Nicaragua Spanish Schools

Studying Spanish in Nicaragua involves more than just a few hours of verb conjugation and vocabulary every day. Total immersion is standard; most Spanish schools around the country offer homestays, trips around town and lessons in Nicaragua’s culture and history, in addition to daily language classes. In general, Spanish schools in Nicaragua are cheap, especially when homestays are included in the price. This may be because Nicaragua receives fewer tourists than nearby Guatemala or Costa Rica. Fewer tourists also means travelers have more opportunities to speak Spanish without the chance to fall back on English. As a dialect, Nicaraguan Spanish is very fluid and locals tend to drop the final “s” in words. This is especially true in more rural areas, which can make understanding locals more difficult at first. However, Nicaraguan Spanish is commonly understood by other Spanish speakers around the world. If you’re looking to learn Spanish in a relaxed, friendly and secure country near beaches untouched by commercialism, then Nicaragua may be the perfect place for you.

  • Diving
    Many people come to Little Corn to get their Open Water certification ($305). It's hard to think of a more pleasant environment to do this. The waters around also have a spectacular array of fish life. You'll almost certainly see nurse sharks and barracudas, and Caribbean reef sharks and eagle rays
  • Spanish Ya
    Teachers in Spanish Ya classes help you learn Spanish in an enjoyable and effective way, while you immerse yourself in an exciting new culture. San Juan del Sur is the ideal spot in Nicaragua to study Spanish. It offers a wide variety of activities and adventure excursions to choose from daily, and
  • Spanish School House Rosa Silva
    Just west of the Municipal Market is the small, yellow schoolhouse that house Rosa Silva's Spanish School. All lessons are one-on-one with experienced teachers who are native Spanish speakers. Each week consists of 20 hours of lessons and costs from $110-$120, depending on the length of your commitm
  • APC Spanish Schools
    Located in a charming building on Parque Central, APC offers a no-frills 20-hour Spanish course for just $100. You don't get excursions or special services, and you work with photocopies rather than textbooks, but as far as we can tell this is the cheapest week-long Spanish course available. Classe
  • Spanish Ya-2008
    Spanish Ya offers year-round programs in a San Juan Del Sur schoolhouse. The program features experienced native teachers and wireless Internet access, class materials, and even airport pick-up and transportation services are all included in the price. The Spanish Ya courses also include beach trip
  • Carolina
    Not a school, but rather a private Spanish teacher who has received excellent reviews from former students. Her lessons don't include textbooks or any of the frills that come with the bigger schools. However, at 60 C per hour, private lessons with Carolina are well under half of what you'd pay elsew
  • Granada Spanish Lingua
    Offering small classes, homestays, cultural activities and volunteer opportunities this school can do most of your trip planning for you. We were intrigued by their offer of a free bicycle and personal cell phone for all students. They also offer airport pickup.
  • La Isla Foundation
    La Isla Foundation is an organization that works to find a cause of the Chronic Kidney Disease epidemic among sugarcane workers in Nicaragua. As part of its fundraising efforts, La Isla runs a language school with classes in Spanish and English. The classes are flexible and with certified teachers.
  • School Xpress
    Although the name hardly suggests professionalism, School Xpress offers an interesting and challenging curriculum for students including an option of vocation-based activities (if you're interested in medicine, you can visit a local hospital). The price for 20 hours of private classes is the standar
  • Nicaragua Mia Spanish School
    Nicaragua Mia offers a fairly standard program. Twenty hours of classes, including excursions, will cost you $150. The school also offers typical Nicaraguan cooking classes. The school is run as a women's cooperative and offers volunteer opportunities as well. Discounts are offered to students who v
  • Latin American Spanish School
    This Spanish school is extremely organized, with several course levels, volunteer opportunities and a wide variety of cultural activities and excursions. Classes, which are one-on-one with native speakers, cater to individual needs and the school offers specialized classes for medical Spanish, Spani
  • Academia Europea
    The León branch (505-2-311-1813/ 505-8-988-4482, of Academia Europea offers both private and group classes in Spanish. Private classes start at $18 per hour ($540 for 30 hours), while group classes start at $20 per hour ($600 for 30 hours). The group classes are held at th
  • Spanish School Matagalpa
    We are a school created with the objective of offering dynamic courses and alternatives for learning Spanish as a second language quickly and efficiently. In line with our motto, â??Learn, Know, and Feel Our Language and Our Culture,â? you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a warm an
  • Coco Surf School
    Coco Surf School (505-8-958-7443, opened in April 2009 along the beach in Las Peñitas. At the thatched cabana you can rent surfboards ($10 per day or $3 per hour) or take classes from the laidback owners Rafae and Carlos. There are already plans in the works to add a bar a
  • One on One Tutoring
    One on One Tutoring in downtown Granada teaches all individual classes. The school opens from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, including weekends and holidays, and class times are flexible. Students get a different instructor every hour, and each instructor has a different specialty - a student enrolled
  • Hijos del Maiz
    Hijos del Maíz, like most Nicaraguan Spanish schools, teaches through total immersion. However, unlike most other schools, Hijos del Maíze is a community project in the rural town of El Lagartillo in northeast Nicaragua. Classes are taught by educated local peasant farmers, and class times and loc
  • Proyecto Ecológico
    Proyecto Ecológico is part of the Biological Station on the shore of the crater lake Laguna de Apoyo. Students learn Spanish through total immersion - four and a half hours a day of individual or small group Spanish lessons for five days each week. Students live in the same building where classes a
  • Viva Spanish School
    Viva Spanish is located in the heart of the capitol, Managua. Just a few blocks behind Metrocentro Shopping Mall, Viva Spanish offers six levels of Spanish language classes.
  • Ave Nicaragüita Spanish School
    Ave Nicaragüita is a comprehensive Spanish school with a wide range of locations and programs. The main campus is in Granada and offers a typical, if intense, immersion program with language and culture classes, local tours and a homestay. The school also offers classes by the hour without a home
  • Casa Nica Spanish School
    Casa Nica Spanish School is owned and operated by a group of professional instructors with more than 13 years of experience teaching Spanish as Second Language! We offer Classes for all levels and ages! The dynamic staff make learning a fun and memorable experience! We combine a professional envi
  • Viva Spanish School
    Viva Spanish School is a standard Spanish school in Nicaragua's capital, with two- or four-hour classes Monday through Friday. A special curriculum is available for children, and the school also can arrange in-home or in-office classes. The school arranges homestays or has a house where students can