Nicaragua Restaurants

  • El Garabato Cafe y Antojitos
    Traditional enough to have waitresses in Nicaraguan garb and local art displayed around the walls (but skirting around this side of camp), El Garabato (Mains: C$90 to C$240) is the chic place to grab a dish of local cuisine. The café is vegetarian friendly, but with a menu of seafood, beef, chicken
  • El Sopon
    The loud music blasting from El Sopon might make you think you've come upon an electronics store (once you've been in Nicaragua a few days you'll understand this reference) but instead it's a restaurant specializing in soups which change daily. Local talent get to showcase their keyboard skil
  • Panaderia Musmanni
    Stroll through the Parque Dario then stop in here for fresh-baked breads and pastries. This humble looking bakery smells like heaven, so ask for something that just came out of the oven. Also on offer are strudels, cream filled confections and other goodies. Grab a loaf before heading to the hills f
  • Café Barista
    In this coffee growing region, how can Matagalpa not have at least one gourmet Java spot? Winner of the World Barista Championship 2009 (whatever that is) with a trophy to show for it, Café Barista provides a cute environment where tourists missing their Starbucks fix can feel at home. The menu inc
  • La Casona Coffee Shop
    Gourmet coffee is the specialty at La Casona Coffee Shop and the java options include cappuccinos, frappuccinos, cafés con kalúa and café espresso with conac. Behind swinging doors, the restaurant has an open and surprisingly Western-style space, complete with WiFi (customers can ask for the acce
  • Café Latino
    Kind of like Dunkin' Donuts ut more upscale, this café is the only place in the city (and possibly all of Nicaragua) that uses styrofoam to-go cups instead of plastic baggies. Plus it's right across the street from Parque Rubin Dario. The mente y chocolate i
  • El Portón
    San Marcos has a number of small comedors, serving the hungry Ave Maria student population. One of the most popular is the tiny El Portón, just outside the main gate of the college. At El Portón, the daily specials include spaghetti primavera and baked chicken and a full plate costs between
  • Bar and Restaurant Sagitario
    Bar and Restaurant Sagitario is one of the numerous student dives around San Marcos. The front area features a low, sloping roof and green walls. Walk through to the back and you'll find “Patio Sagitario,” a bamboo lined space lit strangely with mini-traffic lights and a tiny disco ball. S
  • Picoteo Café and Pub
    Despite being located on Matagalpa's crowded main strip between the two parks, Picoteo is easy to spot --just look for the bright sign with colorful parrots. Offering up breakfast, tacos, salads, fajitas and sandwiches, as well as cold beers, this atmospheric joint is a great place to unwind in the
  • El Buen Sabor
    It is easy to be seduced by the aromas wafting from this small cafeteria-style restaurant, located across the street from Parque Morazan. Offering tasty renditions of simple favorites, like mashed potatoes, paella, spaghetti, roasted chicken, and of course black beans and rice, pick and choos
  • Comida's Sara
    (Mains: C$60 to C$70, USD $3 to $3.50) Spot Comida's Sara from the street (bare bulbs, unpainted front, plastic furniture along the sidewalk, neon yellow posters) and you might be tempted to keep on walking. Yet, all the Barrio Martha Quezada residents know the secret - Comida's Sara serves some of
  • Restaurant Girasoles
    (Mains: $6 to $12) Restaurant Girasoles, part of Hotel Mansion Teodolinda, is a good stop in Barrio Bolonia for a upscale lunch or early dinner (the restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.). The menu ranges over the usual fare of pork, chicken, fish, shrimp and pasta; if you call ahead, Girasoles
  • Casa de Cafe
    (Mains: USD$0.50 to $5.90) Casa de Cafe gives off a familiar vibe, as though you've stumbled into the Starbucks of Managua. The Nicaraguan coffehouse offers all of the drink varieties you would expect, as well as a tasty selection of pastries. There are also breakfast and lunch options such as crois
  • Cafe Mirna
    Cafe Mirna, located just a block and a half away from the Tica Bus station, is a little gem with all the charm of a neighborhood diner. Mirna serves cheap and tasty breakfasts and buffets, which makes the establishment a local favorite in Barrio Martha Quezada -- you might find yourself falling in l
  • El Jardin de Orion
    On the terraces of the oldest house in Granada, this restaurant serves up great cuisine in a lush, natural environment. They offer great French food, original cocktails and an extensive wine list. This is an excellent place to share the day's happenings or reminisce on the past. A bit nostalgic, but
  • Don Chaco's
    Travelers who haven't seen fresh fruits and veggies in a while will be thrilled to come across Don Chaco, a great little café that offers soy options, and excellent fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. It may sound a little wacky but La Bomba, a terrific colon cleanser that blends broccoli, sp
  • Restaurante Lakun Payaska
    (Mains: C120-280, $6-14) For beer and a bite to eat at a place that has a view of Lago Nicaragua, Restaurant Lakun Payaska at Puerto Salvador Allende is one of your best bets. The restaurant is clean and reasonably priced, with a covered patio overlooking the water. If you don't want to eat outside,
  • Bar y Restaurant El Muellecito
    All along the Malecon, you'll find a series of ramshackle bars and eateries, all serving local food and drinks. The loudest and largest of all of the lake side establishments is Bar y Restaurant El Muellecito, a brightly colored building where will waiters fight to get you to sit in their sections d
  • Cafeto
    This clean, bright coffee shop is unique in Matagalpa for its variety of hot and cold sandwiches. Also on the menu are hot dogs, salads and fancy coffee drinks. Although it's kind of pricey, those extra Cordobas pay for the novelty of eating your food between two slices of bread. Cafeto also boasts
  • Pique's Restaurante Antojitos Mexicano
    This upscale Mexican joint serves up all the usual favorites, including guacamole, tacos, chicken in mole sauce and beef with jalapeno. When it comes to beef, patrons have their choice of national meat (5.50 USD), or better quality beef for export (8 USD). Smaller dishes hit the spot and are more af
  • Café Pastelaria Villa La Cruz
    Located across the street from Hotel Kiuras, this adorable brand new café offers up coffee, pastries, and a variety of savory snacks. With a clean white interior and dainty pastel colored cakes, Villa La Cruz is the perfect place for afternoon tea time. A piece of chocolate cake goes for roughly 30
  • Roca Rancho
    This restaurant-bar maintains a tropical vibe despite the fact that it's located among misty mountains. The circular layout centers around a bar decorated with funky knick-knacks including maracas and figurines in sombreros. Roca Rancho is a little tricky to find, as it's on an unpaved road adjacent
  • Buffet Soda El Tico
    Big, clean and casual, Soda El Tico features wooden furniture, local artwork and even a little jungle-gym out back. Outdoor seating is available and patrons can choose between a cafeteria style buffet or entrees from the menu. A buffet meal, consisting of typical Nicaraguan fare, averages around 3.7
  • La Colmena
    With wood paneling, turquoise tablecloths and Chinese lanterns, this eatery is one of the most upscale places in town to grab a bite. Waiters don black and white uniforms and entrees average at 7 USD. Penny pinchers who like a nice atmosphere can go for the sandwiches which average around 2.50 USD.
  • Don Chu
    Located three blocks south of the central park, this spacious restaurant is one of Somoto's fancier haunts. The menu features steak, pork and chicken dishes for around 7 USD and most dishes have half portion options for around 4.50 USD. Try the pollo vino; it's reportedly off the hook.
