Mexico Restaurants

Mexican cuisine is spectacular and unique, and many travelers find themselves blown away by the awesome food they find on their travels. Every town, city and region, it seems, has something different and exciting to offer. Variety is nearly always an option: in most major towns and cities you have international options like Chinese, Italian, burgers, etc. Your best bet is nearly always to try the local dishes, like pozole, enchiladas, etc. Restaurants are nearly always a mixed bag: five-star internationally known places next to tack stands: something for every taste and budget.

  • La Buena Tierra

    For yummy upscale vegetarian and organic (and meat) dishes, La Buena Tierra, in the hip restaurant enclave of the Condesa neighborhood, is hard to beat. The corner restaurant spills onto the sidewalk with cute tables, pretty flowers on the tables, and an extensive menu of healthy

  • La Opera Restaurante-Bar

    Legend has it that revolutionary leader Francisco "Pancho" Villa, ostensibly seeking to becalm a rowdy crowd, fired a bullet into the ceiling of the cantina called La Opera in 1914. Today, the "bullet hole" is still there, as is the booth he supposedly sat in while shooting, in o

  • Salón Corona (the original)

    Opened in 1928 in downtown Mexico City, the Salón Corona is one of those rare family cantinas that welcomes all patrons with simple, but excellent food and numerous kinds of beer—even draft. If you've only sampled bot

  • El Callejón De Los Rumberos
    This, you realize, is the real thing, when you sit at your tiny table with a bucket of beers or passel of margaritas and watch the exhibition dancers in slinky, slutty bright-as-punch costumes salsa like tonight were the last fiesta on earth. Lesser mortals do dance here, especially to the electr
  • Bar Américas
    Open since 2002, this capacity-300 concrete-box hotspot is still one of the most popular nightclubs in Guadalajara. If local and international DJ-selected trance and similar repetitious thumping music on packed dance floors inhabited by a young crowd is your thing, come here late on the weekends
  • Caudillos Disco Bar
    In a city known for its gay population, Caudillos is one of the most friendly and interesting gay bars with live transvestite performances. It's conveniently located downtown, on one of the more gay-friendly streets; it is not the lone gay establishment there. And Caudillos occupies a renovated C
  • Pozoleria Los Cazadores
    If you are in Acapulco on a Thursday - and please try to be - you are in for a treat: on Thursdays restaurants all over the city serve pozole, the hearty stew of hominy and meat prepared in a variety of sauces. The strangest but most delightful twist on Pozole Thursday can be experienced only at P
  • El Escarabajo Bar Scratch
    El Escarabajo means "beetle," but this bar known as Scratch is not really sought after for its insects. It is instead beloved for many reasons: its odd, even obscene artwork; its rough and ready décor; but mostly its live-music nights. That's when local jazz geniuses get up and jam from 11 p.m.
  • El Nao At Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués
    Perched high atop Punta Diamante is El Nao, the exquisite poolside restaurant at the Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués. The cliff-top setting is spectacular, with expansive open-ocean views from comfortable seating at umbrella-shaded tables. Sample the beef carpaccio with aged parmigiano reggiano, mushroo
  • 100% Natural
    All over Mexico, vegetarians (and those who just love healthy food) congregate at 100% Natural, a reasonably priced restaurant chain founded by an Acapulco family in 1980. The extensive menu contains omnivore options, too, but for vegetarians 100% Natural is the city's best choice for fruit or veg
  • Barba Negra
    Incongruently located in an affluent residential neighborhood, this wooden roadhouse for wanna-be pirates and bikers is known for its live music (blues, rock, cover bands) on weekends. Open since 1988 and festooned with flags and all sorts of roadside, national, semi-nude signs, posters, pictures,
  • La Maestranza Museo Taurino Y Cantina
    Open since 1940, La Maestranza (formerly known as El Panchos) speaks volumes about Guadalajara's love affair with bullfighting. The walls of this cavernous cantina are covered with memorabilia, from massive taxidermied bull heads to photos of adored toreadors and idealized portraits of charming s
  • La Mutualista
    Open since 1941, La Mutualista is a run-down downtown mansion with a dodgy bar and wide dance floor that stays deserted until salsa lessons or salsa bands pack in the crowds. And then it is something to see. Especially on Thursday and Saturday nights, after the live band takes the stage at 11 p.m
  • Buzo's
    You may be the only gringo present when you eat at Buzo's, which is one of Acapulco's most beloved seafood restaurants. A colorful underwater décor surrounds happy diners, all of them chowing down on really fresh fish and shellfish. Try a flavorful octopus ceviche or the shrimp Diablo, which is d
  • Hotel Boca Chica
    Hotel Boca Chica's restaurant is a calming open-air space overlooking the channel separating Peninsula de las Playas from Isla de la Roqueta. Chef Keisuke Harada, formerly of New York and Miami's Bond St. restaurant, has created a tantalizing menu that fuses Asian and Mexican influences using loca
  • Frutiland
    Frutiland is a no-nonsense, pleasant, family-run restaurant, centrally located near the Costera that serves fresh, basic Mexican food. A good choice are the chilaquiles, crisp tortilla chips covered with chicken or egg and bathed in red or green sauce, topped with grated cheese, and served with a
  • Baikal
    Many restaurants on Acapulco's Scenic Highway have stunning views of Santa Lucia Bay, but gourmands agree: Baikal is the one dining establishment that consistently serves innovative cuisine that not only matches but exceeds the quality of the vista. Baikal's Guatemala-born chef designs glorious di
  • Tacos Los Tarascos
    Tacos al Pastor is the Mexican version of the Greek gyro sandwich, with pork slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Juice from a pineapple and onion flows down the meat as it cooks giving it both a sweet and tangy taste. Los Tarascos makes delicious Tacos al Pastor, served in small tortillas, gar
  • El Fogón
    On one busy stretch of the Costera stands El Fogón, a Mexican chain restaurant popular with locals, where about 20 ceiling fans struggle to keep the humid air moving. Enchiladas Verdes is a local favorite but the house specialty is Molcajete, a tray to be shared by two or more people of grilled b
  • Pesca'o
    One expat's Mexican husband reports that the fish tacos at Pesca'o “…will knock your socks off,” and he doesn't even wear socks. Pesca'o is a classic after-beach joint with a surfboard sign hovering over the café tables and bar stools that line the narrow sidewalk. Crisply fried fi
  • Malambo
    Tables at this Italian restaurant are set around a fountain in a pleasant little courtyard or in a European cafe-style room inside if it gets too cold. Relaxed music sets the scene and the food is fantastic, with freshly made pasta, pizzas or milanesa and meat dishes all served with a smile.
  • La Chispa de 1910

    Come early to Valladolid's most fun restaurant and bar for the food and drink, but stay late for the karaoke and dancing. Owner Eduardo Valenzuela will soon be your new best friend. Half the fun of dinner at La Chispa is watching Eduardo table-hop, making sure that each and every

  • Mesón la Abundancia
    This is a plush place with a nice dining area that offers fantastic value for money whatever time you decide to eat. Big empanadas are on offer for a good value lunch, wash it down with a 10 Peso limonada. The dinner menu offers pizza or pasta or Mexican favourites like chiles rellenos or pollo mole
  • El Pueblito
    This is a good bet to try some local specialties but what it offers in tasty traditional food it lacks in traditional atmosphere. Music is international and the multicoloured decour gives it the feel of a European cafe rather than a restaurant in a Mexican silver mining town.
  • Bazar Municipal

    Cheap, good eats can be found from early in the morning until very late at night at Bazar Municipal, an open-air, covered collection of food stalls right on the main square. You will find the stand of local institution Señor Casiano, near the back, and for USD$0.50 - 3, MEX $6 -

  • Restaurante La Central
    After visiting Santa Elena's Church of San Mateo, walk across the plaza to the locally owned Restaurant La Central. Basic fare is available, like chicken pibil - the Yucatan pit-roasted specialty, pork Poc-Chuc, or a club sandwich. Address: On Santa Elena's main square Prices: MX$30/US$3 - MX$50/US$
  • I-Latina
    Do not panic when arriving at I-Latina. This old warehouse that faces the railroad tracks actually has one of the trendier restaurants in Guadalajara. This is the place where the hip and intellectual crowd go to see and be seen. The kitsch décor symbolizes the irreverent and antiestablishment style
  • El Porto Cafe
    Authentic Cappuccino/Latte/Espresso Bar
  • La Casona
    The smartest place to dine in town, this bright and colourfully decorated restaurant is a surprisingly pleasant find in an otherwise functional town of cafe diners. Smart tables and fine picture hangings set the scene and the food, which is mainly Mexican, is delicious, as are the good value Limonad
  • La Parrilla
    This place is so popular there is often a queue for a table at peak time. There are three storeys, so you won't be waiting long, the service comes with a smile and you will not be disappointed by the food either. There are Mayan specialties, including orange glazed chicken, plus Mexican dishes and l
  • Sanborns Los Azulejos
    (Entrées $6) The Sanborns chain is everywhere in Mexico, but this particular branch knocks them dead with its picturesque 16th century building, tiled in traditional blue azulejos, and a courtyard with a trickling fountain. Sanborns is a popular place; you may have to wait for a table, especially a
  • Como Agua Pa' Chocolate
    Inspired by the novel of the same name this restaurant offers first-class food in a romantic atmosphere. Spectacular dishes flambéed by the table and interesting fusion cuisine mixing Mediterranean style with Mexican ingredients. You can't go wrong with the quails in rose petal sauce, the champando
  • Pollos Ray

    At Pollos Ray, you eat with your hands, picking up your hot-from-the-rotisserie-oven chicken, pulling it apart and stuffing the meat in your gluttonous mouth, because it's that good. The branch of Pollos Ray near the Salto del Agua metro station in the Centro Histórico is

  • Restaurante Nucleo
    Just down the street from the Museo Casa de Carranza and around the corner from the Jardín del Arte is the Restaurante Nucleo. Locals pack this eatery near the Paseo de la Reforma at 3 p.m. for the afternoon comida, but you can skip the crowds by ordering this meal any other time from 1 - 5 p.m. Re
  • La Opera
    This is one of Mexico City's historic Cantinas, an old working man's club which is now open to all. Inside the pub-like exterior lies a smart bar restaurant with dicky-bowed waiters and impressive décor but with televisions showing live football when it's on. Drinks are pricey so maybe have one the
  • Pepe's Burger Snacks

