Guatemala Restaurants

  • Bruno's Hotel and Marina (restaurant)
    Brunos hotel and restaurant is also the main marina in town, being is right on the waterfront, and is therefore very popular with the sailing crowd. Looking out across the Golfete, it has a pleasant breeze off the water and has a great view of the docked sailing ships. It serves international dis
  • Especialidades Doña Esterecita
    The local history behind this place justifies its rightful place on anyone's list of places to eat in Huehue (see the menu for the full story). Breakfasts and the menu del dia are very good value (Q22/$2.50 for your choice of meat, rice, vegetables, tortillas, soup, drink and dessert) but the real d
  • Econo Comidas
    Two blocks from Parque Central, this small restaurant serves economical breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Better than fast-food places, you can eat a big burger or sandwich for only $2.50. Alternatively, more traditional food like eggs and frijoles (black beans) or chorizo (sausage) are available
  • Sabor de la India
    This Guatemalan-Indian owned restaurant serves authentic Indian cuisine. There is a good selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, which are served in large portions. For delicate stomachs, the food is not too spicy. Try the poor or the naan with peas, lentils or vegetables. Open Tuesday to
  • Tziguan Tinamet
    TT's specialty is pizza and you can make your own from the extensive list of meats, veggies and cheeses, from a personal five-inch to a shareable 14-inch ($1.25-11 / Q10-90). Typical breakfast is also served in addition to soups, salads, steaks and chicken ($2.50-9 / Q20-75). There is plenty of spac
  • La Casa Del Prado
    La Casa del Prado is an old mansion on the hill with a beautiful view of Xela. It offers a variety of Chinese and international food for all budgets, and is a 20-minute walk from the Parque Central. To get there, you need to go east on 8 Calle until you get to the end of the street-look for the gr
  • La Cabaña del Café
    Looking like something transported straight from an Alpine ski resort, this cozy logwood cabin looks inviting, especially on a dark evening in Huehue. An entire page of the menu is dedicated to coffee: espresso, café mocha, cappuccino, Irish coffee and, the one not to miss, café tres leches. Sandw
  • Restaurant Summary
    There are a number of places to eat in Todos Santos and you'll find all are simple, cheap and cheerful. They do not take credit cards or dollars, and do not serve beer or provide Internet. What they do offer is an opportunity to re-fuel in authentic surroundings. All are found on or just off the ma
  • El Sapo y La Rana

    This cheap, simple Salvadorian pupusería fronts the main drag a few blocks from the market. The food is far tastier than the name El Sapo y La Rana (The Toad and The Frog) would suggest, and the joint's great value combos include deals like two pupusas and a soda for about $3, o

  • La Casa de las Mixtas Café

    A lucky few might stumble on La Casa de Las Mixtas, tucked away as it is on a little side street. Check out the $2.25 menu del día scrawled on the whiteboard, and if it tickles your taste buds, make your way up the stairs to the rooftop terrace. This is the main eating area with

  • Cafetería La Taquiza

    This place is a cheapie, but it offers a high-quality mix of typical Guatemalan and Mexican eats. Lunch of the day costs $2.50, and a liter pitcher of beer straight from the barrel costs $3.75. The dining area is in a pleasant, shady courtyard and service is friendly and attentiv

  • La Vieja Cocina Restaurante

    If you feel like munching on some typical Guatemalan and Mexican bites while watching salsa dancers go through their paces, this is the perfect place. Cheap and lively, La Vieja Cocina is also the home to El Club de La Salsa Dance Studio, which is open every

  • Restaurante Casa Familiar
    Casa Familiar is a one-stop shop for travelers arriving in Todos Santos. It is run by Cristina, a local force of nature. Supported by her Swiss husband, who organizes hiking tours, as well as her extended family, Cristina runs a guest house, a women's weaving co-operative and a small cafe. All the
  • Comedor Evelin
    The Comedor Evelin is one of many local, basic eateries in town. There is no menu, so ask the girls working there, who speak Mam, Spanish and a little English. For $2.50 you can get one of the 10 meat dishes offered that day, such as chicken in spicy tomato sauce or chicken in bread crumbs, with be
  • Restaurante Las Brasas
    This large family-run steak house one block north from the plaza serves up a variety of good meat and fish dishes for around Q50 ($6) as well as breakfasts for Q30 ($3). Specials include lomito adobado for Q80 ($9.50) which comes with soup, vegetables, rice and tortillas. There are pasta and salad o
  • Casa San Juan
    Right on the main plaza with an upper floor overlooking the square, Casa San Juan is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the market while still feeling a part of it. There is a pretty courtyard downstairs, and a large open restaurant and bar upstairs, making it one of the best choices i
  • Restaurante El Fondeadero
    This family run spot offers good home-cooked food, including curry chicken and beef in wine sauce, in pleasant surroundings. The entrance leads off to a pair of large two-tier dining areas that have fantastic views right over the lake. You are quite likely to have the place all to yourself, because
  • Nick's Place
    This has been around for a while and is justifiably popular for its low prices and its pleasant lakeside seating area. There are good pizza and pasta dishes on offer but go there in the afternoon to sample one of their fantastic juices as the sun heads down. It is also a good spot to grab a seat and
  • Shanti-shanti Cafe
    This funky little cafe must be the coolest place in town. An unusual and varied menu is on offer for food but the best deal is the almost all-night happy hour when Cuba Libres are two for Q10 ($1.30 USD). The two-level seating area, with bamboo walls, has a really relaxed vibe, there are board games
  • El Unicornio
    This was the first hotel built in San Marcos but it has held up extremely well and it is a great place to stay. Rooms are in A-frame huts that circle a lovely garden area. The shared showers and toilets that are tiled and perfectly clean. There is a kitchen for guest use and a sauna that can be
  • Casa La Paz
    This place looks plush and has plenty going for it. Set in lush gardens with a nice communal area at its centre, there are double and dormitory rooms in traditional-style bungalows. The vibe is chilled out and there is a Mayan sauna and massages available on site.
  • Comida Tripica
    A basic and authentic Guatemalan comedor serving all the usual favorites, desayuno tipico and churrasco, as well as mojarra - a fish dish typical of the area. There are tables to sit down inside as well as a take-out liquado and milkshake bar on the street. Open 8.30a.m. - 11p.m.
  • Comedor Central
    A very basic eatery right on northwest corner the square, with a mini-store attached from where you can order any drink you want, including beer and aguardiente. It is mainly frequented by locals, including the police from around the corner, so it is good for basic local meals or a quick drink. Ask
  • El Meson de Don Miguel
    Right opposite the tourist information office and just one block east of the square, Don Miguel dishes up no-nonsense local and international fare, including breakfasts, pizzas, burgers, Mexican tortillas, salads and basic comida tipica. The second-floor restaurant has plenty of light and pleasant f
  • Restaurante Tipico - La Villa de Don Tomás
    Don Tomás is similar to Las Brasas but with more fish and seafood on offer ($6/Q50). The spaghetti comes with a choice of different sauces and the crepes ($
  • Panaderia El Corazon de Jesús

    This clean eat-in or take-out bakery, below El Meson de Don Miguel, sells great cakes and juices. It's just one block from the market so it makes a good place to refuel while shopping, although it can get very busy on market days. There are quite a few tables, and with open arch

  • El Descanso
    Founded by a Peace Corps volunteer back in 2001 to provide sustainable employment for youngsters in Nebaj, El Descanso has become something of a unofficial traveler/tourist information hub as well as a great place to eat and hangout (see Things to See and Do in Nebaj). The funky materials and sofas
  • Asados El Pasabien
    A very basic eatery right on the northwest corner of the square, with a mini-store attached from where you can order any drink you want, including beer and aguardiente. It is mainly frequented by locals, including the police from around the corner, so it is good for basic local meals or a quick drin
  • Taco Express
    As the names suggests, this is a Mexican fast food joint. It's small but has a few tables to sit down. All the food is prepared in front of you and the menu above the counter has pictures so that you can see what you're supposed to be getting: tacos or super tacos with chicken or beef (Q12/19), grin
  • Café Sevilla

    Café Sevilla is a signless, hole-in-the-wall comedor. Look for the tiny barbeque in the entrance and the poster on the door advertising breakfast and lunch in Spanish. This is a friendly, local, cheap and simple eatery, with no menu, serving typical Guatemalan fare like f

  • Peroleto Restaurante

    Peroleto is a great place to check out when you're near the market or visiting the San Jeronimo ruins. This is a simple and funky place, split between a hip little restaurant and a rustic bar-style eating den opening onto the street. The menu offers sandwiches, a wide selection

  • Cafe la Escudilla
    This place would be at home in any westernised city and is a good value place for dinner. Standard fare including steak, fish and chicken comes in non-standard form for Central America, with vegetables and roast potatoes. The layout of the dining area, with trees, candles and twinkling lights,sets a
  • Restaurante Orale
    This pleasant little place offers typical Guatemalan cuisine alongside pastas, hamburgers, mexican dishes and grilled meats. Plates are medium size, but the traditional lemonades are gigantic. They pride themselves on a homely atmosphere and the comfy whicker chairs and pleasant decour make it a goo
  • Portico Antigueño
    This pleasant little place offers typical Guatemalan cuisine alongside pastas, hamburgers, mexican dishes and grilled meats. Plates are medium size, but the traditional lemonades are gigantic. They pride themselves on a homely atmosphere and the comfy whicker chairs and pleasant decour make it a goo
  • La Peña de Sol Latino
    La Peña del Sol offers great Andean (pan flute) music every night, wonderful mid-priced food served like you were in a five star restaurant, house drinks to kill for, and a beautiful garden with fountains. This place will not disappoint.
  • Rainbow Cafe
    Enter through the associated bookshop and you will find a funky little restaurant full of tables in a green and pleasant open air courtyard. There is live music every night, including open-mic on Wednesdays.The staff is friendly, the food, which is generally a mix of Mexican and Turkish, is fantasti
  • Hot Dog Alley
    Just down the road from the Centro Cultural de España and the Guatemalan stock exchange is Hot Dog Alley, a great budget place in an area of mid-range restaurants. What is actually a group of streets full of hot dog cafés gets super busy between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. when the hungry office crowds des
  • Mon Ami
    Further along the road to the biotope, Mon Ami serves a mix of tasty French and Guatemalan dishes in a peaceful palm-thatched open air restaurant. Try the carne al vino with rice and tomato salad. Before or after your meal, you can refresh yourself in the blue water of the lake from their dock. Open
  • Restaurant El Mesón

