Nicaragua Services

  • Tienda Cowboy
    Your one-stop shop for western apparel in Juigalpa, Tienda Cowboy has a large array of cowboy boots, hats, belt buckles, and shirts, all perfect for working on the ranch -- or showing off to your friends when you get home. Tienda cowboy even sells soy products and assorted spices; reportedly, there
  • Plaza Inter
    Most travelers have experienced that moment where they open their suitcase and discover a critical item that's been left behind. If this happens to you, a good place to go is the Plaza Inter mall, located right in front of the pyramid-shaped Crowne Plaza. The mall has a range of clothing stores, a r
  • Talabarteria Santana Los Chavarria
    On a nondescript street on the north side of town is the humble workshop of a local family that has been hand-crafting saddles for generations. These intricately decorated leather pieces can take up to three days to make. At around75 USDa pop, these babies aren't cheap, but most backpackers don't pl
  • Ceramica Negra
    While the exterior of this tiny shop is easy to miss, Dona Ernestina's pottery, ranging from tiny teapots to foot-tall Virgin Mary figures, is definitely worth examining. Using a technique developed by indigenous peoples of the region, Ernestina continues a century and a half-old family tradition. I
  • Doctors in Nicaragua
    Modern medical services are located mainly in Nicaragua's capital city of Managua. Most doctors speak only Spanish and expect cash payment upfront for checkups, hospital stays and other procedures. Adequate medical services and English speaking doctors are more difficult to come by the further you v
  • Pharmacies in Nicaragua
    You'll find, in the urban areas of Nicaragua, numerous pharmacies selling cheap generic drugs imported from Mexico or El Salvador. Most of the same over-the-counter drugs as in the United States, as well as those that require a prescription, are available cheaply and without a doctor's note in Nicar
  • Hospitals in Nicaragua
    Most modern hospitals in Nicaragua are located in Managua. Further away from the city more medical care becomes limited. Few medical professionals speak English and the majority of both hospitals and doctors require payment up front (usually only in cash). Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pel
  • Medical
    Hospital Azuncion can be found on the main highway, across the street from La Quinta Hotel and Discoteca. More conveniently located (two blocks west of the park) and perhaps better suited for travelers is Lab Lafayette and Salazar, a private clinic (812-0932). There are many pharmacies around town,
  • Hospitals and clinics
    Boaco is home to a newly built hospital with modern facilities. Regional Hospital Padre Jose Nieboroski is located on the north edge of town and is best reached via taxi. For non-emergency situations, there is a free health center located across the street from the western edge of the park, as well
  • Communications
    There are many internet cafés in Granada, especially around the Parque Central, charging from $0.50 to $1 US an hour. Some cafés have booths and headsets where you can use the internet to make phone calls. You can also make phone calls at a pulperia; look for the word â??llamadasâ?
  • Medical
    For minor ailments go to the Profamilia clinic near the bus station. For middle-of-the night emergencies head to the hospital on located on the far side of the cemetery. Farmacia Millenio can be found across the street from the central park on the north side.
  • Safety
    Ometepe's generally a safe island as far as crime is concerned. The main thing to remember in terms of safety is not to attempt to climb either volcano by yourself - several tourists have died because they didn't think they needed a guide. There are also a few species of poisonous snakes, as well as
  • Post Office
    The post office changes location frequently as it is not always able to meet its rent, but it can be contacted at 713-2609. For other shipping needs, there is a DHL located seven blocks south of the central park, though expect to pay top dollar.
  • Hotel E And V Matagalpa
    Este hotel empezando por sus propietarios y empleados, son anti eticos, brindan la informaciòn de sus huespedes a quien sea que llegue, les toman foto sin el debido permiso, simplemente deben de respetar la privacidad de las personas que llegamos ahi, son merecedores de una demanda, por favor no
  • Hotel E And V
    Es el peor hotel de matagalpa, es anti etico y no respetan la privacidad de sus clientes, no cuidan a sus clienten y los somenten a conflictos.
