Guatemala Tours

Guatemala runs the gamut of travel activities, allowing numerous opportunities to get close to nature or explore ancient civilizations. From the lava-spitting volcanoes in the Western Highlands to the dense forests shadowing ancient ruins in El Peten, it is easy to see why Guatemala is fast becoming one of the most popular stops on the Central American travel circuit.

This vibrant country is marked by so many colorful natural and cultural landscapes it may be hard to choose where to start. Architecture lovers should check out colonial city of Antigua, while those interested in archeology can’t miss the ruins of Tikal. Nature lovers have plenty of options, from volcano climbing tours to birdwatching and wildlife watching excursions in Guatemala’s multitude biosphere reserves. Those looking for some adventure can hike or trek in various regions, and easily find places to bike, climb, canoe, or kayak. Finally, Lake Atitlán is a captivating lake ringed by volcanoes and quaint Maya villages, making the area a perfect spot for those who want to take in Guatemala’s natural and cultural beauty.

Many tour operators have offices in Antigua and can organize tours throughout Guatemala.

  • Sunrise Tour of Tikal
    This tour begins at the ugly hour of 4.30am and the guide leads you by torchlight (bring your own) past a few interesting spots for information and up to Temple IV, which you climb in the early dawn with the stars still shining above. You then sit there for around two hours while the mists rise and
  • Sunset Tour of Tikal
    . The main reason to take this tour is to get to stay in the park up until sunset, so don't expect to be overloaded by information from your guide. Beginning at either the car park or the site of Perdido del Mundo (Lost World), you climb the lofty pyramid for a great view over Tikal's towers and th
  • Culture Tour of San Juan
    This tour gives you a chance to see how life works in these parts. Head to San Juan the same way as for the Cerro de la Cruz walk and meet the guide in town. He will take you to meet weavers, people dealing in traditional medicines, painters, churches and many more aspects of the Atitlan culture.
  • Exotic Travel Agency Nature & Adventure Tours
    The "Ecological Tour" This tour walks you through the town of Livingston, up to the lookout point and then on to a small Garifuna village. We then go to Rio Quehueche, where you will travel along the river in a canoe for half an hour. From here we take a lazy stroll along the beach, where we rest
  • Volcano Climbing Tours
    Guatemala is part of the Central America Volcanic Arc, a chain of volcanoes formed by an active zone along the Caribbean Plate. The country is home to over 30 volcanoes, which vary in size, type, and activity. At 4,223 meters (13,935 feet), Tajumulco is the highest volcano in Central America,
  • Tour Siete Rios

    Hotel and tour operator Rios Tropicales offers trips along the seven rivers that flow into the Río Dulce. Travel by kayak and explore the biodiversity and local communities.

  • Lake Atitlán Tours
    Lake Atitlán is Guatemala's pride and joy, a clear-blue lake ringed by towering volcanoes and tiny Mayan villages. The best thing to do at Lake Atitlán is simply take in the view, whether you are being led by a local on a private boat tour, day hiking or biking along the shores, hovering abo