    As the only restaurant within the temple grounds, El Mesón is just a few minutes' walk from Complex Q, along the turnoff road toward Uaxactún. It has to be the finest dining option in Tikal, with first-class services, exquisite food presentation and even a professional chef wor

  • Comedor Ixim Kúa
    This is one of many affordable comedores lining the main road to Flores, across the road from Museo Lítico. From cheap sandwiches ($3-4) to typical main courses ($5-7.5), there is something to fill up your tummy whether you are a meat-eater or salad-lover. Offering great value with huge portions an
  • Cafe Yaxha
    Opened in 2004 by a German couple passionate about archeology, this restaurant-café is a great place to try tasty traditional Guatemalan dishes. It's cozy and the walls are decorated with pictures, maps and drawings from different Mayan sites in Petén. There are also books on Mayan culture and arc
  • Cool Beans, the café chilero
    Popular among travelers, Cool Beans is more than just a restaurant-bar. There is a large selection of DVDs, board games, and free WiFi access, and the terrace and garden have direct views of the lake. Cool Beans serves sandwiches, chicken, pasta, hamburgers and nachos. Open every day 7 a.m. - 11 p
  • El Muelle
    Along the road to Tikal, El Muelle serves meat dishes, lake fish, pastas, vegetarian dishes and an assortment of desserts.Enjoy the great views of the lake in the pleasant atmosphere and plunge into the turquoise water while waiting for your food. There is a small gift shop selling books and wood ca
  • Galeria del Zot'z
    Next to Café Yaxha, Galeria del Zot'z is a colorful restaurant serving pizza, pasta, as well as cheap and delicious seafood-try the shrimp. Galeria also serves salads, sandwiches and meat dishes, or choose one of its typical economical dishes. Painted in yellow and blue, the walls are decorated wit
  • sabe rico
    Also known as the Secret Garden, Sabe Rico is one of the very few garden restaurants in Antigua. It boasts homemade fare freshly prepared from organic Guatemalan ingredients and produce from the garden. Linger in the delicatessen and chocolatería when entering and check out the goodie
  • Café Colonial
    A laid-back, friendly place for locals and foreigners alike. Situated just across from Ummagumma Hostel, only three blocks from Parque Central. Good quality, inexpensive, typical Guatemalan food for all day feeds. Try the traditional breakfast served until midday. It comes with great coffee in littl
  • Mida Café

    Mida Café serves a mixture of East Asian dishes and typical Guatemalan breakfasts. The decor is simple, with fans, Buddha pictures and Chinese lanterns decorating the walls, and fresh roses on the tables. The café has a relaxed, welcoming feel, with ambient music and an open ki

  • Y tu Piña También

    This laid-back, cheerfully bohemian, Caribbean-style café serves up breakfasts, pastas, organic salads, sandwiches, pastries, fresh juices, licuados and more. You can also knock back a few beers or rum drinks before the partying begins. It's a popular haunt for locals, expats an

  • Como Como

    Como Como is a stylish, animal-friendly, European-style restaurant. Run by a Belgian/Guatemalan husband and wife team working as chef and hostess, it has a relaxed and welcoming vibe. The tasty dishes are beautifully presented and the French and Spanish menu

  • Café Rocio

    This small, friendly place serves a good mix of tasty Asian-style dishes including Gadu Gadu, Tandoori chicken and Thai satay. The restaurant also has a selection of breakfasts and a typical Guatemalan menu of grilled meats. The restaurant opens onto the kitchen so you can watch

  • El Restaurante de Las Mil Flores

    This elegant restaurant is situated inside the atmospheric Vista Real La Antigua Hotel. La Mil Flores serves international cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. The bilingual menu has a good selection of appetizers, soups, salads, pasta and rice dishes, meats and seafood, as well

  • Luna de Miel

    This is the place in town to try authentic French crepes, of both the sweet and savory varieties. You can watch them being made on the griddle in the entrance, or chill out on comfy cushions and sofas. Luna de Miel also serves a good selection of healthy fruit smoothies, f

  • Sobremesa: Degustando el arte
    More than a gallery or a mere restaurant, this cultured café allows you to taste the delights of art and fine at the same time. Besides serving up treats such as apple pie ice cream, quality Latin American coffee and superior wines, the manager is also a painter and can give you a tour of the Guat
  • Kaffee Fernando's

    The dining experience at this eatery represents an excellent value, with a friendly staff, a helpful owner and clean, pleasant surroundings. Located 6 blocks from the main square, Fernando's is a hangout for the travel savvy. While the cuisine is local, all the ingredients in the

  • La Posada de Don Rodrigo
    La Posada de Don Rodrigo Restaurant offers traditional Guatemalan style food with a modern twist in an elegant colonial house setting. The terrace looks out onto a gorgeous flower garden, a perfect place for breakfast or lunch. Entertainment is featured in the main dining room during the evening. Ta
  • Welten Restaurant

    This high-end, German-owned establishment has been earning an international reputation since it opened in 1984. The menu combines the finest local, Caribbean and continental cuisines, resulting in an intriguing fusion for your taste buds. Dress casually but nicely. Reservations a

  • Toko Baru Oriental Fast Food

    Toko Baru offers not only the East Asian treats you would expect, given its name, but also Middle Eastern fare. Roll up and get a super tasty shawarma kebab ($3.50), with juicy beef or vegetarian falafel stuffed inta o warm pita pocket, and be sure to douse it in the delicious yo

  • Ronny's Tacos

    For a quick and cheap tasty snack you can't beat this Mexican café. Themenu has the full range of tacos, tortas, gringas, burritos, quesadillas, sincronizadas (and burgers), and there is a buffet of salsasand condiments to complete the authentic Mexican flavor. Try the super gri

  • Casa Escobar

    Not just a steak house, Casa Escobar offers a more traditional-feeling night out than you would expect from a chain restaurant. There is a very strong colonial theme here, with the waiters dressed up in costume, and there is live music on Saturday nights, usually in the form of o

  • San Miguel panaderia
    Facing the plaza from the western edge, this is a great place to relax and quench your thirst with a juice, café americano, mochaccino or even a café amaretto. Hamburgers, sandwiches, tostadas, pizza and plenty of cakes are also available to satisfy your hunger. Open 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • La Casbah Discoteca and Lounge

    This is possibly the best place to go for a proper club-night-out in Antigua. With a Middle-eastern theme throughout, there are a lot of different, well-planned seating areas: bar tables right in the middle of the action, with space for bigger groups; cozy booths and private corn

  • X'kape Kob'an
    The restaurant's name literally means ‘Cobán's coffee' in Q'eqchi—its home-grown coffee is the best in town. Enjoying coffee or lunch here is undoubtedly a true gastronomic and cultural experience. Besides sipping a cuppa in its ethnic-centric café, you can also visit its coffee plantat
  • Restaurante Kam Mun
    Those craving international food might find their answer at this Chinese restaurant. Although food is not exactly authentic, the big portions and exotic touch are its saving grace. Its old-fashioned oriental interior almost brings you back into the ‘80s. Conveniently located along the city's 1a
  • El Bistro

    This classy and atmospheric restaurant is part of the budget hostel Casa D'acuña, though the pricey menu might not cater to the standard backpacker. Ask the locals, and they will all agree this is the finest restaurant in town. Those who are looking to splurge will surely be fon

  • JP'S RumBar
    New Orleans meets Antigua in the mellow JP'S RumBar two blocks south of Parque Central. This is a welcoming, friendly place to meet locals, expats and travelers, where you can listen to live funk, jazz and blues on most nights. Hang out in the intimate candle-lit bar, chill out upstairs on the cush
  • Café Fantasía

    Ideal for a lazy afternoon, Café Fantasía is teeming with a country cottage feel thanks to its leafy garden, pastel walls and vintage décor. Breakfasts here are a great value, with choices of continental, typical and American breakfasts. The wide selection of sandwiches defini

  • Zona Rock Café
    By way of evening entertainment there isn't much to speak of in San Cruz del Quiche but at least the Rock Café is open from 4 p.m. until 2a.m. should you fancy a beer (Q13), a Cuba Libre (Q20) or a dance till the early hours, although it is rather quiet mid-week. There is occasional live music but
  • Restaurants Overview

    From inexpensive comedores (eateries) to upscale restaurants, there are endless opportunities to indulge in local cuisine in Cobán. The most typical Cobanero dish has to be the kak-Ik (sometimes written as ‘cack-Ik'). A rich turkey stew cooked with spices, it is always serv

  • Comedor Reynita
    The budget traveler hungry for a taste of local flavor will find eating here a genuine experience. Sit with the locals, have some home cooked food and enjoy the ranchero (folklore) music. Set lunch includes meat, rice and tortilla, and costs $2. The menu is limited though, with only two platters to
  • La Parrillada
    This restaurant serves up juicy and meticulously-prepared grilled meat at unbelievably economical prices. Entering the restaurant, a humble and upbeat atmosphere engulfs you. Many flock to this locals' favorite haunt for late-night supper. Perfect for meat lovers, this restaurant serves up a substan
  • Pizzeria Bambino

