Honduras Hotels

Honduras has a wide range of accommodation choices from cheap Honduras hotels to luxury lodging. Honduras offers some camping facilities (although it is not as common as other counties in Central America), as well as an ever extending network of hostels for backpackers.

Honduras Budget Hotels and Honduras Hostels

There are tons of hostels and cheap hotels in Honduras. If you are planning a visit to the Copan Ruins, you can stay at the Via Via Hotel for $4 a night.

Most of the time, you can find a dorm bed in most Honduras hostels for about $5-10. If you’re interested in your own room it will probably cost you between $10-15 per night, depending on the town. Honduras hostels and all over the map, you might find a place that is clean with a good location for $4 per night in one place and a hostel that is less clean and not so well located for $10 dollars a night somewhere else. It pays to check out every Honduras hostel before you commit to staying there.

Honduras Luxury Hotels and Honduras Resorts

Honduras beach resorts are plentiful and many of them offer packages. If you are planning a diving vacation in the Bay Islands, a stay at Laguna Beach Resort, in Utila, will cost you about $125 for seven nights. Many hotels on the Bay Islands, included diving lessons in the cost of the room.

Honduras Camping and Other Honduras Accommodation Options

Camping is not a common option in Honduras, therefore it might be harder to find a place to put down a tent than a place that rents hammocks or offers a cheap dorm bed. However some national parks do allow visitor to camp and provide tent sites for them, for a small fee.
In addition to Honduras hostels and hotels, Honduras vacation rentals are also available. If you are looking to spend more than one week in one location, this might be a good option for you. On the island of Utila, you can rent a three bedroom apartment a week or a month.