  • La Yunta
    For good eats and live music, head to La Yunta, located one block west and three south of the park. Thursdays, live bands perform from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. A wooden stage sits in the middle of an open courtyard, giving this restaurant a breezy feel. The music is eclectic and while some patrons may
  • Restaurante Borbon
    Restaurante Borbon is easily the swankiest restaurant in Jinotega. Impress your date with a well-picked wine off the extensive list, and the classy on-site Hotel Café may prove convenient. Breakfast is included if you do happen to spend the night, but otherwise expect to shell out around 5 USD. Chi
  • Yusvar
    British-owned Yusvar is a new addition to Esteli's gringo scene.This tiny, cute nook has a concise (English) menu of healthy smoothies, from lighter water-based ones to hearty yogurt drinks. Backpackers might appreciate the Anti-Parasite smoothie, which blends apple, carrot, ginger and orange juice.
  • Pullaso's Ole
    Esteli's top steakhouse is Pullaso's Ole, which boasts pleasant outdoor seating as well as a colorfully decorating interior dining area. Patrons can choose from a plethora of meaty platters including steak (6 USD). Those watching their wallet or waistline can opt for half portions.An ample wine coll
  • Comedor Pinareno
    The Cuban-born owner of this pleasant eatery offers Nicaraguans a taste of his homeland. The menu features classic Cuban sandwiches (2.75 USD), meaty entrees like Ropa Vieja (4.75 USD) and many desserts --including three types of flan (1 USD)! Top off your visit to the nearby museums and artisan sho
  • Licuados Ananda
    Known to locals as the Yoga Center, this restaurant is an offshoot of the adjacent Casa de Cultura where you can buy paintings by local artists or sign up for yoga, tae kwon do or dance classes. A relief for vegetarians, Licuados Ananda serves up mean soy tacos and burgers, as well as fruit juices,
  • La Vita e Bella
    Hidden on a tiny street in the north part of the city, this funky feminist eatery is worth going out of your way for. A large portrait of Che greets you in the entrance, and the kitchen door is plastered with lefty bumper stickers and fliers campaigning for women's reproductive rights. Whethe
  • Mocha Nana
    Along with Café Luz, Mocha Nana is another gringo favorite. Come for the capeccinos (1 USD), or even Irish coffee (2.75 USD), or pick from many of the veggie options on the light menu. Homemade bagels with cream cheese go for1.50 USDand vegetarian soup of the day goes for 3 USD. Backpackers will al
  • Café Reposteria Mamilou
    Mamilou's owner, a French speaking Swiss national has recently opened this adorable, European style café. Although the entrance is off the main street, it is set far back enough to garner a secluded, oasis-like air. The menu features different types of coffee and cute pastries, and the sitting are
  • Vuela Vuela
    Attached to Hotel Los Arcos, this swanky restaurant offers up mainly Spanish, but also typical Nicaraguan cuisine. This includes steak (8-11.50 USD), chicken (6 USD), seafood (7.50-10 USD) and several types of paella (10.50-14 USD). There is also a wine list and an assortment of cocktails available
  • Casa Vecchia
    With mellow lighting, crisp tablecloths and real stemware, Casa Vecchia provides an elegant atmosphere for romantic dinners or special celebrations. Reportedly better than its competitor, Restaurante Casa Italia, Casa Vecchia's menu offers all the usual suspects. This includes a variety of pastas (4
  • Gran Via
    The only restaurant in town where you can drink Mexican beer and listen to mariachi music while chowing down on chop suey, Gran Via is a surprising evening hotspot. Vegetarian fried rice, lomein and chop suey all cost about 4.50 USD, while kung pow chicken, beef with broccoli and other entrees are a
  • Garden Café
    Set around a delightful garden, this open air restaurant offers a wide range of tasty sandwiches and salads. Perfect for breakfast or a light lunch, the restaurant also features fresh juices, a book exchange, and complimentary wifi. Strongly recommended. Open from 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. daily. Prices are b
  • El Grillito
    (Mains: $2.02 to $7.10; beer starting at $0.69; cigarettes $ 2.02; bottle of tequila $25.50) Bar y Restaurante “El Grillito” is the perfect place to get a beer and fried food, as long as you don't mind tables that are a bit sticky and grimy. Despite the gaudily painted mural outside, â€
  • Chaman
    One of the eye-catching features of the plain, just beyond Lake Tiscapa, is a small Mayan temple. Forget ancient gods, the pyramid was built recently as a temple to salsa, merengue, rock and techno. Since January 2009, the temple has housed the nightclub Chaman. The club (open Wednesday through Satu
  • El Caramanchel
    El Caramanchel is Nicaraguan for a shack, but this bar has adopted the word with a sly wink. The location, in Managua's historic downtown, was formerly home to the popular clubs Café Amatl and Jarro. It most housed a heavy metal music bar called Chango. The new owners have tried to revive the mi
  • Fussion Chill-Out Bar Concert & Gallery
    Very few bars can boast that their drink servers are also Nica art-world royalty. Fussion Chill-Out Bar Concert & Gallery is Atahuallpa and Dirhiangém Mejia's latest entrepreneurial and artistic endeavour. The duo are second generation members of one of Nicaragua's most legendary musical family. Fu
  • La Casa de Queso
    7/24 Casa de Queso is the only establishment open round the clock in Juigalpa, and as the name might suggest, it sells a variety of cheeses. If you're hankering for a late night bite, this is the place to get it, but during the day there are plenty of tastier and cheaper options to choose from. The
  • Marikimber
    If you're tired of gallo pinto and have a hankering for some pizza, head to Marikimber, where your pie comes with a side of English chit chat with the Pennsylvania-born owner, Shad, an ex-cop. This hangout, only one year old, is popular with locals and peace-corps volunteers alike. It is one block n
  • Los Chatos
    Comida tipica Nicaraguense, en un ambiente acojedor, para gente elegante y de buen gusto, la comida especialmente preparada por su propietaria. Ideal para disfrutar de los deportes apeticion del publico.
  • La Cazuelita
    While the food at La Cazuelita is standard and more expensive than other establishments in the city, there are two main reasons to eat here: the air conditioning, and the English menu, perhaps the only one you'll find in Juigalpa. There are several salads on offer, but vegetarians should not
  • Bar Y Restaurante Pescamar
    Even if you miss the sign with an image of a big fish, as soon as you set foot in Pescamar your nose will tell you're in a serious seafood restaurant. With its unassuming tile walls and cool, dim interior, it might be surprising that Pescamar is a high end eatery. At 10 bucks, lobster is the most ex
  • La Casona
    Average restaurant by day, live music venue by night. On Thursdays when the sun goes down the locals come out. Some might get a little rowdy, but good cheer is in the air. When the band starts a familiar song no one's shy about singing along or getting up to dance. There are occasional beer specials
  • Dank!
