Honduras Restaurants

  • The Jade Seahorse
    This pleasant restaurant has plenty of varying size tables and unusual decor to match its eclectic menu. Fish, claimed to be the best on the island, comes with a variety of sauces, including citrus, coconut or a soy concoction but there are also many other choices including West Indian vegetarian c
  • Licuados Zas
    This is one of several licuado stands around centro. All are pretty much the same, offering cheap and tastyu blended fruit smoothies. Since many centro-dwellers will find themselves living on burgers and pizza, these go a long way towards rounding out a pretty unhealthy diet. Open till 5pm, seven da
  • Treetanic
    This amazingly unique bar is a labyrinth of bizarrely decorated sections and tropical gardens circulating around a central treehouse style bar. Drinks are the usual prices, which means around L20 for a beer and L35 for a cocktail, but that is the only normal thing about this place. You can sip your
  • Bundu Cafe
    This is a funky place and a popular hangout at any time of the day. Comfy cushioned sofa-benches and a book exchange mix with wooden restaurant tables under a fan-filled roof and plenty of additional seating outside. The breakfasts are good, smoothies and frappes come in all varieties, and the Copa
  • La Palapa
    A large, popular bar that fills up quickly on weekends with locals as well as Peace Corps workers. The big screen televisions around the place usually broadcast sports, but the place attracts a relatively mixed crowd. Cool and breezy, their enormous thatched roof gives the place a great atmosphere.
  • Coco Loco
    One of Utila's most popular evening hangouts, this place tends to alternate busy nights with near neighbour Tranquilo's. It has a covered area beside a long bar and an open area stretching right over the water to make it the perfect place for an early evening drink as the sun goes down while differ
  • Llama del Bosque
    Visit this place to get a real taste of traditional Mayan food with a chorizo or bean â??anafre,â? which is a tasty but greasy dish of minced meat and melted cheese on top of a heated a clay pot served with tortillas. There are well prepared standard meals too if you are not feeling adventurous
  • Via Via Cafe
    Out the front door of the Via Via hostel, this bar/restaurant has a great atmosphere. There is a patio with wooden chairs that leads through to a dark inside area lit with candles before passing through to a courtyard with trees. Music plays all day, the b
  • Tranquilo Bar
    This place runs much along the same lines as neighbouring bar Coco Loco. Good strength drinks, especially the cocktails, make it worthwhile attending early on while a varied selection of music draws in different crowds on different evenings. There is an attached restaurant called The Grill, which s
  • Prestige
    Prestige is a smart looking nightclub that doesn't get busy until quite late. On our visit, the dance floor remained conspicuously empty until nearly one in the morning, when it suddenly filled up. Once the party starts, it keeps up until 6 a.m. if business warrants. Prestige is also the only club t
  • Pizza Hut
    O.K. -so you're probably familiar with this chain. But this Pizza Hut gets special mention because it provides free wifi to customers. It's a surprisingly cheap place to stuff yourself as well, provided you're not too hung up on having a typical Honduran dining experience.
  • Espresso Americano
    Honduras' answer to Starbucks, this chain can be found throughout the city. It's granitas (an iced-coffee beverage) are a gift from heaven on those scorching Ceiba days. Coffees of all kinds are offered, as well as cookies, biscuits and tasty breakfast croissants. No bathroom on premises -w
  • La Piccola/Kate's Italian Restaurant
    This cozy little place is pricey but offers a variety of Italian-based dishes from pasta to grilled fish and meat. Most ingredients are either imported or home made, like the fine fresh pasta and lipsmackingly good desserts. An attempt to lower prices with the backpacker menu fails because it is si
  • Tunkol Bar
    This is where the action is on a big night in town. The long open-air bar has plenty of seating and a good happy hour, and once a month there is a live band playing into the night. There are also snacks on offer and the owner runs trips to the Mosquita area in Honduras through Go Native Tours.