  • Laguna Beach Resort
    Laguna Beach Resort, an exclusive diving, fishing and beach getaway on Utila, the smallest and most unspoiled of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Utila offers diverse underwater topography with over 100 dive sites, all within a short boat ride and excellent shore diving just off the resort beach. This
  • Underwater Vision Dive Centre
    You can only stay here if you are taking a dive course, which is a shame because it is a good spot for anyone to stop. The numerous twin rooms, which in total can house more than 100 people, are extremely cheap and there is always plenty going on because the dive school is right on site.
  • Rubi's Inn
    This lovely friendly place is the perfect spot to stay in Utila. On the higher end of the backpacker scale but well worth it, the newly built rooms are spotless with en-suite bathrooms that would be at home in any smart hotel. Top floor rooms have sea views and there is a lovely coral â??beachâ
  • Colibri Hill
    The Colibri Hill Resort is a small, peaceful resort located in Sandy Bay, on the island of Utila, in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Our lush tropical grounds invite you to relax in comfort and style ~ or enjoy a refreshing swim in our Sweetwater swimming pool. Just a 5 minute walk from the public bea
  • Hotel Excelsior
    This is an excellent luxury option, which offerins all the amenities you'd expect from a four-star hotel and a few (including their casino) that you wouldn't. Be sure to look out for Paola, a charming receptionist whose smile can brighten anyone's day. Amenities include wireless internet, free parki
  • Coco Pando Resort Hotel
  • Hotelito Sureno
    One of several hotelitos around centro. This is probably the cheapest one that we'd recommend, though you will feel the difference in price between here and Hotel Iberia. It's relatively clean and safe, but the same definitely cannot be said about the surrounding street. Towels and soap are
  • Hacienda San Lucas
    We arrived at La Hacienda San Lucas just as the sun was about to disappear over the mountains beyond the valley. It was a truly magical time. The ranch hands were just beginning to light the thousands of candles and oil lamps that bask the 100-year-old property in a golden glow. The main house of t
  • Via Via Hotel
    Right in the heart of the action, this seems to be the place to stay in town. Rooms, all with clean bathrooms, are very smart, decorated with traditional bedspreads and offer plenty of space. The bar and restaurant out front can feel awkward to use as a hostel area without making a purchase, althou
  • Destination Utila Vacation Rentals
    We offer a wide range of private homes available for vacation rental. All of our properties are on the water, have private bathrooms, hot water, full kitchen facilities, and a private deck or other type of outdoor sitting area. We have on-island staff to assist you with anything you should need du
  • Jade Seahorse
    Botanical gardens, six unique, over-the-top cabins. This incredible place was nominated for the Copan Prize. Each handbuilt cabin has a theme and is fully decorated by the artist. Colorful glass and tiles, carved wood and shells adorn the entire property. Personal service is provided for all guests.
  • Diving Pelican Inn
    The Diving Pelican is a luxurious and intimate three-room inn on the beach at Playa Helen. All rooms have air conditioning, hot water, private entrances and baths, fans, purified water, television, DVD/VCRs, and coffee makers with Honduran coffee. A private champa (Honduran entertainment ar
  • Slumberland Villas
    If you're looking for a more luxurious experience while on Utila, there are several outfits that rent out private villas. One of the best known villas is Slumberland Villas, which offers spacious two bedroom accommodations that come fully equipped with a kitchen and maid service. On a clear day, you
  • Hotel Pacífico
    This is a functional place just a few blocks away from the bus station (ask the bus to drop you at the end of the road). The main hotel has clean rooms circling a tarmac carpark which doubles as a courtyard, with hammocks to swing in. It has the feel of a motel and for a bit less cash you can stay
  • Cocolobo
    Opened in May 2007, Cocolobo is the newest and - we think - the most attractive up-market option for your stay on the gorgeous Caribbean island of Roatan. Cocolobo welcomes guests looking for a friendly island retreat. Whether you are a diver or just wanting to relax, you'll love our tranquil setti
  • Relax-Inn
    Ocean Front with: A/C rooms, Fridge
  • Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort
    Luxury Roatan Resort & vacation villas are located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. A Roatan Real Estate development brings you privacy, exclusivity and the comfort of a five-star resort. Enjoy white sandy beaches, Roatan diving, snorkeling, and more. Claim your place in Paradi
  • Hotel Santa Rosa
    This friendly place is a little more pleasant than staying out by the bus stop. It still has the feel of a big functional hotel, but you don't get much else in this town, and this one has acceptable rooms, hammocks and rocking chairs surrounding a large green courtyard. There are free water top-ups
  • Hotel Las Palmas
    Las Palmas is a slightly nicer budget option in centro. Rooms here are clean, quiet and secure. A reasonably good value, all come with cable television, fan and private bathroom. If they're got space, ask to see a few different rooms. Quality and size vary widely, though all are the same price.
  • Hotel MacArthur
    The Hotel MacArthur, located one block behind Los Dolores Church, provides a centrally located, clean, safe environment while you stay in Tegucigalpa. Rooms are immaculate with hot water, cable TV, telephone, and air conditioning if requested. The hotel has a small swimming pool, secure parking are
  • Hotel Hedman Alas
