Dominican Republic Activities

Nearly everyone comes to the Dominican Republic for the beaches and world class resorts. Yet those who explore beyond the beachfront and deeper into Dominican society will be rewarded by a people whom love life and want to share it with visitors. There’s no better activity or attraction in the Dominican Republic than talking with a Dominican, but here’s a few additional options below.

  • Alcázar de Colón/Diego Columbus House
    Christopher Columbus' son Diego became one of the earliest governors of the Indies in 1509, and he ordered the construction of a family home and governor's mansion between 1510 and 1512. The building is an impressive construction of coralline blocks that once housed some fifty rooms and a number of
  • Cueva de los Tres Ojos/Three Eyes Cave
    The Cave of the Three Eyes (Cueva de los Tres Ojos) is a collapsed cave featuring three small pools located on the outskirts of Santo Domingo. It was formed centuries ago when some underground caves collapsed, forming a bowl-shaped depression. Originally, it was very difficult to get into and out