    This cheapie has the lowest prices in town, suitable for budget travelers looking for nothing more than tummy fillers. It is located right across the road from the Monja Blanca bus terminal. There are very limited choices, with only hamburgers and pizzas on the menu. With beef pa

  • Restaurante Pocomchi

    Known as the ‘home of kak-ik', this simple restaurant provides a cheaper alternative for the otherwise pricey dish. Serving other distinctive platters such as tiú (turkey in thick rice broth) and sak-ik (specialty of San Cristóbal Verapaz), its menu is distinct. The huge s

  • El Peñascal
    A rustic folkloric restaurant with soothing background music, this is the best place to try cuisine unique to the region. Its fine dining standards ensure quality service and exquisite taste. The house specialty, kak-Ik ($8.75) is highly recommended. Other typical dishes worth trying are the tepezc
  • Café Sky
    Café Sky is THE place to be at dusk in Antigua. Climb the tight winding staircase to the upper terrace and you can watch the sun go down over the town with 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains. The bar underneath, with a covered roof but open sides, is also a nice place to relax with comfo
  • Bok'atas

    With all red furnishings and a disco ball, this pub gives off casual and pumping vibes. A great spot to chug down some beers, this bar has plenty of tables to hang around but no dance floor to boogie on. Besides its lip-smacking boquitas (tapas) and juicy steaks, there is a wide

  • Duende's Music and Bar
    Just one block away from Parque Central, this local favorite is grooving with energy. Blasting Guatemalan folk music, it is the best place to mingle with locals and observe how they party. Although not your typical hip disco, this bar is still a hopping joint to put on your dancing shoes. The dance
  • Casa Elena
    . This three-storey teracotta coloured building must be the best value in town. Plenty of clean and tidy rooms in hotel style run on two sides of a concrete and plant-filled yard that leads out to a lake view. Many of the rooms overlook the water and the shared showers and toilets are tiled and spar
  • Ojala Patio y Cultura
    Ojalá has a beautiful, comfy patio, and often organizes special events. Tuesday is Cinema Night, Wednesday is Trivia Night, Thursday there is live music, and Friday and Saturday there are DJs, concerts and party nights. Open Tuesday to Saturday 5 p.m. - 1 a.m.
  • Comedor Antigua, Central Market
    Travelers on a budget who hunger for experience as much as food will appreciate Comedor Antigua. Serving simple meals for over 50 years, the traditional menu includes local favorites like pepián, stuffed peppers, stews and roasted meat. Spotlessly clean and artfully decorated, you could be sharing
  • Street Stalls, La Union Park
    Cheap and cheerful, quick and tasty, the line of street stalls two blocks south of Parque Central is great for a snack or a meal. The specialty is miniature plates piled him with a choice of salads, sauces, tortillas and BBQ meat or chicken, all for 10Q. Fare varies from stall to stall so don´t r
  • La Antigua Vineria
    During the 1700's taverns were used as resting places where travelers could get a hearty meal and drinks to quench the traveling thirst! Tavern walls were used as message boards for communication between comers-and-goers. In honor of this old custom, the staff of La Antigua Vineria has a tavern w
  • En Vivo
    (502)4434 4124 Located on the lake front by the Panajachel dock 9 am - 11 pm
  • Fonda de la Calle Real
    This restaurant has three locations in Antigua, and each is a peaceful place to spend your afternoons/evenings while enjoying Guatemalan cuisine. Many famous visitors have fallen in love with the charm of this restaurant, including Bill Clinton and Princess Cristina from Spain. The menu mostly consi
  • Mynt
    The Mynt bar is known for it's $8 all you can drink special. Good atmosphere and music. Open from Thursday to Saturday.
  • The Buddha
    (502)4265 2258 Noon-1 am Closed Tues
  • Cocoloco
    Cocoloco is popular local venue for DJ's and the occasional dance contest. The crowd can sometimes make it difficult to enter so arrive early. Be careful, many muggings and robberies have been reported in the area around the club. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m.
  • Restaurante Lucia
    This is the place in town to come for more western-style dishes - it is obviously very popular with the local crowd as it is hard to get a seat inside the little shack around lunchtime, plus the owner is very friendly. Pizza is more expensive, Q35-75 ($4-9) but beef or chicken stew is just Q15 ($2)
  • Hector Castro

    One of Antigua's new favorites, Hector's is an intimate, little restaurant without a sign, located across from La Merced church. A daily specials board sits in the entrance offering seafood on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Owner-chef Hector prepares quality, French-bistro style cuisine

  • Qui Xampe Asado y Comida Típica
    This restaurant's sizzling grill draws in crowds who are hungry for authentic and substantial Guatemalan meals. Economical and centrally located, it is swamped with locals, particularly during lunch hours. This is also a great spot to try out some traditional dishes you may hesitate to elsewhere due
  • Bistrot Cinq
    Bistrot Cinq is a great new restaurant with very good food and drinks. It's like no other in Antigua and is quite a find. The restaurant is run by an American with an all-Guatemalan staff. Bistrot Cinq offers fantastic service and ambiance. I ate there twice on my last visit and I will be back.
  • La Canche
    "La Canche" is a little known instituition in Antigua Guatemala among tourists. Run by a saintly elderly couple, it is very much a beautiful aspect of Antigua's local community. Directly across from perhaps the most spectacular church in all the city, La Merced, La Canche appears to be like any "mo
  • Chapiteau
    Should the laid-back scene at Circus Bar become a little too chilled, head across the street to dance the rest of the night away at the discoteca Chapiteau. Backpackers in t-shirts mingle with high-heeled Guatemalan girls in need of a break from life in La Ciudad and the occasional dude with gel-sp
  • Caffé Bourbon
    The brand spanking new (November 2009) Caffé Bourbon Jazz Bistro has a prime location on the main tourist avenida, a stone's throw from the main plaza. This chic, European-style café/bar is a mellow place to while away a few hours. Succumb to the array of pastries and truffles on display or che
  • Tartines
    The French-style Tartines, just a few steps from the central park, is a great lunch spot. It serves quality, mouthwatering dishes including paninis, salads, crepes, pasta, steak and seafood from a Spanish menu. There is also a varied wine list. Sit at one of the little tables inside the entrance fa
  • Atlantis Cafe And Bar
    Bounce up the red-brick steps of the entrance to Atlantis that lead customers to the delightfully tacky decorations which surround the wood-paneled bar beneath the stain-glass light shades. Frosty beers are quickly served alongside affordable submarine sandwiches, or set breakfast, lunch and di
  • The Bagel Barn
    Just off the south west corner of the Parque Central, this place is good if you need an early breakfast or for the meal deal after 3pm (coffee with bagel or cake $2.50 plus tip). Otherwise it's a little pricey. But, the bagels are tasty (make sure they don't ‘over-toast' the bread), the free Wi
  • Meson Panza Verde

    Whether you have a date to impress, spare cash burning a hole in your pocket or simply enjoy the good life, Panza Verde is the place to treat yourself. The restaurant?offers a sophisticated mix of old colonial elegance and modern day international flavors. This is a favorite spot

  • Circus Bar
    Live bands, gooey-cheesed pizzas and a long list of imported liquors on the menu continuously draw backpackers and fashion-minded Guatemalans on holiday from the capital to this popular establishment in Panajachel. Grab a seat at one of the restaurant's tables decorated with throwback, blue-checker
  • Xela Nightlife
    Xela's Zona Viva is growing bigger and better. Tourists frequent bars and restaurants around Parque Central, while the locals hit the streets surrounding the theater. By law, bars must close at 1 a.m., but most of them just shut their doors and let people party for another hour. Most bars have a the
  • La Septima
  • Carluccio's Pub
    Three blocks from Parque Central, Carluccio's has a good selection of microbrewed beer and hard alcohol. The small, two-level pub plays a mix of latin music, reggae, dance, funk and hip-hop. There's also a DJ on Friday nights. Open Wednesday to Saturday 6 p.m. - 1 a.m.
  • El Cuartito
    Just around the corner of Parque Central, This small, friendly café is a favorite among Guatemalans and travelers alike. It serves the best mojito in town as well as organic coffee;, gourmet, herbal and chai tea; hot chocolate and more. Try a delicious homemade dessert or veggie snack. There is fre
  • Coffee company
    On 14 Avenida A, this two-level coffee shop serves fair trade coffee and natural fruit juices. If you're hungry, you can try one of their crepes or sandwiches ($2.5-4). It's a quiet and comfortable place. Open Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. and Sunday 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. Free WiFi.
  • Bajo La Luna
    Set in a cellar beneath Café La Luna, this small bar is the perfect place to enjoy good cheese and wine. Open Thursday to Saturday 8 p.m. - 1 a.m.
  • Pool & Beer
    A five-minute walk from Parque Central, Pool & Beer is one of the only places in town where you can play pool. Small and cozy, it offers Italian food and six varieties of microbrewed beer. Saturday is Karaoke Night and Sunday DJs spin from 8 p.m. till 12 a.m. Open Tuesday to Sunday 6 p.m. - 1 a.m.
  • La Rumba
    La Rumba is very popular among travelers and locals alike. Close to the supermarket La Despensa, the bar is open Tuesday to Saturday 5 p.m. - 1 a.m. and has a theme every night, from reggae to hip hop and 80s music. There are free salsa classes Fridays at 7 p.m. and happy hour happens every day bet
  • La Parranda
    La Parranda-La Rumba's main competition-is a favorite place to go on Wednesday for its free salsa classes. There is a class for beginners is at 9 p.m. followed by an intermediate class at 10 p.m. Open Wednesday to Saturday 5 p.m. - 1 a.m. There is a $2 entrance fee on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Salon Tecun
    Attracting both travelers and locals, Salon Tecun claims to be the country's longest-running bar. Located in Pasaje Enrique-you can sit outside even when it's raining, Tecun is quiet during the day but busy at night when people come to have a drink after work. Cheap food and drink is served ev
  • La Esquina
  • Café La Luna
    This coffee shop-museum's specialty is hot chocolate-definitely the best in town. The halls are decorated with fascinating old photos and objects, and while the food is nothing special, go for some cake or a snack if you're really hungry. Open Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. and Saturday 4 - 9
  • Sobremesa: Degustando el arte
  • Rincon Tilico
    Yolkobsens tried three times to get into the extremely popular lunch spot, Rincon Tipico, in Antigua Guatemala. Never could get a seat. But the third time was the charm. Our tenacity paid off and we finally got to find out why this eatery is so popular and crowded between noon and 3:30 p.m. du
  • Cantina Tres Estrellas