    Food snobbery is nowhere to be found at Pepe's Burger Snacks, a no-nonsense yet delicious and hip little outpost on the edges of Condesa. New, clean and bargain-priced for the neighborhood, Pepe's has about 20 seats. When not contemplating the grill and the tasty burgers <

  • Flora Lounge

    Opened on July 25, 2002, the Flora Lounge prides itself on its longevity, with anniversary parties held each year. And it's no wonder. The Mexican-inspired bistro food is delicious, and the crowd is cool and artsy (but not too pretentious) at this little corner café-restaurant-b

  • Don Mucho's
    Tucked away in the jungle village of El Panchan, this place gets packed every night first, because it is good and second, because there are few other places to go. Food is varied and excellent, especially the pizzas, and the relaxed ambiance created by dim lighting and candlelight is buzzed upbeat b
  • La Rustica
    A smiling young man in a chef's hat leans out a window where pizza is displayed by the slice ($1), and takes your order. It's a locals' favorite with seating inside where a full menu is available. The pesto pasta is delicious and the full glass of wine is amazingly good for the price.
  • Café de Yara
    This tasteful café and restaurant serves 100% organic Chiapas coffee, and a “tourist” menú del día. They offer a healthful and hearty array of breakfast options and a fully stocked bar for those nights filled with live music. Featuring sidewalk tables, bright orange walls, and an
  • Maya's
    Boasting good food and service and a regularly full house, this is a good spot any time of day. They also have sufficient options for the vegetarian and a hearty menu del dia. It sits across from the square, with tables situated on the sidewalk, and is a great spot for an evening meal or beverage wh
  • Restaurant Economico Trotamundos
    Close to the main bus terminals and with very helpful staff, this is a great local joint. It serves typical Mexican fare (antojitos), with an array of seafood as well as a good menú del día. The same owners have a chicken/tacos/quesadillas restaurant next door with take
  • Miura Restaurante
    Skip lunch and head here early to pig out on the meat fest this place provides. As you would expect with an all-you-can-eat, the quality is not award-winning but it is certainly tasty and includes cuts of t-bone, rib eye and New York along with a salad bar and endless bowls of nachos and dips, which
  • Los Balcones
    This nice and decently priced restaurant is a good spot to head to for simple meals like chicken dishes and pastas but also offers some prime cuts of steak from their steak house. It is a short walk from the Zocolo.
  • Borda's Cafe
    This tiny upstairs place has pleasant seating for two (don't try to go with a group!) on the little balconies overlooking the square but its food does not live up to the view. Dishes are small, overpriced and sometimes undercooked and there are better spots around the square or food stalls down in t
  • La Buena Vida
    This restaurant/coffee shop/lounge/bar combo is a great hangout. Bring a laptop to use the free wireless internet. La Buena Vida has a range of seating. There are couches and coffee tables as well as tables set up restaurant-style and seats at the bar. Paintings in a more abstract style decorate t
  • La Cabana de Perico
    This bar has a very pleasant atmosphere for some quiet evening drinks on the beach. A world away from Acapulco's party zone, this place offers gentle Spanish music and tables on the sand amongst palms lit with twinkling lights. Service is friendly, drinks are strong and the menu variety is wide.
  • Restaurant El Chinchorro
    This is one of the few spots to eat at Playa Hornos and the only one to go to past 8pm. It serves a simple menu of fish and meat dishes and you can dine right on the beach, which is probably preferable to eating in the canteen-style main dining area. Food is tasty and the service friendly.
  • Restaurante/Bar Doña Chica

    Although Doña Chica has passed on, her daughter Angélica keeps her cooking alive with house specialties including quesadillas, botanas and gelatinas like mamá used to make. Her bilingual menu presents a balanced selection, fairly priced, and freshly pre

  • Los Carajos
    This place is one of the few bars in the heart of the city and it is a good bet for Mexican flavour. The large hall-like restaurant has high ceilings, wooden decour and a nice lay-out and entertainment comes from music or live sports on television. Dishes are good size and range from a plate of home
  • Hipocampo's
    It doesn't get more authentically Oaxacan and hardly any cheaper than Hipocampo's, which is surprising as it's just two blocks from the zocalo. Basically a big storage room with an open kitchen, and boxes of bottles stacked along the walls, the place, its service and its clientele are all very casua
  • Pizza Nostrana
    Vegetarians or those who feel like a succulent dessert after visiting Santo Domingo will appreciate this tiny Italian restaurant. Pizzas come in four sizes, and toppings include local delicacies such as fried grasshoppers, pumpkin flowers, jalapeños and bananas. The best reason to come here though,
  • Las Rosas
    After eating at Las Rosas, the traveler will understand why this local restaurant has been in business since 1974. It's off the tourist track, north of the Instituto Cultural, near the junction of Porfirio Díaz and Belisario Domínguez. The breakfast menu is unusual in that standard egg dishes pla
  • La Biznaga
    Mestizo cuisine, prepared and served creatively in a little skylit courtyard. It's expensive but worth it for those who feel like delicious food in a fancy yet relaxed setting. The menu is extensive, both in terms of variety and size, as it is displayed on two enormous blackboards facing the wooden
  • La Rustica Pizza Restaurant
    For simple food and a laid-back atmosphere, head to La Rustica. The menu features pasta dishes with more than 20 sauces to choose from and a wide variety of thin crust pizzas. If you are a culinary adventurer, there are some exotic topping combinations like the banana pizza (cheese, ham and green p
  • Guacamayo Restuarante
    Tropically-themed with home-style cooking, this cheerful restaurant features good food and reasonable prices. There is a little something for everyone here. The menu ranges from snacks like French fries, quesadillas and green salads, to mains such as pasta, chicken and beef. This feel-good family re
  • 100% Natural
    This is a chain restaurant that offers fresh and tasty natural food and drinks. If you are tired of fried tacos and cheesy quesadillas then this is the spot to go for a bit of a detox. There is a whole range of juices and requests for Coca Cola will be greeted with a frown. Plates are sizable and in
  • El Fogoncito
    A chain can be a welcome sight to a number of travelers. El Fogoncito serves a wide variety of taco choices, salads, soups, and a number of meatless dishes in a super-clean environment. One look at the outdoor/indoor eating area and the spotless, huge bathrooms inspires confidence that the digestiv
  • Lasagneria El Qunique
    A very friendly family runs this cozy restaurant that feels like a oaxaqueño cabin, especially sitting on the second floor. The house specialty is the meat or veggie lasagna combo ($4), which includes a salad. They also offer the comida corrida (three course meal) for $3, or order fro
  • El Rincon Oaxaqueño
    Within walking distance from the main plaza in Coyoacan, this small, unassuming restaurant will surprise you. They serve some of the best traditional Mexican food, Oaxaca style. At lunchtime, for less than four bucks you get: consome (a hearty chicken-and-vegetables broth) or soup, rice, as m
  • The Nowhere Bar
    This funky happening spot is a nice place where you can down a few drinks early in the evening or stay for the party into the night. Open onto the Malecon, where revelers can take a break from the dancefloor, the bar has plenty of tables and stools and a good area to strut your stuff. The best night
  • Los Arcos
    Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday night, Los Arcos provides a cure for those with the salsa itch. On such evenings, dancers spill out from under the huge awning of the popular outdoor cafe-restaurant, and onto the sidewalk surrounding the Plaza de Armas. On other nights, patrons huddle around their m
  • Taqueria Mexico Lindo
    For some of the tastiest tacos in town head here where the prices are low and the quality is high. Counter-style stool seats circle the cooking area so you can watch freshly made tortillas being grilled and filled with meat and/or cheese before laying on your own choice of add-ins from a huge range
  • La Terraza de las Plazas
    The view is great from La Terraza de las Plazas, a bar-restaurant that overlooks the Plaza de Armas and the busy street below. The music booms from this popular second-floor perch, and while the tunes are mostly Mexican romantic pop, an occasional Bob Seger oldie or other random oddity sneaks in. Th
  • El Garage
    The kind of place where the toilets have no seats, El Garage is for people who aren't too uptight to have a good time. Situated among the other nightspots off of the Plazuela del Zacate, El Garage stands out for its fun mix of music. At least three bands play sets each night, mingling romantic pop b
  • Cabo Wabo Cantina
    Head here for a fill of pumping rock music, if that's your style - even if it is not, this place is worth a look. Rock memorabilia lines the walls along walkways between bars and down to the decent sized dance floor. There is a restaurant upstairs and a quieter drinking area to one side if you need
  • Hussong's
    Head to this rustic place if you want a place to drink, chat and enjoy the bustling atmosphere. There is nothing special inside, just wooden floorboards and a bar that spans one side of the room, but it packs full of locals and visitors and the odd mariachi to provide musical entertainment. It is a
  • Los Amigos
    This beer and tacos place is a popular spot, particularly when there is a band performing in the outside area. Inside is a bit dim and dark but the crowded atmosphere makes it fun and it is one of the more popular nightspots in town.
  • Los Churros
    You must not leave Ensenada without sampling these delicious filled churros. Open sporadically (try between 7pm and 9pm) the small counter outlet serves these freshly fried tube donuts to go, with a choice of chocolate, lecheria or caramel sauce squeezed all the way down. Pick up a couple then head
  • Las Iguanas Green's
    Don't let unnecessary apostrophes come between you and Las Iguanas Green's, a cheerfully noisy, bright and friendly purveyor of Mexican-style fast food. The set lunch is filling, tasty and a good bargain, with selections such as tomato-pasta soup, enchiladas verde, apples in cream, and hibiscus-infu
  • Pirate Bar
    This is a good spot to sit after a day on the beach although there is no sunset over the water because Playa is in the wrong place! Drop in for happy hour on the bench chairs on the beach then return later in the evening as the reggae music ramps up. Tunes from the neighbouring Blue Parrott club can
  • The Blue Parrot beach bar
    This, the hotel claims, is one of the best beach clubs in the world. Not so sure about that, but it is certainly a popular place for people eater to strut their stuff. Music is loud and drinks are pricey so the best thing to do is head straight for the raised and often rammed dancefloor, which also
  • El Paraiso Bar
    This is a beach-meets-Soho spot. The atmosphere is created through the pastel-colored, faux-leather rectangular and circular beds spread out on the beach in front of a fully-stocked bar. It is a place where you can chill for an entire day or just pop in for a drink after visiting the nearby ruins.
  • Tequila Barrel
    One of the best timed happy hours in town - which takes place only out the back and not on the streetside tables - attracts you to this happening place. The fan-filled back room ramps up the tunes during the happy hour and often puts on live bands for entertainment to retain the crowds. Their house
  • Teorema
    Chilean-owned Teorema serves Chilean and Mexican food in a cozy, intellectual setting. Sit at small round tables among the slightly messy shelves filled with books; read, play chess or domino, enjoy a coffee or a drink and, after 9.30 pm, live trova or rock music from the tiny stage. Requests accep
  • Fonica
    Fans of dance music will love this place, one of a collection of trendy bars, cafés and shops in Container City. The city, as the name suggests, is a type of mini town dedicated to frivolity and built out of old shipping containers. It´s small, dark and perfect for grooving, surrounded by the be
  • Planeta Café
    Funky in a cool way, Planeta Café occupies its own orbit despite being right next to the Palacio de Cortés and the busy Plaza de Armas. With space for about 10 inside, and plenty more seats at shaded tables outside, this WiFi-enabled café creates a good vibe with its arty mod furniture and mellow
  • El Mural de los Poblanos
    What looks like an ordinary closed door from the outside hides one of Puebla's best restaurants. As the name says, one wall is a large and colorful painting depicting famous people from the city. Waiters in suits politely hand guests a menu dominated by traditional poblano food. It comes at a price
  • El Corralito Cantina
    Deservedly popular, this pleasant restaurant, which has a booth for patio seating on the roadside, serves up gigantic portions at some of the best prices in town. The atmosphere is good when it fills up but even if it is empty just go for the food. Try the super 16 inch burrito, filled with meat of
  • Pulquería Las Duelistas

