Costa Rica Schools

For those interested in learning Spanish, Costa Rica seems to have it all â?? beautiful beaches and rainforests, a slower, easy-to-understand dialect and a wide selection of Spanish schools. Students interested in learning as much as possible about the country and its culture should take advantage of schools offering homestays, tours and cultural lessons.
Whereas the capital city of San José is large and busy, Spanish schools in more rural locations can offer better deals in a prettier location. As more and more Spanish schools open up in Costa Rica, students can choose to live in the mountains or by the ocean, in bustling cities with great nightlife or in rural towns with few tourists. So for anyone looking to spend the morning learning Spanish and the afternoon hiking through coffee plantations or surfing, consider studying in Costa Rica.

  • Personalized Spanish
    Personalized Spanish courses with travel options, safe and calm location, high quality homestay acommodation, and more
  • La Escuela de Idiomas D'Amore
    La Escuela D'Amore is a total immersion Spanish school, with weekly field trips to socially or environmentally significant locations in the area. Students receive four hours of culture, grammar and vocabulary classes each day, followed by a one hour conversation class. The school offers classes in m
  • Centro Panamericano de Idiomas
    At Centro Panamerico de Idiomas students can study at any or all of the three campuses around Costa Rica. The flagship campus in Heredia is close to San José, which makes trips to the capital city easy. The Monteverde campus is set in the rural highlands, and the Flamingo Beach campus is close to t
  • New Learning Academy
    New Learning Academy in downtown San José or nearby Guadalupe offers individual and group classes, group rates, homestay packages and day or weekend tours around Costa Rica. Students can split their time between group learning and a private tutor. Most programs average four hours of lessons a day.
  • Orosí Valley School
    Orosí Valley School is a rarity in Costa Rica these days — it´s cheap and it's located in a rural town not completely overrun with tourists, yet. Not much more than a village amid coffee plantations, Orosí de Cartago is known for its hot springs and natural beauty. Orosí Valley School's w
  • Epifania Spanish School
    At Epifania - Costa Rica Spanish School students of all ages enjoy a truly rewarding, fun and exciting experience of learning Spanish. Whether you are an absolute beginner or you're at a more advanced level, students receive the full attention of the interesting and experience teachers. It is
  • Costa Rica Spanish Institute
    Costa Rica Spanish Institute is in a secure suburb about 10 minutes outside of the capital city, San José. Costa Rica Spanish Institute (COSI) provides the standard year-round small group or private Spanish lessons, including options for homestay and volunteering. During the summer COSI has a progr