  • Munchies
    The pleasant veranda in this busy restaurant dates from 1864 and it is now a popular morning hangout thanks to its delicious and varied breakfast selection, which includes local as well as English and American, with the best home-made fried hashbrowns, and even Dutch. It is open into the evening an
  • Evelyn's
    This place prides itself on its â??famousâ? BBQ. The very friendly Evelyn has been running her self-named place n some form for about 18 years. Food is cooked on the drum BBQ out front, so the tasty smells waft over the diners sitting on the cluttered, but comfy, veranda above. Food can be hit
  • La Baguette
    There are several bakeries along Calle Peatonal, but this one is the biggest and the best. Sandwiches and croissants are tasty and cheap; their chocolate muffins are absolutely phenomenal. A tart or a muffin, along with a liquado from any of the nearby stands, makes a great breakfast. Seating space
  • Antojitos
    The area around centro is dotted with Mexican restaurants. Antojitos is one of the more popular. Tacos and fajitas are good, safe and cheap, but don't come expecting a gourmet meal.
  • Le Petit Cafe
    Le Petit Cafe is an excellent place to grab a comido tipico breakfast. It also offers several cheap lunch deals. The place is very popular with locals as well as Westerners, some of the wait staff speak English. Open from 7 a.m.- 7 p.m. daily.
  • Mercado Mayoreo
    Just a 15 minute walk from the centro, this open-air market offers a range of cheap food stands. An extensive flower section makes this atmosphere delightful. Food is relatively safe, though it's probably a good idea to avoid uncooked vegetables or fruits. Most stalls here are for food, produce or f
  • El Patio
    This is an excellent place for travelers in search of a â??Honduran experienceâ?, featuring excellent asado, traditionally dressed waiters and, even, roving mariachi. Meals are expensive, but enormous and a relatively good value. Each main course is served with several heaping side dishes, so br
  • Cafémania
    Cafémania is billed as a coffee shop, but is really more of a snack bar. It offers a variety of sandwiches and tasty empañadas. Their iced-fruit smoothies are also excellent when combined with Tegucigalpa's scorching hot summer days. A great place for lunch or a snack.
  • Restaurante Asia
    This towering restaurant offers delicious Chinese food in generous portions. It also warrants a mention because it stays open later than most other restaurants in centro. Their chop suey is highly recommended, and if you order takeaway make sure that they include utensils.
  • Asados Los Toros
    A carnivore's heaven and a vegetarian's hell, Asados Los Toros roasts up every kind of meat imaginable. Mouthwatering cuts are grilled up before your eyes, with phenomenal mixed-meat platters as the highlight. Roomier than most downtown restaurants, this is a good place to take a large group. It's a
  • El Candil
    El Candil is open from 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m., but really only specializes in lunch. The menu is limited (well, to be technical the â??menuâ? is nonexistent) but their food is safe and very inexpensive. At 45 L, their lunch deals are about the cheapest in centro.
  • Restaurante Nan Kin
    Attached to the Nan Kin Hotel, this is one of several quality Chinese restaurants in the downtown area. Portions are tasty and, as is custom among Chinese restaurants here, incredibly large. If you have a big (read: huge) group, try their multi-person combos for an all-out feast.
  • Yack
    Other than Burger King, this is the cheapest dinner you'll find in the Morazan area. The menu is mainly dominated by burgers and sandwiches, but they have a few more hearty platos fuertes. The place doubles as a karaoke bar, if you're inclined to sing. Kitchen stays open until 2 a.m.
  • Las Reses
    A soccer-themed establishment that bills itself as a â??Steakhouse, Karaoke Lounge and Bar.â? They offer a good range of wines and liquors. Although, the food menu is somewhat limited to typical Honduran bar fare -grilled meat with rice, beans and salad. Try to come to watch a soccer game if you
  • Delicias de Argentina
    Nobody does asado like the Argentinians, this is one of the premiere places in Tegucigalpa for Argentinian barbecue. Delicias de Argentina offers heaping platters of imported beef in a formal and elegant setting. Churrasco de entranas comes highly recommended. Open 12 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.