  • Medical
    Providing many of your service needs, including medicine, what is considered the best bread in the city and information about agro-tours, hit up the Farmacia Castillon open from 8:00 am to 10 pm, located a block and a half north of the cathedral (782-224). Dr. Jose Miguel Altamirano can be seen at C
  • Clinic
    There is a Profamilia clinic four blocks south of the central park, on the left side. Dr. Alberto Valle works at the free clinic located in front of Banpro (two and a half blocks north of the ministry of education, on the left side) and can be reached at 632-1698.
  • Shopping in San Juan del Sur
    San Juan del Sur is an excellent place to get souvenir or clothes shopping done, as there are several stores, most are organized and accept credit cards. However, it is also a tad more expensive than many other places in Nicaragua. Stores generally are open from 9a.m.- 9p.m. Strolling around town, y
  • Shopping Summary
    Esteli offers more shopping opportunities than any other town in the northern highlands. Items crafted in outlying communities can all be found at several well-stocked shops around town. These include Artesenias La Esquina and the slightly more expensive Artesenia Sorpresa, formerly known as Artesen
  • Artesanias Cardoza
    Artensanias Cardoza will take care of all your mass-produced souvenir needs: cigars for the uncle you never see (1 USD), t-shirts for frenemies (2.75 USD) and CD's of traditional Nicaraguan music for coworkers (12.50 USD).
  • Groceries
    Food and toiletries are available at the Supermercado La Matagalpa. The large Pali supermarket, located two and a half blocks north of Parque Morazan is slightly nicer. Produce, however, is better bought on the street, at the market by the bus stations, or at the smaller Mercado Campesino where you
  • Groceries etc.
    Groceries and toiletries can be bought at Supermercado San Antonio, one block southwest of the park. Fresh produce, however, is better bought on the street. For minor camera repairs, batteries, film, and photo development, head to the Kodak Express, on the north corner of the park. Digital photos ca
  • Shopping in Nicaragua
    Archeologists have named Nicaragua's earliest inhabitants Los Concheros, or “the Shell Collectors;” the country is still attracting collectors, of one type or another, to this day. A wide range of interesting goods are available for purchase across Nicaragua, from artesanía (handicrafts)
  • Big Corn Island Shopping Summary
    Most of the shopping on the island exists between the North End, near Anastasia's and Brig Bay, at the southern-most tip of the airfield. Stores hold a variety of products, including souvenirs, carvings, postcards, bags, groceries, hardware, cosmetics, baked goods
  • Hospital and Clinic
    Hospital Regional San Juan de Dios, located south of the city, is not terribly pleasant and should only be visited in dire emergencies (713-6300.)For major health problems it is best to relocate to Managua as soon as possible. For minor ailments, visit the clean, well-equipped Pro-Familia, located b
  • Medical
    For middle-of-the-night emergencies, go to Hospital Regional Cesar Amador Molina located at the northern edge of town between the highways to Jinotega and San Ramon (772-2059). Otherwise it's better to go to a private clinic like Clinica Santa Fe, three blocks east and one block north of Parque Rube
  • Medical
    There are three English-speaking doctors in Granada: Dr. Martinez-Blanco, a GP at the Piedra Boconas Clinic (on Parque Sandino across from the Taxi Cooperative), and Dr. Iglesias, whose office is at 10a Calle Atravesada (one and a half blocks north of Karawala Cinema). Dr. Iglesias is more of
  • Services in Sábalos
    There is a police station, and a small hospital up the hill along the main road, as well as a pharmacy. You can make phone calls from several of the shops, including the pulpería beneath Hotel Kateana, which will also change dollars and Costa Rican colones. There are no other services in town.
  • Services in El Castillo
    Intur is in a little wooden hut opposite the pier. It is the place to go not only for information but also to organize tours to nearby Refugio Bartola and other tours. Open Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. (except when the girl staffing it is at English class). Tel: (505) 8902
  • Internet and phone
    Cyber Copy-Comp is located a block west of the park and charges .50 cents for an hour for internet. Half a block west of that is a Llamadas Heladas phone cabin franchise.