    Attractive, newly furnished rooms make this place an excellent value for your money. Rooms come with cable television and hot water. Smoking is not permitted.
  • Plaza Hotel
    An excellent choice for anyone who's nostalgic for the '70s. The boxy couches and the wall paintings —even the hairstyles of the staff— everything here looks like it's been beamed out of a distinctly groovier time. Rooms are big, bright and feature air conditioning and cable TV, but unfort
  • Hotel Granada
    Although the décor of this place hardly inspires, its friendly service more than makes up for this shortcoming. In fact, its bright fan-rooms are probably the best deal around. One particularly cool feature of the rooms is that, due to strategically placed windows, a pleasant breeze is almost cons
  • Hotelito Goascoran
    Grimy and wholly without character, the Goascoras has an atmosphere that's neither clean nor particularly safe. Still, it's cheap.
  • Mango Inn
    Walk through Mango Inn's swinging, saloon-style gates and you've entered a different world. Trees hang heavily over peaceful gardens, and lizards scurry across the paths. The place has a breezy, romantic atmosphere and is equipped with a mid-sized freshwater pool. They also rent out a fully-furnishe
  • Hotel Nan Kin
    Although the overwhelming majority of Chinese migrants to Honduras have opened restaurants, the Chong family boldly bucked this trend by setting up a hotel —attached to a restaurant. This place is an outstanding budget deal. 185 L gets you a spacious, clean room with a fan, private bathroom and
  • The Relax Inn
    A good midrange option. These rooms have air conditioning, a refrigerator and hot water. Rooms are clean, with a new and fresh feel. The staff provides a pleasant and friendly service. A nice garden and a seaside balcony complete the comfortable atmosphere. Rooms are non-smoking and the Inn does not
  • Hotel La Fuente
    This hotel offers a beach view, though sadly not from the rooms themselves, which were perplexingly designed facing the other direction. Rooms are immaculately clean and quite comfortable, and the place has a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Still, if you're in the market for a hotel within this p
  • Hotel Principe
    Due to the impressive range of wildlife observed in the corridors and rooms of the Hotel Principe, we would hesitate to recommend this place to any but the most enthusiastic amateur entomologist. Rooms have private bathrooms with faucetless showers, some rooms are attached to an airy and pleasant ba
  • Nightland
    Probably one of the most unusual places to stay in the whole country, this place sits at the back of the unique Treetanic bar and offers luxurious accomodation but at a price to go with it. Private bathroom and air conditioning comes with the lofty pricetag, but what you are paying for is the chanc
  • Freddy's Place
    This set-up offers eight pleasant little apartments each with two separately-rented twin rooms, shared bathroom and a kitchen/diner area. They are in good condition and well equipped but the bulding is quite a walk from the centre of town, which could become an inconvenience.
  • Hotel Alvarez
    Hotel Alvarez is pleasant, bright, clean and quiet. Rooms come with televisions and either AC or a fan, depending on the price. It's a nice hotel, and there's nothing wrong with it, but this reviewer found nothing significant that made this place better than the far cheaper Hotel Granada.
  • Hotel Olas del Mar
    For whatever reason, La Ceiba has very few hotels that offer a seaside view. Hotel Olas del Mar does, which explains why you're paying so much for their large but spare and uninspiring rooms. The hotel is quite clean, if a bit dull. By far its best feature are sunny, seaward looking balconies. Hot w
  • Gran Hotel Paris
    With beautiful rooms, a central location and a bright poolside patio, the Gran Hotel Paris is one of Honduras' best deals. Rooms are bright and clean, with balconies overlooking either the pool or the street air conditioning, cable television and hot water. The hotel also hosts a bar and a travel ag
  • Caribbean Coral Inn - Tela
    Five rustic-rustic cabins, built around a tropical garden, right on the beach and only 30 yards from the foamy Caribbean sea waves.
  • Cooper's Inn
    Cooper's is run by the same friendly women as neighboring Delany's Island Kitchen. The Inn offers impeccably clean, furnished apartments with pleasant views of the lagoon, rather than the beach. All the standard rooms also include air conditioning, cable television and hot water. A fairly good deal.
  • Hotel Bavaria
    The Hotel Bavaria is a quiet, well-kept and neat hotel that's maintained with a classic German efficiency. Rooms have fans and private bathrooms. The place is well off of the main road, which means a significant hike for diving and activities, but also provides a quieter atmosphere.
  • Hotel Trudy
    This charming wooden complex is part of Underwater Vision's dive center. A view of the ocean and frequent activity around the popular volleyball net makes this a pleasant and fun place to stay. Although the dorms are not particularly impressive, their $45 suites are what truly warrant this special w
  • Hotel Rose
    Centrally located and reasonably priced, the Rose is a good choice for any traveler looking to get away from the hectic pace of the dive-center affiliated hotels. Rooms are pleasant and clean, even if a bit blandly decorated.
  • Caribbean Dreams
    Another good option for long-term stays, Caribbean Dreams, offers fully furnished rooms with AC, cable television and internet access. Apartments are quite new, and very clean. It's a good deal. One that's not lost on Utila's resident ex-pat population, which is why these apartments are often full.
  • Gran Hotel Krystal
    The Krystal offers a wide range of rooms at different prices. The place is safe enough, but it smells cleaner than it looks. The bathrooms also lack toilet seats, a particular pet-peeve (come on -how expensive can they be?). Rooms are not bad, but generally speaking you can find better value for the