    Inside the swinging cantina doors of the trippy Pulquería Las Duelistas, young dreadlock-wearing hipsters chug pulque in a psychedelic Aztec fantasyland. Ah pulque, that ancient elixir of Mexico made of fermented maguey sap. It used to be that only Aztec priests we

  • Café del Centro

    This cozy café right in the Centro Histórico is as snug and subdued as can be, with a modest number of comfortable chairs and couches in coffee tones. The aroma of various roasts fills the Café del Centro while the baristas deliver strong, rich espressos and heavenly cappuccin

  • La Palapa
    Set attractively under straw roofs this is a good party bar if there is a party in town. The food is grilled on barbeques outside and served up in good portions while the ambience is, reportedly, entertaining especially on weekends.
  • Mediterráneo
    Opened in May 2006 this is the plushest place in town with the best view on the waterfront. The open balcony dining area offers an uninterrupted view of the fantastic scenery while the interior area is spacious and smart. Food is pricey but classy and there is a huge choice of wines up to vintages t
  • El Rincon de los Remedios
    One of the lower budget options on the Malecon, this spot offers streetside tables overlooking the water (as long as nobody parks in front of you!). Food, which comes with a plate of nachos and dip of the day, is very tasty and the service is super friendly.
  • Loreto Islas
    This indoor, fully air-conditioned restaurant is filled with smart square tables covered with tablecloths. Loreto Islas offers a view out onto the malecón, the sea and the beautiful mountain peninsular through the floor-to-ceiling windows. It doesn't hurt that the food is good value for the locatio
  • Margaritavilla
    Located in a lively part of the harbor this expansive and plush restaurant offers good food at pretty high prices. Indoor and outdoor tables offer good views of the goings on along the Malecón and the margaritas are huge.
  • Rene's
    This place is the only dedicated restaurant in town that offers full-plate fare and it knows it and charges accordingly. Most hotels have associated restaurants but if you want to go out for a piece of fish or a steak then here is the spot. The pleasant patio chairs face the quiet road while the ins
  • Disco El Malacate
    This plush place offers the unique experience of disco dancing in a silver mine! A little childish train transports revelers to the entrance where the cave opens to reveal a dance floor and bar. Owners spent millions to set this place up and they boast a type of laser that is only found elsewhere in
  • Hotel y Restaurant Chalita
    There are not many budget places to choose from in town so this place takes the top marks because of its convenient location right in the centre. Rooms are huge and clean but basic and a little rough around the edges. There is a functional but pleasant garden area and the odd chair lying about to ca