    DANK! American Food at it´s finest. We have all sorts of burgers, sandwiches, breakfast, coffee, juices.... just about everything you would find in American dinner & more. We cut no corners and our name says it all, the food is DANK! Open from 7am to 10pm. We also have FREE wireless internet and
  • Buffet Familiar Shalom
    With bright décor, and a clean, airy atmosphere, Buffet Familiar Shalom offers particularly well spiced typical fare at budget prices. A breakfast of gallo pinto, eggs and tortilla goes for roughly 1 USD, while lunch and dinner options like roasted chicken, jalapeno steak and a variety of salads, a
  • La Casita
    Owned by a Scottish expat, La Casita is an urban oasis found about 1 km south of the city along the Pan-American Highway. This café, located amidst lush grounds, a small brook and a farm, is worth the cab fare for those who have time and a desire to laze about in natural surroundings while drinking
  • La Bohemia
    Located right next door to Hotel El Chinandego, La Bohemia is a restaurant/bar open noon to midnight. Its interior is dimly lit, with the only natural light coming in is through tinted windows near the ceiling. The resulting effect is slightly depressing, but La Bohemia is a good spot to go if you h
  • Mana del Cielo
    Another cafeteria-style option in Matagalpa, Mana del Cielo serves up local favorites like yucca, pork chops, sausage, beans and rice. Diners are welcomed by the bright yellow interior, with sunflowers on every table. When your belly is full, hit up the Intur office next door and plan your next excu
  • Vista al Mar
    Although it's better known for cocktails and rum-filled coconuts, this place has far and away the best breakfast on the island. They also offer it until 11 a.m., well after most other places in Little Corn stop serving. Atmosphere is very amicable. Expect to be warmly greeted by Georgette, the delig
  • Lobster Inn
    One of several similar and rather unremarkable restaurants in the village. Lobster Inn offers basic fish, meat and chicken dishes. Chicken in wine sauce was good, but nothing to scream about.
  • Jake the Patty Man
    Jake can be found wandering the island selling his wares just about every day. At 5 cents each, his tiny meat and fruit pies are a fantastic way to fill up for cheap. However, like most treats, they taste best hot. Catch Jake at home between 10:30 and 11 a.m. and you can purchase pies right out of t
  • From Costa Azul to Espigon
    Along Corinto's rocky breakwater are a series of restaurants with excellent views of the water. Restaurant Costa Azul (505-2-342-2888, Mains: C$170 to C$400) and neighboring Restaurant Rancho Peruano (505-2-340-5832, Mains: C$160 to C$360) both have verandas that overlook Corinto's shipping channel
  • Antigua Restaurante
    Set in a colonial style building with a charming inner courtyard, the Antigua Restaurant (previously called Lagos) provides fine dining in the city. This restaurant serves typical Nicaraguan dishes of fish, beef and chicken, along with a wide variety of boquitas (appetizers). Antigua is more expensi
  • Madretierra
    Dark and sexy, this bohemian enclave offers great music, eclectic décor and a cozy atmosphere in which to have a drink or grab dinner. Run by the enterprising Norlan Albuquerque, who happens to be the authority on tourism in Matagalpa, Madretierra is also a great place to get the skinny on things t
  • Mediterraneo
    Just across the street from Lazybones, this Italian restaurant is between a high-end and a mid-range place, and offers excellent value for money. Pizzas and pastas are very highly recommended. Service is prompt and elegant, particularly for the price, making this an excellent place for budget travel
  • Don Pollo #2
    With sparse décor and a limited menu, Don Pollo #2 can fill your belly and satisfy your craving for a big plateful of chicken and some starchy sides. The restaurant offers a variety of portions; customers can choose to get a quarter chicken for 2.25 USD, or can opt for larger shared meals with frie
  • La Terraza M
  • Mercado
    Leon's main market is located behind the cathedral, and is host to a range of food stalls offering everything from hot dishes to pastries at rock-bottom prices. The place doesn't look particularly clean, but its popularity with locals ensures its safe. Viva's reviewer had no problems eating here.
  • Bar Oasis
    Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bar Oasis serves up typical Nicaraguan fare at low prices. Gallo pinto, eggs and plantains will cost around $2 USD. Choose chicken, beef or fish as your protein and pay about .50 cents more. Smaller portions are available for lower prices.
  • CocinArte
    CocinArte is a restaurant specializing in vegetarian and fruit plates and should not be missed by vegetarians visiting León. They serve both national and international cuisine so if you want something a little different for the gallo pinto you've become accustomed to you can can probably find it h
  • Restaurante El Sopazo
    The big, open space at Restaurante El Sopazo becomes a dance floor on Saturday and Sunday nights, when live bands perform. Hot dogs and go nachos for 1 - 1.50 USD while full meals featuring chicken, steak or shrimp cost between 6 and 9.25 USD. Half portions are also available. The bar stocks importe
  • White House Pizza
  • Buffet Comedor Llamarada Del Bosque
    Those hankering for fresh fruits and veggies should make a beeline for Llamarada Del Bosque. This buffet style restaurant has many different salads to choose from, in addition to of course gallo pinto, eggs, chicken and beef. There is both indoor and garden s
  • Cafetin Trebol
    Cafetin Trebol is your classic hole in the wall with plastic tables and insufficient lighting. No frills --just tasty food. The menu includes all the usual suspects: gallo pinto and egg breakfasts, meaty entrees and fried chicken plates. Breakfast averages at 1.50 USD and entrees around 3 USD. For 1
  • La Perrera
    You can find the tavern La Perrera, or The Doghouse, on the road from Matagalpa. At night, help yourself to the buffet and pull up a chair for a film on La Perrera's Cena y Cine (Dinner and a Movie) night. You'll find appetizing options, from the over-sized burger to spit- roasted chicken. Try a chu
  • La Perla
    Attached to the hotel of the same name, the La Perla is an excellent fine dining option. With an atmosphere of extravagance, they offer a wide selection of dishes from pastas to pastries to pork. Entrees generally run around $10-$15. Open 6:30 a.m. - 10 p.m., dress well.
  • Cafe Luz
    Offering up dishes with an international flair such as Thai chicken, hummus, lentil dahl and lasagna, Café Luz is the only restaurant in town that caters specifically to international travelers. The best feature of this café is the owner Janie, a British transplant who's taken a keen interest in d
  • Sweet Oasis
    Although getting service here is like pulling teeth, the food is quite good. Icy cold, fresh-blended juices are extremely refreshing. These drinks are just what the doctor ordered to deal with Little Corn's stifling heat. Burgers are also tasty and relatively cheap. Breakfast is also offered, but th
  • Italian Pizza Lebanese Food
    This is the place to go to satisfy your cravings for hummus and baba ghanouj, though we're not sure that their steep prices are entirely justified. They also serve very expensive pizzas, but these can be had for cheaper all over Leon.
  • Shark Pit
    This restaurant offers a range of styles, from Western to Nicaraguan to Chinese, at cheap prices. Portions are absolutely gigantic, so bring an appetite, or consider sharing a dish between two. Either way it's an excellent value.
  • Benjamin Linder Cafe
    A breezy, streetside cafe that's popular for their all-day breakfast. Food is fairly typical Western-fare, eggs, sandwiches, oatmeal etc. It's also a nice place to stop off for a licuado or a coffee - just sit down and watch the crowds stroll past. Open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Saturda
  • Restaurante Sacuanjoche
    Sacuanjoche is an excellent vegetarian option, specializing in soy-based meals of all stripes. However meat-lovers need not be disappointed, their 85 C pork ribs are a fantastic deal. Food is excellent, and service is friendly and prompt. All credit cards accepted.
  • Malibu

    Malibu is a restaurant and bar which offers your standard meat, rice and salad dishes. The menu might be a bit unimaginative, but the food is excellent and prices are very reasonable considering what you get. It's also a popular drinking establishment.