  • Pollo Supremo
    Pollo Supremo is one of the most popular chicken joints in the city. Although it's certainly more upscale than Pollo Campero, prices are not unreasonable. The standard grilled and roasted chicken dishes are available, as well as some more creative options. Chicken fajitas are recommended. They also
  • Duncan Mayan
    Duncan Mayan is something of a local landmark. If you ask a local in centro for a dining recommendation, you'll most surely be directed here. The restaurant has been in business for more than a century, and is open later than anywhere else in the neighborhood. Dishes are relatively expensive, but po
  • The Bakery
    Food here is hit and miss. V!VA wholeheartedly endorses their foccacia, though the carrot bagels should be avoided. The Bakery keeps somewhat irregular hours, but if you do find them open it's a great place to kill your hangover with a quick breakfast before your morning (or afternoon) scuba dive. T
  • Delany's Island Kitchen (AKA Cooper's)
    Run by a friendly local family, Delany's is probably best known for their tasty pizzas. Hearty veggie burgers are also offered, which makes this a good choice for the meat-phobic. Be sure to say hello to Corrissa, the manager/cook whose Caribbean charm is infectious. Open 5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
  • Will's Tacos
    This newly created taco joint consists simply of a man with a trolley dishing out deliciously tasty tacos at low prices. A few garden tables and chairs around the stall create a seating area and if the place takes off expect it to be packed every night as it should offer one of the cheapest tasty f
  • Paisano
    This is a simple and cheap place to get a bite of fish but expect budget portions and budget quality for your money. At the time of visiting, the fish, served with rice and chips, came out very dry and was very much what you would expect from a downscale cafe in a busy town, more than a place to to
  • Mario and Fidi's Place
    For a tasty grilled fish fresh from the sea this place is a good bet, although it is a bit of a step from town. It is as close to a â??localâ? place as you can get in Utila and it probably has the best selection of different fish on the island. It is rough and ready, but as it sits just off the
  • Ricardo's Restaurant
    Probably Ceiba's best restaurant outside of the Zona Viva area, Ricardo's offers an excellent range of fresh seafood and an impressive wine list. Their cavernous dining area is open air, but not outdoors, if you can wrap your head around that. Well suited to families or a business lunch. Open Monday
  • Masapan
    This bustling local bakery offers La Ceiba's finest selection of delectable desserts. Donuts and eclaires are enthusiastically recommended, their sandwiches are also a good deal if you're looking for a cheap snack. They also have a variety of fresh bread, including baguettes. The same building also
  • Comidas Rapidas Royal
    This buffet-style restaurant is extremely popular among locals, offering food in a range of different styles from comido tipico to Chinese. You get charged for each serving, so careful that your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach. Their juices are particularly recommended. A quick, safe,
  • Seven Seas Restaurant
    Seven Seas offers decent food in a basic, diner-type atmosphere. One of the chief advantages of this place is that they don't close midday, they are open from 8 a.m. straight on to 10 p.m. Most of their dishes are reasonably priced, though for some reason their licuados are ridiculously expensive. P
  • The Almond Tree
    Referred to as such because of the spreading tree that shades its customers. This tiny, nameless food stand is Utila's best budget option. Baleadas, a kind of flatbread sandwich, is one particularly delicious 25 L snack. Licuados and pastas are also highly recommended. Absolutely outstanding value
  • Zanzibar Cafe
    Open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., this cafe mainly specializes in breakfasts, though there are some other offerings. The lobster burger in particular caught the eye of VIVA's reviewer, and was disappointed to learn it was out-of-season. Zanzibar has excellent shakes and juices, though the food at the time
  • RJ's BBQ
    Although this grillhouse is only open three times a week, we recommend you fit it in your schedule to check this place out. Dishes are hearty and delicious, second only to Dave's for a good midrange value. On nights when it's open, just about the entire population of Alton's can be found here, which
  • Island Cafe (AKA Dave's)
    This restaurant is run by a world-class saucier who, in a previous life, cooked for dignitaries, including Bill Clinton. Now he's retired to Utila and whipping up his legendary sauces for a much humbler, backpacker crowd. At 95-105 L per dish, this place is a phenomenal bargain. The menu is simple,
