Pacific Coast

El Salvador’s small stretch of Pacific Coast offers many opportunities to escape crowds and a couple of resorts and surfing hubs to find them.

Here are some highlights of the coast:

La Libertad is the main beach for sun-seeking San Salvadorans. It’s just 34 km (21 mi) away and fills up during the dry season from November to April, which is also the surf season. The beaches are black from nearby volcanoes and can get hot, so bring sandals. There is a wide selection of lodging and restaurants. The town tends to get dirty and have problems with muggings, but if surfing is your thing, this is your spot. This is also one of the more reasonable beach spots in El Salvador for those on a budget.

Playa Costa del Sol: A skinny stretch of Pacific peninsula that is slowly being developed as a tourist resort, the Playa Costa del Sol has long stretches of sandy beaches that can fill up on weekends. Camping and cabaƱa rental is available and fairly reasonable. In general, however, this beach town tends to be a bit pricier than most.