  • Barra Intel Habana Libre
    One of the best restaurants on the island, and certainly one of the best bargains. For just a couple of dollars more than the village's other restaurants, you get food that is a world apart. Portions are big and hearty. Their rich, homemade sauce is highly recommended as well. This restaurant also o
  • Sunrise Hotel and Restaurant
    (Entrees: $4.00-$17.00) If you're looking for a breath of fresh air, Sunrise Restaurant is the only non-smoking place on the island. There is an indoor seating area as well as an outdoor patio, where you will find a family atmosphere, country music, a friendly staff and a gated parking area. The
  • Hotel Casa Blanca Bar Y Restaurante
    The coolest spot to sit and Eat your food or to drink a one or two beers without any one disturbing you. We offer parking lot you bring your personal transport.
  • Picnic Center: Under the Sun
    (Entrees: $4.00-$20.00) Next to Arena Beach is an inexpensive place to hang out for a beer or grab a bite to eat called Picnic Center. The eatery's large rotunda has a full bar, several tables and an air-conditioner. You'll find straw huts with picnic tables directly on the sand. The huts line t
  • Kabu Payaska
    The most pleasant restaurant in Puerto, Kabu Payaska is set on a ridge just over the beach, with a spacious, breezy terrace. Although the place serves the usual suspects (chicken, porkâ?¦), people come here to enjoy the seafood. The recommended lobster a la plancha ($9) comes sizzling, with an acc
  • Tele Pizza
    On a good day you will be hard pressed to find a better pizza in Central America (if anyone finds one please write in!) The busy, pleasant restaurant (a bit too busy on a Saturday) offers thin and thick crust pizzas with a whole range of toppings, and the medium size is easily big enough for one per
  • Fisher's Cave
    ($3.50-$12.00) Located directly on the dock, Fisher's Cave has quite the view. Sitting on its large deck around midday or sunset, you can watch the hectic scene of boats unloading passengers and cargo while fisherman reel in their prizes for the day. The indoor seating area has a large glass win
  • Charly's Bar and Restaurant
    Charly's Bar and Restaurant is a little place that was opened by a German man in 1995. In addition to traditional Nicaraguan fare, there are several varieties of German sausages and brochettes. The walls are also adorned with German trinkets to satisfy any cravings for something more German than s
  • Tequila Vallarta
    Top Mexican dishes are served up in plentiful portions at this pleasant restaurant, just down from the main square. The atmosphere perks up when there's a good, but the food is great whenever. Big burritos, enchiladas, nachos, spicy sauces (they will burn your mouth out!) and their specialty chocol
  • Fry Fish
    For a bar-like, casual setting, head to Fry Fish, one block north of Queen Lobster. A bamboo hut with red lighting at night, relaxed music and red picnic-style tablecloths, Fry Fish serves exactly what their name suggests. Fried fish, fried shrimp, fish and chips an
  • Queen Lobster
    Situated right on the lagoon, looking over the water, this stylish and eco-friendly lobster joint is not only unique, but offers delicious meals. Entrees include fish and chips, lobster in coconut sauce, and a Rundown, a typical Caribbean dish made with seafood, coc
  • Restaurante la Ola
    Restaurante la Ola is a bizarre cross between an ice cream parlor and a bar. Even stranger, it's also the best place to go for breakfast. It's amazing how few places in Bluefields seem to offer toast and eggs. The place also features jukebox that's stocked with 80's rock. It turns out that food real
  • Restaurant Brisas Mar
    ($1.25-$3.25) This fast-food joint/ ice cream parlor, which can be found In the midst of the hectic north-end of Big Corn Island, is a great place to grab a quick, cheap bite to eat. The Eskimo ice cream shop has cones and cups of classic flavors that range from $.50- $1.50. If you're looking fo
  • Casa Canada
    (Entrees: $5.00-$16.00) On the patio of Casa Canada you can hear the sound of waves crashing above large rocks, while the aromas of both the sea and freshly cooked Caribbean food fill the air. There is also an infinity pool, which has the illusion of overflowing into the ocean, where you can lou
  • Twins Restaurant and Bar
    Twins Restaurant is an excellent option for seafood in Bluefields. Prices are very reasonable, with fish dishes starting from 100 C. The Pescado Ramakay, a fish filet garnished with mussels, is very highly recommended. Service is prompt, and the atmosphere is family friendly. Upstairs is a lively ba
  • Arena Beach
    (Entrees: $4.00-$19.00) For a luxurious, tropical Caribbean experience, head to Arena Beach's restaurant and bar where you can lounge on a beach chair and enjoy the white sand, turquoise water and fresh breezes You can order from the selection of cocktails or sit at one of the shaded picnic tabl
  • Hotel Costa Verde Restaurant
    Soothing sea-green walls, lined with silver-framed paintings of the sea, contribute to the tranquil vibe of Hotel Costa Verde Restaurant. Although the establishment is considered one of El Rama's higher-end restaurants, the prices are very affordable. Prices average
  • Martha's Bar and Restaurant
    (Entrees: $5.00-$10.00) Just south of the Picnic Center, Martha's Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place to have a nice, quiet dinner on the beach. Considering the quality of the entrees and the location, it is certainly one of the best deals in town. The shrimp and lobster dishes can be grille
  • Comido Tipico
    There are several set-piece comido tipico restaurants around Bluefields, but this one is the best. Food is very cheap, tasty, and reasonably fresh. A good place to fill up on a budget.
  • Sweet Dreams Restaurant
    (Entrees: $5.00-$10.00) Sweet Dreams restaurant sits above the hotel of the same name. Both locations are slightly hidden, right where the road bends just north of the dock. The small, pillared deck of the Sweet Dreams establishment overlooks the ocean. The inside of the restaurant is spacious,
  • Hotel Morgan-Bar and Restaurant
    (Entrees: $7.00-$13.00) Hotel Morgan's red-lit, two-story bar and restaurant are hard to miss, particularly since they sit next to bright, tropical pink cabins. The quaint restaurant has a wide variety of seafood dishes, and the lobster is very reasonably priced ($11.00-$13.00). Morgan's is als

  • Imagine Restaurant And Bar
    Local Ingredients prepared with International Flare.

    Everything is Grilled. Nothing Fried. Homegrown Organic. Healthy.

    Large Incredible Drink Selection and International Wines.

    Owner/Chef Operated


    Baked Brie, Artichoke Hearts, Calamari Saute, Chicken Wi
  • Kathy's Waffle Housee
    The best Breakfast & Lunch in Granada.
  • Don Guapote
    Don Guapote is a new bar and restaurant on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Fresh breezes coming off the water and spectacular views of the Isletas, Volcan Mombacho, and on a clear day even Ometepe Island (Volcan Cocibolca) make this a fantastic environment for a great meal and a short escape from the
  • Casa Iguana
    Casa Iguana provides some of the best food on the island, but the delicious meals don't come cheap. Expect to pay $15 for their set-piece meals. For this you get a salad, a main-course and a dessert. Dishes are generally in the Mediterranean-style, but the style varies. Food at Casa Iguana is defini
  • Dona Briggette
    This is an absolute "must do" on Little Corn. It is located next to the dive shop, set back a bit from the sidewalk. Known for her langostina, Briggette accompanies two of these local delicacies with salad, rice, and fried plantain for $7.00. Amazing!