  • Arte La Galería
    As its name hints, Arte La Galería is a restaurant with an artsy, contemporary feel. The brightly painted walls feature artwork by artists around the area, and soft jazz music fills the air. The menu consists of homemade pastas, brick-oven pizzas, hamburgers and steaks. They also have a great selec
  • Marisqueria Veracruz es Bello
    Seafood lovers will be in heaven, tucking on foil wrapped fish, shrimp and crab quesadillas or tostadas de ceviche in this eatery painted to resemble a boat. Free shrimp consommé and fresh bread fills a gap while you wait. The arroz con camarones is good value at $6.50- a mount
  • La Casona de la Abuela
    For cheap and excellent local fare, try La Casona de la Abuela in Colonia Reforma, a little out of the center (not to be mixed up with La Casa de mi Abuela at the Zócalo). In return you get friendly and fast service and a lunch menu of the day with three starters and three mains to choose from, as
  • Taqueria Los Combinados
    "Gringas: two for the price of one on Wednesdays!" No, this is not an eatery seeking American girls, but a tasty taqueria offering deals on their white-flour tortilla tacos, or "gringas," topped with grilled cheese and marinated pork. Los Combinados opens late and draws a hungry, mainly local, crowd
  • Vittorios
    Popular with both tourists and locals, Vittorios is a Poblano/Italian restaurant with a handy knife museum upstairs for interested punters. Excellently located on the Zócalo, there's nowhere better to devour mouth-watering pizzas, pasta or fish - especially on the weekend when there's live music.
  • Casa del Angel
    This holistic restaurant, offering mostly vegetarian food, is a great choice for your budget and your body. With a menu del dia, including soup, salad, main, fresh juice and dessert, the health food lover can't go wrong. Four breakfast options are also available with coffee, tea, or fresh orange jui
  • Casa Maria Lombardo
    The Casa Maria Lombardo Mediterranean restaurant takes the cake when it comes to desserts. The rich cheesecake, sweet cornbread and flaky apple strudel are worth eating first, so you don't run out of room in your stomach. The restaurant's more substantial fare includes wood-oven baked pizzas, savor
  • El Portal del Marqués
    Visitors who want to play it safe, and have the wallet for it, can choose Hotel Marqués del Valle's restaurant in the Zócalo itself. Clearly aimed at tourists, the big terrace lined with linen parasols looks inviting. The grill opens towards the terrace, and the bar faces both terrace and inside d
  • Tacos Alvaro
    (Mains: $0.70-$3, local beer-$1.60) No frills, traditional Mexican eatery whose speciality is, unsurprisingly, tacos. Wash down the usual pork, beef and cheese combinations wrapped in warm corn tortillas and homemade salsa in a bright, friendly atmosphere while cheering on Mexican football or luc
  • La Conjura
    Momentarily escape the chaos of central Puebla in this traditional Spanish bodega. La Conjura markets itself as comida lenta- in a country that displays a relaxed attitude to time anyway this is certainly saying something. Tapas, delicious salads and dishes from around Spain are theref
  • Restaurante Maria Bonita
    Traditional Oaxacan dishes are the specialty in this converted family home decorated with local artwork. The menu features most common local fare such as mole and tamales as well as more exotic combinations involving chiles and grasshoppers. Cheese lovers will be in heaven with an extensive list of
  • Mesones Sacristia
    Regional specialities are served with a smile in slightly camp pink and purple surroundings. Mesones Sacristia is a celebrated boutique hotel/restaurant, and although the rooms are a bit expensive, the restaurant prices are very reasonable. Dine on meatballs, mole poblano or grilled meats eit
  • El Jardin
    This restaurant is known for its wonderful vegetarian fare, and its large portions. Located in a grass hut right off of Playa Zicatela, it is a perfect place to relax in the shade and enjoy a good meal and a glass of fresh juice. The waiters are very attentive and friendly. All in all a lovely beach
  • Don Pastor
    For those really on a budget, come visit the Don and fill up on good, cheap tacos in a bright canteen atmosphere, accompanied by families and local workers. Service is fast and there's a selection of fillings, from standard pastor (layers of pork roasted on a spit) to more daring cheek/eyebal
  • Fondo de Santa Clara
    Smiling hostesses in traditional dress usher customers into a large room decorated in historic hacienda style. This is the place to come to sample appetizing poblano dishes in elegant surroundings, while being serenaded by Mexican crooners on the stereo. Vegetarian alternatives and seasonal s
  • El Leon Rojo
    Very good value considering it's right on the main square. El Leon Rojo serves tasty, cheap tacos ($0.70) as well as salads and paninis in a spot perfect for sitting back and watching the world go by. Their biggest selling point is the generous measures of red wine for just $2.50 a glass, a welcome
  • Restaurant Puebla
    Starving shoestring travelers will find an excellent opportunity to stuff themselves silly in this family-oriented diner. For $4.50 you get soup, rice, a main course, dessert (although it's only jelly) and vast amounts of bread. There's good international and veggie options, shakes and fruit cockta
  • Lalla's Italian Kitchen
    Located in the La Grigua Bed and Breakfast is Lalla's Italian Kitchen has specialities from our native Mediterranean kitchen: the warmth of the sun enhanced by a variety of rich lingering flavours, depending on the season and inspiration since we prepare everything with local native organic produce.
  • Restaurant and Bar Sport Racing
    This is more of a snack bar but its friendly owners and economical food makes it a good place to get a feed. Walls are covered with motorsport memorabilia in deference to the Baja 1000 race that comes through San Ignacio every November so there is plenty to look at. Very tasty tacos come with a good
  • Restaurant Bar Condesa
    This simple looking place is a good spot to eat if you want good value without all the hustle and bustle of the trendy bars in this area. Portions are good, the fish is fantastically fresh and tasty and the views of the beach from the open air dining area are pleasant. The only problem is the clashi
    VIA VAI is a modern café serving decadent Italian favorites, including gelato, pastries and frappes. The lush leather seats and granite table tops gives a high class feel to this moderately priced café. There is a small patio to watch the tourists pass by on 20 de Noviembre. The friendly waiters s
  • Falafel
    Very good Falafel place with fresh food and delicious Israeli vegetarian cooking in San Cristobal.
  • La Salsa Verde
    This bare bones, no-frill taquiria offers cheap, basic meals starting at $2.15 for five small chicken tacos. The front of the restaurant contains a huge grill where the chefs cut meat off a spit and cook multiple tacos at a time. The tacos come with only meat and cheese, but there are a variety of o
  • Ristorante Italiano L'Angelo
    Pictures of Sophia Lauren and the Colosseum line the walls in this Italian restaurant. A favorite of both locals and travelers alike, Ristorante Italiano L'Angelo uses only extra virgin olive oil and washes its produce with MICRODIN. Their dishes are made at the time of order (as opposed to places
  • Yick Cafe
    This is a pleasant relaxed cafe on the Zócolo at the heart of the city and is open from about 6am until 11pm offering tasty freshly brewed coffees, hot chocolate and snacks. It also offers one of the nicer settings for an internet cafe.
  • Mita Gourmet
    On the plaza in town, open to the weather - which can be HOT in the summer and windy in the winter.
  • Cafe San Blas
    Tiny on the inside but with a heart as big as the world shone through the plates it creates, Cafe San Blas is a must visit for hungry travelers far and near in Quito. Given it's a family-run restaurant, you'll find the service here is rather personal and the ambiance, too, is on par with it. Nevert
  • La Capra
    This is great for a relaxed dining experience right by the water. Unlike many restaurants on the Malecon, which are split from the water by the road, this place is around by the harbour and has tables right on the water. Food is surprisingly reasonable, especially the pasta, but the drinks are a lit
  • Chez Mine
    Conveniently located next door to the Casa en el Arbol Spanish School and within walking distance of Templo Santa Domingo, the tiny Chez Mine offers cheap delicious local Mexican food. Starting at $1, breakfast, soups, nachos and sandwiches line the pages of this English/Spanish menu. Also on the m
  • Jugueria
    A juice lover's haven, this Av. Juarez corner spot has an array of fresh vegetable and fruit concoctions. You can also get a bite to eat from the restaurant's small menu of tostadas, quesadillas, tortas, empanadas and other snacks. The juices are a bit pricier than you might find at other spots, but
  • Restaurante La Ola
    On a bustling shopping street, La Ola is good for food on the go in simple surroundings. Succulent roast chicken with beans, tortillas, rice, salad and salsa is a bargain at under $3 and they also do hotdog and burger meal deals for the same price. Not so good on the other options- avoid the
  • Cafe Olé
    If you hunger for a 'Gringo' breakfast then do what the Gringos do and head here for a fry-up with a difference. Bacon and eggs come as standard with the addition of refried beans and tortilla chips baked to soft in a spicy tomato salsa. Delicious, especially if washed down by their fresh orange jui
  • La Terraza
    Just down from the main square this upstairs eatery is probably the best value in town. Gentle music makes for a pleasant atmosphere and the food comes in good size portions. Try the fish fajitas for something a little different.
  • 1254 Marco Polo, cocina del mar
    1254 Marco Polo is set in a traditional atmosphere, with wooden chairs and tables decorated with colorful locally made table clothes. The restaurant, known for its great breakfast and extensive seafood menu, drives that fine line of not too elegant and not too rustic. Depite what you order, breakfa
  • Cafe Arabia
    If you are looking for an excellent latte, a well made cappuccino or a tasty frappe, this is the place. The service is friendly and quick, perfect if you're on your way to class or a tour. The portions are generous for breakfast (omelet and egg dishes), lunch (sandwiches and salads) and delicious d
  • La Habana
    Since 1952, La Habana has been downtown Mérida's 24-hour coffee shop, as crowded with colorful characters in the middle of the night as it is at lunch. You never know what entertaining thing will happen while you are at La Habana - you may find yourself eating off of placemats advertising Pepto Bis
  • Co'oten Hana
    Co'oten Hana means “Let's go eat” in Maya. This small, family-run restaurant is a “comida corrida” - a fast food joint that serves a set lunch menu of simple, wholesome food. You get a first course of soup, plus tortillas, rice, beans and a choice of main course. It's usually som
  • El Trapiche
    If you need a break from visiting the sites of the Main Square walk just one-half block up Calle 62, almost to Teatro Mérida, and enjoy a meal at El Trapiche. It serves typical Yucatecan cuisine as well as salads, pizza and omelettes. This restaurant is a good place to try some regional specialties
