Mexico City

Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, is a modern, cosmopolitan city with excellent hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. While it has its fair share of problems – pollution and crime are the most obvious to travelers – don’t let these problems discourage you from visiting the city.

Mexico City Museums

There are literally dozens of museums in the city. The one can’t-miss museum is the Museum of Anthropology, which houses the most impressive collection of Aztec stonecarvings and relics in the world. For art buffs, there is the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. ??For children, there is the Papalote Museum, which features interactive displays and kid-friendly exhibits.

Ruins Near Mexico City

There are several ruin complexes within and close to the city. Fifty kilometers away are the ruins at Teotihuacán. It was a very holy place for the indigenous cultures: according to local legend, it was the birthplace of Gods and the fifth sun, which began the modern age. The site had been abandoned by the time the Mexica people arrived to central Mexico, but they, too, held the place to be sacred. The Pyramid of the sun is one of the most impressive in the whole country.