  • El Mexicano
    I just got back from Matagalpa, Nicaragua.. I love the people, the food, and the service. In Particular I was taken by this restaurant which offer me daily good food and great service. I love the owners who went their extra mile to help me with directions and a good happy tummy. I love Nicaraguan f
  • Euro Cafe
    This easy-going little café is situated right next to the Hotel Colonial, on the northeast corner of Granada's Parque Central. You can either sit looking out onto the square or head to the airy courtyard at the back with its fountain and quieter atmosphere. A selection of light breakfasts, salads,
  • El Tercer Ojo
    El Tercer Ojo's darkly bohemian lounge and bar, decorated in Asiatic style, leads out to an attractive patio dining area that seems to be popular in the evening (reservations are welcomed and recommended - there wasn't a spare table available on one unremarkable Monday night in January). You can sta
  • Hospedaje Ruiz
    Although not generally known as a restaurant, Hospedaje Ruiz offers mouthwatering asado at rock-bottom prices. Expect to pay $.55-75 for a generous helping of grilled meat or chicken, served with plátanos, salad, and chopped avocado on request. As far as budget eating opt
  • Cafetín Cuá
    Cafetín Cuá is exactly what you crave when you are away from home. American owned and operated, you can get all your favorites from ju
  • Pizzeria Don Luca
    Pizza is generally a luxury food in Latin America, but the pies on offer here are a reasonable deal if split between two or three people. With crispy crusts and generous helpings of toppings, this is probably the best pizza in the city.
  • Nautilus Restaurant
    (Entrees: $4.50-$13.50) Big Corn Island's Caribbean fare can be appreciated in style and class at Nautilus restaurant. The interior is decorated with dangling seashells, conch-shell chandeliers and Caribbean paintings of crabs and boats, so feasting at one of their blue tables is an experience i
  • Street food
    If the bar is closed and you're still hungry, stumble on over to Parque Central. You'll usually find the asado lady is still on duty, right across from the cathedral. The completo is a full-sized meal with grilled meat, cheese, vegetables, and gallo pinto served in a banana leaf. It should run you $
  • Jimmy "Three FIngers" Alabama Rib Shack Bar and Grill
    It's a bold statement to lay claim to the world's finest ribs, but Jimmy's backs it up. Dishes here are absolutely mouthwatering. Ribs, along with other grilled options, are heartily recommended. Eating here isn't cheap, but in our opinion it's worth every cordoba. There's also a lively bar upstairs
  • Centralito
    Centralito is a popular, centrally located, restaurant and late-night bar. During the day the lunch specials are well within the budget price range. The cheap and tasty burgers are an especially good great way to fill up. Ask for their daily specials as well.
  • Roadhouse Grill
    Roadhouse Grill offers a range of fine dining options, from filet mignon to cordon bleu. The atmosphere of this place is more bar and grill than candlelight and romance, but their patio seating provides a more atmospheric dining experience if that's what you're after. Service is speedy, efficient an
  • La Cascara Bar and Restaurant
    ($6.00-$20.00) Although it belongs to the hotel and resort Pelican Eyes, the restaurant is open to the public. The stone-bar is lit with candles and framed with red upholstery seating. The outdoor seating has a fantastic view of the mountainside. Entrees start with Lobster Bisque and feature specia
  • Luz de Luna
    Offering typical Nicaraguan food, hamburgers and a variety of deep fried meats, this restaurant is also one of Jalapa's nighttime hangouts. Live bands perform occasionally and on most weekends the place fills with booty shakers when it turns into a disco. Most dishes run between 2.50 USD and 7.50 US
  • Marea Alta Seafood Bar and Grill
    (Mains: C$69-499, $3.45-24.75) Marea Alta Seafood Bar and Grill is one of the best places in the city to grab a plate of seafood; don't let the almost cartoon-like nautical theme (with waiters in sailor garb) put you off. The extremely varied menu ranges from oyster cocktails and octopus ceviche to
  • Valenti's Pizza
    (Mains: C$70-270, $3.70-13.40) managuans all know that Valenti's Pizza is where to head when they want to satisfy their deep dish pizza craving. The Los Robles branch is housed in a two-floor, mock colonial building next to BAC. The atmosphere is jovial and family-friendly, the wait staff are attent
  • Tortas Locas
    (Mains: $2.50-6.30, up to $200 for 16 people) Tortas Locas Hipocampo is a loud Mexican restaurant with a bright blue and yellow theme that features a mural of frog musicians. Part of a chain that includes branches in Mexico, Honduras and Puerto Rico, among others, Tortas Locas serves all of the dish
  • Marcelo's Sports Bar
    Marcelo's Sports Bar is a open air establishment whose precarious perch on a heavily trafficked corner makes you wonder about staggering customers vs. oncoming cars. The bar food includes hamburgers, sandwiches and salads, while the more extensive drinks menu offers popular liquors by both the glass
  • Sushi Itto
    When you want raw fish in Managua your best bet (read â??only optionâ?) is one of the two locations of Sushi Itto. In Galerias Santo Domingo, the Sushi Itto location is a sleek, modern building on the corner of the Zona Viva. Considering the décor tries so hard to evoke the orient, with boxy sh
  • Hippo's Grill and Tavern
    Hamburgers are the specialty at Hippo's Grill and Tavern (Mains: $5 to $12) where students from the nearby university come to hang out over the Blue Cheese patties and frozen cocktails (2-for-1 Happy Hour is from 4 to 7 p.m.). Hippo's serves both USDA and Nicaraguan beef, as well as a few vegetarian
  • Boheme
    Boheme specializes in mixing Mediterranean dishes with Nicaraguan salsas. The paella marinera “La Boheme” (Mains: $17 to $30) is the house specialty, but a close second in terms of menu favorites is the lamb, imported from New Zealand and grilled. The wine list isn't shabby either.<
  • Bistro Sebastian
    Bistro Sebastian is the new kid on the Zona Hippo's block, a modern cube full of international wine and culinary delights. The fusion dishes mix Asian, French, Italian and American influences (shrimp and sea bass with a ginger and sesame oil sauce, for example), while the bistro's wine bar is simila
  • Woody's Pizza Pub and Grill
    A pizza joint that evokes the spirit of TGI Friday's (although the red uniforms don't have as much flair), Woody's offers a good range of sandwiches, seafood and Mexican-style comfort food (fajitas and quesadillas) for between $5 and $13. Of course, there are pizzas too, including a massive pie call
  • Scampi
    Featuring a black interior, with metal bamboo and neon yellow table cloths, Scampi (Mains $3.50 to $25) is part club, part restaurant and all seafood. The menu ranges from fried fish to international cuisine such as tempura, teriyaki and sushi rolls. The tilapia is so fresh that you can see dinner s
  • Don Pan
    (Mains: C$70/ US$3.48 to $180/ USD$8.95) Don Pan, a series of bakery delis, feature cases of delicious goodies and shelves of breads. The lunch specialty is rather pricey salads (USD$8.95), although Don Pan also has paninis, sandwiches, hamburgers and, of course, pastries for dessert. If you're not
  • Savor
    One of the restaurants in La Galeria's promenade, Savor has Mediterranean and Italian dishes, like antipasto plates and ricotta ravioli. There are vegetarian options and a good selection of appetizers and panini. Quality food is provided at reasonable prices. The restaurant also has an extensive wi
  • Flora's Buffet
    For a hearty, budget meal around Barrio Martha Quezada, look for one of the numerous comedors and buffet restaurants. One of the best is Flora's Buffet. The restaurant may appear to be housed in a garage, but the interior is spacious, clean and cool, with comfortable wooden furniture and a bathroom.