    This bar is a rough and ready drinking hole down the hill past the church. No snacks are served, and it is only open during the day, but it's a decent spot to rest your legs and grab a quick drink. Beer (Q20/$2.50 liter of Gallo), hard liquor (aguardiente Q8/$0.90) and soft dri

  • Cafe Flor Antigua Guatemala
    Yolkobsens have a compass for variety when it comes to food and are always on the lookout for restaurants that provide an alternative to the wonderful, but often very similar platos, on offer i
  • Ni-fu Ni-fa
    If you crave a big, fat, juicy, steak when in Guatemala, head for Ni-FU Ni-FA. This Argentine steakhouse with a Guatemalan twist has ample space in a large, mainly outdoor setting among lots of greenery. The succulent, mouthwatering puyazo (sirloin steak) cooked to perfection will get the saliv
  • El Rincon Del Conquistador
    This is a great new little place on 7th ave sur #12, near the Camino real Hotel! The management is friendly and professional, the food is exceptional, the chef has 15 years working experience in Paris, working in some top notch restaurants, including michelin star recognition one's, so if you want
  • Travel Menu

    From the outside, the Dutch-owned Travel Menu might not appear like your usual budget eating establishment. In the evening the dark wood and brick interior and candle chandeliers provide an intimate ambience. The service is relaxed but attentive and the food is served in big port

  • Sobremesa
    Sobremesa is Alexander Ferrar's art gallery and restaurant, the first door east of 5th Avenue and one block north of Central Park in Antigua, Guatemala. The menu boasts popular and innovative dishes such as Unicorn Steak and Japanese Plum Chicken, more than 30 exotic homemade ice creams from Jasmi
  • Café Baviera
    On the southeast corner of Pasaje Enrique, this new coffee shop serves one of the best cappuccinos in town. On two levels, elegance meets modern cool. Head to the second floor for the comfortable couch or stay on the first floor to watch the activity in the Parque Central. Open Tuesday to Sunday 8 a
  • Pana Arte
    The classic rock music is a welcome change of pace from the continuous blaring of reggaeton groups Daddy Yankee or Pitbull at most of the trendy clubs. A lot of people choose to start the night off here for an early happy hour to take advantage of the approximately $2 mixed drink specials. A lot of
  • Coffee Shop Time
    At the South East corner of Pasaje Enrique, this new coffee shop is a good place to come for an afternoon coffee. On 2 levels, elegance meets modern cool. Head to the 2nd floor for the comfortable couch or stay on the first floor to watch the activity of the Parque Central. They serve one of the bes
  • Sundog Café
    The unassuming and very welcoming Sundog café and bar, found down a lane on the right just after coming off the big bridge - with the brightly painted Beetle stationed out front, is something of an expat magnet day and night. It's great for a cold beer in the shade, fresh coffee, fantastic sandw
  • Bar Deportivo Legends
    If you are in Guatemala City and have a craving for Karaoke, hot wings, nachos or pizza then legends is the place to go. With several big screen TV's it's also a good place to catch a game too.
  • Vista al Lago
    Inside the Hotel Maya International, the Restaurant Vista al Lago offers beautiful views from its covered wooden deck. They serve international as well as local dishes. Don't miss the large buffet and barbecue for Sunday brunch. Open daily 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Restaurante El Puerto

    On the lake front, the restaurant El Puerto is an open-air steak house serving tender steaks along with other meals. Go there to enjoy the view of the lake and Flores while drinking a beer. It's packed with locals during the weekends.Open daily 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.

  • Restaurante Mijaro
    Open daily from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m., this friendly comedor has an extensive menu including fish, meats, burgers and pastas. It has fans inside and has a little thatch-roofed garden area, a perfect place to cool off after a long day of traveling.
  • Restaurante El Rodeo

    Across the street from the hotel Peten Esplendido, El Rodeo serves delicious chickens, fish, steaks and pastas. Ask for the specialty of the house, the Lomito al Rodeo, which is a fillet steak with a mushroom sauce. Also try the grilled winkles. The restaurant has a very cowboy a

  • Viva Zapata
    This Mexican restaurant across the street from Hotel del Patio serves good tacos, burritos and other Mexican specialties in a lively atmosphere. Some nights they have live music. Open every day 10 a.m - 10 p.m.
  • Street stalls at the Parque Central

    Food stalls can be found around Parque Central, all dishing up traditional Guatemalan food. You can try the pupusas (corn tortillas filled with cheese, beans and/or pork skin), enchiladas, elote (corn that comes in a variety of sizes and colors) or relleno

  • La Fonda Ixobel
    La Fonda Ixobel serves tasty local food and sandwiches all day long. Open 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday - Saturday.
  • Cafetín Brisas Del Mar
    Las Brisas is a little out of the way, down the un-lit road leading to the beach, but with coco locos for only Q5, beers and ‘tortilla de harina' snacks if you're heading for the beach clubs anyway this place is a good spot for a pit-stop before hitting the dance floor, for a late-night drink
  • Rey Sol
    Not a half-way vegetarian restaurant, a real and very good vegeterian restaurant. Bright, clean, spacious, bistro-style. A huge selection of whole grain, home-made breads and pastries, soy products, vitamins, tea, packages of whole grains to take home. Lunch is buffet-style with very delicious meals
  • Restaurante Las Orquideas
    Next door to Casa de Dona Donita, Las Orquideas is a good Italian restaurant serving pizzas, pastas and sandwiches. The Italian owner-chef cooks delicious desserts you can't find anywhere else in El Remate. Try the home made tiramisu. Open Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Restaurante Cahui
    This popular restaurant overlooks the lake. People come to eat on their wooden open-air deck while enjoying the views. They have an extensive menu of cheap dishes and a large wine and beer list.
  • Overview Restaurants
    There are a number of adequate places to eat in El Remate, from cheap local joints to expensive international restaurants. Most of the hotels have their own restaurants. Most of them can be found along the main road to Tikal and the road to Biotopo Cerro Cahui.
  • Livingston Nightlife Summary
    Nightlife is everywhere in Livingston. In the balmy heat people hang out on the streets, drinking, talking, joking round, jamming impromptu drumming sessions. The high street can get very hectic with people promenading up and down or sitting to people watch in front of the many cafes. The cafe
  • Raices Bar and Grill

    With a deck directly on the lake, they serve large portions of grilled steak, chicken and fish that they cook right in front of you. Or just come to watch the sunset and enjoy the happy hour special drinks. Open daily 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. and until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday night

  • La Hacienda Del Rey

    At the corner of Playa Sur and Calle 30 de Junio, this two-level open air restaurant is a South American steak house. They serve tacos in addition to sizable parrilladas (South American style barbecue beef). Go there is you want to eat a big juicy steak, but bear in mind it's goo

  • Restaurante Las Brisas
    Located in front of Il Terrazo, Las Brisas serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Small and decorated with Mayan murals, the restaurant has a selection of traditional dishes as well as sandwiches, hamburgers and fish.
  • Container
    On the water across from the Hotel del Norte you will find two steel shipping containers that have been converted into a simple bar. This is a great place to sit back and enjoy a few beers, or sample some bar food such as burgers and tacos. Daily 10 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Hotel Del Norte
    The seafront Hotel del Norte is a sloping, wooden structure that houses a restaurant serving international and local cuisine. If you are looking for a place to sit back and enjoy a drink, stop by the colonial-style bar where you can take in the views of the bay from a century-old structure. If
  • El Tucan
    This place has a large dining area with views of the sea and is a popular spot. The food served is simple but pleasant, from barbeque chicken, one of the cheaper options, to the locally caught fish fresh from the lake. Service is a little slow so be prepared to wait.
  • Maya Sunset Restaurant
    This is a great spot to go for happy hour drinks as the sun go down beside the small island overlooked by the outside seating area. It is not the cheapest place in town, even at happy hour, but it knows it has the best view for sunset. Stay for food and you can choose from a wide selection on the m
  • Nightlife
    For a place to dance head to the Barrio Rastro: Canoa Club (5a Avenida and 2a Calle) and Twins Disco (6a Avenida and 2a Calle) are two clubs near to each other playing Reggaeton and punk rock, though this is the not the safest place to hang out so don't take any valuables with you or get too dr
  • Restaurante El Grand Jaguar
    Restaurante El Grand Jaguar offers typical Guatemalan dishes with meat, chicken or fish. Prices are cheap and food is good. Open Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • La Villa Del Chef

    Specializing in Arab and Meditarrean food, they also serve a good selection of sandwiches, pastas, chicken and seafood dishes. Don't miss the cheap happy hour drinks all day long on the lakeside terrace. You can rent a canoe there for 2 or 3 people for $4/hour. Open 11 a.m.- 11 p

