Guatemala Schools

  • Spanish School Cooperación
    The intimate and affordable Spanish School Cooperación, less than a block from Parque San Sebastian, has a separate location for its office in the 7a. Avenida. Classes can be taken in the small garden, and are given either individually or in pairs, with a focus on getting the students to speak. Tex
  • Spanish Academy Sevilla
    A few doors from Café Sky, Spanish Academy Sevilla has individual cubicle classrooms set around a grassy garden area. Sevilla offers programs for all levels and a one-week tourist course specifically for travelers. Classes are normally one-to-one, but couples can also study together upon request. T
  • Academia de Español Probigua
    Academia de Español Probigua, less than a block from La Merced church, offers a wide range of specialized Spanish classes tailored to student needs. These include lessons for business, travel and self-growth, as well as medical Spanish classes aimed at doctors, nurses and social workers. PROBIGUA i
  • APPE Spanish Language School
    The popular APPE Spanish Language School offers a good selection of customized courses for teachers, airline personnel, missionaries, diplomats, travel agents, hotel management, foreign correspondents, international business people, health and social workers. Combinations of one month Spanish classe
  • Centro Lingüístico Maya
    The Centro Lingüístico Maya is a well-respected Antigua language school. It offers specialized courses tailored for specific groups, and students can also qualify for university credit. Lessons are given in classrooms or on the rooftop terrace, and twice weekly excursions and WiFi are also provi
  • El Mundo del Español
    This small, affordable school offers regular classes and specialized courses for travelers, including two-week survival and retiree programs. Kids' classes, total immersion and Spanish for business, health care and airline staff are available. For those with little free time during the day, El Mundo
  • COINED Spanish School
    This friendly school offers a variety of Spanish courses, including intensive, business and medical classes, DELE Certificate preparation and combinations like language instruction with cultural education, salsa or horseback riding. COINED's custom-made itineraries for groups include travel and l
  • Spanish School San José el Viejo
    This school has a solid reputation and gorgeous facilities. Set in stunning, landscaped gardens, the school building used to be part of the old church. Individual classes are offered in rooms or cubicles in the garden and can be customized for doctors, travelers or lawyers if requested in advance. A
  • Centro Lingüístico La Unión
    La Unión is a reputable setup a few steps from San Francisco church. In addition to the usual private classes, the school also tailors courses to the specific demands of groups of travelers and professionals. Resources include job-specific vocabulary lists for various fields of work, including tea
  • Active Spanish School
    Active Spanish School (3a Calle 6-12, Zona 1; Tel: (502) 7941-7123) is the most popular academy in town, thanks to Nirma Maez, a gregarious teacher. For $145 a week including 20 hours of classes and homestay, you can also choose to be involved in volunteering opportunities provided by the school.
  • Academia Colonial Spanish School
    Academia Colonial Spanish school is located in Antigua Guatemala in the historical monument of Casa Convento Concepción only four blocks from central park. It offers one on one instruction with the most experienced teachers in an ambiance that is beautiful and conducive for learning.
  • Spanish School Bio-Itza
    The community-owned Escuela Bio-Itza is part of an association created to save the Itza culture and the language. They own the Reserve Bio-Itza, a 3600 hectares biological corridor between the southern section of El Zotz and the south-western part of the Tikal National Park . It's the first ethno-bo
  • Christian Spanish Academy
    This academy, located a couple of streets from the park, is the local branch of CSA, with headquarters in Florida. This institution was originally created to help missionaries learn Spanish, but now, besides their Missionary Program, they offer many other programs tailored to suit different needs,
  • Volunteer Peten
    The Nueva Juventud Spanish School offers Spanish classes for $120/week with volunteer activities such as reforestation projects, environmental education and conservation projects. Travelers can also come only to volunteer with a minimum one month commitment.