  • Hotel Loma Vista
    These rooms are basic and bare, but cheap. The place has no view and little character, but receives good reviews from other travelers. There are hammocks and a small kitchen. At 120 L for a double room, it's certainly the cheapest option you'll find as a non-diver.
  • Lagoon View Apartments
    These apartments are an excellent choice for long-term visitors. Although, they generally discourage short-term visitors, which is evident by the steep jump from monthly rates ($300) to weekly ones ($100). Rooms are clean and quiet. They're also quite well furnished; they have an excellently equippe
  • Palms Hotel
    This very quiet hotel is affiliated with Utila Watersports, though non-divers are just as welcome. The location and view of the dock are absolutely unbeatable, as is the immaculate kitchen. Rooms are non-smoking and there's less of a party atmosphere. Discounts to the listed prices are available to
  • Hotel Granada
    There are three Hotel Granadas all located within a couple blocks. They all provide basically the same quality of room for the same price. All are new and freshly painted with clean, bright and well-kept rooms. Generally a pretty good deal, though some might find the paint job a little tacky. The ex
  • Hotel Maria Jose
    A slightly more upscale hotel near the bus stations, the extra cash buys you a nicer room with cable TV. We didn't think it was worth the extra cash, but that's what happens when you're the penny-pinching type.
  • Hotel Don Moises
    Hotel Don Moises is one of only three places in Copan to offer budget accommodation for the solo traveller. $5.25 buys you a dorm bed whilst $10 (if you barter) gets you your own room, a TV and private bathroom with hot water. Family run and family lived in, this place sometimes feels more like a ho
  • El San Carlos
    Those with a little more cash in their pocket will prefer this quiet, clean and conservative hotel across the street for the Hotel Central. Their charming, tidy rooms come equipped with TV, minibar, and air conditioning. There's also a swimming pool located on their handsome terrace. Not a place to
  • Carrillos Hotel
    Carrillo´s Hotel is a new colonial-style hotel, located two blocks from the central park in Copan Ruinas. Our excellent location gives you the opportunity to explore the town and visit its main tourist attractions, such as: the Mayan Ruins which have been declared by UNESCO as World Cult
  • Plaza Copan Hotel
    Plaza Copan is far and away the nicest midrange option in the city. Rooms are big and well-lit, and each features a spacious private balcony. Strategically placed greenery shade and cool the hotel's many terraces, and contribute to a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The hotel is centered around a s
  • Hotel Acropolis “Maya”
    Hotel Acropolis is an upscale place offering purified water, air conditioning and centrally heated water. Second floor rooms are much nicer than those on the first floor, with charming balconies and better ambiance. By far the highlight is the hotel's rooftop patio. Adorned with a lush and fragrant
  • Hotel Popol-Noh
    This hotel offers basic, somewhat spartan rooms. Location is central, and staff are friendly and accommodating, but visitors may feel that the place is rather overpriced. Certainly better deals are to be found in the area. A pleasant garden in the back is the hotel's best feature.
  • Hotel Yaragua
    Although not quite as clean as the other hotels in the area, Hotel Yaragua's towering greenery gives it a far better ambiance. Singles on the first floor are somewhat dank, and would benefit from more light. But the second floor rooms, which are the doubles and triples, are much nicer with sweeping
  • Hotel Central
    Located 5-10 minutes walk down the street from the bus station, on the right-hand side. It is by far the cheapest option in the area for those who don't care where they sleep. Rooms are less than immaculately clean, and have the warmth and charm of a crypt. Still the place is quite safe, with sturdy
  • Banana Republic
    Viva Travel strongly warns readers to avoid this hostel due to serious problems with security. At time of review (May 2008), Banana Republic was in the midst of a rash of burglaries, brought about by their lax and at times irresponsible attitude toward their guests' safety. We witnessed unknown loca
  • Don Moises Guesthouse
    Don Moises is a small, neat, family-run hostel with a friendly atmosphere. Beds are comfortable, and all dorm rooms come equipped with cable televisions and bathrooms. At the time of review the hostel was somewhat underwhelming, but in the midst of an ambitious renovation set to be completed by win
  • Roatan Village Resort
    Roatan Village Resort is an environmentally friendly Roatan Real Estate resort with a community feel, on the Caribbean Island of Roatan. Located on a lush 16 acres with private villas and condominiums.
  • Utopia Village
    Utopia Village is a diving and spa resort. This casually elegant and eco-friendly hotel complex is nestled in the lush tropical jungle on the edge of a beautiful sandy beach with abundant coral reefs. The hotel owners live on site assuring the utmost attention to customer service and details. Caribb
  • Hostal en la Manzana Verde
    Probably the most popular hostel in town, The Green Apple offers friendly staff and comfortable beds, though not much else. Surprisingly dull compared to the rocking atmosphere of Via Via, this affiliate hostel drew the ire of some travelers during our visit for their strictly enforced 11pm curfew.
  • Hostal Tamarindo
    The Hostal Tamarindo features comfortable beds, clean bathrooms and a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, since dorm beds costing 200L a night (double the price of a private room downtown), it's also the most overpriced hostel in Honduras. This is partly due to a lack of competition, but also becaus