  • Restaurant La Luna

    In a tropical ambiance with faux ceibal tree and wild wood, this very popular restaurant serves continental food you won't find anywhere else in Guatemala. Try the steak in black pepper cream or the chicken breast in wine sauce. They also serve pastas and vegetarian dishes such a

  • Mayan Sunset Cafe
    Open every day 11 a.m. - 11 p.m., Mayan Sunset Cafe serves Thai chicken or beef, pasta, sandwiches and quesadillas on an airy terrace on the west side of the island. Decorated with Mayan paintings and drawings, it has good music and happy hour cheap drinks.
  • Las Puertas

    At the corner of Calle Central and Avenida Santa Ana, it gets its name, “the doors,” because it has six doors. They have funky décor and serve good food such as steak, prawns and chicken. People who don't want to spend too much money can choose from their extended menu

  • Restaurante Casa Amelia

    Between the hotel of the same name and La Villa Del Chef, Restaurant Casa Amelia offers Mexican style cuisine. Tacos, nachos or fajitas, they are all delicious. Or you can choose between the salads, pastas and hamburgers. They have a lovely lakeside terrace where you can catch th

  • Il Terrazzo
    Terrazzo serves a large selection of delicious panini, pastas and mixed-fruit smoothies. The Italian restaurant's second floor has a beautiful view of the lake and a refreshing breeze. If you're still hungry, try the homemade tiramisu.
  • Casa De La Iguana
    You may not find much local spirit here but it you fancy a night socializing with fellow travelers there is fun to be had at la Iguana. Most nights there are some games in store, including the drinking variety as well as big screen sports. The owner, Rusty, is very welcoming, plus the guests as we
  • El Portal del Ángel
    Although it is on the outskirts of the city, El Portal is one of the most famous restaurants in Guatemala. You can soak in beautiful views of the surrounding valleys, thanks to its location on top of one of the hills that surround Guatemala City. The building has a colonial decoration and design. Th
  • Café Dei Fiori
    The Cafe Dei Fiori is located in a quiet area on the edge of the Zona Viva, but within easy walking distance from the centre. It is a popular spot for lunch or a coffee on the sunny terrace. There is a varied selection of desserts and Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Circus Bar
    The Circus Bar Restaurant and pizzeria is a bohemian style eatery with a circus theme. The tasty pizzas and calzones on the menu are named after various circuses from around the world. There is also an extensive drinks menu and favorites include the Hula-Hula and the Pana-Banana. Guests can enjoy l
  • China Queen
    China Queen is regarded by many as the best oriental restaurant in the area. It is not the only oriental option in Zone 9 but it has a great reputation for serving tasty typical fare such as sweet and sour pork, chow mein, Cantonese duck and authentic Chinese tea. There is also a bar, ample parking
  • Restaurante Alicante
    Alicante Restaurant has been around for many years and serves a varied menu of tasty Spanish food. Decorated with a tasteful maritime theme, this restaurant offers seafood dishes, casseroles and delicious paella. They also have a great selection of wines.
  • La Media Cancha
    La Media Cancha specializes in barbecue style dining and offers a range of meat options, a substantial salad bar and tasty accompaniments or combo specials. The meat is high quality and the prices are affordable. It's a popular restaurant so make a reservation if possible particularly on Fridays an
  • Casa Chapina
    Casa Chapina Restaurant is a great place to enjoy traditional Guatemalan food and is within easy reach of some of the district's most popular hotels. Favorite dishes include stew, pepian, hilachas and a range of combo plates so you can sample various aspects of the regional cuisine. There is a barb
  • Restaurante De Mario
    Situated in the heart of Zona Viva, Mario's serves tasty Spanish food in a contemporary Mediterranean setting. Specialties include squid, seafood and paella. There is also an extensive drinks list featuring quality wines and liquors.
  • Ubafu
    Although this could be the coolest place to hang out in late-night Livingston, it can be a bit hit or miss, especially when it's the low season, so make sure you try it more than once. And don't arrive too early. When there's a crowd and the live music is rocking it has a great atmosphere. It is a
  • Long Beach Disco And Disco Playa 8
    The scruffy stretch of beach at the end of 'Main Street' is nothing to bother about during the day. But come night-time this is the place to get your groove on. There are a couple of discos here, nothing much more that shacks with a dance floor, but there is a bar serving cans and spirits and usua
  • Palmas Del Mar
    In recent years, Palmas del Mar restaurant has become a firm favorite for excellent seafood and grilled meat dishes. Located in a small mansion, there is both outdoor and indoor dining and a parking area that gets very busy at the weekends. Outstanding dishes include the ‘Sea and Earth' mixed
  • Inka Grill
    The similarities between Guatemalan and Peruvian cuisine can be sampled at this popular eatery. The menu includes a number of Peruvian specialties featuring corn, potatoes, poultry and seafood. Guests can also avail of a two for one offer with the Round Creole menu. located in.
  • Tamarindos
    Tamarindos specializes in fusion food and successfully experiments with cuisines from around the world, including Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese sweet and sour flavors. For lovers of vegetarian food, there are several options available. Guests can dine in the outdoor garden area or in the warmly dec
  • Restaurante Zumo
    Zumo Restaurant welcomes guests with a warm and friendly atmosphere, several intimate dining spaces and fusion style food. The restaurant has its own cava and is happy to arrange private rooms for larger groups of diners or special events. They also cater to vegetarians and those with lactose or se
  • El Encanto
    Restaurant El Encanto specializes in Chinese food and is a great place to socialize while enjoying some tasty Cantonese dishes. A popular highlight on the menu is the chop suey with cashew nuts. There isn't much parking at the restaurant and it is usually easier to park nearby and walk there.
  • La Bandeja
    The Bandeja Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, a dinner buffet and a range cakes and desserts. Their natural juices of tamarind Rosa de Jamaica and the house horchata come highly recommended by locals and visitors alike. It's pretty busy during the day and is a popular spot for those who work in t
  • Los Cebollines
    Los Cebollines Restaurant offers Mexican food with a hint of Guatemalan flavor. Highlights include the chicken fajitas, tacos and tortas, Tlalpeño Soup, and tasty cuts of grilled meat. It also has a lively bar and a breakfast buffet. Do not expect a meal as spicy as in Mexico, but the freshly prep
  • Sand Sand 888
    For lovers of Chinese food, Restaurant Sand Sand 888 has a varied and delicious menu, with generous portions and prices starting at around $6 per plate. Some of the most popular dishes include typical favorites such as chow mein, wantons, chop suey and a number of meatless dishes. The restaurant is
  • Arrin Cuan
    Arrin Cuan is one of the more traditional restaurants in Guatemala's Historic Center. It serves a mixture of traditional Guatemalan food and international cuisine. There are stews, soups, barbeque dishes and exotic meats such as deer, turtle and agouti on the menu. At peak times, diners can enjoy s
  • Picadilly
    This restaurant serves a range of international cuisine, but predominantly Italian. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers affordable good quality food. The pizza here is very popular and can be bought whole or by the slice. Spread over two levels, the atmosphere is busy but friendly
  • Katok
    Katok is a restaurant chain that started out in Tecpan, Chimaltenango; a famous Mayan archaeological site. As in its outlets in Antigua and other parts of the country, the Centro Histórico branch serves regional cuisine at reasonable prices. Among the more popular dishes are tasty meat stews and t
  • Pollo Campero
    Pollo Campero is among the more popular restaurants in Guatemala and the only one that has been fully internationalized. Their menu is simple and their prices are low. A walk through the Centro Histórico guarantees a sighting of more than one of these busy restaurants. It gets a bit crowded at lun
  • La Fianna
    La Fianna is a restaurant and art gallery specializing in breakfast and lunch. Housed in a remodeled former home, it offers a cheap buffet in a pleasant environment. The cuisine is international with plenty of choice and there is also a decent selection of desserts. One of the quirks of this place
  • La Barra
    La Barra is part of a chain of restaurants that offers a buffet menu for just $3, live music, a bar and a dance floor. You will find two in Zone 4 serving the same menu and play the same popular music from noon onwards. Both get quite busy at night and are a popular place to start a night out in Gu
  • Pizzeria Vesuvio
    This traditional pizzeria was established by an Italian immigrant who wanted to show Guatemala City's inhabitants what good oven baked pizza was all about. The restaurant has a friendly atmospher
  • Restaurante Rey Sol
    Rey Sol is a vegetarian restaurant and bakery with a fresh and friendly atmosphere. Rey Sol is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday, and a tasty vegetarian breakfast buffet is served every Sunday morning. At lunch there is a varied selection of entrees and side dishes, as well as beverag
  • Castillo Hermanos
    Stepping inside La Casa del Callejon Castillo Brothers is like stepping into a time capsule. Each of the four spacious dining rooms features furniture dating back to the last century, crystal, silverware, Persian rugs, paintings, old photographs and even a 20th century bedroom fully intact. The men
  • Ciao
    This restaurant operates under the concept of ‘Slow Food' and specializes in Italian-style meats, pizza and pasta. According to its owners, it's the only true Italian restaurant in the Guatemala
  • Altuna
    The food at Altuna is inspired by the famous Iberian gastronomy native to Spain. The warm ambience is enhanced with wooden furniture and wrought iron ornaments; an ideal setting for a tasty meal of paella or some seafood. The varied menu is accompanied by an extensive wine list that includes both d
  • Lekaf
    ( ENTREÃ?S: $5 - 8) Lekaf is typically packed with lively families. It serves up a wide variety of food, including pizza, pasta, and grilled meat; their delicious fruit and yogurt smoothies are particularly worth sampling. There is live music on the weekends, and it is also a good place
  • Mr. Cocktail
    Small and cozy environment with a warm, friendly atmosphere. No cover charge except for big events. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 pm.
  • Taberna El Pelicano
    Creative, delicious cuisine and a mellow, candle-lit ambience combine to make El Pelicano the finest restaurant in Monterrico. For 12 years now the Swiss chef has been delighting guests with her cooking and choosing from the extensive menu is so difficult, you might just have to com
  • Hotel & Restaurant El Mangle
    A traditional wood-fired pizza oven draws the hungry into this restaurant but there are other options such as sandwiches, seafood and pasta. At $12 to $14 for a pizza big enough for one, the pizza is comparatively expensive but also the best in town. Situated at the beach end of the