  • Escuela de Español Tecún Umán
    The administrators of this language institute, who evidently failed to see the irony of naming a Spanish school after a Quiché king who was famously dethroned and killed by Spanish conquistadors, have put together some unique offerings. General Spanish classes have eight levels from beginner to ad
  • Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín
    Founded in 1969, Francisco Marroquin is the oldest language school in Antigua. It is located less than one block from La Merced church and is run as a non-profit. It teaches Spanish, Kaqchikel Maya, Kiche, Mam, Q'eqchi and other Mayan languages by special arrangement. Program length is flexible alt
  • Spanish Language Center
    Spanish Language Center is two and a half blocks from the main plaza. They work with a local university, so university students may earn extra credits. They provide free phone calls to over 40 countries, and textbooks are included in the price. You can also take online Spanish lessons for $9.99 an
  • Eco-Escuela de Espanol
    Most travelers come to San Andres to learn Spanish or volunteer. Eco-Escuela de Espanol was created in 1996 in partnership with Conservation International and is run by fifty families. They use a percentage of their income to manage and protect a community reserve. It costs $150/week including the s
  • Centro Lingüístico Internacional
    Located in a large house not far from the bus terminal, Centro Lingüístico Internacional has its own Internet café (with Wi-Fi), laundry service and apartments. Students can take classes ond the inner patio, or on the second floor, which offers a great view of the volcanoes nearby. The school o
  • Centro de Español Pedro de Alvarado
    Unlike other academies, you decide where you would like to study, be it is a park, a café or a market. Classes are one-on-one, and they let you change teacher every week. They also offer free internet access and a small library. They offer the FSI and ACTFL proficiency language exams. They can
  • Academia De Español Y Mam Hispanomaya
    The Academia de Español y Mam Hispanomaya is a great school, informal but professional. Classes are usually in the afternoon and cost $90-140 per week for 25 hours of tuition. The school is only small though so enroll at least two weeks in advance. Extras include movies shown in the school lounge,
  • Santa Cruz Spanish School
  • Jardin de America Spanish School
    Jardin de America Spanish School offers one-on-one lessons for students by certified Guatemalan teachers. Lessons run from $95 for 20 hours per week to $143 for 30 hours per week. All study materials are included, as is coffee, tea and purified water. Homestays with local families arranged by the sc
  • La Democratia
    Run by the energetic owner Flory, this small school is five blocks north of Parque Benito Juarez in a quiet part of Zona 3. You'll feel like you're at home and the highly qualified teachers will help you progress rapidly in Spanish. Part of your tuition goes toward building classes in local school
  • Spanish School Jabel Tinamit
    This Mayan-owned and operated Spanish school is one of the more reputable in Panajachel. One-on-one or small group classes are available. The school's new building is located in the center of town near the main church. The school has a computer lab with eight computers and free wireless internet
  • Muqb'ilb'e Spanish School
    Muqb'ilb'e Spanish School (6a Avenida 5-39, Zona 3; Tel: (502) 7951-2459) arranges one-to-one Spanish and Q'eqchi classes along with full-board home stay and two excursions a week ($145 for 20 hours of classes and 1-week lodging).
  • Atitlan Multicultural Academy
    A.M.A. is a joyous, progressive school in Panajachel that teaches in English. Grades go from pre-kindergarten to 12th (4 years to 18 years old). Its graduates study in places like Columbia University and Stanford University. The school offers a "temp" program for traveling families who are in the
  • El Frijol Feliz Cooking School
    El Frijol Feliz cooking school teaches in a fun an engaging way Guatemalan cuisine which is both fun and easy to prepare. Classes are small and hands on lead by our Guatemalan chef Gabi.
  • Jabel Tinamit
    This Mayan-owned and operated Spanish school is one of the more reputable in Panajachel. One-on-one or small group classes are available. The school's new building is located in the center of town near the main church. The school has a computer lab with eight computers and free wireless internet to
  • Sakribal
    Founded and run by women, the school gives a part of the tuition to a scholarship program for young indigenous girls who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to study. Sakribal offers volunteer work in health, social work, education and ecology.
  • Nebaj Language School
    On top of the tasty food, tourist information and Internet café at El Descanso, you can also arrange for language classes under the same roof. Three packages are available, from 4 hours daily in group class for $80/week, to 4 hours daily of private classes, including home-stay, five hours of free
  • Casa Xelaju
    Five minutes' walk from Parque Central, Casa Xelaju offers Spanish classes as well as K'iche classes, Spanish for educators and health care professionals, and Spanish literature classes. They also offer a semester abroad for students who want to earn college or university credits. Volunteer work is
  • El Mundo en Espanol
    This very friendly family-run school is close to the bus terminal. They offer 20 or 25 hours of classes a week and homesstay. A portion of the tuition goes to the Guarderia Canton Choqi, a daycare center for disadvantaged children and women who are victims of domestic violence. Volunteer opportuniti
  • Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco
    Voted the best school in Xela and second in Guatemala, PLQ is very professional and politically minded. It was established to support groups and projects working toward solutions for Guatemala's social and economic problems. They have been working with human rights and popular organizations. Partici
  • Celas Maya
    One of the biggest school in Xela, Celas Maya offers Spanish and K'iche classes with highly qualified teachers. The school can arrange volunteer placement if you have an intermediate level of Spanish and commit to a minimum of one month.
  • El Nahual Language Center
    Located on the outskirts of the city, El Nahual is an NGO that runs a Spanish school and some great community projects. Students are encouraged to volunteer for Manos de Colores, a free after-school program for local children and adults; or help out in the community garden.
  • Asociacion Pop-Wuj
    Asociacion Pop-Wuj is a cooperative owned by five experienced teachers. The school has a very strong social commitment and most of the students volunteer in social projects. They have specialized medical and social courses.
  • Ulew Tinimit
    Ulew Tinimit (oo-lay-oo tinimit) is a K'iche phrase meaning "the land of the people." The school offers an intensive Spanish program from all levels, beginning to advanced, with 5 hours of one-on-one instruction daily. Additionally, the school-operated community projects support development at man
  • Spanish Schools Summary
    Attending a Spanish school in Quetzaltenango is a great way not only to learn the language, but to have an intimate, thorough introduction to the local culture. Most of the classes are one-on-one, taught by competent, friendly locals who often become good friends with their students. All of the S
  • Antigua Plaza Spanish School
    We are a Guatemalan family owned Spanish school offering customized Spanish programs through a personalized service and friendly environment.