Caribbean Coast and the Islands

Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast is distinctly different from the rest of the country. Geographically, the mountainous range in the middle of the country flattens out and is covered with lush vegetation, tropical rainfall from May to December and beautiful Caribbean coastline. Culturally, it is just as different; a British colony from 1687 to 1894, the most common language is English; the population is mostly the African-influenced Miskito indigenous group; the culture is more similar to Caribbean culture than that of the rest of Nicaragua.

Bluefields is Nicaragua’s main port town and the most visited tourist point on Nicaraguan’s Caribbean coast, mainly for travelers interested in visiting the Corn Islands. Flights run regularly from Managua to Bluefields; the land route involves a boat and partially unpaved road trip taking up to 12 hours. Recently rebuilt after Hurricane Joan destroyed this coastal town, there are no swimming beaches and the water is murky. The highlight of Bluefields is truly the culture and nightlife, which is full of reggae, calypso and soca rhythyms. The economy is based on seafood: shrimp, lobster and deepwater fish. If you are in the area in May, don’t miss the week-long festival, Mayo-Ya!