  • Dasú Helados Y Artesania
    Dasú is worth every second of the 20 minute walk up the beach to reach it. The ice-cream is Italian, homemade using all natural ingredients, and tastes divine. Amongst the usual favorites are intriguing options such as a refreshing Rosa de Jamaica, almond, tiramisu, baileys and sea
  • Restaurant Pez De Oro
    Wooden tables, blue and white checkered tablecloths, Pez de Oro feels like walking into an Italian countryside restaurant, except for the stunning ocean views. The traditionally prepared meals include pasta, shrimp, fish, steaks, chicken, an excellent homemade ravioli and some very
  • Julio's
    Located opposite Hotel El Camino, Julio's is where the businessmen come to get decent food at prices considerably lower than in the hotel's restaurant. The food is typical local fare - beans, cheese, eggs, platanos and tortillas for breakfast or dinner, a set menu for lunch, hamburg
  • Restaurante Posada Don José
    For a choice of European and Guatemalan cuisine, Posada Don José is the best place to come to. The food is delicious, there are some very tempting desserts and the coffee is filtered. Vegetarians will be thrilled to discover they too have some options even if it is just pasta, th
  • Restaurante Lo De Chaz
    Huge, blue, wooden gates welcome you into a down-to-earth local restaurant with wooden tables and plastic chairs. A variety of chicken dishes in different sauces are available for $4 or fillet mignon for the bargain price of $5. They also serve breakfast, soups and snacks. Lo de
  • Restaurante La Luna & Liquados
    La Luna may not be winning prizes for food presentation but the homemade Guatemalan or Chinese meals are tasty and the service is quick. Combined with an excellent central location and a breezy ambiance, this place is popular with locals and visitors alike. The cafeteria maintains i
  • Costa Linda
    A local favorite as much for the specialty seafood and cerviche dishes as for the lively atmosphere, Costa Linda stays open till at least 10 p.m. and doubles as a rancho pub. Decorated with gusto, your first instinct on arrival could well be to look for a place to tie the horses up.
  • Roberts Steakhouse
    Meat lovers should not miss out Roberts Steakhouse. Pride of place on the menu goes to 8 or 16 oz steaks, cut and cooked as you like. There are seafood alternatives as well. Vegetarians are almost out of luck except for a cooked cheese dish or the obligatory salad. The spacious rest
  • Restaurant Calle Real
    A two-minute walk down Calle Principal (away from the beach), Calle Real is a pleasant, open-air restaurant serving local food at low prices. There is a distinct international influence in the options such as fish that can be fried, grilled or bread crumbed and pasta in garlic and
  • Las Hamacas
    Las Hamacas looks like all the other restaurants on Calle Principal but the food is a cut above the rest. Its popularity arises from their tasty pizzas. Vegetarian, house special with shrimp, ham, the pizzas are big enough for two not-so-hungry people to share. The staff is happy to
  • Sondra Gail's
    Sondra Gail's does Tex-Mex at its finest in Panajachel. The huge plate of nachos are an excellent apetizer to split among friends. Meanwhile, tacos and burritos are popular dinner plates - though the barbecued chicken is probably the best dish. Prices range from $4 to $9. It is open from noon to
  • Maktub'ar Café Jardín
    Great bar in Panajachel known for its fresh-made fruit smoothies - easily the best in town. The pineapple smoothie is a safe bet, but mix bananas and strawberries together for a real treat. Maktub'ar Café Jardín also offers large, delicious breakfast options to accompany their cold smoothies.
  • El Bistro
    El Bistro is a relaxing location near the lake shore to sip on a cup of fresh-brewed Guatemalan coffee. The chicken sandwich with aguacate and picante is a filling, cheap option that will please tastebuds, or go for a steak or plate of pasta. meals range from $5 to $11. It is open daily from 7 a.
  • Orale Steak House
    As the restaurant's name suggests, Orale specializes in an array of steak plates - the large sirloins and fillets are some of the best in Guatemala - and mexican dishes. Chicken and seafood dishes are available for those that do not want to dine on red meat, and entrees can be accompanied by mo
  • Deli Jasmín
    Do not worry about oversleeping and missing breakfast after a night of too much dancing and too many drinks. Deli Jasmin cooks up typical all-day breakfast plates complete with fresh bagels or english muffins to be served in its delightful garden. Unique teas, jams and cookies are unexpected hit
  • Restaurante La Lanterna
    One of the best choices for authentic Italian food in Panajachel. The homemade pasta - especially the fettuccine - is perfectly complemented with a bottle of Italian wine. The atmosphere is not too snobbish, and the waitresses are friendly. Prices range from $5 to $9.
  • Guajimbo's
    Head directly to Guajimbo's to fill up on some serious South American parrilladas. The barbecued meats here include steak, chicken and sausages that can go toe-to-toe against any place Argentina can offer. There are several vegetarian dishes and salads available as well. Prices range from $8 to $12
  • Comedor Aurnelia
    At the start of Calle Cementario, there are two comedores in a row, the first of which is Comedor Aurnelia (the sign blew away), named after the owner. Aurnelia puts a lot of effort into producing good food but at the end of the day, the major difference between these two places and
  • Club Ven Aca
    Decadent luxury is the only way to describe this lavish bar and restaurant. Sip a Jabilito Mojito, take a languid swim in the infinity pool and feast your eyes on the picturesque beauty that is Lago de Atitlán. Gourmet sandwiches for lunch make way for a delectable three-course din
  • Hotel Atitlán
    Early birds should definitely stop here for the expansive Sunday breakfast buffet, that costs around $10. Guests can enjoy endless eggs, pancakes, fruit, bread and savory churizos options. The hotel is surrounded by well-manicured gardens and the beautiful view of the lake is definitely worth the m
  • Casablanca Restaurant
    Look no further than Casablanca for the best fine dining option in Panajachel - also considered by restaurant connoisseurs as one of the top places to dine in Central America. Casablanca's knowledgeable staff offers succulent dishes of chicken, pasta, meat and fresh seafood. Buy a bottle of wine to
  • Chez Alex
    Although considered expensive by Guatemalan standards, $10-14 for a plate of duck or lamb chops is still a bargain. This diverse menu features escargot and Wiener schnitzel, along with more normal chicken and seafood dishes in a friendly atmosphere. It is open from noon to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.
  • Restaurante Super Redd
    There are several pizza places near central park on 5a Avenue of which Restaurante Super Redd is the best. Apart from serving semi-authentic American pizza with a variety of toppings, mostly meaty ones, guests can also have salads, sandwiches, burgers or pasta. There are a couple
  • Jardín Botánico Y Restaurante Ecológico El Hibiscus
    Just outside Puerto Barrios at Kilometer 284 off Highway CA-9 is Jardín Botánico y Restaurante Ecológico El Hibiscus, a restaurant surrounded by a lush tropical garden where butterflies, birds and lizards roam free. The restaurant itself is a wooded dining room with wicker furniture and col
  • Restaurante La Hacienda
    With a look of an Argentinean steak house, this is one of the more upmarket places to dine in Esquipulas, although the prices are similar to La Rotonda . Out of season it can look pretty forlorn but its three dining rooms get packed out when the tourists are in town; so reservations are recommende
  • La Rotonda
    La Rotonda, on the left as you drive into town on the main road, is modern and fresh and a good place to escape the heaving streets if it is high season. There's no terrace but the canopy roof and big windows let in the breeze and a lot of light. Breakfast served from 7a.m: cereal, des
  • Restaurante Santa Fe
    The Restaurante Santa Fe has a modern appearance and a casual atmosphere; the tables are set smartly but it's the sort of place to have lunch rather than dinner. It provides air-conditioned dining close to the action but sufficiently cool and clean so you can eat your shrimp in peace. The menu off
  • Joe's Pizza
    There are two Joe's Pizza locations; one is a basic take-out joint, and the other a more substantial restaurant just a block away. Pizzas range from ($6) for a ‘personal' pie and ($14) for ‘grande' but there are also sandwiches, calzone, burgers, pastas and salads available for about ($4)
  • La Parillada De Calero
    This is another good value hangout that will appeal principally to meat-eaters, although there are also some lighter options, such as salads. The restaurant has a friendly vibe about it: lots of buzz as waiters zip around the patio, kids laugh and groups tuck into their plates of roast chicken and
  • Restaurante Los Angeles
    The menu at Los Angeles might not be extensive or international but it largely caters to a domestic crowd and it is definitely a pleasant place to soak up the family atmosphere of Esquipulas within view of the basilica. And there is often live marimba music being played which adds to the feeling o
  • Restaurante Payaqui
    Restaurante Payaqui is pretty similar to the other restaurants along 2a Avenida, at the Posada Santiago, El Peregrino and Los Angeles hotels, although has more of a cafeteria feel and is not quite in-keeping with the comfort level of the hotel. It does get busy, serving the hotel guests and the to
  • Taco Contento Express
    On the same corner of the market as Maxim Chinese restaurant but on the other side of the road, the ‘happy' taco is a good spot for a grabbing a quick snack. You can eat in, taking the weight off at the pic nic benches as you watch the busy world go by, or take away. There are all the usual M
  • Restaurante Maxim Express
    Opposite the market on the north-western corner, this place claims to serve the best Chinese food in Puerto Barrios, and that maybe if only because it is the only Chinese restaurant. There is the usual chao mein, chap suey, sweet and sour dishes as well as duck, seafood and pigeon. It is well-pric
  • Safari
    This is a great place on the waterfront with a lovely sea breeze, pleasant views; a nice spot to while away the afternoon with a bottle of wine (Q150/$17). It gets quite busy on a Sunday afternoon as it's a favorite with locals for family lunches. The menu includes filet mignon, (Q55/$7), cerviche
  • Café El Portal
    Café Portal is a great place to start the day with breakfast on the small terrace overlooking the town's quiet plaza. A basic 'desayuno tipico' will set you back Q18 ($2.20 - untypically a drink is not included), a coffee just 4Q ($0.50) and a fresh juice Q6 ($0.75). Otherwise, the menu is a litt
  • Refresqueria Cristi
    For the best and the cheapest licuardo this side of the lake, copy the locals and make sure you find your way to Refresqueria Crisiti. It is down a quiet street heading towards the lake and with a handful of wooden tables out of the shade plus milkshakes and fruit smoothies served in big ice cream
  • Proa Seafood Restaurant
    This is a nice mid to high-end family restaurant with a play area for kids and a maximum two beers per person policy. Some dishes seem a little over-priced but the food is tasty. As well as ceviche ($7.50), mojarra ($6.50), fishburger ($6) there are also meat dishes such as caldo ($10), churrasco (
  • Taqueria Picate
    This Mexican taco joint is just a short walk from the main square and is great for a delicious budget feed. The tacos, burritos and gringas cost from $1-5 with a variety of fillings, and there are burgers and nachos, as well as quesadillas for vegetarians. There is a self-service toppings bar so yo
  • Bahia Azul
    This is up the hill from the waterfront so do not come here if you are looking for a view but do if you want some good value food with a tasty twist. Breakfasts are good and varied while mains offer everything from pasta to a special aromatic spiced fish traditional of the local Quekchi culture. At
  • Bocas del Rio