  • Asado's El Gordo
    An extremely popular and extremely large family-friendly restaurant with a ranchero flavor. Gordo's specializes in asado and features the usual range of grilled meats. Their outdoor patio offers a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant's massive size means it caters well to big groups. All major
  • Mermaid's
    This bustling, set-piece buffet is an excellent value. It's also the fastest place to grab a meal. Their 90 L lunch combo is tough to beat, their massive Chinese-style noodle plates have received rave reviews. They have a range of ice creams, which is quite handy when trying to combat Utila's heavy
  • Big Mamma's Cafe
    A cool, open-air restaurant that mainly warrants mention for its range of breakfast options, something that's surprisingly hard to find on Utila. Other than that, the menu is fairly standard. There's a range of sandwiches and typical meals at reasonable prices. Open 6 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Furiwa
    $$$/*** One of the better Chinese restaurants, and with huge portions! A Taiwanese diplomat told a friend that this is his favorite Chinese restaurant outside of Taiwan. I'm not sure it's that good, but it's where we always go when we want to eat Chinese. The restaurant is large, with a children'
  • El Puerto
    A high-priced cevicheria with a short menu, but they excel at what they offer. Most seafoods are available and are as fresh as might be expected in the capital. The patio is pleasant and breezy. El Puerto gets bonus points for surrounding the patio with a line of towering plants, strategically place
  • El San Carlos Restaurant
    Whether or not you're staying at the hotel, and even if you're just here on a stopover, you should definitely check out El San Carlos' restaurant. The décor is formal and elegant, but the prices are dirt cheap, with full meals for as low as 55 L. Dishes are tasty and balanced, served with warm, flu
  • Bar in the Bush
    Bar in the Bush is by far the craziest party on the island. This after-hours joint is only open Wednesdays and Fridays, when revelers dance until the sun comes up. On Wednesdays the bar staff sells balloons filled with nitrous oxide for 20 L a pop, rather ironic given the steps taken to avoid nitrog
  • Pirate Bar
    Despite recent attempts to promote themselves among the tourist crowd, Pirate Bar remains very much a local haunt. It's a dance club open only on weekends, not a bad place to go if you feel like cutting a rug. Just keep your guard up, avoid confrontation, and watch out for the one-arm man with a peg
  • La casa de Todo Restaurant
    Located in an interior garden, at Casa de Todo restaurant you can enjoy delicious food, a cup of "San Rafael" coffee (considered Copan's best) or savour one of their delictable fruit smoothies. The restaurant can accomodate special requests. Try their fresh bread, yogurts, granola and famous home-
  • Restaurante El Meson
    This pleasant outdoor restaurant serves up tasty cuisine. Prices are slightly higher than other options in the area. Particularly recommended are their frozen juices, which come in a greater range than other restaurants in the area and provide a delightful respite from Copan's midday heat. Portions
  • Xibalba Restaurant and Bar
    A cozy, candlelit atmosphere and tasty supper specials have made this place quite popular with travelers and locals alike. The menu is somewhat limited, but they excel at what they make. Full western breakfasts start at 6:30 a.m. Victoria, the English owner, claims to have the best cocktail bar in t
  • Carnitas N'Ia'Lola
    This festively decorated restaurant is a tourist favorite. Waiters put on an excellent show, carrying trays to your table on top of their heads. Particularly recommended is Anafre, a fondue-like dish that is the local specialty. Prices are reasonable, and the décor and atmosphere are reason enough
  • Restaurante Las Tejitas
    Although a bit dingy on the outside, Las Tejitas is a safe, inexpensive dining option that features a wide range of local specialties. They also serve excellent French fries, notable in that they're baked, a rarity in Central America. A good bet for those seeking a more authentic Honduran-dining exp
  • Tranquila Bar
    Something of a misnomer, this bar gets downright raging on the weekends. Utila's nightlife is fickle on weeknights, but this is usually your best bet if you're searching for a crowd. They also have a late license, which allows them to stay open after many other bars shut down.
  • Coco Loco's
    This bar is best known for its foosball tables and its excellent pizza. Utila's drinking crowd generally fluctuates between here and Tranquila. The latter usually wins, except for Thursdays when Coco's is indisputably the place to party.