  • Marlin Azul
    Delicious, inexpensive seafood makes up the bill of fare at Marlin Azul - the Blue Marlin. It's a tiny restaurant - only 4 tables and 8 counter stools - on the first block off the Main Square. Marlin Azul is crowded with savvy locals and visitors who stumble upon it. Make sure you start your meal wi
  • Cafeteria Pop
    What's not to like at Cafeteria Pop? It's a straightforward café - you don't come here for a gourmet meal, but you won't be disappointed with what you order. The entire menu is written on the placemats! Breakfast combinations include juice and coffee, or that rarity at Mexican restaurant breakfasts
  • Café Chocolate
    It's hard to characterize Café Chocolate: it is equal parts coffee house, full-service restaurant, art gallery and antique store. Even the vintage chandeliers are for sale! Extensive, all-you-can-eat buffets are the only option for breakfast and lunch, and they are a smart choice, offering great va
  • Restaurante & Artesania La Choperia
    In 2007 Mexican brewer Modelo launched a line of fresh, unpasteurized beer by the barrel, which is available only in company-affiliated bar/restaurants like La Choperia. Large, airy and open, this sophisticated restaurant is highlighted by a sleek and contemporary wooden bar. La Choperia has both Me
  • Carmen's Cafecito
    Come in when its time for a break from the beach, sit right down, and have a relaxing lunch in the shade. The menu has something for everyone, including some vegetarian dishes. However, some of the ones labeled "vegetarian" include fish, so be careful to understand what you're ordering. The cafec
  • Monchis
    Along with Ice & Grill just across the street, Monchis is a cult student hangout near the university. This is the place to come to recline on wooden terraces and listen to Manu Chao, or generally just to meet and flirt with groups of young people who are skiving lectures. The eatery offers a large r
  • Pane e Vino
    Italian food is as popular in Mérida as it is in the rest of the world and Pane e Vino is one of the city's best choices for fresh, house-made pastas and sauces. Italian natives operate this unpretentious trattoria and while some diners have complained heartily about slow service, you probably won'
  • Karma Bagels
    In this trendy Mexican bagel restaurant you can fill the hole in your stomach that comes after the exhausting trek up the pyramid. Karma Bagels, as part of a chain, is a bit expensive but the dazzling array of Jewish treats is worth the extra pesos. Try the Vasco, Spanish Serrano ham with herby crea
  • La Reina Itzalana
    Food at this popular outdoor market, or comedor, (on the corner of Parque Santiago) is both a riot of color on the plate and flavor on the palate. La Reina Itzalana serves traditional Yucatecan fare to an evidently loyal local clientele (as the comedor tends to be full) until 10 p.m. every n
  • Restaurant D'Al
    Surely not many Meridan eateries as modest as Restaurante D'Al can boast an accolade in the New York Times. The favorable write up this popular cocina economica earned (which is proudly featured on their menu) appears to be well deserved, given their reasonable and delicious offerings. The
  • Restaurant San Miguelito
    This fun, funky and popular restaurant south of Morelia's downtown is crammed with cultural icons and serves inventive regional dishes. Every table in every room is different. The impressive Rincón de las Solteronas (the bachelorette corner) has more than 500 upside-down statues of St. Anthony.
  • Govinda's
    Vegetarian meals are truly non-meat vegetarian at this bright second-floor restaurant overlooking Avenida Madero Oriente. This is not a fancy place, what with its plastic chairs, but it's cheerful, with tangerine-lemony décor spruced up with India-inspired border flourishes and paintings of elep
  • Plaza San Augustín Food Stands
    A bounty of inexpensive street food awaits the hungry traveler under the archways surrounding the pigeon-crowded courtyard of San Augustín church. Each matron/patron and her/his helpers preside over a group of tables, and though the menus and milieu are nearly identical, the competition is fierc
  • Panaderia Restaurant Alborada
    This popular, casual dining room is a place to pig out on what is claimed to be vegetarian food, though some of it tastes suspiciously meaty. Let's just say, this is a great place if you want to eat delicious vegetable-inspired dishes. The enormous afternoon set meal includes: a drink, a big bowl
  • Diaz Taquerias Grill
    This is worth heading four blocks away from the centre of town to get to. Chetumal is not blessed with many cheap or attractive restaurants but this covers both requirements very well. Snacks like tacos and quesadillas can be filling after a few rounds while there are larger plates of steaks and f
  • Onix
    Onix is the funkiest café-bar-restaurant under the "portales" at Plaza de Armas. This is the place where a bevy of belly-dancers might suddenly stream out of the bar and dance on the sidewalk amid the tables. This is the place with the crazy wavy red chairs. This is the place that has a reputati
  • Azafran
    Just off the main strip of Tukum is Azafran, a relaxed restaurant with an ecclectic menu, attracting locals as well as foreigners. It is originally a breakfast place, serving up veggie omelettes, European-inspired fruit crepes, whole-grain bread and bagels as well as the hearty "Hangover Breakfast".
  • Pallawatsch Cholula
    Pallawatsch is Austrian slang for a little of everything and that´s exactly what this restaurant serves- from typical Mexican dishes to curry, goulash or Vietnamese spring rolls. Chef Ana Bredée is a leading proponent of the â??Slow Foodâ? movement, which had its first non-European-based co
  • Kin Ha Playa Restaurant
    This is a nice restaurant with good value dishes for lunch. Pastas are plentiful if you fancy Italian flavours or stick to Mexican and enjoy some simple snacks such as a cheese and ham tortilla, which is cheap but light. The best thing about this place, though, is it is a couple of seconds walk from
  • Los Mirasoles
    This renowned special-occasion restaurant and wine bar has some of the best food in town -- served in a family mansion in either intimate private rooms or a beautiful courtyard filled with palm trees and ferns. With international, Michoacán and fusion cuisine, the sophisticated and delectable menu
  • Diamante K
    This hotel restaurant is a funky place to dine and offers both good food and a pleasant chilled-out environment and several tables in the breezy dining area have sea views. There is a good variety of dishes to choose from including fresh fish and some Mexican-sauced steaks.
  • Amaro Restaurante-Bar
    All roads lead to Amaro, or at least all tourist guidebooks do, which makes the restaurant popular with travelers, who make up the majority of the clientele. This is Mérida's best-known vegetarian restaurant, although it also serves meat-based “international” dishes. Main course vegetaria
  • Pancho's
    Don't be scared away from this good restaurant, although you might be after seeing the waiters' costumes, the t-shirts for sale and entrance wall of Andy Warhol-style images of Pancho Villa. Well-prepared steaks, chicken, salads and Yucatecan specialties like Poc Chuc are served in generous portions
  • Restaurant El Principe Tutul Xiú
    El Principe Tutul Xiú is the latest outpost of a well-loved Yucatecan-style restaurant, founded in Maní and now also in Merida.
  • The Pickled Onion
    There are not many places to eat on the back roads of the Ruta Puuc so savvy travelers stop at the Pickled Onion. Expat owner Valerie Pickles suggests you try pork tenderloin Valladolid-style, meatballs in mint, chicken with capers, or beef fajitas.
  • Restaurant Los Almendros
    Restaurant Los Almendros has introduced thousands of people to the glories of Yucatec cooking at its Mérida and Cancun outposts. But, Ticul is the site of the original restaurant, founded by Don Ruben Gonzalez in 1962. Los Almendros is famous for creating â??Poc-Chucâ?, a grilled pork skirt ste
  • El Zócalo
    El Zócalo is a nice, little restaurant where Piste locals come to eat simple Yucatec food. If you want to get away from the larger restaurants in town and at the ruins that cater to busloads of tourists, come to el Zócalo for “comida economica” and “comida rapida”: both names f
  • Cafe Los Cuiles
    Sink into one of the low-slung wide wooden, cushioned chairs and sip a refreshing limonade, or perch yourself up on a seat in one of the two balconies and sip a cafe while you wait for your bite-sized tacos. An artsy, cozy cafe near Santo Domingo Church, Cafe Los Cuiles offers tasty snacks includin
  • Tlayuderia Las Reliquias
    Tlayudas are a fancy name for a simple, delicious, yet outrageously large tortilla creation that Oaxacans just can´t get enough of. Tlayuderia Las Reliquias on Avenida Morelos serves-up (and is in constant competition with Tlayudas on Libres,) some of the best Tlayudas in town. While most Tlayud
  • Restaurant Morelos
    This small family run place specializes in â??comida corridaâ?, a fixed-price three-course lunch, but also has a menu with a wide variety of Mexican fare. They serve a lot of food for little money, and almost everything comes with tortillas and beans. It is a simple, clean, quick, easy place for
  • El Importador
    El Importador is a popular place in the Zócalo to sit outside and have a cocktail or a glass of wine from the bar. It is a quiet place to relax and watch the people and the happenings in the plaza. El Importador serves a bit of everything: local and Mexican specialties, breakfast, baguettes, pi
  • Cafe Alex
    Originally won over by the tropical patio dining and then the food, Café Alex has become a surefire hit for road weary travelers. Large, hearty and complete breakfasts are the big winners here. Whether you desire a healthy fruit, yogurt and granola dish or local Oaxaqueño cuisine, the variety is
  • Chiapas Organic Coffee
    This modest indoor café just around the corner from the Plaza des Armas is a pleasant respite from the bustle of the "portales" cafés, where everyone is minding your business and wanting your table. Ostensibly a full-scale advertisement for Chiapas, the café has a rack of faded books and pamph
  • Del Jardín Cafe Bar
    This is a great spot to try out the local Oacaxan specialties in good portions at surprisingly reasonable. Its pleasant location overlooks the bustling main square and musicians create a good atmosphere in the evenings. Dishes include Chicken in Mole Negro sauce, made with bananas, chilies and, of c
  • Restaurant Las Mestizas
    Las Mestizas is considered the best restaurant in Piste. It gets frequent high marks from both travelers and guidebooks, all of which are well deserved. Specializing in Yucatecan “comida regional” Mestizas takes pride in its authentic preparation of such dishes as the Tzic de Res (beef mar
  • Hacienda Xaybe'h d'Camara
    Popular with tour groups, Xaybe'h is frequently crowded but still maintains a good level of service and food quality. For a fixed price of MX$120 you receive a full meal of salad, meats and side dishes, and dessert. Beverages not included. A perennial favorite is the Yucatan specialty cochinilla pib
  • Casa Italia