    A simple eatery offering simple food done well. The owner knows how to cook so if you are looking for a no-frills piece of perefctly grilled fish or some succulent shrimp with rice, bread and salad at low prices then this is the place to come. Beers are cheap too, so head here

  • Río Bravo
    Next to Sundog, a little farther down the same lane, the Río Bravo serves pizza as well as other Italian pasta favorites and, even better, you can use their WiFi while you tuck in. It's better to eat here during the day, when the big shady terrace on the water is quiet pleasant. Unfortunately t
  • Hotel Y Restaurante Escondido
    Just a five minute walk from the main road, the Escondido has a large, comfortable, family-orientated restaurant by the pool, which is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. It has an extensive and varied menu: ceviche, meat and seafood dishes are around Q50-75; tapado soup Q100 and
  • Restaurante Jocelyn
    Round the corner from the public lancha station (look for the signs), Restaurante Jocelyn, not to be confused with Cafeteria Jocelyn or Comedor Jocelyn on the high street, is a peaceful place by the water to have a seafood meal and take in the view of the spectacular bridge. Break
  • mc tropic
    The structure of the restaurant was designed by the Chew family. Located in Old Town, the specialties include shelfish in coconut cream, curry, rice and beans, Thai�shrimp with a crazy cold�coconut. Mmmm... and as a digestive the�aphrodisiac, Guidfity, expesso, cappuccino and dessert
  • McTropic
    Clean, bright and cheery hotel owned by Hotel Rios Tropicales, right across the street. Located right downtown with outside seating. Prices for all budgets from a heaping portion of vegetarian spaghetti for 25Q (about $3) to tapado, a traditional Garifuna meal for 90Q (about $11.25). Two-for-one dr
  • Malena's
    Malena's is, or at least was, one of the more up market restaurants in Livingston; nowadays it's décor looking a little dated. Upstairs at the Hotel Posada El Delfín in a charming wooden jetty overlooking the Río Dulce, the menu includes all the usual local and international dishes served else
  • Happy Fish
    In a cool and shady wooden building, Happy Fish serves not only your travel needs but also has an extensive menu: why not try a fruit smoothies (although not the best in town) or iced coffees while you wait for your tour to go or stay for pancakes for breakfast, a fresh ham and egg salad or cevich
  • Restaurante Mctropic
    On the other side of the road to Happy Fish, McTropic specialises only in good food (although it is linked to the Rios Tropicales guest house). You can get a coco loco fresh coconut cocktail for only Q15 ($2) and all the traveller-dishes you could shake a folk at: yogurt, granola and fruit,
  • Tilingo Lingo
    Painted in cozy shades and resembling a cute cottage with tables at the windows looking out towards the beach, the warm glow emitted from this quirky and welcoming restaurant won't fail to draw you in, either for a pre-dance cocktail or to sample the tasty international fare (the Mexican owner has s
  • Antojitos Los Tres Garifunas
    Follow the main street down towards the beach and this cheap and cheerful but oh so authentic eatery is just on your right before the crest of the hill, next to the Internet café where all the locals hang out. It barely sees a tourist so it's a top spot to sample Garifuna food made by Garifuna fo
  • Cafe Bombay
    This eclectic vegetarian cafe is one of the top dining spots for an almuerzo without meat. Most of the items on the menu are organic, and everything is absolutely fresh. The pad thai and fresh guacamole are the most popular meals. Various dipping sauces served in ceramic dishes accompany the foo
  • Paris Paris Restaurant
    Paris Paris pimps its 32-centimeter long baguettes as the best in Panajachel. These French-style sandwiches fill up even the hungriest backpackers. The restaurant also offers chicken, steak and seafood plates to go along with a full bar and live music (on weekends). Happy hour is offered every e
  • Restaurant & Bar Bamboo
    This brand new restaurant is only a block south of the theater. Decorated with bamboo, it serves delicious vegetarian meals, soup and a large selection of sandwiches and hamburgers. Try the Coffee Bamboo (coffee with Baileys). Open Monday to Wednesday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., Thursday to Saturday 11 a.m.
  • Fisher
    Staffed by friendly bartenders who know how to pour a drink Fisher is a great place to come chill out and nibble on nachos and buffalo wings. Late at night every available space is taken up by people dancing, as the bar does not have a dance floor.
  • La Genovese
    Two blocks south of the Municipal Theater, La Genovese is one of the best Italian restaurants in Xela, with reasonable prices. They serve dishes such as penne with black truffles and smoked salmon, and Penne a la Gorbachov (with a creamy vodka sauce). They have a large selection of pastas and pizzas
  • Go Deep
    A good place to chill and listen to music. Sometimes has DJ's and live music.Tuesday to Saturday 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • A Cupa Café
    Inside the Spanish school Eureka, just a block south of Parque Central, the Cupa Café's specialty is pizza. It also serves sandwiches. Try the pizza Napolitano or Capriccioso-crispy and delicious. Tuesday is Ladies' night, Wednesday there are Poker and Ping-Pong tournaments, and Thursday is Live M
  • Royal Paris
    The Royal Paris is a very popular, authentic French restaurant, one block south of the theater. The food, bistro ambience and café/ theater spirit has seduced Guatemalan and foreign tourists alike. Dishes include crepes, baked camembert and onion soup as well as meat and fish, which you can enjoy a
  • Parrillada Rincon Uruguayo
    Opened in 2001 by Uruguayan Richard Raffo, Parrillada Rincón Uruguayo serves delicious, beefy national and South American dishes. Choose from an international wine list, then enjoy your meal while listening to folk music. The restaurant is located in Zona 3, close to the Alamo bus terminal.
  • Las Cien Puertas
    A great place for a quiet drink with friends. While you're there don't forget to sign your name on the wall like the thousands of other previous guests. Thursday through Saturday from 7 p.m.
  • Black And White
    The Black and White Lounge Bar is Guatemala City's most well know gay bar, known for it's wide variety of live entertainment such as concerts and fashion shows. Drinks from $ 3. Has secured parking lot on 11. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 7 pm until 1 am.

  • Guru
    This trendy local bar comes with a $15 cover charge and open bar, that's all you really need to know. Open Thursday to Saturday 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Has guarded parking.
  • William Shakespeare Pub
    Known simply as Shakespeare Pub, this one is a favorite with local expats. Featuring live music and cheap drinks The Shakespeare Pub has been a local fixture for 25 years.
  • Sabor de la India
  • Casa Babylone

    With the biggest menu in town, Casa Babylone has food for all tastes and budgets. They serve all types of cuisine, from local to Middle Eastern, and have the only sushi bar in town. If you're vegetarian, they have tofu, salads, soups and cheese. Try the falafel or hummus-they're

