santa Fe, is not a shopping center for the square. The multi-level complex - and even the surrounding shops - are a massive clustering of anti-establishment culture and the inevitable accessories that go with such damn-the-world mentalities. The smoky an
  • Shopping for Anti-Establishment Gear
    The Galleria Bond Street, located at 1670 Avenida Santa Fe, is not a shopping center for the square. The multi-level complex, and even the surrounding shops, is a massive clustering of anti-establishment culture and the inevitable accessories that go with such a f**k-the-world mentality. The smoky a
  • Galerías Pacífico
    For the serious shopper in the family, head to the Galerías Pacíficos shopping mall. No funky Argentine souvenirs here; high-end stores line the three marble floored stories. Under vaulted glass ceilings you'll find Tiffany, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, LaCoste, Tommy Hilfiger, L´Occtane and T
  • Ligier
    Argentina's reputation for wine production still can't compare to its rich tango history, but it's getting there. To be completely honest, you can find fine, inexpensive wines at the supermercado across the street from your rental, but Ligiers is all about the wine-buying experience. The 10 location
  • Atipica
    Trendy Palermo Viejo neighbourhood is a must in Buenos Aires and Atípica is the shop for local arts & crafts, home accents with indigenous motifs, contemporary jewelry in sterling silver, textiles, ceramics, glass pieces and special gifts. All are handmade objects by Argentine artists. High quality
  • Al Sham
    A strong Middle Eastern influence is evident throughout Palermo, mostly in the number of Arabian and Armenian restaurants. Those who wish to take home an Arabian souvenir may head to AlSham, importer of a large variety of Middle Eastern goods, such as original belly dancer dress and accessories, pip
  • Walrus Books
    Although most book stores in BA have a small section for English-language readers, the selection is often limited to a couple romance novels and, if you're lucky, some Henry James, so if you run out of reading material while in the city, Walrus Books is a savior. In the beautiful home of a U.S. Amer
  • Shopping in Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires is a shopper's paradise. Here, you can find one of the most elegant shopping malls in Latin America: Galerias Pacifico, a converted railroad office. There is also an impressive open-air antiques market in Plaza Dorrego in
  • Shopping Summary
    Being a tourist town, El Calafate has a rich selection of artisan crafts, from humble woolens to fine alpaca, stone works to silver jewelry. Hand-carved mates (gourds for drinking yerba mate tea) are also a specialty, as is leatherwear. Goods are high quality
  • Puerto San Julián Shopping

    Centro Artesanal is a community workshop making ceramics from locally mined caolín clay and from wool. The giftshop sells members' creations (Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-noon, 2-7 p.m. Moreno, between Avenida San Martín and Mitre).

    Costa Deportes s

  • Caleta Olivia Shopping
    Not everything in Caleta Olivia comes from petroleum. A few shops have fine crafts made of all-natural materials. �'ikemen has clothing made from merino sheep and llama wool (E Perón 1560, Tel.: 485-2020). Nuhuel Doyel sells Patagonia wood, leather and wool creations, and has a wide se
  • Quality Tienda de Vinos
    As the owner of this boutique wine retail store says, “you won't find any of the wines sold in this shop in the supermarket.” Specializing in wines produced in bodegas south of Mendoza, this shop sells San Rafael favorites such as Roca, Goyenchea and Jean Rivier as well as some wines produ
  • Las Grutas Shopping
    During the high tourist season, scores of street artisans and stores are open. Most pack up once things wind down in February. In the low season, those shops that are open, close for lunch. At this time of the year, Mareas del Sur is still selling souvenirs, beach supplies and camp stove gas
  • Shopping
    Many shops and other businesses are closed noon-4 p.m. El Desquite has a varied selection of regional crafts, especially of wool, as well as handmade batiks and decoupage (San Martín 1169). Maruluna creates hand-painted T-shirts featuring designs related to Puerto Deseado and the P
  • Río Gallegos Shopping
    Shops in Río Gallegos are generally open 10 a.m.-8 p.m., closing for a few hours at lunch. Raw wool textiles using traditional Tehuelche techniques and leatherwork are two of the craft specialties in Río Gallegos. Some shops to check out such wares are Keoken Artesanías (San Martín 336, Tel.: 4
  • Paseo de los Artesanos
    Harried travelers taking the shortcut downtown from the bus terminal pass through an alley at the foot of the stairs, before emerging onto Avenida del Libertador. Return there at a quieter moment during your stay in el Calafate to explore the two dozen stands filled with the colors and creativity of
  • Boutique del Libro
