Honduras Activities

Things to do in Honduras on the Caribbean Coast

The Bay Islands just off the coast the mainland is on of Honduras’ most popular tourist destination. The three islands, Utila, Roatán and Guanaja are home to the world’s second-largest coral reef. Utila and Roatán are especially known for their diving schools.

Things to do in Honduras—Mosquito Coast

Adventurous travelers can spend weeks exploring the Mosquito Coast, which is a large rainforest located in northeast part of the country. This section of Honduras is rich in plans and wildlife and is inhabited with native tribal groups that still practice traditional lifestyles.
Things to do in Honduras—Western Honduras

The most popular attraction in Western Honduras in certainly the ruins at Copan which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the ruins, there are museums, and several archeological points of interes nearby.

  • Scuba Diving
    "A bad day diving is better than a good day at work," says a sticker on the dock at Anthony's Key Resort. But, I don't believe there is ever a bad day of diving on the island of Roatan. Throughout the week, we were treated to a healthy barrier reef (the second largest in the world after the Great
  • Old Airport Beach
    This is probably the nicest beach near town and is only a 10 minute walk away. You can either pay to get into the resort and enjoy a nice sandy beach with natural straw shade umberellas or walk straight past and find a free patch of sand, although the beach in that area is not even really a beach.
  • Parque la Concordia
    Apparently the designers of this small, pleasant park couldn't decide between an ancient Mayan motif and a petting zoo, so they decided to combine the ideas. It's a rather surreal experience to see ducks and rabbits cavorting amid model Mayan pyramids. This place definitely wins the award for Teguci
  • Parque Herrera and Teatro Bonilla
    Apart from shade and seats, which are strangely difficult to sit on, there's very little that this park has to offer visitors. On the other hand, the theater across the road should definitely be on the itinerary of anyone with an interest in the arts. Although it's somewhat unimpressive as an attrac
  • Parque Central
    Also known as Plaza Morazan, this is definitely the place to go if you feel like listening to crazy Hondurans rant about religion and/or politics. There's almost always someone screaming next to the large equestrian statue of Morazan, watched by a crowd that alternates between apathy, bemusement an
  • Blue Bayou
    This is a good spot for a half day trip to the beach and a snorkelling site. The road heads out of the main part of town for about five-to-ten minutes to a small sandy beach, which can become busy on windy days when dive boats are stuck in the harbour. There are a couple of bars to get drinks and a
  • Whale Shark Spotting
    Whale sharks are resident in Utila all year round, but are most prevalent in March and April, when as many as 30 can be around in the area. WSORC works on conserving these creatures, plotting their migratory habits and tagging them, and they like to get people involved. They offer five-hour trips
  • The Ruins of Copan
    The Ruins at Copan are believed to have been inhabited by the Maya as early as 1200 BC and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not as impressive in size as Tikal in Guatemala or pre-Columbian ruins in Mexico, the Copan Ruins n
  • Run to the Sun
    This once-weekly trip offers a bit of everything Utila has to offer. The boat first heads out to the North side, to Turtle Harbour, for the first dive or snorkel then spends time looking for whale sharks before a diving or snorkelling a second site. The boat then heads for the Cays, where a tradit
  • Snorkel or Dive trip
    The main reason to come to Utila for most people is to dive, but even if you are only snorkelling the island has plenty to offer. To snorkel the best sites it is best to take a boat, to dive it is obviously essential, and many companies offer places for either on boats that leave the docks at arou
  • Las Sepulturas
    Don't miss this interesting place just because it is not on the main site - as the location of many original homes it offers a great insight into how the Mayans of Copan went about their daily lives. There are office buildings, homes with beds and tables, very impressive tombs and some nice carving
  • Copan Ruins Tour
    This is the reason for coming here, so it is best to do it properly. Entry to the site is pricey but it is worth splashing out even more for a guide, especially if you can get a group together to make it cheaper, as you learn so much more. Tours take around two hours but give yourself probably doub
  • Parque la Leona
    Getting to this place requires either a taxi ride or a long, sweaty, uphill climb, but either are worth it to enjoy one Tegucigalpa's most charming parks. Green and well-shaded, this place offers a breathtaking view of the city. A perfect spot to just sit.
  • Zoo and Cristo Picacho
    Look to the north and you're bound to notice a massive statue of Jesus gazing benignly down at the city. This is Cristo Picacho, whose perch offers a fantastic view of Tegucigalpa. If you want to pay him a visit catch the Hatillo bus -it runs right along Ave. Cristobal Colon, before ascending into t
  • Stand Up Paddleboards (sup)
    Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) have made their way to Utila!

