Baja California

Baja Geography

The Baja peninsula is a long, narrow strip of land that juts out from northern Mexico into the Pacific. The long bay that is created by this peninsula is known as the Sea of Cort├ęs. The peninsula is so long (1,300 km, or, 800 miles) that for a long time people believed it to be an island. The climate of the Baja peninsula is one of the driest in the world and the population is still very small. The peninsula is divided into two states: Baja California and Baja California Sur. The region is known for wine making, good seafood, fishing, and tourism.


The capital of Baja California is the city of Tijuana. Located on the border with the United States, not far from San Diego, Tijuana’s history has been shaped by constant contact with Mexico’s northern neighbor. In the 1920’s, many Americans visited Tijuana to drink alcohol, then illegal in the United States, and the city got a reputation as a place to have a good time. Today this city of 2 million is still popular with visitors. They can still drink their fill of tequila, but the city has much more to offer. It is one of the most vibrant cities in Mexico for artistic expression, and there are bullfights, jai-alai matches, greyhound races and any number of restaurants and places to dance.

Los Cabos

On the southern tip of the peninsula, located in the state of Baja California Sur, is the town of Los Cabos. Here, awesome, craggy rock formations jut out of the blue sea, attracting photographers and snorkelers. Cabo San Lucas is a polished tourist resort with fine hotels and restaurants and first-class service for any number of adventures and excursions. The sport fishing off of Los Cabos is particularly good. In the winter, the visitor can go whale watching on small boats that take day trips to see the whales on their migratory routes.

The capital of Baja California Sur is La Paz, a growing eco-tourism and beach destination. Loreto is another popular beach destination in Baja California Sur. Nearby San Ignacio is known for ancient cave paintings.