  • Internet and International Calls
    International calls can be made at Llamadas Heladas which cost 10 cents a minute to the United States. There are a handful of internet cafes in town. Of the two on the map, Net Café seems to have the faster connection.
  • Internet
    Across the street from the DHLis Internet Conectate and four blocks east of that is Cybernica. Internet cafes, almost all of which also offer international calls, are easily found around town.
  • Western Union
    There is a Western Union located one block north of the Santiago Apostol church.
  • Internet and International Calls
    Matt's Cyber is located on Avenida Jose Dolorese Estrada (Avenida Del Comercio). Cafe Latino, across the street from Parque Ruben Dario, has free WiFi and allows free access to their desktop comuputer for 30 minutes. Internet cafes are found all over town, however, and most of these also offer inter
  • Internet and International Calls
    Somoto has lots of places to use the internet and make international calls, but Café Internet has WiFi and there's a Fono Center located next to Hotel Colonial.
  • Cyber “Escorpion”
    Cyber â??Escorpionâ? is a convenient spot along Calle 27 de Mayo to access the internet, make photocopies, call internationally or locally, and play computer games. National calls start at 5 cordobas (USD $0.25) per minute, which is a little pricer than at other locations you might find off the
  • Ticabus
  • Transnica
  • Iskra Travel
    Iskra Travel is one of the most reliable tourist transportation companies in Nicaragua, and among most competitive. We offer a door-to-door service to and from Managua International Airport to San Juan del Sur and to many of Nicaragua's most popular tourist destinations such as Masaya, Granada, Leó
  • Post Office, Internet and International Calls
    The post office is located around the corner from the church. At 60 cents for an hour of internet, Universo Cyber is a good deal. There you can also purchase various electronics including iPod shuffles and USB sticks. A slightly cheaper internet option is Cyber Suquiera, which charges 50 cents an ho
  • Internet and phone calls
    Phone calls and internet can both be found at Cyber Olama, conveniently located across the street from the west edge of the central park (one hour of extremely slow internet costs .75 cents). In the same area is Cyber Space Café, which charges .60 cents an hour for internet, and 1.25 USD a minute f
  • Banks
    The only two banks in Boaco are located one and a half blocks away from one another, both along the route from the bus terminal to the Central Park. Banpro has an ATM.
  • Banks
    Money can be exchanged at either Banpro (which also has an ATM) or BDF, located across the street from one another on the south corner of the central park.
  • Lavexpress
    Laundry services.
  • Laundry
    Laundry services can be arranged through most hotels.
  • Laundry
    There are no laundry services in Jinotega, but as is the case in many towns in the area, washing can possibly be arranged through your hotel. If that doesn't work, grab a bar of soap and get ready to do some scrubbing.
  • Laundry
    There are no official laundry services in town. See if your hotel can arrange washing.
  • Ray Lun
    The only place to get your clothes machine washed is at Ray Lun, located in a convenience store between the Toyota dealership and club Axsis on the Pan-American Highway. One load costs between 5 and 6 USD, depending on how big it is.
  • Laundry
    There are no laundromats in either Juigalpa, but you might be able to arrange some washing at your hotel. Otherwise sink washing is your only option.
  • Laundry
    There is no place to have your laundry done in Boaco, so be prepared to wash your unmentionables in a hotel sink.
  • Banks
    BDF is the only bank in town and fortunately it recently installed an ATM. Money can also be exchanged there. Western Union is located four blocks south of the central park.
  • Banks
    Banpro, BAC and Bancentro all have ATM machines, can exchange currency and are located in the same area north of the central park.
  • Western Union
    Western Union is one block south of the Supermercado Las Segovias.
  • Banks
    All the banks cluster around Parque Morazan. Although you can exchange money at Citibank, it does not have an ATM, so you're better off going to BAC.
  • Banks
    BDF, BAC and Banpro are all located at the intersection known as esquina de los bancos. All have ATM machines and can exchange currency.