    If you haven't tried Stand up paddleboarding, think of it like kayaking standing up- or "walking on water" is what a lot of people say. Its becoming really popular worldwide - the boards are wider, longer, and more stable than a sta
  • Parque de Valle
    Named after the Honduran economist, this little plaza is generally remarkable and offers a somewhat standard combination of trees, shaded-benches, etc... You may be interested in checking out the Museo Historico Militar that branches off of the square, but only if you're serious war buff. Exhibits a
  • Hiking
    The best trekking options are in the Bejuco area, a birder's paradise with toucans, parrots, and many other beautiful species. Many tour operators feature guided hikes, including an optional overnight camping stay for $106. This allows you to be there for the crack of dawn, when birds are at their m
  • Kayaking
    Kayaking is another popular water sport around Utila. Many dive shops will offer free kayaks to divers who have signed up for a course. It's best to look into this, if you're keen on both activities. In addition to pleasant trips along the beaches, it's possible to kayak all the way to the north sid
  • Caving
    Visiting some of the island's freshwater caves is one of the most pleasant activities on Utila, especially after several days of saltwater diving. There are two sets of caves, one located on Pumpkin Hill and the other near the airport. The Pumpkin Hill caves are exceedingly difficult to get to; a mu
  • Beaches
    During our stay in La Ceiba we heard some seriously negative reviews of the beaches and, indeed, they're nothing to scream about. Waters are dirty and not pleasant for swimming; the general area just isn't very nice. Head there if you're desperate for some sun, otherwise wait until you get to the is
  • Parque Swinford
    This delightful park comes courtesy of the Standard Fruit company, and is decorated with several of their rusting trains. One of these is open to exploration, a fun activity for kids or anyone with an interest in trains. The park itself is a wonderful place to relax. The spreading trees and the sing
  • Chepas Beach
    About 15 minutes from the crossroads, Chepas Beach is probably the most accessible beach for sunbathing. The sand is nice. And, the waters here are relatively free of boat traffic, not including kayaks. Chepas is probably the most convenient place for those desperate to get a tan before their trip h
  • Bay Islands Diving
    The vast majority of visitors to the Bay Islands come for the excellent diving opportunities. There is an abundance of coral, and a wealth of native aquatic life. Perhaps just as significantly, Utila is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your dive certification. If you've never SCUBA div
  • Macaw Mountain
    Bird lovers visiting Copan might be interested in checking out Macaw Mountain, a pleasant bird park and nature reserve five minutes outside of the city. The park was founded by an American businessman in 2003 to house his collection of rescued parrots and toucans. As you might expect, the birds are
  • Plaza Central
    A pleasant park that's shadowed by the city's old church, this is a nice spot to just sit and relax. There's a wonderful small-town feel to the place as you watch children play and old women gossip under the shade of the spreading fruit trees. There's an Espresso Americano on one side of the park, i
  • Kayaking/Rafting
    The area's rivers and lagoons have made La Ceiba a popular place for water sports. Rafting is more challenging during the wet season than the dry. Tour operators here offer a half-day excursion for $30-$38. Kayaking through the area's lagoons or mangrove wetlands is also popular. This is arranged th
  • Galeria Nacional de Arte
    This gallery houses everything from pre-Colombian to modern works, with a focus on Honduran artists such as Pablo Zelayo-Sierra. The museum is worth seeing if you're exploring Tegucigalpa, since it only takes around an hour to walk through.
  • Cathedrals
    Aficionados of religious architecture are bound to be a little disappointed in San Pedro Sula. Considering that the city dates back nearly five centuries, its two cathedrals are both rather unimpressive. The main Catedral on Parque Central only dates back to 1949 and is drably functional. There is a
  • Finca El Cisne
    Although the various travel agencies around Copan offer several finca (farm) tours, Finca El Cisne offers the most authentic taste of rural Honduran life. The finca has been owned and run by the same family for more than a century. Founded as a coffee plantation, today El Cisne raises cattle and hor
  • Los Sapos
    In the hilltops overlooking Copan is a small archaeological site traditionally referred to as the â??birthing placeâ? where studies suggest that the Mayans went to give birth. It is currently located in the Hacienda San Lucas, a ranch that has been remodeled into a tourist center. Food and drink
  • El Puente
    La Entrada's lone attraction is the El Puente archaeological park. The site is located along a side-road and is around 10 km from the bus station. While they're not nearly as impressive as the ruins of Copan, this site is worth a look if, for some reason, you find yourself stuck in La Entrada for th
  • Parque la Merced
    This place is a hotspot of political protest due to its proximity to the Presidential Palace, though all the demonstrations we saw were peaceful. Concerts and performances are sometimes held here as well. Don't come to this park looking for greenery or shade, it's an expanse of pavement that soaks u
  • Hiking and Birdwatching
    Learn about the history of Roatan Island as you step back in time. First, explore a cave explaining the history of the islands' rich heritage (at one time British, French and Dutch pirates and buccaneers fought the Spanish galleons for the possession of the islands). Afterward, step out of the cave
  • Iguana Research and Breeding Station
    Built to protect the spiny-tailed iguana (a creature unique to Utila), the Iguana Research station makes an interesting half-day trip for wildlife enthusiasts. You can watch the critters in their natural mangrove habitat, as well as in terrariums designed for breeding. The station also offers tours
  • Ride a boat Taxi through a the Mangrove canal
    Adventure and explore nature's marvels and architecture as you sail on a water taxi through Roatan's famous mangrove canals and tunnels on your way to Port Royal!!!
  • Iglesia los Dolores
    This baroque-style cathedral is not particularly impressive, but worth a look if you've got time and your Latin American travels haven't left you completely churched-out. The stained-glass images along the sides are worth a look, as are the frescoes around the altar. The distance between this Iglesi
  • Cathedral
    A sign out front of Tegucigalpa's main cathedral requests money for restoration, and once you get inside it is easy to see why. Gloriously pink and peach on the outside, the interior is splotchy-gray and in dire need of a paint job. The altar is beautifully carved. You also can see some nice paintin
  • Enchanted Wings Butterfly House and Nature Exhibit
    Just outside town, on the road to Guatemala, this five-terrace greenhouse is home to over 30 species of local butterflies. There are also a variety of tropical plants, including nearly 200 different species of orchids. If you're planning on taking a horsebac
  • Bowling, billiards
    The only bowling alley in town.
  • Snorkeling
    Considering the popularity of diving around Utila, it shouldn't be surprising that snorkeling is also an excellent activity. Since the reef in many areas extends right up to the docks, it's often just a matter of throwing on some goggles and jumping in. Barracudas, rays and other wonderful creatures
  • Water Cay/Pigeon Cay
    This involves taking one of the numerous advertised boats out of the harbor to the picturesque cays at the southern tip of the island, but that in itself can be challenging. Finding a boat that is going is not always easy, but Bundu's Cafe assists in organising groups to make it cheaper - just dro