Cuba Activities

  • Plaza de Armas
    The Plaza de Armas is one of Havana's prettier squares, and the only one located in Havana Vieja that has a garden in the center. The square is surrounded by restored colonial architecture and on one side you can find the Museo de la Ciudad. Most days, the square is taken over by a book market. The
  • Plaza de la Revolucion
    The Plaza de la Revolucion is a square that is big, wide and of Soviet sparcity. The square's main features are the monument to Jose Mari and the memorial to Che Guevara, both of which dominate. It is from this square that Fidel Castro and now his brother Raul gave/continue to give their important s
  • Plaza de la Catedral
    This well-restored plaza, as the name would suggest, is dominated by Havana-s cathedral. Pretty pink flowers adorn the pillared walkway on one side, while a restaurant dominates the opposite corner. The architecture is from the colonial period. The plaza is cobbled and in times past used to be known
  • Memorial Ernesto “Che” Guevara
    Directly opposite the memorial to Jose Marti is the memorial to Che Guevara. Che's timeless face looms over the concrete plaza, from the Ministry of the Interior. The memorial consists of a black metallic frame, outlining Che's famous profile. The photograph from which this memorial was taken was ca
  • Catedral San Cristobal de Habana
    Havana's cathedral is located on the northern face of the Plaza de la Catedral square. While elaborate, it does not match cathedrals elsewhere in the world for its decadence. The architecture is of the baroque style, and the church was completed in the late 18th century following the Jesuits
  • Farmacia Taquechel
    Located on Obispo, between San Ignacio and Mercaderes, you can find the fascinating Farmacia Taquechel. The pharmacy holds all number of porcelain medicine jars, which are only there for display in period wooden, glass-fronted display counters, for the tourists passing by. It also functions to some