  • Via Via
    Via Via is probably the most popular place to drink in Copan. Cocktails are cheap, service is friendly and there's a constant buzz about the place. Live music is featured twice a week, salsa dancing on Wednesdays. The principle drawback of this establishment is its -relatively- early closing time of
  • The Red Frog
    The Red Frog offers Copan's widest selection of beers. A range of Tsingtao and Sapporo to Hollandia is in stock at this American-style bar that has an international flavor. Red Frog also has typical bar food -mostly burgers and fries- as well as their famous “Hooters Hotwings.” Popular for
  • Wine Bar Cito
    This bar is run by the Belgian owner of ViaVia and Green Apple. It is the late-night alternative to Papa Chango's. The bar itself is quite small, but it's notable because the owner himself is often on hand making drinks. He has an affable personality and he mixes a mean cocktail.
  • Papa Chango
    Papa Chango is Copan's after-hours party, which stays open as long as there are customers willing to drink. As far as bars go, it's not exceptional and is popular mainly because it's the only place in town that's open late. Swings in front of the bar are an interesting innovation and a fun place to
  • La Pelotita
    La Pelotita is an Uruguayan-run sports bar that doubles as a barbecue joint. Known for a festive atmosphere and regulars that have a healthy obsession with soccer, the Latin spirit of this place is almost as flavorful as the asado. Probably the best steakhouse in the area, definitely the best place
  • La Champa
    Just off of Chepas Beach, this thatched-roof bar and restaurant is a great place to satisfy your beachside margarita cravings. It has a nice, tranquil atmosphere.
  • Caribbean Bar
    Despite its somewhat seamy feel, this Jamaican-themed bar is a local favorite. While it's most popular among the younger crowd, it also attracts reggae lovers of all ages. Like all San Pedro bars, it only gets truly packed on weekends, but you should find at least a few people most nights if you're
  • B412
    The biggest, flashiest club in Zona Viva, B412 boasts multiple levels each with different musical styles. It generally attracts a younger crowd, but all are welcome as long as you're fashionably dressed. The place is only open Thursday to Saturday. Don't show up 'til after ten p.m.
  • Pepe's
    Pepe's is a lively karaoke joint that fills up on the weekends, but stays empty on most other days. Beers are reasonable. They also have a simple menu. A good place to go for a lively time, if loud music and singing are your thing.
  • Twisted Tanya's
    Twisted Tanya's is a sister restaurant to Xibalba, run by the same expatriate English family. Food is expensive, but worth every penny. This restaurant offers mouthwatering meals that are far and away the best in Copan. The pasta, which is handmade in house, is especially recommended. An excellent p
  • B'alam Cafe
    Tucked underneath the Yat B'alam Hotel, this is one of the only true cafes to be found in Copan. The B'alam Cafe offers a tasty selection of breakfast and lunch options. It's also one of the few places in the town that offers free wi-fi, just ask for a password and the affable owner will happily obl
  • Jalapenos
    There are a few restaurants around Parque Central, but Jalapenos is the cheapest and the best. It offers a good selection of dishes, the highlights of the menu are their tasty meat skewers. Vegetarian options are also excellent. The restaurant has patio seating that opens onto the park and gives the
  • Restaurante la Tasca de Manolo
    La Tasca offers a fusion of Spanish and campesino styles in the hearty parrilla meals served on a pleasant, outdoor patio. Foods are barbecued right in front of your eyes. Plus, the atmosphere is festive and fun. Open 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Mercado Guamilito
    Walk into the food section of this energetic local market and the first thing you'll notice is the cacophony of slapping flour as baking tortillas are flipped. Vendors here offer a wide range of flavorful local dishes. Though the menu is somewhat predictable (generally chicken, rice and beans), ther
  • Tony's Mar
    This seafood restaurant in Tegucigalpa has everything from ceviche and corvina (sea bass) to over a dozen different shrimp dishes. If it's more convenient, try their restaurant on Blvd. Suyapa.