  • La Suisse: Panaderia y Pasteleria
    For a light meal or snack, La Suisse has a couple tables where you can sit and enjoy a coffee and a pastry. The breads are fresh, and the place is clean and welcoming. Everything here will cost you under a dollar.
  • Aderezo: Comida Casera
    Open during lunchtime (11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.), Aderezo serves comida casera (home-style food) in a clean and charming atmosphere. The restaurant is probably the nicest in Barrio Martha and has good food for relatively cheap. Everyday at least four types of meat are served, along with the traditional
  • Las Cazuelas
    Las Cazuelas is one of your safer bets for getting a good meal or a light snack at a good value in Barrio Martha Quezada. It's also within the two block radius of the Tica Bus. There's a street front patio with a few tables, so you can dine al fresco. The menu has a wide range of choices like chicke
  • Cocinarte
    Platos tipicos such as Indio Viejo, as well as vegetarian dishes, smoothies and fruits drinks are all available in Managua's Cocinarte. Colorful murals line the outside walls; the seating under the restaurant's thatched roof is airy and spacious. Prices are mid-range.
  • Rincón Español
    A small, Spanish restaurant, Rincón Español has a menu that includes paella, torta Española, Manchego cheese, and of course, sangria. The service is attentive and the food is tasty, but the interior looks as though it hasn't been updated in the last 20 years. This is a higher-end restaurant that
  • La Casa de Los Nogueras
    Set in a converted house and garden, La Casa de Las Nogueras is a quiet, classy restaurant that provides fine service in a handsome atmosphere. The outdoor patio is lined with candles, and surrounding mango trees provide cover and privacy. Main dishes incorporate fresh, local ingredients with an int
  • La Posada del Angel Restaurant
    (Mains USD $7 to $15) La Posada del Angel Restaurant, in the gorgeous hotel of the same name, offers a select menu of higher-end dishes including pastas, fish, salads, soups and the house specialty, a 10 ounce black pepper and cognac tenderloin. The restaurant is open from 6 to 10 p.m. La Posada als
  • Las Nenas
    Las Nenas Coffee's is a charming little two table establishment hidden among Bolognia's residences. The eatery is open from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., but only serves enchiladas (C$12, USD$0.61), fruit juice (C$10, USD$0.50) and tortillas (C$13, USD$0.66) in the morning hours. There is no set menu and the
  • Los Ranchos
    A popular restaurant for lunch and dinner, Los Ranchos serves large portions and has great grilled meats. The garden patio interior with surrounding foliage and a mini-waterfall provides an oasis from the city streets of Managua. Here the service is top-notch, and the food is very reasonably priced.
  • Pollo Estrella
    Pollo Estrella, a chain of fast food chicken restaurants, has locations all over Nicaragua, including in Barrio Bolonia. Identifiable by the logo -- a bright yellow star with a happy chicken face -- Pollo Estrella restaurants are best if you want a quick meal and are willing to pay a little more tha
  • Meson Español
    A long-time Barrio Boloñia staple, Meson Español (Mains: C$142 to C$425) made the leap across the city to Galerias Santo Domingo when the mall opened. The restaurant's forte isn't hard to figure out: tapas, paellas and sangria. The house specials are piglet prepared Segovia-style and Australian la
  • Carne Asada Raquel
    Carne Asada Raquel offers traditional Nicaraguan food at traditional Nicaraguan prices. While the menu is standard, the food is particularly flavorful here. The proprietess stands in the corner ladling out gallo pinto, chicken, plantain chips and cabbage salad, which can either be taken to go in pla
  • Bar Coquito
    Not only does Bar Coquito have the cheapest beer on the beach, they also have tasty food for a relatively low price ($.50-$4.00) - great for the budget traveler. The bar's a la carte menu allows you to mix and match whatever meats, vegetables and sides you're in the mood for. The selection changes o
  • Sky Dancing
    Open only on Saturdays, this is the place (literally the only one) to get your dance on in Ocotal. Entrance is $2 USD, and the young clientele grooves to salsa, reggaes, hip hop and 80s rock ballads. Try to get into the VIP room -- it has nicer bathrooms. Occ
  • Nightlife in Matagalpa
    Faraon has karaoke and dancing and is a good place to go on Thursdays. Saturdays and Sundays the hot places are Rincon Paraiso (take a cab; it's on the outskirts of the city) and La Posada (hot Fri Sat and Sunday for dancing).
  • Cafetin Dank!
    Burgers, beer and good times! REAL Natural Juices. Sandwiches, pasta, chicken, salads, breakfasts....and much nmuch more! Free WiFi
  • Las Flores 'Mache's Bar'
    This bar is officially called Las Flores, but is referred to by everyone in San Juan del Sur knows it as “Mache's.” It is one block north of the Municipal Market, and marked with an arch that says “Sport Bar.” It is typically opened later than all the bars and clubs in town, some
  • La Champa
    Although San Carlos is not known for its nightlife, there is one lively place where every one goes on the weekends called “La Champa.” Here you will find people dancing, mostly to salsa and other Latin music. The vibe is friendly and intimate, and you won't have any trouble finding a partn
  • Savia
    Savia is a natural juice and smoothies bar, sandwiches, soy burgers, salads, ice cream, fruits, lunch, are some of the options offered, especially in vegetarian and vegan line. They also sell natural health products and varieties. The place is beautiful, comfortable and cheerful and fresh design.
  • Hippa Hippa
    Hippa Hippa is a popular club for the young and hip, with DJs spinning reggaton and electronica through the night and an oddly placed plastic palm tree. The club is open from Wednesday (Ladies' Night) to Saturday from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., with entrance fees varying from C$50 to C$100. The club's websi
  • Woody's Wings, Pub and Grill
    A grown up version of Woody's Pizza, Pub and Grill, Woody's Wings (Mains: $4 to $14) is the classic dark wood bar with tall seats, sports on the television and those familiar rockers and starlet photos. The blue, yellow and red stripes around the room can feel like you've stumbled onto a favorite co
  • My Space Sports Bar
    Catering to the collegiate crowd from neighboring UCA, My Space Sports Bar has a large, open seating area and a friendly atmosphere. The menu features a decent selection of bocas, with an emphasis on student favorites such as nachos and wings. The drink list is not extensive, but the beer (C$12-$35,
  • El Kayak
    Granada's after-hours clubs are located on a strip down by the waterfront, and El Kayak is the best of them. The place gets going at around 1 a.m., and tends to shut by 8 or 9 a.m. Features a dance floor and fully stocked bar, it's a great place to party and watch the sun come up. Getting there on
  • Cafe Nuit
    Viva's reviewer visited Cafe Nuit on a Monday night and still found live music with salsa dancing until the wee hours. This place is a guaranteed party. The house band plays every night, but the music isn't overpoweringly loud. The crowd is a healthy mix of locals, ex-pats and travelers, and the dri
  • La Olla Quemada
    This bar is the place to go on Wednesdays, when their karaoke night always draws a crowd. The cover charge is 30 C.