    You will feel transported to an Italian piazza when you savor Casa Italia's pizza from your seat looking out onto scenic Parque Candelaria. Master pizzamaker Eugenio Roscigno, a native of Salerno, built his own wood-fired oven and turns out authentic pizzas, focaccia and calzones

  • Trotter's
    After revitalizing his family's first Mérida restaurant, Pancho's, chef Paul Trotter conceived his own fine dining establishment, Trotter's, which opened in 2005. It counts among its clientele the wealthiest families of Mérida's north side. A graduate of The Restaurant School of Philadelphia, Che
  • La Casa de Frida
    Gabriela Praget, a well-known chef, is the brilliant mind behind La Casa de Frida. This restaurant is a pillar of Mexican gastronomy, with the freshest ingredients served in new and interesting combinations. Chef Gabriela's signature preparation is Chiles en Nogada, poblano peppers stuffed with grou
  • Café Tal
    Café Tal is one of the busiest of several outdoor restaurants under the portales on Cholula´s zócalo. The waiters are mostly students and seem to spend a lot of their time lounging around looking pretty, so don´t plan to come here for a quick snack on the go. The seats are comfortable, thoug
  • Cafeteria Mediterraneo
    Run by a Lebanese/Syrian woman, this tiny place on a street just off the zócalo, serves up mezzes, taboulehs, lentil salad, Spanish pistou, stuffed pumpkin and stuffed vine leaves accompanied by delicious Arab bread. The food may not be strictly authentic, but is a welcome change from endless tort
  • Restaurante La Playita

    There is no need to even brush the sand from your feet when you enter La Playitaâ??or even wear shoes for that matter. It is that kind of laid-back place. The restaurant occupies a colorful, well-appointed, open-air palapa and fronts on the beach, where lounge chairs bec