  • Amsterdam 2001
    Run by an affable Dutch ex-pat, Amsterdam 2001 is a longtime backpacker's hangout. Rooms are hit and miss when it comes to cleanliness, but the place is secure and quiet. It also has the advantage of being just a stone's throw from La Ceiba's famous club district. A good option for backpackers.
  • Alton's
    Dorm accommodations, though not remarkable, are not particularly awful. Some rooms open onto a wonderful seaside view. Their showcase “balcony room” is quite nice, generally it's only rented to diving groups of three or more. Still, it's difficult to see why one would stay at Alton's if th
  • Roatan Backpackers' Hostel
    Roatan Backpackers' Hostel offers clean and inexpensive accommodations, including dorm rooms and a studio apartment. Hot water showers, cooking facilities, porch, pool access. Walking distance to the botanical gardens, the dolphins at the Institute of Marine Science.
  • Hotel Marina Copan
    From its artificial streams to its impeccably dressed staff, Marina Copan absolutely drips luxury. Rooms are situated on pleasant private gardens, with the gentle trickling of running water providing a soothing background. Live music is a regular feature in the evenings, though don't expect things t
  • Pasada Macanudo
    A tidy, if slightly drab alternative a few blocks off of the main square. Rooms are $15 flat rate, but contain three beds each, so the hotel is best suited to groups of that size. For an extra $2.50 you can upgrade to an air conditioned room, with breakfast included. The best feature is a pleasant s
  • Hotel Posada del Angel
    A calm, peaceful and luxurious place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Tegucigalpa. Rooms feature 24-hour hot water, cable TV and A/C. Most rooms also have a lovely poolside balcony.
  • Hotel Quan
  • Hotel Iberia
    Probably the most popular backpacker lodging in Barrio Centro, the Hotel Iberia is an excellent value. Rooms are clean, safe and hot water is available in the mornings. The hotel's day-receptionist is friendly and full of information, and the night man is endearingly paranoid. The one drawback to th
  • Real Intercontinental Hotel
    One of Tegucigalpa's finest hotels, the Intercontinental also is conveniently located right next to Multiplaza Mall, so shopping and movie theaters are at your disposal. The hotel features a charming outdoor pool and hot tub, gym, free airport shuttle and parking.
  • Hotel Prado
    The dark décor of Hotel Prado's lobby gives way to surprisingly bright and airy rooms. Unfortunately, this hotel has definitely seen better days. Although the Plrado's aging furniture somehow manages to look hip and retro, the '70s furniture in the Prado just looks beaten-up. Management would also
  • Hotel K(C)aribean
    Probably the best value for a room near the bus station, particularly for their double rooms that sleep up to four. The hotel is very safe and clean, with friendly service and a 24-hour reception.
  • Tegucigalpa Marriott Hotel
    The Marriott has a location in Tegucigalpa, with all the usual features (wireless internet, gym, business center, etc...). Staff here also arranges tours to Valle de Angeles, Santa Lucia and the La Tigra rainforest. An American brand, but a comfortable, plush option.
  • Hotel Casa Grande Bed and Breakfast
  • San Grias
  • Los Jicaros Hotel
    Tucked away in a small side street near San Pedro's main plaza, Los Jicaros is a pleasant, friendly and well-kept hotel. The place is surprisingly quiet considering its central location. If you're willing to spend a little extra, you can get a luxury room with a jacuzzi. Their media center and conve
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel
    The Crowne Plaza is the most expensive of San Pedro's central hotels, and offers all the amenities that you'd expect from a five-star hotel. A top-rated restaurant, a stylish and absurdly overpriced bar, and a fully-equipped health club and spa are just a few of the hotel's features. All rooms have
  • Gran Hotal Sula
    The Gran Hotel towers grandly over the main square, offering luxury and unmatched convenience. Given the opulence of the place, the price is actually quite reasonable. $104.40 will get you a plush room equipped with a flat-screen television, work station, and a balcony overlooking either the pool or
  • Gran Hotel Conquistador
    The Gran Hotel Conquistador would be best described as a budget hotel posing as a midrange. While rooms are reasonably clean and contain all the amenities you might expect (cable television, air conditioning, etc.), there really isn't anything that sets it apart from the much cheaper options in the
  • Hotel Palma Comfort
    The hotel's bright, pleasant reception area gives way to rooms that are dull and somewhat disappointing. While we wouldn't call this place a bargain, nor would it be fair to say it's overpriced. It is a reasonably clean and safe choice for the budget traveler. All rooms have cable television and bat
  • Hotel Maya Copan
    The Hotel Maya Copan is an excellent place to stay. Spotlessly clean and richly decorated, the hotel features a bar, a restaurant and an internet cafe. A great value for the price, this is probably San Pedro Sula's best midrange option. The hotel is located in the heart of San Pedro's downtown, and
  • Hotel San Juan
    Although this hotel doesn't rate very highly on the charm scale, it's probably the best option for the pure budget traveler. It's safe, centrally located and offers private rooms for as low as 100L or 150 L if you want a bathroom. Try to land one of the rooms that has windows facing out onto the bal
  • Hotel San Jose
    Just down the street from Hotel San Juan is another, somewhat scuzzier budget option. Rooms are basic: a fan, a bed, a bathroom and, if you're lucky, a window. Still, at 150 L it's a reasonable option for the budget traveler. It's quite secure and relatively clean as well, though mind you don't go w