    In your quest to learn more about the nature and history of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares and Patagonia, stop by Boutique del Libro. This bookshop has a good selection of nature and travel guides, as well as road and trekking maps. It has a large English langu
  • El Chaltén Shopping
    Many specialty shops close in winter or are only open part of the day. At the beginning and end of the high season (October - November, March - April), those that are still open will close over the lunch hour. Marco Polo (Madsen 12, E-mail:
  • Viedma and Carmen de Patagones Shopping
    In Carmen de Patagones' historic Rancho Rial is Agrupasueños, a local weaving cooperative (Mitre 84, Tel: 46-4826). On Viedma's riverfront is Mercado Artesanal, a shop carrying Rio Negro artisans' creations. Leatherwork, wood carvings, silver jewelry, ceramics, weaving, bo
  • Perito Moreno Shopping
    While tourists are waiting for adventures at Cueva de las Manos or down Ruta 40, they can spend time checking out local crafts shops. Centro Municipal de Artesanos y Manualeros is a local collective or artisans specializing in weaving, wood carving and other artesanía (Av San Martín and 12
  • El Bolson Shopping
    One of the main draws to El Bolsón is the three-times-a-week craft fair. The number of booths that will open up on any particular fair day depends on the weather and the season. During high tourist months the number of vendors approaches 100, quite impressive turnout for such a small town. During f
  • Shopping in Pinamar
    Shopping is definitely a major activity in Pinamar. Throughout the center stretching along Avenida del Libertador and Jorge Bunge you can find shops of all kinds ranging from boutiques to car dealerships. Take a stroll since everything is accessible in the city center and see what you like. The
  • Laundry Service
    There are five major businesses strewn through town to help keep you smelling fresh. There are even smaller laundry services on the underground scene (ask your hostel, hotel or host for the local favorite). The five larger companies are Esquel-Lav (Sarmiento 461, telephone 454762), Lavadero Automát
  • Medical Services
    Hospital services are surprisingly up to snuff for a small town in the middle of nowhere. There are two main hospitals, Hospital Regional Esquel (Mitre and San Martin, telephone 450009 / 450107) and Hospital Zonal (25 de Mayo 150, telephone 451074).
  • Mountain Guides
    International certificated Mountain Guides of Patagonia. Rock and ice climbing, ski touring, mountaineering. More than 18 years of experience.
  • Camera
    Bezus Kodak Express has 100-400 ASA film, digital camera memory cards, accessories, cameras and film developing service (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-12:15 p.m., 4-8:30 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-1 p.m., 4:30-8:30 p.m. )
  • Tourist Offices
    There are two main tourist offices in Esquel, either is equally helpful. ACA, located on the corner of 25 de Mayo and Avenida Ameghino (telephone: 452383). ACA is actually a car insurance provider, a bit like AAA in the United States. They are located within the YPF gas station and are good for buyi
  • Police
    The police station is located next door to the hospital on Perito Moreno.
  • San Juan Shopping
    The San Juan region is renowned for its weaving, especially saddlebags (alforjas) and blankets. A good place to shop for these and other crafts is the Mercado Artesanal (España and San Luis). The Feria de Artesanos, held every weekend (3-8 p.m.) in Parque de Mayo, is another place to pick u
  • Soul Trips
  • Equipment Rental and Sales in El Calafate
    If you need to rent or buy camping equipment, check out these outfitters: El Galpón de Don Emilio (9 de Julio 32, Tel.: 2867, E-mail:, URL: - fishing and camping equipment, hiking boots
  • Tourist Offices
    The main tourist office for El Bolsón is located on the corner of Avenida San Martin and Roca. The hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There are two phone numbers: 492604 and 455336. The website is and the email contact is
  • Cicles Adelcor
    San Rafael is not a large city, and with a little determination and sweat you can easily see the city and visit a few local wineries by bike. Located a few doors down from the Tourist Information office, this bike rental, repair and retail shop run by a friendly family of locals rents bikes for $5 p
  • Money
    There are four banks and one currency exchange office. Banks Chubut (Avenida Alvear 1147, telephone: 452372) and Nación (Avenida Alvear and Roca, telephone: 451782) offer ATMs that provide service with Link cards. Banks Bansud (25 de Mayo 752, telephone: 452258) and Patagonia (25 de Mayo 739, telep
  • Pharmacy
    Pharmacies in Argentina are very well stocked with anything that assists a human being's well-being. There is always one open in town, seven days a week. There are often times signs on the other pharmacies in town saying which one is open during off hours.