  • Flamingos Restaurant
    Great fresh seafood and friendly, quick service attract locals, businessmen from Mérida and tourists to one of Progreso's finest restaurants. Broad windows are opened to let in the sea breeze and provide a view of the gentle waves lapping the seashore. Customers are welcomed with complimentary fi
  • Restaurant Saint Bonnet
    Two broad terraces under a thatched roof provide comfortable seating at Saint Bonnet's corner home on Progreso's seaside promenade. Offering a wide variety of seafood to its customers, Saint Bonnet faces the long pier that serves visiting cruise ships. An extensive menu of tasty dishes ranges from s
  • Corazon de Leon
    Weird and wonderful Mexican interpretation of a traditional English pub. Gigantic Beatles heads adorn one wall, and you can make a call or go to the toilet in a red phone box (not the same one, obviously). The various dining options include the London Burger (good value at $5), shrimps, tacos or sal
  • Casa Peon
    Opened in 2008 in a blue colonial house just two blocks from the main square, Casa Peon offers a variation to the â??all seafood, all the timeâ? served at other Celestún restaurants. Innovative chef/Owner Peter Pfaeffli adds international flavors to the surf and turf of the Yucatán, complete w
  • Restaurant Nikte-Ha
    If you would like to save a few bucks and still eat Celestún's renowned seafood, head away from the beach to the main square. There, Restaurant Nikte-Ha waits for you - small, unpretentious and serving inexpensive lightly fried fish filets and other simple fare. Sit inside where you can watch telen
  • Las Pichanchas
    For more than 30 years, Las Pichanchas has dominated the food and entertainment scene in Tuxtla. Some say the eatery is a little showy and pricey, but everyone agrees it is an unforgettable experience. This landmark restaurant, located just six blocks east of the plaza civica, serves regional dish
  • Los Tios Restaurant and Bar
    This quaint beach side place specializes in burgers, salads and seafood. There are a couple of couches by a TV where you may be able to score seating if you are lucky. Los Tios has a full bar, so put your feet up and have a few drinks while you watch surfers riding the waves out
  • Restaurant Bar Chon
    (Mains $10) Once you've been in Mexico for a while, it's easier to get used to the idea that for many locals there's nothing tastier than a delicious taco of brains or of sliced pig's ear. Go to Chons and you´ll understand why. The restaurant specialty is pre-Hispanic cuisine, which in this case
  • Hosteria de Santo Domingo
    (Entrées $8) Santo Domingo is famous for its Chiles en Nogada, or chiles stuffed with meat and fruit, bathed in white sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. The dish is meant to represent the colors of the national flag and elsewhere is usually only available seasonally. At Santo Domingo, you
  • Correo Español
    (Entrées $7) Robust Spanish fare, such as goat, tripe and leg of pork, are eternally popular in this long-established spot. Correo Español is usually packed with families and jovial groups of friends tucking into their tapas and listening to bohemian music. If you want to go you might want to make
  • El Cardenal
    (Entrées $8-$12) El Cardenal serves up reasonably priced, exquisite traditional cuisine in the Slow Food style. Ingredients are local and fresh and their specialties such as sopa seca de elote, mole and chongos zamoranos (a very sweet milk based dessert with the texture of
  • Café El Popular
    (Breakfasts $3-$5) Popular is certainly what this café is, as it's always rammed to the gills with a lively mix of locals and tourists. The food is tasty and of good value, especially for breakfast and lunchtime combos. Best of all, Café El Popular is ideally situated in the middle of everything a
  • Tortas Pepe
    ($2 Tortas, $.50 Tacos) Tortas Pepe is a godsend for rock bottom budget travelers who are down to their last peso. There's no seating area. To eat at Tortas Pepe, just join the crowds ordering up dozens of freshly prepared tacos and tortas from the hole in the wall and gobble them down while you wat
  • El Mayor
    (Entrées $10) At El Mayor you can tuck into tenderly prepared, contemporary Mexican dishes like bean rissotto or chicharrón-stuffed chile on a terrace overlooking the Templo Mayor. The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for enjoying an exotic Mexican cocktail (mango and chamoy margarita anyone?) and
  • El Danubio
    (Entrées $10) Danubio has specialized in sea-based goodies ever since it opened in 1936. Diners can feast on yummy giant prawns, calms, and oysters. The restaurant walls are decorated with celebrity autographs and kitsch souvenirs from the 30s and 40s. There's an extensive wine list with a good sel
  • Tortas Chabela
    This tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery is cheap and popular. Come to Tortas Chabela for filling tasty tortas if you're in a rush or just a fancy a quick food fix. Comida corrida is a good value for $3, although you'll probably have to wait a while to squeeze onto a table.Open daily until 6 p.m
  • Restaurant/ Bar El Pedregal
    Two gigantic bottles of tequila stand sentinel at the entrance to this large eating/drinking/live-music den. Big screen TVs provide sporting entertainment in between bouts of live guitar and cover bands (daily from 2 p.m. until late). The traditional décor, standard food and live entertainment make
  • El Horreo
    This Spanish restaurant specializes in paella, and Horreo certainly looks the part. Entering the small, blue-tiled bar you can see massive bull heads and black and white bullfighting posters adorning the walls and wooden clogs over the bar. All the usual specialties are on offer: tortilla española,
  • Restaurant Trevi
    If you've got a hankering for Beatles music and hybrid Italian/Mexican diner style food, Trevi is the place for you. Red plastic sofas and a jukebox add to the friendly, bright atmosphere and the extensive menu offers everything from dinner deals ($6-$8) to eggs, salad, pizza, pasta and Mexican opti
  • Casino Español
    (Entrées $15) When entering Casino Español, you ascend a marble staircase like a traditional Spanish duque or duquessa into a huge dining hall, bedecked with coats of arms and murals that feature scenes of the Iberian countryside. Casino Español's food is consistently superb and worth the high pr
  • El Balcon del Zócalo
    (Entrées $10) This rooftop terrace restaurant in the Holiday Inn Zócalo has possibly the best views in the city. The breakfast table groans under the load of the ample buffet, and there's a nice lady to prepare eggs al gusto. Hummingbirds (or possibly dragonflies) hover nearby, lending to the peac
  • El Mirador
    (Entrées $12) El Mirador is another hotel rooftop restaurant, this time the pride of the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico. The restaurant serves an appetizing weekend breakfast buffet of strawberries and champagne, plus other morning favorites, which are perfect for waking up. The food is also set agai
  • Bertico Café
    (Mains $5-$7) This bustling café is a long-established favorite of local residents and has a good selection of both Mexican and international fare. Sushi is a bargain, at $6 for a huge platter. It's not bad either. The food is relatively quick in coming and the menu has amusing English translations
  • La Concordia
    (Tacos $1.20, Comida Corrida $4.50) La Concordia is a small but busy café where you can tuck into cheap, filling breakfast dishes. The restaurant is set against the honky-tonk background of the Centro Historico's beeping traffic. The outdoor seating, on a cobbled street, is a good place to watch Me
  • La Gaviota Restaurant & Bar
  • La Traviata
  • Acropolis
  • Los Portales
  • iL San Patrizio
  • Gorditas Dona Julia
  • Restaurant Cazadores
  • Santa Fe
    This cafe-style restaurant is a good bet for a cheap and typically Mexican feed. It is located right on the Plaza de Armas but does not make the most of its position and lacks ambience. The menu, however, offers a wide variety of options and it is popular with locals, which is always a good sign.
  • Salon Corona II
    (Entrées $4) Salon Corona II is a traditional cerveceria that has branched into food. Located on a pedestrian side street that's stuffed with similar cheap places, the Salon features an upstairs, brightly lit locale that is perfect for sitting and watching the world go by with a beer and better-tha
  • Salon Corona
    Not to be confused with SC II, this classic cantina/bar is still the original and, some say, the best. Founded in 1928, the Salon is a popular hangout for local arty types and is decorated with huge photos showing the bar's 1970s clientele cheering during fútbol games. Pastor, steak, cod or octopus
  • Vegetariano Madero
    (Entrées $6) Non-meat eaters will be in plant heaven in this bright, upstairs eatery. The relaxed dining hall has great views out on to the street, where there's often some sort of political demonstration going on that you can watch for entertainment. The service is quick and efficient, with waiter
  • Los Girasoles
    This tourist favorite serves up Mexican/Aztec/Fusion creations. Fried maguey worms or Stuffed Huaunzontles are featured alongside chicken stuffed with banana and rice and coated in mole. The drinks are good value but the presentation of the food is a bit bland. The menu also tends to waffle on a bit
  • La Terraza
    This place is as good as it gets if you want to dine overlooking Mexico City's central square, the Zócolo. Hearty breakfasts come at a price but the dinner menu is surprisingly reasonable for a lofty spot like this and the view is worth at least popping up for a look. Located inside the Hotel Majes
  • Churrería El Moro
    Ask any local and they will tell you a visit to Mexico City is not complete without a trip to try the Churros at El Moro. Many say this is the best place in town to get your mouth round some of these sugary, doughnut-style treats but do not pass up the rich tasting hot chocolate either. And make sur
  • Cafe Tacuba
    This legendary restaurant has beautiful hand-painted murals and tons of atmosphere, such as wandering minstrels who serenade diners with traditional Mexican melodies. The quality of food and service can be a bit hit-or-miss, although the hot chocolate and pastries are consistently delicious. Check t
  • Italianni´s
    If you're not brave enough to try the mystery fried things in the park below, try out Italianni's in the shopping center overlooking it. There's a good wine selection, kids menu, parking and wheelchair access. All the Italian favorites are on offer, such as beef carpaccio, stuffed mushrooms, calamar
  • Giggling Marlin
    If you are into staged party shows and prize give-aways, American style, head here to join in the fun. An expansive spot with a well stocked bar, this is one of the places to try if you are looking for a late one.
  • Tio Molcas
    This bar, out behind a restaurant of the same name, is the most popular drinks spot in town. A roaring log fire in the centre of one side of the room coupled with comfy chairs and small round tables makes the place immediately welcoming and a wide range of drinks are served from the small bar area.
  • La Mina Club
  • 5 x 8 + 1
    5 x 8 + 1 or Cinco por Ocho más Uno is Zhiuatanejo's gay and lesbian bar complete with stage and drag shows on the weekends. More alive during the tourist season, it is a comfortable place for the gay or lesbian tourist to feel welcome. The owner is quite friendly and the prices are quite reasonab
  • Black Bull
    This is Zhiuatanejo's “norteño” themed country and rodeo bar. They play a variety of music, but focus on country. Cowboys and cowgirls will both enjoy this place; however, some nights are just for the mujeres when they have male dancers. The bar has two sections, the back area is a karaok
  • Paradise
    This is a popular spot and combines good value with a laid back party atmosphere. It is easy to find thanks to the bright blue neon signs and it is a good place to sit and drink if you are not up for dancing. Its location, right beside the AJ Hackett bungee, also ensures there is plenty of entertain
  • Tequila Town
    This is one of the most popular clubs in Zhiuatanejo. It's got loud, upbeat music, disco lights, two small dance floors and a full bar. Definitely catering to the younger crowd, this club is a frequent party spot for locals and tourists alike. The funky decorations and the stylish furnishings make i
  • La Catrina Platinum
  • El Hijo del Cuervo
    This is one of many bustling little places located on the market square in Coyoacan, an area south of the city near the university. Nights are lively at any place around here but this spot, which is mostly indoor, has good music and packs in the crowds so much that there is often a queue to get thro
  • Bar Pasaguero
    One of the coolest places in the city, Pasaguero fills up with Electronic music fans every weekend who come here to dance to Mexico's most popular house and techno D.Js. The extensive dancefloor fills up early and stays packed until dawn with the capital's trendy rich kids. Drinks aren't cheap, if
  • Pasaje America
    A longstanding favorite right in the historic downtown district, Pasaje America hosts a variety of guest D.Js and bands throughout the year. It's popular with hip young Mexicans which is reflected in the pricy drinks, but is well worth splashing out for to get a taste of how Mexican youth let their
  • Bar Mancera
    Bar Mancera is one of downtown's biggest bars. It may be decorated like a posh French parlour, but this bar has no illusions about trying to be cool. Pop fans will love the cheesy hits and 80s classics they play. Come with a group of friends and soak in the cantina-like atmosphere provided by the ex
  • Gante Café
    Gante Café is a cosmopolitan disco bar with a huge terrace, situated on one of the Centro Histórico's prettiest streets. There's live music and a selection of alcoholic coffees to put you in the mood for dancing/singing along to the band. If you're looking for a more chilled out evening, try Thurs
  • Centro Cultural de España en Mexico
    The open air terrace at the Spanish Cultural Center is host to weekly house and techno parties, where the young and beautiful of Mexico City flock to boogie until dawn in the shadow of the Cathedral. Drinks are expensive, but you can get local spirits for around $5. The club is popular with backpack
  • Bar Opera
    Legendary cantina Bar Opera dates back to 1870. It's a touristy spot, due to the famous bullet hole in the ceiling allegedly put there by a marauding Pancho Villa in 1910. The modern day cantina is nowhere near as gritty as it was in the days of the infamous revolutionary. Suited waiters bring your
  • La Casa de las Sirenas
    “House of the Mermaids” is the English translation for this lovely bar/restaurant tucked away behind the cathedral. The 17th century colonial mansion was built with stones reclaimed from the ruined Aztec pyramids. Today it celebrates another great Mexican tradition- the Salones Tequila on
  • Easy Lobster
    This place really goes off thanks to its lack of cover charge but its ambience is created by pleasant decour and a good layout. The long red bar serves expensive but good drinks that lead to people dancing on the tables and strutting their stuff on the thin stage that runs along one side of the pub-
  • Tropicana
    This is a bit of a tired spot that seems to be living in a bygone era. The party has moved to Playa Condesa but nobody told Tropicana. It can get busy but the cheap entry price suggests it is trying to entice people in and unfortunately the choice of venues down the road means this one often misses
  • Habana Cafe
    If you're craving a taste of Latin life with a touch of Cuban spice, the atmosphere at Habana Café in Tulum Pueblo will satisfy. Habana's Cuban inspired design is permeated with beats from Latin-infused reggae, Son, Latin house and Merengue. Come for the salsa dancing and our specialty cocktails,
  • Terrace Bar
    Terrace Bar situated on the main street of Tulum is the best place in Tulum for night events. Come and taste the Best Mojito and Piña Colada in Town!
  • Nightlife Summary
    Cholula is, without a doubt, the nightlife capital of the state, thanks to its hoards of well-off students who pickle themselves in alcohol with admirable dedication. Although Recta de Cholula was previously the place to be seen, the action has now largely shifted to Camino Real. Camino Real is a la
  • La Roka
    La Roka is the biggest club in Cholula, indeed in all of Puebla, and it seems to be loved and hated in equal measure. With regular shows involving scantily clad women, fire and interesting ways of consuming shots, it´s heaven for party animals seeking wild times in an exuberant atmosphere. The co
  • El Squid Roe
    This spot serves an all-you-can-take buffet of seriously cheesy music but it can be good fun if the right crowd is in. It is a sizeable spot and is open for food as well as drinks before the evening gets going.
  • Bar Reforma
    An oldie but goodie, Reforma is conveniently located just down the hill from the pyramid. Most visitors don´t need much convincing to recuperate after the climb with a pitcher of $4.50 sangria. The bar has an â??open until the last one leavesâ? policy, so you may find yourself staying longer
  • Xalaquia Lounge Bar