  • El Alpino
    Perhaps Boaco's fanciest place to have a bite, El Alpino features steaks, seafood, chicken, and hamburgers, served in a large, spotless dining room (with tablecloths!) . If you're looking for a reason to get dressed up while on the road, this is it in Boaco. Have a steak with some wine and then head
  • Cafetin el Verdi
    With good food and friendly service, this hole-in-the-wall is a great stop for the budget traveler in need of a hot meal. The food is typical Nicaraguan fare --chicken, beef stew, plantains and of course, gallo pinto. The kitchen is right in the back, so you can watch all the cooking action take pla
  • Reposteria Doris
    For a sweet breakfast treat, hit up the Reposteria Doris, sandwiched between the Archeology museum and the Universo Cyber internet café. On offer are muffins and colorfully frosted cakes, as well as sweet or savory pastries. A pastry and a coffee costs 80 cents. Doris, the owner, also has rooms ava
  • Bohemias
    Another disco that lights up on the weekends, Bohemias is popular with a younger student crowd. Food is also offered.
  • Don Senor
    With a restaurant-pub, a bar, and a disco as part of the same establishment, Don Senor's can cater to any mood. It gets busy Thursday through Saturday.
  • El Quijote
    El Quijote is a popular karaoke bar that attracts a healthy mix of Nicaraguans and foreigners. The atmosphere is always friendly and this place is a sure-fire recipe for a fun night out. The only thing that might stop you having fun is the fact bar is only open on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • The Club
    El Club has established itself as one of Granada's most happening clubs. The live DJ's and great atmosphere attracts a stylish young clientele. If you enter before ten o'clock you can enjoy their happy hour. However if you do you will be very early as the dancing doesn't start up until very late in
  • Zoom Bar
    Your friendly neighborhood sports bar, this place fills up whenever there's a big event, but it nearly always draws a reasonable crowd of tourists, ex-pats and locals. Billed as having the "best hamburgers in Granada" - they certainly are the heartiest.
  • Oxygene
    The best pub-disco to enjoy the night party in a cosmopolitan and urban place

    Coktail zone

  • 4 Hermanos
    A swinging reggae joint, 4 Hermanos is where Bluefields comes to party. Don't show up expecting disco balls and bouncers, the building itself is pretty rundown. But the crowd is lively and the island vibe is cool. There's often a cover of between 20 and 50 C, but drinks are cheap.
  • Casa Mexico
    Authentic Mexican Food in a warm and fun setting. Casa Mexico offers a large selection of Mexican dishes freshly prepared when you order them as well as large selection of Tequila drinks
  • Intermezzo del Bosque
    Intermezzo del Bosque is a fine dining option situated just outside downtown Managua. The tables are on an outdoor terrance which has a beautiful view of the city and, surprisingly, of nearby woods. Their full and varied menu offers salads, seafood, fondue, shrimp and steaks. This place is a gre
  • Del Timbo al Tambo
    Mostly a bar, this place also serves comida típica. Food entrees are typical Nicaraguan fare. It's quite a popular place for locals to drink, though.
  • Chido's Pizza
    Pizza here is delicious, well-priced and portions are big. A great place to eat in Moyogalpa. They don't skimp on the toppings either. Service was a bit lackluster but, to be fair, the waiter was quite involved in the football game.
  • Los Ranchitos
    A popular restaurant serving the standard variety of local dishes for at reasonable prices. Fish filets are heartily recommended, freshly caught on the lake and grilled, fried or steamed to a perfection. Expect to do a bit of a double-take when you first walk in. No - it's not a real tree.
  • Yogi's Cafe and Bar
    Named after the lovable black dog that greets arrivals, Yogi's is a friendly ex-pat run bar that serves breakfast and other tasty western offerings. Their hamburgers are outstanding. A nice place to hang out, especially if there's a game on. They also theoretically have wifi, though at the time of
  • Restaurante Bahia
    Connected to the Hotel Bahía, this restaurant offers a range of soups, pastas and sandwiches, along with comida típica. A very budget place to grab a bite. If you want to go even cheaper, they have a fast-food stand around the corner.
  • The American Cafe
    Connected with The American Hotel, this charming little eatery offers a range of tasty breakfast and lunch specials. The western omelet and star-fruit juice were thoroughly enjoyable. The owners are pleasant, welcoming, and full of information about the island. They're only open till 4 p.m., but th
  • Comedor Gloriana
    A budget, comida típica establishment. The place to go for the cheap eats on the beach. The usual plates of chicken, rice and salad as well as hamburgers and sandwiches.
  • Las Mariscas
    There are few things more annoying than paying a lot of money for a bad meal, which is exactly what you'll wind up doing at Las Mariscas, Villa Paraiso's in-house restaurant. The food was terrible, and in very stingy portions. There's no reason why you should shell-out 200 C for a meal and still le
  • Playa Santo Domingo
  • Linda Vista
    This restaurant offers wonderful meals at a great value. The menu is not particularly creative, just your typical choice of meat, fish or chicken, but it's prepared with great gusto and served in a hearty portion. A plate will cost around 60 C. Picnic tables along the beach are a wonderful place to
  • Jerry's Pizza
    Very popular tourist restaurant. Open at 8am Tuesday - Sunday. Serving American style breakfasts, Pizza, Pastas, Sandwiches Burgers and lots more. All items eat in or take out.
  • Big Wave Daves
    You can always count on Big Wave Daves as a place to meet other travelers. They serve good food (and great burgers) in a surf-style, beach town restaurant. However, the prices are higher than in most casual restaurants in town.
  • El Velero
    This is a great spot for breakfast. If you want to pig out go for the breakfast buffet, which offers everything from cereals and fruit to bacon and eggs and pancakes. If not, then just go for one option and you will get a plate full of food, a juice and a coffee to set your morning going.
  • Terraza Casablanca
    This is a nice place to go for sunset cocktails. More of a bar than a restaurant the deckchair seats are comfortable, the views are perfect and the drinks are cheap. If you are so chilled out you don't want to move then you could do worse than ordering a plate of their hearty mains.
  • Sonia's
    Pork lovers will appreciate Sonia's, where the fried pig and the yucca con chancho are specialties. Plates go for around 2.50 USD. Especially recommended is the fresco de cacao, a milk drink made with ground cocoa beans.
  • Las Sopas
    For tasty appetizers head to Las Sopas, where typical dishes cost between 2.50 USD and 4 USD. This restaurant also serves imported liquor, so Tennesseeans who miss their Jack Daniels can get their fix.
  • El Pozo
    Located in the heart of San Juan del Sur, El Pozo is a contemporary restaurant that offers a change from the traditional Nicaraguan fare. The chefs use fresh, local ingredients and offer creative dishes such as watermelon salad with goat cheese and basil. Daily fish, pasta and salad specials complim
  • Bambu Beach
    ($4.25-$10.50) For gourmet food in a chic, comfortable environment at mid-range prices, head to Bambu Beach. Chef Gavin Isaac cooks up everything from organic salads with sautéed chicken and mango dressing to spicy, sesame crusted tuna. Their specials vary, and include sushi when their fish is the
  • Big Wave Dave's-2008
    ($2.50-$7.50) Half a block from the beach, Big Wave Dave's has a spacious, tropical interior with a wide, rectangular bar. They also have one of the widest menu selections in town. Options range from classic breakfast food (served all day) to large dinners of meat, chicken or fish. There is an asso
  • Café Macuas
    ($1.25-$4.50) This quiet coffee shop is a great place to start the day. Café Macuas is filled with small wooden tables and chairs and offers a relaxing atmosphere, as well as free wireless Internet. Their breakfast selection has several classics, including French Toast, Pancakes and Omelets. For lu
  • El Timon
    This is one of the more up market places along the seafront but no more pricey than the slightly less pleasant looking spots. Service is friendly and prompt; plates are very tasty and good value for money. The music is varied and the ambience is good if enough people come to eat.