  • Health Service
    Hospitals Hospitals in Buenos Aires tend to be better than the ones outside the capital. The standard of equipment might not be as up-to date as you're used to, but will be sufficient enough to deal with any emergency. For an English-speaking hospital, call Clínica Suisso Argentino (Tel:
  • Laundry Service
    The most popular laundry service is La Burbuja. They are quick and friendly and offer cleaning services that are a great value.
  • Lavandería Automática Lavanor Dos
    Lavandería Automática Lavanor Dos has pick-up and delivery, and does same-day service.
  • Coast Guard
    The coast guard is an important service in the Seven Lakes District. The water of Nahuel Huapi can become treacherous quick and has been known to kill those not heeding the necessary precautions.
  • Hospital
    The main hospital for El Bolsón is located on Perito Moreno 2456. The telephone number is 492240 / 838.
  • Currency Exchange
    Villa La Angostura isn't overwhelmed with cambio houses. It is best to go with a bank or actual currency exchange house to get the best rates.
  • Post Office
    The main post office for El Bolsón is located on Avenida San Martin 2805, telephone 492204.
  • View Net Internet Café
    Another option for internet that is a little off the beaten path, View Net offers all the standards; high speed connection, prints, public telephone, kiosco, camera web and Skype. It is open from 10 am to 11 pm. It is located at Azcuénaga 459.
  • Cyber Café
    Angostura Cyber Café has both internet and phone booths.
  • Pay Phones
    One of the dozen locutorios in town.
  • Paseo De Los Artesanos
    More than 40 local artisans sell their products in the open market, Paseo de los Artesanos, visited by more than a million tourists every summer. The city selects only the best local artisans, and a strict system of control has been implemented to ensure the variety and authenticity of the p
  • Almacen Serrano Productos Regionales
    A trip to Tandil just isn't complete without a little cheese shopping, and with a huge selection of cheeses, cured meats, sweets, and more—all from the Tandil region—Almacen Serrano is a not-to-miss for all food lovers or those buying gifts for food lovers. Specialty gift packages includ
  • Puerto Iguazú Shopping
    Many shops in Puerto Iguazú are closed noon-5 p.m. All along Avenida Victoria Aguirre and Avenida Brasil are lots of stores selling T-shirts, souvenirs, semi-precious jewels from the Wanda mines, fine leatherwear and everything related to yerba mate. Guaraní baskets,
  • Posadas Shopping
    Fine crafts can be readily bought in Posadas. Many shops along the major downtown streets specialize in marroquería, or leather goods.
    • Wanda Piedras Preciosas has jewelry and polished semi-precious stones from the Wanda mines (Bolívar 1879, Tel: 42-2577). <
  • San Ignacio Shopping
    Along Rivadavia behind the Mission ruins, Feria de Artesanos is a long string of wooden shacks selling stones from Wanda, woven bags, indigenous crafts, wind chimes and all sorts of souvenirs. Most are open only until mid-afternoon, by which time the tour buses have come and gone. Some Gua
  • Formosa Shopping
    Casa de la Artesanía of the Instituto de Comunidades Aborígenas exhibits and sells high-quality works by Q'om, Wichí and Pilaga craftspeople from around the province (Monday-Saturday 8:30 a.m.-noon, 5-9 p.m., Sunday 8:30 a.m.-noon. San Martín 802, Tel.: 42-4010). Pottery, baskets and traditiona
  • Resistencia Shopping
    Most stores in Resistencia open early and close late, taking a long break in the afternoon. Resistencia has a cornucopia of shops specializing in leather, carvings and other crafts. For travelers who prefer the market scene, strolling from booth to booth to see what local and regional artists a
  • San Martín de Los Andes Shopping
    The shopping district of San Martín de los Andes is very reminiscent of a little village in the Alps. The main avenue of San Martín (Avenida San Martín) is dressed up in log and stone architecture, small cafés and cute boutique shops. The majority of the shopping involves chocolate, artisan
  • Ensamble
    If you are looking for an intimate setting that takes pleasure in books and music, then check out Ensamble. This café, book store and music arena has a welcoming vibe and is a perfect place to meet some locals and hear their point of view. Some hard to find Argentine music and publications are foun
  • La Rioja Shopping
    Even in cool-weather months, shops and other businesses close up tighter than a drum noon-5 p.m. La Rioja's artisans weave good-quality blankets and shawls in earthen colors. They also work in leather, silver and pottery. All these creations may be viewed and bought at the Mercado Artesanal
  • Zival's
    The corner of Callao and Corrientes - a traditional meeting point for the bohemia, young lovers, and just about anyone interested in the arts - is dominated by the white façade of Zival's. Although Corrientes is lined for blocks with book and music stores, Zival's stands out for its excellent se