    Xalaquia attracts a young crowd (ages 18 - 25). The music is a fusion of electronic, pop and regaeton, and a sophisticated lighting system sets the mood. The club is hot, crowded, and definitely the place to get to know Valladolid's most beautiful people. Locals call it muy pa

  • Santos y Pecadores (Saints and Sinners)

    Santos y Pecadores is a big place, where you may find yourself packed onto the dance floor with 500 other gyrating, grinding dancers. The equal of Xalaquia in atmosphere and excitement, visit one club on Friday then meet a whole new group of people at the other on Saturday. Don't

  • Iskra
    Although bearing a Russian name, this café/bar makes its own beer with all natural ingredients imported from Germany. Pints of the Iskra Pills go for $2.50 and Iskra Stout for $2.90. Iskra also has a full bar with happy hour cocktails 2 for 1 everyday from 5-8 p.m. The Communist era red walls of Is
  • Bar Revolucion
    With Beastie, Bjork and Greenpeace as names of baguettes and Hendrix, Maldini and Zapata as sandwiches, its easy to tell this bar has strong political opinions and a personality to match. Pictures of Che and the Cuban flag adorn the walls, attracting the young revolutionary crowd looking for some Ma
  • Vinos and Tapas
    A small, dimly lit wine bar located in the heart of San Cristobal's tourist district, Vinos and Tapas easily offers the best selection of wine in town. Each glass of wine (starting at $1.80) is served with complimentary tapas such as bruschetta or popcorn. A few tables and bar stools crowd the floor
  • Bar Circlo/Salon Mundial
    The two-for-one cocktails can tempt in the odd one or two people but the real draw of this small bar is the live music, some of which can be excellent. The stage takes up almost half the bar and the noise comfortably fills it, rendering it useless for anything other than listening to the music once
  • Bodeguita
    Sports Bar La Bodeguita is located in the center of Mahahual, just one street behind the Boardwalk. La Bodeguita, a meeting place for locals, collegues and tourists, opened its doors in april 2009. Locals meet here everynight after work to watch their favourite sports ga
  • Café Central
    This is a funky spot known for fashion, art, and unique music. It is so diverse that you can head there on a Wednesday for a film, Thursday for a rarely seen live music act, and weekends before midnight for a chilled out lounge experience. After midnight, expect to dance to anything from salsa and p
  • La Candela
    Take advantage of a free salsa lesson between 9-10 pm, and after show off what you have learned to a live band. This spot has been around for over a decade, likely due to its lively and culture rich atmosphere. Thursday through Saturday, open until 2 am, are the nights to show up for music and spicy
  • Panificadora Santa Cruz Pasteleria
  • the only cafe creel
    A nice little cafe/art gallery only one block from the train station. The walls are covered with paintings and there is a sofa under the window where you can hang out. The owners are friendly.
  • El Rincón de las Arracheras
    If you've woken up with a craving for meat, your most carnivorous desires will be well and truly satisfied at El Rincón. Their specialty is arrachera, a tender cut popular all over the country, but steak connoisseurs will find a selection of other choices too. At $20-$30 for a main course, it's def
  • El Tulipan
    For authentic chiapaneca food in one of the best restaurants in Chiapas, try out El Tulipan. Inside the hotel Posada Castellano, they serve seafood, chicken stew and a range of local cheeses in a sophisticated setting. Popular with local families with a bit of extra cash, you can feast in a jovial a
  • Café Quiptik
    In the shadow of the Templo de Santo Domingo, local favorite Café Quiptik has a gorgeous view over the Zócalo. They serve a large selection of organic coffee and other locally grown treats, brought into town by the owners/local farmers who run the place. Don't come here if you're in a rush to get
  • Comedor Rosy
    Señora Rosy welcomes hungry travelers with a warm smile and some good, hot food. Her tiny orange storefront is easy for highway traffic to miss, but worth seeking out. Rosy has several meals prepared ahead of time including spicy ribs, baked chicken, and beef in salsa. She can also whip up a fre
  • Restaurant Imperial
    “Quick, plentiful, and cheap” should be Restaurant Imperial's slogan. They could advertise also their convenient location on the northwest corner of the plaza civica. The simple interior and plastic tables are nothing to write home about, but the fixed-rate menu might be. These $4 lunch
  • Baja Cantina
    This is a pleasant and popular place located by the docks where you can stare out at the gleaming white motoryachts and watch the world go by while tucking into some tasty food. Fish is fresh and plates of reasonable size are delivered with a salad or soup and a plate of nachos to start.
  • Restaurant Helens Enrique
    In front of the Parque Central, Restaurant Helens Enrique is a good budget option in the center of town. They do tasty, traditional fare such as enchiladas and salads from around $4, and a good value lunch menu for $5. Service is a little slow, especially during busy periods, so it's not an ideal lu
  • Restaurant Hotel Rossy
    Because they cater to the beach-goer, Rossy's is a great place to spend the day on Playa La Ropa. Get there before 11 A.M. to claim the best beach chairs which are free if you buy something. They will bring food and drink and even adjust your beach umbrella for you. They specialize in seafood, but a
    Mango Moon is a vegetarian restaurant that aims to please those looking for a meat-less menu who still want gourmet preparations. The owners describe it as â??sustainable, eco-friendlyâ? cuisine. Their basic premise is to use only organic, seasonal ingredients to create a three course-meal (soup
  • La Pasta
    Guadalajara boasts one of the classiest Italian restaurants imaginable, with prices that aren't over the top. The service is impeccable and the food is to die for. Any of the salmon dishes are winners along with the steak done with a gorgonzola sauce with port reduction. The salad bar, which acco
  • Sunset Grill
    Not just a simple restaurant, the Sunset offers a variety of atmospheres. Diners can sit and view the beach at Playa Principal in the evening, play pool, use the internet or just sit and chat with drinks and a snack. Also, on Friday and Sunday evenings they is live music and a dance area. They have
  • La Casa Maya
    For authentic, traditional food from Mexico's Yucatán peninsula at budget prices, check out this place! Enjoy delicious dishes that are different from the typical tacos and seafood offered elsewhere. It has a great downtown location, and an al fresco atmosphere with festive lights. The chicken ench
  • La Papa Loca
    This is a favorite of the locals, as their specialty of baked potatoes topped with a large variety of fillings is quite different from the usual tacos most late night places serve. The prices are economical, and because any type of potato topping can be ordered, there are excellent options for veget
  • La Gula
    Gourmet food at a very good price is what La Gula is about. Its location, not too far from Playa Madera and about a block from the canal, doesn't provide much of a view, but walking up its questionable looking flight of stairs is well worth it to try their chef's specialties. They focus on seafood,
  • El Sanka Grill
    Conveniently located in downtown Zhiuatanejo on Calle Del Ejido, El Sanka offers a variety of meat and seafood with a pleasant atmosphere and music. The best choices are their â??special combinationsâ? that give you a variety of meat and seafood from shrimp, tuna steak (recommended), lobster tai
  • La Casa De La Pasta
    As winter regulars at Puerto Escondido (Oaxaca, Mexico) my wife and I are quite familiar with local restaurants, and this year (2009) we were delighted to find a brand new Italian Restaurant that recently opened. Thus I propose La Casa De La Pasta for the title of “Best Italian Food” in Pu
  • Restaurant Santa Fe
    Located in the Hotel Santa Fe and decorated with the leather chairs that are in keeping with the colonial theme of the hotel, the restaurant offers gourmet seafood, vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Restaurant Santa Fe is known for its atmosphere and romantic music, particularly during dinner service. I
  • Pozoleria Las Cazuelas “Rosy”
    In the downtown area, away from the tourist section, this little hole-in-the-wall is very popular with the locals. The pozoleria serves delicious traditional Mexican food such as pozole, a soup, and tlayudas, large grilled tortillas with meat, cheese, and veggies inside. You can buy such dishes, an
  • Restaurant Bar Junto Del Mar
    Junto Del Mar is located on the Adoquín and specializes in seafood. The restaurant offers upscale food and service but is more pricey than other local places. Still, there is a certain personal flare to Junto Del Mar, where the owner is likely to have caught the fish of the day himself. Pictures
  • Los Crotos
    Located on the Adoquín, with an excellent view of the Playa Principal, this restaurant specializes in meat and seafood, but also have some soups available. Los Crotos has seating outdoors; trees and umbrellas provide the shade while plants and rocks create a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant off
  • Los Vaqueros
    Located on Boulevard Benito Juárez, Los Vaqueros (The Cowboys) has a ranch theme . Saddles hang on the walls; the tables, chairs, and bar are all wooden. Street seating is available and Los Vaqueros is a good place to take the kids. The menu is mainly meat and traditional Mexican food. The meat
  • Restaurante Bar Elizabeth
    Located right on Playa Zicatela, Bar Elizabeth is a great little spot for breakfast. At lunch or dinner you can also try their most popular dish, the piña rellena, or pineapple stuffed with seafood. The menu features a variety of seafood (one of the best things to eat in Puerto Escondido) but such
  • Trattoria Bar Vasco Escondido
    This is a tiny little Italian café located across the street from Playa Zicatela and next door to the Hotel Papaya Surf. The service is very friendly. They serve Italian and Mexican food as well as a variety of licuados or smoothies. The lunch and dinner dishes are a little more costly than the
  • Restaurant Flor De Maria
    The Hotel Flor De Maria's on-site restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is on the budget side, but expect to pay more for lunch and dinner plates, which are more upscale. The restaurant has a full bar; the menu is in English and specializes in meat, chicken, and pasta. Flor De
  • La Flor De Zicatela
    For easy, cheap, authentic Mexican food at the beach, check out this hole-in-the-wall. It only has about four tables. Because it is as popular with the locals as it is with travelers, waiting for your food or having to stand to eat is always a possibility. La Flor offers a variety of tacos, burrito
  • La Langosta Loco
    La Langosta Loca, or â??The Crazy Lobster,â? is a beautiful restaurant on the bay at Playa Principal. The restaurant offers a view of boats in the bay along with delectable seafood. The camarones a la diabla, or devil-style shrimp, are quite good. Diners used to seeing their shrimp come as small
  • El Dragon Bar
    Located right on Zicatela beach, El Dragon features hammocks, a thatched roof and a full bar. The restaurant is known for its sushi. Fresh fish can't get any better than that! While you're there, you can talk to the guys playing cards or meet and hold the owner's bird (who is quite friendly).
  • Club De Playa Coco's
    Club De Playa Coco's is part of the Posada Best Western Real and, like the hotel, is upscale. The club charges $7.50 to use the facilities - a pool and bar as well as a restaurant - and is a fun place to spend the day. Club De Playa Coco's serves seafood, sandwiches, burgers, salads and meat. The
  • La Hostería
    Located on Calle De Morro, this is a nice, casual restaurant. La Hostería has one of the greatest varieties of fare in Puerto Escondido, a range that includes vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and creates a fun atmosphere with items such as a pool table. La Hostería is a g
  • Sativa Restaurante Bar
    A peaceful lunch spot or a more hopping place for dinner, Sativa comes with a second-story view of the ocean, complete with surfers. The restaurant has a range of seating:along the bar, tables in the shade and those with a view. Sativa is a nice place to catch some sun while you enjoy a delicious s
  • Restaurant Puerto Angelito
    Located on the beach of Puerto Angelito and close to a little shopping area, Restaurant Puerto Angelito is known as a local eatery. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Area residents stop in when they visit the beach to sample the seafood offerings and the full bar. Though it i
  • Los Busos
    Los Busos, or â??The Divers,â? is a popular seafood restaurant and is often recommended to tourists by the locals who love it. Area fishermen work with the restaurant and the freshness of their catches is a locally renown feature of the eatery. Los Busos is located at the far end of the beach
  • La Tequila
    Offering modern Mexican cuisine, La Tequila is a delightful place for wining and dining with a semi-romantic atmosphere and excellent service. They have an extensive wine list, boasted by the window in the floor to the wine cellar below. Don't worry, it is
  • La Noche Azul
    For something different, try this French-style fondue restaurant. Enjoy a variety of fondue types. Start with a traditional cheese fondue, a warm dip for French bread. Then experience the fun of cooking your own meat in hot oil, and trying it with a varie
  • Santo Coyote
    If you want a romantic table at Santo Coyote, call to reserve VG-6. This table for two, situated under a thatched "palapas" roof, overlooks the elegantly jungle-inspired courtyard full of fancy tables at Santo Coyote. This is also a prime spot to survey the candle-lit ambience of the restaurant a
  • La Fonda De San Miguel Arcángel
    Said to be haunted, La Fonda de San Miguel Arcángel occupies the site of what used to be the Convent of Santa Teresa de Jesús, whose construction began in 1690 and whose tortured past provides the fodder for what some claim are freaky happenings. Nonetheless, nowadays the space is a sanctuary o
  • Café Madoka
    Old men playing dominoes form an invitation-only club in the back of this old-school coffee shop-restaurant, where smokers and brown vinyl congregate in harmony. Open since 1959, this is a fine place to study, dawdle over strong coffee, converse (like "tapatio" journalists and politicos used to d
  • Restaurant Chong Wah
    Chong Wah, though inelegant with its small-floral wallpaper, brown paneling and metal/vinyl chairs, has what could be the tastiest inexpensive Chinese buffet (55 pesos) in downtown Guadalajara. Created by chefs from China who do plenty of yelling in the kitchen, the Cantonese cuisine on the small
  • Boca 21 Deli
    Slightly snobby Boca 21 Deli has almost nothing "Mexican" to it, except for the refried-bean and cheese heaven of "molletes gratinados" on the breakfast menu. Instead, this air-conditioned mainstay (with chalk menus and exposed ventilation ducts) on Avenida Chapultepec has deli delights: sandwich
  • La Insalata Verdi
    College students and others who like a bargain head to this well-ventilated, casual corner salad and coffee shop to consume generous bowls of leafy greens and large baguettes crammed with vegetables. There's also freshly and well-brewed java. The place sparkles with cleanliness though it sits rig
  • Los Faroles Taquería
    Popular with families, this little taco joint sees plenty of action, and not just on the TV in the corner. With its open layout, the restaurant lets diners keep an eye on the San Francisco church, the carriage horses that wait by the square, and any other happenings in the neighborhood. The small
  • Las Sombrillas
    Surprisingly reasonably priced, the drinks and snacks at this outdoor café-restaurant are secondary to the great view of the Catedral across the way. This is one of the nicest places to sit and people watch in the downtown, with lots to see on Plaza Guadalajara, which is not infrequently a venue
  • Pizza del Rey
    This chain restaurant is the only pizza place in town but it is also one of the nicer spots to dine. The all-wooden upstairs room is warm and spacious and has solid wooden tables but the ambience is slightly spoiled by the television in the corner.
  • Luna Creel
    Luna Creel is the cafe at the front of the Best Western hotel, but it feels more independent. Chunky light wood tables and chairs and a wooden floor give the feel of an upmarket trendy cafe and the prices match the looks. Through the back is a bar and further back is a restaurant, all linked to the
  • Las Rejas
    This smart and well decorated restaurant, with its sloped wooden roof, fireplace and chandelier lights, offers good if pricey food in a spacious but cozy environment. There are several cuts of steaks as well as many Mexican specials on the menu and there is a small lounge area for pre or post dinner
  • Restaurant Los Valles
    The menu is the best thing about this place as it offers pork, chicken and fish prepared in all manner of styles all at affordable prices. The restaurant itself is neatly decorated but its cafe-style tables make it feel a little stark and its blaring television cuts any atmosphere dead. Meals are a
  • Los Remedios
    A traditional Mexican cantina, Los Remedios has a fun and exciting atmosphere with Mariachi bands on one side and a bar on the other. The food ranges in variety, including seafood, steaks and traditional fare such as the molcajete. It is all quite delicious. as well as beer and wine
  • La Langosta Loca
    La Langosta is located at Playa Linda and provides service across the street on the beach. Waiters will approach with menus and the fare is typical of all beach restaurants in the area. The best part about this place is that they have free showers available for their customers. Rinse off the beach h
  • Restaurant La Cabaña
    This simple eatery offers a good place to get a cheap meal. Tables are Spartan and the place is brightly lit but service comes with a smile.
  • Birrieria Las 9 Esquinas
    The prettiest, cheeriest restaurant on the Plaza of Nine Corners also happens to have excellent traditional Mexican food, prepared in front of your eyes in a plethora of pots and ovens in a traditional tiled kitchen. A can't-miss dish is the succulent "birria de chivo" (goat stew) served in tradi
  • Chai
    A kinda smug, yuppie-friendly café, the downtown Chai has a blah breakfast buffet but plenty of tables and cushioned places to lounge when you want to check your E-mail via WiFi while eating pancakes served with honey instead of syrup. The popular, if a bit crowded, café has lots of windows for
  • Scratch Do Ouro
    Make sure to be very, very hungry before deciding to dine at this Brazilian restaurant. As long as the hourglass shaped block on your table is turned to green, they will continue to serve a wide variety of delicious meats and other Brazilian fare. Try ever
  • Mariscos Terranova
    Seafood in Mexico is a lunch option, and these restaurants are generally not open for supper. This popular place is crowded on Sundays, so make sure to get there in plenty of time to wait for your table. The quality of this seafood is, however, well worth
  • La Chata
    This is one of the best places in the city for traditional Mexican dishes from all over Mexico. Enjoy chicken with mole (pronounced mo-lay) sauce which a delightful mixture of chilies and chocolate from the Mexican state of Oaxaca, or pozole a
  • La Bodega de la Vaca
    As do most Argentinean restaurants, La Bodega boasts meat. They offer many different cuts and styles of meat all cooked in the style of Buenos Aires. The décor is all wooden, so it offers a rustic feel. The bar is stocked, and the service is good. One o
  • Tres Cuartos
    One of Guadalajara's best steak restaurants, this place won't let you down. During the week it is not very crowded, but on weekends there are a lot more people there. The quality of the meat is excellent, the portions are more than generous, and the chefs
  • El Sacramonte
    It's hard to go wrong when deciding what to order at El Sacromonte. A variety of rich appetizers such as the quesadillas las cibeles, are highly recommended along with entrees such as the crown of shrimp (la corona de la reina Isabel),
  • Tokai
    Looking for quality sushi at a good price? Tokai is your answer. They offer a variety of sushi, sashimi, and rolls, as well as tempura, and other Japanese treats. The bestidita roll is highly recommended. It's a great place for families and couples as we
  • Salucca (in Guadalajara)
    Even with its club-mix soundtrack, dreamy paintings and classy, clean-lined furniture, Salucca has something of the cozy picnic shelter about it. Open since fall 2009, the downtown café-restaurant feels roomy, with its high ceiling and open walls. The menu includes fruit drinks, salads, croissan
  • La Gorda
    This downtown branch of La Gorda, the family restaurant that began as a street stall in 1956 (operated by "La Gorda" aka Josefina García Rodríquez), nearly always has a line outside. Justly renowned for its tasty Jaliscan cuisine, this unpretentious open-air dining room is a good place to try G
  • Restaurant La Chata
    At the downtown branch of La Chata, in the open kitchen at the entrance, a dozen or so women in white bonnets jockey for position. They cook, ladle, roll, pat and otherwise prepare vast quantities of soup, enchiladas and other traditional Mexican homey favorites. This is something to see as you w
  • Café Madrid
    Café Madrid screams old-school diner, from its red twirly chairs at the counter to its waiters in white jackets and black bow ties. Groovy fantasy paintings of hippie women spice up the back room. The menu has diner food like hamburgers/fries and solid Mexican favorites like "molletes" (split ba
  • El Teu Lloc Restaurant Bar Galeria
    Open since 2004, this converted mansion south of Avenida Juárez is a favorite with hip young contemporary art fans who like a demented little film to be playing while they sip drinks in an airy courtyard or check out mini exhibitions. There are couches for snuggling/lounging and a stage for live
  • Il Fiore
    Opened in November 2009 by bona-fide Florentines, this cubbyhole of an Italian restaurant imports authenticity in its simple but noble "spaghetti arrabbiata" or "penne gran ducato." It's a cute, inexpensive place to sit at a wooden bench and sip an Illy espresso while you wait for your veggie piz
  • Cocina 88
    At Cocina 88, the waiter not only hands you your linen napkin with tongs, but also escorts you to pick out your fish or meat and wine. This elegant restaurant in a mansion is a fine place to take a person you admire or wish to impress. The tables are spread among numerous rooms and on the veranda