Panama Tours

Panama tours extend well beyond the typical Panama Canal tour packages. Nowadays birdwatching, hiking, mountain climbing, city tours, visiting indigenous villages, and of course beach bumming are in the catalogs of Panamanian tour operators. Below are listed some reliable providers.

  • Snorkeling and Diving Islas Bocas
    Overview The best way to get out to the dive and snorkeling sites quickly and efficiently is by tour. The standard trip is offered by almost all tour operators and is great for both divers and snorkelers. It heads to Dolphin Bay for some dolphin spotting, then to Coral Cay, where
  • Isla Perro
    Overview This medium-sized island, with a nice fish-filled reef and wreck to explore, is a great spot for snorkeling. The boat will drop you on a beach near the single hut home of the nomadic Molas sellers, and although it is easy to swim around the whole island the best part of th
  • Coco Blanco
    Overview This is one of the more developed of the smaller islands, but it has its charm. Split in half by a friendly divide, one side is occupied by a group numbering around 30 who live in a couple of huts and the other by a nice cabin hostel with a friendly owner. Swimming can be
  • Isla de Hierba
    Overview This relatively long and narrow island is permanently occupied by one group of people and offers a forest of palm trees with a perfect beach. Snorkeling is okay on the hut side of the island, but the best activity is to pick up a couple of coconuts and play boule through t
  • El Pelicano
    If anywhere was an island paradise this is it. A tiny, perfectly circular sand island just 40 meters in diameter with a few spread out trees occupying its centre, you can walk around it in about three minutes. Three women and a family live in the only hut on the island, but apart from chatting to t