  • Café Bougambilias
    ( ENTREÃ?S: $1 - 4) This charming cafe is a great place to sample cheap, hearty local cuisine. The two upper floors offer diners a great view of the central plaza below, while the ground floor is crowded with cooks busily preparing heaping platefuls of meat, rice, salad, and tortillas. Mon
  • Cangrejo Azul
    Cangrejo Azul is the place to come for seafood in Puerto Barrios. The tapado (Q70/$9) is very good and the lobster (Q100/$12) is not bad either. Meat dishes, such as pork chops (Q40/$5), are available and there is green salad (Q25/2.5) if you are vegetarian. Like safari, there's a lovely terrace l
  • Hotel Casa Blanca
    (ENTREÃ?S: $2.50 - 8) One of the nicest places in town, the restaurant at the Hotel Casa Blanca offers both inexpensive set breakfasts and lunches as well as elegant dinners. The seating is very scenic, both inside overlooking the hotel courtyard and outside in a lush garden. Breakfasts an
  • Restaurant Summary
    Almost all of Huehuetenango´s restaurants are located close to the central plaza, so it is easy to pick and choose. Rarely will you find an entreé priced at more than $8 or so; most of the meals cost far less. The fare is typically generously portioned and ranges from traditional Guate
  • Mi Tierra Café
    (ENTREÃ?S: $3 - 5) A popular spot with the locals, Mi Tierra serves up tasty, homemade burgers, nachos, and sandwiches. It is a great place to grab a cheap, filling lunch or dinner. There is also a wide array of delicious baked goods that are best paired with a cup of their fantastic cof
  • Street food in Parque Central
    Food stalls can be found on the southeast corner of Parque Central along the market. You can try the papusas (corn tortillas filled with cheese, bean and/or pork skin), enchiladas (tostadas, covered with mixed vegetables, soy product or beets), elote (corn that comes in a variety of sizes and
  • Esperantos Bar
    El Bar Esperantos is a small, popular bar with a bohemian vibe owned and operated by Pancho, who goes out of his way to insure his customers have a good time. Sells food but service can be a bit slow as the kitchen staff doubles as bar/waitstaff. Serving from 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday.
  • Blue Angel Video Café
    In front of the Chocoyos Cultural Center, Blue Angel is very popular amongst Spanish students. This economical café offers excellent healthy vegetarian food and fruit juices. It's Xela's longest running video cinema. They show films in two rooms every night at 8 p.m. and it only costs $1.25. Or you
  • Restaurante Balalaika
    Small and with friendly staff, Balalaika serves lunch and dinner with a selection of burritos, nachos, sandwiches and hamburgers with vegetarian options too. Try one of their crepes for dessert, they are delicious. Well decorated and with local music, it makes you want to stay longer for another bee
  • Casa Ut'z Hua
    Open since 1980 and run by a native family of Xela, they serve delicious authentic Guatemalan and Quetzalteco dishes for budget prices. While dishes such as el pepián (meat with a sauce made from pumpkin seeds, sesame, cinnamon, Castile pepper, cumin, cherry tomatoes and white bread crumbs),
  • Tacos Dona Berta
    With two locations close to Parque Central, Tacos Dona Berta is the place to go if you want to eat tacos. Try their famous beef, chicken or mixed tacos with vegetables. They have a special offer of three tacos for $1.50. As for drink, their natural fruit juices are delicious. Open every day 12 p.m.
  • Café & Restaurant Utz'Cana'
    Next to the supermarket Despensa Familiale, this restaurant serves typical Guatemalan food with a vegetarian option, hamburgers and sandwiches at a very cheap price. The lunch of the day costs only $2 including a drink and tortillas. Relax in a cozy atmosphere while listening to the local music. Fre
  • La Cocina Tipica - Helados Marco Polo
    This small café opposite the supermarket serves ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes and other savory snacks. It is right next to the shuttle bus stop for Quetzaltenango/Xela, and it opens early for breakfasts, making it a good spot to grab something to take on your journey. Open 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Cafe La Posada

    Café la Posada is located at the far end of the hotel, overlooking the central park. With a relatively economical menu, the café is simple yet endearing. On its veranda, there are only tables for two, lit up by candles. Inside, there is a cozy sofa area warmed by a fireplace. B

  • Restaurant Tul Y Sol
    Accessible from the lakeshore or through town, Tul y Sol has the best French cuisine in town. Delectable rich sauces, excellent cuts of meat and a tempting range of seafood options make it tough to squeeze in a dessert, but it's hard to resist banana suzette flambéed in rum. The veranda seating ar
  • Las Mañanitas
    The open-air restaurant Las Mañanitas is perfect for a lingering breakfast. Located in the grounds of Hotel Aaculaax with terrific views of the gardens, the ambience is relaxed and the soundtrack soothing. Slightly more expensive than those at other cafés, Las Mañanitas's select menu features ho
  • Moonfish Café
    On route to â??the rocksâ?, the Moonfish Café is a down-to-earth place for chilling by the lake while enjoying a treat. The locally sourced and homemade menu (the owners even roast their own coffee) is mostly vegetarian and includes tofu and tempe, as well as nachos, pizzas and juices. A small
  • La Piscina
    (502)5911 1481 Located near the Santiago Dock Closed Monday Open noon-dusk
  • Art Café El Colibri
    Newly founded Café led by a local mayan guy. Set in a beautiful magic garden. It offers a wide breakfast selection; specializes on crepes. You can also support a special educational project by painting a cup (16 Q = 2 USD) or by taking a painting lessons. There is free WIFI.
  • Restaurant Il Forno
    Recommended by locals as having â??the best pizza in the worldâ?, Italian-run Il Forno is the real deal. The décor is understated to focus attention firmly on the food which is pizza, pizza, more pizza or a salad. Pizzas are cooked in a traditional word-burning, brick oven. Sit
  • Blind Lemons, Restaurant & Bar
    Heavily influenced by the blues, Blind Lemons is a mellow place to eat yummy food. All the favorites are here-burgers, burritos, steaks and pastas. The service can be excruciatingly slow so don't take your time putting an order in. There is a small well-stocked bar and live blues ev
  • Pizzeria Florencia
    The cooks at this pizzeria fire up its state-of-the-art steel oven to produce flavors reminiscent of Rome. Pizzas are fairly large and never lack for toppings. And if someone in the group is not in the mood for a slice of pie, order one of the hamburgers, cheeseburgers or Argentine empanadas. Soda
  • Solomon's Porch
    This coffee house often moonlights as a happening hangout before a night of dancing at a local disco. Local acts and traveling hippies with guitars often jam at the small stage area, while pool aficionados flutter around the billiards table or movie buffs view the latest DVD with a plate of nach
  • Maktub'ar
    The quiet, open environment of this bohemian restaurant-bar is a the perfect choice if you're looking for a relaxed afternoon lunch or an entertaining evening drink. The music ranges from a wide selection of the owner's own Brazilian tunes, to a select play list of world-renowned musicians. The bar
  • El Pescador
    Upon arrival to Santiago Atitlán, hop off the lancha and head two blocks up the street from the dock to find this restaurant's fresh, grilled fish offerings. El Pescador is a fine establishment to grab a drink or sandwich for lunch after a morning of shopping at the Sunday market. The st
  • Posada De Santiago
    This fine hotel also offers savory plates of cuisine to guests and diners at its restaurant. The blue corn pancakes are a popular breakfast choice topped with sweet butter and delicious macadamia syrup. The spicy blackened mahi or jumbo shrimp grilled in butter, garlic and white wine are favorit
  • The Clover
    (502)4289 4363 8:30-11pm Open 7 days a week
  • Lole's
    (502)4603 7027 7:30 am- 3 pm Located beside Mini Market Johanna's
  • Chile's Restaurante Latina Cafe
    This newish place is a little pricier than some of the other spots in town but it has a good deck looking over the lake and mixes a restaurant and bar vibe with fine food served alongside cocktails and hookah pipes. There are free salsa lessons on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 and every morning they
  • Hotel Maritza
    . This is a nice place to stay. Nine rooms, colourfully painted from the outside, are lined up along two sides of a lush green garden that has stunning views out over the lake. The down side is the rooms and showers are slightly rustic, with ill-fitting doors and concrete floors, but the staff will
  • Hostel Via del Lago
    . A popular second choice to Casa Elena is this blue coloured place set back from the lake but still with good views. There is no real communal area and the large rooms are a little tired and quite dimly lit but the staff are friendly.
  • Pizza Genio
    This place is a bit of a strange mix, offering pizza and Chinese food, with the usual burgers (veggie option available, Q12-30) and sandwiches on the menu (Q25-100). There are the usual toppings to choose from, plus you can get chop suey (Q30) on the side! The place is definitely basic and it could
  • Jaguar Inn Restaurant
    This place is surprisingly reasonable to dine at considering the decour and ambience. It is much nicer than the more rustic restaurants down the road but matches them for price and if you are looking for a cheap but tasty feed then a burger and fries will do the trick. If you want a bit more there
  • Alegre Lounge
    This is the place to come if you want your Atitlan experience in English - you could not get further removed from Guatemalan culture than a Sunday roast, filled baked potatoes, live football and a pub quiz. There are daily specials on the menu and there is always something different going on every n
  • The Buddha
    Three story bar, restaurant, lounge, cinema & cabaret with incredible Asian food, awesome cocktails, great pool table & dartboard and superb lake and volcano views.
  • Pollo Pedrito
    (502)5477 7742 Located in front of the central market Closed Tuesday
  • El Barrio
    El Barrio serves generous portions of the best tasting Mexican food in town. The menu also includes the usual bar staples such as burgers and fries, nachos, chili and the famous Chicken Club, big enough to feed two. The kitchen is open until midnight for those late night munchies. El Barrio also boa
  • D'noz
    Named for its unprecedented view of the sacred Indian Nose, D'Noz is a well known establishment providing more than just delicious European inspired food. Enjoy breakfast upstairs while experiencing the sun rise over the Lake Atitlan, or get comfy with a hot toddy and watch a movie, shown nightly at
  • Le Jardin Des Saveurs
    In an idyllic garden this place has one of the coolest patios around, with a variety of seating options from a candlelit table to a big group table with pillows for seats. Serves delicious French and Italian food. They use local ingredients and everything is homemade from the bread to pastas.
  • Ventana Blue
    Ventana Blue is tiny blue room open nightly from 6 until 10p.m, Tuesday through Thursday. The menu presents unique creations of Asian-Guatemalan infusion with plenty of vegetarian options. In addition to great food, they offer a wide selection of martinis. It is the perfect place to take a date. Wit