  • Mamuschka
    In a town where chocolate is made and sold virtually around every corner, chocolate maker Mamuschka consistently stands above the rest. Though prices are higher here as a result, the higher cost is worth it. There are seemingly endless variations of delectable sweets, but particularly worth trying (
  • Del Turista
    Del Turista first opened in 1964 and has expanded into one of the largest chocolate factories in Bariloche. Nowadays, Del Turista even has international partners. With its 5,000-square-meter (53,819 sq ft) plant and its 200 chocolate recipes, Del Turista represents 50% of the chocolate production i
  • Familia Weiss Ahumador
    The retail side of the Weiss family's cured meats conglomerate, this gift store is the perfect place to pick up that only-in-Bariloche souvenir. Conversely, budget travelers might consider picking up a selection of dried meat or smoked fish and cheeses for a mid-day picnic in one of Bariloche's well
  • Roque Sáenz Peña Shopping
    Q'om artisans have a small shop at the Casa de la Cultura where they sell their creations made of wood, ceramic and other materials (Monday-Saturday 8 a.m.-noon, 4-8:30 p.m. San Martín / 12 and 9 de Julio / 9). The Mercado Artesanal (irregular hours. San Martín /12 and Sarmiento /
  • Shopping In Rosario
    Even though it is a modern, commercial city, Rosarino businesses typically close at midday (roughly noon-4 p.m.) and few open on Sunday. Rosario has two large malls with all manner of shops, food courts and even museums: Alto Rosario Shopping (Parque Scalabrini Ortiz, Junín 385) and Portal Rosa
  • Ushuaia Shopping
    Stores have extended hours during the summer high season, and often run sales during the low season. Because Ushuaia is a tax-free zone, prices are lower on many items. There are souvenir shops all along San Martín, displaying all manner of keepsakes to help you recall your visit to the end of the
  • World's End
    Of all the souvenir shops along San Martín, World's End stands heads and shoulders above the rest. This store has high-quality t-shirts, fleeces and other clothing with designs reflecting the beauty of Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. It also has a nice selec
  • Boutique del Libro Travel Bookstore
    Boutique del Libro Travel Bookstore has an extensive selection of books about Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. Anything you might want to know about these lands, their natural or human history, the indigenous cultures, works by regional writers, can be found h
  • Shopping
    There is plenty of shopping to be done in this beach town. Whether you're looking for high-end leather goods, hand-made mate gourds, or canned fish to take home as a souvenir, you will find it in Mar del Plata. From the hundreds of shops on the bustling pedestrian mall of Peatonal San Martin to
  • Outdoor Gear Rental and Sales
    Compañía de Guías de Patagonia rents all camping equipment, as well as hiking and climbing gear and sells trekking maps (Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - noon. San Martín 628, Tel.: 43-7753, URL:
  • Gualeguaychú Shopping
    Gualeguaychú is a major center for the making of mates, the gourds from which yerba mate is drunk. The creative process may be seen at El Patio del Mate, which also engraves the vessels free of charge. It has a broad selection of vessels to choose from (Méndez 284, Tel: 42-43
  • Colón Shopping
    Many artisan and souvenir shops are on 12 de Abril, though prices are aimed at tourists. To buy crafts direct from the creators (and at a much cheaper price), head to the community collective, Centro de Artesanos La Casona (daily 9 a.m.-noon, 5:30-8:30 p.m. 12 de Abril 106, Tel: 42-5097, E-mail: <
  • The Ferias
    The entire length of the riverfront bustles with fairs on weekends and holidays. Old books, antiques, clothing and artisan works are some of the specialties of each feria. So get on your walking shoes and go shopping.

    Feria de Libros y Pa
  • Colonia Pellegrini Shopping
    An important recent addition to the local economy is artesanía, especially wood carving and basketry. At Barrio Local, Doña Loli weaves small baskets and her husband carves capybara figurines (Yacaré and Timbó). El Boyera is a shop that carries local baskets and carvings, plus regional w
  • Paraná Shopping
    Paraná is a big crafts center, especially for ceramics, naturally dyed cotton and wool weavings, wood and horn carvings, and leatherwork (especially fish skin and capybara). Good selections are at the Casa de la Cultura's Centro de Artesanos Paraná (daily 9 a.m.-1 p.m., 4-8 p.m.
  • Post Office
    The town post office is located on the corner of Avenidas Fontana and Alvear.
  • Public Phone and Internet
    Internet cafés and Locutorios (paid phone booths) are sprinkled throughout town. The main avenues of Alvear and 25 de Mayo have multiple broadband connections. One of the more popular establishments is the multi-level Cyber Club (Avenida Alvear 961)