  • El Sesteo
    The setting is what makes this place and it is the only restaurant that offers a view over to the cathedral from its outdoor patio dining area. Food is good with reasonably sized plates but prices are very expensive for what is effectively meat, rice and beans. There are Mexican offerings for less m
  • El Timon-2008
    ($4.50-$30.00) There are several restaurants along the beach of San Juan del Sur. However, El Timon stands out, due to its wide selection of high quality seafood, attentive wait-staff and relaxed atmosphere. Seafood options include red snapper, white snapper, fish filets, clams, squid, octopus, shri
  • Pizza Hot
    (Entrees: $3.25-$7.50) Directly across the street from La Iglesia de San Pedro, Pizza Hot has a wide variety of slices. They have several toppings available from classic pepperoni to Hawaiian, with ham and pineapple. A personal pizza is about $3.25, and a pizza for four costs $7.50 total. There is a
  • Pollo Dorado
    (Entrees: $3.00-$11.00) With lots of space, several wooden tables and scattered aquatic paintings, Pollo Dorado resembles the atmosphere of Rivas' surrounding beach towns. The menu has a wide selection, including a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, seafood, pork, rice and typical Nicaraguan food
  • Hotel Sábalos Restaurant
    If you want to splurge and dine on freshwater shrimps (crayfish) from a pleasant, breezy deck, cross the river to Hotel Sábalos. It serves up breakfasts for $3.80, including omelets or toast (in addition to the eternal gallo pinto), soups and ceviches ($3.50 to $4.50), as well as dishes of shrimp (
  • Comedor Gladys y Elena
    Just next door to Gómez and also serving as a good observation point for town life, this eatery managed by two sisters serves surprisingly decent meals of basic Nicaraguan fare, along with fresh carrot and orange juices.
  • Comedor Gómez
    This comedor serves basic lunches and dinners of chicken, beef or pork accompanied by the usual rice and beans, and washed down with a gaseosa. Its second-floor terrace which overlooks what serves as the main square is good to people watch.
  • Restaurant Kaoma
    (Mains: $7.00-$12.50) The open-air deck of Restaurant Kaoma offers a great view of the lake and the rooftops of the surrounding town. Enjoy the fresh fish and seafood, while nice, lakeside breezes provide a needed respite from the humidity of San Carlos. In addition to seafood, the restaurant also h
  • Restaurant Vanessa
    Vanessa's terrace directly over the rapids is a good place to knock back a couple of beers as the evening mists swirl in (and as the mosquitoes attack). The fish dishes, in a sweet and sour tomato sauce, in garlic or just grilled, are excellent and come with bananas, rice and some cabbage salad. Jus
  • Border's Coffee
    From the first-floor terrace strategically overlooking the pier, you can sip real coffees ($1.50), juices ($2) and teas ($0.75) while waiting for your boat. While the decoration is definitely over the top and the prices a bit high for El Castillo, the food is varied and tasty, catering to any possib
  • Summer Masachapa
  • Other comedors
    Ask around for â??las brisas del ríoâ?, â??la amistadâ?, knowing that a simple set lunch will set you back at least $5. The restaurant at hotel-disco-bar Paraíso Virgen might offer a better choice of dishes after it opens in December 2009.
  • El Tucan
    The only eatery marked as such, its sign adorned with the painting of a toucan, El Tucan serves up lunches of fried chicken with bananas and cabbage ($4.50) or dishes of fish fillet ($5), or pork or beef ($4.50), with a juice or gaseosa ($1).
  • Comedor Conchita
    For those on a budget, there are a handful of cheap comedors offering regular Nicaraguan fare - meat, rice, beans, soft drink - for around $2.50. Conchita is one of the better ones, with a first-floor terrace.
  • Restaurant Granadino
    (Mains: $3.50-$10.00) The wide, spacious dining area and V.I.P. room of El Granadino makes the establishment the perfect place for private parties or special events. Rustic, tribal artifacts and paintings line the polished wooden walls, while chandeliers hang from the ceilings. The menu includes a v
  • Friend's Bar and Restaurant
    (Mains: $2.00-$5.00) Also known as Amigo's, Friend's bar and restaurant has a tranquil atmosphere and features typical Nicaraguan food. The outdoor seating area is framed with greenery and topped with a tropical tiki roof. The restaurant has patio seating and hammocks for lounging. There is also ind
  • La Jarochita
    La Jarochita is a well-known mexican restaurant with a great reputation. There is no doubt that the food lives up to this reputation, as the enormous portions are extremely delicious. A highlight on the menu are the tasty fajitas which are served with sides of spicy salsa and fresh guacamole. Make
  • Rana Roja
    An Argentine- Italian couple own this pizza restaurant. Its thatched roof, bamboo walls and bar make for a modernly tropical atmosphere. The regular hours are 6p.m.-10p.m, but it is closed for business mid - September to November when the flooded roads keep people away. Prices are more expensive th
  • Vilas Rosti Pizza
    Great atmosphere, fast service, excellent food, right in the center of the city
  • Super Pollo
    (Entrees: $3.00-$11.50) Right around the corner from the Rivas museum of history and anthropology, Super Pollo is a nice place to stop for lunch or dinner after a day of exploring the town. With brightly colored tablecloths covering its outdoor seating and a small, polished interior, the restaurant
  • Fruti Fruti
    Fruti Fruti is primarily known for their range of fruit smoothies, which are excellent. To accompany your smoothie this restaurant also serves food, and is a great place to grab either breakfast or lunch. Their omelettes are delicious, served promptly and with a smile. They offer a large range of o
  • Pizza Gold
    Pizza Gold is a convenient place to grab a quick bite, and an extremely cheap way to satisfy your hunger. The individual slices of pepperoni pizza are great value as they are sold for just $0.15. Of course for this price the pizza is not outstanding, however it is easily tasty enough. It is also po
  • Bar Maria
    At C$60 for the daily lunch plate, Bar Maria is one of the cheapest of the thatched restaurants that line Apoyo's shore. The upper level of the restaurant is dirty and unappealing, but the lower levels are much nicer and a strip of space near the water is particularly popular. Main dishes (beef, por
  • Montes Verdes
    Montes Verdes (Mains: C$85 to C$250) is the most highly recommended restaurant in the area, possibly because the location is one of the few to use filtered water in their food preparation. The menu is largely the same as other establishments (beef, chicken, seafood and a couple breakfast options) al
  • Restaurant Apoyo Beach
    Restaurant Apoyo Beach is one of the many eateries that line the lake shore and offers the typical options (beef, pork, chicken, fish) for between C$80 and C$310. The top of the restaurant is dirt floored and slightly grimy although, as with all of the locations in the area, the patio
  • La Ronda
    Although this place does not look like much, the food is actually quite excellent. At $1.30, the filet mignon can only be described as phenomenal. The filet is an absolutely outstanding cut of meat grilled to tender perfection and smothered in a rich and delicious mushroom sauce. Portions are very g
  • Don Pepe
    Don Pepes is a wonderfully ambient Italian restaurant. The tables are well arranged around a very handsome garden. The impeccably dressed waiters also add to the atmosphere. Unfortunately the unexciting menu does not match the atmosphere, as it contains little more than standard meat-rice-and-salad