  • La Creperia
    A short distance from the Mall Multiplaza and the Intercontinental Hotel, this cozy little restaurant is the perfect respite from hearty Honduran fare. Invariably a good sign, the parking area is always full of cars. The ambiance is simple, yet tasteful; and there is a terrace in the back with an
  • Los Cebollines
    Next to the Mall Multiplaza, Los Cebollines is a Mexican chain restaurant with locations in other Central American cities as well. The ambiance is nice and the food is quite good, definitely not your typical Tex-Mex fare. For a group or family, I recommend one of their "meter" platters, which is q
  • Lodge at Pico Bonito
    Situated down the boardwalk, just past the dwarf banana trees and flowering ginger is the restaurant at Pico Bonito Lodge. The spacious dining room has dark mahogany furniture, white table linen and over-sized entry doors. On the simple menu are five choices for each of the three meals a day and pr
  • I'golosi
    The restaurant is tucked away behind the furniture store, Amanda's, and there is no sign. You can enter from Amanda's or from a walkway on the left hand side of the store. There also an outside terrace in the front. The ambiance is simple but tasteful with hints of the Mediterreanean and Midde Ea
  • Gourmet Grill
    ($$$/**)With American style breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, and entrees; Gourmet Grill serves up traditional American fare in a restaurant setting. My son devours the linguini with mussels ($7.00). Our family ate there one Thanksgiving day and sure enough the daily special was turkey with dressin
  • Pizzeria Italia
    Though this pizzeria is (as its name suggests) owned and operated by an Italian, it's atmosphere feels strangely American. It's widely renowned for making the best pizza in San Pedro though, to be fair, there isn't that much competition. Still, food is tasty and this is overall an excellent place to
  • Casa de Campo
    Casa de Campo is well known among Sanpedranos for its mouthwatering steaks. A hearty ranchero atmosphere and rustic décor makes this a great place to enjoy comido tipico in a family-friendly environment. Dinners are wholesome and delicious. Their Castillas de Cerdo, in particular, come highly recom
  • Arte Marino
    This seafood restaurant is one of San Pedro's top-dining establishments, a fact reflected in the prices. This is definitely not a place for the budget traveler. Arte Marino is a festive, family-friendly place. Children will enjoy the lavish, fish-themed decorations. Its food options are a unique fus
  • Elisa's Cafe
    This small, simple place serves standard meals in a snack cafe-style environment. It is handy for a quick bite but quite expensive considering the food on offer. Enter either from the street or through the pleasant Cafe Xibalba, where you could finish the evening with a drink.
  • Street Meat
    On Calle de la Plaza just off of the main square, street vendors sell small plates of barbecued pork and chicken, along with sides of beans, tortillas and salad. This writer ate there several times without any ill effects, though those with weak stomachs might want to pass on the vegetables. With pl
  • Jalapenos
    Service in this restaurant is a bit brusque, but the place is nonetheless quite popular among the local crowd. Food is a fusion of Honduran and Mexican styles, reflected by the festive décor. Jalapenos is known for having the tastiest chimichangas in town. Spacious and family friendly, this is an e
  • Ox Barbecue
    Although the atmosphere of this outdoor establishment holds more like a bar than a restaurant, they offer an absolutely phenomenal mixed-meat platter for 150 L that's possibly the best meal-deal in town. The menu is limited however, and this is definitely not a place for vegetarians. Also a great pl
  • Scandinav Cafe
    A Nordic-themed eatery complete with model-longboats, the Scandinav is one of very few western-style cafes to found downtown. The baked goods are tasty. Plus, they offer a wide range of smoothies and juices, though availability depends on the season. Scandinav is highly recommended for breakfast. Op
  • Chef's Buffet
    Chef's Buffet offers ready-made plates at reasonable prices. Menus are set-price and revolve around your standard rice-meat-and-vegetable dishes. Still, portions are generous, so this is a great place to fill-up on the cheap eats.
  • Pulperia Belk
    This late-night barbecue joint offers tasty, safe, and cheap dishes if you need to charge your battery before (or after) a night at the clubs. Specializes in Latin-style parrilla, and caters to an overwhelmingly local crowd (though in San Pedro, just about every restaurant caters to a local crowd).
  • El Fogoncito
    A classy, Mexican-themed restaurant, El Fogoncito offers mouthwatering steaks as well as an absolutely staggering range of tacos. Decorations are festive and help to give this place a nice, family-friendly feel. If you're feeling adventurous try their special Platillos Flameados, a meat and vegetab